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         Colombian Culture:     more books (26)
  1. Literature, Testimony and Cinema in Contemporary Colombian Culture: Spectres of La Violencia (Monografías A) (Monografías A) by Rory O'Bryen, 2008-11-20
  2. South American Culture: Argentine Culture, Bolivian Culture, Brazilian Culture, Chilean Culture, Colombian Culture, Ecuadorian Culture
  3. Music of Colombia: Music, Colombian culture, Music genre, Vallenato, Porro,Waltz, Pasillo, Pop music, Champeta, Pilón, Bambuco,Joropo, Galerón, Seis, ... Foxtrot, Mazurka,Mento, Quadrille, Reggae
  4. Colombian Culture: Muisca, Blacks and Whites' Carnival, Cinema of Colombia, Colombia in Popular Culture, Music of Colombia
  5. Seventh International Congress for the Study of Pre-Colombian Cultures of the Lesser Antilles by Centre de Recherches Caraibes, 1978
  6. Colombian Culture
  7. Ministry of Culture (Colombia): National Library of Colombia, Colombian National Museum, Caro and Cuervo Institute, Ministry of Culture
  8. COLOMBIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by SAMUEL MÁRQUEZ, DOUGLAS C. BROADFIELD, 2001
  9. COLOMBIAN AMERICANS: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America</i> by Pamela Sturner, 2000
  10. Colombian music and musicians, (Pan American culture [series]) by Victor Justiniano Rosales, 1927
  11. Shamans, Gods, and Mythic Beasts: Colombian Gold and Ceramics in Antiquity by Armand J. Labbe, Warwick Bray, 1998-11
  12. Colombian Women: The Struggle Out of Silence by Elena Garcés, 2008-09-09
  13. Culture and Customs of Colombia (Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean) by Raymond Leslie Williams, Kevin G. Guerrieri, 1999-08-30
  14. Living Knowledge: The Making of Knowledge about Biodiversity among Indigenous Peoples in the Colombian Amazon by Jakob Kronik, 2010-03-01

1. Colombia Home Page
In addition to working as a freelance translator, I dedicated my time to providingfirsthand information on the finer points of colombian culture and working

The Doors of Bogotá   Guide To Colombia's
lcohol, Food, Culture,
nd Everyday Life
Drinking booze in a foreign country (or your own country for that matter) can be a very rewarding experience. However, finding the best brands or types can be difficult, especially if you don't speak the language. Even though many foreign brands of liquor are exported to the United States, there are many more brands which are not. While Colombia is known for its coffee, seemingly infinite varieties of fruit, and emeralds, it does not carry as high a reputation for its nationally produced liquor as some of its Latin American neighbors such as Chile and Argentina. However, like most countries, Colombia does produce a number of different alcoholic beverages. Not many of these are exported though, so you must visit Colombia to enjoy them. This website was created to help anyone who is planning a trip to Colombia to sift through the different types and classes of nationally produced alcohol. The types discussed are divided into three categories: beer wine , and other types of liquor. Each page contains a list of brands, descriptive comments about the entry, and key words and phrases related to the category of liquor.

2. Colombian Culture (Music, Art, Dance), Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource G
5th Festival of colombian culture. celebrating Colombian Women in the Past, Present and Future
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Resource Guide:
... Colombia
Colombian Culture (Music, Art, Dance)
Art Music Assume that all websites are in Spanish
Library resources on Colombia can be found in the Social Sciences Department of the Main Library in Oakland.
Fernando Botero
Fernando Botero is the most famous contemporary Colombian artist. This website from Kara Art provides a nice selection of his work as well as a fairly detailed discussion of his art.
All About Cumbia
Information about the Colombian dance from the Northern Coast on a website by Mambo Jambo, a Cumbian band in England.
Discos Fuentes
The first record label in Colombia (1934) and the leading producer and promoter of Colombian music - and of music produced in Colombia - around the world. Audio and video clips for selected songs available. In English and Spanish.
Buy your CDs online from their store
Sonolux This is a Colombian recording company. Their website takes lots of memory...

