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         Cycling Olympic History:     more detail
  1. An Olympian's oral history: Russell Allen, 1932 Olympic Games, cycling by Russell Allen, 1988
  2. An Olympian's oral history: Eddie Testa, 1932 Olympic Games, cycling by Eddie Testa, 1988
  3. Roller Skating for Gold by David H. Lewis, 1997-01-09

61. What Are The Modern Olympics? (Lesson Plan)
olympic history. The first modern olympic Games took place in 1896 with athletes competingin nine sports events cycling, fencing, gymnastics, lawn tennis
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What Are the Modern Olympics?
  • Students will learn about the history of the Modern Olympic Games
  • Students will plot the locations of all of the Olympic sites on a world map.
  • Olympic History Overview
  • One copy of a world map for each student.
  • Hatpins
  • Flag shaped pieces of paper small enough to tape to the hatpins
  • Transparent tape
  • Share the following overview of Olympic history with your students.
  • Olympic History
  • Have a class discussion by asking students the following question:
    • Do you agree with Baron Pierre de Coubertin's opinion that it is important to balance the growth of your mind and body? What kinds of things do people do to create this balance?
    • Why do you think it was important for the first modern Olympics to take place in Athens, Greece?
  • 62. Modern Olympics
    unlike the original Games, has a clear, concise history. initially planned to holdthe olympic Games in sports were on the agenda cycling, fencing, gymnastics
    The revival of the Olympic Games in 1896, unlike the original Games, has a clear, concise history. team dominated the track and field events, taking first place in 9 of the 12 events. The Games were a success, and a second Olympiad, to be held in France, was scheduled. Olympic Games were held in 1900 and 1904, and by 1908 the number of competitors more than quadrupled the number at Athensfrom 311 to 2,082. Although the Olympic Games have been increasingly politicized, the ideal of the world's best athletes competing against each other in the arena of so-called pure sport has been at least partially realized, especially from the athletes' point of view. And even though skill and courage are manifested by most Olympic participants, the great gold medalists are the ones who are most often remembered. More History
    Olympic History

    P.O. BOX 2001

    63. Cameo CC Coin Collecting - Coin History
    1995P, 118,795, $1.00 - olympic cycling. 1995-D, 19,662, $1.00 - olympic cycling.1996-P, 84,280, $1.00 - Wheelchair Athlete. 1996-D, 15,325, $1.00 - Wheelchair Athlete.
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    Proofs Notes 1982-S $.50 - Washington

    64. Sydney2000
    A Brief history of Sydney; Lonely Planet's Destination include the triathlon, soccer(football), fencing, and cycling. Sydney that lie west of olympic Park.The

    65. G'day Sydney - Tourist Attractions And Sights To See In Sydney, Australia.
    and it is the largest outdoor venue in modern olympic history. Homebush Bay was notthe only olympic site more western suburbs, such as a cycling velodrome at
    THE SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPICS home page check out the sights Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Harbour Bridge The Rocks ... Sydney Webcam book online now! Flights Hotels Hire car Buy your Guide Books stuff to do Restaurants Sydney Nightlife Sydney Theatre Sydney Shopping ... Drinking in Sydney essential info Weather Sydney History Getting Around Accommodation ... The Blue Mountains miscellaneous Remember Olympics cool sydney links Sydney Opera House About G'day Sydney Other great city guides
    Essential New York guide
    Essential Tokyo guide
    The web's greatest London guide Sydney Temperature Now Between 15th September and 1st October 2000, Sydney was the focus of the world's attention while the Games of the 27th Olympiad were held, with Homebush Bay, on the banks of the Parramatta River, being the main Olympic site. The Paralympic Games were also held in Sydney, between 18 and 29 October 2000.

