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         Delaware Education Regulations:     more detail
  1. Discovery of a population of Cyclonaias tuberculata (Rafinesque), the Purple Wartyback Mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae), in the Olentangy River, Delaware County, ... An article from: The Ohio Journal of Science by Michael J. Bolton, 2008-06-01
  2. Diamonds in the rough: preparing the special needs student for entry-level employment.: An article from: Techniques by Eileen Tamasovich, 2002-04-01
  3. State testing standards under federal review.: An article from: District Administration by Angela Pascopella, 2006-05-01

21. Law/codes And Regulations Featured
Child Labor Law; Codes and regulations on Cyberspace Connecticut Law; ContinuingLegal education; Contract Law; Law; Cyberspace Law; delaware Intellectual Property

22. Education Links
Part 1 State Board of education regulations Chapter 4 University, University ofPittsburgh, University of delaware. State System of Higher education (The 14 PA
Centennial Schools
An Educational Community Committed To Student Excellence
Education Links
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Title 22, PA Code EDUCATION

Part 1: State Board of Education Regulations

Chapter 4: Academic Standards and Assessment

Effective Date: January 16, 1999
Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening AND
Bucks County Technical High School Middle Bucks Institute of Technology Parent's Guide to the Internet -
U.S. Department of Education
... And Much More!
The Colleges and Universities Chosen Most Frequently
By William Tennent High School Graduates Penn State University Bucks County Community College Temple University Bloomsburg University ... University of Delaware
Other Schools:
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
(The 14 PA state-owned universities.) All Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities International Colleges and Universities
Bucks County Library Network Delaware Valley College - Joseph Krauskopf Memorial Library Free Library of Philadelphia Montgomery County Community College Library ... Return to Top of the Page

23. Migrant Education (MEP) Consortium Incentive Grants - ED/OESE/OME
form consortia to improve the delivery of services to migrant students whose educationhas been Program regulations are found at 67 FR 20756. delaware, $89,408.
Mouseover preload - not necessary for function Skip Navigation Privacy, Security, Notices About ED A-Z Index ... Contact Us Search: Advanced My Profile Add to Bookmarks Inside Migrant Education Home About Us Programs and Funding Publications ... OESE Home MEP Consortium Incentive Grants
Grant Information
Regulations Project Summaries Grant Information Program: MEP Consortium Incentive Grants (CFDA Number 84.144B) Authorization: Secs. 1303(d) and 1308(d) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended (P.L. 107-110) Total Funds Awarded in FY 2002: $2,300,000 Total Number of Grantees: 39 Eligible Applicants: State educational agencies (SEAs) Program Description: Under section 1308(d), the FY 2002 MEP Consortium Incentive grants were awarded to SEAs that proposed to participate in a consortium with another State or entity and demonstrated, in accordance with section 1303(d)(3) of the ESEA, that doing so would:
  • Reduce administrative costs or program function costs for State MEP programs; and Make more MEP funds available for direct services to add substantially to the welfare or educational attainment of children to be served.
  • In addition, section 1308(d) requires that SEAs receiving grants form consortia to improve the delivery of services to migrant students whose education has been interrupted.

    24. GUIDE TO LAW ONLINE: United States - Delaware
    Code of regulations (General Code Publishers); delaware Administrative Code (excerpts)(delaware State Legislature) includes title 14 (education) and title 24
    Law Library of Congress GLIN Century of Lawmaking Library of Congress ... Index Delaware
    State of Delaware


    General Sources

    25. Pennsylvania State Parks - Delaware Canal - PA DCNR
    Camping delaware Canal State Park has no overnight and serve as outdoor classroomsfor environmental education. all posted rules and regulations and respect
    A walk along the 60-mile long towpath of Delaware Canal State Park is a stroll into American history. Paralleling the Delaware River between Easton and Bristol, this diverse park contains an historic canal and towpath, many miles of river shoreline and eleven river islands. From riverside to farm fields to historic towns, visitors to Delaware Canal State Park will enjoy the ever-changing scenery along its corridor. Press Release: GOV. SCHWEIKER UNVEILS PLANS FOR HISTORIC LOCK RESTORATION IN BUCKS COUNTY - September 23, 2002
    There are numerous access points along the 60-mile length of Delaware Canal State Park. The park follows the Delaware River from Easton to Bristol, paralleled by Pennsylvania Routes 611 and 32.
    The Delaware Canal
    The Delaware Canal is the only remaining continuously intact canal of the great towpath canal building era of the early and mid-19th century. The canal remains today with almost all of its features as they existed during its century of commercial operation. Through its connection with the Lehigh Navigation Canal at Easton, the Delaware Canal helped to develop the anthracite coal industry in the Upper Lehigh Valley. The canals provided a convenient and economical means of transporting coal to Philadelphia, New York and the eastern seaboard.