3. Arts And Culture
Translate this page and silver works, as well as jewelry and pottery, and the enchantment of the Pre-HispanicHistory that is still alive in the colombian culture, specially in
Home FAQs Consular Section Visas ... Colombia Quick Facts Links SEE ALSO:
Visual arts


Perfoming Arts

Gold Museum
Colombian National Museum

Festival de Cine de Cartagena Festival de Cine de Bogotá Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro-Fundación Teatro Nacional OTHER SITES OF INTEREST: Banco de imágenes de Colombia Colombia-Cultural Information/Información Cultural de Colombia. Related Articles REVISTA CROMOS: La persistencia negra OTHER PUBLICATIONS: Historia del Vallenato Vallenato: an Overview Convocatorias Culturales Convocatorias 2002 del I nstituto Distrital de Cultura y Turismo - ICDT- Convocatorias del Instituto distrital de Cultura y Turismo que tiene como fin fomentalr la creación y la interpretación artísticas, así como la formación de nuevos públicos. Maestría en Artes Plásticas y Visuales de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia Convocatoria 2002 al programa de la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia que busca estimular la producción de la obra de arte fortaleciendo y dimensionando recursos que incidan en los procesos de creación.

4. Stands That Show Colombian Culture - TOPICS Online Magazine
This Issue. Home Page. Stands That Show colombian culture. Etilvia Peñafrom Colombia. Staff Photo Families go to these Ferias, especially
Magazine Issue 16
Section 2 Street Stands
in Our Countries
This Issue Home Page Stands That Show Colombian Culture
Staff Photo
Families go to these Ferias , especially on Sunday, to have fun and buy some things for themselves or for their houses.
Each town in my country has traditional things which symbolize part of our culture, like sculptures, clothes made by hand, jewelry, leather articles, and many crafts. So, during the whole year, people from different towns go to places called Ferias in big cities in the country to exhibit these crafts in order to show their abilities and to make money. The places also have a big area where you can eat and play. Families go to these Ferias , especially on Sunday, to have fun and buy some things for themselves or for their houses. These Ferias are more popular in touristic cities, and they are open the whole day. Foreign people buy a lot of these articles for souvenirs, which help them remember the wonderful time they had in Colombia.

5. Colombian
colombian culture is characterized by a system of values which places the needs and rights of the family and community
? Colombian culture is characterized by a system of values which places the needs and rights of the family and community over individual needs
? Gender Roles are more clearly defined in Colombia than they are in the US
? Religion (Roman Catholicism) plays a larger role in Colombia, as a whole, than in the United States
? The most common greeting is a handshake. Colombians shake hands frequently. There is a specific role of handshaking – the man-to-man handshake is not vigorous, women usually shake hands with other women they clasp forearms, if not well acquainted women often times just say “hello”
? Even if tired or busy Colombians always try to have a smile and a good word for someone
? Discussions of politics should be avoided
? It is not considered improper for a Colombian to arrive later than the designated time for an appointment, except if they are from the city where promptness is more closely observed
? Yawning in the presence of strangers is considered impolite
? People beckon others with palm downward, waving the fingers or the whole hand
? If any one of the extended family has a resource, such as a good job or nice home they are expected to share it with their relatives

6. IV. Festival Of Colombian Culture
The IV. Festival of colombian culture will be held on September 1517,2000 at the Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.
Program Press release Photos Subscribe to our email list organizers:

Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble

Rainbow Theater, SFSU
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7. 5th Festival Of Colombian Culture In San Francisco - Home Page
the Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble Director Beatriz Restrepo. Información deboletería, Info 415282-9546. The Festival will be held as planned! Culture is

Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center

San Francisco Celebrating Colombian Women
in the Past, Present and Future Ticket Information

FMC Box Office: 415-441-3687 Featuring the
Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble
Director: Beatriz Restrepo Info: 415-282-9546
The Festival will be held as planned! Culture is stronger than terrorism!
Download the Press Release in English
Baje del internet la
Downloadable Images
Be a proud sponsor of the Festival Read the General Proposal on the web (html) Download (pdf) This event is supported in part by: California Arts Council Fort Mason Foundation Buy ad space in the program Download templates and price list (pdf) Workshops: Circles of Women Text only version

