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         Composers Music Specific:     more books (100)
  1. Composers On Music: Eight Centuries of Writings
  2. Samuel Barber: The Composer and His Music by Barbara B. Heyman, 1994-05-12
  3. Women Composers: Composers Born Between 1700 and 1799--Large and Small Mixed Ensemble (Women Composers: Music Through the Ages) by Matha Furman Schleifer, 1998-03-01
  4. The Chronicle of Classical Music: An Intimate Diary of the Lives and Music of the Great Composers by Alan Kendall, 2000-09
  5. Women Composers And Music Technology in the United States: Crossing the Line by Elizabeth Hinkle-turner, 2006-03-24
  6. Satie the Composer (Music in the Twentieth Century) by Robert Orledge, 2008-12-04
  7. Woodwind Music of Black Composers (Music Reference Collection)
  8. Great Composers and Their Music: 50 Ready-To-Use Activities for Grade 3-9 (Unit 5) by Audrey J. Adair, 1987-07
  9. An American Romantic Realist Abroad: Templeton Strong & his Music (Composers of North America , No. 4) by Templeton Strong, 1995-12-01
  10. Composers Of Classical Music Of Jewish Descent by Lewis Stevens, 2005-05
  11. The Music of Gershwin (Composers of the Twentieth Century Serie) by Steven E. Gilbert, 1995-10-25
  12. The Music of Charles Ives (Composers of the Twentieth Century Serie) by Philip Lambert, 1997-08-11
  13. Bound for America: Three British Composers (Music in American Life) by Nicholas Temperley, 2008-08-08
  14. The Classic Fm Guide to Classical Music: The Essential Companion to Composers and Their Music by Jeremy Nicholas, 1997-04

1. BUBL LINK 780 Music
780.9 music of specific areas 780.9 music of specific periods 780.92 composers 781 General principles and

2. Music Resources
Stern, Susan. Women composers A Handbook. Browse Duckle's at MUS REF ML 113 .D83,as well as all general and specific music dictionaries and encyclopedias.
A Sample of Biographical Resources on Musicians in the Knight Library
BIOGRAPHICAL RESOURCES BY TYPE: Biographical Dictionaries Directories Indexes American Musicians ... On-line Catalog Sources
General Indexes and Resources
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
2nd ed., v.1-8; supp., 1981-1985 (v.1-5);
1986/1990, v.1-3; 1991; 1992 Available on the web Biography Index
1946 to present [KNIGHT REF Z5301 .B5] Current Biography
1940 - present [KNIGHT REF CT 100 .C8] New York Times Obituaries Index
[KNIGHT REF CT 213 .N47] Obituaries from The Times (LONDON)
[KNIGHT REF CT 120 .O15]
Music-Specific Resources
[A Sampling]
Biographical Dictionaries
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians.
8th ed.
[MUSIC REF. ML 105 .B16 1992]
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .I44 1989] International Who's Who in Music and Musicians' Directory.
[MUSIC REF. ML 106 .G7 W4] (Latest ed.= 17th ed. 2000/2001)
earlier editions in Music stacks.] Sadie, Stanley.
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .N48 2001]
Also available on the web at

3. Women Composers: Internet Resources
Offers a directory of resources that celebrate the achievement of women in the world of music. specific women are included. This page also contains a list of research resources, a link to MIRLYN's Women composers Collection, a list of music
Women Composers: A Bibliography
of Internet Resources
You are visitor #
Introduction Listings of Composers Discographies Miscellaneous Resources ... Women Performers' Personal Home Pages NOTICE: This website will soon be changing webmasters and moving to a new address. The site will remain at this address until the new one is up and running.
At that time, I will provide a link at this address to the new one.
To update or add a site to this page, please send your e-mail to the new webmaster at:
For centuries the achievements of women have gone unrecognized since women were considered to be the secondary sex, and since social customs did not allow them to openly express and demonstrate their talents. Only in this century has society recognized women as equal citizens and appreciated their abilities. Along with this comes the awareness and recognition of women composers, many of whom we are still discovering. Their musical works, unknown for many years, is now experiencing a great awakening. Many of their works have been made available and are being performed. Research on the topic has also increased, producing both printed and on-line resources. ... [Top of Page]
Bibliography and Reference Tools
Canadian Women in Music: A selective Bibliography
This selective list of print resources on Canadian women composers was compiled by Cheryl Gillard of the Music Division of the National Library of Canada. No annotations are given.

