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         Danish Language:     more books (108)
  1. Beginner's Danish with 2 Audio CDs (Danish Edition) by Nete Schmidt, 2007-10-23
  2. Teach Yourself Danish Complete Course (Book Only) (TY: Complete Courses) by Bente Elsworth, 2005-01-20
  3. Danish Phrase Book by Berlitz, 2008-05-15
  4. Danish, Compact: Learn to Speak and Understand Danish with Pimsleur Language Programs by Pimsleur, 2006-03-27
  5. Danish: A Comprehensive Grammar (Comprehensive Grammars) by Tom Lundskaer-Nielsen, Philip Holmes, 2010-06-21
  6. Colloquial Danish (Colloquial Series) by Kirsten Gade, W. Glyn Jones, 2003-06-19
  7. Danish in Three Months by Hugo's Language Books, 1997-03
  8. Danish-English/English-Danish Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionary) by Marianne Holmen, 1989-12
  9. Danish-English English-Danish Dictionary & Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary and Phrasebooks) (Multilingual Edition) by Erna Maj, 2003-01
  10. Danish: A Comprehensive Grammar (Comprehensive Grammars) by Tom Lundskaer-Nielsen, Philip Holmes, et all 1995-03-29
  11. Danish: An Essential Grammar (Essential Grammars) by Tom Lundskaer-Nielsen, Philip Holmes, 2011-06-10
  12. Berlitz Danish in 60 Minutes (Berlitz in 60 Minutes) (Danish Edition) by Berlitz, 2008-08-06
  13. Danish Dictionary: Danish-English, English-Danish (Routledge Bilingual Dictionaries)
  14. Teach Yourself Danish (Teach Yourself Complete Courses) by Bente Elsworth, 2004-10-29

1. Yamada Language Center: Danish Language WWW Guide
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2. Danish Language
I sometimes think that Danish ought to be considered a happy language. Why is that? Well, somehow the sound of Danish always seems to amuse foreigners.
Danish language
I sometimes think that Danish ought to be considered a happy language. Why is that? Well, somehow the sound of Danish always seems to amuse foreigners. On more than one occasion while I was talking to my parents in Denmark, I have discovered roommates flocking outside my room in order to "listen." I'm not too concerned about losing my privacy, since nobody understands what's being said (And getting back on them is easy; the old trick of including their names in the conversation works to perfection almost every time), but, I couldn't help but notice the apparent entertainment value. Therefore, I have decided to start a collection of Danish words and phrases. For now, I have included a number of sounds whose effect I have personally witnessed. However, if you know of any words or phrases (Short of entire poems and songs) that you think should be included (Maybe names that were yelled after you, but you never understood), let me know, and I will be happy to include them as long as they are somewhat appropriate. Although the words and phrases below are certain to come in handy if you were to be traveling in Denmark, they are unlikely to constitute a sufficient set. For further help and a real language guide, you are encouraged to check out

3. Tsca's Danish Grammar In English
Comprehensive grammar of this language provides Danish examples and English explanations. A Short Introduction to the danish language. Nouns
Some time ago I searched the Web for a Danish grammar. I have found some, but... in Danish! it was of little use to a person not familiar with the language. So, having studied the subject for some time I decided to compile and put here my own short course of Danish Grammar in English. I hope you'll find it useful for your purpose (whatever it might be). I assume that you are familiar with basic grammar terms.
The site is under constant development. All comments are welcome.
tsca Contents:
  • A Short Introduction to the Danish Language Nouns Genders and articles Joined nouns ... Danish pronunciation - audio material included Danish grammatical words dictionary Useful everyday expressions in Danish A list of Danish irregular verbs An ... Danish-English-Danish dictionary
  • tsca's Danish Grammar
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    4. The Danish Language Council
    Settles questions of danish language usage, produces the official orthographical dictionary of Danish, Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Germanic Danish......The danish language Council. (Dansk Sprognævn). The danish language Council(Dansk Sprognævn) was founded in 1955. It is an institution
    The Danish Language Council
    Three Main Tasks
    The Council is charged with research as well as advisory functions in official Danish language planning. Its three main tasks are:
    • to answer questions about Danish language usage
    • to produce the official orthographical dictionary of Danish
    • to chart the development of Danish, notably by collecting examples of new words and word usage.
    In addition to its work at national level, the Council cooperates closely with the other Nordic language councils. The Information Service
    The Danish Language Council is required to answer questions concerning Danish linguistic usage. Anybody who turns to the Council will get an answer. This service is free of charge.
    The majority of the questions concern correct usage in spelling, word-formation, inflection, and syntax. Other questions are about new words in Danish, their spelling, pronunciation, and meaning. Another group of enquiries deal with etymology or with specialist terminology. There are also questions of interpretation: the Council is requested to interpret laws, contracts, etc. - and even to give its views in connection with libel suits.
    The information service is used extensively by private business, e.g. advertising agencies, as well as public services and institutions, including translators working in the various bodies of the European Communities. And there are also numerous private citizens who turn to the Language Council for advice.

