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         Connecticut Geography:     more books (100)
  1. Connecticut (Rookie Read-About Geography) by Susan Evento, 2005-03
  2. Near the Long Tidal River: Readings in the Historical Geography of Central Connecticut by Thomas R. Lewis, 1981-02
  3. Connecticut: A Geography (Geographies of the United States) by Thomas R. Lewis, John E. Harmon, 1986-09
  4. Mainstream and ebb: Readings in the geography of Connecticut by Thomas R Lewis, 1986
  5. Connecticut (Rookie Espanol) (Spanish Edition) by Susan Evento, 2006-03
  6. Stories in Stone: How Geology Influenced Connecticut History and Culture (Garnet Books) by Jelle Zeilinga de Boer, 2009-07-21
  7. Connecticut Bingo: Geography Edition by Carole Marsh, 2001-07
  8. Connecticut Historical Collections: Containing a General Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, &c. Relating to ... Connecticut with Geographical Descriptions by John Warner Barber, 1999-09-01
  9. Geography of Connecticut by Henry Turner Burr 1874- [from old catalog], 1921-12-31
  10. Connecticut Geography Projects: 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do! (Connecticut Experience) by Carole Marsh, 2003-05
  11. Geography of Connecticut by City: Geography of Hartford, Connecticut, Geography of New Haven, Connecticut, Metacomet Ridge
  12. Geography of Connecticut: List of Mountains and Summits in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Litchfield Hills, Coastal Connecticut
  13. Geography of Connecticut by W. S. Dakin, 1926
  14. Connecticut Geography Introduction: Cannondale, Connecticut, Gaylordsville, Mayberry Village, Mount Frissell, Plantsville, Mohawk State Forest

1. Connecticut: Geography, Maps And Information
Connecticut. Maps Geography and Data. Maps. Infoplease Atlas Mapof Connecticut A large and detailed map of the state that includes
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Maps Geography and Data
Infoplease Atlas Map of Connecticut
A large and detailed map of the state that includes many cities along with major highways. Blank Outline Map of Connecticut
A free blank outline map to print out for educational, school, or classroom use. Merriam-Webster Map of Connecticut
A fantastic clear and detailed map along with basic geographic facts from Merriam-Webster. Color Landform Atlas - Connecticut
A dramatic and colorful relief map of the state - an outstanding display of the topography. Also includes a large 1895 map of the state.
Geography and Data
Infoplease - Connecticut
A brief state history, famous residents, and a great collection of state facts make this page an excellent resource. - Connecticut

2. Connecticut Geography - NETSTATE
Information about Connecticut state geography, topography, and climate. TheGeography of Connecticut. Click here for a few definitions.





The Geography of Connecticut
Click here for a few definitions. Longitude / Latitude Longitude: 71° 47' W to 73° 44' W
Latitude: 40° 58' N to 42° 3' N Length x Width Connecticut is 110 miles long and 70 miles wide. Geographic Center The geographic center of Connecticut is located in Hartford County, in East Berlin. Borders Connecticut is bordered on the north by Massachusetts and on the south by Long Island Sound. On the east Connecticut is bordered by Massachusetts and Rhode Island . On the west, Connecticut borders New York Total Area Connecticut is one of the smallest states of the 50 states , covering only 5,544 square miles. Land Area 4,845 square miles of Connecticut are land areas. Water Area 698 square miles of Connecticut are covered by water. Highest Point The south slope of Mount Frissell is the highest point in Connecticut at 2,380 feet above sea level. Located in the extreme northwestern corner of the Connecticut, Mount Frissell peaks at 2,453 feet in Massachusetts Lowest Point The lowest point in Connecticut is where the state borders Long Island Sound; sea level.

3. Geography And Climate Of The 50 States
Geography and Climate information for each of the 50 states.Category Kids and Teens School Time Science The Earth Weather...... Colorado geography Colorado, connecticut geography Connecticut, Delawaregeography Delaware, Florida geography Florida, Georgia geography Georgia.
Geography of the 50 States
(For state geographic information, click on the state name or state icon.)
NOTE: State Graphics are not to scale. Alabama Alaska Arkansas Arizona ... WEBMASTER Site designed exclusively for NETSTATE.COM by NSTATE
NETSTATE.COM is a Trademark of NSTATE, LLC.

