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         Civil War Homework Help:     more detail

41. Homework Help
homework help. Revised November 2002 Famous Illinoisans with civil war ties Theidea of this page is to spread information about these famous Illinoisans.
Homework Help Revised November 2002 References Math Science Social Studies ... English References The Government Spot - Links to the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches; Local, State and World Government; Congress, National Archives and much more. Graphic Map's World Atlas - "The List" of continents, countries, dependencies, islands, territories, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, and the highest, lowest, biggest, smallest, tallest, deepest, oldest, youngest, richest, poorest places on planet earth, and more! Online World Atlas - The Online World Atlas covers 7 continents, 12 regions, 190 countries, and 50 US States, including maps, flags, and statistics.
Math Ask Dr. Math

42. Homework Help Sites
homework help Sites. homework Heaven includes 250,000+ handpicked, schoolrelatedresearch civil war at Charleston includes biographies, timeline, sea battles Help Sites.htm
Homework Help Sites
  • Homework Heaven includes 250,000+ handpicked, school-related research links. Top sites are selected every week or so for college, high school and elementary schools. Top high school and some college sites will be noted here as DHS Library is notified about them.
    Raptor Center at the U of Minnesota
    Birds of prey...great for biology.
    Civil War at Charleston ...includes biographies, timeline, sea battles, and local flavor from the place where the first Civil War shot was fired.
    Blast from the Past displays a deep-sea core with evidence of an asteroid impact 65 million years ago...from the National Museum of Natural History.
    WordthequeWord-by-word Multilingual Library ...A new way to pin down word meanings in context in many languages.
    Volcanic Photoglossary Definitions, pictures, interrelationships of 62 volcanic terms. Excellent earth science reference.
    Hong Kong Home Page ...Large website with enormous amounts of information about the new Hong Kong government as told by Hong Kong leaders.
    Virtual Engineering/Science Lab ~ Experimentation, problem-solving, data gathering, and scientific interpretation for high school seniors and up. These experiments come from Johns Hopkins University, with more to come.
  • 43. Homework Help
    Measurement Converter. MegaMathnot the best for homework, but cool games and interestingfacts. The Revolutionary war. The Oregon Trail. The American civil war.
    Belmont Library's Homework Help for Teens Page These sites are wonderful for looking up any questions you have about homework, or just about anything else. Encyclopedia Britannica Kidsconnect reference librarians answer questions. - ask a question, find an answer.( formerly goto) Cyberteens Ask Jeeves Science How Things Work Mad Scientist Network Franklin Science Museum Scientific America ... - cool and gross biology site for everyone! Math Knot a Braid of Links - Cool Math Site of the Week service!. Measurement Converter MegaMath not the best for homework, but cool games and interesting facts English/ Foreign Language The Quotations Page The Research Paper Website Kidsconnect Favorites Multi-lingual Dictionaries On-line! ... The Camelot Project - Much of the Arthurian legend retold History Ancient Egypt The Ancient Greeks The Renaissance The Revolutionary War ... The History Channel Geography Yahoo! Maps National Geographic MapQuest CIA World Factbook ... Mars Probe Current Events CNN Interactive MSNBC ABC News Current Events Web Directory

    44. Homework Help @ The Library
    SOCIAL STUDIES AMERICAN REVOLUTION ANCIENT civilIZATIONS CAREERS civil war COLONIAL AMERICA trouble connecting to any link in the homework help site?
    Homework Help the Library
    (librarians live for this stuff) What kind of help do you need? We have online databases,
    The resources you need,
    from people you can trust! Try Our A-Z List of Subjects For Whatever You're Looking For! REFERENCE

    Individual LANGUAGE ARTS
    SPELLING ... VOCABULARY MATH GENERAL MATH IN DEPTH MATH RELIGION SCIENCE ANIMALS BIOLOGY COMPUTERS AND THE INTERNET DINOSAURS ... TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL STUDIES AMERICAN REVOLUTION ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS CAREERS CIVIL WAR ... WORLD WARS Live Librarian formerly Sunday Night Live is Now Available Sunday PM Monday - Thursday PM September through June Having trouble connecting to any link in the Homework Help site? Click Here This page was last updated on

    45. KIDZ... Homework Helper Links
    American History The American civil war Homepage Plymouth help with study habitsKids Web FIDO Scholastic Network BJ Pinchbeck's homework helper Excellent!

