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         Creative Contributions Writing:     more detail
  1. Ethnic Life Writing and Histories (Contributions to Asian American Literary Studies)
  2. Discoveries in Chinese or the Symbolism of the Primitive Characters of the Chinese System of Writing: As a contribution to Philology and a Practical Aid in the Acquisition of the Chinese Language by Stephen Pearl Andrews, 2001-04-17
  3. Reforming College Composition: Writing the Wrongs (Contributions to the Study of Education) by Alan Jackson, Susan Lewis Wallace, et all 2000-07-30
  4. Writers on Writing: The Art of the Short Story (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
  5. Plato, Derrida, and Writing by Associate Professor Jasper Neel, 1988-04-04
  6. Poetic and Legal Fiction in the Aristotelian Tradition by Kathy Eden, 1986-11
  7. Socratic Method and Writing Instruction by Jr. Whipple, 1996-11-21
  8. Aristotle and His Modern Critics: The Use of Tragedy in the Nontragic Vision by Patrick Madigan, 1992-01
  9. The New Art of Autobiography: An Essay on the Life of Giambattista Vico Written by Himself by Donald Phillip Verene, 1991-09-26
  10. Writing Centers and Writing Across the Curriculum Programs: Building Interdisciplinary Partnerships (Contributions to the Study of Education)
  11. Composition As a Human Science: Contributions to the Self-Understanding of a Discipline by Louise Wetherbee Phelps, 1991-07-25
  12. Strategies of Drama: The Experience of Form (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies) by Oscar Lee Brownstein, 1991-11-30
  13. Tragic Pleasures: Aristotle on Plot and Emotion by Elizabeth S. Belfiore, 1992-06
  14. Aristotle on Tragic and Comic Mimesis (American Classical Studies) by Leon Golden, 1992-11

21. The Stanford Study Of Writing
gratified by the continuing contributions, and impressed data participants are submittingwriting from categories a myriad of selfsponsored creative writing.
The Stanford Study of Writing
Margaret Jacks. Room 223. Stanford University. Phone 650.725.1211 Home Now that the Stanford Study of Writing has entered its second year, we are able to offer some observations based on the first year of data we have collected. The following pages offer graphic surveys and explanatory comments we hope you will take a look at. We think you will be as interested as we are by the volume of writing produced, the range of genres represented by the contributions to the study, and the intensity of engagement with writing our participants demonstrated in their first year of college. Of special note are the innovative forms persuasive arguments revealed in a portion of the first year contributions. As you survey these observations, please feel free to send us your thoughts and questions to . The principal investigator of this study, Professor Andrea Lunsford, may be reached at

22. COPYWRITING SERVICES/Advertising-Marketing Copywriting
A web site for writers and businesses looking for resources and quality writing services.Category Business Publishing and Printing Services Editing U......signup Site map editor,creative writer,webmaster,search authors Information AboutAuthors writing tips and to help writers Writers' contributions free stories
Copywriting Services
Information For Writers
Writers' Contributions
Resources For Writers
Practical Resources
For Writers
Web Site Referral
Please sign our guest book. We value your comments.
Advertising and Marketing
Copywriting Services
Effective compelling , and targeted web site and business copywriting, advertising slogans and taglines that fire the imagination, inspire trust, and turn visitors into customers are a necessity, not a luxury in this competitive marketing and advertising age. The copywriting content, business slogans , and taglines for your business cards, stationary, web site and other advertising and marketing materials that you use for your business will be the direct link to your business success. The choice that you make for copywriting services will determine your prosperity Read more about how our quality copywriting services will increase your web site traffic and business sales here
Manuscript Critiques
©UniqueCritique is one of the best web sites for writers wanting to improve and make the most out of their writing and their manuscripts (those already written and the ones on the drawingboard and in the process of being written). Our affordable manuscript copy editing and line editing provides the best in professional editing expertise and in the personal attention and care of our writers and their work.

