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         Colorado Disabled & Special Needs Schools:     more detail

1. JECC - Special Education
plan and implement innovative educational initiatives for Jewish Cleveland community Children with special needs. In Cleveland's Jewish schools program in Denver, colorado, parents get together provide special education services for developmentally disabled students.
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The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Special Education
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Serving Children with Special Needs
In Cleveland's Jewish Schools
Central to the JECC’s mission is the integration of students with special needs into the Jewish education system. The Department partners with its affiliated schools to provide quality Jewish education and responds to new initiatives as dictated by trends in general education, and the needs of the Jewish education community. Return to the top
The Special Education Department of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, originally funded (1988-91) through a three year grant from the Tom L.E. and Martin Blum Fund of the Jewish Community Federation, currently serves more than 200 students and works with nearly 100 teachers, throughout the Jewish Education Center’s 26 affiliated schools and 15 pre-schools. The Department provides a broad based network of programs serving individuals in pre-school, supplementary and day school settings. The costs of providing special education are underwritten by the JECC and the participating schools. Parents do not pay for these services. Return to the top

2. American Red Cross- Medical Concerns
medical or other special dietary needs. The provisions may consult the colorado Department of Education Nutrition cases, the special dietary needs of nondisabled participants may
Disaster Services Be Prepared Family Disaster

Concerns Animal Safety Financial
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Red Cross
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Home Services ... Collecting Emergency Documents Get the latest Acrobat Reader to ensure error-free PDF browsing.
Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities (PDF) Establish a Personal Support Network
A personal support network is made up of individuals who will check with you in an emergency to ensure you are O.K. and to give assistance if needed. This network can consist of friends, roommates, family members, relatives, personal attendants, co-workers and neighbors. Some people rely on personal assistance services (attendants). This type of assistance may not be available after a major quake. Therefore it is vital that your personal support network consist of different people than those who are your personal attendants. If you employ a personal attendant or use the services of a home health agency or other type of in-home service, discuss with these people a plan for what you will do in case of an emergency. How will you get along in an emergency for as long as 7 days? A critical element to consider in your emergency planning is the establishment of a personal support network. Even if you do not use a personal attendant, it is important to consider having a personal support network to assist you in coping with an emergency. Do not depend on any one person.

3. KinderStart - Child Development : Special Needs Child : Educational Issues
colorado. "Often it's much harder for us as people to get over our prejudices about special needs adopted 17 special needs animals that for their disabled pets and see
KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Special Needs Child : Educational Issues
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4. Colorado School Guides TM
Accreditation Association of colorado Independent schools Waiting List Usually;special needs Capability Academically gifted, learning disabled, sight impaired
Private School Sample Report
Back to Sample Reports List
Foothills Academy Use your browser's Print button or select Print from the File menu to print this report.
  • Address: 4725 Miller St. City: Wheat Ridge Zip: Phone: Date Founded: Accreditation: Association of Colorado Independent Schools, National Association of Schools Principal: Mary L. Faddick, head of school Contact Person: Carroll Jones, communications director Grades Offered: K-12 Enrollment: Elementary-80, Middle-64, High-60, 50% girls, 50% boys Pupil/Teacher Ratio: Pupil/Classroom Teacher Ratio: Teacher Support: Librarian; teachers for music (2), art, foreign language (4), PE, and theater workshop (3); teacher aides (3) Dress Code: Respectful dress Costs: Tuition $6,030-7,130 year; application fee $100 Scholarships Available: 10-100% of tuition Services: Child care after school 3:30-5:30 PM, organized car pools, handicapped access, lunch Student Profile: Motivated, different learning styles Admission Requirements: Two-day visitation, interview Waiting List: Usually Special Needs Capability: Academically gifted, learning disabled, sight impaired/blind, hearing impaired/deaf, developmentally disabled, physically disabled
  • 5. Social Skills Groups For Special Needs Students
    Significantly disabled or special needs children are often from Dr. Dorothy Todd,Denver Public schools, 2555 Dahlia Street, Denver, colorado, 80207, USA e Presentations/Todd.htm
    Social Skills Groups for Special Needs Students
    Denver Public Schools PURPOSE: Children who have special needs often experience isolation as a result of their disability. They face greater challenges in the area of social skills for many reasons including: self contained classes, missed or misinterpreted peer communications, and delays in language development. Even with partial mainstreaming, social circles are already formed, circles of friendship which the special needs child may find difficult to enter. Significantly disabled or special needs children are often seen by teachers and peers as “coming into” the regular education class as an “outsider,” as opposed to children with minor disabilities who “belong” in the class and “go out” for additional help or therapy. The purpose of the group is to facilitate the development of social skills including: making friends, being a friend, turn-taking, asking for help, initiating conversation, joining social groups, appropriate expression of feelings, recognizing and choosing appropriate behaviors, and “reading” other people These skills are interwoven with pragmatic language skills. TARGET GROUP: Our initial groups focused on hard of hearing children who had been identified with a mild, moderate, or profound hearing loss and placed in a self contained classrooms The curriculum we developed soon proved useful with students who had other disabilities, including ADHD, emotional disabilities, and developmental delays. Reverse mainstreaming was introduced so students in the mainstream classroom, with no identified disability were included also. No students with severe conduct problems or thought disorders were included.

