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         Cults General:     more books (100)
  1. Cult Proofing Your Kids by Paul R. Martin, 1993-05
  2. Larson's New Book of Cults by Bob Larson, 1989-11-30
  3. Evil Harvest: The True Story of Cult Murder in the American Heartland by Rod Colvin MS, 2001-11
  4. Prophets, Cults and Madness by Anthony Stevens; John Price, 2001-05-01
  5. Cults: Faith, Healing and Coercion by Marc Galanter, 1999-05-20
  6. Killer Cults: Shocking True Stories of the Most Dangerous Cults In History by James J. Boyle, 1995-05-15
  7. Christianity, Cults & Religions (PowerPoint Presentation) by Rose Publishing, 2002-09-23
  8. Sects, Cults, and Spiritual Communities: A Sociological Analysis
  9. Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults by Steven Hassan, 1990-10-01
  10. Moonwebs: Journey into the Mind of a Cult by Josh Freed, 1989-01-01
  11. Understanding the Cults (Handbook of Today's Religions) by Josh McDowell, Don Stewart, 1982-06
  12. Bohemian Grove: Cult Of Conspiracy by Mike Hanson, 2004-09-27
  13. The Cult Explosion: An Expose of Todays Cults and Why They Prosper by Dave Hunt, 1980-06
  14. Regional Cults (A.S.A. monograph ; 16) by Richard P. Werbner, 1977-06

1. General Information On Cults
General Information on Cults. A Behavioral Definition (of 'cult') (KevinCrawley); Identifying a Cult (Jan Groenveld); Lifton's Criteria
General Information on Cults
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2. Religious Movements Homepage: UFO Cults
General discussion of religious movements related to UFOs, with short profiles of several groups. From the New Religious Movements Homepage.
See our Special Section on the Heaven's Gate
UFO Cults
Group Profile Select UFO Groups Aetherians Unarians ... References
I. Group Profile
  • Name: UFO Cults
  • Founder: Kenneth Arnold
  • Date Founded:
    Kenneth Arnold's sighting which reportedly occurred on June 24, 1947 marks the beginning of the modern UFO movement. However, UFO sightings and interplanetary travel were reported as early as the 1750's.
  • Birth Place of Movement: Cascade Mountains in western Washington.
  • Brief History: On June 24, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascades when he reported seeing "nine shiny objects in a chain-like formation speeding by at some 1600 miles per hour" (Ellwood 393). Arnold compared what he saw to a saucer skipping across water. This characterization led the media to adopt the concept of "flying saucer". Arnold's report was quickly followed by many other sightings reported from various places around the country.
    The introduction of this phenomenon into society brought about rumors as to the meanings behind these unidentified flying objects. Soon, people began to believe that UFOs had made contact with humans. These humans came to be known as contactees . The first contactee was George Adamski , who claimed to have met a UFO traveler from Venus. Throughout the fifties, there were many other contactees who claimed interaction with interplanetary occupants.
  • 3. The Mission To Combat Cults General Secretary Coming To CW??
    The Mission to combat cults general secretary coming to CW From "roger gonnet" Subject The Mission to combat cults general secretary coming to CW Date Sat, 7 Oct 2000 101326 +0200
    The Mission to combat cults general secretary coming to CW Scientology
      From: "roger gonnet" <>
      Subject: The Mission to combat cults general secretary coming to CW
      Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 10:13:26 +0200
      It looks that the General Secretary of the French Interministerial Mission to Combat Cults could come to Clearwater when the scamologists are picketing in Paris, on 23d october... I dunno more yet. I presume that he'll buy a lot of Boules Quies -that's wax to shut the ears! - if ever he comes through the airport of Clearwater: it looks as if some of those are needed, since crazy people are shouting all around "Nazi, go home" every time they see an european official defending human rights! I even heard that those crazy picketers were wearing some sort of nazi suits themselves. Is that true? That their crosses were more or less the nazi cross, but with the ends of the cross redesigned in the center instead of on extremities.
      roger gonnet
      Le Secticide
      KKKGB: Kriminal Kult Killers Gang's Bird.

    cults general. Books. Articles. Tapes Real Audio. Journals.