4. DW3 Classical Music Resources : Index
A well organized, well maintained index of 1,500 classical music links, including homepages, chronologies, and necrologies of composers; genrespecific pages, databases, and other scholarly resources. From the Duke University music Library.

Composer Homepages Chronologies and Necrologies National and Regionally Oriented Pages ... Databases Search DW3: Duke Music Library Online Catalog Research Databases ... Questions and comments
Duke University Music Library, Durham, NC USA.
Last update: Thursday, 06-Feb-2003 10:07:36 EST

5. WWW VL Classical Music Composers
If you know of a WWW page for a composer who is not listed here, please use the submission form which also has a link to a standard mailto option. specific composer, check out the categories listed below (Baroque, Classical, etc.).; information on Baroque composers

6. Music Download
Directory of all music genres, free downloads, music news.Category Business Arts and Entertainment music Directories...... Karaoke. Business and Companies, Computer Karaoke.. Movie music Movie Videos. Artist specific, Directors, Videos On Demand.. Production Support.

advanced search
Amazing Sites!
Free Music Download !

Music Video Download !
... Associations Hot Music Sites - Updated ! Add Me ! improvo News Korn Drummer Back In Top Form
New Found Glory Happy To Throw 'Sticks And Stones' At Warped Crowd

Enrique Iglesias To Spend July 4 Doing What He Does Best

Counting Crows' Duritz Talks 'Pledge Of Allegiance' Controversy
Caricatured Bush, Blair Seen Dancing in New Video

7. Music Periods And Composers
Teacher Oz's music Periods specific composers has moved
has moved:

8. SoundtrackNet - The Art Of Film And Television Music
here's a good start. music specific Searches. The list is focused on the musicof the composers who write the background scores for films.
Quicktime Access Controls Various Page Widgets NEWS FEATURES REVIEWS SOUNDTRACKS ... ABOUT Search Resources Site Search Search our site at SoundtrackNet for soundtrack information, composer entires, and all other manner of things. Internet Resources Useful internet resources and search engines that will allow you to broaden your search for film and telelvision music. Music Specific Searches Music related search engines will allow you to only do your search in catalogs that deal with music and realated topics. Film Specific Searches If you're looking for film related information to go with that soundtrack you just bought or like, stop here to get more information. Other Useful Catalogs Inevitably, everybody needs a little help from their friends... here's a good start. Music Specific Searches Filmmusic Search Engine Match All Terms Any Term in Search Index: [ All ] Cinemusic FilmScoreMagic Filmmuziek Filmtracks MovieMusicUK MovieWave ScoreReviews SoundTrackExpress SoundtrackCentral SoundtrackNet Tracksounds
What pages are indexed This search engine is an automatic webcrawler that is monitored while updating. This is necessary to improve the quality of searching. It indexes the actual filmmusic review pages selected from the sites listed in the drop down menu. You can search through the database using any keyword that might appear in a review. The most relevant content will appear at the top of your results. The database is updated very regulary and contains more than 4000 reviews.

9. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Classical Music
Access a database of Classical music historical resources. Search for biographical, academic and commercial information. musical Instruments/Vocal Reference. specific Works and Compositions. Miscellaneous, including educational the UK featuring music of British composers, courtesy of the Ralph
Welcome to the classical music department of the WWW Virtual Library Welcome to the Classical Music library, courtesy of the computer resources of Georgetown Preparatory School . We hope you enjoy your visit. Our shelves are always fully stocked. More titles are constantly being added. HOURS OF OPERATION AND ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR : The library is open all night, seven days a week. Please feel free to bring food and beverages with you. In this library, you have our permission to make noiseactually, we encourage it and hope you enjoy the growing number of audio and MIDI sites on the WWW. We also have a brief history of the WWW Classical Music Library online. This also contains information about past and present librarians. The library is divided into seven sections, each with its own catalog of links. There is also a complete alphabetical index available. This catalog contains an alphabetically indexed listing of every item in each of the sections below. For quick reference, selected items from each section are also shown below. While every attempt is made to keep the library well-stocked, there will inevitably be omissions. If you know of any relevant material accessible via the Web which is not listed in these pages, please inform the librarian via the submission form which also has a link to a standard mailto: option. I try to reply to all submissions whether they are accepted or not (most are accepted). If you have submitted a site and have not received a reply within one month, please feel free to resubmit.

10. Royal Holloway Music Dept's Golden Pages: Main Index
Online sheet music store with superb selection of instock inventory. Easy-to-navigate site, secure transactions, and great customer service. Interactive features for music students, too! symbolic referrence to specific persons, places, or things and/or events in some way associated with the music. periods, though many twentieth-century composers have also applied the
Department of Music
The Golden Pages: Links for musicians on the WWW
T hese links are offered purely informally: they do not reflect any opinions or judgments on the part of the Department. We have no control, of course, over their content and availability. If you find that any of these links are out of date or do not work, we would be glad of the information.
Classified links
  • Bibliographical aids and links Bookshops and other sources for buying books and music Citation guides for internet sources Composers' home pages and other resources arranged primarily by individual composer Conferences in music Dictionaries and encyclopedias Dissertation abstracts in music Journals online for musicians, music theorists and musicologists ... Text collections online (including music treatises, libretti, Bibles, classical texts, etc) University and college music department and faculty home pages (comprehensive worldwide listing)
  • Unclassified links (alphabetical)
  • Aberdeen Bach Choir Academic music resources on the Internet ("Research and Study", Indiana) Academic music resources on the Internet ("MUSIC RESOURCES ONLINE", part of a Mellon Foundation-sponsored project on information technology and music scholarship, by the Institute for Academic Technology at the University of North Carolina)
  • 11. Music Guides
    M2.R2381. Sources for specific Instruments Boenke, Heidi M. Flute music bywomen composers an annotated catalog. New York Greenwood Press, 1988.
    RESOURCES INDEX: Encyclopedias Library Catalogs Indexes Journals ... Web Sites
    I. To get an overview of your topic(s), try:
    The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
    [MUS. REF. M 100. N48]
    A good general starting point for information on composers and music.
    Look under: Romantic; names of countries, Art music (subdivided by period); instrument names (subdivided by period); composers' names, etc.)
    Other dictionaries interesting and useful to consult:
    The New Grove dictionary of opera.
    [MUSIC REF. ML102.O6 N5 1992b]
    The Norton/Grove dictionary of women composers.
    [MUSIC REF. ML105 .N38 1995]
    II. To find books on your topics, try:
    [Available on the web (click on the JANUS logo above) or from your Oregon mail $ prompt by typing in: telnet janus Look in the subject section under:
    Music 19th Century (Add Subdivisions, Such As: Analysis Appreciation; Chronology; Discography; History And Criticism; Performance; Philosophy And Aesthetics, etc.)
    Music Theory 19th Century
    Organ Music19th Century
    Piano Music19th Century
    Instrumental Music 19th Century.

    12. UNT Libraries:  Subject Guide:  Music
    Resource Manuals an extensive ongoing series with manuals on individual composers.BioBibliographies in music from Greenwood Press. music-specific Writing Guides

    BOOKS, SCORES, AND SOUND RECORDINGS To look up books on music, scores, and sound recordings, first consult the Online Catalog The Online Catalog contains both materials added to the collections since 1979 and numerous older materials; for additional older materials, please consult the card catalogs in the Music Library. You can search by subject, author, composer, or title in either kind of catalog. ABSTRACTS AND INDEXES - ELECTRONIC
    These are available by clicking the hotlinks below, by using the Libraries' Electronic Resources access page:
    and searching resource titles, or by searching resource titles in the Libraries' online catalog: Please note: go to and follow appropriate links to learn how you can get electronic resources from home.

