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         Chinese Geography:     more books (100)
  1. A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese (Harvard East Asian Monographs) by Paul Rouzer, 2007-06-30
  2. Borders of Chinese Civilization: Geography and History at Empire’s End (Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society) by Douglas R. Howland, 1996-01-01
  3. Chinese-English Dictionary (A Chinese-English Dictionary Compiled for the China Inland Mission) by Robert Henry Mathews, 1943-01-01
  4. Comprehensive Geography of the Chinese Empire
  5. Comprehensive Geography of the Chinese Empire and Dependencies by L. Richard, 1908
  6. L. Richard's ... Comprehensive Geography of the Chinese Empire and Dependencies ... Translated Into English, Revised and Enlarged by Louis Richard, 2010-03-10
  7. The Geography of the Chinese Empire by P N. Tsü, 2010-01-08
  8. AN OUTLINE OF CHINESE GEOGRAPHY by Chung Chih, 1991-01-01
  9. Taiwan's Imagined Geography: Chinese Colonial Travel Writing and Pictures, 1683-1895 (Harvard East Asian Monographs) by Emma Jinhua Teng, 2006-03-01
  10. Chinese (Reading the Past) by Oliver Moore, 2001-02-12
  11. Selected Chinese Texts in the Classical and Colloquial Styles (Harvard-Yensheng Institute Publications Series)
  12. Common Knowledge About Chinese Geography by Higher Education Press, 2006
  13. Early Chinese Texts on Painting (Harvard-Yenching Institute Series, Vol 30)
  14. A View of China for Philological Purposes, Containing a Sketch of Chinese Chronology, Geography, Government, Religion & Customs by Robert Morrison, 2010-04-20

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2. Chinese And China Resources. Chinese Geography
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The Geography of China The Geography Society of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. News and links
China - Geography, Population etc. China map references, land boundaries, coastline, international disputes, climate, terrain, natural resources and environmental considerations
Geography of Taiwan Location, map references, coastline, climate, international disputes, terrain, natural resources, environmental concerns etc.
Geography and History of Taiwan Taiwan's origins, the Dutch Imperial Period (16241661), Koxinga Period (16611683), Manchu Period (16831895), Japanese Imperial Period (18951945), Kuomintang (KMT) Regime Period (19451996) and Presidential Taiwan (1996)
China's Geography Regional and physical geography, cultural geography, economic geography, historical geography plus links to other sites
Hong Kong's Geographic Information System Association The Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association provides Chinese geography information plus links to other relevant sites
China, Geography and Population for Teachers

3. Chinese And China Resources. Chinese Geography
China and Chinese information. chinese geography Chinese paintings and chinese geography information can be found at our new Chinese Paintings website The Gallery of
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4. Chinese Geography Activity
Regular Activity 1 chinese geography (Mary Boteler, Sherwood HS).Set Explain the voyages of Zheng He (Cheng Ho), the Ming navigator.
Modern World History A
Unit I - The World in the Fifteenth Century
1104.1 - Ming China
Regular Activity #1 - "Chinese Geography" (Mary Boteler, Sherwood HS)
  • Explain the voyages of Zheng He (Cheng Ho), the Ming navigator. Describe his expeditions to Southeast Asia, India, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula. Give the time period - 1405 - 1433. Explain the size of the fleet: 62 ships, 27,800 men, flagship was 440 feet by 180 ft. Ask the students to imagine the society that could have created such a fleet. Ask the students to suggest the purpose of these voyages.
  • Ask students to compare Zheng to Columbus (3 ships, flagship was 120 ft. x 25 ft). Objective/Purpose
  • To identify the major geographic features of Ming China.
  • To examine the geographic and cultural factors that impacted China's development in relative isolation and self-perception as the center of the universe. Input
  • Use the World History Videodisc to show the impact of geography on the Ming.
  • P5 A physical map of China #30406 - students should try to identify the most prominent geographic features
  • P1 A political map of China #30402 -
  • R 89 A map of Ming empire #30587 - students should compare these two maps
  • P3 A map of population density #30404 - students should speculate as to geographic features that would encourage/discourage settlement
  • P4 A map of agricultural regions #30405 - students should relate to previous map
  • Continue using videodisk to show the Ming movement toward isolationism
  • R90 Reception of envoys #30588 - describe the tribute system as an embodiment of China's belief that it was the center of the universe
  • 5. China - Chinese Geography, Geography Of China
    cycle 78, Chinese Year GuiWei (20), year 2003, month 2, day 18, Home China Population Geography History Dynasties Cycle of Rice Admin

