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         College Studying Abroad:     more detail
  1. Guide to Studying Abroad (College Admissions Guides) by Princeton Review, 2004-06-01
  2. Perceived behavioral alcohol norms predict drinking for college students while studying abroad.(Report): An article from: Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs by Eric R. Pedersen, Joseph W. Labrie, et all 2009-11-01
  3. Studying Abroad in Huaihai Institute of Technology in Lianyungang, China - San Joaquin Delta College, CA
  4. Mentoring Magic: Pick The Card For Your Success A Guidebook for Students in Higher Education who are American, International, or Studying Abroad by Shellie Hipsky, Claudia Armani-Bavaro, 2010-09-23
  5. Register of Canadians studying abroad.: An article from: Canadian Chemical News by Eileen Garvey, 1989-07-01
  6. Study Abroad/Etudes a L'Etranger/Estudios En El Extranjero: 2004-2005 (Study Abroad/Etudes a L'etranger/Estudios En Extranjero)
  7. Mentoring Magic: Pick The Card For Your Success A Guidebook for Students in Higher Education who are American, International, or Studying Abroad (HC) by Shellie Hipsky, Claudia Armani-Bavaro, 2010-09-23
  8. Studying and Working in Germany by Peter James, David Kaufman, 2002-04-20
  9. Studying and Working in Spain by Michael Newton, Graham Shields, 2002-05-03
  10. Studying and Living in the United Kingdom: A Guide for International Students and Visitors
  11. Abroad with the Jimmies by Lilian Bell , 2010-08-02

61. Study Abroad
To encourage global awareness and campus diversity, the college of Business offersa Cal Poly Students Click Here, for CP Students Interested In studying abroad.
  • Europe Central America Asia
To encourage global awareness and campus diversity, the College of Business offers a series of programs in which U.S. students study in foreign countries and students from other countries are invited to study in the U.S. Participating students from Cal Poly earn credit toward their Cal Poly degree. To help you research these opportunities, please explore the links below:
for CP Students Interested In Studying Abroad for Exchange Students Interested in Studying at Cal Poly International Career Conference
International Management Association is coming - watch here for more information! General Links:
Cal Poly International Education Program
(for incoming and outgoing students) Application Forms (MS Word documents): Advice for International Students ... The Study Abroad Forum (discussions on study abroad, articles, and links)

62. Calvin College: Calvin News
Calvin college is again one of the top schools in the country for students whostudy abroad. In 20002001 the school had 486 students studying in other
Nov 18, 2002 Study Abroad Calvin College is again one of the top schools in the country for students who study abroad. In 2000-2001 the school had 486 students studying in other countries. That placed Calvin seventh in the category of master's institutions, just ahead of Philadelphia's Villanova University. Grand Valley State University was 15th in the category with 355 students. The figures come from Institute for International Education and its annual " Open Doors " statistical report. With an enrollment of about 4,300 students in 2000-2001, Calvin's percentage of students studying abroad that year is significant. Indeed, the 486 students who were overseas in 2000-2001 represent 11 percent of the total student body that year! In fact, when ranked by percentage Calvin rises to third in its category (since many of the schools in Calvin's category are significantly bigger than Calvin). Study abroad is an important component of a Calvin education. The school's

63. Undergraduate Studies In Mechanical Engineering: Studying Abroad
ME Procedures for studying abroad. A detailed syllabus for each class you wish totake while abroad. (Note that the information given in a college or university

Quick Tour of ME
(Flash movie)
ME Procedures for Studying Abroad
General Guidelines
Therefore, transfer of upper-level technical credit from another institution will not generally be granted. Students are expected to take free electives, humanities and social science classes as part of their study-abroad experience. The advanced maths requirement, and lower-level (ME2xx) mechanical engineering classes may also be taken.
Petition for approval of credit
A petition for approval of a program of study abroad must be submitted to the ME Undergraduate Program Committee. This petition must include the following information:
  • A current degree audit that shows all classes you have taken, and what grades you have received in them.
  • A detailed syllabus for each class you wish to take while abroad. (Note that the information given in a college or university bulletin is usually insufficient for the committee to evaluate properly.)
  • A description of the number of contact hours for each class. (This may be a count of the total number of lectures, or a count of the number of lectures per week and the number of weeks a class meets each semester, trimester, quarter or term. This information may be provided as part of the syllabus in which the length of time spent on each topic is given.) If it is available, an official statement from the university about the total number of hours of study expected outside the classroom for each course may be helpful to the committee.
  • A statement of how you wish to count each class (free elective, humanity, social science
  • 64. University Of Illinois On The Farm - Studying AbroadPrepares Students For Global
    said John Santas, coordinator of the college of ACES studyabroad program and thefirst person a student usually meets when considering studying outside the
    Studying Abroad
    Prepares Students for Global Marketplace
    Globalization is a reality here to stay, and college students, especially in agriculture and consumer and environmental areas, must prepare themselves for global markets to be successful employees. When the U of I first began a study-abroad program, preceding the ACES program, most students who took advantage of the opportunity were interested in a foreign language or studying an overseas culture. Now students may study abroad to enhance their education, learn about agriculture in other countries and improve their employability. Stephanie Lukas (third from left), current ACES senior, relaxes with new friends before the next leg of her study-abroad experience in ghana, Africa, in 2001. Stephanie Lukas said her international experience was the highlight of her college education.
    While Santas and the college encourage every ACES student to consider an international experience, only about 11 percent of students do go abroad.