    13. BUBL LINK 780.9 Music Of Specific Areas
    780.9 music of specific areas. Location russia Files on Russian Classical musicLinks to Russian music resources covering composers such as Borodin

    14. Music Periods And Composers
    Different music Periods specific composers. Updated July 10, 2002.EARLY music AND INSTRUMENTS GENERAL TIMELINE Classical music
    Updated July 10, 2002

    TIMELINE: Classical Music

    Essentials of Music: Eras

    Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Genres

    Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Musical Periods
    Classical Music History Timelines on the Web ... The History Beat

    Ancient Music

    More Ancient Music Neanderthal Flute Bronze Age Horns - Introduction Aristotle on Music (384-322 BC) ... Roman Musical Instruments For more, visit my General Ancient History Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece , and Ancient Rome pages. What is early music? Early Music FAQ Medieval and Renaissance Music - Early Music Resources MUSIC OF THE MIDDLE AGES AND RENAISSANCE ... Medieval music more Medieval Music Music of the Renaissance Gregorian Chant Home Page Why is chant called Gregorian? ... Early Music on the Web ... The Classical Music Beat - currently down. For more, please visit my Middle Ages and Renaissance pages. BAROQUE - ROMANTIC - CLASSICAL - 19TH CENTURY Eighteenth-Century Resources Music THE SONATA CYCLE 17th-century music THE BAROQUE ERA (1600 1750) ... Baroque Music on the Web ... The Classical Music Beat - currently down. Romantic Period on the Web ... The Classical Music Beat

    15. Music Cataloging At Yale
    Collection of specialized information of use to music catalogers.Category Reference Libraries Technical Services Cataloguing...... Work numbers for uniform titles for composers whose works are assigned numbersother than opus numbers or in addition to opus numbers ° Bach musicspecific.
    Cataloging at Yale Irving S. Gilmore Music Library Music Cataloging at Yale Call numbers Music cataloging resources Authority control and NACO Uniform titles ... Bindery and marking Other music cataloging web sites
    Online catalogs
    WebVoyage (Yale staff use only) WorldCat New Grove, 2nd ed. (Yale IP addresses only) Yale University Library Staff Resources WWW ready reference biographical information Weather status for Yale University Hoaxes, viruses, scams, and spam ... United States
    Call numbers

    16. Australasian Performing Right Association : APRA : Supporting New Zealand Songwr
    arrangements, the vast majority of the world's composers, writers and music publishers thissite will carry news and information that is specific to New
    Your browser does not support script The Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA). By arrangement, APRA also administers the rights of AMCOS. represents virtually all music publishers in Australia and New Zealand and, by way of reciprocal arrangements, the vast majority of the world's composers, writers and music publishers. This site is hosted by the New Zealand branch of APRA. While the principal site carries the overall membership, licensing and administration information that applies to both NZ and Australia, this site will carry news and information that is specific to New Zealand as well as having links to the various sections of the principal site. click here to visit the NZ Music Month
    May 2003 website click here to view photos of Pasifika
    8 March 2003 Privacy Notice Complaints Procedure Feedback
    : john allison

    17. Paul James' Modern Music Review
    A review guide to 20th Century Classical music.Category Arts music Composition composers Contemporary...... Readers how wish to contribute short overviews of the music of specific composers,for example, are welcome to do so, especially for composers who have not yet
    An online overview and guide to aspects of 20th Century Classical Music and of Contemporary Celtic Folk Music Last updated on November 28, 2000 20th Century Classical Music Composers A-D
    Alwyn, Arnold, Barber, Bartok, Bax, Bridge, Britten, Copland, Dutilleux Composers E-M
    Finzi, Holmboe, Holst, Ireland, Janacek, Martland, Martinu, Mathias, Maxwell-Davies, Messiaen, Moeran Composers N-R
    Composers S

