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         Civil War Battles & Memorials:     more books (32)
  1. Gettysburg: A History of the Gettysburg Battle-field Memorial Association by John Mitchell Vanderslice, 1897-01-01
  2. Photographic History of the Civil War. Decisive Battles Volume III Vol 3 Three (in Ten Volumes). Semi Centennial Memorial by Francis Trevelyan. Grant, Frederick Dent; Elson, Henry W. Barnes, James. Lanier, Rogert S. Ed.. Miller, 1912-01-01
  3. The Photographic History of the Civil War, Semi-Centennial Memorial, Volume I:The Opening Battles by Francis Trevelyan, Ed. Miller, 1995
  4. A Chickamauga Memorial: The Establishment of America?s First Civil War National Military Park by Timothy B Smith PhD 2001 Mississippi SU, 2009-10-23
  5. Field Surgeon at Gettysburg: A Memorial Account of the Medical Unit of the Thirty-Second Massachusetts Regiment by Clyde B. Kernek, 1993-10
  6. Our national war songs: Containing the words of all the famous war songs, battle songs, national songs, decoration songs, memorial hymns by Henry C Work, 1884
  7. Pennsylvania at Antietam: Report of the Antietam Battlefield Memorial Commission of Pennsylvania and Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monuments Erected ... Pennsylvania Commands Engaged in the Battle. by Author Unknown, 2009-04-27
  8. Memorial oration on the Battle of Gettysburg: Much remains to be told! by Edward Sayre Gearhart, 1883
  9. Battle of New Market: Memorial address, sixty-second anniversary of the Battle of New Market, Va., May 15, 1926, with maps by John Walter Wayland, 1926
  10. The unveiling of the Virginia-North Carolina Monument and Wyatt Memorial: At Bethel, Virginia, June 10, 1905 by J. Bryan Grimes, 1905
  11. Memorial address on the battlefield of Gettysburg, May 30, 1910 by Jacob Sloat Fassett, 1910
  12. Address of Hon. Samuel Dibble on Memorial Day, May 10th, 1905: Before Paul A. McMichael Chapter, No. 427, U.D.C. at Orangeburg, S.C by Samuel Dibble, 1905
  13. Memorial of Marvin Wait (1st Lieutenant Eighth Regiment C.V.,) killed at the battle of Antietam, September 17th, 1862 by Jacob Eaton, 1863
  14. Battle of Marianna by Mark Frederick Boyd, 1951

1. American Civil War.
The American civil war was one of the most momentous and controversial periods in American history .Category Society History United States wars civil war...... Bibliographies, Booksellers, Online Magazines. Leaders. battles. memorials, Cemeteries,Misc. Sites. Private Remembrances. civil war Units. ACW Other Pages.
American Civil War
  • On Censorship and Nazi Liberals from Hell
    An almost humorous ecxchange.
  • Background
  • African Americans in the Civil War
  • General Information-Guides
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  • 2. Civil War Gazette
    civil war battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania Court House. Maps of National Historic Military Parks, memorials,
    Civil War Gazette
    Notes to the Teacher
    You are a team of newspaper reporters, living in the civil war era. Battles are raging all around you: brother pitted against brother; father against son; neighbor against neighbor. Golden meadows and rolling hills you and your friends once played in are becoming soaked in crimson with the blood of a nation's most valued resource; it's citizenry. What was once a courageous new union is now being torn apart before your own eyes.
    Your team is assigned the task of researching, writing, and editing a single edition of your newspaper that focuses on a specific battle during the civil war. Include in this edition: (1) a news article about the battle; (2) a human interest story; (3) an editorial; (4) and a letter to the editor from someone against the war (e.g., a soldier, a free black, a slave, a women, etc. ).
    • Establish the needed roles for each member of your group in order to get an edition of the paper published. For example: editor, news reporter, social or feature writer, a political cartoonist, a photographer, a obituary writer, or subscriber. Decide as a group if you are to be a Union or a Confederate newspaper.