    5. General Information On Cults
    General Information on Cults. The following is a partial list, we do notendorse any particular entry. GENERAL ARTICLES, INFORMATION ON CULTS.
    General Information on Cults
    The following is a partial list, we do not endorse any particular entry. We encourage you to use your own critical thinking abilities when doing research GENERAL ARTICLES, INFORMATION ON CULTS 1. Cults in Contemporary Society by Margaret Singer 2. Impact of Cults on Individuals and Families by M Singer 3. Relaxation-Induced Anxiety... by Heide and Borkovec 4. Relaxation: The Calm before the Storm by Heide 5. Merck Manual of Group Psychodynamics 6. Consultation with families of cultists 7. Coming out of Cults by Margaret Singer 8. Attacks on Peripheral versus Central Elements of Self and the Impact of Thought Reforming Techniques 9. Thought Reform Programs and the Production of Psychiatric Casualties by Singer and Ofshe 10. Cults: What are they, why now? by M. Singer 11. The Cult Experience: Myth and Reality 12. Cults, quacks, and non-pro psychotherapies 13. Consulting and Testifying in court by M. Singer 14. Brainwashing and the Cults by Paul Verdier 15. Cults: A conflict between religious liberty and involuntary servitude by Lucksted and Martell 16. A Law Enforcement Primer on Cults by Dale Griffiths

    6. Religions Library Menu
    Thai Buddhist Theravada Buddhist - Zen Christian - Catholic Christian General ChristianResearch Institute Cult Observer cults general Hindu Religious Images
    Religions Library Menu
    Religions General
    Buddhist - Tantric
    Buddhist - Thai
    Buddhist - Theravada ...

    7. CBTL Cults
    cults general Information on Cults. About Cults A brief site addressing college studentsin particular but with some good information about destructive cults.
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    Spirituality Guideposts:
    Wisconsin Sites

    General Resources


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    Subject Guideposts
    Cults General Information on Cults About Cults
    A brief site addressing college students in particular but with some good information about "destructive" cults. AFF Site
    The American Family Foundation began almost 20 years ago as a result of the Jonestown tragedy. A multifaced and rich resource of information on cults. Religious Tolerance Site
    A good site for a "calmer" view of cults and how one might distinguish them from denominations and sects. Gives a good context to the issue. Resource Sites From the Monroe County, New York, version of CBTL. A wealth of well organized sites on the subject of cults. Cults in America A scholarly paper on the growth and appeal of cults and on whether everything we call a cult should be given that label. Kinds of Cults AI Index Lots of information about various cults and counter-cult groups and organizations. The indexing can be kind of confusing but its possible to find lots of information about "cults". Remember, this is not an endorsement that groups listed throughout the site constitute a cult.

    8. Cults: From Positive To Homicidal Faith Groups
    general Information about "cults" Definitions of terms cults, sects and denominations
    a.k.a. New Religious Movements Click here to visit one of our sponsors.
    Are they Spiritual, Positive, Gentle, Harmless, Heretical, Mind Controlling, Dangerous, Homicidal....or all of the above?
    About cults:
    " person's cult is another's religion; all religions begin life as cults. An alternative definition is that a cult is a religion which you happen to dislike. " Anthony Campbell, in a review of David V. Barrett's book: " The New Believers ."
    The term " cult " is generally used as a hateful snarl word that is used to intentionally devalue people and their faith groups. It creates fear and loathing among the public, and contributes greatly to religious intolerance in North America. The word "cult," particularly as used by the media, carries a heavy emotional content. The word suggests is that this is a group that you should detest, avoid, and fear. In reality, the only "crime" of most "cults" is that they they hold different religious beliefs from whomever is doing the attacking. Individuals and organizations have assigned many meanings to the word "cult." The result is mass confusion:

    9. Catalyst Archive - Articles Archive - Cults (General Articles): Extended Entry
    CATALYST. COUNSELLING * TRAINING * LEGAL. Catalyst Home Page, ARCHIVE.Articles Archive cults (general Articles) Extended Entry. DISCLAIMER
    Articles Archive - Cults (General Articles): Extended Entry
    Alphabetical Shortcuts
    A B C D ... Z
    Daily Mail, p.79 . Cult hidden behind a smoke screen by Ian Howarth. The Independent, For all the horror, at least cults display passion. Religion has failed us, its ceremonies lacking fire, mysticism or excitement by Janet Street-Porter. Personal Magazine, pp.11-12 . Escape from the cults by Jill Todd. The Independent, p.3 . 'A cult is like abusive relationships... You are trapped, like a caged animal by Andrew Gumbel. The Independent, p.3 . Deadly Toll of the Fanatics BBC News (On-line), When devotion means death The Times Weekend, Screenplay twists the real tale. A new film threatens to play into the hands of the cults preying on our families by Lynne Wallis. The Sunday Express, p.16 . Kate's cult film panned. Movie puts thousands trapped in sects at risk, warns expert by Sarah O'Grady. Lifestyle: London Life (On-line), Cult recruitment goes into orbit by Lynne Wallis.

