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         Dada & Surrealism:     more books (100)
  1. The Rise of Surrealism: Cubism, Dada, and the Pursuit of the Marvelous by Willard Bohn, 2001-10-13
  2. Dada and Surrealism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by David Hopkins, 2004-06-24
  3. Dada and Surrealism For Beginners by Elsa Bethanis, Peter Bethanis, 2007-08-21
  4. Dada & Surrealism A&I (Art and Ideas) by Matthew Gale, 1997-11-19
  5. Dada Culture: Critical Texts on the Avant-Garde (Avant-Garde Critical Studies 18) (Avant Garde Critical Studies) by Dafydd Jones (Ed.), 2006-04-24
  6. Surrealism: Desire Unbound by Vincent Gille, 2005-02-28
  7. Dada: Zurich, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, New York, Paris by Dorothea Dietrich, Brigid Doherty, et all 2008-03-01
  8. Dada Surrealism and Their Heritage by William Rubin, 1984-01-01
  9. Max Ernst: Dada and the Dawn of Surrealism (Monographs) by William Camfield, 1998-11-01
  10. Surrealism: The Road to the Absolute by Anna Balakian, 1987-01-15
  11. Dada and Surrealism by D. Ades, 1978-06
  12. Dada and Surrealism by Robert Short, 1994-03-14
  13. DADA, SURREALISM, AND THEIR HERITAGE. by William S.: Rubin, 1968-01-01
  14. Surrealism and the Spanish Civil War by Robin Adele Greeley, 2006-09-15

1. Women Artists -- Dada And Surrealism
An excerpted chapter from Margaret Barlow's illustrated book Women Artists.
Excerpted from the book
Women Artists

Dada and Surrealism Reports from the Unconscious
O ut of lives disrupted by war in the first half of the century came art forms and perspectives independent of terrestrial topographies. Artists on the cutting edge worked from the inside out, selecting from nature only what expressed their personal visions. Unlike Cubism and Expressionism, Dada and Surrealism had more to do with mentalespecially subconciousprocesses and a philosophy of the irrational than with a specific style or technique. In the case of Dadaa movement whose name was reportedly composed of random nonsense syllablesartists and writers uprooted by World War I dispersed the movement to cities throughout Europe and to New York. In a counter-Futurist kind of way, their nihilistic manifestoes and other writings protested war, industrialization, and other dehumanizing offenses of modern life. Dada's multimedia creations were chaotic, absurd, and humorous, and they took the forms of performances, "readymades" or found objects, self-destroying machines, and mystifying abstractions. Cut with the Kitchen Knife The German-born Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (1874-1927) had been a chorus girl, artist, poet, and muse before emigrating to the United States in 1910. Abandoned in New York in 1913 by Baron Leopold von Freytag-Loringhoven after their brief marriage, she gravitated to Greenwich Village. She supported herself as an artist's model, and, seen around the streets in the nude or draped with fruit and cookware, became a highly visible "character" even in that bohemian community of artists and intellectuals. Because theatricality was so essential an aspect of Dada, her poses for

2. Dada And Surrealism Texts And Extracts
comprehensive by Gerry Carlin Art History Movements surrealism......dada and surrealism Texts and Extracts. The dadaists attached muchless importance to the sales value of their work than to its

3. International Dada Archive Home Page
Resource offers a bibliography on the dada movement and its artists. Includes links to further research sources. About the Association for the Study of dada and surrealism
The University of Iowa Libraries INTERNATIONAL DADA ARCHIVE This Web site is designed to provide information on the resources and services of the International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa Libraries. It is the gateway to the International Online Bibliography of Dada. As the site is developed, it will also become a resource for additional information about the historic Dada movement and the individual Dada writers and artists, as well as links to other Internet resources. International Dada Archive Send comments to

4. Association
About the Association for the Study of dada and surrealism The Association for the Study of dada and surrealism is a scholarly organization affiliated with the International dada Archive.
About the Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism
The Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism is a scholarly organization affiliated with the International Dada Archive. Meetings of the Association take place in conjunction with the annual convention of the Modern Language Association. The Association publishes the journal Dada/Surrealism, with editorial offices at the University of Iowa. For information on membership and subscriptions, please contact the editor, Rudolf E. Kuenzli, at the address below: Prof. Rudolf E. Kuenzli
Editor, Dada/Surrealism
Program in Comparative Literature
413 EPB
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
e-mail: Click here to return to the home page of the International Dada Archive. International Dada Archive, University of Iowa Libraries.
Last updated: January 8, 2002