    66. History
    Pistol shooting. Parallel bars. On the fourth day the olympic Hymn was played. Onthe sixth day there was rifle range, swimming and cycling races.
    History Ceremonies 1896 Games Women ... Dissolving Boundaries Page The First Modern Games in 1896 by Dena and Kerrie The marble stadium in Athens where the first modern Olympic Games was held. The first modern Olympics was held in Athens in Greece in 1896. The first day of the Olympics was the 25 th of March. 285 athletes, all men, from 13 countries. competed in the following sports: Athletics 100m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, marathon, 110m hurdles, hop, step and jump, discus, long jump, putting the weight, high jump, pole vault; Cycling - 2km, 10km and one lap; Fencing Gymnastics parallel bars, horizontal bars, vaulting horse, pommel horse, rings, climbing the rope; Lawn tennis; Rifle; Shooting; W eightlifting; Wrestling and Swimming The King opened the games with the words, "I declare the opening of the first International Olympic Games in Athens. Long live the Nation! Long live the Greek People!" On the last day the prizes were presented by the King. The prizes were a branch of wild olive, a branch of laurel, diplomas and medals - silver for the first, bronze for the second. After the prizes were awarded, the parade of the Olympic Winners took place in the stadium.

    67. Soccernet Lsistings1227
    Marco Pantani who became the 7th rider in history who has won the Giro and Tourde France in the same year (1998). 2300, olympic cycling French Medallists



    Fantasy Games

    France: Friday, December 27, 2002
    TIME PROGRAMS Olympic Cycling - French Medallists
    Jeannie Longo
    Featuring the 3-time winner of the Tour Cycliste Feminin, and the 18- Time French National Road Champion, Jeannie Longo, who also set numerous world records throughout her career. Olympic Cycling - French Medallists
    Men's Team Trial Featuring the French team taking the Gold medal after a final against Russia in Atlanta. With highlights from the semi-finals between Italy and France and Austria and Russia. Olympic Cycling - French Medallists Men's Kilometre Race: Rousseau Featuring Florian Rousseau, with action and adrenaline from the 1996 Men's 1 kilometre event, and the medal ceremony. Olympic Cycling - French Medallists Women's Points Race, Nathalie Even Lancien Featuring highlights and the last 23 minutes of the Women's points race which saw Nathalie Even Lancien taking the Gold Medal at the Atlanta games in 1996. Cycling Special Marco Pantani Look at the career of cyclist Marco Pantani who became the 7th rider in history who has won the Giro and Tour de France in the same year (1998).

    68. HP Women's Challenge - Feature Article - Women's Cycling Brings The Finest Race
    Women’s Challenge history 1963 Former US Army Green Beret Jim Rabdau envisionsa before taking the silver medal in the first women's olympic cycling race in

    69. Sydney 2000 Post Games Report
    was the first gold medal in olympic history for the anchor Merlene Ottey her eightholympic medal the In road cycling, Leontien Zijlaard of the Netherlands
    The Games Unfold : Day 15 : Page 2.
    Contents Next Chapter First Page Previous Page ... Last Page In addition to the Arts Festival offerings, the Live Sites continued to provide entertainment, swarming with people attending these free performances. On Day 15, 40 000 people listened to a jazz concert by James Morrison in the Domain, while watching the Australia-USA women’s basketball game on a giant screen. After almost a week without a hitch, Olympic transportation was briefly derailed on Day 15 - literally - when a train left the tracks at the Flemington maintenance yards, delaying spectator trains from the city to Sydney Olympic Park. No one was hurt, and the system was back in full operation within 20 minutes.
    Special Sporting Achievements
    First Ever Gold
    The Bahamas upset the USA on the track in the 4 x 100 m women’s relay, ending a winning streak that stretched back to Los Angeles in 1984. It was the first gold medal in Olympic history for the small island nation. Jamaica won silver, giving anchor Merlene Ottey her eighth Olympic medal - the most held by any female track and field athlete. The US team, anchored by Marion Jones, won bronze.
    Gold Number Three
    In road cycling, Leontien Zijlaard of the Netherlands won the 31.2 km women’s individual time trial to claim her third gold medal of the Sydney 2000 Games. Zijlaard’s medal tally of three golds and one silver equalled that of fellow Netherlander, swimmer Inge de Bruijn.