    10. Definitions: Religious Cults, Sects, Alternative Religious Movements, Anti-cult
    cults 101 Definitions cults, sects, alternative religious movements, cult apologists, antianticult movement, cult experts A-Z Apologetics Index. (cults, Sects, ). general Resources. on cults, Sects,
    Definitions: Cults, Sects, Alternative Religious Movements An Apologetics Index research resource
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    New Age Beliefs
    Cults, Sects, Alternative Religious Movements
    Cults 101
    This section:
    Books Conferences/Seminars Counseling/Support ... About The Color Key For Information on specific movements see the A - Z Index This page: Cults Sects Alternative Religious Movements AntiCult; CounterCult; "Neutral" ("Value-Free") ... Cult Apologists; Anti-Anticult Movement Cults The word cult comes from the French culte , and is rooted in the Latin cultus , which means "care" and "adoration." That idea comes from the Latin cultus - the past participle of colere , which means "to cultivate." The word was used in the sense of "to worship or give reference to a deity."

    11. General Cult Links
    Large and attractively designed cultwatch site with regular news updates. Special features on TM, Hare Krishna, Moonies, and other groups. Psychological Freedoms in. cults, Corporations, Nations, and Families Alternative Medicine, Cult, cults, Thought Reform, Mind members label destructive "cults" as possible whether
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    Championing Psychological Freedoms
    On the Web Since 1995



    trancechat ... counseling resources thanks to our donors make a micro-donation about help links ... stats Register your email address with URL-MINDER to receive automatic notification when we update your email:
    Links to Cult Sites
    We offer links for information only. Submit URL . A listing here does not imply that considers any specific group a cult but a significant number of critics and members may have labeled it as such. amway christian eastern est ... waco
    General Cult Information
    Huge archive on many, if not most, groups.
    Steve Hassan
    Author of the best-selling book on recovering from cults, Combatting Cult Mind Control.
    Cult Awareness Network
    CAN promotes public awareness of the harmful effects of mind control. CAN does not judge doctrine or belief. [ Important Note: We do not recommend contacting the Cult Awareness Network, or CAN. An extraordinarily courageous and useful organization in the past, CAN was recently forced into

    12. Cults
    cults. general Overviews Anticult and Counter-cult Movements
    Cults General Overviews: Anti-cult and Counter-cult Movements
    Excellent page of discussion and links on both the Christian counter-cult and the anti-cult movements. Views on "Cults": American Family Foundation
    AFF is a resource for those coming out of "destructive cults." They publish a newsletter and one of the few scholarly journals dealing with the cults - The Cultic Studies Journal. Mind control model based anti-cult group. Cult Awareness and Information Centre - Australia
    Jan Groenveld's (ex-JW, mormon) site with lots of material on "cults," "mind control," and issues facing those leaving cults. Mind control model based. Free Minds
    Randy Watters'(ex-JW) site on JWs "and other authoritarian religions." Supports the mind control model. Cesnur
    Website of the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements. Debunks Mind Control model and supports groups like JWs against the counter-cult and anti-cult movements.
    Brainwashing, Mind Control Models: Pro:
    Understanding Mind Control

    Former Moonie and exit counselor Steven Hassan's home page. Author of Combating Cult Mind Control Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism
    Chapter 22 of Robert J. Lifton's book on mind control. Lists the marks of brainwashing or "mind control."

    13. Cults, Spiritual Abuse, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Occult, New Age, False T
    British Christian site examining cults, the occult and the New Age. Articles on general apologetics and theology and help for those involved with abusive religious groups. Welcome to Spotlight Ministries. This is a Christian site dedicated to upholding and defending the Christian faith. This site contains information on various new religious movements, cults, the occult, and the New Age Movement. There are also many articles on general Christian apologetics and theology.
    Spotlight Ministries Statement of Faith.
    Are You the Victim of
    Mind Control? Test
    yourself here. The truth may surprise you. My Story. If you are trapped by a controlling system, or person, or if you are involved in the occult, then this story is for you.
    Past Email Feedback

    about this Site.

    Web site last updated 24th March 2003: The Watchtower's View of active Jehovah's Witnesses in Dialogue with Former Jehovah's Witnesses on the Internet.
    An official response from the WBTS in Britian.
    Jehovahs's Witnesses and the Issue of Beards.

    Did you know that Jehovah's Witneeses are strongly discouraged from wearing beards? This article looks into this. Take an online poll on this subject as well.
    The Jesus Christians.