    5. Danish Culture And Language (the S.c.nordic FAQ)
    some of the characteristics of the danish language and some of the differences and similarities between Danish and the
    The home pages for the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nordic
    [ This page was initially edited in a version suitable to get printed
    [ Check if Lysator's faster www-server is up and running? ] Denmark
    Danish culture and language
    Denmark was settled already 10,000 years ago, when the ice retreated from Scandinavia. Danes descend from various Germanic tribes, including the Jutes and Angles who settled England in the 5th century. There is a small German minority living in southern Jutland and a Danish minority living in North Germany. Danish is a Germanic language of the Nordic branch, mutually intelligible (with some practice) with Norwegian and Swedish. The kingdom of Denmark includes also the autonomous areas of Greenland (area: 2.2 mill. km², pop. 53,000) and Faroe Islands (area: 1,400 km², pop. 48,000). The inhabitants speak a language (Faroese) resembling Icelandic and some Western Norwegian dialects. Eskimos speaking Greenlandic (a language based on a mid-19th century creation of a single literary language out of many Inuit dialects) form the largest group of Greenlanders; the inhabitants of Faroe Islands descend from the Viking settlers who arrived in the 9th century and the Irish monks and slaves who also made it to the Island. As can be expected Danish culture could be called more Central European in character than that of other Nordic countries. Particularly it could be noted that mentality and

    6. Yamada Language Center: Danish News
    dk.politik. For more information about the danish language, see our danish languageGuide. The index to our annotated list of news groups is also available.
    Danish News search our site
    News from Denmark
    For more information about the Danish language, see our Danish Language Guide
    The index to our annotated list of news groups is also available.
    To browse all the information we have about many languages see the Guide index
    Hours / Contact Info
    Services Facilities ... UO Language Departments This page is maintained by the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon
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    7. DANISH LANGUAGE RESOURCES : Danish Dictionaries, Glossaries
    DANISH RESOURCES. Brief Intro danish language. danish language InfoPlease Encyclopedia
    Scandinavian Language Online Resources SWEDISH RESOURCES NORWEGIAN RESOURCES DANISH RESOURCES Brief Intro: Danish Language Danish Language: InfoPlease Encyclopedia Danish Language: Essential Info Danish Language: Dictionaries (Monolingual) Dansk Retskrivningsordbog Dansk interaktiv ordbog: synonymordbog, rimordbog, etc Ordbog til det ældre danske sprog Glossaries (Monolingual) Katolsk Minileksikon (Small Monolingual Glossary of EU-Terms) Grammatik- og Sprogleksikon (Grammatisk terminologi) Typografisk Ordbog Sounds of the World's Animals: Danish ODIN: Skandinavisk ordbog ... Danish-Indonesian/Malaysian Glossary Danish Slang Politikens Slangordbog 2001 Narkotika Slang: Danish Drug Talk Sportsjournalistisk Dansk Ordbog Alternative Dictionaries: Danish Phrase Books Travlang's English-Danish Phrasebook Travlang's Danish-English Phrasebook Travlang's Dutch-Danish Phrasebook Travlang's Danish-Dutch Phrasebook ... Bulgarian Text Solutions Online Translators InterTran: English-Danish, Danish-English, etc.