    65. Amherst College Career Office
    abroad studying abroad is a unique opportunity that more than one quarter of allAmherst students take advantage of during their four year college experience.
    Jump to... Office Hours Summer Jobs Study Abroad Resume Help Workshops Job Fairs Pre-Med Pre-Law
    Career Office


    A new site with a huge database of openings and some great advice on finding the pefect job.
    More Links

    A list of other useful links that we've come across.
    Studying Abroad
    Studying abroad is a unique opportunity that more than one quarter of all Amherst students take advantage of during their four year college experience. To learn more about how Amherst handles study abroad:
    1) Make sure to read Steps To Study Abroad where you will learn about the application process.
    2) Review status of all study abroad programs and direct enrollment options maintained in our on-line Career Office 3) If you need to petition for approval of a program not on our current list, you can find the form in our on-line Career Office or in the Career Center. 4) Once you have made your decision, make sure to register your choice on the on-line Career Office

    66. Amherst College Career Center | Money Matters
    The college will not bill you for the semester(s) spent studying abroad, as longas the Study abroad Confirmation Form has been submitted, informing the
    Money Matters
    at Amherst College Study Abroad Home
    Financial Aid

    Rotary Scholarships

    Council Bowman Scholarships
    German Academic Exchange Service
    University of Michigan's Internet Resources for Education Abroad
    Financial Aid
    Students on financial aid at Amherst may apply their aid to study abroad with the following provisions:
    1. You must be studying for full credit with a program approved by Amherst. 2. If you attend an approved semester program for which you will receive only 12 hours of credit, you will be required to make up a fourth course in order to maintain your class standing (unless you have accumulated extra course credit prior to the study abroad semester). You will be eligible to receive a full semester's worth of financial aid (not to exceed the cost of Amherst College), but you will not be eligible to receive financial assistance (scholarship, loan, or job) from Amherst College to meet any cost related to the completion of that fourth course. 3. The amount of aid you receive from Amherst will not be increased if the cost of studying abroad exceeds the cost of studying at Amherst. If studying abroad is less expensive than studying at Amherst, the amount of aid you receive while away will be adjusted to reflect the decreased cost of your semester or year abroad.

    If you have any questions about the procedure for studying abroad at MolloyCollege contact Dr. Michael S. Russo or call (516) 6785000 ext. 6295.
    Procedure for Studying Abroad: Molloy Students Step 1: Beginning the Study-Abroad Process Step 2: Getting Approval to Study Abroad Step 3: The Registration Process Step 4: Things to Do Before Departing Step 5: Preparing to Travel Step 6: Arriving in Your Host Country Step 7: After You've Settled In... Step 8: Returning to the U.S. If you have any questions about the procedure for studying abroad at Molloy College contact Dr. Michael S. Russo or call (516) 678-5000 [ext. 6295]. Back to Global Home Page

    68. Hamilton College - Academics - Off-Campus Study
    the Program at Pembroke college of Oxford University;; the Junior Year in Studyabroad Resources Students interested in studying abroad should utilize the
    198 College Hill Road
    Clinton, New York 13323
    Accessible Version

    Academic Calendar

    Academic Mission

    Advising Viewbook

    Course Catalogue
    Student Fellowship Winners

    Off-Campus Study
    STUDY ABROAD AND STUDY AWAY Each year, approximately 200 Hamilton students study off campus, either with the College's programs in China, France, New York City, Spain, and Washington, D.C., or with other approved programs. Hamilton's highly regarded programs have been distinguished for their thorough preparation and total immersion of students in the academic and cultural opportunities available at each destination: Hamilton Sponsored Programs
    • the Associated Colleges in China Program offers students the opportunity to pursue the intensive study of Chinese in Beijing;
    • the Program at Pembroke College of Oxford University
    • the Junior Year in France enables students to develop their language skills and knowledge of French culture while living in Biarritz and Paris;
    • the Program in New York City allows students living in Manhattan to take an integrated course of study from a resident Hamilton professor that includes a seminar, a topics and issues course based on the expertise of the professor, an independent research project, and an internship in a globally focused firm or organization;
    • the Madrid-based Academic Year in Spain gives students personal contact with the culture, language and ideals of Spain;