    46. FJ Carnage GT Magnet Middle School - Links
    homework Central. About homework help. RESOURCES/REFERENCES. WhatAre Wetlands? MEGA-SITES - civil war. civil war Soldiers Sailors Systems.
    home news electives awards ... teacher resources HOMEWORK HELP The Math Forum Student Center Homework Help Ask Jeeves for Kids Discovery School Online ... About - Homework Help RESOURCES/REFERENCES American Museum of Natural History America's Library Awesome Library Bonnie's Fun Things to Do on theComputer ... The Weather Channel Online MEGA-SITES - BIOMES, ECOLOGY What's It Like Where You Live? Earth Floor - Biomes Ecosystems Biomes ... What Are Wetlands? MEGA-SITES - CIVIL WAR The Civil War for Kids Aboard the Underground Railroad The Civil War Project The Civil War Cookbook ... The Underground Railroad FUN STUFF Adopt a Cyber Dog Blue Mountain Arts

    47. Homework Help
    about any kind of information about the civil war. collection of information aboutthe Vietnam war. Teen Services Teen Issues Activities homework help.
    Homework help live and in person: During the school year the library is sponsoring a Homework Assistance Study Table from 6-8:45 p.m. Mondays in the library's auditorium (first floor) and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library's Meeting Room B (second floor). If you want individual help with your homework questions, come on down.
    It is possible to find out just about anything you need to know on the Internet. The only trick is finding it. Hopefully these pages will help you the next time you need to do a report on a chemical element or Animal Farm.
    Works from home and library internet-only stations
    General Help
    History/Geography ...
    Foreign Languages
    General Help - free online educational games, puzzles, quizzes, and subject guides IPL General Homework Help - This page maintained by the Internet Public Library contains links to pages dealing with general knowledge as well as chemistry, economics and foreign languages. CyberLounge - This site is courtesy of the West Bloomfield Township public library. It contains many good general homework links as well as lots of other information. Michigan Electronic Library - This electronic library provides links to just about anything you would ever want to know arranged by subject.

    48. Homework Help
    about any kind of information about the civil war. collection of information aboutthe Vietnam war. Teen Services Teen Issues Activities homework help

    49. Link Up A Web Site For Parents - Homework Help General Resources
    faith , 1st women , and social reformers the site will help children with researchand homework. civil war Treasures If you are a civil war buff or a Always searching for quality sites! Subscribe to Free Monthly Newsletter College Admissions
    Essay Tips

    Test Preparation

    Timeline for College
    Paying for College

    Education Resources
    Special Education

    State Board of Ed

    Home Schooling
    How To Win A School Election
    Family Sites Fun Sites
    Real Families, Real Fun
    Kids Sports Museums ... Planning a Party Homework Help General Resources English Math Music ... Science Parenting General Parenting Baby Your Baby Today Especially for Mom ... Save Time Software for Kids Freeware Shareware Online Games Inexpensive Games Articles Archived Articles Book Reviews Recipe of the Week Home Page HOME The TIME Archive: convenient access to over 30,000 TIME articles. The Space Store carries the largest selection of NASA videos, DVDs, games, books and more. Homework General Resources Congress for Kids Learning about the government has never been so much fun! Uncle Sam will guide you through Congress for Kids. You will take a quick quiz to see how much you know and then take a tour of the United States Government. Read about the Thirteen Colonies, The Declaration of Independence, Writing the Constitution, The Articles of Confederation, The Three Branches of Government and more. Wonderful site for kids will help them understand U.S. Government in a fun way. Restoring America Project Valuable learning tool for Christian instructors and students who value America's history and its' moral aspects. Thoughtful questions are posted with each topic. Beautiful layout and presentation. Great site for homeschooling.