    8. Danish Language Databases
    Collection of the transcriptions of speech of 60 native speakers of Danish. Numbers, passages, sentences .Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Germanic Danish......danish language Databases. EUROM_1 Danish Part. EUROM_1. EUROM_1 isthe first multilingual european speech database. Corpora Numbers
    Danish Language Databases
    EUROM_1 : Danish Part
    EUROM_1 is the first multilingual european speech database. Other databases and resources do exist in Denmark. THINK OF YOUR RESOURCES BEEING PRESENTED HERE ! WE NEED TO HEAR FROM DANISH PEOPLE TO ENLARGE THIS REPOSITORY. PLEASE US ! Back to homepage

    9. Language Study Abroad Programs Danish
    Language Study Abroad Opportunities Danish. State University of New York (SUNY)

    10. Tsca's Danish Grammar In English - INTRO
    Introduction to the danish language. Introduktion til det danske sprog
    Introduction to the Danish language
    Introduktion til det danske sprog Danish, the official language of Denmark, is spoken by over 5 million people. It is a germanic tongue, which means it is closely related to English and German. It becomes obvious when one gets to know some Danish vocabulary, eg. come (Eng.) = komme (Dan.) = kommen (Ger.), bring (Eng.) = bringe (Dan.) = bringen (Ger.). As a nordic language, it is very similar to Swedish and Norwegian. The knowledge of any of the above mentioned languages is a big help in learning Danish, and in the case of the two latter mutual understanding without prior learning is often possible.
    The Danish alphabet differs slightly from the Latin one. There are three additional letters (found at the end of alphabet remember about it browsing a dictionary or a phone directory!) They are
    • as in "forældre" (parents) a ligature of "a" and "e".
      Indicates a monophtong (a single vowel). as in "rød" (red) a "crossed o".

    11. Learn To Speak Danish
    Origin of Danish orthography, phonology, and grammar.Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean Germanic Danish...... Introduction to the danish language. Danish pronunciation. The danish languagehas several dialects even though Denmark is a small country.
    Please support the sponsors that help make this site possible.
    Read and learn about the Danish currency; Danish Bills Danish Coins
    Danish is not a hard language to learn or speak, it only has one problem, you have to look around finding someone who speaks it.
    "just kidding". Introduction to the Danish Language A Small Dictionary for Fun Introduction to the Danish Language Danish is the official language of Denmark, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. Both Greenland and the Faeroe Islands have their own language too, which most of the people speak but Danish is used for official purposes and taught in schools. Danish is also spoken by 20,000 people just south of the German border. It goes back to the time before 1864 when the area belonged to Denmark, and the Danish minority south of the German border is very keen on preserving the Danish language. In Icelandic schools, too, the first foreign language to be taught is Danish. That serves as a way of communicating with the other Scandinavian countries. Danish is not exactly known as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Actually, the sound of Danish always seems to amuse foreigners which gives the language a certain entertainment value. Foreigners often characterize Danish as a monotone-like drawl, and many people say that Danes speak like they have a hot potato in their mouth. Of course, the Danes themselves find their language both charming and pretty though they are aware of the fact that Danish can be difficult to learn for people from other countries. Because of that, most Danes find it amusing to test foreigners with the sentence

    12. Centerpoint
    Administration/secretarial business services, supporting English and danish languages. Contains a link to the danish language site and description of services.
    Get to know us!
    Centerpoint is headed by a Dane and an Englishman who have a very extensive combined experience and education within secretarial work, administration, Desktop Publishing, marketing, hotel and conference management, organisation and general business management. This unique combination of nationalities and experience, along with local knowledge of and placement in Denmark, gives us a strong advantage when assisting foreign companies in Denmark. We are in the best possible possition to offer our assistance for all stages of business dealings with Denmark.
    • Initial search for information.
    • Production and distribution of various printed materials in Danish or English.
    • Planning of business trips to Denmark.
    • Planning of meetings and conferences in Denmark.
    • Translations and correspondence.
    • Establishment of an office or department in Denmark.

    13. Danish Language
    danish language. The history of the danish language may be divided into three main periods Old Danish (8001100),
    Danish language The history of the Danish language may be divided into three main periods: Old Danish (800-1100), Middle Danish (1100-1500), and Modern Danish (from 1500). Examples of Old Danish are preserved in numerous runic inscriptions, including the most famous and the earliest found: ek HlewagastiR HoltijaR horna tawido (I, Hlewagast, son of Holtijas, made a horn). Early Middle Danish is represented sparingly in proper names occurring in 12th-century Latin documents and more fully in early Danish laws. These sources show that no common language existed at that time, but that three "provincial languages" were in use: those of Scania (then a part of Denmark), Zealand, and Jutland. Middle Danish underwent important changes, such as the leveling of inflections and the simplification of grammar, and absorbed many loan words, especially from Low German . Zealandic, as used in the government offices, became the norm for a common language. By about 1500, the chief characteristics of Danish had evolved, and it began to be used as a national language. The printing and publishing activities that occurred during the Reformation led to a considerable transformation of the medieval orthography and contributed markedly to the development of a literary vocabulary. A geographical expansion of Danish took place when it became the official written language of Norway, which was then united with Denmark. Under the influence of humanism, Latin was used extensively in literary writing from about 1550 to about 1700. During the last half of the 17th century, German was spoken at the royal court, and many