    14. Ex-cult Resource Center
    Basic archive on many controversial groups and their leaders usually from former members' perspective.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Opposing Views cults...... Links. Also see Resources and Organizations. general / Articles. Usenet; Jews for Judaism; Dave's cults Page (David D. Rogers);
    General Information Groups Resources and Organizations Bookstore ... Links
    Opinions expressed here are those of the contributors and are not necessarily shared by the site sponsor. The sponsor makes no warranty as to the accuracy or correctness of any information contained here. Particular "cult" groups are named here solely because criticism of their practices has been brought to the attention of the site sponsor, and inclusion does not indicate endorsement of that criticism. Readers are invited to examine the available evidence and form their own opinions about these organizations. Likewise, inclusion on the Resource List does not indicate the sponsor's endorsement of any organization's activities, publications or programs. 'fair use' Last updated February 23, 2002
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    General Information
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    Also see: Links
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    Important Notice Regarding Cult Awareness Network

    15. Index
    Numerous articles, Real Audio lectures, and links covering general apologetics, history, philosophy, science, liberal theology, and cults.
    The Ultimate Christian Apologetics WebSite ENTER

    16. No-Nonsense Christian Links
    Links for Christians. Most of the links are for Christian content such as creation, missions, and cults. Some are for more general topics such as health.
    No-Nonsense Links for Christians
    (and those soon to be)
    Authoritative, Categorized, Selected Web Sites for Christians

    "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get widsom: and in all your getting, get understanding" Proverbs 4:7
    "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

    Apologetics / Theology Archeology Astronomy Creation / Evolution Cults / False Doctrines Family Resources Some links are not Christian, but informative. Health History Media / News Some links are not Christian, but informative. Some links are not Christian, but informative. Missions / Evangelism Prophecy / Rapture Radio / Internet

    17. Catalyst Archive - General Treatments Of Cults, Sects & New Religious Movements
    CATALYST. COUNSELLING * TRAINING * LEGAL. Catalyst Home Page, ARCHIVE. GeneralTreatments of cults, Sects New Religious Movements. Latest News From Catalyst.
    Richard Abanes, Cults, News Religious Movements, and Your Family. A Guide to Ten Non-Christian Groups Out to Convert Your Loved Ones . Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1998. Pbk. ISBN: 0891079815. pp.317. We Found Our Way Out , 1964. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1975. Pbk. ISBN: 0801000165. pp.122. John Allan, Shopping For a God. Fringe Religions Today . Leicester: IVP, 1986. Pbk. ISBN: 0851104762. pp.218. Cult Watch. What You Need to Know About Spiritual Deception . Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1991. Pbk. ISBN: 0890818517. pp.370. Stephen Annett, editor. The Many Ways of Being. A Guide to Spiritual Groups and Growth Centres in Groups. in Britain . London: Sphere Books, 1976. ISBN: 085500049X. pp.286. Jan Karel Van Baalen, The Chaos of the Cults. A Study in Present Day Isms Jan Karel Van Baalen, The Chaos of the Cults. A Study in Present Day Isms Anne Bancroft, Twentieth Century Mystics and Sages . London: Heinemann, 1976. Hbk. pp.344.

    18. Cult Information Network
    Provides general information about cults.
    htmlAdWH('7003045', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002114', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help
    Cult Watch
    The Cult Information Network
    The Cult Information Network is a service provided for those interested in
    finding out about abusive and manipulative religions.
    This service pulls no punches. Mainline religions are not free from it's
    exposure If something out of harmony with
    Biblical fact is noted it will be mentioned.
    Since this service provides information all attempts will be
    made to provide the sources for that information. By doing this much time will be saved by giving you the information and you doing what you want
    with it. CIN will not necessarily disagree with everything some of these groups believe. Few cults are all bad. If that was the case no one would be in them. Who would be foolish enough join a cult if asked? Since something good drew the person to the group that will be brought out if possible. Look at this service as a sort of the Ralph Nader of Religious Exposure, or a consumer reports of cult like groups. One thing that should be noted about cults is they share the same sins.

    19. Mind Control, Cults + Freedom Of Mind News: FACTNet
    Find archives and latest newspaper reports regarding brainwashing, mind control, human rights abuse, and child abuse in cults and sects, and a list of support groups. Breaking News and Information on. cults and Mind Control since 1993 There is general disbelief that Nigerian women, living in a democracy, could be sentenced to such a cruel,
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    Discussion Board
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    20. Cults - General
    cults general. Since the first edition was published in 1965, The Kingdom of thecults has been the authoritative reference work on all major cult systems.
    Cults - General Since the first edition was published in 1965, "The Kingdom of the Cults" has been the authoritative reference work on all major cult systems. This classic has been updated to cover New Age cults, Baha'i, and the Word of Faith movement, with over 50 percent new material. A free CD-ROM is included with full text by Parsons Technology . List Price: $29.99
    Our Price: $20.99
    You Save: $9.00 (30%)
    I n the first comprehensive book of its kind, two noted experts in the study of cults and apologetics identify and respond to the misuse of Scripture by adherents of various religions seeking validation for their own particular doctrines.
    List Price: $23.99
    Our Price: $16.79
    You Save: $7.20 (30%)

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