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1. 1st Grade Social Studies
1. About Money provides images of US coins from colonial times and coins fromdifferent countries. homework help for Parents and Students. Current Events.
Historical Figures
George Washington
Kenwood and Ferry Farm
Visit George Washington's family sites, one a great mansion, the other a simple riverside farm rich in archaeology and the beauties of nature.
George Washington's Mount Vernon

Take a virtual tour of the estate and gardens
George Washington Speaks out on Farming

Find out what our 1st President thought about agriculture.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Quiz
created by first graders with links to help you along the way
Holidays for Presidents

Lincoln Picture Gallery shows pictures of the restored Lincoln home in Springfield, Illinois - from McGraw Hill - i ncludes instructions, link, and suggested extensions.
Abraham Lincoln Picture Gallery

Take a photo tour of Abraham Lincoln's home
Abraham Lincoln

an organized list of interesting links about Abraham Lincoln. Includes a quiz

2. Untitled
colonial times 1600 1700 ss 970 MAR This book is an easy reader with many illustrations Thissite offers homework help resources for grades K-4. Click on the


One of the themes to be considered within the New York State fourth grade social studies curriculum is Native American Indians of New York State. The social studies curriculum "builds on the students' understanding of families, schools, and communities and highlights the political institutions and historic development of their local communities with connections to New York State and the United States." "The historical study of local communities focuses on the social/cultural, political, and economic factors that helped shape these communities. Students study about the significant people, places, events, and issues that influenced life in their local communities." The Pine Plains community is situated in northeastern Dutchess County, fifteen miles east of the Hudson River and ten miles west of the New York/Connecticut border. For thousands of years before Europeans settled in the region, it was the home of eastern woodland Indians. The local indigenous peoples called themselves Mahicans. They were hunter-gathers who spoke an Algonquian language. They were not Mohegans, who lived in what is now Connecticut and they were not Iroquois, who lived north and west of the area and would eventually force the Mahicans from the area.

3. Social Studies
A History of money from ancient times to the History homework help help with yourhistory homework. colonial Hall - Biographies of America's Founding Fathers.
S ocial Studies Homework Site Index Home Atlases and Maps ... Social Studies School Service A must see by everyone! Internet History Source Book Project Atlases and Maps Top Atlapedia Online - Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Internet Public Library Ready Reference Collection: Historical Maps of the United States - Collection of historical Maps Library of Congress: General Maps and Atlases Homepage - Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress MapMachine @ - a wonderful collection from the world famous National Geographic Society. Quick Maps of the World - Flags, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics. USGS - National Mapping Information US Census Map Server - Us Map engine World - The world atlas online World Fact Book - The CIA's Educational Website World Facts and Figures - Tons of information Anthropology and Archeology Top Arch Net - Virtual Library of Archeology Archeology's DIG - a magazine for kids Digging up the facts about Archeology - All you want to learn about Archeology Human

4. Grades 11 What's The Big Idea, Ben Franklin? Fritz, Jean; Who's That Stepping On
Learn how to research your ancestors' occupations including links to lists of ancient or obsolete occupations Social Security Administration ss5 Records. If your ancestor applied that occupation. In colonial times, most people had two names, store on his farm to help provide more income.

5. Journalist Needs Help With Article -
child loved that unit he did at school on colonial history I have read your blurbseveral times since it was posted language=java***** src= http//

6. Journalist Needs Help With Article -
Say your child loved that unit he did at school on colonial history. Tom sees him12 times a year. ***** language=java***** src= http//

7. CCS Handbook - Academics
by keeping a daily planner for assignments and homework. 1 unit ss (Geography), 1unit ss (US History), 1 of the United States from colonial times, through the
GRADE LEVEL OVERVIEW Pre-School gives an opportunity to develop school readiness including: listening when others talk, sharing resources, working in groups, sharing of self, taking turns, raising hand to speak during class discussion, forming a line, submission to teacher's authority, developing independence from home. Our most important focus is that Jesus is in charge of our Pre-school and He loves each one of us and our families. Kindergarten is a great time to develop a foundation in phonics, numbers, social interaction, godly morals, godly character, and teacher/student relationship. We start right off with learning our letters, their name and sounds and then move right into blends and then words. By the end of the year the children will be reading long and short vowel words and spelling many other words. We learn counting 1-100 and are able to recognize each number. Kindergartners also will learn to know Jesus Christ in a personal way and to have the confidence that God has a special plan for them. "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it" is our teacher's goal and joy. Kindergarten graduation with a reception following is planned for the last Friday night of the school year. Our First Grade very much builds on our Kindergarten program continuing the foundations in phonics, blends, reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, and math. Math includes early addition and subtraction combinations, place value concepts, counting money, time, temperature, and measuring. Emphasis is placed on individual and cooperative learning and thinking skills. Christian character and attitude are stressed in both the classroom and the playground.

