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         Court Systems Attorney General:     more detail
  1. Report of the President, acting through the Attorney General, on the feasibility of establishing an environmental court system by William M Cohen, 1973
  2. The free common schools of Arkansas: An act to maintain a system of free c by Arkansas, 2009-08-16
  3. Cretney & Lush on Enduring Powers of Attorney by Denzil Lush, Stephen Michael Cretney, 1991-07
  4. Conference Skills 2006-07 (Blackstone Bar Manual) by Inns of Court School of Law, 2006-10-12
  5. Stop Speed Ticket System by Joey Bradshaw, 2010-05-04
  6. Development of an RFP for a statewide prosecution system study, South Carolina, Office of the Attorney General by Robert Harrell, 1975
  7. Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms (Haworth Marketing Resources) by William Winston, 1993-10-08
  8. The Law of Privilege by Bankim Thanki, Patrick Goodall, et all 2006-07-13
  9. Planning for Uncertainty: A Guide to Living Wills and Other Advance Directives for Health Care by Dr. David John Doukas MD, Dr. William Reichel MD, 1993-09-01
  10. Justice by John Galsworthy, 2010-07-27
  11. McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2011 Edition by Curvebreakers, 2010-05-06
  12. McGraw-Hill's Conquering LSAT Logic Games, Third Edition by Curvebreakers, 2010-05-25
  13. McGraw-Hill's LSAT with CD-ROM, 2011 Edition (Mcgraw Hill's Lsat) by Curvebreakers, 2010-05-14

1. Connecticut Attorney General's Office Home Page
55 Elm Street, Hartford, Connecticut, 06106. March 11, 2003. attorney general Urges Tougher Regulations For Fire Sprinkler systems March 3, 2003. attorney general Asks court To Appoint A Receiver For Southport Manor
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal being
sworn into office by State Supreme Court
Justice William J. Sullivan
Hot Topics Legal Resources Contact Our Office
April 3, 2003
Blumenthal, Sergi Release Report On Investigation Of Amity Regional School District's Finances April 3, 2003
State Wins $1.059 Million In Mercury Discharge Case April 2, 2003 Blumenthal Tells Philip Morris He'll Sue If It Fails To Make Its April Tobacco Settlement Payment April 1, 2003 Car Starter Installer To Pay Close To $24,000 In Consumer Restitution March 28, 2003 Attorney General Vows To Ensure Philip Morris Abides By MSA March 28, 2003 Attorney General Intervenes In Retailer's Bankruptcy
Hot Topics
Long Island Sound Environmental Matters
Important Information Relating To The September 11th Attack

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2. Prince Edward Island: Office Of The Attorney General
Jeffrey E Lantz. attorney general. Edna M Smith Legal and Judicial Services/. Information systems/. Online Police Academy Advisory Council. court Transcribers Examining Board
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Government Online

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Hon. Jeffrey E Lantz

Attorney General
Edna M Smith Administrative Assistant Patsy G MacLean Deputy Attorney General Edna M Smith Administrative Assistant Jennifer MacLeod Communications Officer Third Floor, Shaw Building, North 105 Rochford Street P.O. Box 2000 Charlottetown, PEI Telephone: (902) 368-5152 Facsimile: (902) 368-4910 Divisions Online Resources Recent News Releases MORE NEWS RELEASES This Month This Year Last Year Recent Publications

3. Court Grants Temporary Order Sought By Attorney General, ISO To Keep Power Avail
order sought by attorney general Bill Lockyer and the California Independent systems Operator, requiring four In seeking the court order, the attorney general had argued that the
OFFICE OF THE AG PUBLICATIONS CONTACT US SEARCH ... LINKS TO STATE SITES Court Grants Temporary Order Sought by Attorney General, ISO to Keep Power Available for Purchase by California
(SACRAMENTO) – US District Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr. today extended the temporary restraining order sought by Attorney General Bill Lockyer and the California Independent Systems Operator, requiring four major power generators to continue to sell electricity to California.
Rejecting arguments advanced by the energy companies, the judge agreed to require Reliant, Dynegy, AES and Williams to sell power to California until another court hearing is held February 16. The next hearing will determine whether the temporary restraining order will be converted to a preliminary injunction, which would remain in effect until a trial is held on the merits.
In issuing his early evening decision, Judge Damrell said, "The State of California is confronting an energy crisis of catastrophic proportions."
The temporary court order was sought after the power companies would not commit to selling electricity to California. A federal Department of Energy order that required out-of-state generators to sell to California expired at midnight Tuesday.

