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         Classical Mythology:     more books (108)
  1. Classical Mythology by Mark P.O. Morford, Robert J. Lenardon, et all 2010-02-26
  2. Classical Mythology: Images and Insights by Stephen Harris, Gloria Platzner, 2007-06-04
  3. Handbook of Classical Mythology, The Meridian by Edward Tripp, 1974-10-31
  4. 100 Characters from Classical Mythology: Discover the Fascinating Stories of the Greek and Roman Deities by Malcolm Day, 2007-01-26
  5. Who's Who In Classical Mythology by Michael Grant, John Hazel, 2002
  6. The Dictionary of Classical Mythology by John Edward Zimmerman, 1983-07-01
  7. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Classical Mythology, 2nd Edition by Kevin Osborn, Ph.D., Dana L. Burgess, 2004-11-02
  8. Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths by Eva M. Thury, Margaret K. Devinney, 2009-01-21
  9. Outlines & Highlights for Classical Mythology by Mark P. O. Morford, Robert J. Lenardon, ISBN: 9780195308051 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews, 2010-01-11
  10. The Everything Classical Mythology Book: From the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of the Underworld - all you need to know about the classical myths (Everything Series) by Nancy Conner, 2010-02-10
  11. Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by Helen Morales, 2007-11-09

1. Classical Mythology By Geography
This site lends a geographical view of mythology, bringing a connection between geography, and mythology.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Greek......classical mythology by Geography. Welcome. The map links to pages fromthese projects in classical mythology at Princeton University
Classical Mythology by Geography
Welcome. The purpose of these pages is to give those with an interest in classical mythology a way to associate the stories with the land. Click on the map or a name to see what's available on the area. The map links to pages from these projects in Classical Mythology at Princeton University: More maps on the region are also available. Maintained by Mark Woon markwoon@Princeton.EDU Last modified 2/10/97.

2. Classical Mythology Directory
Syllabus for a course in classical mythology, from Robin Mitchell-Boyas, Temple University.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Classical......classical mythology. Dr. Robin MitchellBoyask. This site is intended for Dr. RobinMitchell-Boyask's courses in classical mythology for Summer and Fall 2002.
Classical Mythology
Dr. Robin Mitchell-Boyask
Department of Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics
Temple University
This site is intended for Dr. Robin Mitchell-Boyask's courses in Classical Mythology for Summer and Fall 2002. Others may find it useful and are welcome. For further information contact him at Last updated 20 September 2002
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Welcome to the mythology project. This site was originally designed as a teaching supplement to CLA 212 classical mythology.

4. An Etymological Dictionary Of Classical Mythology
The influence of classical mythology on the English language, astronomy, calendar terms, personal names, phrases and conversation, and pop culture.
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5. Classical Mythology
Greek Roman History. Art Archaeology. classical mythology. Language Resources. Ancient Philosophy
Local Resources

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Roman Sites

Classical Mythology
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Ancient Philosophy

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Other Resources
Classical Mythology The Bulfinch Project . An illustrated, annotated, and hyperlinked version of Bulfinch's Mythology. Classical Mythology Online "A companion to Morford and Lenardon's best-selling Mythology , ..." Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources "This site is designed to draw together the ancient texts and images available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman mythology." Mythology and Religion links via Forum Romanum site This contains numerous excellent classical mythology sites. Mythology Projec t from Princeton University.s Last update ... 10/26/02 Return to George A. Smathers Subject Guides Page Blake Landor
voice: (352) 392-4919 email:

6. Oxford University Press: Classical Mythology Online - Home Page
Retells the myths and legends of Greece and Rome enabling students to explore and appreciate the most Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Classical......Welcome to Oxford classical mythology Online! A companion toMorford and Lenardon's bestselling classical mythology.
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Maps Map Index Online Archive Archive Index Site Map Welcome to Oxford Classical Mythology Online! A companion to Morford and Lenardon's best-selling Mythology , this site offers users of the book a large number of resources and information. Chapter-specific activities and links allow students to explore the web andengage in exercises that focus on the key elements of each part of the book. Reference materials such as bibliographies, glossaries and maps provide support for research and further learning. The site even has a growing list of new translations provided by the authors. Professors! New with the website are PowerPoint presentation slides which you can use in class to streamline understanding of major concepts and topics within Classical Mythology 7/e. Click on a file below to download:

7. Classical_Mythology
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Our Aims Services Stats ... Z Classical Mythology A Little Mythology Oedipus, Penelope, Titans, Orion, Minotaur, Echo, Tartarus, Remus, and Icarus Aesop's Fables from the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia Myth of Cheiron MythNET information on the twelve Olympian gods ... Webmaster . Site Design by Ability "see the ability, not the disability" Acknowledgments

8. Mythology
Sun Earth Moon The Solar System Sky, Constellations, and Stars classical mythologyFamily Trees World Mythology Mythology Hangman Mythology's Web.
For thousands of years people have associated objects in the sky, the Earth, and aspects of their physical world with the gods and goddesses of their cultures. Through these pages, find out about the gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world, and the works of art people have created to give them expression. Sun
The Solar System
Sky, Constellations, and Stars
Classical Mythology
Family Trees
World Mythology
Mythology Hangman
Mythology's Web
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9. Gay & Bisexual Archetypes In Classical Mythology
Paper outlining modern manifestations of gay and bi archetypes, and their ancient roots.