4. Department Of Geography, University Of Connecticut
Information about Connecticut state geography, topography, and climate. Land formations, major rivers, geographic center of Connecticut. The Geography of Connecticut. Click here for a few definitions.
Go To The Geography Department Homepage Go To The Geography Department Homepage

5. CultureGrams States Edition Connecticut Geography
Geography. The Connecticut River cuts the state in half. It startsin Vermont and goes down to the Long Island Sound. Some seagoing

6. Office Of Public Affairs At Yale - News Release
old organization of geographers, education program providers and teachers, createdwith the support of the University of connecticut geography Department, the
YALE News Release
Return to: All News CONTACT: Gila Reinstein #228 For Immediate Release: March 13, 1998
3/13/98: National Geographic Society and Connecticut Educators Launch State Geography Endowment
New Haven, Conn. A $1 million endowment to boost geography education in Connecticut local schools will be launched by the National Geographic Society, the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority and Yale University next week. National Geographic Society -NGS- Chairman Gilbert M. Grosvenor and Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority -CRRA- Acting President Robert Wright will sign an agreement on Monday, March 16, at North Haven Middle School, making Connecticut the seventh state in the nation to receive an endowment from the NGS Education Fund to support the teaching of geography in primary and secondary schools. Under the leadership of Grosvenor -Yale '54-, NGS has spearheaded a $100 million initiative to raise the standard and level of enthusiasm for the study of geography in the nation's schools. The NGS Education Fund does this primarily by matching grants to a network of 50 state alliances to support geography education and teacher training. The endowment program enables states to create a permanent and growing funding base for teaching geography to their students. The Connecticut endowment, to be known as the Connecticut Fund for Geography Education, is the outgrowth of an unusual and committed group of individuals and organizations throughout the state. The initiative to improve geography education has been led by the Connecticut Geographic Alliance -CGA-, a 10-year-old organization of geographers, education program providers and teachers, created with the support of the University of Connecticut Geography Department, the State Department of Education, and the Yale Center for International and Area Studies. Since its formation, CGA has initiated activities to support student mastery of geography, curriculum and teacher training in geography, and in-service programs that use geography to address a broad range of interdisciplinary, environmental and international issues.

7. Guide Entry 89.01.03
grade 6). Key Words. History General Fair Haven connecticut geographyAmerican New Communities. To Curriculum Unit. Contents of 1989
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Home The Community and You: Learning Your Way Around Fair Haven, by Benjamin A. Gorman
Guide Entry to 89.01.03:
This unit is designed to be used with eighth grade social studies classes, but could be used with any students in the Fair Haven community of New Haven. It should serve as an introduction activity early in the school year for students and is aimed at low/middle achievers to get them located in place geography and make them aware of the history of their community. Three topics are presented that illustrate historical development and change: the role of oystering, the influx of immigrants, and industrial growth. Each has informational background for the teacher and slices of the past, through the related fictional stories, will provide the needed sense of change over time. The stories show that stress and change are common in any community. Fair Haven may become more than a place in which to live, work and recreate; it may become a community with a past. A series of mapping activities will illustrate Fair Haven’s street geography and its place relationship with the area around it. For many of our students, there is no human connection with the history of their present community and the visual past does not always exist for them to view. This unit can serve as one stepping stone in the study of the Western Hemisphere; after learning their way around their community, the scope of study can be expanded accordingly.

8. UNC-CH Geog: North American Geog Depts-Connecticut
Geography Departments in Connecticut. Highest geography degree offered =Bachelor's=Master's =Doctorate New Britain. Central Connecticut State University.
Geography Departments in Connecticut
Highest geography degree offered: =Bachelor's =Master's =Doctorate
New Britain
Central Connecticut State University
New Haven
Southern Connecticut State University
(Geography page of online catalog)
University of Connecticut Main map Eastern region map Northeast region map ... Comments
Last modified: April 29, 2000

