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         Careers Visual Arts & Crafts:     more detail
  1. Exploring visual arts and crafts careers: A student guidebook by Sheila Dubman, 1976
  2. Career guidance in the arts and humanities: Activities, information and resources for grades 7-12 : dance, music, theater and media, visual arts and crafts, ... humanities (Career exploration series) by Phyllis Ritvo, 1976
  3. 391 ways to explore arts and humanities careers: Classroom activities in dance, music, theater and media, visual arts and crafts, writing, humanities (Career exploration series) by Mary Lewis Hansen, 1976
  4. Career resources for visual arts and crafts students at Miami-Dade Community College by Margaret M Pelton, 1978
  5. Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist by Cay Lang, 2006-04-13
  6. The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real by Lisa Sonora Beam, 2008-11-01
  7. Stayin' Alive: Survival Tactics for the Visual Artist by Robin Hopper, 2003-03-15

81. Education World® : Early Childhood : Arts & Craft Hour
(Grades K8). Database, arts Humanities visual arts arts crafts.Related Links, Creating With Natural Materials An article by Evelyn Petersen.

Early Childhood Community Center
Little People Fun
Circle Time

Play Time

Story Time/Lang. Arts

Other Fun Activities
Big People Stuff

Child Safety


... Early Childhood It's time to get out your painting apron and have your glue and glitter ready! This section is full of great resources and ideas on fun things to make and create with young children out of all kinds of materials!

Click on the question to join in the Discussions RESOURCES Articles A Bundle of Fun Holiday Craft Activities! It’s the season of gift giving and gift making! This week, Education World offers ten fun activities for creating holiday crafts and gifts that will put everyone into the holiday spirit! Included: Activities that have students making holiday stockings, picture frames, cards shaped like Christmas trees, and much more! Mother’s Day Magic: Today’s Gift, Tomorrow’s Treasure Want some terrific ideas for student-created Mother’s Day gifts? This week, Education World offers a dozen ideas - plus on-line resources to help educators find dozens more! Reviews Crayola Family Play Looking for ideas and projects to do with your kids? The Crayola Family Play site is full of great activity ideas, articles, parenting tips, chat rooms, and discussion lists.

82. 197 Careers Related To Visual Arts
197 careers Related to visual arts (compiled by Adele Newman, DepartmentHead of arts). advertising art director advertising
197 Careers Related to Visual Arts
(compiled by Adele Newman, Department Head of Arts) advertising art director
advertising commercial director
advertising copy writer
advertising creative director
advertising illustrator
advertising photographer
aerial photographer
animation director
animator (digital/traditional)
antique restorer architect architectural illustrator architectural technologist art auctioneer art consultant art critic art dealer art director-film/video/print art editor art historian art lecturer art librarian art publisher art therapist art/film critic artist-in-residence artists' agent assistant director automobile specialty painter background artist basketry artisan billboard designer book jacket designer buyer cabinet maker calligrapher caricaturist carpenter cartographer cartoonist ceramic tile artisan ceramicist child/day care worker children's book designer children's book ilustrator choreographer cinematographer colour consultant combat photographer comic book inker comic book creator comic strip artist computer graphics designer conservator corporate designer costume designer court artist crafts artisan creative director-advertising curator dark room technician dentist design consultant design engineer digital artist digital film maker diorama artist director display artist display designer documentary photographer draftsperson dressmaker editorial art director editorial illustrator editorial photographer elementary teacher exhibition designer fabric designer

83. Career Services Career Resource Center, Ohio University
Publishing Entertainment careers Film Museums Music careers Performing arts PhotographyTeaching Television and Video careers visual arts.
Our Services:
Career Resource Center
Fine Arts Resources

This list includes resources on careers in fine arts. This is not a comprehensive list of possible resources! Depending on your interests, there are many other materials in the Career Resource Center that may be helpful to you. The Career Librarian can help you find this information. Advisors are also available to assist you with identifying and choosing career options. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance! Quick Jumps:

(Art Conservators) Opportunities in:
Acting Careers
Arts and Crafts
Cable Television
Commercial Art and Graphic Design
Crafts Careers
Desktop Publishing Entertainment Careers Film Museums Music Careers Performing Arts Photography Teaching Television and Video Careers Visual Arts Education: Careers in Education Job Search in Private Schools Real People Working in Education Substitute Teaching Writers/Artists/Entertainers: Artists' Survival Manual Career Opportunities in Music Industry Career Opportunities in Theatre and The Performing Arts
(Artists and Designers) Careers In Writing Great Jobs for Art Majors Great Jobs for Theater Majors How to Be a Working Actor How to Survive and Prosper as an Artis Jobs in Arts and Media Management

