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         Castle Architecture Other Countries:     more detail
  1. The Great Country Houses of Central Europe: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland by Michael Pratt, 1991-10
  2. The Romano-British Villa at Castle Copse, Great Bedwyn
  3. Brodsky and Utkin: Palazzo Nero and Other Projects

1. What Is A Castle - Architecture Glossary
Definition of the term castle with a short history and extensive directory of Net links role in most countries around the world. castle inns and resorts. Talk About castles Start a chat now! architecture Glossary Carolina, Florida and other states. http//www
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What is a castle Guide to
Medieval History
Originally, a castle was a fortress built to protect strategic locations from enemy attack or to serve as a military base for invading armies. The earliest castles in Europe were constructed of earthwork and timber. Dating as far back as the 9th century, these early structures were often built over ancient Roman foundations. Over the next three centuries, wooden forts evolved into imposing stone walls with narrow windows and high parapets . By the 13th century, lofty stone towers were popping up across Europe. People seeking protection from invading armies built villages around established castles. Local nobility took the safest residences for themselves inside the castle walls. Castles became homes, and also served as important political centers. As Europe moved into the Renaissance, the role of castles became divided. Some were used as military fortresses, and were controlled by a monarch. Others were unfortified palaces, mansions, or manor homes and served no military function.

2. UDA Exploring The Industry - Architecture
interested in studying the architecture industry of other countries) Arcosanti (Nathan Koren Arqitectura In Memory of architecture (Matiu Carr) Windsor castle Frank Lloyd Wright in

3. Voice Of The Shuttle: Architecture Page
interested in studying the architecture industry of other countries). Arcosanti (Nathan Koren Tour In Memory of architecture (Matiu Carr). Windsor castle. Frank Lloyd Wright

The "Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research" was woven by Alan Liu E-mail me your suggestions . For quicker European access, there is an Italian mirror and U. K. mirror . (This sub-page last revised 11/2/96) (VoS Home Page) GENERAL RESOURCES

DESIGN (on Art page)

4. Castle Links
fortifications and learn about their rich architecture and histories. Mot's castlePage castles and castle ruins in the Includes castles from other countries.
Castle Links Access Indiana
Teaching and Learning Center guide to the Castles of Britain. A well designed site with good links.
Affleck Castle
Located in Monikie, Angus, Scotland. Learn all about its history, architecture, and the families associated with the castle.
Alnwick Castle
The castle offers much to the visitor, not just in the beauty and history of the castle but in the garden project, the country walks in wonderful scenery, restaurant, shop, museums and a host of other entertainments.
Ardsley School District
A links page for the Castles in Britain, and related material.

Ballytarsna Castle
Stay up to date on the restoration of the castle. A lot of time is being spent to ensure that it gets restored properly. Lots of progress photos. Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh Castle is probably the finest castle in England. An excellent website to find out about the history, touring the castle, castle venues, and more.

5. Denmark On The Web
the big names in contemporary Danish architecture are not theatre in Denmark thanin most other countries, and the It is the castle of Kronborg itself, where
Denmark on the Web
Assistance to Developing Countries
It is a widespread opinion in Denmark that the world's richer nations must assist the poorer and less developed countries and that Denmark should make its sizeable contribution to cooperation with the developing world. In 1992 Danes contributed one per cent of the Danish GNP to development assistance and so are among the top-three donor countries. Danish development assistance has its origins in modest official grants to the assistance programmes begun by private organizations after the Second World War and contributions to the United Nations programme for technical assistance to the Third World. The Danish Parliament in 1962 passed its first act on international cooperation for economic development, but it was not until 1971 that a new act included objectives for official development cooperation. By now Denmark, as mentioned above, is more than fulfilling the United Nations target to contribute 0.7 per cent of the country's gross national product (GNP) in the form of official aid to developing countries. Danish development assistance is bilateral as well as multilateral, and in 1992 the total assistance amounted to DKK 8.3 billion.

