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         Chronic Illness & Diet:     more books (92)
  1. Chronically Happy: Joyful Living In Spite Of Chronic Illness by Lori Hartwell, 2002-10-09
  2. Young People and Chronic Illness by Kelly Huegel, 1998-07-01
  3. 500 Tips for Coping With Chronic Illness by Pamela D. Jacobs, 1997
  4. Chronic Illness and Disability Through the Life Span: Effects on Self and Family (Springer Series on Rehabilitation)
  5. The Chronic Illness Workbook: Strategies and Solutions for Taking Back Your Life by Patricia A. Fennell, 2001-10-15
  6. FibroWHYalgia: Why Rebuilding the Ten Root Causes of Chronic Illness Restores Chronic Wellness by Susan E. Ingebretson, 2010-02-02
  7. Chronic Illness: Impact and Interventions (Jones and Bartlett Series in Nursing) by Ilene Morof Lubkin, 1995-01
  8. When Will I Feel Better?: Understanding Chronic Illness (Comforting Little Hearts Series) by Robin Prince Monroe, 1998-01
  9. Power Nutrition for Your Chronic Illness: A Guide to Shopping, Cooking and Eating to Get the Nutrition Edge by Kristine Napier, 1998-05-18
  10. When You Have a Chronic Illness (Difficult Times Series) by Margaret Houk, 2002-08
  11. The Chronic Illness Experience: Embracing the Imperfect Life by Cheri Register, 1999-09-01
  12. Making Friends with Pain: Learning to Live Well with Chronic Illness by Elizabeth Flora Ross, 1999-06-01
  13. Staying Sane: When You Care for Someone With Chronic Illness by Melvin I. Pohl, J. Kay Deniston, 1993-03
  14. Chronic Illness and the Family: A Guide to Living Every Day by Linda Welsh, Marian Betancourt, 1996-04

1. Computer Programs Help Children Cope With Chronic Illness
help children cope with a serious or chronic illness. such stressors as repeatedhospitalizations, chronic pain or to comply with their diet restrictions and
VOLUME 30 , NUMBER 3 -March 1999
Computer programs help children cope with chronic illness
Psychologists help a nonprofit group develop and test interactive tools that are fun and educational. By Scott Sleek
Monitor staff
A group headed by the man who created such classic family films as "E.T." and "Jurassic Park" has secured APA's help in building another screen attractioninteractive computer programs that help children cope with a serious or chronic illness. Starbright produces computer games and videos that teach children about their illnesses and offer suggestions on coping with such stressors as repeated hospitalizations, chronic pain or rigid treatment regimens. It also offers "Starbright World," a private online hospital-based network, including videoconferencing, chat and other interactive services that allow children to converse with and support their peers who are struggling with similar illnesses. Starbright staff say psychologists can help enhance the foundation's already active product research-and-development efforts. Starbright conducts extensive studies, ranging from assessing the psychological needs of children with specific diseases to measuring the behavioral outcomes of patients who use Starbright programs. But the foundation wants to expand the network of researchers it regularly recruits for those studies, says Jordana Huchital, director of the foundation's health-care initiatives. "By going to APA as an organization, rather than looking for experts on our own, we can more easily find someone who is regarded by his or her colleagues as one of the top people in the field," Huchital says.

