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         Chemistry Biographies A - K:     more detail
  1. Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, 1901-1992 (History of Modern Chemical Sciences)
  2. Women in Chemistry and Physics: A Biobibliographic Sourcebook
  3. Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy (Monographs on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials) by M. K. Miller, A. Cerezo, et all 1996-11-28
  4. Light Is a Messenger: The Life and Science of William Lawrence Bragg by Graeme K. Hunter, 2004-10-21
  5. Contact Angle Wettability and Adhesion
  6. Memories of Jinnah by K. H. Khurshid, 1990-05-01
  7. Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie (Great Discoveries) by Barbara Goldsmith, 2004-11-15
  8. Life and experiences of a Bengali chemist by Praphulla Candra Rāy, 1932

1. Chemistry - Links For Chemists - Topics - Biographies
Links to biographies of over 200 people who have advanced and refined the field of chemistry. A section of the WWW Virtual Library.
Links for Chemists
Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library
Virtual Library
Science Chemistry : Biographies of Famous Chemists
Unless otherwise stated, the biographies listed below are provided and listed with the kind permission of the The Nobel Foundation . If you know of any biographies of Chemists or scientists whose work has advanced chemistry, that we do not list, please inform us via our comments form
  • Alder, Kurt
      US @ St. Andrews UK
    Anfinsen, Christian B Arrhenius, Svante August Arfwedson, Johan August Astbury, William T. @ Leeds UK Aston, Francis William Avogadro, Lorenzo Romano AMADEO Carlo, comte de Quaregna et de Ceretto Baekeland, Leo Hendrik @ Time Magazine US von Baeyer, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf Barton, Sir Derek Harold Richard Balmer, Johann Jakob @ St Andrews UK Beckman, Arnold Orville IL Beer, August Bequerel, Henri Antoine
  • 2. Chemist's Biographies
    chemistry and Industry chemistry biographies A - K chemistry - biographies L - Z chemistry - Concepts chemistry
    Biographies of Chemists
    Prepared by Peter Morris
    Web presentation by Gerry Moss Quick move to Chemists starting with A B C E ... W , and Z . More to be added later. Neil Kensington Adam (1891-1973). Born in Cambridge, England, the son of a Classics don. After studying chemistry at Trinity College, Cambridge, he became a fellow of the college. During the First World War, he served as a chemist at the Royal Naval Airship Service at Kingsnorth in Kent. As the Royal Society Sorby Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield, Adam extended his studies of surface films. He became a lecturer at University College, London, where he also carried out research on surface-active agents and detergents. He was then called to a Chair at the University of Southampton. Adam was an active Christian Scientist. Paul Gabriel Adam (1856-1916). Born in Avesnes (Nord), near the Belgian border. After taking his doctorate at the Sorbonne, he became a principal sanitary inspector in Paris. He was then made Professor of Chemistry at a veterinary college at Alfort (Seine). Adam was interested in the bromination of organic compounds and the chemistry of biphenyl. He should not be confused with (1860-?), a French civil engineer and professor of mechanics.

    3. MWE - Biographies - Cameron K. Weiffenbach
    biographies CAMERON K. WEIFFENBACH Cameron K. Weiffenbach is counsel in the IntellectualProperty special emphasis in the areas of chemistry and biotechnology
    Cameron K. Weiffenbach

    Washington, D.C.