    69. Studying Abroad Independently
    _ _ Signed by college advisor nbsp;Date. return to your CUBoulder degree program after studying abroad, go to
    a If you are going on a program run by a U.S. institution or agency, find out who will issue a transcri pt of your work. Then consult with staff in the Admission Processing section of the Office of Admissions (Regent Hall) to determine whether or not the program in which you are interested is one from which the University of Colorado at Boulder normally ac cepts transfer credit. OR b If you are going on a program run directly by a foreign institution or agency, consult with Tom Naumann, the Foreign Credentials Evaluator in the Of fice of Admissions, to determine whether or not the foreign institution in which you are interested is one from which the University of Colorado at Boulder normally accepts transfer credit. Approved for transfer credit: Yes No
    Signed by Office of Admissions staff Date STEP 2:
    Consult your college representative (e.g., college advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences or in the College of Business and Administration) to check on your academic progress. He/she will advise you regarding your remaining cou rse requirements and which, if any, courses from your study abroad program will receive credit toward fulfillment of your college requirements. There can be a wait for appointments, so plan ahead. Approved for college credit: Yes No Applicable conditions:
    STEP 3:
    Consult with an academic advisor from your major department. He/she will advise you as to the kind of courses you need in order to receive credit toward fulfillment of your major requirements. Fill out the attached advising form at this meeting. Leave the form with the department, but be sure to keep a copy for your records. Applicable conditions agreed upon between you and the department should be listed on this form. If you are enrolled in Business, Music, Architecture and Planning or Journalism, yo u may ask the same advisor who signs above (step 2) to sign the attached advising form.

    70. COLLEGE Of ARTS & SCIENCES [ Home Page ]
    US research universities for the total number of students receiving academic creditfor studying abroad during the Subscribe to the college email newsletter.
    Featured Link
    ScienceCarolina: Read about undergraduate research experiences and more.

    Geophysicist Jonathan Lees' museum exhibit helps the public understand earthquakes Robert Park, author of "Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud"
    Outstanding students win top scholarships
    Seven students in the College of Arts and Sciences have been selected for distinguished national and international scholarships since the beginning of the academic year. Six students recently learned that they will ... [more] 'An EKG of the Earth' Visitors to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh now can identify seismic hotspots around the world and see where earthquakes are happening, thanks to the efforts of UNC geophysicist Jonathan Lees. ... [more] Fulbright scholars explore the causes of war Why do nations go to war? And why do the same sorts of issues cause conflicts in some countries or regions while others handle them peacefully? Answering these questions, and recommending how to prevent conflicts, ... [more] Blue Devil scholars thrive at Carolina Colleen Owen, Chris Paul and Crystal Sanders are not your typical Duke students. And, for one semester, they are not your typical Carolina students, either. As part of the Robertson Scholars Program, a unique joint ...

    71. Evaluating Your Goals - Study Abroad - Barnard College
    Remind yourself that studying abroad should not be considered a panacea for boredomor Copyright © 2000 Office of the Dean of Studies Barnard college.
    Evaluating your goals
    Initial procedures

    Approved programs

    Before leaving Barnard

    Before returning to Barnard
    Barnard Homepage

    Studying abroad can be, and often is, a rewarding and a significant part of one's undergraduate education. It is not, however, for everyone, and no one should embark upon it thoughtlessly. Before you begin to plan in earnest, candidly assess your personal and academic goals and state of mind.
  • What do you hope to get out of the time you spend abroad?
  • How exactly will your education be furthered by study abroad?
  • Are the studies that you wish to undertake abroad not possible at Barnard or Columbia?
    Also, consider that by going abroad for a year you give up twenty-five percent of your time here at Barnard. Ask yourself whether your goals might be well served by spending only a summer, or a semester and a summer, abroad. Remind yourself that studying abroad should not be considered a panacea for boredom or unhappiness.
  • 72. Studying Abroad
    studying abroad in Australia The World Classroom. I’ll Major in Koalas. TopPicks Penn Summer abroad! Low cost. Flexibility. college credit. Housing.
    Designed to motivate and prepare students to travel around the world. Friday, April 4, 2003 Studying Abroad Read more...
  • A Study Abroad Addict Goes to Morocco
  • Must Do Checklist
  • How to Choose a Program Right for You
  • How to get the credit you deserve ...
  • Insurance Studying Abroad in Australia
  • The World Classroom
  • I’ll Major in Koalas Top Picks
    Penn Summer Abroad!
    at the University of Pennsylvania offers an exciting menu of liberal arts courses and internships in Argentina, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Poland, Russia, Spain and Tanzania. 215-746-6900 Study in Europe or Asia. Non-profit. Low cost. Flexibility. College credit. Housing. Year-around. Center For Study Abroad (CSA), (206) 726-1498. . E-mail: Use this search to find study abroad programs in countries all over the world.
    Begin your search by choosing a location or a degree program. Search by Country