4. Ministry Of The Attorney General - Ontario Justice International - Expertise To
The Ontario Ministry of the attorney general has unparalleled experience in the Ontariohas expertise in efficient criminal, civil and family court systems.
central site feedback search sitemap ... NATIVE AFFAIRS Location: Home What We Do Publications
Ontario Justice International - Expertise to Share With the World
The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General has unparalleled experience in the administration of justice - expertise to share with the world. With a staff of over 7,000, the ministry operates more than 250 criminal, civil and family courts across the province and is responsible for over 100 statutes. The ministry has more than 1,300 lawyers on staff, including 500 civil lawyers and 700 Crown attorneys, who prosecute half a million charges each year. The ministry is also responsible for the drafting of legislation, the legal protection of vulnerable people, services to assist victims of crime and many other justice-related programs.
Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, with more than 11 million people or about a third of the country's population. It is also the economic engine of the country. Covering over 900,000 square kilometres, Ontario is Canada's second largest province. Ontario has more than 150 years of continuous democratic government under the rule of law. Based on English common law, Ontario jurisprudence has evolved to meet modern needs. Canada's constitution provides equality rights and fundamental freedoms to all individuals, ensures due process in the prosecution of criminal offences, and guarantees the independence of judicial officials.

5. Public Programs Directory - Ministry Of Attorney General
Justice – The Ministry of attorney general negotiates with services and appropriatejustice systems to BC's offenders from the traditional court system to a
We welcome your questions or comments.
Search by Branch or Department
Agencies, Boards and Commissions Contacts ... Publications
Ministry of Attorney General programs for the public A B C D ... F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z
Aboriginal Justice
The Ministry of Attorney General negotiates with First Nations bands and the federal government to provide effective police services and appropriate justice systems to BC's aboriginal community. – see First Nations Police Services, Alternative Measures Program
Alternative Measures Program
Diverts low risk offenders from the traditional court system to a process that allows more personal restitution to victims and communities. Tel: 250-356-7930 Fax: 250-952-6883 – see Aboriginal Justice Appeals – see Expropriation Compensation Board B
BC Human Rights Tribunal

The Tribunal conducts public hearings on and adjudicates complaints that have been referred to it by the British Columbia Human Rights Commission BC Review Board
Examines the circumstances and status of people who, due to mental disorder, are unable to stand trial or have been found not criminally responsible for their actions. Tel: 604-660-8789 Fax: 604-660-8809

6. Missouri Attorney General's Office
Updates citizens on crime and justice legislation and reviews divisions such as fraud prevention, environmental protection, and law enforcement. attorney general Nixon has obtained the largest settlement in the country with a Florida telemarketer for violations of a No Call law. ADT Security systems, court orders require two
Pages that are in PDF format can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Welcome to the Missouri Attorney General's Office:
As the state's chief legal officer, I am committed to protecting the safety and welfare of all Missourians. The AG's Office aggressively prosecutes those who break criminal, environmental and consumer protection laws and defends the state against legal actions.
Attorney General Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon REDUCE TELEMARKETING CALLS
to reduce telemarketing
calls to your home

Get the FAQs
Get complaint form ( or html The AG's Office has collected $1,035,500 in judgments from telemarketers. 1,161,645 Missouri phone lines are registered on the No Call list. Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Department of Interior to conduct more assessment at Jasper County Superfund site
April 2: The Attorney General's Office, Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Department of the Interior announced that a preliminary government study of a Jasper County Superfund site shows that more assessment is necessary to determine the extent of damage caused by decades of lead mining.