    70. AIM25: University Of Westminster: Polytechnic Cycling Club
    Administrative/Biographical history The Polytechnic cycling Club was had won fiveworld, two olympic and 62 Chancellor, and well know for cycling around London

    71. Sports - Internet Guides - San José Public Library
    olympic Games olympic Movement International olympics Committee Baseball AlmanacBaseball history, awards, records, lists cycling WWW Bike Lane - Directory of
    Home Events Search Catalog ... Contact Us
    Select a topic to see its Web resources: Internet Guides Index

    72. Cycling
    cycling Supermen return to earth (09/14/2000) Cyclists turned to Superman in theirquest for olympic gold in Witty aiming to make history (09/12/2000) Part
    News Schedule History Athletes
    Records tumble as new stars shine through and old ones fade

    Comebacks were completed, world records smashed, some new stars shone brightly and some old ones faded - the Olympic track cycling program had it all. Russia's Ekimov upsets Armstrong and Ullrich
    Russia's Viacheslav Ekimov upset Lance Armstrong's plans for Olympic gold and held off Jan Ullrich's bid for a road cycling double when he came from deep in the field to win the men's Olympic time trial Saturday. Pezzo win's women's Olympic mountain bike gold
    Paola Pezzo of Italy won the women's Olympic cross country mountain bike gold medal Saturday. Queally upsets Tournant for gold in men's 1km cycling time trial
    Britain's Jason Queally shocked favourite and world record holder Arnaud Tournant of France to storm to gold in the men's 1km cycling time trial on Saturday. Ballanger reconsiders quit threat after gold
    Track cycling queen Felicia Ballanger warned her reign was not over after outclassing the opposition again to win the Olympic title in the women's 500 metres time trial on Saturday. China wins bronze in women's 500m cycling time trial Felicia Ballanger of France won the gold medal in the women's 500m cycling time trial on Saturday.

    73. Saturn Cycling Classic
    Swiss to ring at local sporting events, says Len Pettyjohn, race director for theSaturn cycling Classic Klug made olympic and medical history in February

    74. CYCLING
    history Achievements. After the creation of Pakistan, the first National CyclingChampionship was held in 1948 at the time of Pakistan's first olympic Games
    HISTORY The idea of a self-propelled vehicle on wheels has intrigues mankind through many centuries. But it did not take definite form until 1690, when a two-wheeled contrivance made its appearance on the streets of Paris. The originator was M. de Sivrac, Frenchman. The machine consisted of two wooden wheels, with upright posts on the sides of the sides of the wheels, such posts being joined together by a crossbar. Sivrac made one cardinal error, which condemned his device to oblivion. He forgot the need for pedals. There was no further bicycle experiments public knowledge until 1785, when another Frenchman launched a somewhat similar machine upon an abbreviated career. The machine also had to be pushed. But the new inventor put the front wheel on a pivot, which permitted steering independently of the back wheel. That like also disappeared because the French of that era after examining the creation expressed doubt that a man ever could keep a two-wheeled machine in motion and still maintain balance. In 1789, a three-wheeled contrivance was created by two Frenchmen - Blanchard and Magurier. Comment concerning it appeared in the journal de Paris" on July 27, 1789.

    75. ::
    Hill Velodrome (HHV) is a Sports Heritage Site and the home of track cycling. is theonly remaining sporting venue in the UK with such a long olympic history.
    HOME Outline



    ... Contact Latest News [17 February 2003] The Herne Hill Velodrome website has arrived! It will grow and change so please come back at regular intervals. The launch of the site, courtesy of Martin and Tim at , has come hot on the heels of our Outline Planning Application, and the site is presently largely dedicated to providing the information in the Planning Application Proposals Report to a wider audience. In the future we plan to develop the site and make it responsive to its users. Planned themes will be: A Sports Heritage Gallery to build a history of Herne Hill Velodrome which organisations will be represented and how it will work The design is only at outline stage and will be developed and refined Your Views and Ideas we want to hear them Fundraising Progress with bids and initiatives The Background Herne Hill Velodrome Trust - is the proposed name.