8. Colombian Culture
Short Form Colombia. Term for Citizens Colombian(s). Capital Santaféde Bogotá. Population 37.000.000. Currency Colombian Peso.
Formal Name: Republic of Colombia. Short Form: Colombia. Term for Citizens: Colombian(s). Capital: Santafé de Bogotá. Population: Currency: Colombian Peso National Anthem: Himno Nacional de la Republica de Colombia Flag Colors: Horizontal colors, Yellow, Blue, and Red (Yellow is slightly larger than the blue and red) Coat of Arms: Escudo Nacional de la Republica de Colombia National Sport: Soccer
Size: 1,138,910 square kilometers. Topography: Mainland territory divided into four major geographic regions: Andean highlands (composed of three mountain ranges and intervening valley lowlands); Caribbean lowlands; Pacific lowlands; and Ilanos and tropical rainforest of eastern Colombia. Colombia also possesses small islands in both Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Climate: Striking variety in temperature resulting principally from differences in elevation; little seasonal variation. Habitable areas consist of hot (below 900 meters in elevation), temperate (between 900 and 1,980 meters), and cold (from 1,980 meters to about 3,500 meters) climatic zones. Precipitation generally moderate to heavy, with highest levels in Pacific lowlands and in parts of eastern Colombia; considerable year-to-year variations recorded.
Roads: About 104,000 kilometers of finished roads in 1987, of which 10,300 considered paved. Three major highways, including Pan American Highway, crossed Andean highlands and Caribbean lowlands and linked to roads servicing major Pacific ports. Few paved roads in eastern Colombia.

9. Students At The Bishops School Experience Colombian Culture - Up
Students at The Bishops School Experience colombian culture Up Close and Personal Contact Katherine Curriden, 760-942-7189 or Debra Hinman, 858-455-6364

10. 5th Festival Of Columbian Culture
presents the 5th Festival of colombian culture, featuring the Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble (director Beatriz Restrepo)
5TH FESTIVAL OF COLOMBIAN CULTURE At the Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, SF September 14 to 16, 2001; Tix $18-25 (415) 441-3687 [more info (415) 282-9546] Press materials state: The 5th Festival of Colombian Culture honors Women. Colombian Women - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Along this theme MOVING BEYOND Productions presents the 5th Festival of Colombian Culture , featuring the Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble (director Beatriz Restrepo) with an original dance-theater play created collectively by a cast of professional artists and community members. The event also includes a visual art exhibition in the lobby with works by Colombian artists, a crafts market and tasty Colombian food. The lobby opens at 6pm on Friday and Saturday, at 3pm on Sunday. The show starts at 8pm on Friday and Saturday and at 5pm on Sunday. Since 1996 the Festival of Colombian Culture has been providing a voice for the rich and manifold cultural expressions of Colombia in the San Francisco Bay Area. It traditionally creates a meeting point for the local Colombian community and attracts many visitors from the general public fascinated by the colorful dances, the exiting music and the tasty food from this country. The event involves the visitors in an immersive experience of authentic Colombian culture, taking them beyond the all too often biased news coverage in the national and local media. It demonstrates living examples of the profound human values and the exuberant artistic manifestations Colombia is offering to the world.