    T: 202 756 8171
    F: 202 756 8087
    Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, J.D., 1973 University of Maryland, M.A., 1968 State University of New York-Buffalo, B.A., 1964 Intellectual Property Life Sciences - IP Patent Prosecution RESOURCES Newsletters

    4. LSU Libraries--Chemistry Library-- Chemical Biography: Guide To Selected Resourc
    s Chemists History. s chemistry biographies. The keyword search (k=) is alsouseful as an alternative search method. k Linus Pauling k Science biography.
    Select a Link About Hours Resources Indexes/Databases Ejournals Collection Development Events/Displays Departmental Links Subject Guide for
    Guide to Selected Resources General Science Biographical Sources

    General Science Biographical Sources
    Chemical Biographical Sources Other Things to Look For ONLINE CATALOG Chemical biography can be divided into two areas: the past (those dead) and the present (those living). This guide offers a list of possible sources for finding biographical information on chemists, with the emphasis on the past. While chemistry has a rich and extensive historical record, biographical information is often limited to brief notes about dates, education, employment, and major accomplishments. Substantial background information is rare, unless the person is very famous. American Men and Women of Science.
    (formerly called: American Men of Science.) Q 141 A47 1986 Current editions in Middleton Reference, Chemistry Reference.

    This is the primary "Who's Who" of science but is limited to scientists who were alive and working at the time of publication. Included: basic biography, positions, awards, research specialties, and addresses. Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.

    5. Nobel E-Museum
    General information and biographies, presentation speeches and press releases since 1901. This is the official site of the Nobel Foundation.
    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Chemistry is one of the five prize areas mentioned in Alfred Nobel's will. The will was, however, partly incomplete. Nobel simply stated that prizes be given to those who, during the preceding year, "shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind" and that one part be given to the person who "shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement." Laureates
    Find out facts about all Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry through press releases, biographies, Nobel lectures, interviews, etc. Articles
    Read articles written by Nobel Laureates and other invited authors. Educational
    Try some experiments on your own or read about Nobel Prize related topics. Prize-Awarding Institution: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Nomination and Selection of the Nobel Laureates Nobel Symposia
    Last modified July 17, 2002
    The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation

    6. Links For Chemists / Virtual Library Chemistry Section
    technology, and medicine. biographies of chemists, prepared by Peter of chemistry. Biographical Database of the British Chemical Community, 18801970, by Gerrylynn K Roberts
    Links for Chemists is an index of over 8,000 Chemistry resources maintained at the University of Liverpool Department of Chemistry . The index features a collaborative effort to index University Chemistry Department websites, we provide the links to UK University Chemistry Department websites. For the industrial chemist we have a listing of well over 2000 Chemical Company websites and thousands of other useful chemical resources such as links to Chemistry journals and chemical society (ies). For the chemist in full time education there are pointers to hundreds of resources on atom (s), molecule (s), the periodic table of the elements and organic reaction mechanisms, these are also useful for educators In addition to links for the Chemist working in the traditional analytical, inorganic physical, organic and theoretical chemistry links, the index points to reference sites for those involved in related fields such as the pharmaceutical or petrochemical industries. There are also resources such as MSDS and safety sites which will be useful to workers in practically all industries. Your browser is not compatible with frames, but you can still access our index by clicking on one of the links below, choose your language...

    7. History Of Chemistry Index
    Links to biographies of many honored chemists and some physicists, biographical collections, classic papers in chemistry, and history of science sites.

    8. Chemistrylinks
    Equilibrium Chemical Reactions chemistry chemistry and Biochemistry Images chemistryand Industry chemistry biographies A - K chemistry - biographies L - Z Weblinks/chemistrylinks.html
    A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
    A-Z Science
    Acids, Bases pH - Internet Links
    Alchemy ...
    WebElements periodic table of the elements
    Analytical Chemistry
    Analytical Chemistry - Internet Links I
    Analytical Chemistry - Internet Links II
    Analytical Chemistry - Internet Links III
    Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Chemistry - Internet Links Biochemistry
    Biochemistry - Internet Links
    Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry - Internet Links
    Biographies - Internet Links I
    Biographies - Internet Links II
    Bioinorganic Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry Catalysis Catalysis Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering - Internet Links I Chemical Engineering - Internet Links II Chemicals Chemicals Chemistry Databases
    Chemical Abstracts ...
    Toxic Substances and Disease
    Chemistry Images and Multimedia
    Chemistry Images and Multimedia Chemistry Journals and Magazines Chemistry Journals and Magazines
    Chemistry Safety
    Chemistry Safety - Internet Links
    Chemistry Study Guides
    Introduction, Measurement and Problem - Solving