5. Surrealism, Surrealist, Surreal, Art, Literature, Music, Dada, Dadaism, And Ever
surrealism, surrealist, surreal, art, literature, music, dada, dadaism, and everything else.
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6. Dada&Surrealism
Besides some unusual phenomena about illuminati, 23, and montauk, the site features my own art and is a valuable resource for creativ Avid Editors worldwide.
Surrealism Main Timeline Theatre Homepage ... Bibliography
Back to Top "Dada," a name picked at random out of a dictionary, was about the removal of logic and sense from the performance world. It's focus was to create a lack of focus - in art, society and life. Many of the major proponents of Dada refused to refer to it as a "movement" or a school stating that one should not turn a whim into a movement. Initially inspired by Futurism, Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings developed a cabaret style assault on the bourgeoisie. "Common sense [must] be opposed at all times ... 'an epoch of the interesting and of gossip'." (Goldberg, 54) "Dada kicks you in the behind and you like it!" Berlin Dadaist slogan (qtd. Goldberg, 69) 1900 - Max Planck formulates quantum theory 1905 - First neon signs appear 1905 - Albert Einstein formulates Special Theory of Relativity 1912 -Titanic sinks on its maiden voyage 1912 - Carl Jung's Psychology of the Unconscious 1914 - World War I begins when Archduke Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated in Sarajevo 1917 - The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia 1917 - Freud's Introduction to Psychoanalysis published 1918 - World War I ends 1925 - Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf 1927 - Charles Lindberg flies the Atlantic alone 1929 - Stock Market Crashes in the United States 1932 - Amelia Earhart first woman to fly across the Atlantic alone 1933 - Philo Farnsworth develops electronic television

7. Women Artists -- Dada And Surrealism: Related Links
Women Artists dada surrealism Links to Related Information.
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Links to Related Information

8. Gemini Rare Art Books
Illustrated art and artists' books, including surrealism, dada, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau.
Art Reference Books, Modern Illustrated Books, Livres d'Artistes, Surrealism, Dada,
German Expressionism, Photography, First Editions, Russian Avant-Garde
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Visitors Member List In business since February 1986, we buy and sell top quality art reference books of American, European and Latin-American artists. Our stock of about 5,000 volumes consists of rare, out-of-print and a few in-print books. Our specialty is a selection of significant literary works illustrated with original drawings and prints by artists representing French Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Dada, Surrealism, German Expressionism, Russian Avant-Garde and other modern art movements.
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9. Zabriskie Gallery Home Page
New York City art gallery specializing in dada and surrealism, American Modernism, photography, and contemporary art.
Elie Nadelman Prints and Drawings
Selected Images
Press Release
Upcoming Past Exhibitions ... Get on our email listserve Zabriskie Gallery 41 East 57 Street New York NY 10022 T 212.752.1223 F 212.752.1224 E
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited.

10. Documents Of Dada And Surrealism: Dada And Surrealist Journals In The Mary Reyno
Page 4 of Irene E. Hofmann's 'Documents of dada and surrealism dada andSurrealist Journals in the Mary Reynolds Collection'.
Dada 6 (Bulletin Dada),
ed. Tristan Tzara (Paris, February 1920), cover.
Page of 4
Documents of Dada and Surrealism: Dada and Surrealist Journals in the Mary Reynolds Collection Download PDF of entire essay for printing (1596k). OTHER ESSAYS Mary Reynolds: From Paris to Chicago to the Web Warm Ashes: The Life and Career of Mary Reynolds Hans Bellmer in The Art Institute of Chicago: The Wandering Libido and the Hysterical Body
Documents of Dada and Surrealism:
Dada and Surrealist Journals
in the Mary Reynolds Collection
Surrealism in New York View magazine, edited by Charles Henri Ford, was published. Thirty-one subsequent issues appeared between 1940 and 1947. View View. " While the scope of this journal was broad, at times View View Another New York journal that represented Surrealism was VVV, published by the young American sculptor David Hare. With Breton, Ernst, and Duchamp as editorial advisors, VVV gave exiled Surrealist writers and artists great exposure in the United States. Modeled on Minotaure and more substantial than View