2. - Guide To Diseases, Disorders And Chronic
The Healing Art of Massage by J. Cartmell, diet Advisor Massage is one of the TheVocabulary of Wellness Five Simple Words to Keep chronic illness at Bay by M ('popupnewsletter.asp','newWindow','height=118,width=258,top=230,left=250,scrollbars=0,resizable=no,status=0') Search Site: Search Web: New Books for Your Health
Find new book releases and reviews about your health condition at our Amazon affiliate bookstore, Living With Chronic Illness Builds Courage
If you're living with chronic illness you are courageous. In the process of meeting life's challenges, you are learning how to meet your fears and move beyond them. Chronic Illness Resources Online
Looking for an organization, support group, chat room, information site, book, or research on your illness? Browse our directory for links to the web's best resources. Select - Home AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety/Panic Disorders Arthritis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Crohn's Disease Cystic Fibrosis Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia GERD (Acid Reflux) Headaches Heartburn Hepatitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lupus Lyme Disease Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's Disease Prostate Cancer More Conditions/Diseases Community Forums Select - Forum Home AIDS Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anxiety/Panic Disorders Arthritis Breast Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Crohn's Disease Cystic Fibrosis Depression Diabetes Epilepsy Fibromyalgia GERD (Acid Reflux) Headaches Heartburn Hepatitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lupus Lyme Disease Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's Disease Prostate Cancer More Diseases/Conditions Video Webcasts Select - ADD/ADHD Arthritis Allergy Alternative Medicine Arthritis

3. Behavioral Counseling For Heart Disease & Chronic Illness
Behavioral Counseling for Heart Disease chronic illness. Jan. 2, 2003 TASK FORCEISSUES NEW diet COUNSELING RECOMMENDATIONS BY BECKY HAM Just in time for New
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Jan. 2, 2003
Just in time for New Year's resolutions to kick in, a health care task force convened by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced this week that there is good evidence that extended behavioral counseling can help patients who are at known risk for heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The task force said, however, that there is insufficient evidence to gauge the effectiveness of brief, routine counseling among healthy adults.
After reviewing 35 years' worth of diet counseling studies, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force concludes that intensive diet counseling can help at-risk adult patients eat less fat and more fruits and vegetables, concluding that this counseling can be delivered by primary care clinicians or by referral to other specialists, such as nutritionists or dietitians. The review and the task force's recommendations are published in the January issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

4. HealthBeat Chronic Illness
125 million Americans suffer from chronic disease, ranging can concentrate on controllingthe illness and not dozens of popular overthe-counter diet and cold

5. Why Try To Learn What Started Your Illness
How to Delay the Recovery From a Serious illness Allow the chemical that started it to continue to enter the body. How do I know this? My name is Terry Gromer. called her parents and asked if they would be willing to try a wheat free diet for DeLynn. is a mystery surrounding a chronic illness. Why doesn't it end?
Why Try to Learn What Started Your Illness
Large numbers of patients fight a disease without knowing what actually started it. Why is this important? Allowing the substance that started a medical disorder to continue to enter the body delays the recovery. My name is Terry Gromer. I am a chemistry teacher who spent three or four evenings a week for a year reading medical journals. Critical information was found. It is organized into a report that is for individuals with long-term disorders including those with an immune system that is damaging nerves, joints or blood vessels. Multiple sclerosis is one example. Someone who was healthy a few years ago is now seriously ill. How can this happen? Something entered his body that made the change. Shouldn't someone try to identify the material? The reason for spending so much time in the medical library was to search for success stories. When a physician did something remarkable, a colleague would tell him to publish his findings in a medical journal. My library search uncovered approximately fifty cases. I wanted to know if there was a common thread. What was the reason for the success? The doctor identified the primary cause (what started the illness). Often, the reason why the medical disorder lasted for months or longer was the material that started it continued to enter the body. What is the harmful material? It is a common product repeatedly entering the body of a person who does not tolerate it. This frequent event does not disable a person unless he uses a drug year after year to crush a symptom warning him about the poorly tolerated material.

6. HealthBeat Archive
HealthBeat chronic illness. HealthBeat Fitness and Exercise. HealthBeat Medication.HealthBeat Nutrition and diet. HealthBeat Pain Relief. HealthBeat Prevention.