    9. Udo Anders : Early Ideas In The History Of Quantum Chemistry.
    biographies of people involved in the early ideas of quantum chemistry, including interviews with fifteen of these people.'','pt9JGdB27qejs','width=488,height=50');
    collected for students, assistants and profs.
    G. Agricola De Re Metallica XII,
    It all started very practically like seen at left -
    it was only sometimes later that all those abstractions started .....
    "Fundamentally one will never be able to renounce abstraction. " Spoken by Werner Heisenberg in 1967 (in German). So try to look in - it might help you to relax after some heavy Hamiltonians and orthogonal basis sets! Guestbook PS: I myself got so sick of remembering and typing in my long site name that I thought of some alternatives under which this site here may also be reached, pick your favorite:

    10. VL-chemistry 12.html
    chemistry. chemistry and Biochemistry Images. chemistry biographies A - K. chemistry- biographies L - Z. chemistry - Concepts. chemistry - Elements - A - K. subject libraries/VL-chemistry_12.html
    Chemistry 12 The topic outline below corresponds to the Chemistry12 Course Outline. This resource page has two main objectives. It is intended to be a supplement to the text and course materials provided by the classroom teacher while encouraging the use of electronic media by students and staff. The web sites included are by no means intended to be all inclusive but they can provide access to useful information and they will often lead to additional information through links included on these pages. See the end of the outline below for a list of some general Chemistry links and some sources of Chemistry journals.
    (This page was created by Mr. R. Dencer, YALE SECONDARY LIBRARY, - December, 2000 and was updated May, 2001)
    Chemistry Reaction Rates Controlling Reaction Rates Kinetics - Reactions Reaction Kinetics - General Links ... Reaction Rates - F.A.Q.
    Collision Theory I Collision Theory II Collision Theory - Diagram Collision Theory - Encyclopedia Article ... Reaction Kinetics - Slide Show REACTIONS Reactants Reactants and Products Reactions - Conditions Reactions - Mechanisms and Kinetics ... Reactions - Rate and Concentrations

    11. Biographies Of Scientists Links -
    to academic sites with biographies of famous microbiology, meteorology, zoology, physics,chemistry, ecology, and Dr. K's Famous Scientists This site contains

    Biographies of Scientists
    Member Central Join Our Community! Login Member Update What's New ... TravelSuite Suite University About Suite University Visit the University Course Listing New Courses ... Featured Courses New Topics Basketball Teaching Creative Writing to Children Maine People Organic Vegetable Gardening ... More... Suite Events My Favorite Place War and Peace Spring Into Health! Earth Day 2003 More about Suite101 About - Select a related topic - African-American Home Sch Biographies of Scientists Celtic Internet Resources Christian Home Education Creative Writing Graduate Distance Education Extra-solar Planets Foreign Language Acquisit Homeschooling Preschool a Librarians and Informatio Magazine Reviews Making Learning FUN! Math is fun Redefining Education Science Surfing Social and Emotional Lear Teachers Using Technology Teaching Computers To Chi Teaching Creative Writing Welsh Language
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    12. Burns Doane - Attorney Biographies
    Mercedes K. Meyer. including HIV 1 and more generally in the areas of virology,molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology and protein chemistry.

