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         Cricket Players Bios:     more detail

1. Fast Company | Cricket Match, Anyone?
The renaissance of cricket is happening in Silicon Valley. teams in the Northern California cricket Association ( NCCA ) and players are decked out in white http// with schedules, player bios, and cricket links.
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Cricket Match, Anyone?
The renaissance of cricket is happening in Silicon Valley. From: Issue 12 December 1997/January 1998, Page 78 By: Eric Ransdell Photographs by: Katrina Dickson Every Sunday from April to October, a several-centuries-old tradition meets a new-world ritual on playing fields from Santa Clara to Marin County. For eight hours some of Silicon Valley's top knowledge workers alternate hurling and thwacking balls across a 22-yard pitch of freshly mowed grass. It's the height of the season for the 26 teams in the Northern California Cricket Association (NCCA) and players are decked out in white duck trousers, white wool vests, and white, floppy canvas hats to bowl, bat, and take afternoon tea. Sridhar Ranganathan, star fast bowler (pitcher) for the Santa Clara Cricket Club (SCCC), is typical of the new breed of Silicon Valley cricketers. He grew up playing the game on the streets of Bombay before earning a BS in engineering at the city's university. From there he went on to get an MS in computer science from Villanova University and then an MBA from Berkeley (while working full-time at Xerox). A year ago he launched a startup that makes software to integrate computers and television. For Ranganathan, 32, cricket not only links him to a rich network of engineering talent (95% of SCCC's members hold engineering degrees); it also offers a gratifying mix of competition and community. "It's half sport, half social occasion," he says. League games are fierce teams battle it out in a round-robin until the playoffs in late September but the SCCC's 55 members seem to spend as much time together at parties, picnics, and outings as on the field. And, true to their engineering roots, team members debate everything from game strategy to groundskeeping on an email list and maintain a club Web site with schedules, player bios, and cricket links.

2. Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India Movie Homepage
Official Homepage bios, synopsis, pictures, etc. Most of the story is about how Bhuvanrecruits viable cricket players, learns the game of cricket, trains his
Nominated for "Best Foreign Language Film" Academy Award. More accolades here Official Homepage -bios, synopsis, pictures, etc. Movie Review Query Engine lots more reviews of this film. Internet Movie Database The first guide ever to libertarian-themed film. Contains over 250 reviews. An oustanding source of inspiration and pleasure! The premise here is a bit far-fetched, but the telling is more than entertaining enough to make a little suspended judgement worthwhile. The year is 1893; the place, a rural town in British colonial India. It seems the annual "lagaan" (agricultural tax) on local villagers was cancelled in the previous year due to an extended drought that made paying it impossible. Though the drought continues, the sadistic British captain in charge of the province orders the lagaan not only reinstated but doubled. The desperate villagers appeal this decision, so the captain makes them a Machiavellian offer: the village will play a game of cricket against the occupying British troops; if the villagers win, the tax will be cancelled for three years; if they lose, the tax will be reinstated and tripled. What follows is a cross between "Ghandi" and "The Bad News Bears," as the villagers assemble an untrained cricket team from their own rag tag ranks to face the relentlessly professional Brits, knowing all the while that if they lose they face certain destitution.

3. - British Football, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Motors
ATHLETES. bios cricket Board have confirmed they are setting up a confidential hotline to investigate any new allegations from players

SPORTS football tennis rugby cricket ... other sports ATHLETES bios photos SITE advertise jobs contact cricket
LATEST NEWS Giles guides England to victory.

Sunday, February 11, 2001
England completed a comprehensive 165-run victory in the opening first class match of their Sri Lankan tour over a strong Board President's XI.
Friday, February 9, 2001 The England and Wales Cricket Board have confirmed they are setting up a confidential hotline to investigate any new allegations from players about match-fixing England draw opener
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 England's opening game against a Sri Lanka Colts XI in Moratuwa petered out into a draw, as the two-day timeframe proved insufficient to force a result. Atherton sings praises.
Thursday, February 1, 2001 Former captain Michael Atherton has spoken in glowing terms of the current team, rating it as potentially the strongest he has played in during his 12-year international career. Ramprakash leaves Middlesex
Thursday, February 1, 2001 Middlesex have finally allowed Mark Ramprakash to leave the club.

