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         Delaware Education General:     more books (74)
  1. Languages in the International Perspective: (Delaware Symposium on Language Studies) by Nancy Schweda-Nicholson, 1986-01-01
  2. Humans and Machines: (Delaware Symposium on Language Studies) by Stephanie Williams, 1985-01-01
  3. Research in Second Language Learning (Delaware Symposia on Language Studies) by James Lantolf, Angela Labarca, 1987-01
  4. Report of the State Board of Education of Delaware, With Statistics. 1910. by Author Unknown, 2009-04-27
  5. The History Of Education In Delaware (1893) by Lyman Pierson Powell, 2009-08-10
  6. The History Of Education In Delaware (1893) by Lyman Pierson Powell, 2010-09-10
  7. The History Of Education In Delaware (1893) by Lyman Pierson Powell, 2010-09-10
  8. Metropolitan Desegregation
  9. A History of Education in Pennsylvania, Private and Public, Elementary and Higher: From the Time the Swedes Settled on the Delaware to the Present Day [ 1886 ] by James Pyle Wickersham, 2009-08-10
  10. Annual Report of the State Board of Education and of the Commissioner of Education of Delaware by Delaware. State Board of Education, 2009-12-25
  11. License To Drive in Delaware by Alliance for Safe Driving, 2000-04-18
  12. Birding Bombay Hook NWR: and the Delaware Area by H. L. Snyder, 2006-11-16
  13. University of Delaware
  14. Delaware River: Webster's Timeline History, 1613 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-05-28

21. Attorney General's Office - Securities Division
Unit of the delaware Department of Justice and is charged by law with the regulation of the securities Category Society Government Finance Regulators United States......Securities Home Page. Investment education Conferences NEW! Safe Investing GuideNEW! delaware Securities Act. Links of Interest. Attorney general's Home Page.
Home Page Investment Education Conferences
NEW! Safe Investing Guide
NEW! Delaware
Securities Act

Online Forms ...
Home Page

22. One Of The Most Important Investing Conferences On The East Coast
Through her sponsorship, the delaware Investment education to provide valuable investmenteducation programs to Association of Attorneys general, and serves of
Delaware Investment
Education Conferences Investment conferences dedicated to providing
top-quality investment education without pitching a product! Why you should attend: From the new investor still contemplating entering the stock market to the experienced investor, the Delaware Investment Education Conference is a free educational event with a wide range of topics to appeal to a diverse audience. Educational Sessions Offered at Each Conference: Investing Basics
Planning for your Retirement
Tax-Efficient Investing
Avoiding Investment Pitfalls
Managing Investment Risks
… and much more! Keynote Speakers
(Ric Edelman and Charles Elson on May 4 th only)
M. Jane Brady

Attorney General State of Delaware Charles Elson Univ. of Delaware, Director of Corporate Governance Ric Edelman Highly acclaimed best-selling author of Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth The Truth About Money , and The New Rules of Money The Delaware Investment Education Conferences provide Delaware citizens with the opportunity to hear from top professionals and regulators in the investment and personal finance fields. All of the presenters are market analysts, securities regulators or academics in the area of investments and personal finance. These conferences are absolutely free. They are paid through the Delaware Investor Protection Fund, which consists of fines and penalties assessed against violators of the Delaware Securities Act.

23. Secretary Paige Swears In Members Of Brown V. Board Of Education 50th Anniversar
Brian Jones, general counsel, US Department of education, selected by the US Secretaryof education. P. Mitchell, NAACP of delaware, selected by
Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside OPA OPA Home Press Releases Speeches Radio Broadcast News ... ED Budget Search press releases (Help with search) These press releases are provided by the Office of Public Affairs. Most documents contain a contact name and telephone number. Education-related press releases and statements from the White House are located on a separate page. Secretary Paige Swears In Members of Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Commission
Howard University Hosts First Meeting Honoring Landmark Decision
November 13, 2002 Contact: Susan Aspey, Education Department, (202) 401-1576
Jennifer James-Pryor, Howard University, (202) 238-2338
Related Resource Remarks by Secretary
U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige today swore in the members of the Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Commission during the commission's first meeting at the Howard University Law School in Washington, D.C. Howard University was the epicenter of the civil rights movement and was the venue for much of the planning of the Brown litigation. "The Brown litigation succeeded because of the courage and sacrifice of many, many people who were determined to bring this issue to the forefront of America's consciousness," Secretary Paige said. "The message of

