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         Computer Tutorials:     more books (138)
  1. Architectural Alternatives for Exploiting Parallelism (Ieee Computer Society Press Tutorial) by David J. Lilja, 1992-04
  2. Advanced Functional Programming: Second International School, Olympia, WA, USA, August 26 - 30, 1996, Tutorial Text (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  3. Computers and Microprocessors: Components and Systems (Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering Series: No. 4) by A.C. Downton, 1990-08
  4. Versacad Tutorial: A Practical Approach to Computer-Aided Design (Computer Graphics Technology & Management Series) by Carol Buehrens, 1988-10
  5. Tutorial: Vlsi Support Technologies : Computer-Aide Design, Testing, and Packaging
  6. Computer Vision: Advances and Applications (Ieee Computer Society Press Tutorial) by Ramesh Jain, Rangachar Kasturi, 1992-01
  7. Tutorial: Computer and Network Security/Order No Dq756 (Tutorial Series) by Marshall D. Abrams, Harold J. Podell, 1986-12
  8. Groupware: Software for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (Ieee Computer Society Press Tutorial /Microfiche) by David Marca, Geoffrey Bock, 1994-11
  9. Computers and Microprocessors: Components and Systems (Tutorial guides in electronic engineering series) by A. C. Downton, 1992-05
  10. Foundations of Security Analysis and Design III: FOSAD 2004/2005 Tutorial Lectures (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Security and Cryptology) (v. 3)
  11. Tutorial Computers for Artificial Intelligence Applications by Benjamin Wah, G. J. Li, 1986-06
  12. Visual Programming Environments: Paradigms and Systems (IEEE Computer Society Press tutorial) by Ephraim P. Glinert, 1990-07
  13. Peter Norton's Introduction to Computers: Excel 97 Tutorial by Peter Norton, 1997-10
  14. Software Engineering: A European Perspective (Ieee Computer Society Press Tutorial) by Richard H. Thayer, 1993-08

61. - Computer Graphics Research
Projects, tutorials and links on multiple 3D engines, landscape rendering, physics animation and game development.


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Monday, 23 April 2001
CNode Bugfix I've uploaded a better version of the CNode class . There was a little bug when detaching. Should work oke now. I also removed some functions, and made the pointers public. There's a simple recursive function to find the root node from any node in the tree.
I'm still using this class at the very base of my engine. I'm also using it for my tool, screensaver and now I think about it - I'm actually using it for everything . And it still works great!
I hope it's usefull - have fun, Bas. Sunday, 22 April 2001 I was expecting the undo/redo history to be quite difficult, and the cut/copy/paste to be easy. The opposite was true. Programming the history was easy (and recommended!), but to copy a block of data from ++ classes with internal pointers to a global memory block is a pain. (This global memory is used by windows so you can copy/paste between applications) When I'll implement saving of my own file format, I guess I need datastructures with indices instead of pointers anyway. Maybe this datastructure can be easily adjusted to copy/paste using the clipboard. Anyway - I chose not to use the Windows clipboard, and to simply go with a simple local copy.

62. CALI ®: The Center For Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
A consortium of over 170 law schools which offers over 100 computerbased legal tutorials for use by law students at member institutions.
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
CALI is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of law schools that researches and develops computer-mediated legal instruction and supports institutions and individuals using technology in legal education.
About CALI
Site Index Sign-In Search CALI THINGS FOR
Law Students

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CALI Lessons
CALI Author ...
TEKNOIDS.NET - The Home of Teknoids
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Register Now! Thursday-Saturday, June 19-21, 2003 Duke Law School CALI Announces Faculty Fellowships in Remedies and Trademark Law . Application Deadline is April 1, 2003. Albany Law School Distance Learning Survey CALI Survey: How many: PCs, Users, IT Staff? CALI Survey Results: How do you track helpdesk requests?

63. 3D CAFE FREE Models, Tutorials, Textures, Software, Plugins, Web Tools
Resource for 3D computer graphics and animation enthusiasts. Includes galleries, tutorials, models, classifieds, and message boards.