    6. Schools In Broomfield Colorado K-12 Alternative College & Universities Shop Broo
    a preschool for nondisabled youngsters ages 3 Peer models and special needs childrenare integrated in directory of schools broomfield colorado,shop broomfield
    Return To
    Directory/Links To Schools in The City of Broomfield Colorado
    Grade Schools Aspen Creek K-8 School

    5500 Aspen Creek Drive
    Broomfield, CO 80020
    Birch Elementary School

    1035 Birch Street
    Broomfield, CO 80020

    13200 Westlake Dr.
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Coyote Ridge Elementary 13770 Broadlands Drive Broomfield, Colorado 80020 Emerald Elementary School 755 West Elmhurst Place, Broomfield, CO 80020 Kohl Elementary School 1000 W 10th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020 Mountain View Elementary School 12401 Perry St. Broomfield, CO 80020 Ryan Elementary School 5851 W. 115th Ave. Westminster, CO 80020 Sheridan Green Elementary School 10951 Harlan St. Westminster, CO 80020 Middle Schools Top of Page Broomfield Heights Middle School 1555 Daphne Street Broomfield, Colorado Huron Middle School 10900 Huron Northglenn, CO 80234 Mandalay Middle School 9651 Pierce Westminster, CO 80021

    7. Therapy/Respite Camps: Kids With Autism And Other Special Needs
    Information about summer camps for kids with autism and other special needs in the US.Category Health Mental Health Services United States...... Camp Costanoan, in Cupertino, serves disabled children and Boulder Valley schools,Boulder, colorado puts out a needs, Center for Children with special needs.
    Therapy/Respite Camps for Kids
    This page evolves as people tell me about new camps, so if you know of camps that are not listed here, please email me so I can get the information posted here. If you direct a camp that would like a simple WWW page that describes your camp, I'll be pleased to put one up just email a description of the camp to me. Also, please let me know about any other WWW resources to which I should have a link. Thanks!
    What's Here?
    Information about summer camps that focus on therapy for kids with special needs and/or respite for the kids and their families. I have broken it into national categories and regional categories in the USA:
    • United States Apologies in advance if my sense of these regions differs from yours! I also have some links to other potentially useful pages
      Camps in the Northeast (USA)
      • Camp Horizons provides winter weekend get-a-ways, a week long holiday event, and 8 weeks of residential summer camp for children and adults who are mild to moderately mentally handicapped. In South Windham, CT.
      • Camp Hemlocks , in Hebron, is a rustic, barrier-free, year-round camping facility which provides recreational, educational and social programs for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

    8. Appendix: Annotated Bibliography On Charter Schools And Special Education
    these students are classified as learning disabled although all result of a studyof colorado charter schools unable to meet a student's special needs could be
    Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities: Review of Existing Data - November 1998
    Annotated Bibliography on Charter Schools and Special Education
    American Federation of Teachers. (1996). Charter school laws: Do they measure up? Washington, DC: Author.
      Based on the AFT criteria for effective charter legislation, this report analyzes the legislation in 25 states. These criteria reflect accessibility to all students, high academic standards, standardized methods for assessing student performance, collective bargaining agreements for staff, certification of teachers, approval of local school districts, and reporting requirements. None of the state laws met all of the criteria. Although special education was not identified as a particular point of analysis, it was addressed in several of the criteria. For example, effective legislation should start with explicit language that ensures participation of all public school students. Schools that target students on the basis of academic or athletic ability are risking discrimination against students with disabilities. Likewise, schools that recruit "at-risk" students are not inclusive if the definition of "at-risk" is vague. Strategies for assessing student performance need to be adapted to reflect the unique learning styles and curricular needs of students with disabilities. School reporting should include student demographics that reflect the special needs of its students.
    Emerging Issues in Charter School Financing