9. Welcome To Preston Public Schools
Daily Attendance Rate, 19922000 WWW Home Page created by Preston Plains MiddleSchool students, 1996 Participation in the connecticut geography Bee, 1996.
Welcome to Preston Public Schools
Preston Plains Middle School
Preston, Connecticut
Mission Statement
Board of Education
Staff Achievement
Student Achievement ...
Preston Mission Statement
The Mission of the Preston Public Schools, a partnership of schools, parents, and community, is to instill in each child a passion for learning, a life-long quest for knowledge and the skills to become responsible and contributing global citizens. This is accomplished by: recognizing and addressing the uniqueness of each individual; providing a diverse, future-focused curriculum; supporting and encouraging creativity, innovation and quality within the partnership; creating a positive, nurturing atmosphere; and providing a safe and healthy environment. Students in the Preston Public Schools will become to the best of their ability: effective communicators, creative problem-solvers, knowledgeable evaluators, self-directed learners, good citizens, supporters of cultural diversity and advocates of self-worth.
Preston Public Schools
School District Office
148 Route 2
Preston, CT 06365-9756

10. Famgeochall
K5- The connecticut geography Alliance is pleased to announce that a KS FamilyGeography Challenge evening is now ready to present at your school.
Family Geography Challenge Family Geography Challenge UPDATE Message for Teachers. Administrators, PTO's and Families: This is a great way to involve families in schools. The Family Geography Challenge, now for grades K-S and 5-8! K-5 The Connecticut Geography Alliance is pleased to announce that a K-S Family Geography Challenge evening is now ready to present at your school. This educational and fun-filled hour will demonstrate how geographic ideas can be found in books, nature programs and everyday experiences. Families will be given a world map, an inflatable globe and a 33-page book, Helping Your Child Learn Geography - Family Geography Challenge is a family-oriented activity that gets parents and kids involved at home in discovering more about the world. It encourages parents to work with their children in the following ways: Families attend a one-hour workshop led by a geography teacher with experience in this program. Bach family receives a National Geographic Society wall map of the world and related materials. Families hang their wall maps at home near a TV.

11. Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas
The coat of arms is based on the 1711 seal of the colony of Connecticut.Its 1897. Connecticut Official name State of Connecticut.

12. Map And Geographic Information Center
Browse the online database from the Map and Geographic Information Center to review geospatial data and historic maps. MAGIC GeoSpatial Data. connecticut. State Level. County Level. Town Level Conn. Raster Data. geography Reference WebLinks
Home Help News GeoSpatial Data ... MAGICam
Map And Geographic Information Center
MAGIC GeoSpatial Data
  • Connecticut
    State Level

    County Level

    Town Level

    Quad Level
    Conn. Historical Aerial Photography Conn. Raster Data
    Geography Reference WebLinks GIS Tips and Help
  • MAGIC Contact Info
  • MAGIC FAQ ... UConn Center for Geographic Information Analysis The DEC Alpha 4000 that has served as the MAGIC server for the past six years died Thursday, Sept. 12th. The motherboard was having problems providing power. The CPU fan stopped and we pronounced AlphaMAGIC dead. John Gwinnell, the MAGIC systems administrator, worked over the weekend and has ported all the data (over 100 Gigabytes on a 10 Megabit wire) over to another, albeit older, working system. So, while things are getting back to normal, it will take some time to assure that ALL is working again. Remember, MAGIC is a library, and things happen to libraries, like floods, earthquakes, leaky roofs and silverfish infestations.
    Now the real work of getting another server for MAGIC is at hand. These are tight fiscal times, as you all know. Fortunately "Friends of MAGIC" have come forward. But if you too would like to be a Friend of MAGIC and donate toward a new, robust, shiny, speedy server, please let me, Patrick McGlamery know.
  • 13. Central Connecticut State University -Geography
    Academic resource lists course descriptions, schedules for classes, summaries of academic study programs, profiles for faculty members, and suggested reading.
    Department of Geography
    Central Connecticut State University


    CCSU Home Page

    14. Geography Department, Southern Connecticut State University
    Southern connecticut State University. Department of geography. SCSU geography in the News
    Southern Connecticut State University
    Department of Geography
    Come Welcome Urban Studies to the Geography Department
    SCSU Geography in the News
    Faculty and Staff Alumni Page ... Current Course Schedule
    Department of Geography
    Southern Connecticut State University
    129 Morrill Hall
    501 Crescent Street
    New Haven, CT 06515-1355
    Phone: (203) 392-5834
    Fax: (203) 392-5833
    Last Updated: 9/01