64. Home-page
Showcasing multilayered 2/3D still and animated computer rendered graphics, and tutorials on how they were created. Shockwave

65. Tutorialfind - Computer Hardware Tutorials
computer Hardware tutorials. Please select a type Add Tutorial. These arethe most visited tutorials in the computer Hardware category, Name, Ver.
Quick Search
Tutorial Categories Newest Tutorials 3D Software

Computer Basics
... Add Tutorial
Computer Hardware Tutorials Please select a type... BIOS Capture Cards Cases CPUs CPUs - Overclocking Digital Cameras Drives Hardware Basics Keyboards Memory Mice Modems Monitors Motherboards Network Cards Printers Scanners Sound Cards Speakers Storage Video Cards Order by... Name Version Date Submitted Date Created Visits Add Tutorial These are the most visited tutorials in the Computer Hardware category Name
Ver Computer basics Hardware Basics

The basics of Computer Hardware are explained in this tutorial.
Build Your Own PC
Hardware Basics - Created 31/May/1999
Learn how to build your own PC as we take you through the process step-by-step! (HardwareCentral)
Repair Common PC Problems Tutorial
Hardware Basics
Make Your PC Work Better
Hardware Basics

Learn how to print painlessly, improve your Internet connection, and avoid crashes in this how-to guide. (ZDNet) CPU Overclocking Tutorial CPUs - Overclocking Motherboard Tutorial Motherboards Motherboard Tutorial - Includes a description, what to look for, and recommendations on what to buy. Identifying A Motherboard Motherboards Building a PC Hardware Basics How Microprocessors Work Hardware Basics You will learn how fairly simple digital logic techniques allow a computer to do its job, whether its playing a game or spell checking a document! (HowStuffWorks)

66. WorkSpace Resources - Major Search Engines & Directories - Resources For Searchi
Search engines, directories and indices. Business directories, computer hardware and software info, publicity, graphics and marketing tips, and services.

67. Free Cumshots
Free online help for those who are new to computers. Has a variety of tutorials.
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68. Home
A computer club in Mission Viejo, California offering workshops, tutorials and personalized training for new users.
The number of unique visitors to this web site since 17 April 1999 currently stands at
If you are interested in more detailed data on visitor traffic statistics such as average daily hits, pages visited and country location of web site visitors, CLICK HERE Click on the graphic below for a local weather forecast This web site is optimized for a screen resolution of 1024x768, but may be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 800x600. Although this web site is primarily devoted to club members for communication of events, activities and promotion of continuous learning, other visitors are more than welcome. You will hopefully find useful information that will enhance your computing experience. Please navigate the site by clicking on the blue oval buttons and always feel free to contact the webmaster if you have any comments or suggestions that you feel will enhance the value of this site. The Palmia Computer Club is proud to be affiliated with the organizations shown below. Click on the logos to visit their web sites The web page hit counters are courtesy of
This page last updated on Tuesday, March 25, 2003

69. Computer Arts Tutorials: Photoshop, Flash, HTML, 3D And More
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Get all the latest tutorials, quality cover CD, and never miss an issue... Waiting for your big break? Latest tutorials Here are the latest tutorials we've put online. Navigate the sections on the left to find more... Indesign 2.0 Producing PDFs for print is now easier than ever, thanks to InDesign. Here we look at the do's and don'ts, preflighting and editing with Enfocus PitStop, and handling transparency Site prototyping with Fireworks MX Need to turn your client's brief into something they can see against a tight deadline? Fireworks MX has the right tools for the task... ...
DHTML dropdown menus

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Computer Arts is a registered trademark of Future Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

70. Badc0ded
White papers, tutorials and source code about secure programming, bugs, buffer overflows, usersupplied format string, exploit coding, shellcode programming and assembly. (English and Espa±ol)

71. Grafica, Computer Grafica, Arte Digitale, Gallerie, Risorse, Motore Di Ricerca P
Contains own and user submitted artworks, wallpapers, graphics related news, documents, tutorials and forum. English and Italian
Galleria di immagini ed animazioni realizzate in computer grafica - Motore di ricerca specifico per la grafica, il design e l'arte digitale - I migliori siti di grafica - Risorse, documenti e tutorials - Spazio per gli artisti. Virtual gallery of images and animations made in computer graphics - Search engine for graphics, design and digital arts - The best graphic websites - Resources, documents and tutorials - Free space for artists.