    9. Myth #6 : Charter Schools Promote Equity
    This is true in colorado, where only a few of approximately 7,000 enrolled studentswere special education students were meeting the needs of disabled children
    Myth #6 : Charter schools promote equity
    Reality: There is growing evidence that charter schools promote inequity everywhere they have appeared. Despite their genesis in the political Right, charter school advocates have appropriated the language of the Left: "[The affluent] do not need charter schools. The poor and the disadvantaged, however, have never had such choices. It is they and their children in poor schools and programs who need charter schools." (Freedman, 1996, p. 34) Yet scratch the surface, and it becomes clear that for some proponents of charter schools and other schools of choice, equity is the problem, not the goal. According to John Chubb, the problem with public schools is that they " ‘must take whoever walks in the door.’ " (Kozol, 1993, p. 18) Who Chooses? Who Loses? Culture, Institutions, and the Unequal Effects of School Choice , the available empirical research concludes that "increasing educational choice is likely to increase separation of students by race, social class, and cultural background." (p. 189) The authors found this to be true even when choice programs are designed specifically to reduce inequities (Henig, 1996; Lee, Croninger & Smith, 1996; Martinez, Godwin & Kemerer, 1996; Waterman & Murnane, 1992; Wells, 1996; Witte, 1996) – suggesting that good intentions cannot overcome the gravitational forces of competition applied to schools.

    10. KinderStart - Child Development : Special Needs Child
    Child Development special needs Child schools/Organizations. schools/Organizations Alabama schools/Organizations colorado. schools/Organizations Connecticut. schools
    KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Child Development : Special Needs Child

    Web Pages
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    • A.D.D. Consults
      A.D.D. Consults offers psychoeducational services to individuals, families and professionals via private e-mail. For those who live in areas where information on Attention Deficit Disorder may be scarce.
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    • "The Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed and Unseen Disability"
      Sensory Integration Dysfunction-This paper will explain sensory integration dysfunction to the point of understanding the nature of this unseen (and often misdiagnosed) disability, as well as its psychological, emotional, learning and social effects on the individual.
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    • Abilitations Abilitations is the industries leading children's therapy and special needs catalog with product mix including movement, special education, sensory integration, adapted play and more. Add/View Comments
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    • Ability OnLine Ability OnLine is a friendly and safe computer friendship network where children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses connect to each other as well as to their friends, family members, caregivers and supporters.

    11. KinderStart - Child Development : Special Needs Child : Schools/Organizations
    Disabilities Programs The schools on our list are schools for Learning training, assistance,and support to parents of disabled and special needs children.
    KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Special Needs Child : Schools/Organizations

    Web Pages
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    12. City And County Of Broomfield
    Also, a preschool for nondisabled youngsters ages 3 Peer models and special needschildren are integrated in University of colorado at Boulder, (303) 492-6301
    @import url(Style.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/ Home Contact Us Links Español ...
    View Public Schools by School District
    (listed alphabetically by school name) or View public schools by school district Public Schools Aspen Creek K-8 School
    5500 Aspen Creek Drive
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Birch Elementary School 1035 Birch Street
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Broomfield Heights Middle School 1555 Daphne St.
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Broomfield High School 1 Eagle Way
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Centennial Elementary School 13200 Westlake Drive
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Coyote Ridge Elementary School 13770 Broadlands Drive
    Broomfield, CO 80020 Emerald Elementary School 755 W. Elmhurst Place
    Broomfield. CO 80020 Horizon High School 5321 E. 136 th Ave.
    Brighton, CO 80601 Huron Middle School 10900 Huron Northglenn, CO 80234 Jefferson Academy Charter School 9955 Yarrow St.

    13. A Bibliography Of Modern Foreign Languages And Special Educational
    with special needs Identification, Placement, the learning disabled a reading http// special.html Mountain Brook schools (1998) special needs
    <K <n <o r>t>u>¬>­>®>Ù>Ú>þ>F?ýûýûûýûýûûûûýûýûöîöêöûöâößöûûö×ößöûöÏößöûöÇößöûj UjCUjU0JjQU>*B*jxU jU65Nè6È789Ù9¢:i; <Uj4;Ujs:U0Jj:9U jU65S-€õ‚ ‚Zƒòƒn„ª…T†à†Ì‡Šˆÿˆ¥‰VŠ‹‹7Œ¸Œ9ÈÈŽiîX©‘a‘ýýýûýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýýõ‚ ‚Zƒòƒn„ª…T†à†Ì‡Šˆÿˆ¥‰VŠ‹‹7Œ¸Œ9ÈöðæÜÒȾ´ª –Œ‚xndZPF <¼ôÿÿ  ­=õÿÿ  ¬¾õÿÿ  «2öÿÿ  ªðöÿÿ  ©Ÿ÷ÿÿ  ¨Pøÿÿ  §öøÿÿ  ¦kùÿÿ  ¥)úÿÿ  ¤ûÿÿ  £¡ûÿÿ  ¢Küÿÿ  ¡‡ýÿÿ   þÿÿ  Ÿ›þÿÿ  žUÿÿÿ  ðÿÿÿ  œ Œÿÿ£éÿÿ  ›~ƒ×ƒK„^„_„a„€„·„„Ä„;… Ž?Ž@ŽOŽPŽŽ‘Ž’ŽÆŽÇŽÙŽB×ßàá6HW’¤©ãýýûýöîöëöýýýýûýýýûýûýûýûýûýåàýýýýýýûöØöëöýýûÕÑÕÑ0J60Jjó>UOJQJ 6OJQJ0JjÎ