    3. Civil War In Georgia
    Links to information on civil war battles civil war battles Links. Maps of National Historic Military Parks, memorials, and Battlefields Many detailed maps
    The Civil War in Georgia Causes of Georgia's Secession Georgia's Civil War Constitution Battles Maps of Georgia Associated with the Civil War Era ... Official State Documents (from Univ of North Carolina's "Documenting the American South" website) Photographs and images Civil War clip art Civil War Museums and Historic Sites Confederate Monuments and Memorials in Georgia ... The Civil War in Georgia (page of Darin Briskman) Guide to Atlanta History Center Library/Archived Civil War Manuscript Collection Georgia Confederate Pension Applications (Secretary of State) "The Great Locomotive Chase" Miscellaneous Documents ... The Civil War in Georgia, An Illustrated Travellers Guide
    General Information on the Civil War
    American Civil War: Resources on the Internet
    Chronology of Civil War Civil War in Miniature (page of R.L. Curry) Civil War Pages Civil War Web Sites (15th New York Volunteer Cavalry home page) United States Civil War Center
    Go to Georgia History page
    Go to GeorgiaInfo table of contents

    4. Civil War Potpourri Page
    civil war battles and Campaigns. civil war Research Collections. civil war battles AND CAMPAIGNS indict the war in its battles, its barbarism, and its memorials. Veteran officers
    Civil War Potpourri
    Great information about the Civil War that fits into no particular category! A Horseman In The Sky This is a great little story by Ambrose Bierce. It first appeared in "Tales of Soldiers and Civilians" published in 1891. Anaconda Plan Winfield Scott's original plan on how to crush the rebellion. Balloons With The Army Of The Potomac A personal reminiscence by Professor T. S. C. Lowe, who introduced and made balloon observations on the Peninsula for the Union Army. Black Codes Passed by Southern politicians in the former Confederate states, 1865-66, these codes were meant to regulate the life and labor of newly freed slaves. Blockade An interesting article about the initial blockading of the Southern seaports by the Union Navy. Border States As far as Lincoln was concerned there were four of them. Here is a brief description. Boys In The Civil War How young they were! Yet every bit the full measure of a man. Cadets In The Fray This is the best short description of the VMI Cadets participation at the battle of New Market that I have read.

    5. USCWC -- Images/Art, Maps, And Multimedia
    Map .GIF (290 kb) Lee and Stuart Map .GIF (285 kb) Major civil war battles of ArkansasMaps of National Historic Military Parks, memorials, and Battlefields

    Civil War related Web Links 3
    Images and Art

    6. USCWC -- Index Of Civil War Information Available On The Internet
    Archaeology Architecture Art battles Biological Sciences Calendar of civil war RelatedEvents Diaries Sites Management and Preservation memorials and Monuments
    Index of Civil War Information
    available on the Internet
    U.S. Civil War Center Homepage
    Evaluating Internet Research Sources

    Evaluate Your Sources
    To read about the Civil War, go to Civil War Information. To find indexes, databases, and other resource material to find information, go to Civil War Resources. Civil War Information Abolition and Slavery
    Agriculture/Animal Husbandry

    Animals/Veterinary Science

    Writers and Literature of the Period
    Civil War Resources

    7. Civil War Maps
    290 kb) Lee, Meade, and Stuart Map .GIF (280 kb) Major civil war battles of ArkansasMaps of National Historic Military Parks, memorials, and Battlefields
    Antietam Battlefield Map .GIF (178 kb)
    Battles By State

    Blakeley, AL, 1865 Map
    (216 kb)
    Battle of Gettysburg Main Battle Lines Map .GIF
    (211 kb)
    Civil War Maps at The Valley of the Shadow: The Eve of War

    Civil War Maps at The Valley of the Shadow: The War Years

    The Civil War in Louisiana

    The Civil War in the Lower Mississippi Valley
    General Sherman's Campaign Map .JPG
    (283 kb)
    Gettysburg Battlefield Map .GIF
    (1199 kb)
    Gettysburg Campaign Map .GIF
    (72 kb) Interactive Digital Topo Maps of Civil War Battlefields K.B. Slocum Books and Maps Kirchner's Map of the Confederacy Order of Seccession Map .GIF (9 kb) Lee Map .GIF (290 kb) Lee and Grant Map .GIF (224 kb) Lee and Stuart Map .GIF (285 kb) Lee in the Shenendoah Valley Map .GIF (290 kb) Lee, Meade, and Stuart Map .GIF (280 kb) Major Civil War Battles of Arkansas McElfresh Map Co. Earl McElfresh, speaker Menotomy Maps ... A Nation Divided (From Microsoft Encarta) South of Gettysburg, looking North from Big Round Top - 1860s .GIF (Menotomy Maps 27 kb) Railway Map of the Southern States .JPG (358 kb) Southern Railways Regional Map of Civil War Sites (MD, PA, VA, WV)