New Flesh


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New Flesh
James M. Martin Jung long ago replaced Freud as the predominant school of psychological thought, just as surely as quantum theory has replaced the physics of Einstein. As with any revolution of ideas, the transition has not been without its excesses; for one thing, there has been a tendency to find archetypes of the collective unconscious at every turn. Some writers on the subject ignore Jung's most important theory: that there is a Goddess in every man a God in every woman, which notion happens to be Tantric in origin. Individuation, for Jung, was an alchemical healing process whereby the male recaptures his anima or female self while the female incorporates her animus or male sell, into psychic make-up One of the most popular authors on Jungian theory as it applies to our everyday lives is Jean Shinoda Bolen a psychiatrist, who wrote Gods in Everyone: A New Psychology of Men's Lives and Loves.

10. Timeless Myths Classical Mythology
Guide and tales of gods and heroes from classical Greek and Roman mythology.Category Arts Literature Myths and Folktales Myths Classical......The classical mythology has epics and tales of the ancient Greek and Roman mythsand literatures. classical mythology is a division of Timeless Myths.

11. Classical Mythology Online - Chapter Topics
1 Interpretation and Definition of classical mythology.
Chapter Topics About Chapter Topics Glossaries Maps Online Archive Home Chapter Topics
The chapter topics section of Mythology Online contains an archive of information to help you comprehend each chapter of the book more deeply. Tools include summaries of the myths covered, an analysis of the myths, activities that include short answer questions you can mail to yourself or you professor, a bibliography of related sources, and even a practice quiz that is graded automatically. Each link below goes to Chapter One topics, but within each section you can jump from chapter to chapter by using the drop-down menus therein. Select a Chapter 1: Interpretation and Definition of Classical Mythology 2: Historical Background of Greek Mythology 3: Myths of Creation 4: Zeus' Rise to Power: The Creation of Mortals 5: The Twelve Olympians: Zeus, Hera, and their Children

12. Myth Links
Useful Sites for classical mythology. Perseus The most useful site for studyingancient Greece and Rome. Return to classical mythology Course Directory.
Useful Sites for Classical Mythology

13. Paul Gurnham: Classical Mythology
Paul Gurnham classical mythology. Ever since reading Rex Greek mythology.Roleplaying in the world of classical mythology. My interests
Paul Gurnham:
Classical Mythology

Ever since reading Rex Warner's Greeks and Trojans, I've been facinated by the vast 'alternative world' of Greek mythology. Role-playing in the world of Classical Mythology My interests in both fantasy role-play and Classical mythology has born a concept which has been in the making on and off for a number of years. It's most recent form weds my idea of a Games Master centred system with additional rules which extract the body and spirit of the mythological universe. The system, 'Heroes of Hellas, Advanced Fighting Fantasy Edition' uses the AFF template. It is currently on Acorn Easywriter so It'll be a little while until it appears on my site. Anyone who has interest in role playing Greek mythology, please do e-mail me.
Links The Greek Mythology Link GENEALOGICAL GUIDE TO GREEK MYTHOLOGY by Carlos Parada must be the finest web site for Greek mythology. It takes the form of organised listings with short descriptions of a huge number of mythological characters along with maps and photographs. Tables like lists of rulers brings order to the complex mythological world. There is information on how the full work (a book by Carlos Parada, also in CD-ROM version) can be can be obtained or referred to. There is also a facility for making requests for a particular entry for more obscure characters, places, monsters or whatever. If used in parallel to classical and modern mythological works (listed in the excellent bibliography) the GGGM is in invaluable reference.