7. Court Services - Ministry Of Attorney General
including stateof-the-art computer systems, audio/visual equipment and securitysystems. Lexan glass to separate the body of the court and the public gallery;
Courtroom 20 - Vancouver Law Courts In response to both the increasing complexity of some trials and concerns about security, B.C. has rebuilt Courtroom 20 at the Vancouver Law Courts to make it Canada's newest high-tech courtroom designed to serve current and future trial needs well into the 21st century. Total costs for the construction of Courtroom 20 are expected to be about $7.2 million including state-of-the-art computer systems, audio/visual equipment and security systems. Features include:
  • a search gate outside the courtroom similar to passenger security screening at airports Lexan glass to separate the body of the court and the public gallery a public gallery with 149 seats and video monitors at three locations to allow unobstructed views for everyone watching the proceedings a judges' bench that can accommodate hearings by the judges of the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

8. Statement Of John Ashcroft Attorney General Of The United States Before The Unit
Statement of Tracy A. Henke Principal Heputy Assistant attorney general Officeof that is comparable to that available to federal and state court systems.
Tracy A. Henke
Principal Heputy Assistant Attorney General
Office of Justice Grograms
before the
Indian Affairs Committee
United States Senate
the Justice Department's Fiscal Year 2003 Budget
to Support Initiatives in Indian Country Presented on March 5, 2002
Chairman Inouye, Vice-Chairman Campbell, and Members of the Committee: I appreciate the opportunity to appear before this Committee to discuss the Justice Department's proposed Fiscal Year 2003 budget priorities for Indian Country. As the Committee is aware, for far too long the needs of Indian tribal governments in combating crime and violence have been ignored. This Administration is committed to addressing the most serious law enforcement problems in Indian Country, including substance abuse, domestic violence, and other violent crimes and to ensuring that Indian tribes are full partners in this effort. One of the Department's primary resources for funding and other assistance in Indian Country is the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). Through OJP and its component bureaus, the Department identifies emerging criminal and juvenile justice system issues, develops new ideas and tests promising approaches, evaluates program results, collects statistics, and disseminates these findings and other information to federal, state, and local units of government, Indian tribes, and criminal justice professionals. OJP works to prevent and control crime and help crime victims by providing funding to and assisting state and local governments, Indian tribes, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, corrections, and other service providers.

9. Canada (Attorney General) V. Symtron Systems Inc. (C.A.)
attorney general of Canada (Applicant) Symtron systems Inc. (Respondent) Canadian International Trade Tribunal (Intervener) International Code Fire Services Inc. (Applicant) Symtron systems Inc. (Respondent) Indexed as Canada (attorney general)v. Symtron systems Inc. (C.A.). court of Appeal, Stone, Linden and McDonald JJ.A.
Home A-687-97 Attorney General of Canada Applicant v. Symtron Systems Inc. Respondent and Canadian International Trade Tribunal Intervener A-700-97 I.C.S. International Code Fire Services Inc. Applicant v. Symtron Systems Inc. Respondent and Canadian International Trade Tribunal Intervener Indexed as: Canada (Attorney General) v. Symtron Systems Inc. (C.A.) Court of Appeal, Stone, Linden and McDonald JJ.A. "Ottawa, December 1 and 2, 1998, February 5, 1999. Foreign Trade NAFTA Government procurement contracts DND, government agency contracting out for Fire Fighter Training System RFP containing mandatory qualification requirement Agency awarding contract to applicant, an Ontario company Respondent, unsuccessful American bidder, filing first complaint regarding procurement process Alleging in second complaint mandatory qualification not met CITT making decisions on each complaint Under NAFTA, any aspect of procurement process open to challenge Tribunal's recommendations should be implemented to the greatest extent possible Contract let by DND through agency, subject to NAFTA

10. #599 AG Reno Calls Tribal Courts "VITAL"
Calling tribal courts vital to Native American sovereignty, attorney general JanetReno state judges to discuss ways to strengthen the tribal court systems.