    8. Guide Introduction: Civil Battles And Campaigns–Part 2. Western Theater
    of the war, its battlefields, barbarism, and memorials. contrast, southerners tendedto name battles after the The civil war was the most traumatic experience
    Civil War Battles and Campaigns
    Part 2. Western Theater
    [This item added to Web February, 1998.]
    Scope and Content Note
    The Civil War has been regarded by scholars, students, and history buffs as one of the most important, influential, and compelling events in American history. Individually and collectively, these battle and campaign histories and personal narratives constitute a source of great historical value. These accounts, compiled both during the war and afterward (through 1930), chronicle the "first modern war" and its legacy of "war is hell" and war for a "noble cause." Civil War Battles and Campaigns encompasses the official and literary battle and campaign histories and personal narratives (of specific battles) listed in Charles E. Dornbusch's Military Bibliography of the Civil War, Volume III. UPA has included a large number of items gleaned from a variety of other sources, including the National Union Catalog, other Civil War bibliographies, and Civil War holding lists and card files from various libraries and institutions. Authors of these histories and narratives consist of veteran officers and private soldiers-turned-writers, espousing their perceptions of the battlefield for local veterans organizations and/or small-town publishers; and scholars and "distinguished men" of the era, writing justifications and indictments of the war, its battlefields, barbarism, and memorials. In addition, histories relating to the Western Theater include a variety of accounts on "riverine" warfare. This unique form of warfare, mastered by Union forces, led to the fracturing of the Confederacy along the Tennessee, Mississippi, Cumberland, and Red rivers.

    9. USGenWeb Missouri In The Civil War Main Contents Page
    The Southern Cross of Honor Star and Grave memorials By Karen Ledford. the LoyalLegion of the US Missouri Index to the civil war battles, Units, Histories
    Missouri In the Civil War
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    Yvonne James-Henderson

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    Are you looking for a Town, Cemetery or Location? Try this link first. United States Mapping Service
    Research Help
  • To Request Missouri Military Records From The Archives To Request Veterans Military Information St. Louis Public Library Information
  • Missouri in the Civil War On-Line Mailing Discussion List
    If you are interested in the Missouri Civil War and would like to contact others who share your interest I host the Missouri Civil War List, To subscribe or unsubscribe from the list, send a NEW e-mail message to: or (for digest mode) with only one word in the body: subscribe or unsubscribe Missouri Civil War Research Veterans Buried in Missouri Missouri Veterans Buried in Other States When you send the Veteran information in you will need to list: Name Must be From Missouri Cemetery, Town/County/State

    10. Kentucky Veteran Links
    Vietnam war. The Wall Memorial Page, memorials around the world, Links Page. Gulfwar. civil war battles Map, Vietnam KIA, American war Mothers Fayette Co., Ky.
    Veterans Administration VA Home Page Compensation and Pension Board of Veteran Appeals Vocational Rehab and Employment ... Homeless Veterans Service Organizations American Legion American War Mothers Disabled American Veterans Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. ... Women Marines Association Military Service U.S. Air Force U.S. Army U.S. Navy U.S. Marine Corps Military Schools U.S. Air Force Academy U.S. Military Academy U.S. Naval Academy U.S. Merchant Marine Academy ... The Citadel War Links America's Wars Revolutionary War War of 1812 Mexican American War ... Spanish American War Civil War Civil War Links Civil War Photographs Gettysburg Reunion Photos Civil War Poetry and Music ... U.S. Civil War Factbook World War I Aerodrome Document Archive Doughboy Center WWI History Links ... Women in WWI World War II American Aces National WWII Memorial More WWII Links Korean War Korean War Links 50th Anniversary Korean War Memorials Vietnam War The Wall Memorial Page Memorials around the world Links Page Gulf War History Operation Desert Storm Gulf War Syndrome Kentucky Military Links Kentucky VA Military GenWeb Pages KY in the Military Fort Campbell KY.