14. Classical Mythology
ROMAN, GREEK, Amphitrite, Amphitrite. Andromeda, Andromeda. Apollo, Apollo.Atlas, Atlas. Callisto, Callisto. Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia. Cepheus, Cepheus.Diana, Artemis.
Amphitrite Amphitrite Andromeda Andromeda Apollo Apollo Atlas Atlas Callisto Callisto Cassiopeia Cassiopeia Cepheus Cepheus Diana Artemis Europa Europa Faunus
Gaea Gaea Galatea Galatea Ganymede Ganymede Hercules Ulysses Odysseus Venus Aphrodite Credit (button images): courtesy of Corel Corporation. Last modified February 25, 1996 by the Windows Team The source of this material is Windows to the Universe , at

15. An Etymological Dictionary Of Classical Mythology
English words (including personal names and tradenames) with origins in Greek and Roman mythology. Author Elizabeth Wallis Kraemer, Assistant Professor at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, USA.
Welcome to my home, a site dedicated to the study
of word origins. Specifically, I am focusing on
those modern English words whose origins reach far
back into Ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Take me to the Dictionary!
Elizabeth Wallis Kraemer is an Assistant Professor in the Library at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. She received her Master's degree in Library and Information Science at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. As an undergrad, Beth attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Latin. As a member of the Lee Honors College at Western, one of Beth's graduation requirements was the completion of a thesis that would represent the culmination of her four years of college study. Thus was born An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology , the perfect union of Beth's English skills, her interest in Classical languages, and her passion for etymology.
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Original sculpture and fantasy art, inspired by classical mythology, literature and popular fantasy by this Canadian artist. Models supplied to toy/model producers. Biography, galleries, services.
COMING SOON: The Ultimate Vampire Hunter! ARTANDFANTASY.COM A FANTASY ART AND LITERATURE WEBSITE UPDATE March 17, 2003 Best viewed at screen res: 1024 x 768 NEWS: Welcome to ARTANDFANTASY.COM! The site will be going through frequent revisions in the coming weeks and months. New art coming! Added Sculptor and the Baron True Executioner and Curse of the Flesh full text story pages! MORE TO COME! More to come! HOME ABOUT GALLERY GUESTBOOK ... CONTACT Hits since May 1998

17. An Etymological Dictionary Of Classical Mythology
Acknowledgements. Preface. Bibliography. Notes on Textual Abbreviations. Clickon a letter of the alphabet to go directly to that section A BCDEFGHIJ K LM.

Preface Bibliography Notes on Textual Abbreviations Click on a letter of the alphabet to go
directly to that section:
A B C D ... J K L M N O ... W X Y Z Appendices Influences on Astronomy Influences on Calendar Terms Influences on Personal Names Influences on Phrases and Conversation ... Influences on Pop Culture Looking for a specific word or phrase?
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18. An Etymological Dictionary Of Classical Mythology
Irene the personification of peace in classical mythology. Iris a messenger of the gods, regarded as the goddess of the rainbow.
April : the fourth month, named from an abbreviation for Aphrodite Cassandra : a daughter of Priam endowed with the gift of prophecy but fated never to be believed Clio : the Greek Muse of history Cynthia : an epithet of Artemis, so called for her birth on Mount Cynthus Daphne : a nymph in Greek mythology who was transformed into a laurel tree to escape the pursuing Apollo Diana : the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, the protectress of women Elissa : the Phoenician name of Dido, a mythological queen of Carthage who killed herself when abandoned by Aeneas Hector : a bullish Trojan champion slain by Achilles Helen : the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda and wife of Menelaus whose kidnapping by Paris was the cause of the Trojan War Irene : the personification of peace in classical mythology Iris : a messenger of the gods, regarded as the goddess of the rainbow Leda : the mother of Castor and Clytemnestra by her husband Tyndareus, and of Pollux and Helen by Zeus, who was wearing the form of a swan May : the Roman goddess of growth and increase and the mother of Hermes Melissa : the sister of Amalthea who nourished the infant Zeus with honey in Greek mythology Niobe : she provoked Apollo and Artemis to vengeance for taunting their mother, Leto, with the number and beauty of her own children; her children were slain and she was turned into stone by Zeus, in which form she continued to weep over her loss

19. Classical Mythology Web Sites
classical mythology Web Sites. The University of Florida has an excellent Classicalpage right here. Bulfinch's Mythology here. The Ovid Project is here.
Classical Mythology Web Sites
The picture is of a student who waited too late to start the project.... talk about a bad hair day... Remember if you get lost, you can always click "Back" in upper left corner of the screen or weep at your computer station 'til a lab monitor takes pity on you. Here are a few sites to get you started on your research project: The Titans ruled before the Olympians and come first in the semester. Persus. This is an excellent site for literary sources, coins, and architectural sites. Not much in the way of sculpture yet. Hellenic Sites on the World Wide Web University of Haifa Project contains images and background information of several Olympians and other deities. Myths in Western Art For basic information about the Olympians visit this site. At the bottom of each page is a link to another site. For contemporary art concerning mythology see Contemporary Lycos To access J.Hunt's Greek Mythology

20. About Classical Mythology
The mixture of Greek and Roman sources justify the need to change thename to classical mythology . Back. Writings of classical mythology.

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