23. WISDOM: Knowledge & Literature Search: Authors Creative Writing
Wisdom @ thinkers.Net Authors creative writing A Fire in Lincoln or Anne Boleynand reader's contributions. ServicesA Quality writing/Editorial Service
WISDOM Thinkers.Net
: Authors Creative Writing
Add Page URL Author Base Add your profile New ... Publishing-Industry Talk Authors Creative Writing Categories:
Commercial Creative Writing
Copy Writers
Creative Copy Writers
Film Scripts
Film Tele Script Writers
Ghost Writing
Ghost Writers
Historians History Narrators Writers
Humor Satire Parody
Humor Satire Political Satire Parody Creative Jokes
Illustrators Cartoonists
Illustrators Cartoonists Commercial Artists Designers
Inspirational Writing Motivational Quotes
Memoirs Autobiographical Writing
News Writers
News Writers Reporters News Feature Reportage
Creative Press Photographers
Radio Television Scripts
Radio Television Programming Scripts Writers
Screenplay writers
Speech Writer
Speech Discourse Writers
Technical Writers
Technical Writers Handbooks Manuals Instructions Reports Business Technical Writing
Translated Literature
Translated Literature Literary Translators
Translators Traductores Interpreters
Wisdom @ thinkers.Net : Authors Creative Writing:

24. Likhari: What Is Likhari?
creative writing as a form of pure art and also as a healing process then you aremost welcome to send your contributions poems, stories, articles, creative
What is Likhari?
ilKfrI kI hY? What is Likhari?
Likhari is a Punjabi/Hindi word and is used as a characteristic (generic) term to indicate WRITERS/AUTHORS: a whole group of peoples who pursue the act of writing in any form eg. letters, diaries, articles, short stories, poetry, plays/dramas, fictions or non fiction texts and scripts in any area of interest to the human kind. LIKHARI is an internet magazine and use Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script), Shahmukhi Punjabi(Urdu Script) and English script. LIKHARI aims to encourage people to write in Punjabi/Shamukhi Punjabi and in English. LIKHARI's aim is to encourage you to express yourself in writing. Likhari believes that CREATIVE WRITING, in any form, has a healing power. Therefore, 'Likhari' encourages and supports you to write so that you are able to express yourself positively and by doing so you try to heal yourself and others. Are you Creative and willing to express yourself positively?

25. Creative Writing Department
excellence in the teaching of writing and literature to support teaching, research,and creative activity thoughtful reflection on the contributions of Chicanos
The holder of the Endowed Chair will teach courses in the writing of fiction and/or nonfiction and in Chicano/Latino literature. We seek a writer of great distinction who also holds expertise in any aspect of Chicano/Latino literary production, such as (but not limited to) criticism and theory of Chicano/Latino literature, or the literature of the border. A strong commitment to and enthusiasm for teaching both creative writing and Chicano/Latino literature are required, as well as knowledge of current debates in Chicano/Latino cultural studies and creative arts. Demonstrated excellence in the teaching of writing and literature at the undergraduate and graduate levels is required. The Chair holder will receive funding from endowed sources to support teaching, research, and creative activity. In accordance with Federal law, we are making available our Campus Security Report to all prospective employees
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26. | Welcome
This site offers writing activities, student writings, text features, writing event listings, a biography Category Arts Writers Resources Organizations...... activities done in the creative writing Workshop at some suggestions for writingformal poems. Earlier contributions showcased Jayita Sengupta, translations
Franz Andres Morrissey
Recent Additions
March 2003
  • Activities section has long been a hard-to-navigate jumble of pages. Not any more. We have just re-organised the section and introduced a Grand Menu of all writing activities ever posted there.
    The renovated section no longer relies on the chicken wire and duct tape that holds together the rest of the site. Instead, it is built in sturdy xhtml and CSS Mozilla
    . Thank you! Together with Doris Lanz and other contributors, FAM will be conducting a creative writing weekend from 25 to 27 April 2003 in Champ-du-Moulin (NE). More
November 2002
  • Check out the three new poems by Margret Powell-Joss. Thanks Margret. is now live in the Activities section. Good one, that! Collaboratory , an interactive writing platform. At the moment there is a quatrain there that you can add a further stanza to. This is a test run so feel free to have a go...
October 2002
  • New poems and texts by Milena Diviani, English teacher, writer and all-round lovely person from Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.
September 2002