    6. Chinese Geography News, Chinese News Links
    Breaking Asia News English Links Chinese Links Mandarin WebBroadcasts Breaking Asia News. Chinese Language Search Engines.
    Breaking Asia News English Links Chinese Links Mandarin Web Broadcasts Breaking Asia News China News - English Language Links Hong Kong - China News
    South China Morning Post Online Singapore - China News
    Straits Times Newspaper Online China News
    China Online World News Briefs
    Nando Times Index of China News Sources
    China Site comprehensive links Chinese Culture Page - edited by Jun Shan Chinese Language Search Engines Sohu
    Chinese portal, search engine, IT focus.
    CEO: Charles Zhang. SinaCom
    Chinese global portal, search engine, webmail host.
    CEO: Wan Zhidong. Wanyi "Net Ease" Chinese portal, search engine, webmail host. CEO: William Ding. "Net Big" Chinese portal, Universities, educational focus. CEO: Charles Huang. Mandarin Web Broadcasts Mandarin News Broadcasts

    7. Chinese Geography
    The Library of Congress has a wonderful list of Chinese Conventional Place Names,nicely cross URLs that will allow you to read up on the Geography and History
    Starting with the list of cities that's available in the Emperor Campaign Editor, I've compiled the Episodes and Spy Maps associated with each Player city, and have also indicated when the city merely participates as a Non-Player City that is controlled by the Game Engine. For most cities I've also included a few links to good internet resources, and I'll be adding a lot of context information to the individual Walkthroughs, as time permits. Emperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom is very well researched, and the various episodes are very much based on historical fact. Historians and Archaeologists, however, do not necessarily agree on the interpretation of the evidence and, in any case, pulling it all together is quite a chore. Understanding the context of a particular episode adds a lot to my enjoyment of the game, as the splash screens then serve as a reminder of the historical facts. It's much easier to accept some of the invasion and monument requirements when you realize the scope of the actual events. Having all of this information at your fingertips will be especially helpful if you're creating your own campaigns, as you'll have the benefit of historical context to drive your storyline and can easily determine the expectations that players will have established while playing other campaigns.

    8. Chinese Geography
    The Geography of China. Administrative Districts. China has Road. Theyonce even sacked the great Chinese capital of Chang'an. For
    The Geography of China
    Administrative Districts
    China has 23 provinces, 4 centrally administered municipalities, 5 autonomous regions and 2 Special Administrative Regions. There are three common ways to divide China.
    Official Divisions:
    The government tries to promote the idea of seven regions in China. North China: Beijing and Tianjin Municipalities, Hebei and Shanxi Provinces, and the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. Central China: Hubei, Hunan, and Jiangxi Provinces. East China: Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian and Taiwan Provinces, and Shanghai Municipality. South China: Guangdong Province, the Guangxi Autonomous Region and the Hong Kong (Xianggang) and Macau (Aomen) Autonomous Regions. Northwest China: Qinghai, Shaanxi, and Gansu Provinces, and Ningxia and Xingjiang Autonomous Regions. Southwest China: Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, Chongqing Municipality, and Xizang (Tibetan) Autonomous Region. Northeast China: Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang Provinces.
    Traditional Western Divisions:
    In the West, we have traditionally held a different idea of regions of China.

    9. China Resources For Educators - Teaching About Chinese Geography
    China chinese geography Guide picks. China Population Density A largeGIF map of china colored to show the density of population.
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    China: Chinese Geography
    Guide picks
    China Population Density
    A large GIF map of china colored to show the density of population. Unfortunately, numerical data do not accompany the map. Map of China Be sure to wait for this map to load completely. Back to China Resources for Educators Menu Email this page! Sponsored Links English Teacher Curriculum Guides for Sale Curriculum guides at $29.95, for grades 7-12. Curriculum materials for composition and literature, including novels and plays. Sponsored Link Renew and Advance Your Teaching Certificate offers free access to state certification requirements, renewal forms, and professional development options. Register for a chance to win $300 toward continuing education.