    - Multi-Country Antarctica Argentina Armenia Australia Australia (Adelaide) Australia (Brisbane) Australia (Melbourne) Australia (Perth) Australia (Sydney) Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bolivia Botswana Brazil British Virgin Islands Bulgaria Cambodia Cameroon Canada Caribbean Chile China China (Hong Kong) Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador England England (London) Estonia Ethiopia Fiji Finland France France (Paris) Georgia Germany Ghana
  • 73. The Tartan - Despite Travel Warnings, College Students Continue Plans For Study
    Onge, director of the international program at Boston college, reported that theStudy Onge was surprised by the fact that interest in studying abroad had not

    74. Study Abroad: Overseas Travel Experiences Beckon College Students
    Although just about any college student can benefit from abroad and the CooperativeCenter for Study abroad. Students interested in studying outside the US can
    HOME CONTACT Study Abroad
    Overseas Travel Experiences Beckon College Students
    Care to spend some time in a 1,000-year-old French city where the cultural scene includes first-rate theater, music, and dance performances? Or perhaps you'd rather study economics at The Hague, or teach children in Belize, the only English-speaking country in Central America, how to play soccer. Don't bother calling your local travel agency for more details on these trips. They are available only through study and work abroad programs offered to students at colleges and universities. Although just about any college student can benefit from study and work abroad, the best candidates are those with adaptable, independent personalities, says DeWayne Frazier, University of Louisville's international program advisor. Having a solid background in the language of the country to be visited is a real plus, he adds. For most students, the experience is life-changing. "Adjusting to a new language and culture can be difficult, but it is always rewarding," Frazier says. "Students come back more confident, more flexible, and more focused on what they want."

    75. SRCe - Studying Abroad
    studying abroad. Systems Around the World; Transworld Education, studying Overseas databasesof colleges seeking international students, college search facilities
    Basic Facts on Study Abroad I Studying in Slovenia I Studying Abroad I Fin. Aid, Scholarships I Universities I Programs of Study I Standardized Tests I Summer Schools I Language Courses I Job Opportunities I Related Issues I Home STUDYING ABROAD Selected Countries:

    76. UVM - OIE
    Although the large percentage of students studying abroad are enrolled in the collegeof Arts Sciences, a significant number of students in the college of

    77. Study Abroad Search Overseas Schools The EI Group
    During my year studying Engineering in Grenoble, France 2,500 American citizens arearrested abroad each year a oneyear course in intermediate college Sp more

    78. Studying Abroad
    studying abroad. Are you interested in studying abroad? Then Council EducationUSA's International college Day in Warsaw is perfect for you.
    Studying abroad
    Are you interested in studying abroad? Then Council Education USA's "International College Day" in Warsaw is perfect for you. You don't have to travel around the globe, you will be able to get in touch with a fine selection of colleges and universities from the USA and Europe - all in one place.
    At the College Day university representatives will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your study plans with you. You're welcome to take home a wealth of catalogues and application materials for comparing academic programs and requirements for admission. During the fair, we will offer introductory presentations and individual advising.
    ul. Nowy Swiat 4, 00-497 Tel: (48-22) 625-6932; (48-22) 625-6978 Fax: (48-22) 628-7943 Warsaw, Poland

    79. College Central - Job Search Resources And Employer Services
    abroad program sponsored by your college or university National Registration Centerfor Study abroad (NRSCA) evaluates schools, 70% of those studying are from

    80. Study In Australia & New Zealand - Study Abroad And Distance Education - Hyperst
    student deals whilst you are studying downunder partners help provide education forneedy students abroad . Ezine News, discounts, new college and university
    Request Information Study In Australia Aust Education System Living In Australia ... Become An Affiliate Search Hyperstudy
    Client Login: Username: Password:
    Request information about Study Abroad or Distance Education from
    to Australia or New Zealand from any online Qantas port in the World
    Are you thinking about Study Abroad this year in Australia, NZ or Online? Single 'Fast Request' information Form
    All Australian institutions

    All New Zealand institutions

    Or you can jump straight to these types of institutions:
    English Schools

    Technical Colleges

    Vocational Colleges
    Universities ... Download voucher Plus you can WIN a return ticket to Australia or NZ Study Abroad USA Search over 600 colleges in the USA here Study Abroad Canada Search over 500 colleges in North America here Study Abroad in the UK Search over 400 colleges in the United Kingdom here Reciprocal Links Link to us and we'll link to you.

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