24. Secretary Paige And Attorney General Ashcroft Announce Commission To Celebrate 5
US Department of Justice, selected by the Attorney general. by the NAACP Legal Defenseand education Fund. Littleton P. Mitchell, NAACP of delaware, selected by
Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside OPA OPA Home Press Releases Speeches Radio Broadcast News ... ED Budget Search press releases (Help with search) These press releases are provided by the Office of Public Affairs. Most documents contain a contact name and telephone number. Education-related press releases and statements from the White House are located on a separate page. Secretary Paige and Attorney General Ashcroft Announce Commission to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education FOR RELEASE:
September 6, 2002 Contact: Dan Langan, Susan Aspey
Revised U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige and U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft today announced the creation of the Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Commission to encourage and coordinate activities that will commemorate the 1954 ruling, one of the most important decisions ever issued by the U.S. Supreme Court. "The Supreme Court's 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education dramatically opened the doors of opportunity to countless numbers of Americans, including me," Secretary Paige said. "It is fitting that we will be celebrating the anniversary of this landmark decision at a time when our nation has embarked upon the most sweeping education reforms in decades under the president's No Child Left Behind law. The Brown decision is a stark reminder that we must not rest until all children, no matter their race or ethnicity, no matter whether they live in an urban, suburban or rural school district, no matter whether or not they have a disability, have access to a high-quality education. Full implementation of the new federal law, including accountability and opportunity for students to learn, is one way to stay true to the principles of the Brown decision," Secretary Paige said.

25. DSEA: Welcome To The Delaware State Education Association!
delaware teachers You now have until July 1 The general Assembly understood thefairness of extending Foundation for the Improvement of education (NFIE) now
HOME ABOUT DSEA TEACHING TIPS TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ... Education Jobs Teachers/Specialists/Administrators: You have until June 1, 2003 to earn inservice credits and submit paperwork to the Dept. of Education - in order to advance to the next lane on the salary schedule - to meet the June 30 deadline. The General Assembly understood the fairness of extending the use of inservice so that it is available while the Skills and Knowledge clusters begin.... DSEA is now working with other groups to extend that deadline yet another year since only one "Skills & Knowledge" cluster, The Asia Project, is available (March 2003) But don't count on it yet! Think Big!
The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education (NFIE) now offers certain grants on an ongoing, year-round basis.
Over 300 small grants of $1,000 to $3,000 are awarded each year to fund your BIG ideas. The NEA Foundation's grants fund classroom innovations or professional development for improved practice in public schools and higher education institutions.
Apply today.

26. Lesiglature
Legislative Hall, monitoring the action of the general Assembly, its accounting foronly 8% of the total education revenue in delaware, are important
Click here to view the full text of President Grogg's testimony to the Joint Finance Committee of the General Assembly regarding education funding for 03-04 - even in this era of budget cuts
The General Assembly plays a highly significant role in shaping education policy in our state. Over 70% of the funding allocated for public education is appropriated by the State Legislature. State law is filled with education policy ranging from student discipline and attendance policies to defining the salary and benefits of school employees. That's why DSEA maintains a daily presence in Legislative Hall, monitoring the action of the General Assembly, its committees and task forces. On the national level, Congress plays a significant role in shaping education policy for our state. Federal monies, though accounting for only 8% of the total education revenue in Delaware, are important for child nutrition, children with disabilities and children who have learning problems. The recently passed federal education bill - ESEA - has major consequences - both positive and negative. If you'd like to look at a good summary analysis, click here for the Education Commission of the States site.