    Schnittke, Shostakovich, Simpson, Szymanowski Composers T-Z
    Tavener, Tippett, Tubin, Vaughan Williams, Walton, Yoshimatsu Top Symphonies Click here to see my Top 30 list of favourite symphonies, as well as lists of my favourite concerti, orchestral works, choral/song works and chamber works.
    Reviews of other classical CD collections which do not fit into the A-Z list.
    Missing Composers Index
    A list of composers not included in my reviews but suggested by readers, with some descriptions and links.
    Celtic Folk Music etc. Scottish Music
    Capercaillie, Deaf Shepherd, Dick Gaughan, William Jackson, Dougie MacLean, Ossian, Sileas, Andy M. Stewart, Tannahill Weavers, Wolfstone Irish Music
    Altan, Anuna, Bothy Band, Kevin Burke

    18. Joe Gallant Piano Studio Bookstore - Books About Pianists, Composers, Music Hist
    guide ranks the top 50 classical composers, provides a Goulding offers specific recommendationsfor the best CDs, concise explanations of music terms, and
    in association with
    Books About Pianists, Composers, Music History, and Piano Music Scores
    Books About Piano Study, Technique, Performing, Theory, Music Appreciation, and Career Opportunities
    Music References, Pianos, and Technology
    Brahms "Intermezzo in A Major Op. 118 No. 2"
    Sequence ©1998 Robert Finley
    Joe Gallant Piano Studio is proud to present this affiliate bookstore of Barnes and Noble is a major online bookseller (also offering magazines and computer software) with an extensive inventory covering every area of interest. On this Joe Gallant Piano Studio affiliate page, you will find recommendations for the finest piano and music books on the market. In addition to the specific books mentioned here, you will find below a search form to access the entire catalog of materials available from Any materials purchased through a link from this page will result in a small commission being paid to Joe Gallant Piano Studio by I very much appreciate your support of this program and hope you find the following selections to be of use and interest to you. Search by: Keyword Title Author
    Alfred Cortot's Studies in Musical Interpretation
    by Alfred Cortot, Jeanne Thieffry

    19. Music Learning Examples - Discover
    Use the Discover topic New Zealand composers and music in the These list articlesand reviews of specific works and also CDs of the featured composers.
    You are here: Discover Teacher info Sitemap Getting started ... Contact
    For in Music Visual Arts
    Search tips
    Advanced search Login Browse topics ... Visual Arts Music Learning Examples Discover is particularity valuable for the Understanding Music in Context Strand for The Arts curriculum. For example:
    • Understanding Music in Context
      • Level 6
        Students will compare and contrast a range of musical styles and genres in relation to past and present contexts. Level 7
        Students will describe, analyse, compare, and contrast a range of musical styles and genres in relation to past and present contexts. Level 8
        Students will investigate the purposes and significance of music in society and research a range of styles and genres of music in relation to past and present contexts.
      The following learning examples appear under Unwrapping the Arts - Music which can be accessed on the Te Kete Ipurangi - The Online Learning Centre website (

    20. Course Specific Guide - Music 50-03
    sceniccostume-lighting designers, actors librettists, lyricists, composers as well areseveral listed below that are specific to the discipline of music.
    Course-Specific Bibliography DeWitt Wallace Library Research Guide Selected Sources for Music
    Introduction to Musical Theatre Performance Librarian to Contact:
    Jean Beccone
    via email at:
    P age Last Updated:
    Guides to Music Research
    REF ML 113 B85 1987)

    William S. Brockman. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1987. MUSIC REFERENCE AND RESEARCH MATERIALS: an Annotated Bibliography (REF ML 113 D83 1997)
    5th ed. Vincent H. Duckles and Ira Reed.. New York: Schirmer Books, 1997. Return to Top
    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

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