11. Achim Moeller Fine Art
Specializes in late 19th and early 20th century masters, with emphasis on French and German Expressionism, as well as Fauvism, Cubism, and the masters of the Bauhaus, dada and surrealism.
Achim Moeller Fine Art
167 East 73rd Street, New York, NY 10021
T. 212 988 4500 F. 212 988 5400
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12. Surrealism
dada surrealism Illustrations. LHOOQ, (Marcel Duchamp, 1919). Phonetically elle a chaud au cul or She's got a hot ass. . The dada Manifesto (1918)
L.H.O.O.Q., (Marcel Duchamp, 1919). Phonetically: " elle a chaud au cul " or "She's got a hot ass." The Dada Manifesto (1918): The signatories of this manifesto have, under the battle cry D A D A ! ! ! gathered together to put forward a new art. What, then, is Dadaism? The word "Dada" signifies the most primitive relation to the reality of the environment. . . . Life appears as a simultaneous muddle of noises, colours and spiritual rhythms, which is taken unmodified, with all the sensational screams and fevers of its reckless everyday psyche and with all its brutal reality. . . . Dada is the international expression of our times, the great rebellion of artistic movements, the artistic reflex of all these offensives, peace congresses, riots in the vegetable market. . . . (Hughes, 71)
The Exquisite Corpse " Exquisite Corpse : Game of folded paper played by several people, who compose a sentence or drawing without anyone seeing the preceding collaboration or collaborations. The now classic example, which gave the game its name, was drawn from the first sentence obtained this way: The-exquisite-corpse-will-drink-new-wine."
First Surrealist Manifesto (1924) Full text is over here.

13. Unity Of Multi - Dada And Surrealism Links
Schwitters. dada and surrealism Links. Tim Biedron and SINC New Works;Marry Karnowsky surreal art gallery; Surreal Paintings by charnine;
Joerns philosophical
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Strange: Illuminati

Montauk Project

Surealism links

My Artwork: My Video Art
My Dada songs

German Lyrics

Pic 1
... Pic 5 On The Other Site: Avid Editing Editors worldwide My German business site Sign my Guestbook ... Contact me
The Idiot real-audio or download The Idiot.mp3 Level real-audio or download Level.mp3 Explore two long lost Dada-Songs here, I made with the lyrics of Richard Huelsenbeck (1892-1974). He was a famous german Dada-founder and member of the Cabaret Voltaire. In 1989 I took my three-stringed school-guitar,taped a broken headphone as a kind of mic onto its body, and started live recording. Watch this real cool movie You won't regret ! Watch this Video from the Roland Collection MERZ - KURT SCHWITTERS: Merzism's founder incorporated dance, theater, visual art, poetry and performance. var Video_ID=569 Klick Here to listen to many different sound poetry, for example the so called Ursonate by famous Dadaist Kurt Schwitters
Dada and Surrealism Links

14. Documents Of Dada And Surrealism: Dada And Surrealist Journals In The Mary Reyno
An overview of dada in Zurich, Berlin, Paris and New York by Irene Hofman.
Dada 6 (Bulletin Dada),
ed. Tristan Tzara (Paris, February 1920), cover.
Page of 4
Documents of Dada and Surrealism: Dada and Surrealist Journals in the Mary Reynolds Collection Download PDF of entire essay for printing (1596k). OTHER ESSAYS Mary Reynolds: From Paris to Chicago to the Web Warm Ashes: The Life and Career of Mary Reynolds Hans Bellmer in The Art Institute of Chicago: The Wandering Libido and the Hysterical Body Documents of Dada and Surrealism:
Dada and Surrealist Journals
in the Mary Reynolds Collection IRENE E. HOFMANN Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, The Art Institute of Chicago The Mary Reynolds Collection, which entered The Art Institute of Chicago in 1951, contains, in addition to a rich array of books, art, and her own extraordinary bindings, a remarkable group of periodicals and journals. As a member of so many of the artistic and literary circles publishing periodicals, Reynolds was in a position to receive many journals during her life in Paris. The collection in the Art Institute includes over four hundred issues, with many complete runs of journals represented. From architectural journals to radical literary reviews, this selection of periodicals constitutes a revealing document of European artistic and literary life in the years spanning the two world wars. In the early part of the twentieth century, literary and artistic reviews were the primary means by which the creative community exchanged ideas and remained in communication. The journal was a vehicle for promoting emerging styles, establishing new theories, and creating a context for understanding new visual forms. These reviews played a pivotal role in forming the spirit and identity of movements such as Dada and Surrealism and served to spread their messages throughout Europe and the United States.