27. Media Nugget Contributors
(see her contributions) Caterina Fake used be the creative Director for publishes Wench and She's writing a kickass science
Contributors Steve Champeon is suspected of greatness, but previous acquittals on similar charges leave him feeling bleak of his hopes for future success. His most recent work is Building Dynamic HTML GUIs . Steve once bit the head off a live rooster. (see his contributions Roberta Marguerite Chavez has been dancing since she was five years old. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys attending rock shows with Gabe Weisert . (see her contributions Caterina Fake used be the Creative Director for She publishes Wench and . She's writing a kick-ass science-fiction novel. She is color-blind during much of the winter. (see her contributions Susan Gale does whatever she can to make a living. Halloween is her favorite holiday. She also brews her own beer and plays the accordion. (see her contributions Joe Green graduated from Pioneer High School in San Jose, California. He currently resides in San Francisco. Mr. Green is studying towards a degree in Ancient Paleoanthrology. He types 18 words per minute. (see his contributions Nate Grover works at He lives in Oakland. He plays poker. His first child will be born in May. His second child will be born in June. (Don't tell his wife.) (see his

28. Kay Marie Porterfield Home Page
Contains articles, annotated links, and book reviews about journal and memoir writing as well as informat Category Arts Online writing Journals Resources...... of art in all of its forms such as writing, painting, sculpting as creative, butdid The Encyclopedia of American Indian contributions to the World.

Journal Writing Memoir Writing Arts and Healing ...
Of The Web®
Live Your Creative Vision
Creative Growth and Healing
The creative process is a powerful, transformative tool for healing our minds and bodies, our relationships and our world. Each one of us carries this ancient medicine inside.
Kay Marie Porterfield, M.A.
Kay Marie Porterfield's creative nonfiction book in progress is supported by the Colorado Council on the Arts . The Colorado Council on the Arts and its activities are made possible through an appropriation from the Colorado General Assembly and federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • more
  • Creating Personal Shrines
    Personal shrinesserve as a way of deep journaling using images and symbols rather than words. more
  • Ten Playful Way Revision Tips

  • The mindful, daily practice of creativity helps us to focus and still our fears in these uncertain times when confusion and chaos seem to assault us from every direction. Creative practice reveals fresh perspectives, renews our hope and helps us find the courage to continue in the midst of world. more

  • Starting an art journal is a powerful way to move beyond words in your daily writing practice. Not only does working with images access a different part of our brains than words, making art

29. Indiana University Graduate Creative Writing Program - Diversity Resources
step by step, person by person, and by contributions to the fund, both small andlarge. Chancellor Brehm has also praised the creative writing Program and the
The M.F.A. Program has a strong commitment to, and history of, diversity. Applicants to the program frequently cite the diversity of its faculty and student body as an important factor in their decision to seek admission. Currently 25% of our first-, second-, and third-year M.F.A. students are African American, Latino/a, Asian or Native American. We have also sought to make the program a congenial and supportive environment for gay and lesbian students, international students, first-generation college students, and students who are single parents. The program makes every effort to recruit the strongest and most diverse annual entering class of students possible and, beginning in 2003, offers students of color the Marcellus Neal-Frances Marshall Graduate Fellowships in Creative Writing in addition to all of our other fellowship lines. Indiana University is also deeply committed to diversity, particularly diversity in the arts. Chancellor Sharon Brehm has recently created the One for Diversity Fund , which has as its purpose to enlighten students by broadening their perspectives; to enrich the artistic and cultural resources enjoyed by faculty, staff and local community members; and to strengthen the recognition of Indiana University Bloomington as a growing, committed national center of multicultural artistic achievement. "By calling the fund One for Diversity," Chancellor Brehm stated, "we emphasize that each of us on this campus must take responsibility for enhancing respect for and commitment to diversity. We build diversity one by one, step by step, person by person, and by contributions to the fund, both small and large." Chancellor Brehm has also praised the Creative Writing Program and the Indiana Review's recent special issues as models of the university's growing and increasingly more successful commitment to diversity on the Bloomington campus.

30. Creative Writing
The writing produced is powerful, humorous, moving and that there are many more creativedisabled people at where contributions can be
Home Search Contact Site Map
DAIL Magazine Disability Film Festival Disability Arts Archive DAIL Editorial Articles Reviews Creative writing Listings Opportunities Announcements Subscriptions ... DAIL Page Creative writing
Creative writing Shelf Life
Blood ballerina


Where there was one, there are now two
Laura Guthrie (Project Co-ordinator): Shelf Life In recognition that there are many more creative disabled people living with the experience of a life threatening or life shortening impairment who may wish to contribute to Shelf Life, NDAF have decided to extend the opportunity to the virtual world. A website will be set up at where contributions can be posted. Contributors whose poetry or prose is selected for the final Shelf Life book will be given access to a published disabled writer who can help shape their contribution. Look out for the website from the beginning of January. But be warned it has a shortened life span of its own, the site will only be open until the end of January. Kaite O'Reilley (Tutor at the North West workshop): It was an unusual project. Four poets, a co-ordinator, a playwright and me holed up in a Manchester hotel for several days. Our mission: to confront the greatest taboo which still holds sway even in this 'unshockable' age: Death and dying, a predetermined or reduced life expectancy - what we in the know call 'Shelf Life'.