    11. Chicago War Memorials
    Its walls are lined with deep green Vermont marble and decorative motifs that heraldhistoric civil war battles are etched above the doors and in the coffered
    Home News Events City Departments ... Contact Us Search for:
    Grand Army Of The Republic Rotunda And Hall
    Chicago Cultural Center
    77 E. Randolph Street
    The Grand Army, established in Chicago during the winter of 1865, was a patriotic association made up of surviving soldiers and sailors of the Civil War and of the militia on active duty in that period on the side of the North. Its main purpose was to help the families of dead comrades by caring for their orphans, establishing soldiers' homes, and securing adequate pensions. In 1897, the Chicago Public Library of Chicago opened its new permanent home with a building located on the grounds of Dearborn Park, (named for the Fort Dearborn Military Reservation that formally encompassed the area) at Michigan Avenue between Washington and Randolph Streets. The bill to erect and maintain a public library on the grounds of Dearborn Park also required the inclusion of a Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall to "commemorate and forever bear witness to the patriotism and sacrifices of the Soldiers and Sailors from Illinois who took part. [in America's Civil War]." The collection was named for the Grand Army of The Republic Society and contains uniforms, rare documents, medical instruments and armaments. When the Chicago Public Library was moved and its structure became the Cultural Center, the G.A.R. collection was also moved to the Special Collections Division of the

    12. Michigan GAR & Civil War Memorials Project
    Historical Markers and memorials in Michigan Col. F. Fowler 2 Reg. Mich. Cav.There follows a list of sixteen civil war battles. Frederick Fowler of
    Compiled by George F. May
    Published by the Michigan Civil War Centennial Observance Commission in 1965
    ALGER COUNTY Monument, consisting of a bronze bust of Russell A. Alger mounted on a stone pedestal, on the grounds of the William G. Mather High School, Elm Avenue and Chocolay Street, Munising. It was erected in June, 1909, with funds provided by the heirs of Alger and by the Board of Education of the Munising Township Schools. The inscription reads: Feb. 27, 1836 - Jan. 24, 1907. Brevet Major General, U. S. V., Governor of Michigan, Secretary of War, U. S. Senator, for whom this county was named. [Russell Alexander Alger was born in Ohio in 1836. He settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1859, and upon the outbreak of the Civil War became captain of Company C of the 2nd Michigan Cavalry when it was organized in the summer of 1861. He subsequently became major of this regiment, lieutenant colonel of the 6th Michigan Cavalry, and colonel of the 5th Michigan Cavalry. He resigned from the service on September 20, 1864. He was brevetted brigadier general and major general of United States Volunteers for gallant and meritorious services during the war. In 1866, Alger established a residence in Detroit where he resided the rest of his life. He became a leading lumberman and also one of the most prominent Republican politicians of his day. He served as governor of Michigan 1885-86, secretary of war, 1897-99, and United States senator from Michigan from 1902 to his death in 1907.

    civil war memorials. and LieutColonel, Starnes-McLemore's TN 4th Cavalry duringthe civil war. C, 13th TN Infantry, CSA, and took part in seventeen battles.
    Haynes Family Genealogy
    ANDREWS , Cephus Pinkney born ca 1843 Giles County, TN. Son of Silas Milton Andrews and Nancy Louisa Woods, and grandson of Oliver Woods and Nancy Haynes. Migrated to Taylor Twp., Appanoose County, IA around 1851 with his parents. Enlisted in Civil War, 7 July 1862 as a Corporal in Co.F, 18th IA Infantry. He was captured at Camden, AR and died at Camp Felder, Washington County, TX while a prisoner.
    ARTHER, James M. born 30 April 1841 Giles County, TN. Son of Talbert Arther and Asenath Haynes. Private in Biffle's Co., 9th TN Cavalry. Married Sallie Ann Horne, 7 Feb 1871. Died 21 Aug 1903 Campbellsville, TN and buried in Hannah/Yokley Cemetery. Widow applied for a Confederate TN Pension in 1905. Pension Certificate #S4370, W2857.
    ARTHER , Milton A. born 18 June 1835 Giles County, TN. Son of Talbert Arther and Asenath Haynes. Private in Phillip's TN Light Artillery and wounded in the shoulder in 1863 while on a scouting party. Married Cordelia Lawrence, 15 August 1850. Veteran filed for a Confederate TN Pension in 1910 while a resident of Giles County, TN. Pension Certificate #S11876. CHAMBERLIN , Robert Sawyer was born 18 Feb 1841 Stark Co. Ohio. He was the son of Samuel Dale Chamberlin and Hannah Sophia Sawyer, and great grandson of Benjamin Sawyer and Margaret Haynes. Robert Chamberlin enlisted 26 Oct 1861 at age 20 in Co. G. 64th OH Infantry. He enlisted as a Sergeant and was promoted Sergeant Major, Lieutenant and finally Captain on 5 Aug 1863. He was wounded at Rocky Face Ridge, GA 9 May 1864 and was discharged 23 Sep 1864. Robert Chamberlin married Matilda Jane Hile and died in Indiana.