7. Your Own Health And Fitness Tapes
7/30/96, Training With a chronic illness, Layna Berman, Health Integration Specialist.9/19/95, HIV diet Exercise, Dr. Mark Thompson DC, DDSP, CSCS and Lisa



Shows by Guest

Shows on



Healthy eating Environmental ... Other topics Print this list and indicate the tapes you want OR send a list indicating broadcast Date and Title or guest. 2 WEEK DELIVERY $15.00 per tape includes tax and postage. Tapes delivered within two weeks of receipt of your order. RUSH ORDER Order processed on receipt. $25.00 per tape includes tax and postage. Print RUSH on the outside of envelope. Tapes are not returnable Make checks or money orders payable to Layna Berman. Include your name and address. Tapes are shipped via US Postal Service. Mail your order to: Layna Berman PO Box 460 Camp Meeker, CA 95419 DATE TITLE DESCRIPTION Testing and Treating Allergies Physician and researcher Dr. Vincent Marinkovich, MD of Immune Tech discusses his new at-home allergy testing kits ( Childhood Autism: A Nutritional Approach Bernard Rimland, PhD, a research psychologist and founcer of the Autism Research Institute discusses the biological foundation for neurological disorders

8. Emerging Worlds Chronic Illness And Viral Infections
ADHD diet How Food Affects Mood. In some cases, children were put on a dietthat lacked many food additives and subsequently challenged with dyes.

9. Reach Out: Factsheet: Chronic Illness
illness. (August 2000) Nobody wants to have a chronic illness. However, the majority of us usually means maintaining a certain diet, exercising regularly and following a strict
Reach Out: Factsheet
Chronic illness
What is chronic illness?
A chronic illness is the name of a group of illnesses that are permanent or last a long time. Examples of chronic illness include:
  • allergies
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • cancer
  • crohn's disease
  • cystic fibrosis
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • haemophilia
  • coeliac disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • lupus
Each condition has a different experience. It may be that the illness slowly gets worse over time, causes permanent changes to the body or it may finally go away. Chronic illness may effect your quality of life and management of the illness can minimise the effect it will have.
Living with a chronic illness
It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you are first diagnosed with a chronic condition. It may be the first time that you have had to think seriously about your health and about the future. Chronic illnesses may also require changes to your lifestyle by:
  • introducing regular medication and/or monitoring of your body
  • changes to your diet
  • managing your alcohol use
There may also be the long-term impact of the illness to consider. It can be a big adjustment to make. Living with a chronic illness can be frustrating, monotonous, stressful and depressing. It is not unusual to be frustrated by your illness and want to ignore it or rebel against it. If you are feeling this way it may be helpful to speak to your local doctor, a community health worker, counsellor or nurse. The

10. Emerging Worlds Chronic Illness And Viral Infections
corner includes information on ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome adolescents suffer frommental illness severe enough ADHD And diet By Michael Jacobson Mothering

11. Living With Chronic Illness Chronic Pain, Or Disabiltiy, Weight Management, Sex
with Fibromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivities, or chronic Fatigue Syndrome that one willface concerning their illness. such as lifestyle changes, diet, where to
Services Available
I can provide help with the following
  • Coping Skills Adjustment Skills Support Education Illness Management Stress Management Networking Grieving Couples or Individuals Relationship Issues Healing Childhood Trauma Personal Growth Weight Management Sex and Sexuality Sexual Intimacy and Erotic Communication
Educational Pamphlets on various topics are available on the free articles page and the articles for sales pages linked on the home pageof this site. Client Consultation
Any of the above issues may be addressed one on one either by phone, chat room, instant chat or email. Education
Available to anyone who is interested in learning about how diet, nutrition and chemicals in our environment affect our mental health. And how these things can create symptoms that appear to be psychological but are actually physical. And how these symptoms can be eliminated or reduced by correcting one's diet and nutrition or by removing chemicals from the environment. Professional Consultation
Comprehensive Consultation for Mental Health Professionals, Public Agencies, and Health Care Providers. Available to those who are interested in learning about the special and complex needs and issues that one experiences when living with Fibromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivities, or Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysregulation Syndrome. New Patient Education
Available to those newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivities, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and would like help and support in learning about all the issues that one will face concerning their illness. Issues such as: lifestyle changes, diet, where to find doctors, networking, catalogs, environmental cleanup, coping, etc. can be addressed.