11. FOIA Post (2001): New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued
attorney general, claiming that the ban violates the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause. The Federal District court removal of life support systems, and (2) that this
New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued
A new statement of Administration policy on the Freedom of Information Act has been issued by Attorney General John Ashcroft and has been transmitted to all agencies across the executive branch of the federal government.
On October 12, Attorney General Ashcroft issued a memorandum to the heads of all departments and agencies that supersedes the Department of Justice FOIA policy memorandum that had been in effect since October 1993. The new Ashcroft FOIA Memorandum was effective immediately upon issuance, and the presidential statement on the FOIA that was issued in 1993 remains in effect as well.
The Ashcroft FOIA Memorandum emphasizes the Administration's commitment to full compliance with the FOIA as an important means of maintaining an open and accountable system of government. At the same time, it recognizes the importance of protecting the sensitive institutional, commercial, and personal interests that can be implicated in government records such as the need to safeguard national security, to maintain law enforcement effectiveness, to respect business confidentiality, to protect internal agency deliberations, and to preserve personal privacy.
In replacing the predecessor FOIA memorandum, the Ashcroft FOIA Memorandum establishes a new "sound legal basis" standard governing the Department of Justice's decisions on whether to defend agency actions under the FOIA when they are challenged in court. This differs from the "foreseeable harm" standard that was employed under the predecessor memorandum. Under the new standard, agencies should reach the judgment that their use of a FOIA exemption is on sound footing, both factually and legally, whenever they withhold requested information.

12. British Columbia Ministry Of Attorney General And Ministry Of Public Safety And
Vancouver Police and Vancouver Provincial court for remand Columbia Ministry ofthe attorney general and the Department brought in Sierra systems to help Services/Client Success Stories/LMS Brit
contact us site map search client services Practices eGovernment Enterprise Solutions Financial Services Health ... Partners New Services Spatial IT iForce Ready Center Software Development Center eSecurity ... Locations Client Success
Lockup Management System saves money, reduces community risk
The Ministry of Attorney General and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General are responsible for administering justice services throughout the province of British Columbia. The Ministries’ core responsibilities include criminal case management, pre-trial custody and prisoner transport.
The Challenge
The Province spent $1.2 million a year transporting prisoners between Vancouver Police and Vancouver Provincial Court for remand hearings. Besides being costly, transporting prisoners by car on public roads was not secure, allowing occasional opportunities for escapes. The flow of information between police, corrections, sheriffs, courts and the provincial crown was cumbersome.
The British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General and the Vancouver Police Department brought in Sierra Systems to help develop a Lockup Management System (LMS), as part of a larger project to re-engineer operations at the city jail. There were several initiatives associated with the project, including building a new Vancouver Jail.

13. Iowa Attorney General 'elated' With Decision WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Iowa Attorn
Iowa attorney general Tom Miller said Thursday he was "elated" with a U.S. appeals court's affirmation that maintenance of a monopoly over personal computer operating systems.
Home News Money Sports ... Tech Main Categories Tech briefs Web Guide Tech Investor Product reviews More Tech Columnists Shareware Shelf Talk Today Weather Site Web
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06/29/2001 - Updated 01:52 PM ET Iowa attorney general 'elated' with decision Read more Graphic Audio Latest news Legal documents The court also threw out findings the company had tried to monopolize the market for Internet browsers, but upheld a ruling its business conduct amounted to illegal maintenance of a monopoly over personal computer operating systems. Miller said the attorneys general had expected the court to reverse the breakup order. "What was crucial was maintenance monopoly," he said, adding the unanimous appeals court decision was "a powerful statement." He said he would have to discuss the ruling with the other 18 state attorneys general who were co-plaintiffs in the government antitrust case to determine if they planned to appeal the breakup reversal.