72. Online Dreamweaver Mx Photoshop Tutorials Training Courses
Offers tutorials in Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and other software titles on CD or online.
Online Training courses. Dreamweaver MX , Photoshop Tutorials, Macromedia Flash MX and Adobe Premiere 6. Over 160 different title free online demo, try before you buy. Please select your country USA / Canada All other areas
online dreamweaver photoshop tutorials training courses
Adobe Photoshop 6 Tutorials Training Courses
With over 300 different Photoshop 6.0 tutorials on 8 unique training courses, each CD is split up in to different chapters, making it easy for even a complete novice to quickly master this fantastic Adobe product.
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Dreamweaver 4 Tutorials
Mark Fletcher is the author on this CD, Dreamweaver 4 Tutorials. Mark's easy to follow style makes this Dreamweaver Training Course the ideal choice for beginner and intermediate users alike, watch the movies and then follow along using the courseware on the CD. Dreamweaver MX Tutorials Adobe Premiere 6 Tutorials
The Adobe Premiere 6 Training Courses on CD from VTC have provided thousands of students an easy way to master this Adobe product, the Adobe Premiere 6 Tutorials can be purchased on CD or watch on the on line university.

73. W E L C O M E  T O   K I N G   C O M P U T E R   S E R V I C E S   I N
Offers web and custom applications development. Provides brief tutorials on COBOL and UNIX, with complete listing of skills available.



74. BoxSource Network :: The Computer Reference Network
computer related listings internet security, programming, hardware. Free tutorials. Multilanguage.
Request a Feature Computer Hardware
Peripherals ... Unix/Linux
Top Rated Tutorials Beej's Guide to Network ... Drawing a Paintbrush ... Robert's Perl Tutorial Picking Up Perl ... Ten Risks of PKI
BoxSource News:
  • Small site usability updates Added JSP category to web Development. BoxSource is in the process of getting a face lift, and improvements in functionality. A bug as been fixed in the search results paging, thanks to the report by a user. The tutorial rating functionality has been updated. If you would like to see categories or functionality added to the site, please use the Request a Feature link at the top of every page.
Top Tutorials Today Creating a Project Plan Hits: 6 Using MFC in C++ Part 1: A Basic ... Hits: 6 C++ Programming HOW-TO Hits: 5 C++ and MFC - by Hits: 4 Estimating Software Costs Hits: 3 Glass Material Hits: 3 ICQ Security Hits: 3 Creating a Simple MFC Program - ... Hits: 3 Text With Sharp Borders Hits: 3 - C++ ... Hits: 2

75. Computer Journal
Offers hardware, software, and game reviews, reports, and tutorials.
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76. Index
computer animation student Scott Tygett's casual tutorials for Inspire 3D, the student's Lightwave 3D, are thumbnailed and include a tipathon.
Free web page hosting ::
Join 3D Ring
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77. Computer Networking - Tutorials - FTP Firewalls DSL VPN P2P Intranets
Site offers coverage of computer network technology in basic networks, VPN, Web servers, Intranets Category computers Software Networking...... Hi, I'm Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to computer Networking. I can help you findwhat you need to know about computer Networking. computer Networking.
zfp=-1 About Computer Networking Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Computer Networking
with Bradley Mitchell
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Glossary IP Tutorials Product Picks ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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In The Spotlight Fri, Apr 4, 2003
Ethernet Practice Test

Ethernet is a data link and physical layer technology for LANs. This interactive quiz presents essential questions and answers about Ethernet.
More: Ethernet Tutorial - Overview of Ethernet technology basics
More: Ethernet Cables - CAT5 and other forms of Ethernet cabling DSL Practice Test This 10-question quiz covers the basics of DSL including comparisons to traditional dial-up and cable modem, performance, and availability. More: Introduction to DSL - Basics of DSL services and technology More: DSL vs Cable Modem - Pros and cons of DSL and cable modem Peer to Peer - Collaboration and Sharing Survey book of peer-to-peer (P2P) architectures and systems looks at protocols and software, deployment, security and legal issues. Product Reviews: Harnessing the Power - All about P2P as a disruptive technology More: - Article introduces key P2P concepts Today's Computer Networking Headlines Computer Sciences lands contracts Network Associates makes security buy OpenOffice gets programming kit (Headlines updated regularly throughout the day) Did You Know?