11. Andres From Colombia
If Archeology students had the opportunity to take courses about colombian cultureand archeology, they would learn a lot about its culture, archeology, history 1/andres_from_colombia.htm
Andres from Colombia
In December 1994, I took a trip around Mexico. Basically, I went to Yucatan, and the principal Mayas Archeological places, such as, Chichen - Itza, Cozumel, X – Kambo, Xlapac, Kabah and Uxmal. At that time, I met a group of Archeology students. They come from some university in USA. Most of this American students asked me questions about my country, such as whether everyone uses drugs in Colombia, whether I knew Pablo Escobar whether the Colombian government is involved with the mafia and whether drugs are easy to get in my city. I felt like a criminal. If Archeology students had the opportunity to take courses about Colombian culture and archeology, they would learn a lot about its culture, archeology, history, people and traditions. They would learn Colombia is not just about drugs. By studying in Colombia, students can learn that there are only a few countries that can boast about the variety of natural and cultural resources available and Colombia is one of them. In fact, there are white sandy beaches to enjoy in the beautiful Caribbean San Andres Island, elevated snow capped mountains for people who like climbing mountains, exotic animals and lush vegetation for nature lovers in the Amazon’s jungle, peaceful colonial style villages, such as, Villa de Leyva and Cartagena, where one can learn about people and their cultures and historical archeological places like San Agustin and Tierradentro, where archeologists could learn interesting information about the past. Moreover, archeology students can learn many things with reference to the Colombian people, such as, traditions, religions, languages, and ancient Indian tribes.

12. IDRC REPORTS: SIPAZ: Peace Journalism In Rural Colombia By Angela Castellanos
Violence has taken a devastating toll on colombian culture and society. Photo captionViolence has taken a devastating toll on colombian culture and society.

13. IDRC REPORTS: SIPAZ: Peace Journalism In Rural Colombia By Angela Castellanos
Violence has taken a devastating toll on colombian culture and society. Photo captionViolence has taken a devastating toll on colombian culture and society.

14. Features - Colombian Dance Troupe A Symbol Of Latin Diversity
By teaching and performing Latin American dances for the North American public,she hopes the colombian culture she shares will nurture the relationship
Volume 134, Issue 3
Colombian dance troupe a symbol of Latin diversity By April McGill
The Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble educates and entertains with their rhythmic displays of elegant and mystic motion. T he city's diverse Latino cultures, blended together to create its "mestizo," or mixed people population, includes many Central and South American indigenous cultures.
Because California is bordered by Mexico, people perceive it as the only Latino culture represented here through art and music.
Director and choreographer Beatriz Restrepo's traditional dance teachings create awareness of her Bogota, Colombia homeland among the communities of San Francisco. By teaching and performing Latin American dances for the North American public, she hopes the Colombian culture she shares will nurture the relationship between different human cultures with a professional artistic approach. "We are not just immigrants," Restrepo said.
Restrepo created Colombian Ethnic Dance Ensemble (CEDE) in 1996 with manager Beat Rettenmund, and members of the local Colombian and wider Latino community.
Restrepo's vision of a local Colombian dance group arose when she noted the absence of traditional dance, music or art that represented Colombia. "I wanted it to have a strong voice for my culture and show that there is not just terror in Colombia," Restrepo said. "It is a beautiful country."Resprepo first expressed her gift for dance at age six with her performance in the play Rin Rin Argucuajo by South American children's writer, Rafael Pombo. "In this play I had my first sense of art," she said with a smile on her face as she reminisced about her innocent Colombian girlhood. "I knew I was going to do this."

15. Move To Colombia - Travel Articles And Tips On Teaching English In Colombia, Sou
Colombia. Give papaya you cannot give papaya Give papaya is a typicalexpression that can teach us something about colombian culture.
poorbuthappy home
Colombia Ring
home travel ... culture and daily life
daily life
Betty La Fea
Who is Betty? (In Spanish)
test Betty La Fea is a wildly popular telenovela (tv soap) in Colombia. It's about an ugly secretary that struggles with life and hass a crush on her boss. The following was written by Gloria Teran, no translation so far (if you want to translate anything on this site feel free, we'll add it :) PS: the following text may give away some stuff you haven't seen before... differences
Peter thinks aloud about Colombians
Here's a list of 3 differences noted between Belgians and Colombians, and some of my Colombian friends' reactions to them. Maybe they'll help you understand Colombian psyche a bit better. Here we go, baby. Finding someone to marry
Some people come to Colombia to find someone to marry.
Some people come to Colombia to find someone to marry. Is it wise? Is it stupid? I'm not going to judge anyone. a marriachi serenade
Yes it's true: romance still exists! Or how to organise a serenade for your beloved one.
Ever wished you lived in the time of Zorro? Romance still exists people!