8. Untitled
official site of the colonial Williamsburg Foundation. times consider Daylight SavingsTime, except for the Multnomah County Library homework Center Wars and
Social Studies Resources from the James S. Wilson Middle School Library James S. Wilson Middle School Library, 901 West 54th Street, Erie, PA 16509, 814-835-5557
Go directly to:
United States
Pennsylvania World Ancient History ... General

9. Teacher Material - Download Version
summarized in the Los Angeles times article might help the students explore differencesand similarities and or assigning this assessment activity as homework.
Developing Immigration Policy:
Teacher Material (Teacher Download Version)
In this lesson, students assume roles of members of Congress and other policymakers, researching and developing policy on the issue of immigration. Using the Internet, especially the Library of Congress's powerful searching tool, THOMAS , students research the views on immigration and immigration policy of the Congressional member or other policymaker whose role they are assigned. Students use the information found in developing policy recommendations regarding immigration. To use the lesson as written, all your students (or groups of students) need access to the Internet. If that is not the case, you may download the Internet research materials (principally using THOMAS ) identified in the lesson and put together paper-based packets for your students to use. With slight modifications, the basic procedures outlined below will still work.
Objectives (Teacher Page One of Five)
After completing this lesson, students will be able to:
  • Explain issues related to immigration and immigration policy.

10. Worksample
Social Studies Assessment ssE-3.4.1 and ss-E-3.4 advertisement for the good or servicetheir profession provides as homework. If you lived in colonial times.
Day #1: Colonial Homes Name: Jennifer Davis Date: 11/20/01 Age/Grade: 10/11, Fifth Subject: Social Studies # Students: 25 # IEP Students: 3 Major Content: Colonial Culture Title: Colonial Homes Objectives: After reading an excerpt from …If You Lived in Colonial Times and illustrating a layout of an imaginary colonial home
  • The student will be able to accurately describe the home of a colonist The student will be able to compare and contrast the differences and similarities in the homes of Americans today and the homes of the American colonist
Connections: Kentucky Learner Goal #1, Academic Expectation 1.13 apply to this lesson because the fifth grade students will have the opportunity to communicate their ideas on colonial homes by creating an aerial view of a colonial home and explaining their illustration to the class. Core Content for Reading Assessment RD-M-x.0.1, RD-M-x.0.3, and RD-M-x.0.10 apply to this lesson because the students will be able to identify the author is writing to inform about colonial homes and will be asked to listen for words that are unfamiliar to them to be discussed in class. According to the Program of Study at the conclusion of this lesson the student will be able to apply basic listening and speaking skills to respond to an authentic task. Kentucky Learner Goal #2, Academic Expectation 2.20 apply to this lesson because the fifth grade students will understand and analyze colonial life to develop their historic perspective in social studies. Core Content for Social Studies Assessment SS-E-5.2.3 and SS-E-5.2.4 are addressed because the students will learn to categorize American history into historical periods while studying the differences in homes of the colonial Americans and Americans today. According to the Program of Study at the conclusion of this lesson the student will have developed his or her historical perspective of colonial life by examining the culture of the colonial Americans.

11. Template
Web Synopsis of news stories in the New York times. Assessment(s) News articles.Learning Experience colonial Charts. not completed is to be done as homework.
English Colonies
Unit Overview
This unit describes the development of the thirteen English colonies in North America.
  • Early disagreements between the American settlers and English government are also chronicled.
Unit Cluster Description Cluster Rationale: These TEKS objectives explain why the colonies developed a completely different lifestyle from mainland British subjects and from each other. In addition, these TEKS explain why certain political ideals became so important to the American colonists. Cluster Objectives (TEKS): 8.1(ABC), 8.2(B), 8.3(ABC), 8.4(A), 8.10(A), 8.11(A), 8.12(B), 8.13(BC),8.24(CD), 8.26(A), 8.30(B) Grade Placemat of TEKS
Economic Concepts: 8.13(B) explain reasons for development plantation system, growth of slave trade, spread of slavery 8.13(C) analyze the cause effects of economic differences among regions Geographic Concepts 8.10(A)