    15. Geography Internet Resources
    WCSU List geography Internet Resources Geographical Centers Online GIS, Map and Cartography Resources Search this site for Visitors since May 31, 1996 Western connecticut State University. Department of Social Sciences. WCSU List geography Internet Resources
    Site developed by J. Bannister
    Recognition Awards
    Western Connecticut State University
    Department of Social Sciences
    WCSU List: Geography Internet Resources
    Scroll down for complete list, or select by topic:
    Centers Environment Misc. ... Other WCSU Lists
    Please report non-working links.
    General Resources
    WWW-VL: Geography
    PopClocks: USA & World Population, "As Of Now"
    U.S. Naval Observatory: Time Service
    A. Krivenyshev's World Time Zone Map: Worldwide Local Time
    HAB Software: World Time
    Atlapedia Online
    ACU: Electronic Resources for Geography Galaxy: List of Internet Geography Resources GEOnet Names Server Nice Geography Servers Geography/Economics for Teachers ... Canadian Council for Geographic Education Oregon: Geographic Education Geography.Com The Mining Company, Inc.: Geography Resources Singapore: Online: National Geographic Society How Far Is It? iTools.Com: Research It! Geographical Search Map Quest (USA: Local Street Maps) The 50 States of the United States GeoConnections: Canada's Geographic Info on the Internet GeoStats USA Newsletter Utrecht U. Library:

    16. Free Blank Outline Map Of Connecticut
    Free Blank Outline Map of connecticut. connecticut Information US OutlineMaps Index US Atlas Index geography Home Page connecticut Map.
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    Free Blank Outline Map of Connecticut
    Connecticut Information U.S. Outline Maps Index U.S. Atlas Index Geography Home Page Click the map above for a printable version. Subscribe to the Geography Newsletter Name
    Email this page!

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    17. FAQ: MAGIC File Naming Conventions Hydrography, connecticut, Mathematical geography,USGS 7.5 Minute Quadrangles, 0014, 1994, Scale 1250,000, USGS, 1st
    Home Help News GeoSpatial Data ... MAGICam
    FAQ: MAGIC File Naming Conventions
    File Name Format
  • BLOCK 1: Theme Type Code [variable length but usually 4 characters]
  • BLOCK 2: Primary Geography Code (Library of Congress) [variable length but usually 5 digits]
  • BLOCK 3A: Location Identifier (FIPS, USGS, or other local designation) [variable length]
  • BLOCK 3B: SubLocation Identifier (local designation) [variable length]
  • BLOCK 4: Year [4 digits]
  • BLOCK 5: Scale (in thousands; svar/s00 = varies or unknown)[3-4 digits]
  • BLOCK 6: Cutter (name of producer: from "map cutter")[variable length]
  • BLOCK 7: Series (unique number for data items matching in all of other identifiers)[4 digits]
  • BLOCK 8: Format Code [variable length but usually 1 character]
    The coverage is geographically identified by the primary geography of the coverage set FIRST.
    Then Location Identification codes will consist of a 4-digit 'primary' location identifier and then an unrestricted length sub-location identifier. Some examples will help.
    [Connecticut USGS 7.5 Quad][Bashbish Falls]
  • 18. Department Of Geography, University Of Connecticut
    Go To The Geography Department Homepage Go To The Geography Department Homepage

    19. Meet Anneleckie @ - Connecticut, Geography, View photos of singles in your own area from over 5 million members. Create your own profile for free! Click here to meet anneleckie, 46 year old Female Seeking Male from connecticut. 'Anne Anne '

    20. GLOBIS / Faculteit Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen, Universiteit Utrecht
    nice geography sites Sciences at Western connecticut State University. The GeoImages Project. geography and Anthropology Department of
    Nice Geography sites
    This is a collection of examples of geography-related sites all over the world. If you know a nice server, find an obsolete link or you have any comments, please let me know. Send an email to . Thanks!
    General Geography sites
    GIS and Remote Sensing sites Geography and GIS news groups
    General Geography sites

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