27. Frame Page Of
the International Consultants of delaware, Inc applying for employment, further education,certification and the services that the general Statement Evaluation
International Consultants of Delaware, Inc.
In 2000, CGFNS acquired its newest division, the International Consultants of Delaware, Inc. (ICD). ICD is recognized nationally, as well as globally, as an expert in the field of international education. Established in 1977, ICD is a credentialing agency evaluating international educational documents and providing their U.S. equivalents. These equivalents are used to assist individuals in obtaining additional education, employment and immigration visas, as well as licensing and certification for healthcare professionals. As a charter member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES), ICD utilizes only the most up-to-date data available from sources such as the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), Association of International Educators (NAFSA), Institute of International Education (IIE), and the American-Mideast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST). These data sources are continually being monitored and updated by current overseas and U.S. educators, American embassies, and referenced in ICD's own country databanks. A provider of world-class educational evaluation services for more than 20 years, ICD is aware of the importance of its reports to the future and professional careers of its clients.

28. Delaware Education Research Development Center School-Based
Shared Decision Making in delaware education (SDM) refers educators and boards ofeducation to parent In general, the central administration facilitates the

29. Carnegie Classification Of Institutions Of Higher Education
delaware Valley College, PA, Baccalaureate Colleges—general. Delgado CommunityCollege, LA, Associate's Colleges. Delta College, MI, Associate's Colleges.
Home Our Work Carnegie Classification 2000 Edition Index > D Classification home 2000 Edition - Foreword - Category Definitions - Technical Notes - Summary Information ... Staff
Institution State Classification Dabney S. Lancaster Community College VA Associate's Colleges Daemen College NY Baccalaureate Colleges—General Dakota County Technical College MN Associate's Colleges Dakota State University SD Baccalaureate Colleges—General Dakota Wesleyan University SD Baccalaureate Colleges—General Dallas Baptist University TX Master's Colleges and Universities I Dallas Christian College TX Specialized Institutions—Theological seminaries and other specialized faith-related institutions Dallas Institute of Funeral Service TX Associate's Colleges Dallas Theological Seminary TX Specialized Institutions—Theological seminaries and other specialized faith-related institutions Dalton State College GA Associate's Colleges Dana College NE Baccalaureate Colleges—General Daniel Webster College NH Baccalaureate Colleges—General Danville Area Community College IL Associate's Colleges Danville Community College VA Associate's Colleges Darkei Noam Rabbinical College

30. Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation
The delaware AeroSpace education Foundation (DASEF) is a Wright, NASA Space Ambassadorand delaware State Aerospace of the students and the general public of
DASEF Homepage Monday - April 07, 2003
Launching A Dream LAUNCHING A DREAM: STS 312-D Press Release/Fall 2002 Project Director Dr. Stephanie Wright (302) 454-2432 Project Coordinators Ms. Gina Baumgartner
assisted by Ms. Rebecca Browning
North Dover Elementary
Ms. Katie Jones
North Georgetown Elementary
Mission Statement Launching a Dream is the continuation of an annual, statewide, Aerospace Education Program in its ninth, consecutive year coordinated by Dr. Stephanie Wright. It is the culmination of the cooperative efforts of students, teachers, parents, and businesses at various DE mission sites. (See attached for information on Aerospace Education) The purpose of STS 312-D is to show that Aerospace Education is a highly motivating framework for integrating Science, Math, Technology and Career Choices into the curriculum. We have just begun the initial planning of the 2003 Launching a Dream Project. In the next few months, the students and their parents, teachers and once selected the Space Shuttle Astronauts, Crews and Support Teams of Woodbridge Elementary and Wilmington Montessori will receive confirmation that their orbiters will be launching on Thursday, May 23, 2002. All of the students will be given the opportunity to participate in some aspect of the project such as the school-wide Naming the Orbiter, the Logo Design contest, Space Science Fair and astronaut selection. Additional assignments will include mission control, flight planners/controllers, and security/public affairs officers.

31. Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation
fostering the pioneer spaceage spirit in delaware education. its sponsorship of thedelaware Aerospace Academy aviation resources with the general public and
DASEF Homepage Monday - April 07, 2003
DASEF Information The Delaware Aerospace Education Foundation (DASEF) is a non-profit organization founded by NASA Space Ambassador, Dr. Stephanie M. Gerjovich Wright, in conjunction with the Delaware Teacher Center. Th foundation is dedicated to fostering the pioneer space-age spirit in Delaware education. This goal will be accomplished by providing innovative and challenging aviation and aerospace educational experiences through its sponsorship of the Delaware Aerospace Academy and other programs for the young people of our state. Further, the foundation will share aerospace and aviation resources with the general public and provide other outreach activities in hopes that it will prepare the citizens of Delaware for the twenty-first century. The logo of DASEF reflects a vision directed towards the future, one of hope, joy, and success in the exploration of space. The blue and gold colors represent Delaware's connection with aerospace programs while the gold of the sun is the questing spirit of our students. DASEF Board
Delaware Aerospace Academy Staff

Delaware Aerosapce Academy Acknowledgements

Please send any comments to Dr. Stephanie Wright at

32. State Support And Incentives
the borrower must repay all funds received with interest as determined by the delawareHigher education Commission. The delaware general Assembly maintained as

33. Title 14 - Education
delaware HIGHER education SUPPLEMENTAL LOAN AUTHORITY; CHAPTER 93 NOTICE The delawareCode appearing on this of Legislative Council of the general Assembly with
Title 14 - Education

34. International Bureau Of Education. International Activities. Databanks. World Da
Top, delaware. Official site of the Department of education. general informationabout the Department; current programmes and initiatives; curriculum frameworks
Official information sources on education North America Western Europe Africa South of Sahara Asia and the Pacific Central Europe and former USSR ... Middle east and North Africa General information sources Background information Statistics and indicators Databases on education systems Web resources Educational profiles National reports
North America
Canada Alberta British Columbia Manitoba ... Guam C anada Federal and nationwide sources Official site of the Council of Ministers of Education , Canada (CMEC), a co-ordinating body through which ministers consult and act on matters of mutual interest. General information about CMEC; current programmes and activities; on-line publications, reports and policy documents; school achievement indicators; statistics and indicators; press releases. A section includes links to Provincial and Territorial Departments and Ministries responsible for education. (In English and French)

35. University Of Delaware - Department Of Music
in Theory/Composition; Applied MusicVoice; Applied Music-Instrumental; AppliedMusic-Piano; Music education-Instrumental; and Music education-Choral/general.
Music Majors
The Department of Music offers both the Bachelor of Arts with a major in music and the Bachelor of Music with majors in: Theory/Composition; Applied Music-Voice; Applied Music-Instrumental; Applied Music-Piano; Music Education-Instrumental; and Music Education-Choral/General. Depending on the degree program and concentration chosen, course requirements and sequence will vary. The total number of credits required to graduate ranges from 124 to 134 according to the program.
The Bachelor of Arts in music is structured to provide broad coverage of music theory, music history/literature and applied music combined with a liberal arts education applicable to a variety of career interests. Many students in this major are talented musicians who have studied an instrument extensively during their high school years and want to continue their musical studies while exploring other academic and career interests.
The Bachelor of Music in music education is designed specifically to educate and provide certification for those intending to teach music in elementary or secondary schools. The major offers two tracks: instrumental music education and choral/general music education. Students in both tracks are able to gain classroom experience through extensive, field-based teaching opportunities that begin as early as the sophomore year.
The Bachelor of Music in applied music is designed to develop the highest level of proficiency in instrumental or vocal performance. Applied music concentrations are available in band or orchestral instruments, piano, organ, classical guitar and voice. Electric bass is not available as a major. Students interested in studying bass must major in upright string bass.

36. Resources: General Education
The University of Chicago http// Universityof delaware, general education http//
Our Goals
Who We Are

Advisory Board




Boyer Report

... Resources:
General Education The Reinvention Center's Spotlight features efforts on three campuses UCLA, the University of Michigan, and the University of Texas at Austin to create interdisciplinary general education curricula, along with an essay by Greg Bothun, Professor of Physics at the University of Oregon, on "Achieving Interdisciplinary General Education at the Research University." Listed below are links to general education programs and requirements on a variety of campuses. If you would like us to add a link to your campus's program, please send us the URL and the name of the program. Programs
Arizona State University, Bridge Course Requirement Boston University, College of Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum

37. Partnership 2000: Arad-Tamar - New Jersey-Delaware
AradTamar - New Jersey-delaware, NEWS. A circular from the education Ministrydirector general encourages bachelor degree studies in high schools.