31. Kids Running Creative Writing
ART LITERATURE FROM VERMONT MANY MILERS contributions from a ModelKids' Running and Fitness Program Mini Milers by Sarah Running
Kids Running
Contributions from a Model Kids' Running and Fitness Program
Mini Milers
by Sarah
Running from my Day
by Yannie
Brotherly Love
Printable Poster
I'll Be Back, Cat
by Alexander Running the Mile by Alexandria, age 12, Massachusetts Running the Mile: 4th Year in a Row by Elise, age 13, Massachusetts
We would love to publish your work.
With a PIN you an email your entries to
We also accept computer art saved as gifs or jpgs.
Without a PIN you can send by snail mail to P.O. Box 209 Fiskdale, MA 01518

32. WriteLink, Creative Writing, Paying Markets, Contests, Freelance Writing
to write and be PAID for contributions to Writelink. Far too many benefits to outlinehere so for details, Click here. Yet another new writing workshop has
sw="none";sd="none";ref=""+escape(document.referrer); Click here to subscribe to Newsletter WOULD YOU
like your own web page or web site?
Prices start at £30 ($45)
and include a
FREE link on
WriteLink and review in the newsletter.
click here

for details. EASY-PEASY E-BOOKS!

It’s not Rocket Science!
to find out how you can
easily turn your poems, stories, and non-fiction books into EBOOKS AND ... SELL THEM YOURSELF ON-LINE! Click here April ISSUE The Writers’ Resource site linking to paying markets, competitions, reference sites, software, and much more! Welcome to the April edition of WriteLink. This is the first issue of Writelink that features the work of members of WritelinkPRO , our new content providing service. If you’d like the chance of seeing your work published on these pages and being paid for it then Click here The Battle of the Bards , our new on-line poetry competition is offering a first prize and publication on the website. Lots of other prizes including two runners up of £25 each. Entries limited to 100 so hurry! Click here.

33. Creative Writing
creative writing September 2002 January 2003. Kids' Castle medieval castleincluding kids' contributions. The Monster Motel Dare you enter?

In addition to the creative writing group, LSU has an extraordinary faculty in LSUPress is unique among university presses for its contributions to American


Southern Review

Exquisite Corpse

New Delta Review


Sigma Tau Delta
Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our program. We'd like to share some reasons we believe you should spend the next three years of your life receiving your MFA in creative writing here at LSU. The cultural excitement of Louisiana should not be underestimated. Every year, several celebrations of the literary arts with major writers take place. For example, our MFA's are offered full scholarships to the Words and Music Writer's Conference in New Orleans, a mammoth gathering where students meet established writers and have one-on-one conferences with editors and agents. Our faculty includes several nationally-prominent writersa larger group than is usual for MFA programs. We teach screenwriting, translation, and nonfiction, which aren't part of every program. Some of the writers on our faculty have experience in producing, writing, and starring in documentary films. As the literary landscape changes, an ability to work in several media is increasingly important. In addition to the creative writing group, LSU has an extraordinary faculty in English strong in Southern Letters and cultural studies. As you may have already read, LSU has a distinctive literary history. LSU Press is unique among university presses for its contributions to American poetry and fiction. We offer several opportunities to gain editorial experience by working for our many magazines and publications. The New Delta Review,The Southern Review, and Exquisite Corpse routinely have assistantships available. A substantial number of our students have gone on to work as editors.