14. British Columbia Ministry Of Attorney
court and judicial trial scheduling. In April of 1997 Sierra systems formalized aStrategic Alliance with the Ministry of the attorney general to design and Services/Client Success Stories/Bristish
contact us site map search client services Practices eGovernment Enterprise Solutions Financial Services Health ... Partners New Services Spatial IT iForce Ready Center Software Development Center eSecurity ... Locations Client Success
JUSTIN integrates and streamlines justice database
The Ministry of Attorney General is responsible for administering justice services throughout the province of British Columbia (BC). The Ministry's core responsibilities include criminal case management, civil and family case management, administrative and regulatory activities.
The Challenge
JUSTIN, BC's Justice Information system, provides a single integrated database of almost every aspect of a criminal case, including:
  • Police reports to crown counsel and police scheduling.
  • Assessing and approving crown cases.
  • Notifying victims and witnesses.
  • Court and judicial trial scheduling.
  • Recording results and producing documents
Before JUSTIN, the Ministry’s various agencies and branches used many different stand-alone systems to capture, track and store information about criminal cases. Most could not communicate or exchange data with each other, and several of these legacy systems were based on obsolete programming languages
In April of 1997 Sierra Systems formalized a Strategic Development Alliance with the Ministry of the Attorney General to design and develop an Integrated Justice System. JUSTIN was one of several projects that the Ministry undertook as part of its strategic reform initiative.

15. RealLegal - Press Releases
Parkhurst, former manager at New York State attorney general’s office, to direct thatis gaining in popularity among the nation’s court systems as it moves
Press Releases RealLegal Appoints New Head of Electronic Publishing Parkhurst, former manager at New York State Attorney General’s office, to direct nationwide roll-out of E-Brief service Denver, CO, Jan. 29, 2001 – RealLegal, a company, announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Parkhurst to Director of Electronic Publishing at the company. He will oversee all aspects of RealLegal’s E-Brief™ publishing, a service that is gaining in popularity among the nation’s court systems as it moves the cumbersome process of reviewing case briefs from paper format to electronic hyperlinked briefs accessible on a judge’s laptop. Parkhurst brings years of legal tech experience to RealLegal, where he will head up the firm’s electronic publishing services for courts and law firms. He will also work to further market the E-Brief service as it continues to attract courts’ attention across the country. “Jeff’s background will enable him to capitalize on the momentum E-Brief technology has gained for acceptance among judges and attorneys,” said Marty Steinberg, president of RealLegal. “His understanding of both the court systems and litigators, as well as the field of electronic publishing, make him a great asset to our company in providing this service nationwide.” Parkhurst was most recently a principal of Litigation Partners Inc., a full-service litigation support firm providing computerized evidence management in Columbus, Ohio. This firm specialized in building optical image databases to support ongoing litigation for government entities, law firms and corporations.

16. Online NewsHour: Microsoft Ruling -- June 7, 2000
First, let me thank you, attorney general Reno, for your The remedy the court ordered breaking Microsoft into an operating systems company and an
June 7, 2000
Attorney General Janet Reno and Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein respond to the Microsoft decision at a Washington, D.C. press conference. Online Special: The Microsoft Case May 1, 2000
The Justice Dept. asks a federal court to split Microsoft into two companies. April 28, 2000
Government and 19 states suing Microsoft explanation of the government's proposal April 3, 2000
Judge rules against Microsoft
April 3, 2000
Analysis of the court's decision
against Microsoft Nov. 8, 1999
Microsoft's Bob Herbold responds to the decision that Microsoft is a monopoly. Nov. 5, 1999
Two legal experts analyze the court's findings in Microsoft antitrust case April 1, 1999
Efforts to settle Microsoft case failed. Nov. 12, 1998
A discussion on each side's arguments in the antitrust case. May 18, 1998 Justice Department and 20 states launch antitrust actions.