    The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

    11. Chinese Geography
    To this extent the Chinese were isolated from competing civilizations althoughthere was a broad and fluid frontier zone on the western margins.
    Education Series: About China Brought to you by Regent China Tours Geography View China from Space 1999 Original Picture from National Geographic Society
    China is one of the biggest countries in the world. It has an area of about 9.6 million square kilometers which comprises about 6.5 per cent of the world total land area. Its population of more than one billion accounts for 23 per cent of the world human population. China is the world's oldest continuous civilization. World Travel Organization predicts that by year 2020, China will become the number one travel destination in the world. China is situated in the eastern part of Asia, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is the third largest country in the world (after Canada and Russia). China has a total land area of 9.6 million squares kilometers. The distance from east to west measures over 5,200 kilometers, and from north to south, over 5,500 kilometers. When the sun shines brightly over the Wusuli River in the east, the Pamire Plateau in the west is in the very early morning. When blizzards wrap the north along the Helongjiang River in the winter, spring sowing is under way on Hainan Island in the south. Here is the World map . China has a land border of 22,143.34 kilometers long and is bordered by twelve countries: Korea in the east; Russian in the northeast and the northwest; Mongolia in the north; India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal in part of the west and southwest; Burma, Laos and Vietnam in the south. Here is anAsian map.

    12. Chinese Historical Geography Project - General
    GENERAL WORKS on chinese geography (not necessarily only historicallyoriented) Author Cressey, George Ass. person Mourey, Charles
    (not necessarily only historically oriented)

    13. Aaron's Bookshelves ~ Lady White Snake (Chinese Opera, Mythology, Legends)
    Shambhala, Boston, 1996. chinese geography. China, Sixth Edition, byRobert Storey, et. al., Lonely Planet, 1998. A guide. Date Wed

    New Flash! Contact ... Subscribe
    A Lady White Snake Bookshelf
    By Aaron Shepard
    For more treats and resources, visit Aaron Shepard at

    Hangzhou and West Lake

    Chinese Opera

    Chinese Mythology
    ... China Books , at
    Fabula, The White Snake: The Evolution of a Myth in China, by Pei-yi Wu, University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1970. A dissertation. Includes a translation of the earliest surviving version. Best ordering may be from the publisher
    West Lake: A Collection of Folktales, translated by Jan and Yvonne Walls, Joint Publishing Co., Hong Kong, and China Books, San Francisco, 1980.
    Lady White, by Ren Shaozeng, Hei Feng Publishing Co., Hong Kong, 1983. A novel. The Legend of the White Serpent retold by A. Fullarton Prior, illustrated by Kwan Sang-mei, Tuttle, Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo, 1960. For young people. Origins of Chinese Festivals compiled by Goh Pei Ki, translated by Koh Kok Kiang, illustrated by Fu Chunjiang, Asiapac, Singapore, 1997. A lovely comic-book version that introduced me to the story. Best ordering may be from China Books The Real Tripitaka, and Other Pieces

    14. Some Useful References
    syllabus images handouts scores links. Some Useful References. The followingitems are edited from ENCARTA '95 Multimedia Encyclopedia chinese geography;
    syllabus images handouts scores ... links
    Some Useful References

    15. CSUN Geography Department: I-Shou Wang
    Member of the Editorial Committee, The Journal of chinese geography, Institute ofGeography, Chinese Academy of Science, Geographical Society of China, since
    Home Page

    Contact Us



    Graduate GIS Certificate Faculty ... Staff CURRICULUM Classes Offered Class Schedules FACILITIES Cartography and Computer Lab Physical Geography Lab ... Weather Station GEOGRAPHY COUNCIL About The Council Schedule of Activities CALIFORNIA GEOGRAPHICAL ... SURVEY I-Shou Wang Email: Office: Sierra Hall, Room 150-A Office phone number: Office fax number: Office hours: Spring, 2003
    • Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 to 1:45 pm Or by appointment
    • PhD, University of Minnesota, 1971
    • MA, University of Minnesota, 1966
    • BA, National Taiwan University, 1961
    Professional Experience
    • 1979 to Present - Professor, CSUN
    • 1984 Summer - Visiting Professor, Shaanxi Teachers University, Xi'an, PRC
    • 1982-1983 - Director, the China Institute, CSUN
    • 1981 Summer - Visiting Professor, Shaanxi Teachers University, Xi'an, PRC
    • 1976 Spring - Visiting Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa
    • 1973 Summer - Visiting Associate Professor, University of Idaho