16. Araujo, Ex-Colombian Culture Minister, Slain
The Miami Herald September 30, 2001 Araujo, excolombian culture minister,slain. By JARED KOTLER Associated Press Writer. BOGOTA, Colombia
The Miami Herald
September 30, 2001 Araujo, ex-Colombian culture minister, slain By JARED KOTLER
Associated Press Writer BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) Former Culture Minister Consuelo Araujo, the wife of Colombia's inspector-general, has been found shot to death, six days after being kidnapped by leftist rebels, family members said Sunday. The body of the 62-year-old Araujo was found near the northern town of Valledupar. President Andres Pastrana called the family Saturday night to let them known the body had been discovered, said a family member who did not want to be identified for security reasons. The killing of the high-profile figure puts in jeopardy peace talks that President Andres Pastrana initiated three years ago with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia, or FARC. While the talks have produced few results, the rebels have been accused of abuses including kidnappings, extortion, murder and drug trafficking. Araujo, a popular figure, was Pastrana's culture minister and the wife of Inspector-General Edgardo Mayo, who leads a watchdog branch in charge investigations of
government officials.

17. CyberSpace Search!
SEARCH THE WEB. Results 1 through 3 of 3 for colombian culture. culture

18. African, Americas, Oceania Links
Mesoamerican Photo Archive. Precolombian culture The Olmecs. Pre-colombian cultureMayan. The Mayan Calendar. Pre-colombian culture Aztec. Teotihuacan Home Page.
Africa, Americas, Oceania Links Africa Map of African Continent African Tribal Resources Under Country Resources, excellent maps. African Art: Esthetics and Meaning Great Zimbadwe An Iron Age settlement, this "house of stone" is dated between 1200 and 1450 AD. African Images Images of Masks: Africa Magical Faces of Africa African Art: Baule ... The Arts of Africa Collection of links. Americas - North Native Arts of the Americas Collection of Links. See North America. North American Indian Links to many images of all major tribes, maps, etc. Mississippian Tradition: Center and Periphery Hopewell Culture Adena Culture Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams: Art of the Early Eskimo ... Lords of the Earth. North American Indian. "It is based on archeology and the theory "Believe what you see" in the glyphs or art work." Mississipian, Caddo Indian artifacts shown. Ancestral Pueblo People (Anasazi) Anasazi Artifacts California Pomo Indians Rainmakers from the Gods Kachina Dolls from the Hopi. Southwest American Indian Archaeology Many links to all southwestern tribes. Links under names of states. Cliff Ruggles Images of sites in California Native American Technology and Art Native American Technology and Art Focuses on Eastern Woodlands Indians.

19. Colombian American Focus
Colombian Govt. Links. Colombian Embassy; Colombian Consulates; Governmentwebsites; Art Culture Websites. colombian culture. Colombian

20. Colombia
Culture Colombian holidays. Colombian music, including the national anthem. Colombiannational symbols. colombian culture, government, products, sports, etc.
Search For:
The Embassy
Hot Topics Press Center Internet Resources ... Contact Us NAVIGATION Home
Updated: 03/13/03 Colombia
Embassy in Washington, DC

Consulates in the U.S.
Culture Colombian holidays Colombian music, including the national anthem Colombian national symbols Colombian national symbols and additional information [Spanish] Cultural activities in Bogotá The Gold Museum Maloka: indigenous park Museums in Bogotá ... listen to it Economy The Central Bank The Colombian economy Commercial and legal information on Colombian industries 2002 Country Commercial Guide: Colombia ... Investment in Colombia General Colombia: a Country Study (Library of Congress Area Handbook Series) Colombian culture, government, products, sports, etc. The Department of State Background Notes Earthquake in Colombia Guerrilla ... Typical Colombian foods [in Spanish] Government Air Force Ambassador to the U.S., Luis Alberto Moreno Armed Forces General Command Army Cabinet:

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