12. Chronic Illness
chronic Fatigue. chronic Fatigue . Fibromyalgia. chronic illness. Cleansing. Cleansing, Detoxifying Detoxification. Diabetes. diet. diet Weightloss. diet nutrition. Digestion

Acid Alkaline



Chronic Illness
Beating Chronic Illness

13. Living With Chronic Illness Chronic Pain, Or Disabiltiy, Weight Management, Sex
by chronic illness by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. 10 Tips For Staying Within Your dietaryRestrictions by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. Addressing Alcoholism with diet and
Free Articles
New This Month
Sex and Chronic Illness

by Cynthia Perkins

Nourish Your Soul
by Cynthia Perkins,M.Ed. ...
U.S. Dept. of Health Human Services MCS Description


14. Medicdirect - Comprehensive UK Health Information
There is no single diet for anyone with chronic illness; the dietary care willdepend on what the underlying problem is. Who would require the diet?

15. Chronic Illness; Unified Field Theory - CFS, ME, FM, GWS, Hypersensitivity & Ill
is a background noise of milder but chronic symptoms, punctuated We are suggestingthat proper diet revision should out when foodrelated illness is suspected
Home Products and Services Medical Information Orders ... Modular Nutrition Alpha Nutrition Health Education The Grand Unified Field Theory Ill-defined Illnesses can only be understood if you understand the big picture. Stephen Gislason MD Review of Ill-defined Illnesses Sick All Over Delayed Patterns of Food Allergy Chronic Fatigue Prevalence ... Case Histories Solutions Alpha Nutrition Program All is not well in the modern, civilized world. Despite an impressive growth in biological knowledge and biotechnology, health care costs continue to grow, cancer incidence remains high, bacteria continue to develop antibiotic resistance, HIV and other viral illnesses continue to spread, environmental degradation continues, the weather changes erratically, and the wellness quotient of the average world citizen deteriorates. Many believe that the practice of medicine perches on revolutionary threshold as we develop insights into the molecular mechanisms controlling our biological function. The new medicine is fascinated with genetics, molecular biology, manufactured molecular probes and controller molecules. However, our activities alter the environment that sustains us. We spoil our own nest and then pretend that everything is fine. As the new biology gains momentum in research facilities, our biological and social environments deteriorate, bringing us closer to catastrophes that no vials of magic potions will resolve. We live in a civilization that can produce illness faster and on a grander scale than it can ever hope to solve.

16. Diabetes2: Coping With The Need To Change
A new attitude of approach to diet revision is required especiallywhen you have a chronic illness. The new attitude is based on
Alpha Nutrition Health Education Type 2 Diabetes Coping with the Need to Change
Introduction to Diabetes
Alpha DMX Nutrients
Diabetes Rescue
Exercise is Best Medicine Alpha Nutrition Among our diabetic patients, there has been a consensus that eating-control is difficult to achieve, even when wrong food choices involve serious illness. The consensus is also that some foods trigger compulsive eating, uncontrollable by ordinary acts of consciousness. We think that compulsive eating is as much part of diabetes as is elevated blood sugar. The Psychosocial Dimension S. J. Gislason MD The basic problem with proposing diet revision as therapy is that eating behaviors are deeply rooted in a psychosocial matrix and are not rationally determined. Diet revision attempts to introduce rational determination of eating behaviors and food selection. The social basis of eating patterns often conflicts with individual needs and opposes the attempts made by an individual to modify diet as a means of restoring or maintaining health. The idea of " a diabetic diet" as a fixed set of instructions and a restricted food list is stubborn and fits with a passive-dependent attitude of the patient who says "fix me". We think that compulsive eating is as much part of diabetes as is elevated blood sugar. The control of diabetes is, therefore, more complicated that it seems at first glance. It is not simply a matter of choosing the right foods but it is a matter of learning a whole new way of coping with hunger, desires, cravings, social pressures, and a host of self-regulatory challenges that most people never deal with.