78. Fieldbus Technology - An Outstanding Foundation Fieldbus Training Tutorial On CD
computer based process control training for Foundation Fieldbus and other applications.
Your Hightech Fieldbus Learning Solution Home Products Content Order Downloads ... Future
Foundation Fieldbus Concepts
A comprehensive self-paced learning module on CD-ROM Used in Lee College's Fieldbus FOUNDATION certified training curriculum Our tutorials come with a no-risk satisfaction guarantee
Fieldbus Press
Order Now!
  • Stay current with leading-edge process control technology
  • Suitable for students, techs, engineers and the sales force
  • Easy-to-understand multimedia presentation technology
  • Training from introductory through advanced concepts
  • Provides computer-based training and reference material

  • You will learn about the wiring and physical components that make up a Foundation Fieldbus system including host computers and fieldbus instruments. You also will learn about the software configuration of a fieldbus system to develop control strategies using function blocks distributed in the field. The tutorial also covers details regarding the inner workings of Foundation Fieldbus communications. You will gain an understanding of the three different types of bus communications and their purposes. We reinforce the learning process by showing and explaining actual bus communications captured using a bus monitor.
    You will also explore plug'-n'-play operation, interoperability between instruments from different manufacturers, the benefits of Foundation Fieldbus technology, High Speed Ethernet (HSE), and much more. After you complete our Foundation Fieldbus Concepts tutorial, you will know the technology and be ready for hands-on fieldbus projects.

    79. - The Tutorial Website
    Online tutorial listings for over 50000 Internet and computer related tutorials online.Category computers Education Internet Help and tutorials...... Tutorial on networking. Networking tutorials - Barnett computer Services. computer Training, Html Tutorial plus many other tutorials. - more German.
    The only bookmark you need for tutorials Search: For Tutorials Encyclopedia Courses Entire Web Subjects Advertisement
    Encyclopedia Courses Directory ... Education
    Subjects 1 - 50 of 3757 Next 50 >>
    Simply Search For Tutorials Encyclopedia Courses Entire Web Subjects

    About TutorGig Suggest a Tutorial Advertise with Us ... Privacy Statement

    80. > Resources, Reviews, And News For Multimedia Creators And Enthu
    computer video editing and production, hardware and software reviews, tutorials, news, and forums.
    home article index hardware software ... user reviews
    recent articles
    Ideal Monitor Size?

    Quiet PC 2

    Nero 5

    Flat Screen TVs
    Net Music Guide

    Multimedian Madman says: The SBlive Value makes a great hardware sampler. You can install hack ASIO drivers and get really low latency
    On The Horizon: Creative has just announced a brand new flagship sound card called Audigy (priced at $99 and $199) - this card features 24bit/96khz but only on output, ASIO drivers, 4 channel recording, finally the most interesting feature - firewire ports (which can be used to hook up your camcorder as well as other firewire devices)
    User Reviews: Camcorders
    Digital Cameras
    Sound Cards Speakers ... Video Games Everything you need to know about... Video Editing Digital TV Web/Graphic Design DV Camcorders ... Making Music *guides are updated as technology changes JVC's Upcoming Consumer HD camcorder JVC appears to be the first electronics company to offer consumers both hi definition video and wide screen capability with their upcoming innovative DV/Mpeg2 hybrid HD camcorder. Easy Two Track Audio Recording on a Budget You will likely spend far more time working on song demos/sketches than recording tracks that will be heard by the public. When it comes to recording demos or song sketching convenience is really more important than pristine sound quality.

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