84. Rising Dove Bookstore: Miscellaneous Art Resources
Miscellaneous Art Resources. Larger image. Opportunities in arts and crafts careers; Elizabeth B. Gardner. Featured careers in arts and crafts Architecture

Rising Dove Site Map



F.C. Frieseke
Rising Dove Bookstore
- In Association with,,,,, and many others The following books and related products are available from except as noted. ( has teamed with Please do me a big favor, and help me to maintain this service by bookmarking Rising Dove Bookstore and following my links any time you wish to browse or order books on line. You can order any book handled by,, or using the links at Search for Books with Rising Dove with search boxes or text only . Your patronage is deeply appreciated. Miscellaneous Art Resources
Larger image
Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers ; Elizabeth B. Gardner. VGM Career Horizons (October 1998)
Featured Careers in Arts and Crafts: Architecture, Bookbinding, Ceramic, Drawing, Fashion Design, Fine Printing, Glassmaking, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Making, Landscape Design, Metalworking, Needlework, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Printmaking, Quilt Making, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Video Art, Weaving, Woodworking The Editors of VGM Career Horizons, NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group:

85. Textile Arts - About Us
see careers). The Textiles arts Program can also be a stepping stone toward further acrossCanada and the USA to pursue studies in visual arts, Design, Fashion
Students learn about textile arts by exploring many different processes and by studying historical and contemporary works. The core content of Weaving and Textile Surface Design is complemented by courses in Drawing, Design, Visual Literacy, Communications and Textile History. New courses in "Professional and Business Skills in Arts and Crafts" and "Precision Dyeing" provide students with information and hands-on experience that will facilitate entering a professional career. A critical and analytical approach to their own work will enable graduates to be proficient in a range of professional activities. Gallery and studio visits, as well as guest lectures by visiting artists and other professionals working in textiles or related areas, augment regular teaching sessions. They show distinct approaches to an artist's work and also provide practical information on how careers are built. Practicums with artists, crafts people, costume rental houses used by the film industry, costume artists for theatre and film as well as other related businesses or organizations take place as part of the course in "Professional and Business Skills". They provide a useful work experience for students in the Textile Arts program.

86. Visual Arts Research - National Trends
Scotland, according to the 1994 crafts Council survey. by the Association of GraduateCareers Advisory Services • The average visual arts and design
PRACTICE - production - showing - selling - community work - commissions - collaboration CAREER - realities - strategies - paths BUSINESS - a living - finance - protection - promotion - workspace - overseas trade CONTACTS - suppliers - organisations - uk regions - europe - overseas ARTISTS - by artist - by topic RESEARCH
Visual arts facts

[National trends]
[Audit of artists] [Making Connections] ... [Artists in residence]
National trends Selected facts and figures about artists in the UK. How many visual artists are there?
Where do they live?
How do they make a living? According to the 1990 Visual Arts Survey, London Institute/Arts Council of Great Britain:
According to the 1996 National Artists Association report into artists' fees and payments:
What do they earn from their practice? According to research in 1995 by the National Artists Association into artists' fees and payments:
A 1995 socio-economic study of artists in Scotland showed:
In Creative Futures: what do artists and designers do? published in 1994 by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services:
Printable version of this page PRACTICE CAREER BUSINESS CONTACTS ... download docs

87. Arts Council England
Second Steps' is a pocket size guide to careers in the craft world. VAMNL, Our VisualArts and crafts Newsletter (including New Media) and an Application
@import "/style/dom_style.css"; Home About us Funding About the site ... Search
Search the site
Latest news
Arts enter new era of growth
Arts Council England today announced its three-year spending plan.

Local government and the arts - a vision for partnership

The relationship between local government and Arts Council England, and how to develop it in the future.
Quick links
Contact your regional office Job opportunities Download funding mark ArtsNews and ArtsJobs ... Terms and conditions
Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from Government and the National Lottery.
Read our Ambitions for the arts
This is the Council's manifesto for the years from 2003 to 2006. It sets out our ambition, to promote the arts at the heart of our national life.
More details
Find out about new grants for the arts
Our new grants are for individuals, arts organisations, national touring and other people who use the arts in their work.
More details

CHi2 performing in Spotlight South East, supported by South East Music Scheme
Photographer: Eric Richmond
If you have any comments about this website, contact