    16. The Doctoral Supervisors Of Physical Geography(in Chinese)
    1. Application of Remote Sensing imagery on the analysis of Giant Panda's habitatin Xinglong mountain region The journal of chinese geography , Vol.2, No.4
    Ö°¹¤ºÅ: 32069 ÐÕ û: ³Â¾²Éú ÐÔ ±ð: ÄÐ ³ö Éú Äê ÔÂ: 1932.08 ×î ºó ѧλ(Àú): ´óѧ±ÏÒµ ±Ï Òµ Äê ÔÂ: 53.7 ±Ï Òµ ѧ У: ±±¾©´óѧ Ö° ³Æ: ½ÌÊÚ Í¨ Ѷ µØ Ö·: ±±¾©´óѧ³Ç»·Ïµ ÓÊ ±à: 100871 Ëù ÔÚ Ôº (ϵ) : ³ÇÊÐÓë»·¾³Ñ§Ïµ ÕÐ Éú Ôº (ϵ) : ³ÇÊÐÓë»·¾³Ñ§Ïµ ´Ó Ê ר Òµ: ×ÔÈ»µØÀíѧ µ±Ç°Ñо¿·½Ïò1 : ÖؽðÊôÔÚË®»·¾³ÓëÍÁÈÀ»·¾³ÖеÄǨÒÆת»¯ µ±Ç°Ñо¿·½Ïò2 : ÎÛȾÍÁÈÀÓëÎÛȾˮÌåµÄ¹ÜÀíºÍÕûÖÎ Ñо¿ÂÛÎÄ¡¢Öø×÷»ò³É¹û: 1. Öйú¶«²¿ºÓÁ÷¿ÅÁ£ÎïµÄÔªËØ×é³É ±±¾©´óѧѧ±¨£¨×ÔÈ»¿Æѧ°æ£©, 31(6), 1995 1995 2. Cancer and Soil Characteristics in the People's Republic of China In: , A Special Issue of Environmental Geochmistry and Health, Vol.16, pp.565-588 1994 3. ¡¶Ë®»·¾³»¯Ñ§¡· ÏþÔ°³ö°æÉ磬̨Íą̊±± 1992

    17. The Doctoral Supervisors Of Economic Geography(in Chinese)
    ?1? 1994 3. Some Examples of Central place Model in China's Rural and Urban StudiesThe Journal of chinese geography, Vol.4, Nos 1/2 1994 ? 33085
    Ö°¹¤ºÅ: 32067 ÐÕ û: ÑîÎáÑï ÐÔ ±ð: ÄÐ ³ö Éú Äê ÔÂ: 1932.03 ×î ºó ѧλ(Àú): Ñо¿Éú±ÏÒµ ±Ï Òµ Äê ÔÂ: 55.9 ±Ï Òµ ѧ У: ÖйúÈËñ´óѧ Ö° ³Æ: ½ÌÊÚ Í¨ Ѷ µØ Ö·: ±±¾©´óѧ³Ç»·Ïµ ÓÊ ±à: 100871 Ëù ÔÚ Ôº (ϵ) : ³ÇÊÐÓë»·¾³Ñ§Ïµ ÕÐ Éú Ôº (ϵ) : ³ÇÊÐÓë»·¾³Ñ§Ïµ ´Ó Ê ר Òµ: ÈËÎĵØÀíѧ µ±Ç°Ñо¿·½Ïò1 : ÀíÂÛµØÀíѧ µ±Ç°Ñо¿·½Ïò2 : µØÀíѧ˼ÏëÊ· Ñо¿ÂÛÎÄ¡¢Öø×÷»ò³É¹û: 1. The Context of Beijing's Commercial Network GeoJournal 1990 2. ±±¾©ÊÐÁãÊÛÉÌÒµÓë·þÎñÒµÖÐÐĺÍÍøµãµÄ¹ýÈ¥¡¢ÏÖÔÚºÍδÀ´ µØÀíѧ±¨ 49¾í1ÆÚ 1994 3. Some Examples of Central place Model in China's Rural and Urban Studies The Journal of Chinese Geography, Vol.4, Nos 1/2 1994