    50. Homework Help; Topic On Refugees, Page 2
    But after receiving some counselling from caring adults trained to help her she Thewar is now over A?4U For many years there was a civil war in Bintu's country


    Race against time
    Click here for a cool puzzle.
    B intu's story
    Bintu, 11, is from Sierra Leone in west Africa. For a long time, different groups fought in a civil war in her country. One day, rebel soldiers came to the village where she lived. They burned her home and attacked her family. Bintu was shot in the foot but she managed to run away to safety.
    Bintu is now a displaced person. She lives in a camp set up especially for people like her with nowhere to go. Life is not great there. She misses her home, friends and family, and she doesn't live in a proper house. She couldn't go to school for two years because there wasn't one in the camp.
    But after receiving some counselling from caring adults trained to help her she is beginning to feel better. New friends join her on her mile-long walk to Murraytown primary school each day. She is top of the class!
    The war is now over. Bintu has always wanted to be a teacher. Hopefully, she will be able to go back home soon and return to a normal life.

    51. Homework Help Area
    RemsenUnion High School. homework Hotlinks. Art civil war. from the MediaAwareness Network which help teach evaluation of Web resources.
    Remsen-Union High School Homework Hotlinks Art: Artchive: An impressive group of Web sites and book suggestions for artists and schools of art including Impressionism, Cubism, Photography and Abstract Expressionism. Current Events: CNN Interactive: Read the latest news, search the archives for information about past events, choose links to top stories, hot topics, sports, weather, and more. Health: Centers for Disease Control: Health and disease topics A to Z HealthWeb: Provides links to specific, evaluated information resources on the Web selected by librarians and information professionals. History/Social Studies: American Civil War Homepage: A collection of online resources about the Civil War. Includes graphics, letters, information about specific battles and much more. American Memory from the Library of Congress: Browse/search for events

    52. WebSmart Homework Help
    OneStop homework help Try These Sites First White House Truman Presidential Museumand Library Ulysses S. Grant Links US wars About.Com's civil war Menu The
    Search Home
    Homework Help
    One-Stop Homework Help : Try These Sites First! (Or try: Science Math Literature Countries ... Music and Art
    History African American History Native Americans Prehistoric Humans Ancient Cultures ... Explorers
    African American History (See also African American Biography
    General Sites
    Slavery Amistad ... Civil Rights General Sites
    The African American World
    African American History from About.Com

    AFRO-American Almanac

    Black Facts Online
    Universal Black Page
    The Amistad Case
    Africans in America: Journey through Slavery
    American Slave Narratives: an Online Anthology

    Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers Project

    Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives
    ... Slavery and Abolition
    Underground Railroad
    The Life of Harriet Tubman National Geographic's Underground Railroad Site National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
    Jim Crow Laws
    The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
    Little Rock 9, Intergration 0? (part of Black History on the Web)
    Civil Rights
    National Civil Rights Museum Online
    Census Bureau's African American Statistics