Arad-Tamar - New Jersey-Delaware NEWS
by Tamar Rotem
It seems the Education Ministry cannot make up its mind whether it is for or against providing higher education for high-school students.
A circular from the Education Ministry director general encourages bachelor degree studies in high schools. This year 1,200 high school students have registered for studies through the Open University. This number is expected to be much higher next year. These students (about 20 percent of whom are from families that emigrated from the Commonwealth of Independent States) would like to finish high school with a bachelor's degree. For some years now the Education Ministry has bowed to the pressure of students and their parents and has allowed schools to facilitate these studies. At the same time, however, it seems that the ministry is still trying to hold back the flow, often claiming that can end up being disadvantaged from a social point of view. In actuality, high schools have already become devoid of their educational content and have turned into matriculation exam factories. Six years ago a branch of the Open University began offering classes at the Herzliya Gymnasium in the late afternoon hours. It was the first such branch in the country and is now the largest of many, with over 300 students, some of who come from other high schools. The Tel Aviv high school has since also opened post-secondary classes that are scheduled such that students can combine their matriculation studies with studies toward a university degree. Last year the first 15 students in the program completed bachelor's degrees. Most of the students manage to complete the better part of the requirements for a B.A. before they are inducted into the army, but don't manage to finish them completely.

38. Meetings | General Education | Conference Schedule
A Comprehensive Plan for general education Assessment* Karen Bauer, Assistant Director GabrieleBauer, Teaching Consultant both of the University of delaware.
Network for Academic Renewal Conference
General Education: Goals, Strategies, and Assessments for Powerful Learning
February 27 - March 1, 2003 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Preliminary Program
Track I: Program Designs for Powerful Learning
This track will explore ways to frame a comprehensive vision for greater student accomplishment and examples of successful innovations that are attuned to campus culture and values. Track II: Charting Processes, Strategies, and Politics for General Education Reform*
This track will discuss how to implement the relationships, processes, and leadership structures that are central to achieving and sustaining quality general education programs during times of limited resources. Track III: Connecting General Education and the Majors
General education typically flounders when departments are not on board. This track will explore ways of aligning general education and departmental goals so that both parts work together to foster higher levels of student engagement and accomplishment. Track IV: Designing an Assessment Strategy*
This track will look at how the goals of general education can be identified, understood, better evaluated, and tied to program improvement.

39. Issues | General Education
University of delaware. A key feature of the University's new general EducationProgram (GEP) is a collection of firstyear interdisciplinary Pathways to
Promising Models
College of Charleston In the fall of 1996 the Faculty Senate of the College of Charleston established an ad hoc committee to initiate and facilitate a three-year campus wide discussion of General Education requirements. A Web site was created to record the progress of this discussion and to provide links to other relevant information both at the College of Charleston and elsewhere. This web site describes the process of transforming General Education at the College of Charleston and links to other campuses' transformation initiatives . Designed as a resource for members of the College of Charleston community, the site provides information useful to other campus practitioners interested in redesigning their General Education programs. Eastern New Mexico University Recipient of the 1997 Pew Leadership Award, Eastern New Mexico University has established an ongoing strategic planning process in order to address priorities, achieve goals, and monitor objectives on a continuing basis. The General Education curriculum at Eastern New Mexico University has been designed to help students develop communication skills; gain a sense of social, ethical, and cultural values; and appreciate the application of these values in society. The institutional mission's focus is to: prepare students for careers and advanced study, impart citizenship and leadership skills and values, support and expand the role of education and excellent teaching at all levels, and enable citizens to respond to a rapidly changing world.

40. Widener University School Of Law Legal Information Center
general Legal Information Compiling a delaware Legislative History; delaware Boardof Bar Examiners; delaware Commission on Continuing Legal education; delaware
Law School
Site Map
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Delaware Research
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LIC Research Resources
Monday April 07 2003
Delaware: Legal and Non Legal Online Resources
General Legal Information Courts Legislature Executive and Administrative ... General Delaware Information
General Legal Information

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