17. CSA Library Series: Article #4 - Coping With Chronic Illness
Coping with chronic illness Deborah Garnett, RN, Ph.D., Clinical Therapist, CenterPoint frustrations and adjustments related to the glutenfree diet and the
CSA Library Series: Article #4 Coping with Chronic Illness
Deborah Garnett, RN, Ph.D., Clinical Therapist, Center Point, Inc., Kansas City, MO
Lifeline, Winter 1993, Vol XI, No 1, pp 1 Dr. Garnett opened her talk by asking the audience to list their feelings related to celiac sprue; fear, guilt, sadness, anger, loneliness and resentment were among those named. In our society, many families discourage the expression of emotion. When a child's cries or outbursts of anger are punished or labeled as "bad" by the parents, the offspring tends to grow up denying the negative feelings and behaving in a rigid pattern which proved acceptable. Dr. Garnett stressed their feelings in order to deal with emotions and resolve day-to-day problems. She emphasized the importance of sharing feelings in our support groups. The insecurities, frustrations and adjustments related to the gluten-free diet and the illness should be aired with those who understand our situation. Such meetings can contribute greatly to easing denial, isolation and potential anger. Depression is a manifestation of anger turned inward. The symptoms include unpredictable tears, sadness that lingers longer than the situation warrants, too much or too little sleep, listlessness, trouble concentrating, extreme guilt, suicidal thoughts, too little or too much appetite, and a sense of worthlessness. Expressing the anger either verbally or in writing can be the start toward resolution of the problem, but the long-suppressed emotions tend to resurface again and again.

18. MARRTC: Living Healthy -- The Challenge Of Chronic Illness
That usually means maintaining a certain diet, exercising regularly and followinga and lifestyle changes that are associated with chronic illness can take a
Conditions General Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis Juvenile Arthritis Fibromyalgia Osteoporosis Lupus Wegener's Other... Missouri Calendar Arthritis Program Regional Cntrs JA Program MARRTC About Us Spotlight Publications Contact Us You are here: Home Kansas City RAC Chronic Illness
Living Healthy The Challenge of Chronic Illness
(August 2000) Nobody wants to have a chronic illness. However, the majority of us will develop one or more chronic health problems during our lives. In fact, it is estimated that people 60 and older on average have two or more chronic health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, stroke or diabetes. Chronic health problems typically require that a person manage their condition with the guidance and advice of their doctor. That usually means maintaining a certain diet, exercising regularly and following a strict medication program. Dealing with any chronic condition is an emotional challenge. Often the emotional and psychological effects are just as daunting as the physical ones. The losses and lifestyle changes that are associated with chronic illness can take a toll. These may include the loss of a job or friends, or giving up some dreams, goals or valued activities. Finding ways to cope with the physical and emotional challenges is key to living successfully with a chronic health problem. This process, often called "self help" or "self management," includes all the decisions a person makes and actions they take to maintain their health and independence.

19. Home: Enrichment Centers: Healthy Aging: Chronic Illness: Part 3
As an adjunct to a good diet, a program of nutritionally supplementation Eventuallyyou'll realize that even chronic illness creates new and possibly exciting

20. Chapter 7
Many factors can affect the course of a chronic illness, including heredity,lifestyle (eg, stress, diet, exercise) and even environment.
CHAPTER 7 Learning to Live well with a chronic illness Illness is the night side of life. Sontag In some ways, living with chronic illness is very much like being trapped in a maze - you're never quite certain what lies ahead of you; so, it's easy to lose your perspective. You wander the same path over and over again - totally lost and bewildered. You appear to be alone with no one to show you the way out. There are many questions, but few answers. Which is the most effective treatment ? Who are the best doctors ? What options can be utilized so that the way out can be found ? You need to find your own path, and confronting your illness is a process that must be worked through . This process takes time and effort. If you live with a chronic condition, how you view the path you're on and decide to manage your day-to-day situations can greatly affect your quality of your life. Acute vs. chronic Most people are familiar with acute illness, such as appendicitis, typhoid fever or pneumonia, which comes on suddenly and often has an identifiable cause. Generally, such an illness is treatable. Often the individual regains normal health, and usually does not remain sick very long.

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