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         Cyprus Geography:     more books (31)
  1. Fresh Food for Nicosia (University of Chicago Geography Research Papers) by Edward A. Kanne, 1979-01-01
  2. Cyprus in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series) by Lerner Publishing Group, Geography Department, 1992-10
  3. Geography of Northern Cyprus: Landforms of Northern Cyprus, United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus, Mesaoria, Pentadaktylos, Morphou Bay
  4. Geography of Cyprus: Physical geography, Human geography, Cyprus, Island country, Mediterranean Sea, Island, Sardinia, List of islands by area, Anatolia, ... Eurasia, Western Asia, Middle East
  5. History of Cyprus with an Introduction to the Geography of Cyprus by Costas P. Kyrris, Andreas Cl. Sophocleeous, 1985
  6. Geography of Cyprus: Akrotiri and Dhekelia
  7. Northern Cyprus: Windrush Island Guides by John Goulding, Margaret Goulding, 1992-07
  8. Not yet (E)United: Cyprus and Accession. (Global Notebook).(European Union membership not expected to change internal divisions)(Brief Article)(Statistical ... article from: Harvard International Review by Alexander Blenkinsopp, 2002-06-22
  9. An introduction to the history and geography of Cyprus by Andreas Kl Sophokleous, 1997
  10. Political geography and the Cyprus conflict, 1963-1971 (Department of Geography publication series ; no. 4) by Richard Arthur Patrick, 1976
  11. Political geography and the Cyprus conflict, 19631971 (University of Waterloo. Department of Geography. Publication series) by Richard A Patrick, 1976
  12. Geography of Cyprus by Anastasis Stasis, 1984
  13. A short political geography of Cyprus by Kypros Tofallis, 1967
  14. Some relationships between geology and topography in Cyprus by David J Burdon, 1951

81. GCSE Coursework: Geography: Recreation And Tourism Project - Investigate How An
Home GCSE Coursework geography Recreation and Tourism project Investigatehow an area has changed over time as a result of tourist activities - cyprus.
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Click here for Custom Written Research Home GCSE Coursework Geography : Recreation and Tourism project - Investigate how an area has changed over time as a result of tourist activities - Cyprus
Recreation and Tourism project - Investigate how an area has changed over time as a result of tourist activities - Cyprus
Recreation and Tourism project The aim of this project is to investigate how an area has changed over time as a result of tourist activities. In this project I will concentrate on the island of Cyprus. I would liked to have focused on the city of Ayia Napa, but due to the lack of research material, I cannot do this. Location of Cyprus Cyprus is situated in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is 75km south of Turkey, 105 km west of Syria, 380 km north of Egypt, and 380 km east of Rhodes (Greece). Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia with a land area of 9,251 square kilometres.

82. Greek Spider - Your Guide To Greece And Cyprus!
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83. Atlas: Cyprus
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    85. Cyprus During The Byzantine Years
    Once the Arabs were defeated the Franks took charge in the attacks.Because of cyprus' geography, Crussades were always launhed.
    In 333A.D. Cyprus was part of the new Christian empire, the Byzantine Empire. During the years of the Byzantines the island was introduced to several flourishing years. In 343, however, an earthquake rocked the island and destroyed the city of Salamis. Emperor Constantine the Great, Flavios, however, rebuilt the city. In the years that followed Cyprus was re-introduced to its ancient wealth but as in the case back then the same now invaders. Attacks followed and the consistent ones were from the Arabs. The first attack was in 622 and they continued on until 964 when Nikiforos Fokas ended the Arabic expeditions with a decisive victory. During this period the famous defenders of the island "AKRITES" played a major role in the deffense of the island. One of the most famous ones was Digenis who "even the devil himself feared him." In 1459 the fierce Venetians took over and the worst was just ahead. New laws were set, Greek schools were closed, the Greek language was forbidden, and Greek churches were heavily taxed. Italian was forced on the natives as new teachers from Venice were brought in. The natives began looking for ways out as they migrated away from their island. The population declined from 500,000 to 178,000. Many revolts followed into the 16th century but without longstanding results. BACK TO CYPRUS INDEX

    86. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Northern%20cyprus
    http// (Google) More like this.geography and Map of cyprus geography and maps of cyprus. http Cyprus

    87. Learn About Cyprus
    geography Demography cyprus is an island state in the eastern Mediterranean Sea,97 km(60 mi) west of the coast of Syria and 64 km(40 mi) south of Turkey.
    Learn about Cyprus
    This page contains general info about my country, Cyprus. For your convenience, it is separated into four units. You can scroll down to see these but you can also use the table of contents that follows. Note that part of the text in this page was taken by the Grolier' s Academic American Encyclopedia and the Nea Domi Encyclopedia.
    Table of contents:
  • Facts about Cyprus
  • Geography - Demography
  • History of Cyprus
  • The Cyprus problem
    Facts about Cyprus
  • Name: Republic of Cyprus
  • Goverment type: Republic
  • Flag: The map of the island above a couple of olive-tree branches
  • Area: 9,251 sq km(3,572 sq mi)
  • Population: 716,492(77% Greeks, 18% Turks)
  • Income per capita: $10000
  • Capital: Nicosia(116 000)
  • Major cities: Limassol, Famagusta, Larnaka, Paphos, Kyrenia
    Some of the above facts may not be accurate as they do not include the area conrolled by Turkey.
    Geography - Demography
    History of Cyprus
    The Cyprus problem
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  • 88. Geography Cyprus College
    Athena Authors and Texts. Environmental Sciences Books OnLine. geographyOn-LineBooks Page. Human geography On-Line Books Page. World Lecture Hall geography.
    3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web Athena Authors and Texts Environmental Sciences: Books On-Line Geography:On-Line Books Page 3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web Athena Authors and Texts Environmental Sciences: Books On-Line Geography:On-Line Books Page ... World Lecture Hall: Geography