6. Unit 4: Feudal Japan: Sites For Kids
Japan to students aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries. is an excellentintroduction to both Japanese history and castle architecture in Japan

    Core Values Internet Resource Library
    Feudal Japan

    Grade 7 Curriculum
    Sites for Kids This is the menu page for web-based curriculum resources which can be used to supplement and extend the grade 7 unit on Japanese history and culture. : Columbia University
    This site features a library of short multi-media discussions on topics concerning China and Japan. Well-known experts on Asia are featured in video clips.(Note: requires Real Audio plug in to access the audio and video clips.) Topics include Classical Japan, The Tale of Genji, Medieval Japan, Noh Drama, Tokugawa Japan,
    Kids Web Japan
    Japan Information Network
    A site that introduces Japan to students aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries.
    The Castles of Japan
    ThinkQuest Finalist 1999
    To really understand the history of the Japanese castle, one must first understand the history of Japan. Castles changed and developed to fit the needs of their lords at different periods in history. This is an excellent introduction to both Japanese history and castle architecture in Japan
    The Art of Japan
    ThinkQuest '99 Entry
    Browse through this site and explore the world of Japanese art including: origami, architecture, gardens, paintings, and sculpture. Included with each section are multimedia features: photo galleries, puzzles, and quizzes.

7. Architecture... Jirí Seifert... And Burma - 08-04-2001 - Radio Prague
better venue for the project than Prague castle we can show architecture within architectureif you this is definitely something that other countries can envy
Radio Prague - the international service of Czech Radio Text only version 4-4-2003, 16:13 UTC News Previous Archive Daily news sent to you by e-mail ... Witness Events and Projects The Czech Republic and Iraq Vaclav Havel Presidential Elections 2003 The Velvet Divorce - ten years on ... Archive About Radio Prague Radio Prague listeners' competition 2003 How to listen to RP Confirmation of Reception Staff ... Results of the Radio Prague Competition About the Czech Republic The Czech Republic in dates History in a nutshell The Czech Republic through Children's Eyes Virtual Cemetery ... Heart of Europe Magazine Useful Information Czech Centres Residence Permits Czech Links Arts Archive Reports on the cultural scene in the heart of Europe. Architecture... Jirí Seifert... and Burma By Dita Asiedu By Dita Asiedu Ten Centuries of Architecture Prague Castle is one of the Czech Republic's finest and most popular tourist attraction, and it is here that one of the country's biggest exhibitions was opened to the public on Friday. It's called "Ten Centuries of Architecture" and allows visitors to stroll through six unique exhibition areas housed in the Castle's rooms. Prague Castle itself has lived through many of the styles covered in the exhibition, and bears traces of each of them. The exhibition's chief curator, Miroslav Repka, says nowhere in Prague would there be a better venue for the project than Prague Castle: "We're in a place that gives us the chance of displaying all the exhibits in an authentic environment - from the Romanesque period up to the 20th century - so we can show architecture within architecture if you like. I think this is definitely something that other countries can envy us for."

8. Jasmin Tours Syria - Other Countries : Tour Operator, Culture Tour, Tourism, Tra
other countries. third Phoenician city state visit to the crusader sea castle, khans old Venus and Bacchus the largest best preserved of Raman architecture.
Other Countries
Lebanon Jordan Iraq Iran Lebanon
One week Tour 08 Days / 07 Nights: Day 01 Day 02 Day 03 Drive to Chouf mountain, southeast of Beirut, passing by the beautiful town of Deir El - Qamar with
red -tiled roof houses.
Day 04
Proceed to Byblos, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and the richest archaeological site deting back at least 7000 years. Overnight in Byblos .
Day 05 Drive to Cedars to visit the most beautiful sport in the country the Cedars grove. Back to Bsharreh the hometown of Gibran Khalil Gibran, writer of
"The Prophet" & visit the museum. Back to Beirut for overnight. Day 06 A day in the Beqaa Valley, visit the Ommayyad Palace of Anjar. Then continue to Ksara Winery to taste the Lebanese wine .
Proceed to Baalback "city of the sun" , visiting the ecropolis that encompasses the temples of Jupiter, Venus and Bacchus the largest & best preserved of Raman architecture. Overnight in Beirut