88. South East Arts - Information Services
visual arts Craft. V1 Artists’ Stories Professioanl Development; PortfolioCareers; Art With People; V7 Marketing crafts, V8 Marketing visual arts,

89. RMIT - Visual Arts – Diploma (also Public Art Stream)
to make appropriate decisions regarding their future as art practitioners in selfemployment or paid employment in the visual arts and crafts Industry or high

90. Ananzi : SA Site Directory
Travel, careers, Road Maps Tip! Music, Events, IT News, Holiday HomesTip! Museums Galleries; Performing arts; Photography; visual arts.
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  • Culture Graphic Design History ... Visual Arts
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    and does not warrant the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

91. Crenshaw High School: The Visual Arts Department
Identify career opportunities in the visual arts. drawing to arrive at solutions ofvisual problems History; Contemporary Art; Aesthetic Evaluation; careers in Art.
Visual Arts Department
Chairperson: Mr. Robert Magee
The major goals of the Visual Arts Department are to apply art principles and elements to two- and three-dimensional visual problems, to manipulate basic art media and techniques, to identify major periods in art history, to use drawing to arrive at solutions of visual problems, and to produce original artwork.
Some of our instructional units include: The Art Elements, The Art Principles, Three-Dimensional Design, Drawing and Ideation, Art History, Contemporary Art, Aesthetic Evaluation, Careers in Art, Utilitarian and Nonutilitarian Objects, Media: Fiber, Paper, Metal, Clay, Plastic, etc., Adornment, Visual Poetry, Haiku Poetry, Caligraphy and Contemporary Graphic Design, and Pictographic Alphabets.
Course Descriptions
Advanced Placement Art History
Advanced Placement Studio Art-Design Studio

Calligraphy AB

Introduction to Art
Advanced Placement Art History
The aim of this course is to introduce students to the rich tradition of western and non-European art and to assist the students in understanding and appreciating key examples of architecture, sculpture and painting as historical documents. The major focus is on works of art and artists who have shaped the major movements of Western art. The information is presented chronologically and students are made aware of corresponding historical and cultural developments. This course also develops skills necessary for recognizing and critically evaluating, and comparing major works.

92. CCLC - Career And Community Learning Center
Jobs for Liberal arts Majors by Blythe Camenson Opportunities in arts and Craftscareers by Elizabeth B. Gardner Opportunities in visual arts careers by Mark
What Can I Do With a Major In....
Art BA / Art BFA?

Resources of Interest at the Career and Community Learning Center
100 Best Non-profits to Work For by Hamilton and Tragert
100 Jobs in Social Change by Harley Jebens
150 Best Companies for Liberal Arts Graduates by Woodruff and Ptacek
Career in Health Care by Barbara Swanson
by Jan Goldberg
by Mark Rowh
by Eberts and Gisler
Careers for Social and Rehabilitation Services by Geraldine O. Garner Careers in Advertising by S. William Pattis Careers in Art by Blythe Camenson Careers in Art: An illustrated Guide by Brommer and Gatto Careers in Communications by Shonan Noronha Careers in Education by Roy Edelfelt by the Ferguson Publishing Co. Great Jobs for Art Majors by Blythe Camenson Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors by Blythe Camenson Opportunities in Arts and Crafts Careers by Elizabeth B. Gardner Opportunities in Visual Arts Careers by Mark Salmon The Gold Book-Twin Cities VGM's Career Portraits- Art by Maria Gisler Web Sites of Interest: Art Career Network Arts Employment Occupational Outlook Handbook The Art Association ... Society of Illustrators More resources at the U Art B.A. major brochure

93. Education World® - *Arts & Humanities : Visual Arts : General Resources
A visual arts Network A US network and hosting service listing a range of art resources,art museums, suppliers, workshops, galleries, schools, and competitions

94. Ananzi : SA Site Directory
is to display my art work, crafts collections luxury coach tours and fine artsin South The Illustrator's Portfolio An online visual database, featuring the
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Visual Arts
    Culture Graphic Design ...
  • 3dBirds Africa Unique African art. Framed lifelike 3D birds and animals crafted in leather, mounted on African hardwood. Made to customer requirements.
    A Course in Miracles
    The COURSE is a transformer; the artist becomes an instrument of divine light; Artist Priscilla Taylor's interpretation as inspired by the book.
    A Naked Nation
    An online exhibition of oil paintings of male and female nudes by a contemporary South African artist, Evan Oberholster.
    Abilgail Sarah Bagraim
    A professional artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Abigail specialises in Jewish Mystical Theme.
    Ada Fagan
    Gallery of fine art.

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