    14. • Germanic Languages
    danish language Books and Other Resources. For related danish languageresources see Danish Online grammars. Back to table MORE LANGUAGES.
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    Germanic Languages Profile
    Ancient Languages
  • Altenglisches Wörterbuch Altfriesisch-neuhochdeutsches und neuhochdeutsch-altfriesisches Wörterbuch Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch Altniederfränkisches Wörterbuch ... Online dictionary of postulated non-IE substrate vocabulary in the Germanic languages
  • Modern Languages
    Afrikaans Profile
  • Afrikaans Computing Word List Engels-Afrikaans Woordelys van die Motorindustrie Engels-Afrikaans Wynwoordelys ... Afrikaans Language Books and Other Resources

  • Danish
  • Ordbog til det ældre danske sprog (Otto Kalkar, 1300-1700) ODIN skandinavisk ordbog Danish-English Online Java Dictionary ... Danske Netordbog (for Internet Explorer) Danish-English Glossary of Genealogy Grammatisk Terminologi Danish-English Glossary of Radiotechnical words and abbreviations Jysk Ordbog (A-K; completion scheduled for 2020) ... Scientific English-Danish Cetacean Dictionary See also Multilingual Dictionaries Danish Language Books and Other Resources
  • For related Danish language resources see:
    Danish Online grammars
    MORE LANGUAGES Dutch-Flemish Profile WORD OF THE DAY BY EMAIL VISIT OUR STORE General Dictionaries Van Dale Woordenboek
  • Het Groot Etymologisch Woordenboek van de Nederlandse Taal van Dale's Dutch Dictionary Dutch-English-Dutch Java Dictionary English-Dutch Travel Dictionary ... Dutch Dictionary Index See also Multilingual Dictionaries Dutch Language Books and Other Resources
  • Specialty Dictionaries
  • Dutch-English Financial Dictionary Browse Dutch-English Medical Dictionary Dutchsat Satellite Site ... Woorden met A verklaard op
  • 15. Language Browser: Danish
    Guide to danish language movies, search or browse the titles alphabetically.

    All Titles My Movies People Characters Quotes Bios Plots
    More searches
    Tips free trial
    Languages index Danish index list of titles list of movies only by total votes by average vote ... IMDb sections by release date common genres external links Czech Dari
    Your IMDb guide to Danish language movies. This page contains a list of interesting reports based around the 3321 titles in the IMDb with Danish dialogue. The form below allows you to search the database for titles with Danish dialogue only. The A-Z index enables you to browse the titles alphabetically. Browse titles with Danish dialogue alphabetically A B C D ... W X Y Z Others
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    16. • Grammars And Language Courses I
    Tomasz Sienicki Danish Grammar by CarlHenrik Nielsen Danish Grammar by John MadsenOld Danish Runic (Scandinavian) danish language Books and other Resources
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    Grammars and Language Courses
    Here you will find grammars of over 100 languages where you can look up the rules of a language. Language courses that teach you foreign languages are also linked here, whether on line or on the shelf. Additional language resources such as newspapers, online radio stations, and our dictionaries are linked to each language. yourDictionary now offers direct access to off-line language resources (books, CD-ROMs, tapes, etc.) in cooperation with . You can help support yourDictionary but going to through yourDictionary to purchase off-line language resources in book, tape, video, or CD-ROM formats.
    Ainu Grammars Ainu Grammatical Notes (in Japanese)
    Ainu Language Books and other Resources

    Akkadian Grammars Akkadian Grammar
    by John Heise
    Akkadian Language Books and other Resources

    Albanian Grammars Sketch of Albanian Grammar
    by Alan King
    Albanian Language Books and other Resources
  • Albanian dictionaries Albanian On-line Newspapers ... Albanian On-line Radio Stations