9. Summer Abroad Programs
Classes take place in the castle and are the English Country house, its architecture,landscape gardens study examples of domestic practice in other countries.
International Study Centre Spring Courses
Students enrol in three half courses (1.5 full year credits). Unlike the other Woodsworth College International Summer Programs, students studying at the International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle receive transfer credits for courses completed not regular University of Toronto degree credits. The courses appear on your transcript as a credit without indicating a mark and will not be calculated in your GPA.
Classes take place in the Castle and are scheduled Monday through Thursday with Fridays and Saturdays reserved for field studies. Most classes include field trips.
ARTH 117 Art and Architecture in Britain from c. 1600 to the Present
A chronological survey of painting, sculpture and architecture in western culture from c. 1600 to the present day. The art works will be studied in British galleries and museums, including the National Gallery and the Tate Gallery, and at architectural monuments in Britain such as St. Paul's Cathedral.
University of Toronto equivalent*: FAH1**H. Exclusion: FAH100Y

10. Czech Province - Moravia - Sightseeing
Pernstejn castle A medieval castle perched on a high is located here, a jewel ofGothic architecture. Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries at discount
zfp=-1 About Travel Eastern Europe for Visitors Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Eastern Europe for Visitors
with Apply Now
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Build a website to show off your fabulous trip. Start here! brought to you by About Web Services Subjects ESSENTIALS Travel Planner Index City Tours Spas in East Europe ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Bill Biega's Eastern Europe Travel Planner
Moravia - Sightseeing Eastern Europe Travel Planner Index
Moravia is the oldest province in the present Czech Republic. It is a peaceful country, hilly and wooded with a great number of old castles and palaces. The capital is Brno. Only a couple of hours from Prague, a tour of this beautiful region should be included in your travel plans.
For detailed information, use the following carefully selected sources. Moravia Guide
Your guide takes you on a tour of the province with photos and map. Walk in Brno
Your guide takes you on a walk to visit the sites of the city.

11. European Countries Visited On Beach's Alpine Motorcycle Tours
The divide in language, in architecture and in history is Podkoren and other villagesalong the route retain their a Prince, a princess and a castle, and blink
Beach's Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd. Print This Page HOME CONTACT The best motorcycling in: The Alps Italy Norway New Zealand ... Dual-Sport California
Alpine Rides
CLASSIC Alpine Adventure

Magical Motorcycling in the Central Alps. This is the tour that sets the standard for all Alpine tours!
Alpine Adventure EAST

Croatia's lovely Adriatic coastline, a taste of Slovenia, Switzerland, and Austria offer contrasts to 4 days of riding in the Dolomites.
Alpine Adventure WEST

Enjoy Germany's Black Forest, the Alsace of France and the highest Alpine passes!

An Alpine Adventure topped off by a celebration attended by thousands of your best friends.
BMW Motorcycles
The machines of Bavaria - at home on the Alpine Roads All Beach Tours Riding In The Alps What's it all about? The Countries of Europe Jump to: Austria Croatia France Germany ... Switzerland E-MAIL this page to a friend: Enter recipient's e-mail: Explore these European Countries
Poets, painters and composers have been inspired by the subtle beauty of Austria's landscapes from the beautiful blue Danube to the Salzkammergut.

12. Hoteltr: Turkish Travel Guide .:. 04.04.2003 .:.
it connections with the ports of the other countries on the shaped like a table andthe architecture which has grown up around the castle reflects Byzantine

13. Ann Arbor Girls Middle School
other countries Up. World POPClock Projection Zoomerang create surveys ArtificeGreat Buildings Online - architecture Design History Build a Medieval castle.
Ann Arbor Girls Middle School
Home Admissions About our school Teaching ... Curriculum Links
Middle School Curriculum Links


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14. Prague Castle - Programme Quarterly
The architecture of Prague castle as it stands The northern foreground of the castlewas linked to from gardens in Italy, Holland, Germany and other countries.
Prague Castle - programme quarterly
is published four times a year - always at the begining of April, July, October and January - and it can be purchased in the Information Centre, at the cash desks of visitor's sites and exhibition halls of the Prague castle. Price 10 Czech crowns. It can be also ordered at the following address: Prague Castle Administration - edition departament, 119 08 Praha 1, Hrad. Spring 1999 Contens:
The Opinion Poll Question is Answered by Anna Farova
Boleslav II and His Times - 1000 Years after the Prince's Death
The Royal Garden - Part I