4. World Beer Games
with cricket. On a per capita basis, the nation boasts more worldclass cricket players than any other. Team bios
Barbados Beer Facts:
Capital: Bridgetown
Nation's Favorite beers:
Beers consumed per capita (Liters):
Drinking fact:
Barbados hosts the world's only annual Rum Fest, in which scores of rums are rated in categories ranging from "Spiced" to "Overproof," with bottle prices ranging from $10 to more than $1000.
Legal drinking age:
Useless fact:
Barbados enjoys 3000 hours of sunshine every year. Bajans (citizens of Barbados) are obsessed with cricket. On a per capita basis, the nation boasts more world-class cricket players than any other.
Team Bios:
Marsha Williams Age:
: Marshmallow Best Known for: Laughing.....a lot! Why represent your nation at WBG: Barbados is the country of Banks Beer. And being a Bajan I must represent ma country!!! Michael Cadogam Age: Nickname: Smasher Best Party Trick: Playing drums and drinking beer at the same time. Why represent your nation at WBG: I think it would be fun.

Also has a round up of the domestic cricket scene. indexed category wise like archives,computer chess, chess online, discussions, openings, players bios, etc.

6. Gambling Directory Online Gambling, Newswires, Sports Bios, Sportlinks, Ladies S
Boxing cricket Cycling Track Field Rugby Horse racing. Pro Sports players bios Teams MLB players bios NFL players bios NBA Player bios NHL players bios
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Home Run Leaders
National League -Sosa, Chicago, 57; McGwire, St. Louis, 54; Bagwell, Houston, 39;
American League - Griffey Jr, Seattle, 41; R Palermo, Texas 41; C Delgado, Toronto, 39;
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To day's puzzle- Can you say - alsthirartre
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teams in the Northern California cricket Association ( NCCA ) and players are decked out in white http// with schedules, player bios, and cricket links.

8. Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club
The Eastern Suburbs cricket Club website has been on many players as well as more stories and photos from Easts/Waverley history. Anyone who has any bios, stories or
!!THE EASTS WEB SITE HAS BEEN RE-DESIGNED!! The Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club web-site has been redesigned to what we think is more professional appearance, easier to read, and quicker. Please note that as part of the redesign the web-designers e-mail address has been changed to replacing the previous IMPORTANT:
Please update your address book with the new e-mail address. MAILING LISTS:
The old mailing list has been replaced If you subscribed to the mailing list before, you will have to do it again otherwise you will no longer receive any e-mails from the easts cricket club. While most of the basic design of the new site has been completed all information from the old web site has not been transferred. This will be done progessively over the next month. COMING - FURTHER NEW FEATURES FOR EASTSCRICKET.COM.AU: The archives section will be completely re-designed and should be completed before the start of the cricket season. In the revamped archives section, there will be a photo archive, a results archive and a statistical database on the club, hopefully dating back to the beginning of the club. Much will depend on retrieval of old annual reports but we will be working progessively backwards to porvide a premanent record of all club and players performaces. A past players section has been updated and will be added to over the coming months. This will include biographies on many players as well as more stories and photos from Easts/Waverley history. Anyone who has any bios, stories or reports from yester year please send them to Old photos and newspaper articles would be particulary welcome.

9. Internet For Teenagers - State Library Of Queensland - Young People's Services
are separate pages for AFL, basketball, cricket, golf, motorsport and has bio pageson all the players. can access news, results, photos, player bios, stats and
Introduction Alternative Philosophies: Dreams, Spells and Wishing Wells Alternative Philosophies: Useful Websites E-Zines, Diaries and Weblogs: Dear Diary ... Printable Version Topics covered in this section include:
  • Australian sports ie Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, cricket, netball Extreme sports ie skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, BMX and more Wrestling and boxing
AUSTRALIAN SPORTS Yahoo! Sports Australia - Activity Suggestion: Invite participants to choose a sport and find the latest news:
  • Click on a sport from the menu at the top of the page eg Basketball.
National Rugby League - Activity Suggestion:
  • Show participants how to get to the official site of their favourite club where they can access news, results, photos, player bios, stats and contact details. Click on My Club from the menu on the left side of the page. Select the team from the drop-down menu eg Brisbane Broncos . Their website will open and all the info above will appear.
Activity Suggestion:
  • Ask the group to click on the Sights and Sounds link from the main page. From there, show them how to:

10. Ultra Cricket - Changes To Web Site And Code
Awards from early seasons Nov 21 Tim's To Do list Nov 14 Added bios on the pageAug 1 Added more links Jul 3 Order form Jun 26 Predesigned players Jun 16
Latest Updates
Recently I have added or updated the following pages: Mar 25: Updated Roll of Honour Page
Mar 12: Help when lost page.
Mar 7: Updated listing of all teams
Feb 16: Updated waiting list automated
Jan 22: More news on the Manager's real lives
Jan 6: Added section on how to use Western Union
Aug 19: Made ex_teams automatically update
Jul 17: Updated Helpline members
May 4: Updated list of manager's whose email is bouncing
Aug 29: Prices for UC
Jul 30: Updated Geographical listing of teams Mar 31: Updated teams for adoption to use PHP Mar 27: UC draft applet updated Mar 27: Design a New Team Mar 26: New Navigation bar using PHP Feb 14: Forums Jan 22: Updated section 3.5 Jan 17: SuperCup info updated and links updated Dec 13: Updated list of enhanced teams Dec 13: Updated list of UC Club members Nov 22: Added a few more Awards from early seasons Nov 21: Tim's To Do list Nov 14: Added bios on the League's namesakes in UC1 Nov 1: Removed Sections 6.4 and 6.5 Nov 1: Updated Rules Overview Nov 1: Updated Rules contents Oct 25: Added main page for password info Aug 17: Added New Club home page Aug 1: Added more links Jul 3: Order form Jun 26: Predesigned players Jun 16: Updated Beginner's Guide to Creating a team May 8: Complete rewrite of Templates for teams May 3: New team creation rules changed Mar 28: Added story about UC Feb 15: Rules updates Dec 1: Updated InterConference Challenge page Dec 1: Codes accepted by mail deamon Jul 15: Altered Top Skills adding new combinations May 27: FAQ updated May 2:

11. - United States - New - Sports - All Sports - Sports A-Z - Sports C-D -
theminute scores, streaming videos, detailed analyses, venue info and player bios. olympia/imran/44/Provides photos of Sri Lankan cricket players and several

12. - United States - New - Sports - All Sports - Sports A-Z - Sports C-D -
Jeremy's English cricket Page http// updates before scrollingthrough player stats and bios. and autographs of English players, with pics

13. Goats: Post-it
I'm pretty sure that cricket players practice. Children play cricket too don't they home archive store news forums bios features pub premium all

14. Goats: Patent Pending Forum
I'm pretty sure that cricket players practice. Children play cricket too don't they? home archive store news forums bios features pub premium
lastfive yesterday's strip first strip paperback books hardcover books super-advance t-shirts merchandise warehouse the regulars the irregulars pub denizens the villains goats news the pub ring of fire blatant self-promotion patent pending fan stuff official stuff the peculier pub pub tips sunday strips members only forum ask the animals patent pending discount stuff //alert(pageIsLoaded); the comic strip
Patent Pending
Play-by-play (37 comments)
Play-by-play by snookles ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 - 12:39 PM
snookles' Info
Okay, my thought is that this discussion can be a place to talk about each individual strip as it comes out.
Today's is very cool. What I really like about Patent Pending is that it showcases Jon's art so well. I love the slightly fish-eye perspective on the stairwell that creates some tension, and the glowy blue keypad is deeply cool.
The Star Trek reference is fun. The "keyboard, how quaint" scene is one of my favorites in the movie series, and I quote it often. I really like the main character's look. He makes me think of Kevin Smith, because of his appearance, but also because of the whole Mal-Wart vest/"I'm not even supposed to be here"/Clerks-ness of his characterization.
I really wish I had access to the archive. I just have to convince my wife that it's not stupid to pay for a membership to an online comic book site. Unfortunately, the renewal for my domain name is coming up, and that has to be a priority.

15. Female Bios | Karen Murphy
Personal Tip, Young players should never be discouraged from playing bowls an unfaircomparison to suggest Zoe Goss gets publicity for women's cricket which is
Karen Murphy
Birthdate 18 December, 1974 Status Single Club St Johns Park BC, Sydney Years Playing Type of Bowl Henselite Size 4 H/W Gripped CLASSIC ll Greatest Thrill Playing for Australia Major Influence Personal Tip "Young players should never be discouraged from playing bowls" Favourite Food Thai Favourite Music Rock Interests Achievements Fours Gold Medal '97 Pacific Championships
Australian Fours '97 Rep. Honours Represented NSW since 1996
Represented Australia since 1997 Rising Starlet She's been described as the Jan Stephenson of bowls and is without doubt the hottest new addition to the women's scene since a radical 1950's ruling which raised skirts to wickedly expose ankles and shins. And what's more this girl, like Australia's first international golfing sweetheart, can play! But champion lawn bowler Karen Murphy laughs when you suggest she is the glamour amongst all the old boilers. "They're my mates you're talking about!" she says with mock indignation. With Murphy, the laughter at such an outrageous suggestion comes not from any embarrassment, but a self assurance refreshing in a 22-year-old sports star of any description. The stunning brunette, who attracts huge crowds wherever she competes on the lucrative national bowls circuit, wants to be admired for the depth of her bowling talent rather than any skin-deep assessment of her looks and youthful success. Over the past year or so she has won three national titles, Australia's most prestigious pairs tournament and the Coca-Cola Golden Nugget at Tweed Heads, the world's richest women's singles event, twice. These achievements earned her selection in the Australian team which defeated New Zealand in the recent Trans-Tasman Series on the Gold Coast, reinforcing the argument that, even at 22, she is more than just a pretty face.