  • Arabic Grammars Apprendre l'arabe by WebArabic
    Arabic Language, Culture and Grammar Notes

    17. The Danish Beekeepers´
    A onepage abstract from the main (danish language) web-site describing the current work and history of the association.
    The Danish Beekeepers´ Association The Danish Beekeepers´Association (Danmarks Biavlerforening) was founded on 5th July 1866. The preamble stated that the aim of the organization was to work for the benefit of beekeeping and especially to introduce the beekeeping method developed by Dzierzon. Right from the beginning much effort was put into informing the public and educating beekeepers. The Danish Bee Journal (Tidsskrift for Biavl) has been published since the very beginning of the organization. Much effort was devoted to advisory work too. Actually, the founder of the organization widely travelled as a beekeeping teacher in Denmark. Things have changed. But the Danish Beekeepers´Associations have almost retained the same organization as in the early days. Although the sentence in the preamble about Dzierzons method has been taken out, we still aim at working in the member beekeepers interests. The organization is a Federation consisting of 82 local beekeepers´ associations spread all over Denmark. Representatives of the local associations elects the president and six other members of the executive body. The president now is Mr. Kristian Skovmose. The executive body elects the Vice-president and appoints the General Secretary. ( At present Mr. Asger Søgaard Jørgensen) who works with the advisory service as well.

    18. Danish Language
    The danish language. The danish language belongs to the East Scandinavianbranch of the Germanic subfamily of the IndoEuropean languages.
    The Danish Language
    The Danish language belongs to the East Scandinavian branch of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European languages.
    GERMANIC LANGUAGES Danish Like Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic, Danish is derived from a common Scandinavian language, which can be traced to runic inscriptions of the 3rd century AD. Significant changes occurred in the parent language during the Viking age (circa 800-1050), leading to distinct differences between the East Scandinavian dialects, from which Danish and Swedish evolved, and the West Scandinavian dialects, which are the sources of Norwegian (Nynorsk) and Icelandic.
    The history of the Danish language may be divided into three main periods:
  • Old Danish (800-1100), Middle Danish (1100-1500) Modern Danish (from 1500)
  • The Danish alphabet
    The Danish alphabet has a total of 29 letters:
    9 vowels ( a,e,i,o,u,y,æ,ø,å ) and
    20 consonants Notice the 3 special Danish letters: Letter Construction Old writing a and e put together Ae, ae o with through Oe, oe; Ö, ö a with a small o above Aa, aa

    19. CfL - AAULS - Home
    The AAU Language School. Courses in danish language for Guest Students and GuestFaculty/Staff. The AAU language School, Kroghstræde 3, room 5.209. is a unit at.

    Cfl Home
    Teachers at
    The AAU Language School
    Courses in Danish language for Guest Students and Guest Faculty/Staff
    is a unit at Center for Linguistics, Aalborg University We offer classes for free! * Courses : Spring semester 2003 Participants: Objectives The aim of the courses is to enable guest students etc to handle communication in some vital situations and to solve some of the communicative problems that occur most frequently - also at a university like AAU. This applies to formal as well as informal situations. Therefore, the courses have been designed to achieve a combination of communicative, informative, and action-oriented goals. Guest Faculty/Staff and Guest Students are assumed to have little or no knowledge of Danish, and, therefore, the courses will focus primarily on the spoken language. It will concentrate on skills in understanding spoken Danish and actively making oneself understood, using simple words, sentence structures and communication strategies. Emphasis will be given to information about Danish society and culture. Please observe:Our courses in Danish language are not compulsory for your regular or normal studies at AAU but they will give you at least a taste of (spoken) Danish, and if you follow the course studiousely you wil receive a nice diploma and obtain 3 ECTS points.

    20. Dercum's Disease
    danish language site describing Dercum's Disease use Microsoft IE or Netscape 6.x to view.
    Dorrit Hvams hjemmeside om DERCUM'S

    - alias Lipomatosis Dolorosa
    - alias Adiposis Dolorosa
    - alias Morbus Dercum
    English version
    Uddybende forklaring Links til andre Dercum-sider
    I WHO's diagnosesystem ICD-10 rubriceres sygdommen under E 88-2.
    Dorrit Hvam
    DK-8620 Kjellerup
    Opdateret d. 20.1.2003

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