Restoring the central Field of the Last Judgment Mosaic
The Fates of Masaryk's Stone in Lany
Libor Fara - Retrospective
Cecil Beaton - The Dandy Photographer
Photographer Ladislav Sitensky The Art of Latvia Photographs by Pavel Banka Music at Prague Castle in 1999 100 Years Ago Under preparation: The Royal Garden - continued 600 years after the Death of Peter Parler The Royal Garden The architecture of Prague Castle as it stands today is unimaginable without its surrounding ring of greenery. And the jewel amongst the Castle gardens is the Royal Garden. For centuries the Royal Garden was kept as a closed garden belonging to the seat of the king or later the President of the Republic. Until November 1989 it was seldom open, but at Easter in 1990 the President of the Republic, Vaclav Havel, decided that the garden should be open to the public and should start to give up its secrets.

15. Swedish National Romantic Architecture
power England, and on the other side the colleagues in the eastern neighbour countries,they didn powerful magnificent palace and castle architecture from the
Swedish national romantic architecture An article by Niclas Fogwall
At the beginning of the 20th century the new generation architects had enough of the eclecticism - the copying of older styles - and were eagerly searching for what they called "a modern style". Despite the flourishing Jugend (Art Nouveau) style on the European continent that partly affected the Swedish architects, the new generation of Swedish architects wanted to create a style of their own as they saw the Jugend style too international for their taste. Similar to the Jugend architects, they were looking for old handicraftship but with a genuine national style, influenced by the buildings from the renassaince period of the 16th century. The result of their achievements became what we today call "Swedish national romantic architecture", which had its era of prosperity around 1910. I will now explain the story behind the style.
Sweden and the national matters
At the end of the 19th century, the hopeful period of internationalism and free trade was replaced by period of increased protectionism, i.e. protection of the own country's production against foreign competition. The European countries closed themselves within their own borders. The great powers formed alliances to strengthen their positions. At one side there was the old great power England, and on the other side the new great power Germany. It was now only the igniting spark that was lacking to make the first world war a fact. In Sweden, the emigration to the United States undermined the national self-esteem. This and the growing foreign competition, caused the Swedish farmers to lead the way to carry through duties on foreign merchandises with the slogan "Sweden to the Swedish". Even though they were in minority they managed to force through their demands.

16. Destination Europe
Here the fascinating architecture is complemented by the European mainland, borderedby nine other countries and the of Munich, visit the castle at Heidleberg
Europe As diverse as they are plentiful, the countries of Europe have a great deal to offer you in terms of both international education and all other aspects of life. Europe is certainly a continent which must be considered carefully when you are thinking of internationalising your education and studying abroad.
Obviously we are not able to cover every country in Europe and what they have to offer in depth, but the following should give you a brief taste of why Europe is such as exciting, colourful and diverse place to study. For detailed information on each European country, please visit our European Study Map Ireland
I reland is an increasingly popular destination for students from all over the world. The friendliness and hospitalit y for which Irish people are renowned, contribute to the ease with which overseas students adapt to the way of life and in particular, student life. (See also: Culture Rich Northern Ireland - and - Studying in Northern Ireland France
The largest country in Europe, France has a diverse landscape from the huge coastline of beaches and cliffs and the Alps and the Pyrenees, to the lush Loire valley, the fertile vineyards and cosmopolitan cities. France is all about luxury and excess. Eating and drinking well is considered very important and Paris has always been a Mecca for fashion and style.