    18. Jordan: China Resources Page
    The maps themselves make use of abbreviations and can conveniently be usedto review chinese geography in addition to their reference function.);
    Return to previous page Jordan's main web page student aids page
    China-Related Resources on This Site
    Click here for a technical note about displaying tone-marked letters and Chinese characters and test page to try out your browser's present capabilities.
    Quick Links:
    This page: Elsewhere:
    General Data Base
  • (Interactive Data Base)
    Insert a romanization with or without tones and get back the full romanization, traditional and simplified Chinese characters, and explanation. Requires Unicode for display of Chinese characters or tone marks, but can be used without Unicode with characters suppressed and tones displayed as numbers.
    Other Materials
    • Periods of Chinese History (Table)
    • Full Table of Chinese Imperial Reigns (Table)
      A date like "period 21a" used on other pages of this web site refers to the numbering explained and used in these pages. The Chinese History page contains some brief remarks on cultural accomplishments; someday I hope to expand it or to find an on-line history of China to which I can link it.
    • Maps of China Taiwan (Maps)
      (These maps are accompanied by official spellings, current and obsolete, as well as the actual Chinese names. The maps themselves make use of abbreviations and can conveniently be used to review Chinese geography in addition to their reference function.)
  • 19. Chinese Geographic Names: From Wade-Giles To Pinyin
    Similar pages Fung Ping Shan Library Collections 100, Philosohpy, B, 600, History and Geography, DS. 110, Thoughts, B, 610, Generalworks on Chinese history and geography, DS. 160, Logic, BC, 660, chinese geography,DS.
    Chinese Geographic Names:
    from Wade-Giles to Pinyin
    l Geographic Name Tables:
    Natural Geography:
    Rivers Lakes Seas ... Deserts
    Historical Geography:

    Political Geography:
    Chinese Provinces and Autonomous Regions

    National Municipalities

    Hong Kong
    , Macau
    Non-current Provinces: pre-1949
    Taiwan Cities and Counties l Related Resources: Pinyin Conversion Information from Library of Congress from other sources ... Links about China and maps l Related Links: Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate Pinyin Conversion Project Council on East Asian Libraries Committee on Technical Processing ... OCLC-CJK Users Group Page Map (C)1996 NGS Cartographic Division. Developed in association with GeoSystems Global Corp. In the year 2000, North American libraries will face crucial changes in Chinese romanization from Wade-Giles to Pinyin. This site is designed for librarians and library patrons to accommodate the changes in romanization of Chinese geographic names. The Library of Congress (LC) has set up romanization guidelines and is in the process of revising Chinese geographic names from the currently used conventional English-language form to the United States Board on Geographic Names (US BGN) form. The geographic names in this page are based on the list of

    20. UniMelb UGHB96 : 158-108 Chinese 3A
    will have built on the knowledge of Chinese gained in their first two years to readand speak in Chinese about such topics as chinese geography, history and
    Handbook 1996 Faculty of Arts (Volume 3 page 28)
    subject : Next: Search Help 158-108/208/308 "Chinese 3A" appears differently in several places - choose the one you want:
  • Chinese , Faculty of Arts.
  • Chinese , Faculty of Educ(Parkville). Chinese , Faculty of Arts (v3, p28) : Next:
    158-108/208/308 Chinese 3A
    Credit points: 18.75 1st year, 16.7 2nd and 3rd years Coordinator: Dr Liu Mingchen. Prerequisite: Chinese 2B or satisfactory completion of a placement test. Contact: Six hours per week. Timetable: First semester Objectives: By the end of this subject students will have built on the knowledge of Chinese gained in their first two years to read and speak in Chinese about such topics as Chinese geography, history and politics. Content: Advanced spoken and written Chinese. Assessment: One oral examination (10 minutes); one written examination (3 hours); classwork to a maximum of 1,800 words. Students will be required to attend a minimum of 70% of all classes in order to be eligible to take the examinations. Prescribed texts:
    • Lin T et. al.
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