16. - British Football, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Motors
GBsportz bios. cricket (provided by Atherton, Michael Cork, DominicGough, David Arsenal players are up against a new disciplinary charge after

SPORTS football tennis rugby cricket ... other sports ATHLETES bios photos SITE advertise jobs contact GBsportz - bios
(provided by Yahoo! UK)
Adams, Tony

Beckham, David

Elliott, Matt

Ferdinand, Rio
Scholes, Paul

Tennis (provided by
Henman, Tim

Rusedski, Greg
Rugby (provided by Catt, Mike Dallaglio, Lawrence Jenkins, Neil Logan, Kenny ... Wilkinson, Jonny Cricket (provided by Atherton, Michael Cork, Dominic Gough, David Hussain, Nassar ... Trescothick, Marcus Motorsport (provided by Yahoo! UK) Button, Jenson Coulthard, David Irvine, Eddie Lewis agrees to fight Tyson Wednesday, February 21, 2001 World heavyweight Lennox Lewis has agreed to fight Mike Tyson Henman shakes off hangover Wednesday, February 21, 2001 Tim Henman began his bid for the World Tennis Tournament title with a hard-fought win over German Jens Knippschild in Rotterdam Disciplinary Action On Fifth Round Fighters Monday, February 19, 2001

17. Bomis Search Results: Rahul Khanna
Photo Galleries Video/DVD Browse IMDb Independent Film All Titles My MoviesPeople Characters Quotes bios Plots More 181, The Sports/cricket/players ring. Khanna

18. Complete Guide To Everything Sports: News, Equipment, Fantasy, Sta
Features boxing encyclopedia with records bios, current champs rugby cricket,CricInfo Worldwide cricket news, with stats, info on players, more,
the Web.

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bios 435 Entomology. The seven players in this exercise are an organic farmer, aChristmas tree grower, a landowner with Tape recordings of cricket mating calls
BIOS 435 Entomology
Instructor: Dr. Kelly Johnson
Ohio University Critical Analysis Paper
Taxonomic Classification Isn't Always Easy
The purpose of this paper is to familiarize you with some of the subjective elements of how animals are classified,particularly at the higher order (i.e. families, orders, subphyla). A survey of entomology and zoology texts reveals substantial variation in the number and inclusiveness of insect orders recognized. One particular area of controversy is the relation of the primitively wingless (apterygote) to each other and other insect orders. Some authors believe they are polyphyletic and different enough from insects for each to be elevated to the rank of class. Your paper should be between 2-5 pages, typed (double-spaced), and fully edited. Use text (pp.340-347) as your main reference for Apterygote and Pterygote characteristics. Ch. 11 (pp.318-323) contain a useful discussion of systematics and biological classification. Be prepared for the possibility of exchanging your paper with other students in class. Writing Assignment- Explaining Insect Metamorphosis at the Family Dinner Imagine that you have left campus to spend the weekend with your parents and celebrate your uncle's 50th birthday. Your relatives are naturally curious that you are taking a course in entomology, and while sitting at the dinner table, your 9 year old cousin demands to know how a caterpillar can possible turn into a butterfly in only 4 or 5 days, and why doesn't a cockroach also metamorphose into a more attractive creature. Although you would prefer to dodge the question, you catch a stern look on your father's face and realize that the time has come to show your relatives what you have been learning down at college.

20. Lycos Homepage > Sports > Tennis > Players
all of the following football, cricket, horse racing on upand-coming young professionalplayers. The Tennispro Webpage - Player photos, bios, links, webrings
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Websites Compiled and edited by Surfer
  • Azter - Photos of players including: Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Andre Agassi, Marat Safin, and Yevgeny Kafelnikov.
  • Future Stars of Professional Tennis - Fan page focusing on up-and-coming young professional players.
  • The Tennispro Webpage - Player photos, bios, links, webrings, and a sports forum.
  • World Sportsmen - Tennis - Biographies, statistics and photographs of the world´s top male and female tennis players.

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