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         Converters:     more books (100)
  1. Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design by Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, et all 2002-10-10
  2. Data Converters by Franco Maloberti, 2010-11-02
  3. Pulse Width Modulation for Power Converters: Principles and Practice (IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering) by D. Grahame Holmes, Thomas A. Lipo, 2003-10-03
  4. Automatic Control of Converter-Fed Drives (Studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering) by M.P. Kazmierkowski, H. Tunia, 2005-10-11
  5. Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters: A Hands-on Guide by Sanjaya Maniktala, 2007-09-14
  6. The Bus Converter's Bible, 2nd Edition by Dave Galey, 2002-12-15
  7. Time-to-Digital Converters (Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics) by Stephan Henzler, 2010-03-04
  8. Voltage-Sourced Converters in Power Systems by Amirnaser Yazdani, Reza Iravani, 2010-02-15
  9. Dynamic Analysis of Switching-Mode DC-DC Converters (Electrical Engineering) by Andre Kislovski, 1991-08-08
  10. Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters by Richard Schreier, Gabor C. Temes, 2004-11-08
  11. Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems by Remus Teodorescu, Marco Liserre, et all 2011-03-15
  12. Power-Switching Converters, Third Edition by Simon Ang, Alejandro Oliva, 2010-11-22
  13. Art of RAW Conversion: How to Produce Art-Quality Photos with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Leading RAW Converters by Juergen Gulbins, Uwe Steinmueller, 2006-06-12
  14. Power Electronic Converter Harmonics: Multipulse Methods for Clean Power by Derek A. Paice, 1995-10

1. Microsoft Office Converters And Viewers
With the help of these converters and viewers, you can share your Microsoft Office files with people who have versions of Office applications different than your own, or even with people who don't have Office at all.
All Products Support Search Guide ... Office Home Search This Site
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Office Home Product Information How to Buy ... Office Programs
Microsoft Office Converters and Viewers
Posted: April 06, 2000 With the help of these converters and viewers from the Office Download Center, you can share your Microsoft Office files with people who have versions of Office programs different from your own, or even with people who don't have Office at all. Converters enable you to open files created by people using different versions of your Office programs. Find the appropriate converter for the version of the Office program on your computer. Viewers enable people who don't have Office programs to see your work. Simply provide them with the appropriate viewer along with your files. To find the viewers and converters you need, simply select the program for the file you want to share.

2. Online Converters FREE Measurements Converters And Calculators
Provide online javascript converters and calculators for converting metric to imperial units and vice-versa.Category Science Reference Units of Measurement Online Calculators......Site Search. Online Free Measurements converters and Calculators.Online Calculators Online converters Unit Measurement Translators. Home.

Site Search Online Calculators - Online Converters
Unit Measurement Translators
Home Equivalents Links Java Games ... Windows A collection of measurement calculators and converters for all occasions. Most of them are interactive, some are just for information. All the interactive pages are implemented in JavaScript so make sure your browser is JavaScript enabled.
If you have a script you would like included please let us know and we will be only too happy to help.
We hope you find the site useful. CONVERTERS AND CALCULATORS 5 Scale Temperature AtoB Distance Area Atmosphere ...

3. Phase Converter Info And Sales: Rotary Phase Converters And Static Phase Convert
Manufactures and sells static and rotary phase converters. Both new and remanufactured models. click on the product type to go to
Order Phase

Rotary Converter
Rotary Converter
New Heavy Duty
Rotary Phase Converter Guide
  • Run three phase equipment on single phase with a TEMCo Phase Converter Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Rotary - Higher Quality Lasts Longer Heavy Duty Highest Quality Guaranteed! Ships Complete Safe, Reliable, Balanced Three Phase Power Best Price / Performance Ratio Guaranteed!
TEMCo Superior Heavy Duty Rotary Phase Converters are excellent for providing quality three phase power converted from single phase. Our quality products are being used throughout the US and internationally every day. TEMCo converters quality power will run most any three phase application. Applications range from computers , pumps, welders, ovens, to CNC mills , etc. Click here to determine the size of phase converter you will need to power your equipment. Remember- using a larger phase converter than you currently need is safe, but one that is too small will not work. To find out more about why phase converters are selected as the three phase power source click here:

4. Matador Converters Co Ltd./Matador Convertisseurs Cie Ltée.
Canada. Multinational nonwovens manufacturing company. High-loft waddings for lining, filling and insulation applications. Needlepunch fabrics for the geotechnical, filtration, footwear and medical product markets. English and French.
MATADOR CONVERTERS CO LTD. Produits Products English

5. Schock Power Corporation - Dc / Dc Converters For Mobile Applications, Dcdc, Dc-
Produces switch mode power supplies, DCDC converters and fast battery charging systems for use in complex electronic instruments, measuring and control systems and battery powered equipment.
Schock Power Corporation is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art power conversion equipment. Our products range from DC-DC Converters over intelligent-battery-charging systems to AC-DC power supplies, using Power-Factor-Correction and Universal-Input-Voltage-Range. New Product Announcement: SDC100-1.1HC High-Current DC/DC converter Featured Product: SDC144.1 DC/DC converter 150W Our Products and Services: The products and services we offer. Technology: Information about new technologies and the state of the art power conversion. Company Profile: Schock Power Corporation introduces itself. Contact: The many ways, how you can get in touch with us.

6. Currency Converters
FXChange, Currency converters, Conversion Tools and Online ForeignExchange Services. Currency Converter (FXConverter) OANDA's 164
home US . USD Australia . AUD Austria . ATS Belgium . BEF UK . GBP Canada . CAD Euro . EUR France . FRF Germany . DEM Hong Kong . HKD Indonesia . IDR Italy . ITL Japan . JPY Singapore . SGD Spain . ESP Sweden . SEK Switzerland . CHF Thailand . THB
US . USD Australia . AUD Austria . ATS Belgium . BEF UK . GBP Canada . CAD Euro . EUR France . FRF Germany . DEM Hong Kong . HKD Indonesia . IDR Italy . ITL Japan . JPY Singapore . SGD Spain . ESP Sweden . SEK Switzerland . CHF Thailand . THB Full Currency Converter Get Currency Information For your Site. Quick Links Currency Tools FXConverter


Forex Investors FXTrade: Currency Trading
FXTrading Game


Businesses Customizable Tools
Currency Rates
FXCommerce More... Travelers FXDelivery FXCheatSheet FXPense More... Community FXMessage FXGallery FXPilot FXWAP
Currency Converters, Conversion Tools and Online Foreign Exchange Services

7. Cushman & Marden's Home Page
USA. converters and suppliers of highperformance technical, woven and nonwoven fabrics for textile, apparel, leathergoods and bookbinding applications.

8. MySQL Manual | B Contributed Programs
B.1 APIs. B.2 converters. B.3 Utilities
The World's Most Popular Open Source Database Online shop Site map Search Company Products Downloads Documentation ... Other Sites Search the MySQL manual: MySQL Manual

9. HTML Converters
HTML converters. This information 2. Converting from HTML. 3. Other sourcesof information and software. Other lists of converters etc. can be
HTML converters
This information on converter / filter software between various systems and HTML was started by Rich Brandwein ( and is now maintained by Mike Sendall. This is done on a "best effort" basis as a service to the community, and neither CERN nor W3C make any claim respecting the accuracy or completeness of this information. Thanks to all who contributed. If you know of any filters not in this list, please let me know
1. Converting to HTML
Converting from HTML
3. Other sources of information and software
Other lists of converters etc. can be found on the HyperNews system at NCSA, the at OneWorld Information Services, in the NCSA Mosaic FAQ , at the University of Toronto , and via Yahoo . There is a list of converters for the Mac by Jon Wiederspan at ComVista. The NASA-supported ELSA repository has information about filters and other WWW resources: try "Browse first level collections", then "WWW Information and Utilization" and "HTML Tools". An index of perl programs for WWW, including several filters, is available at UC Irvine.

10. TeX Converters For The Macintosh
A collection of TeX converters ported to Macintosh by Scott Prahl. Includes rtflatex2e, latex2rtf, detex, tr2tex. Applications and source available. They require the DropUnix framework.
TeX Converters for the Macintosh
Here is a collection of TeX converters that I have ported for the Macintosh. To compile the converters, it is necessary to use a framework called DropUnix . The compiled applications (as a fat binary) are available as well as source code and project files for CodeWarrior Pro 2. I made minor hacks in almost every case to get the code to compile and did not comment these changes. If you are interested in improving any of these programs I suggest you get the originals from CTAN and find the differences. DropUnix has made the ports consistent and relatively easy. This allows one to drag a rtf file (for example) onto the rtflatex application and get it converted. The downside is that configuration options are reached in a bizarre way - namely that you must create a folder for each option you wish to alter. For example, to simulate the unix command rtflatex -s -r file.rtf one would create two folders one named "-s" (no quotes) and one named "-r" in the same location as file.rtf. Then the two folders and the file.rtf should be dragged onto the rtflatex application.
RTF to (La)TeX
I have five of these converters here. The only one you should even consider is rtf2latex2e. I will probably eliminate the others in the future.