17. Online NewsHour Forum: Security Vs. Civil Rights -- October, 2001
did not anticipate electronic monitoring systems and databases I don't believe whatthe attorney general has asked The Supreme court has held that there is no
October 2001
How will the new anti-terrorism legislation affect civil rights? Taking your questions are Douglas Kmiec, dean of the Catholic University School of Law; Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union; and Loretta Lynch, the former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.
Forum Introduction
Should non-citizens have the same rights as citizens when national security is at stake? How will the anti-terrorist bill affect our right to privacy on the Internet and cell phones? How often are sunset limitations used and how often are bills renewed?: How will the new office of Homeland Security be affected by the anti-terrorist laws? Could the new legislation allow information sharing between INS officials and intelligence agencies? Does the new legislation empower federal authorities to collect information but not use it against us? Online Specials:
The Response
Combating Terrorism America After the Attacks Sept. 25, 2001:

18. The Oak Ridger Online -- Area News --State Attorney General, Local Legislator Sp
Press in Nashville reported that Tennessee attorney general Paul Summers lawsuitsfiled by the rural school systems as an The court left it up to the general
Story last updated at 11:23 a.m. on Wednesday, January 8, 2003
State Sen. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, from left, Lana Seivers, Clinton city school superintendent and Gov.-elect Phil Bredesen's pick for Tennessee education commissioner, and new state Rep. Jim Hackworth, D-Clinton, spoke to retired area teachers Tuesday afternoon at the Clinton Community Center. Staff photo by Donna Smith State attorney general, local legislator speak on issue of teachers' pay
by Donna Smith
Oak Ridger staff The issue of equalizing teachers' pay in Tennessee was on the minds and lips Tuesday of both the state attorney general and a local legislator, state Sen. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge. With the state under pressure to equalize teacher pay, The Associated Press in Nashville reported that Tennessee Attorney General Paul Summers said the General Assembly should develop an annual salary review for teachers to determine any disparities. The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled in October that the state's system doesn't pay teachers equally in urban and rural school districts, denying students equal educational opportunities. Oak Ridge city schools have been cited in lawsuits filed by the rural school systems as an example of an "affluent" school system in which teachers earn far more than their rural counterparts. The court left it up to the General Assembly to devise a plan to equalize pay.

19. Texas Attorney General
to the Office of the attorney general to implement a of an offender and court proceedings(events Automated victim notification systems have direct benefits for
Crime Victim Notification Home Links Search Site Index ... Texas-Mexico Border The Crime Victim Notification (CVN) Program was created to address the 77th Texas Legislature HB 1572 to implement a Statewide Automated Victim Notification System.
CVS Materials Order Form
revised: 08/27/02
Purpose of the Crime Victim Notification (CVN) Program
Recognizing the importance of a victims' right to notification in the State of Texas, the 77th Texas legislative session passed HB 1572, which appropriated funds to the Office of the Attorney General to implement a Statewide Automated Victim Notification System. The purpose of the Crime Victim Notification Program is to address HB 1572 by providing a Statewide Automated Victim Notification Service (SAVNS) to the victims of crime and local units of government (counties) in the State of Texas. This includes the implementation of a single entry point (one toll-free statewide number) for victims to receive standard information and notification on offender status and court events in order to better meet victims' needs and enhance their safety. The CVN Program is staffed by a director, a project manager, an administrative assistant.

20. Texas Attorney General
seven others indicted in federal court in March Alford Boyd (Phycare Healthcare systems,2646 South The attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit staff
Home Links Search Site Index ... Texas-Mexico Border
Wednesday, February 5, 2003
Seven Others Indicted in Scheme to Defraud Texas, U.S. of Millions
AUSTIN A Houston physical therapy clinic owner pleaded guilty this morning in federal court to charges of health care fraud. "This scheme amounted to fraudulent billings of millions of dollars, in concert with other clinics," said Attorney General Greg Abbott. "It also included payment of kickbacks to employees and other individuals for Medicare/Medicaid patient referrals to the clinic." Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Louis of Houston accepted a plea of health care fraud today from Jonathan Elliott Jackson, 40. His mother, Rubylene Jackson Jones, 65, an employee of her son's Park Plaza Physical Medicine clinic at 1213 Hermann Drive, pleaded guilty Monday. Investigators for the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit initiated this case in 1998. Jones conducted medical evaluations of mostly elderly Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries at their homes, and Jackson's clinic falsely billed for physician evaluations. She also received kickbacks for patient referrals. The two entered the pleas before U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore. Sentencing is scheduled for May 12.

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