    53. Roswell Online - Help With Homework
    Math Dictionary; Math homework help email your question your The Write Place get helpwith all types of General Officers of the civil war pictures and graphics
    var code = ''; document.write(code); Help With Homework References:
  • Rhyming Dictionary enter a word and find words that rhyme with it. Websters Dictionary gives correct spelling, meaning, and Thesaurus. OneLook Dictionaries 110 dictionaries in one English to Spanish Dictionary
  • Rogets Thesaurus from Project Gutenberg Life Sciences Dictionary over 6,300 life sciences definitions Conversion Factors learn to convert one measurement unit to another Measure 4 Measure online calculators that do the conversions for you Calculators Online over 4,150 calculators for everything from cooking to engineering
  • General
  • Study Web links to over 15,000 research quality websites sorted by grade level Education Index guide to the best educational resources on the 'net
  • Math:
  • Ask Dr. Math Huge archive of math Q and A from elementary to college. BEATCALC beat the calculator - tips on doing complex calculations in your head Divisibility Rules easy rules to determine divisibility by a given number Multiplication Tips tips for multiplying by 5, 9, and 11 Student Chat live chat for students to discuss math and school Ideas, Concepts, and Definitions
  • 54. Research & Homework Help Online
    text articles from publications like civil war Times and web sites relating to theRevolutionary war. http// homework help in all subjects.
    Warren County Middle School "Helping Children To Be Successful" Here are some sites that may be helpful in doing homework or research! World Book Online was designed to help students and teachers find answers quickly. Answers that are accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. Answers that are trusted and referenced by teachers and librarians around the world. Updated regularly by World Book editors, World Book Online features thousands of articles, maps, pictures, sounds, and video that are delivered to you over the web. World Book's reference resources are supported by Behind the Headlines articles, Calendar-based features, and the Learning Zone of extra teacher- and student-related resources. - "The Knowledge Source" - Sirs is a database of reference articles. - (The School Zone) - Homeroom Guidance Counselor's office Gym -athletic activities; Cafeteria Art Room - multi-media art presentation; Health Room

    55. LAUSDnet Homework Help -Social Sciences Help
    Back to LAUSDnet's homework help. Treaty of Paris US Founding Documents US HistoryTexts Valley of the Shadow Two Communities in the American civil war.
    NOTE TO PARENTS: We have provided the following websites to assist your students with their homework and in conducting research on the web. Please take note that because of the nature of the Internet, and the World Wide Web in particular, it is still possible to access a series of links that may take one to almost anywhere. In other words, in spite of our efforts to supply appropriate material and links on this page, parents should supervise children while they surf the Web. LAUSDnet recommends that before allowing your children to travel the Web, you read Parent's Guide to the Internet by the US Dept. of Education with your family. You might also wish to read the US Department of Education's Helping your Child with Homework
    Table of Contents
    Atlases and Maps
    Anthropology and Archeology
    America's Historical Documents (and the World's)
    Economics ... Social Studies School Service A must see by everyone! Internet History Source Book Project Atlases and Maps
    Atlapedia Online - Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
    Historical Maps of the United States
    Library of Congress: General Maps and Atlases Homepage - Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress
    MapMachine @

    56. The Civil War / US History At Sedgwick
    Learning and Leading with Technology (May 1998), The civil war Online Using is awellorganized internet directory created to help with homework and to
    home administration artshow calendar ... Scroll
    The Civil War
    The organization and sites on this page are based on an article written by Joanne Shawhan in Learning and Leading with Technology (May 1998), "The Civil War Online: Using the Internet to Teach U.S. History."
    Causes of the war
    Election of 1860

    Abraham Lincoln

    bottom of page
    Causes of the war:
    The Douglass Archives of American Public Address includes a chronological list of speeches available on the site. Scroll down to 1850 and dig into what citizens were hearing about the impending war. Causes of the Civil War is a site packed with primary source documents detailing events leading to war. It includes political platforms, resolutions, speeches, letters and newspaper commentaries. John Brown's attack on Harper's Ferry is detailed here with links to contemporary newspaper accounts as well as to biographical information about the Brown family and the conspirators and to a chronology of events leading to the Harper's Ferry. return to contents
    The Election of 1860:
    Political parties and their nominating conventions are described here, with links to newspapers, diaries and letters about the conventions.