11. Home Page
Paper roll converters manufacturing a line of products for business and industry.
Want to know what everyone is buying these days Find out here!! Stock's Top 30 PAPER SYSTEMS INC. (PSI) is one of the leading precision paper roll converters. PSI manufactures a comprehensive line of products for business and industry. We have been in business since 1976, so you know we are an established operation with a solid and respected reputation in the industry. Since the beginning, we've placed our primary emphasis in these areas:
  • simple, honest product quality high level of personalized service attractive pricing for our products value-added products and services

Home Press Release Contact Send mail to for more information about our company and products.

12. Converters Between LaTeX And Pc Textprocessorshttp//
Travel Channel provides a currency converter that allows one to get updated exchange rates around the world. Print out a currency guide. Currency and Measurement converters for the Palm Pilot®

13. Converting HTML To Other Formats
An html parser in perl is available which will also convert HTML to plaintext. Here is information about some other html to ascii converters.
Converting from HTML
Up to full list of filters
Most www browsers will convert html to plain text, for example the Linemode browser or Lynx: www -na "some-URL" > my-text lynx -dump "some-URL" > my-text (See the Lynx documentation
SGML tools
Some SGML tools will allow you to convert HTML to other formats. For instance:
  • gf . A general-purpose SGML compiler.
  • HyperHelp Bridge from Bristol Technology will convert to RTF.
  • will convert SGML to TeX on the PC.
  • Fred will convert SGML to HTML, TeX (PostScript), ASCII etc.
  • will convert SGML to other formats.
  • instant from OSF can be used with sgmls to produce various output formats from standard SGML inputs.
  • An HTML to ICADD Transformation Service translates HTML into the ICADD DTD, suitable for further translation to Braille, large print or voice synthesis.
Further information is available on SGML resources and tools
Other tools

14. Project Info - Netpbm - Graphics Tools And Converters
A whole bunch of utilities for primitive manipulation of graphic images. Wide array of converters from one graphics format to another. Many basic graphics editing tools such as magnifying and cropping.
OSDN: Our Network DevChannel Newsletters ... Shop SEARCH: Slashdot All OSDN Sites freshmeat DevChannel LinuxGram NewsForge OSDN PriceCompare Slashcode My Favorites Home Foundries Clustering Distributed Computing Linux on Large Systems my software map foundries about ...
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Site Map

Compile Farm
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Most Active Gaim
Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution


... More Activity Top Downloads eMule jEdit Plugin Central BitTorrent ... More Statistics Sponsored Content Project: Netpbm - graphics tools and converters: Summary Summary Admin Home Page Tracker ... Files A whole bunch of utilities for primitive manipulation of graphic images. Wide array of converters from one graphics format to another. E.g. from g3 fax format to jpeg. Many basic graphics editing tools such as magnifying and cropping. This is l Perl Foundry Project UNIX name: netpbm Registered: 2000-04-28 23:08 Activity Percentile (last week): 91.1252%

15. Ascom Energy Systems
Custom designed AC/DC, DC/DC converters, inverters, power supplies, and power systems.
Please visit our new Website:

16. HTML Converters
converters to and from HTML. HTML to HTML converters. htmltoc A Perlprogram to Other lists of converters. W3's list of converters
Converters to and from HTML
  • HTML to HTML converters.
    • htmltoc A Perl program to automatically generate a Table of Contents (ToC) for HTML documents.
    • html-parser is a cheap HTML parser written in Perl. This can be used to convert HTML into other formats, and code is included to convert to ascii and the RFC format. Lynx and can batch convert HTML into text. Mosaic and other browsers can do it interactively.
    • htxp is a macro preprocessor for HTML by M.K. Kwong that provides time-saving features for writing HTML files: user-specified abbreviations, and built-in and user-definable macros.
    • PNUTS (pronounced "peanuts") is an acronym for previous, next, up, top, search. It is a perl script which takes as argument the name of a file describing the hierarchical structure of a group of HTML files constituting a single virtual document.
    • Indexmaker is a perl script whose function is to produce an index for a virtual document consisting of a number of HTML files in a single directory.
    • Hotlists
      • A Perl program to convert a Mosaic hotlist to an HTML document.