    13. ICONnect - KidsConnect Favorite Web Sites For K-12 Students
    Blue Web'n Applications Library http// Busy Teachers'WebSite K12 http// biographies chemistry.
    School Library Media Specialists,
    Teachers and Parents

    Favorite Web Sites
    For K-12 Students Point-n-click your way to the web sites our KidsConnect school library media specialists have found most helpful for K-12 students! Subject Headings General Curriculum Links Blue Web'n Applications Library
    Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12
    Chico High School Library Helpful Bookmarks
    Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Home Page
    Kid Info/School Subjects
    Ready Reference Using The Internet Study WEB return to subject headings Art Art History Resources on the Web

    14. Chemistry Faculty And Staff Biographies (Short)
    Visiting Professor of chemistry, University of California, Irvine. Professor KerryK. Karukstis, BS Duke University, Ph.D. Duke University. Physical chemistry.
    Front row (left to right): Prof. Daub, Prof. Myhre, Prof. Van Ryswyk, Prof. Johnson. Second row: Prof. Van Hecke, Ms. Pham, Prof. Cave, Ms. McCollum, Prof. Baker, Ms. Young, Prof. Karukstis, Prof. Minehan.
    Department of Chemistry Faculty and Staff
    A brief sketch of current HMC Chemistry Faculty and staff follows, ordered in terms of tenure at the college. An outline of national awards won by HMC Chemistry faculty is also available. Professor Gerald R. Van Hecke , Donald Strauss Professor of Chemistry. B.S. Harvey Mudd College, Ph.D. Princeton University. Physical Chemistry. Thermodynamics of liquid crystals. Visiting Research Professor at University of Lillie; Visiting Research Scientist in Biophysics at Boston Medical School; National Academy of Sciences Scientist at Institute of Physical Chemistry, Warsaw, Poland and Central Institute for Electron Physics, Berlin GDR; University Guest Researcher, Osaka University; NASA Fellow Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Chemist, Shell Development Company; Camille and Henry Dreyfus Scholar Fellow. Professor G. William Daub

    15. Annotated Biographies
    Annotated biographies of Current chemistry Faculty, with M. Baker; Dr. Robert J.Cave; Dr. G. William Daub; Dr. Adam R. Johnson; Dr. Kerry K. Karukstis;
    Annotated Biographies of Current Chemistry Faculty, with Representative Publications through 1993.
  • Dr. Shenda M. Baker Dr. Robert J. Cave Dr. G. William Daub Dr. Adam R. Johnson ...
    Professional Background
    1993- Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College.
    1991-93 Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
    1991 Ph. D. in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology.
    1985 B. A. in Chemistry and French, Phi Beta Kappa, honors, Grinnell College.
    Relevant Publications
    Roger Pynn and Shenda Baker 'Neutron Reflection from Faceted Surfaces' To be published in Physica B S.M. Baker, G. R. Rossman and J. D. Baldeschwieler 'Observation of Fermi Level Pinning and Charge Screening on a Synthetic, Boron-doped Diamond" To be published in Journal of Applied Physics S. M. Baker, G. R. Rossman and John D. Baldeschwieler 'Topology of Boron-Doped Synthetic Diamond by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy' To be published in Journal of Diamond and Related Materials Gregory S. Smith, William Hamilton, Michael Fitzsimmons, Shenda M. Baker, Kevin M. Hubbard, Michael Nastasi, J-P. Hirvonen and Thomas G. Zocco
  • 16. Other Web Sites On (mainly) The History Of Chemistry And History Of Science
    biographies of chemists, prepared by Peter Morris Group Newsletter of the Royal Societyof chemistry. Chemical Community, 18801970, by Gerrylynn K Roberts and
    Other web sites
    on (mainly) the
    History of Chemistry,
    History of Science, and Scientific Biography
    Scientific Biography
    Collections of Short Biographies

    17. K-12 : Biographies Resources
    Archive of Prize winners from the fields of literature, physics, chemistry, peace,economics, or physiology and medicine. POTUS biographies of Presidents of
    Naperville Public Libraries Home Back to Selected Websites K-12 Resources Biography Look-Up Famous People

    18. Nat'l Academies Press, National Security And Homeland Defense: (2002), Appendix
    biographies of Organizing Committee Members. James Flack Norris Award in PhysicalOrganic chemistry. Jacqueline K. Barton (Steering Committee liaison) is Arthur
    National Security and Homeland Defense: Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century
    Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology ( BCST
    Related Books

    Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xiv Executive Summary, pp. 1-5 1. Introduction, pp. 6-11 2. Grand Challenges, pp. 12-17 3. Specific Challenges, pp. 18-25 4. Research Directions, pp. 26-41 5. Findings, pp. 42-44 Appendix A: Statement of Task, pp. 45-47 Appendix B: Biographies of Organizing Committee Members, pp. 48-50 Appendix C: Workshop Agenda, pp. 51-54 Appendix D: Workshop Presentations, pp. 55-98 Appendix E: Results of Breakout Sessions, pp. 99-108



    CHAPTER PAGE The following text is provided to enhance readability. Many aspects of typography translate only awkwardly to HTML. Please use the page image as the authoritative form to ensure accuracy. Page 48
    Biographies of Organizing Committee Members
    John L. Anderson (Co-Chair) is a University Professor of Chemical Engineering and is affiliated with the Center for Complex Fluids Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also the dean of the College of Engineering. He received his B.S. from the University of Delaware and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. His research interests are membranes, colloidal science, electrophoresis and other electrokinetic phenomena, polymers at interfaces, and biomedical engineering. He is a former co-chair of the BCST and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

    19. Harry G. Drickamer - Biographies Of Illini Chemists - Dept. Of Chemistry - UIUC
    Medal of Science, Drickamer also earned the Welch Prize in chemistry (1987) of the 1967),the William H. Walker Award (1972), and the Warren K. Lewis Teaching
    Roger Adams St. Elmo Brady Harry G. Drickamer Therald Moeller ... William C. Rose
    Harry G. Drickamer Drickamer was awarded the National Medal of Science by President George Bush on October 18, 1989. The White House announcement praised Drickamer as a pioneer in the field of pressure tuning spectroscopy "which has contributed greatly to the world's understanding of modern science including chemistry, physics, biochemistry, geology and other disciplines." The Debye Award of the American Chemical Society cited Drickamer as "a true pioneer in fundamental studies of the physics and chemistry of solids, through highly imaginative use of very high pressures in a wide variety of experiments on solids and through brilliant interpretations of the properties he has discovered." In 1989, Larry Faulkner was quoted as saying Drickamer was "among the most creative and influential figures in physical chemistry for almost four decades." William R. Schowalter was also quoted as saying "He is a unique individual who has had immeasurable influence for several decades on many of our best Ph.D. candidates in three fields chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics. He represents all that we aspire to be."

    20. 130nm Logic Technology Featuring 60nm Transistors, Low-K Dielectrics, And Cu Int
    Technology Featuring 60nm Transistors, LowK Dielectrics, and Cu Interconnects (continued)AUTHORS' biographies from Caltech in 1996 in Physical chemistry.
    United States Home Select a Location Site Map Contact Us ... About Intel Home Computing Business Computing Developer Reseller / Solutions Advanced Search
    Volume 6 Issue 2
    Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing
    Table of Contents Current Technologies Future Technologies Reader's Guide ... Download PDF of this entire issue: Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing Volume 06 Issue 02 Published May 16, 2002 ISSN 1535-766X


    Transistor Scaling Overview

    Transistor Features
    Email this Article
    Section 9 of 9 130nm Logic Technology Featuring 60nm Transistors, Low-K Dielectrics, and Cu Interconnects (continued)
    Mohsen Alavi
    Makarem Hussein Makarem Hussein is a Principal Engineer with Patterning Area of Portland Technology Development. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990 with a Ph.D. degree in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics. He joined Intel in 1992, and since then has been working on developing dry etch processes. His most recent focus has been on the patterning of dielectric substrates for copper interconnect systems. He holds six US patents and has authored/co-authored more than 15 articles in the field of plasma etching and patterning technology. Pauline Jacob

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