    57. Gateway To Knowledge - Education Help For Teachers And Students, Lessons Plans,
    war Manuscripts civil war Photos civil war Center World war NomadNet / Somalia MilitaryHistory war Library @ Top eMath - AMS Math homework help Check Your
    Gateway to Knowledge - by Snowhawk
    Biology Cultures Geography Maps ... Site Directory
    * SnowiNote: I was always going to be a teacher as far back as my memory allows. Yep, I was going to teach school, then teach folks how to fly... Helicopters and Jets. I even "taught" every kid in the neighborhood everything I could think of... Mostly Geography since I had a world map on my wall. Well, I got side-tracked and never taught in a school, but now I teach folks how to use the Internet, so I have fulfilled my "childhood dream." I hope you get to meet that one special teacher who not only makes learning fun, but can inspire you with the desire to do the same for someone else. Pass it on. - Snowhawk
    Winter Theme
    10,000 Year Calendar
    - oozles of calendar links
    Archaeology Net

    Biographical Dictionary

    Kids Encyclopedia

    American Memory Collection Finder
    - Library of Congress
    American School Directory
    - K-12
    College and Beyond: Online Education - College Courses Online College Courses on the Internet Free University Project Graduate School Directory International Center for Distance Learning ... - student news and views More College Resources Employment Einstein Quotes Energy Quest ... Little Explorers - Picture Dictionary w/several languages Exploratorium Free Online Spanish Lessons - Cela Spanish School Resources for German Studies Language Dictionaries/Translations Grants: Finding Grants Grants - Education Week Educational Grant Sponsors NCES-National Center for Education Statistics ... Electric Library - ask your ?s

    58. Homework Help: American History
    18611865 civil war Era. a Century Through the Great Depression; 1939-1945 Worldwar II Era; homework Social Studies A discussion area for kids and adults on,1156,1-3377,00.html
    Explore Our Sites... Family Education Network Home Shop at PearsonAtSchool SchoolCash PARENTS FamilyEducation MySchoolOnline TEACHERS TeacherVision Quiz Lab MyGradeBook MySchoolOnline REFERENCE Infoplease Fact Monster KIDS FEkids FunBrain Fact Monster TEENS FEteens
    At Home
    At School At Play
    At Home
    ... Help
    Sponsored by:
    Homework Help: American History
    Want help with your American history homework? Check out our great resource links, fun quizzes, and student discussions.
  • 1492-1783: From Columbus to the Revolutionary War 1784-1860: The Early Nation and Westward Expansion 1861-1865: Civil War Era
    1900-1940: From the Dawn of a Century Through the Great Depression
    ... Current Events

    For more history help , search the best Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Almanacs available online.
    American History
    Are you an American history whiz? See if you can pass this quiz! An incredible site that presents the history and development of the American West from the frontier days to today. Features topics like ghost towns, famous western pioneers, Native American tribes, cowboys, and everything else west of the Mississippi River. Homework: Social Studies A discussion area for kids and adults on the topic of social studies.

    59. Homework Help
    Waste High School Hub help for science homework. Magnetic Poetry Set NoveList Forhelp finding a book the Underground Railroad American civil war Homepage The
    TEEN HOMEWORK HELP Teen Home Catalog Online Resources Library Home ... Teen Hoopla Internet Guide for Teens Good Reads at the Orion Library Teen Issues
    A Plus Research and Writing

    B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

    B.J. Pinchbeck and his dad have put together an incredible listing of over 380 sites that can give you information on almost everything!
    Citation Machine

    Documents in the News

    Education Index
    Directory of sites arranged by subject

    Homework Central

    What is plagiarism? What are the penalties? How to cite. SparkNotes Study guides and message boards for a variety of subjects. Statistical Resources on the Web Straight Talk About School Math Algebra Homework Help Center Ask Dr. Math Covers fractions to calculus. Ask Mr. Math Create-a-Graph Create area, bar, and line graphs and pie charts. Dave's Short Trig Course Interactive Mathematics Online Internet for Girls Lots of math and science resources. Math and Science Gateway

    60. Homework Help
    homework help. civil war homepage This site gathers together in one place hypertextlinks to the most useful identified electronic files about the

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