17. Symphony Fabrics
USA. converters of textile fabrics.
Timeless textures. Innovative design. A chorus of colors. The Symphony Fabrics collection features the finest compositions, from yarns to knits. Each note a statement of fashion and elegance. Every piece an arrangement of quality and coordination, in tune with the times. Enter the Symphony Fabrics Web Site here 229 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018 Tel:212-244-6700 Fax: 212-736-0123

18. \\\\ Catalytic Converter - SAVE 60% On Catalytic Converters ////
All Catalytic converters Lowest Prices - Free Shipping! From Acura to Volvo,we've got the catalytic converters you need at unbeatable prices.
All Catalytic Converters - Lowest Prices - Free Shipping!
Buy a Catalytic Converter online at discount prices. We have a wide selection of new OEM quality direct-fit catalytic converters for all import and domestic cars and trucks. From Acura to Volvo, we've got the catalytic converters you need at unbeatable prices. Do you need a high flow catalytic converter? We stock them too. Our site is engineered to make the search for catalytic converters as simple as possible. Call toll-free to order Start Here - Select Your Make Below. Acura Converter Alfa Romeo Converter American Motors Converter Audi Converter ... Yugo Converter Order your Catalytic Converter from us and Save!
We specialize in catalytic converters for imported cars. Whether you are a repair shop or an enthusiast who repairs his own vehicle, we can save you hundreds of dollars.
Thank you for visiting our site and be sure to add us to your favorites. ALL CATALYTIC CONVERTER
Hamilton, NJ 08619 Call Toll Free 1-800-293-9910 Hours: Mon-Wed 8am-8pm - Thurs-Fri 8am-6pm - Sat 9am-3pm EST
Email us at:

19. AMERICAN PRINTING CONVERTERS Offers Pressure Sensitive Labels, Thermal Transfer
Supplier of custom pressure sensitive labels and thermal transfer ribbons.
Pressure sensitive labels, parking tickets (direct thermal) , thermal transfer labels, thermal transfer ribbons and more!
Thank you for visiting
A merican P rinting C onverters Our company offers Custom, High Quality, Pressure Sensitive Labels , Thermal Transfer Labels, Parking Tickets Thermal Transfer Ribbons and related products. Our printing and converting capabilities include the ability to die cut labels and tags and print in up to 6 colors (including process color work) and apply Varnish, U.V. Coating or Film Lamination in line, in one pass through our narrow web presses. Since we are a small, family owned and operated business, we still take great pride in offering highly personalized service to you, our valued customer. With our computerized Macintosh pre-press system, we can create a new look for your company or process your customer supplied electronic artwork. To aid in keeping costs down, most printing plates are manufactured in-house using our own plate making system. FREE!! PRINTHEAD CLEANING CARD

20. Source To .html Converters
From C, C++, Java, Modula2, Pascal, Perl source code to HTML with syntax highlighting. Linux
Source to .html converters by Florian Schintke and Martin Kammerhofer
Here are some converters for displaying sources highlighted in the WWW. These programs can work as CGI scripts and can convert your sources on the fly without the need for extra space on the harddisk. These programs are very fast . To convert 0.5 MB in one file c2html needed 0.5 seconds on a Pentium MMX with 200 MHz. Another converter that is written in perl needed 15 minutes for the same file on the same machine. Think about the load on your server if such a program would be used as CGI-Script. Please send bug reports and other feedback to
Binaries for the IA-64 architecture (Itanium) running with Linux:
  • c2html-0.9.2-ia64-unknown-linux.tar.gz (88 kB) java2html-0.9.2-ia64-unknown-linux.tar.gz (108 kB) pas2html-0.9.2-ia64-unknown-linux.tar.gz (34 kB) perl2html-0.9.2-ia64-unknown-linux.tar.gz (49 kB)
  • Awards:
  • These software packages got 4 of 5 penguins on the TUCOWS Linux site.
  • Highlight C sources for WWW presentation.
  • Download latest version:
  • c2html-0.9.5.tar.gz

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