    14. The Resource Exchange Is A Member Of The CACCB (Colorado) Providing Community Se
    Inc.Training and Employment for disabled Children and Physical and Mental DisabilitiesThe colorado Easter Seal Software for special needs Don Johnston, Inc.
    The Resource Exchange Links
    Developmental Disabilities Services (State of Colorado) Colorado Association of Community Centered Boards Websites
    Community Options Incorporated

    Denver Options, Inc.

    Developmental Disabilities Center

    Developmental Disabilities Resource Center
    The Opportunities for the disabled Foundation
    Helps Provide Special Needs
    Closing The Gap, Inc.
    Applications of Microcomputer Technology for the Disabled
    Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Associations

    College For Living
    Continuing Education for People with Mental Disabilities
    The Hayden E. Smith Foundation,Inc.

    National Academy for Child Development
    Easter Seal Society of Washington One A.D.D. Place Attention Deficit Disorder Paulsen and Co Services for the Disabled and the Elderly A Vast Amount of ADA Legal Resources FTP Site Table of Cases Disability Laws and Regulations (ADA...) Berkeley Systems Access Software for Visually Impaired People Association for Special Kids (ASK) Index of Non-Profits Bethphage Mission for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Metroplitan Society for Crippled Children and Adults Mt. Clemens Michigan

    15. About The Author/Webmaster
    awards for it's housing for the disabled program Those neighborhoods were dominatedby colorado Fuel and Iron (CF special needs Transportation Handbook (©, 1998
    Dr. Ray Turner
    AKA "White Buffalo"
    Educational Background:
    Bachelor of Arts,
    University of Northern Colorado,
    Greeley, Colorado
    Major: Secondary Special Education-Mental Retardation. May, 1966.
    Minor: Sociology

    Master of Science,
    University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
    Graduate Fellow of the United States Office of Education (USOE). Thesis topic: The Mentally Retarded Offender. October, 1970.

    Doctor of Education,
    University of Northern Colorado.
    Greeley, Colorado
    Dissertation Topic: Guilford's Structure of Intellect and the Social Intelligence of Juvenile Delinquents. August, 1975.
    Professional Experience
    Special Education Transportation Coordinator
    Northside Independent School District,
    San Antonio, Texas
    As the Special Education Transportation Coordinator for a school district of 73,000 students (K-12) I supervise 2,700 exceptional students who daily ride 155 special education buses. Seveny-five (83) of those school buses are lift-equipped and air conditioned. There are more than 300+ personnel who lovingly and carefully transport exceptional students out of three transportation centers across a school district of 350 square miles in urban-suburban-rural San Antonio and NW Bexar County. Northside
    Independent School District is the 49th largest district in the
    United States.

    16. Food Service Resource List Special Needs
    Ferguson Denver, CO University of colorado Health Sciences can enhance nutritionto special needs infants and feeding for the developmentally disabled a how
    Food and Nutrition Information Center
    National Agricultural Library/USDA
    10301 Baltimore Avenue, Room 304
    Beltsville, MD 20705-2351
    Food Service Resource List
    Special Needs
    August 1997

    The resources selected for this list contain reliable information and are available nationwide. Your local library or bookstore can help you locate these books, journals, and audiovisuals. Other items can be obtained from the source listed. The call numbers provided are for the National Agricultural Library. Lending information is provided at the end of this document.
    In alphabetical order:
    Accommodating children with special dietary needs in the school nutrition programs: guidance for school food service staff

    Washington, DC: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Service, 1995. 61 p. CALL NO: aLB3479 U6A23 1995 Summary: Describes some of the factors which must be considered in the early phases of planning for substitutions to the regular school meal which must be made to accommodate children with disabilities. Suggests ways in which the school food service can interact with other responsible parties in the school and the community at large to serve children with disabilities. Annotated bibliography: nutrition management for children with special needs 2nd edition Cross, Beverly; and National Food Service Management Institute