    76. Olympics
    cycling Paola Pezzo wins second gold medal. Redgrave, 38, the most celebrated oarsmanin olympic history, teamed with Matthew Pinsent, Tim Foster and James
    In the Spotlight
    In the Spotlight: Redgrave wins fifth rowing gold
    Team USA Update
    Top Stories
    Sunday's Top Medal Events
    Breaking News: Saturday's Latest Results
    Olympic Sports
    Basketball: Close competition
    Cycling: Paola Pezzo wins second gold medal Diving: Russia upstages China to win gold Football: Europe vs Americas in battle for gold ... Weightlifting: Dimas wins historic third gold
    Athlete Spotlight: Shelda Bede (Brazil)

    Olympic Interactives
    Explore the Site!
    Chat with Lenny Krayzelburg IN THE SPOTLIGHT
    In the Spotlight: Redgrave wins fifth rowing gold
    Briton Steve Redgrave refused to rule out another Olympic campaign after winning an unprecedented fifth consecutive gold medal on Saturday at the Sydney regatta. Redgrave, 38, the most celebrated oarsman in Olympic history, teamed with Matthew Pinsent, Tim Foster and James Cracknell to win the men's coxless fours. Team USA Update The United States of America Olympic Team proved in the pool and on the track today, just what greatness and gold medals are all about.

    77. - History - Bobby Julich - Professional Cyclist
    history Next up for Bobby was the olympic Trials cycling in the olympics was stillan amateur only event, and Bobby seemed to be a lock for the team that would

    Team Telekom Race Results Journal ... RSVT Information
    Vital Stats
    November 18, 1971, Corpus Christi, Texas
    Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
    Resides: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Nice, France
    : US National Team (1988-1991), Spago (1992) No Team (1993), Chevrolet (1994), Motorola (1995-1996), Cofidis (1997-1999), Credit Agricole (2000-2001), Telekom (2002)
    If you started following the career of Bobby Julich after his success in the Tour de France, this section should give you some background on how Bobby came to be a professional cyclist. Please note: There are some AVI Video files that you can view in this section. If you have trouble seeing these, you may need to install the correct Codec here . (723K Download for Windows users). The Early Years As a teenager growing up in Colorado, Bobby was introduced to many outdoor sports. Bobby's father, Bob Sr. began competing in triathlons, and took young Bobby on bike rides with him. He encouraged Bobby to take up triathlons as well, but Bobby wasn't as excited about running and swimming. After seeing Greg LeMond in the Tour de France on television, Bobby decided cycling was the sport for him. In 1985, at age 14, Bobby decided to enter the Red Zinger Mini Classic, a stage race in Boulder for junior riders. He quickly revealed his talent by winning his age category. Bobby went on to win many more races as a junior, including the Junior National Road Race Championship in 1987, and was named as a member of the US Junior National Team. He won the Tour de L’Abitibi, a prestigious junior stage race in Canada in 1988 and 1989, and also competed in the Junior World Championships in Moscow. Bobby graduated from Glenwood Springs High School in 1990, but not before

    78. Cycling Programs
    Information site for Canada's National cycling Centre, Calgary. Contains program information, cycling news, rider profiles, and highlights; yearround cycling program.
    National Cycling Centre Founded in 1995, the National Cycling Centre established itself at the Olympic Oval in 1997. Providing a motivated training environment for cyclists year round, achievement oriented cyclists are drawn to the Cycling Centre to take advantage of such features as proven training protocols, enthusiastic training groups, and state of the art testing. Experts in each of the Olympic cycling disciplines (mountain biking, track racing, and road racing) provide specific programs for each event.
    Olympic Oval National Cycling Centre Programs for 2002/03
    Coaching Structure:
    Kurt Innes; Head Coach / National Team Coach
    Tanya Dubnicoff; Training Centre Coach
    Jason Yanota, Petrina Tulissi and Conan Cooper; Part Time Training Centre Coaches

    79. Howard Performance, LLC Home Of John Howard Cycling School And Hydrocyles - Peda
    Online cycling training and coaching by cyclist and coach John Howard, olympic Cyclist and member U.S. cycling Hall of Famer. Road and offroad coaching and training camps for all levels.

    80. Venta Olympic Road Club Nostalgia Site
    For former members of the British League of Racing Cyclists South Western Section generally and of the Venta olympic Road Club and other defunct Winchester cycling clubs in particular. Photos and articles provided.
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