15. Roland Collection - Dada And Surrealism
dada and surrealism. and Barcelona. surrealism, which grew alongsideand partly out of dada, was equally cosmopolitan. Among the
Dada and Surrealism
19 programs
One Hundred Years of Modern Art, Part Two
Europe after the Rain, Part One

Europe After the Rain, Part Two

Max Ernst: Journey into the Subconscious
Max Ernst and the Surrealist Revolution
- N/A
Merz: Kurt Schwitters

I Build My Time

Marcel Duchamp in His Own Words

- N/A
Theater of Memory: The Dali Museum

Dali and Surrealism
- N/A Salvador Dali: His Life through His Paintings Man Ray IMAGO Meret Oppenheim Kindness Week (Max Ernst) ... A Mental State This section of programs can be purchased on VHS Television rights and prices on request c 1913 to the present The spontaneous, the unexpected, the subconscious, the outrageous, the irrational. These were the central concerns of Dada and Surrealism, two closely associated revolutionary artistic movements which flourished between the wars in this century, and continued to have a lasting influence thereafter. Seeking to overthrow all traditional constraints, Dada tended to break away from the usual media of painting and sculpture. Man Ray and Duchamp, for example, created curious constructions from found objects ( ) which they provocatively exhibited as artworks. Much use was also made of ephemeral forms of publicity - magazines, tracts, bizarrely staged events and addresses. Through artists like Cocteau and Picabia there were strong links with theater and performing arts. Strong Dada influence can be seen in subsequent artistic trends toward events, happenings and body art. (See for instance the crazy machines of Tinguely or the deliberately shocking mutilations of Mark Prent.)

16. Dada And Surrealism Links
problems of twentiethcentury culture - 5 August 1998 This Is Not A Glossary A Beginner'sGuide to dada International dada Archive surrealism and Imagination
DaDa and Surrealist Links
Dada Online

Breton's historic 1924 manifesto, "What is Surrealism?"

This Is Not A Glossary

A Beginner's Guide to Dada
Hans Arp: Kaspar Is Dead

Hypertext and Theories of the Avant Garde
A literary study of Andre Breton's Nadja and more recent hypertext fiction, examining the strategies of the avant garde which relate them. 柊 Traditional Scholarly Paper
柊 Hypertext Version of the same work

Convulsive Beauty: Andre Breton and Hypertext

... Surrealism ( - information on the Surrealist movement and the artists that embraced it. Surrealism [WebMuseum Paris] DaDa Online Neumerz: World's Largest Dada Group - created as a sanctuary for Dadaist writers, poets and anti-artists in Chicago. James Joyce Dada and Surrealism - Yahoo Search DADA search on the World Wide Arts Resources Search Engine ... Beatnik Links Main Index Page

17. Dada And Surrealism: Percussion Sounds
dada and surrealism Percussion Sounds
Dada and Surrealism: Percussion Sounds
Automatic Music
Dada music is characterized by its unique assimilation of sounds, harmonies, and notes. Many times this agglomeration takes the form of what may seem random and without organization. However, the aim of the music, like the aim of all Dada mediums, is the destruction of traditional symbolic communication. In surrealism, music is much like the process of automatic writing . As such, it seeks to tap into the unconscious as a source of liberated expression, working within organizational structures.

18. Dada & Surrealism
dada surrealism. TO THE PUBLIC. Before going down among you to pullout your decaying teeth, your running ears, your tongues full
Before going down among you to pull out your decaying teeth, your running ears, your tongues full of sores,
Before breaking your putrid bones,
Before opening your chlera-infested belly and taking out for use as fertilizer your too fatted liver, your ignorable spleen and your diabetic kidneys,
Before tearing out your ugly sexual organ, incontinent and slimy,
Before extinguishing your appetite for beauty, ecstasy, sugar, philosophy, mathematical and poetic metaphysical pepper and cucumbers,
Before disinfecting you with vitriol, cleansing you and shellacking you with passion,
Before all that,
We shall take a big antiseptic bath,
And we warn you
We are murderers. Ribemont-Dessaignes Ren Magritte - Reproduction Prohibited
Man Ray - Gift Dada alone does not smell: it is nothing, nothing, nothing. It is like your hopes: nothing. like your paradise: nothing. like your idols: nothing. like your politicians: nothing. like your heroes: nothing. like your artists: nothing.

19. Dada And Surrealism
at Kicking Giants; ArtCyclopedia article on surrealism, with lots of links toindividuals artists/writers; Le refus de l'art with the dada and surrealist
Dada, Surrealist and Avant-Garde
Web Links

20. OUP USA: Dada And Surrealism: A Very Short Introduction
Basket July 2003 Not Yet Published Due 07/15/03 Tentative S H Standard Very ShortIntroductions, dada and surrealism A Very Short Introduction David Hopkins
or Browse by Subject
July 2003 Not Yet Published
Due: 07/15/03 Tentative

Very Short Introductions

Dada and Surrealism: A Very Short Introduction
David Hopkins, Glasgow University

144 pp.; 20 b/w line illus; 0-19-280254-2
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