    89. Jere's Ars Magica Saga Geography The Mediteranean Sea
    cyprus. Like other provincial territories in the late republic, cyprusprovided many an opportunity to make or at least recover fortunes.
    G. The Mediterranean Sea
    Cyprus is second to none of the islands of the Mediterranean; It is rich in
    wine and oil, produces grain in abundance, and possesses extensive copper
    mines at Tamassos.
    -STRABO The Imperium Romannum differed fundamentally from Alexanders [the Great] empire in its social system, in its government, and as a geopolitical structure. The main territory and the center of the power now lay in the west, while the control over part of the Near East (which Seleucid empire had already been unable to hold) was lost forever. Iran, Mesopotamia, and Arabia stayed outside the Roman Empire; from the first century onwards, they provided the setting for the Arsacid Parthian Empire, the new great power in in the East and Romes chief opponent, whose political successors were to include the Sassanids and, in the course of time, Islam. The "eastern question", seemingly resolved through Hellenism, once more came to the fore. With the new border between East and West running along the edge of the Syrian desert and through the mountains of Armenia, Cyprus again changed its historic position. During the Hellenistic period, After Alexander had abolished the threshold between Europe and Asia, it was a secondary border zone between Egypt and Seleucid Syria. Now it was placed closer to the center, amidst the political calm of Pax Romana. During the Roman civil war, Cyprus resumed a brief romantic role under the Egyptian crown, when it was returned to Cleopatra, first by Caesar (47 B.C.) after the end of the Alexandrine war, and again by Marcus Antonius (36 B.C.). Octavians victory at Actium (31 B.C.) finally brought the island under Roman rule, under which it was to remain for nearly three centuries.

    90. Oman Scenery/geography, Visas/travel Information.
    Sue Hutton, something of a feminist, Women in Mythology, Family andmore on me, Rosie and George in the amphitheatre, Kourion, cyprus.
    Please share some of my favourite places, music, poetry and ideas. Much of this website is devoted to the spectacular scenery of Oman, since I lived there for nine years. Thank you. Sue Hutton
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    91. Science: Geography Articles And Resources
    Science geography. about this site. Back to Science Technology mainsite, Find A Site. Information on cyprus; Czech Republic information.
    Science: Geography
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    92. Geography
    geography. Location TRNC is located on the northern part of cyprus which isthe third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.
    Geography Location
    TRNC is located on the northern part of Cyprus which is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. It is situated at the crosspoint of 35 degree north latitude and 33 degree east longitude, at a distance 75km south of Turkey. Total area of Cyprus is 9251 square kilometers. The area of the TRNC is 3,355 kilometers square. Physical Features of Cyprus
    Physical features of Cyprus consists of four regions. The Besparmak (Kyrenia) Mountains and Karpaz Peninsula:
    This northern mountain range, is situated between Korucam Cape in the west and Zafer Cape in the east. Its length is approximately 160 km. And its width varies between 8 to 12 km. Besparmak mountains stretch from Kayalar village in the west to Yedikonuk in the east. The highest peak of these mountains is Selvili Tepe which is mainly of limestone and rises up to 1,024 metres. Karpaz Peninsula
    It is like a finger pointing to the Ýskenderun Bay of Turkey. It extends from Ýskele to Zafer Cape. In Ýskele the peninsula is 18 km wide. At Mehmetcik it is 11 km, and at Dipkarpaz 7.5 km. It narrows down gradually and ends at Cape Zafer. Karpaz peninsula is about 80 km. long. The Messarya Plain
    The central plain is situated between the Troodos and Beþparmak (Girne) mountain ranges and has a low relief, not exceeding 180 meters near Lefkoþa. It stretches from Güzelyurt Bay to Magusa and is about 96 km. Long. It covers an area of 1884 sq. km and the mean altitude of the plain is 70. This plain is composed of flyschtype rocks carried by rivers from the Troodos and Besparmak ranges and was formed during a very recent chronological period (holocene).The Messarya plain is formed of a succession of Upper Cretaceous to Pleistocene sedimentary rocks. Its northern half is under-laid by highly folded Kythrea flysch and has a characteristic hummocky topography, while the southern part consists of a sequence of generally under-formed gently inclined sedimentary rocks.

    93. Geographical Position Of Cyprus
    cyprus forms a steppingstone between Europe and Asia. This successionof foreign masters also affected the cultural history of cyprus.
    Cyprus forms a stepping-stone between Europe and Asia. Her history holds a mirror to the sequence of great powers, once Asiatic, then European who have dominated the lands of the Near East and the waters of the east Mediterranean.
    Such domination has not always been in the same hands at the same time; a maritime power and a land power have more than once contended with each other to win control of an island whose strategic and mercantile importance has been quite out of proportion to its size.
    During the 5 th century BC., Athens strove unsuccessfully to wrest Cyprus from the control of Persia; in the 16 th century AD., Venice fought a losing battle against the Ottoman Turks to maintain ownership of the island and the key to the rich trade-routs of the Levant and beyond which it provided.
    Geographical Conditions
    Natural History of the Island
    History of a Beautiful Island: Cyprus

    94. Cyprus
    Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. Country Information. cyprus. , Remarks.-, Press Releases. -, US Embassy. -, Quick Links to Major Reports. cyprus.
    Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Country Information Cyprus Remarks Press Releases U.S. Embassy Quick Links to Major Reports
    Ambassador Michael Klosson
    Background Notes

    Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members (CIA)

    World Factbook (CIA)
    Country Studies (Library of Congress)

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