17. Books On Martin Nordegg And Daisy Princess Of Pless By W. John Koch
Orders from Canada and other countries (CAD $26.95) BOOKS by W. JOHN KOCH PUBLISHING,116672 Avenue Ksi±¿ castle Fürstenstein. architecture and History.
Books by W. JOHN KOCH PUBLISHING [Last up-date: December 18, 2002] Four new books are available now Maria and W. John Koch WELCOME, VISITOR, to my website, Books by W. John Koch Publishing . It offers you an up-to-date listing of my published books. Here you will also find other items relevant to my published books.
  • NEWS will report on such events as book readings, reviews, etc. Items under REPORTS are designed to complement the content of my books with material discovered post-publication date. The section REVIEWS presents some of the most informative reviews of my books in newspapers and journals. Follow the LINKS to other informative websites on the topics raised in my books. Four new titles are available.
You will always find interesting material here. I encourage you to visit my website regularly. W. John Koch
11666 - 72 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6G 0C1, Canada
Phone/Fax: (780) 436-0581. Email:
Married to one of Imperial Germany's wealthiest princes, occupied a prominent place in Edwardian Society. The biography of

18. Real Travel Adventures Web Magazine/ Our World: Budapest,Hungary
Ardivassy Street's seventeenth century architecture is so notable it has A littlepast this castle you'll be have had to refugee to other countries in the past
var TlxPgNm='pestthe_other_side_of_the_danube_river'; Real Travel Adventures Web Magazine OurWorld: Budapest, Hungary Pest, The Other Side of the Danube River Terrific Travel
Click Below
Real Travel Adventures International Magazine
Real Travel Adventures International Magazine
Hungarian Flag
European Charm, History, and Beauty
By Bonnie Neely, Photos by Bill Neely
Pest: The Other Side of the Danube River
Leaving the hills of Buda to return to the Pest side of the Danube you can hop on the green bus, which will take you down the hill, or you can return by funicular, subway, or walk across the bridge. Any way you descend the hill, watch for the “movie set” architecture from the 1700's. These picturesque buildings are now apartments and small businesses, required by law to be kept historically authentic.
In Budapest you'll find it easy to get almost anywhere by the very good public transport systems. The subways are marked with “M”, and the top word is the station where you are standing. The bottom word is the end of that particular line. The maps are on the wall of the beautifully clean underground stations and on display inside the cars as well. The Budapest Card, which you really should have, will take you on any public transportation free. The yellow line of the subways is the oldest on the Continent, a fact of which

19. Voluta Script Pro
ornament used in the Baroque architecture of castle The castle was the historic residenceof Prince Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
Voluta Script Pro

Total File Size: 104K Macintosh users will need to decompress purchased fonts using
System Requirements
End User License : 5 computers Ordering License Extensions Customer Service Format : OpenType
Character Set
: Custom Embedding Glyph Coverage
All of the fonts in this package include: Classifications: Adobe Originals OpenType OpenType Pro Script ... OpenType User Guide Typeface notes:
Viktor Solt Voluta is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Important buying restriction
Adobe software products may not be acquired by nationals of certain countries or by certain individuals regardless of nationality. See the for these restrictions.
Adobe and accessibility
Avoid software piracy

20. Guardian Unlimited Travel | Countries | I Came, I Saw... I Cooked Ravioli
local sites such as the Grinzane castle or spa other dates are available throughoutthe year from £576 a grasp of Italy's art and architecture without taking,7451,882255,00.html
Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Archive search Arts Books Business Film Football Jobs Life Money The Observer Online Politics Shopping Sport Talk Travel Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The weblog The informer The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Dating Headline service Syndication services Events / offers Help / contacts Information Newsroom Style guide Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Guardian Weekly Money Observer Home Countries Cities Activities ... Search
Recent articles
Bella vistas
Getting into the groves

Italian hotpot

Regional specialities
... Culture
I came, I saw... I cooked ravioli
You don't have to be a museum bore... There are more active ways to immerse yourself in Italy's art, food, music and history, says Jane Knight
Sunday January 26, 2003
The Observer

A rooftop view of Mount Etna Behind closed doors Get into parts of Italy other tourists cannot reach on a tour of some of its finest privately owned palaces and villas accompanied by their owners. The Ultimate Travel Company Board at the Borgias Live in history at the palace owned by the infamous Borgia family on the borders of Tuscany and Umbria, overlooking Lake Trasimeno. The fairytale medieval castle called Il Borgia, which was transformed into a fortified advance post for the papacy, remained in the family until

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