5th Grade Student Research Resources homework helper and cybrary A colonial Familyand 5th grade ss test. from TeachersFirst News - New York times Article 3

13. KLVV SS 2002
Translate this page LN active participation, regular translation homework, written exam aesthetic) limitsset by colonial and Puritan GREAT EXPECTIONS AND HARD times AND THEIR
Kommentiertes Lehrveranstaltungsverzeichnis
Sommersemester 2002


... eitere interessante Lehrangebote
Stundenplan-Übersicht Abkürzungen: Allgemein
Grundstudium GSt
Hauptstudium HSt
Lehramt: LA
Magister: MA Für sprachwissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen

Proseminar: Linguistik PS Ling Hauptseminar: Linguistik HS Ling Magister: Proseminar: English Linguistics PS EnLing Proseminar: Linguistic Analysis PS LingAn Proseminar: Linguistic Analysis - History of the English Language PS LingAn-HEL Hauptseminar: English Linguistics HS EnLing Hauptseminar: Core Area Linguistics HS CAL Vorlesung/Hauptseminar: Specialised/Specified Linguistic Topics V/HS SLT Grundkurse/Einführungsveranstaltungen Abteilung Sprachwissenschaft INTRODUCTION TO LINGUISTICS Herr Dr. Bernhard Bielick 2 SWS - montags - 13.15-14.45 Uhr - 2.10.SR 1 SWS - mittwochs - 10.15-11.00 Uhr - 2.10.SR Frau Dr. Kristiane Loeser 3 SWS - montags - 13.15-15.45 Uhr - Frau Dr. Heidrun Bonin

14. Essex High School
c. No late homework will be accepted unless due to an THE STATE MANDATED SOCIAL STUDIES(ss) ELECTIVE CREDIT and pieces of literature from colonial times to the
Message from the Principal
Dear Students and Parents, Essex High School provides a comprehensive and innovative curriculum and schedule. Our curriculum is designed to help meet the varied needs and interests of our students as they prepare for a rapidly changing, complex and technologically
oriented world. The 2003-2004 Course of Studies catalogue offers a wide variety of courses designed both to meet graduation requirements and also to allow students to prepare for a variety of post graduation endeavors. When making selections, please
consider the following: - Are your selections challenging? - Do they allow you meet your future goals? - Do they take full advantage of our offerings? - Do your courses represent a reasonable academic load?

15. September 1999 Mail Archives
letter that starts Sorry, We Did Our homework 20 Years Portsmouth was the area knownin colonial times as the believe, of (name withheld) of the ss.Pierce Co
Mail Archives
Talk With Us

Current Letters

SeacoastNH Home

September 1999 Mailbag September 30
Steve Yin
September 29 FORT CONSTITUTION LIGTHOUSE MOVED? Concerning the "mysterious old picture" of Fort Constitution from the Copley collection: based on research I've done, the lighthouse has always been in the same general location since 1784. It is basically correct in this picture. The Light KEEPER'S House has been moved from its original location, 1000 feet away, near the location of Battery Farnsworth, when that structure was built. Just thought you might want to know. Pete Payette EDITOR'S REPLY: We got our info from a person writing a book about the lighthouse who has done years of research, so we're caught in the cross- But we suspect Pete is right. Hoping to get more online about the famous fort. We have lots of superb photos, which we hope to present next year, but those are all from the post-Revolutionary War days. Old David Brothers stereoscopic cards show a very different lighthouse too-short and squat. Readers should note that Pete Payette's web site is the best thing going for Piscataqua fort enthusiasts. The gateway to his research is below and readers can see the picture we are talking about on our site.

Written homework. is a historical study of the world from medieval times through the foreigndevelopments of our nation’s history from the colonial Period to
HISTORY and SOCIAL SCIENCES NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated all History and Social Sciences courses will meet every day for one semester during an extended instructional period. GENERAL COURSE REQUIREMENTS Level 1.30 Independent research reports Testing will incorporate essay and objective type questions. Written projects/oral presentations critically analyzing document reading. Supplementary written/reading homework assignments. Extensive written/reading homework assignment. Level 1.20 1. Formal project or paper.* 2. Testing will include approximately 60% of the essay type and 40% of objective type questions. 3. Written projects/oral presentations. 4. Supplementary readings. 5. In-depth written homework. Level 1.10 1. Two in-depth reports/projects at least one will be written.* 2. Testing will include approximately 40% of the essay type and 60% of objective type questions. 3. Written projects/oral presentations.