35. Essays/Articles On Writing, At The WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site
The Curse of creative writing, Dan Nielsen, (added April 14 Not Necessarily Mean,KL.Storer with contributions from Joyce The Exercise of writing Sudden Fiction, KL
This page was last updated Monday, December 23, 2002 Some material at this site is quite adult in theme and language
Essay Title Author (date added)
Art Of Poetry
Durlabh Singh (added December 24, 2001)
The Curse of Creative Writing
Dan Nielsen (added April 14, 1998)
The Deadline Is Our Friend
K.L.Storer (first appeared From the Editor,
April 12, 1999)

The Editor's Rejection:

What 'No' Means and What it

Does Not Necessarily Mean
with contributions from:
Joyce Lavene, Kevin Mooneyham, Kirie Pedersen, D.L. Zimmerman (first appeared From the Editor, June 24, 2001) The Exercise of Writing Sudden Fiction K.L.Storer (first appeared From the Editor, January 4, 2000) I Don't Care If the First Line Stinks K.L.Storer (first appeared From the Editor, January, 1999) An Interview with Steve Alten Owen Hollifield (added September 22, 2002) Interviewing an Author: Don't Be Left Speechless Stephen Earley Jordan, II (added December 23, 2002)

36. About WG (the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site)
postal mail the WriteGallery creative writing Web Site PO for submission, or anywriting contests WG on the WriteGallery for Literary contributions. I very
This page was last updated Monday, December 30, 2002 INDEX TO THIS PAGE General Introduction
What WG Publishes

How WG Edits

WG Update Schedule
... newsletter the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site
is owned, produced, and edited by K.L.Storer Officially On line as of August 1, 1997.
Hosted by Earthlink as of March 22, 1998.
Moved to the domain on October 18, 1999.
the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site (SM) K.L.Storer.
Created with EditPad Pro General Introduction:
The WriteGallery is an on-going collection of creative writing that focuses on prose and poetry by writers who are young in their craft, and well may be young in age. WG would not, however, exclude older, seasoned writers, and certainly would not refuse a submission from any such established writer. An exact definition of "young as writers" is elusive. It's reasonable that Tom Wolfe, for instance, doesn't fall into our category of young in writing; whereas, Ana Kostadinova does. However, the philosophy that

37. NUI, Galway, International Summer School, International Writers
graduate and undergraduate students of creative writing to work with faculty fromIreland and the United States, in addition to contributions from prominent

38. E-zine-list: Keyword: Writing
dance (14) , literature (233) , drama (6) , writing (239) , creative (26) , books ContactEditorial contributions submit@betruezine
about "FREE writing/research tips & Website update info for the ACI Writing Assistance Center, specializing in term paper, thesis & dissertation projects. How to research and write more effectively, for students, educators and professionals. Includes recommended Internet resources." Frequency: twice monthly Formats: ASCII Keywords: term paper thesis dissertation academic ... support Sample: To:
Subject: Sample Issue Request
Text: Please send sample issue Subscription: Web: Publisher: Academic Consulting International (ACI) Staff: Dan Berman (editor) Contact: Editorial: The Albany Poetry Workshop
An Interactive Poetry Forum "A live forum for our readers who wish to read and comment on each others' works-in-progress. Please join us in the critical discussion and the pleasures of the art and craft of poetry writing. We also offer writing exercises, tips on critiquing a poem, and a short reading list of books on poetry. Included also are reviews of poetry web sites and a list of writers' conferences." Frequency: monthly Formats: Web Keywords: poetry craft workshop literature ... writing exercises Access: Web:

39. AWP: "Creative Writing & Its Discontents" By D.W. Fenza
The goal of graduate study in creative writing is to become, first and foremost,an accomplished writer who makes significant contributions to contemporary
by D.W. Fenza From the March/April 2000 issue of The Writer's Chronicle Since the 1980s, criticisms of writing workshops and programs have become an occasional feature in glossy magazines, newspapers, literary magazines, academic journals, and books of literary criticism. Meanwhile, in the fiefdoms of academe, literary scholars, theorists, and writers often compete for the same awards, grants, endowed chairs, and budget lines; and that competition compels each camp to trivialize the other. In both the national and local commentary on writing programs, the misrepresentations can be lurid. An apology for the profession of writers who teach, this polemic has a few different components: an examination of the commentary on writing programs; a response to two recent indictments (one of which was published by the Modern Language Association); a brief history of creative writing as an academic discipline; a catalog of the benefits of writing programs to colleges and universities and to our culture in general; and, finally, a few personal confessions. Back top Top
1. How to Become a

40. Community Services Resources . You Will Find Call For
are expected to make original contributions to this knowledge in Canada. Submissionsmay be scholarly articles, poetry, creative writing, interviews and other

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