    14. Link Table Of Contents
    General civil war Sites civil war Art civil war battles civil war Boats civil warMagazines civil war Medicine civil war Museums, memorials Monuments
    General Civil War Sites
    Civil War Art

    Civil War Battles

    Civil War Boats
    Civil War People
    (see also Civil War Generals)
    State/Local Histories

    Underground Railroad

    Civil War Reenactors

    Civil War Units/Brigades
    Women and the Civil War

    15. Sherpa Guides | Georgia | The Civil War In Georgia, An Illustrated Travellers Gu
    civil war history — battlefields, historic homes, forts, and memorials — ison by Illinois soldiers through the most famous battles of the civil war.
    The Civil War in Georgia, An Illustrated Travelers Guide
    By Richard J. Lenz
    Online Guides Buy the Book About Sherpa Guides ... Please Support SherpaGuides Civil War Introduction
    Buy the Book from or send us an email with your contact information if you'd like to purchase a signed copy of the book directly from the author.
    Interested in Georgia's Civil War history? This Web site features more than 220 Civil War sites, with hundreds of lesser-known Civil War places of interest. Written by award-winning author Richard J. Lenz , this Web site is also available as an acclaimed book from , featuring more than 200 original color photos by Robb Helfrick, and 20 historic prints in a 8-1/2 x 11 softcover book. This Web site is organized geographically by Georgia's travel regions. Chattanooga is included in the Northwest Georgia Mountain region because of its proximity to Georgia and its role in Georgia's Civil War history. Below is an outline of the book. Visitors can find information three ways: 1. Use the search engine. 2. Click on the outline Click on the map
    A Brief Review of Georgia's Civil War History
    Chickamauga Atlanta Campaign , where huge armies of the North and South fought in what many call the final turning point of the war. One can reexperience the horror of the most notorious prison camp in the War at

    16. Sherpa Guides | Georgia | Civil War | Thomaston Area
    this square in 1919. The courthouse has several other memorials to the were carriedby Illinois soldiers through the most famous battles of the civil war.
    The Civil War in Georgia, An Illustrated Travelers Guide
    By Richard J. Lenz
    Online Guides Buy the Book About Sherpa Guides ... Middle Georgia West n
    Thomasto n
    First Cannon Ball Fired, Confederate Memorials
    Courthouse Square, Thomaston
    HM MEM GI WR Perhaps the most unique artifact of the Civil War is found, not in any museum, but out in the open, braving the elements, on a courthouse lawn attached to a marble base, the "First Cannon Ball Fired at Outbreak of the War Between the States at Fort Sumter , April 12, 1861." An engraving on the base tells the story of the cannon ball: It was "Presented to the UDC by Mrs. Sallie White to whom it was given in 1861 by P.W. Alexander, leading Confederate war correspondent who was present when the ball was fired and knew it to be the first. The first marker stating these facts was erected on this square in 1919." The courthouse has several other memorials to the Civil War, including a marker noting Upson County as the birthplace of famed Gen. John B. Gordon; A Woodmen of the World memorial to the Upson County men who were missing in action in the Civil War; and an Upson County Confederate monument. On April 17, Union cavalry, Wilson's Raiders, surprised 50 Confederates guarding Double Bridges over the Flint in Upson County, and marched to Thomaston where they destroyed three textile factories and a train filled with Confederate stores. Late on the 19th, a train unwittingly arrived from Macon, only to be seized by the Raiders. On the train were newspapers whose news sent cheers roaring through the Yankees. Lee had surrendered to Grant!