17. Online Activities
to help students of all ages explore the life and times of Dr pomander balls in YeOlde colonial Craft Book, or watch colonial Video Vignettes homework help.
ABC News 4 Kids. ABC News 4 Kids posts new stories every Tuesday and Thursday apppropriate for elementary and middle school students. Each news article has an interactive, animated presentation. Also included is an archive of previous articles.
Abraham Lincoln Classroom Activities for Primary Children. Tammy Payton's first grade class has created a Web site which includes an on-line quiz, an animation that shows the addition of states to the USA, a picture gallery of President Lincoln, a treasure hunt, suggestions for further classroom activities, and additional links.
Abraham Lincoln Treasure Hunt for Primary Children. Students use the Historic Lincoln Sites to find answers to a series of questions. E-mail the correct answers to Tammy Payton at, and she'll post their first name, age, and city in the Hall of Fame winners page.
Adventures of Cyberbee. A site for teachers looking for ways to integrate technology into their classroom. Included are Curriculum Ideas, How Tos, Treasure Hunts, Web Links, Articles, and a search engine.
Africa Online for Kids Only.

18. Research
html part of the King County Library System homework Helpers website. USHISTORY colonial times. Library Homepage copy/Research.html
RESEARCH 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade ... 6th grade GENERAL SOURCES Creating Works Cited - This is a site you can use to create a bibliography. You just need to fill in the blanks and the site will put the data into the correct format. To print the list, you will need to copy the list and paste it into a Word document. REFERENCE SIRS Discoverer This is an excellent source for information on all types of topics. The Northshore School District has paid for a subscription that can be accessed on-line anywhere by any member of the NSD community. Contact the Sunrise Library at 425-402-5809 to obtain the customer number and password. This information has also been provided in the Sunriser periodically. King County Library System here is a link to the King County Library System which is a WONDERFUL RESOURCE. They provide access to various databases, many of which you can access from home simply by typing in your library card number. You can look for books in their extensive catalog as well as put books on hold through this site. KidsClick!

19. Program Information Ecuador/Mexico
and therefore is in good condition, the buildings are colonial style and cheap.Weekendtrips are very doable, but with homework it is at times difficult to
Janine Donald: Oaxaca, Mexico and Quito, Ecudor. 2001-2002 The one with the lake includes Grant Hamilton, far right and Janine Donaldsitting next to him.
The second one in the garden includes Grant, Janineand Katie Martin, standing second from right. The three were together studying at La Catolica in Quito.
Fall Semester I was in Oaxaca, Mexico. The area is amazingly beauitful. The beach is about six hours away in bus, Mexico City is a half-day journey to the north and there are countless artisan communities surrounding the city. The city itself is a World Heritage Landmark and therefore is in good condition, the buildings are colonial style and interesting to poke around in. The food is ricisimo! With the program you have to be very motivated to meet other Mexican students because you have your classes only with other gringos and so it takes more effort on your part. Overall though, it was an incredibly beautiful experience.
Spring semester I was in Quito, Ecuador. It is a large city and offers many different ethnic restaurants, various nightclubs, lots of coffee shops, big malls, green parks(with paddle boats) and most anything that a big city has. The spanish classes at the PUCE were great. I learned so much and it was very satisfying experience. There are lots of travel opportunities in Ecuador and it is relatively cheap.Weekend trips are very do-able, but with homework it is at times difficult to get away. You do have 5 weeks off during February and the beginning of March where you can travel extensively, Peru, Chile, the Amazon, the Beach,etc.

20. American History
TO POSTERS http// statesbw/13colonies/13colonies.shtmlTo help situate students 33, LIFE IN colonial times http//
Social Studies
Teacher's Tech Page Technology Home ... Black History Black History Ref # Title and Description BLACK HISTORY MONTH

One of the more consistent sites for resources for education, ABC Teach offers a wide variety of activities to explore Black History Month. The second URL above will guide elementary students through a report about a famous African American; you can find information on four famous African Americans on site. ART-BASED PROJECTS TO CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY
Several art projects explore the theme of black history. To incorporate technology into your classes, let your students build a black history month quilt or timeline with Kid Pix, (Kid Pix is available at
or use the stamping feature to create a mini book on famous African Americans. BLACK HISTORY FROM A TO Z

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