    17. S
    Services for Developmentally disabled in colorado Springs. SibKids For YoungSiblings of Children with special needs. Sibling Support Project.
    HandiNet's Disability Links
    Safe Guard Surfacing Corp. playground safety surfacing SAFE-T-CHILD - Safety Info for Kids SafeTek International, Inc. Saint Johns Electronic Rehabilitation Gopher Site Sam Home, The Specially Adapted Manufactured Home Sammons Preston A Bissell Healthcare Company CIL San Francisco AIDS Foundation San Francisco Down Syndrome Association San Francisco Exploratorium Disabled Access Program Sangre de Cristo Independent Living Center Pueblo CIL SATIS Software SAY - Text-to-speech interface using ASCII/phenomes Sch of the Future S.A. Schizencephaly Schizophrenia Website Schools for the Deaf on the Web ... SCUBATRUST, The Diving for People with Disabilities Screen Magnifiers Homepage SEARCH.COM Seat-A-Robics - Excercise for the Disabled Second Power, Inc., The Self Advocacy Home Page Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. SHHH California Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. Self-Help Clearinghouse, The Self-Improvement thru Riding Education SEM University of Delaware Semantic Compaction Systems Minspeak S eemoretours Licensed and accredited tour operators specialising in providing wheelchair accessible and private travel packages to South East Queensland - Australia.

    18. Chairman Branstad Contacts About Guides To Set Record Straight
    Jody Swarbrick and Parent to Parent of colorado. . the distinct honor of being themost disabled child to Subscribe to the Parenting special needs Newsletter.
    zfp=-1 About Parenting Special Needs Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Parenting Special Needs
    with Jody Swarbrick
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS What is Reactive Attachment Disorder "Support Center" Start a Support Group ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Advertising Free Credit Report
    Free Psychics

    Chairman Branstad Contacts About Guides to Set Record Straight Iowa A State of Excellence in Special Education
    Related Resources Chairman Branstad Contacts About Guides to Set Record Straight from Special Ed at About.
    Commentary: Senate Amendment would Harm Children
    Contact Numbers for Legislators Editorial Response ... SpecialEd IDEA
    "Recently, the About SpecialEd Website has published a series of articles following Congress’ twists and turns about IDEA funding, IDEA Reauthorization and most recently, President Bush’s Commission for Excellence in Special Education." "In particular an abrasive and very

    horsebackriding center in colorado Springs, where with all kinds of different people with special needs. to a physically and mentally disabled ninth-grader.

    AUTOS JOBS HOMES ... AD SEARCH Search site for: HOME NEWS SPORTS BUSINESS ... Lottery Databases
    Learn more about your neighborhood, city and schools with our searchable databases.
    Terrorist victims

    Election 2001

    2000 Census

    CSAP results
    School report cards
    Denver Square
    See Colorado life through the pen of News editorial cartoonist Ed Stein.
    Click here
    Special Reports
    In-depth and investigative reports from the pages of the Rocky Mountain News. Click here Multimedia Video, 360-degree photography and other multimedia news coverage. Click here E-newsletters Sign up for daily e-News updates and receive the latest local news. Click here Dani Broe Age: Hometown: Colorado Springs Education and experience: A recent University of Colorado at Boulder graduate with a degree in psychology. Student taught at Westminster's Arapahoe Ridge Elementary School. Why teaching? As a freshman, Broe pondered majoring in journalism or medicine, then chose psychology. Friends urged her to become a teacher. "I don't know," she said. "I just feels right." Online extras Video essay, part 1:

    20. Colorado Education Reform | Resources For Teachers
    was to convene A colorado Conversation with is specifically designed to account fortheir special needs. Less severely disabled students take the regular CSAP.
    1. Who developed the CSAP and the model content standards? The CSAP and standards were written in the early to mid-1990s by Colorado educators after meetings across the state were held with teachers, parents, and community members. CSAP assesses how well a child performs on Colorado's academic content standards, which spell out what a child should know and be able to accomplish at each grade level. The best and brightest Colorado teachers - urban, suburban, and rural - were brought together to develop these standards and assessments. 2. How does the Governor support teachers? The first thing Governor Bill Owens did in education was to convene A Colorado Conversation with Educational Leaders on Teacher Quality . This began the discussion on how to better serve teachers, improve teacher quality and professional development and discover what resources are needed for teachers to do their job to the best of their abilities. The Governor's other initiatives for teachers include:
    • $2 million annually in state funding for the Teacher Professional Development Grants - the first time in history state dollars are directly allocated for teacher professional development. These funds assist schools to provide training for teachers to upgrade their skills.

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