    17. National Park Service: Manassas National Battlefield: Battling For Manassas (Cha
    This monument was the first of a number of memorials that individuals and who fell at Manassas reminds park visitors of the two civil war battles fought here.
    Battling for Manassas: The Fifty-Year Preservation Struggle at Manassas National Battlefield Park
    Table of Contents
    Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction ... Appendix IV Appendix V (omitted from on-line edition) Appendix VI Appendix VII Appendix VIII
    Manassas Chapter 1 Early Preservation Efforts
    Manassas Monuments

    Fig. 1. One of the enduring monuments dedicated to the "memory of the patriots who fell" at Manassas reminds park visitors of the two Civil War battles fought here. (National Archives photo) In 1906 the state of New York added three impressive granite monuments to commemorate the Fifth New York Volunteers, the Tenth New York Volunteers, and the Fourteenth Brooklyn (84th New York), each of which had experienced significant losses during Second Manassas. The state legislature made the authorization, established commissions with representatives from each regiment to oversee each design, purchased 5.8 acres of land in Manassas, and funded the work. Henry Vollmer created the memorials and John Tillet erected fences and gates to protect them. [ These New York monuments, as they have since been called, represent the actions taken by a host of states at the turn of the century to erect markers memorializing the Civil War fallen. These physical reminders helped keep the bravery and sacrifices of the soldiers alive while also forging ties between the war-torn North and South. Memorials to the New York volunteers stood near those for Confederate dead. One did not overshadow the other. The unveiling ceremonies for the New York monuments tried to foster this sense of unity. Col. Edmund Berkeley, wartime commander of the Eighth Virginia Volunteers, shared the podium with his onetime Union opponents. Both saw the value of preserving the past through the monuments and the eventual establishment of a battlefield park. [

    18. Links To The Past: Military History
    of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and memorials to the on both sides duringthe civil war; a list and descriptions of 384 significant battles of the
    NPS A Cultural Resource Subject Archeology Cultural Groups Cultural Landscapes Databases History History of the NPS Mapping Maritime Military History National Historic Landmarks Nat'l Register of Historic Places Publications Technical Assistance Training Travel Explore America's Past Tools for Learning What's New History in the Parks Past Features What We Care About Site Map Search Email Credits Links to the Past Home National Park Service Home
    From the French and Indian War to Vietnam, Americans have fought and died for their country. The National Park Service preserves and protects the historic battlefields of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and memorials to the more recent conflicts of World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The preservation and marking of American battlefields represents one of the most important activities of the National Park Service today. American Battlefield Protection Program
    The ABPP helps communities near historic battlefields to develop local solutions for balanced preservation approaches for these sites. In addition to awarding small matching funds to organizations sponsoring planning and educational projects at historic battlefields, ABPP historians, preservation planners, and archeologists provide technical assistance to owners of battlefield property, battlefield friends groups, and state and local governments interested in preserving historic battlefield land and sites.

    19. National Civil War Parks
    historical parks, national military parks, national monuments, and national memorials. ParkPark preserves the sites of the civil war battles of Kolb's Farm
    zfp=-1 About Travel U.S./Canadian Parks Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    U.S./Canadian Parks
    with Darren Smith
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS U.S. National Park Locator U.S. State Parks Camping ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    National Civil War Parks
    Guide picks Links to all the National Park Service sites associated with the Civil War, including national historic sites, national battlefields, historical parks, national military parks, national monuments, and national memorials.
    Andersonville National Historic Site

    The largest Confederate military prison established during the Civil War. Includes a national cemetery with more than 17,000 interments. Antietam National Battlefield
    General Lee's first invasion of the North was ended here on September 17th, 1862, in a battle that resulted in more than 23,000 men killed, wounded, and missing. Appomattox Court House National Historical Park Here on April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederacy's field army to Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant.

    20. Civil War
    a collection of 58 detailed maps covering major battles and campaigns inflation—becameworthless by the end of the American civil war. Museums andM memorials. War.htm
    This Award is Presented 4 Veteran Awareness Vetshome Flash

    Agent Orange

    Air Force
    World War II

    This Award is presented to Sites of POW-MIA
    Military Patches
    Army Air Force
    Army Infantry Div Airborne Glider Airborne Infantry Army Corps Armor Schools - Centers Assistance Commands Ranger Histories coming soon Military Record Requests Standard Form 180 Military Awards Decorations Military Pay Prior Rates ... Bob Brown Vietnam Veteran Copy Copy any info you need Bob Brown
    American Civil War
    Th e Basics
    A brief history of the American Civil War—the most destructive war ever fought by the United States—which claimed the lives of over 600,000 Americans.
    Battles and Campaigns
    American Civil War battles: Antietam, Bull Run, Chickamauga, Corinth, Fredricksburg, Gettysburg, Petersburg, Sherman's March, Shiloh, Vicksburg and more.

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