    of the delaware Department of education. (6) State Board means the State Boardof education. (73 Del. Laws, c. 374, § 3.). § 303. Rules and regulations.
    TITLE 14
    PART I
    Free Public Schools
    There is hereby established the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association. The Association is intended to preserve and promote the educational significance of interscholastic athletics; ensure that interscholastic sports remains compatible with the educational mission of the member schools; provide for fair competition between member schools; promote sportsmanship and ethical behavior; establish and enforce standards of conduct for athletes, coaches, administrator, officials and spectators; protect the physical well-being of athletes; and promote healthy adolescent lifestyles. To these ends, the General Assembly intends for the Association to work in consultation and cooperation with the Department of Education toward full implementation of this chapter. The following definitions apply to this chapter: (1) "Association" means the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association. (2) "Board" means the Board of Directors of the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association. (3) "Department" means the Delaware Department of Education.

    for a summer program for delaware teachers who are The Department of education withState Board approval shall establish rules and regulations for the
    TITLE 14
    PART I
    Free Public Schools
    It is the purpose of this chapter to provide for the establishment of a statewide program for the recruiting and training of certain professional educators who will serve the pupils in the public elementary and secondary schools of the State in critical curricular areas. The responsibilities for identifying those critical areas are assigned to the Department of Education with approval of the State Board and for the administration of the program are assigned to the Department of Education. The Department of Education may authorize, from the amount appropriated in the Budget Appropriation Bill for the purpose of enhancing professional development, an amount to be allocated for the purpose of establishing and maintaining programs to strengthen programs in those areas which the Department of Education with the approval of the State Board of Education designates as critical curriculum areas. The Department of Education with approval of the State Board of Education shall, from time to time, adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as will be necessary for the implementation of the programs authorized by this chapter.

    28. New Jersey Division Of Fish And Wildlife
    Includes information on the season harvest outlook, obtaining permits, wildlife management areas and Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting regulations United States...... Become a Hunter education Instructor! 3/10/03 A slide show on TheUncertain Future of Shorebirds on the delaware Bay is on the site.
    Over 100 Years of Responsible Stewardship The wild side of
    April 2003 Entire State NJDEP
    Black Bear Info

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    Trout Season Opens April 12
    2003 Fishing Licenses Online!
    Please report catches of Sea Run Brown Trout! The Fishing's Never Been Better in New Jersey! Many anglers
    who have been fishing in New Jersey the past few years know that the fishing's never been better. Over the past decade many new species have been established in state waters, providing for angling action previously found only out-of-state. ( more No American Shad Yet, But… Now that Spring has actually arrived many anglers are dusting off their gear and readying equipment for fishing. The annual spawning run of American shad up the Delaware usually provides superb angling and the first major fishing excitement of the year. But so far in 2003, the serious angling for shad is still on hold. ( more Now Is The Time - Perch Fishing in New Jersey Although thick ice remains on some lakes throughout the state - even Round Valley Reservoir had ice completely covering it into March - open water always returns. When it does, a secretive bunch of anglers prepare to make their move. It is time to go get the yellow perch. (

    29. Delaware Data - Quality Counts '99
    delaware. SCORE, 62. GRADE, D. CLASS SIZE (35% of grade). (1998), strong.State grants waivers of education regulations (1998), yes. SCHOOL SIZE (Ungraded).
    Delaware Data This page shows Delaware's scores in five major areas: Student Achievement
    Standards, Assessments, and Accountability

    Teacher Quality

    School Climate
    To compare data from one or more states, go to State Data Comparisons All Students Achieving at High Levels
    For more information about these measures, see our 50-state Student Achievement data table.
    indicates state does not participate in national assessment, survey, or data collection.
    indicates a statistically significant improvement since 1992 in the 4th grade and since 1990 in the 8th grade.
    All figures are in percents
    NOTE: "Algebra class" refers to an algebra or integrated-mathematics course. Delaware MATH 4th graders who scored at least at "proficient" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 4th graders who scored at least at "basic" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 4th graders who scored at least at "below basic" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam 8th graders who scored at least at "proficient" level on 1996 NAEP mathematics exam

    30. Education Week - Registration - Access Restricted
    overhaul both their licensure and pension regulations. provided by the respectivedepartments of education delaware,; Virginia,; Maryland,; Pennsylvania, and; the

    31. Delaware Nutrient Management Commission.
    as rigorous as those required under these regulations and approved by the Commissionrelated to specific delaware Nutrient Management G. CONTINUING education. NutrientMgt#2.html

    32. KinderStart - Legal And Financial : Family Law : Special Needs Issues : State La
    units, is to provide the leadership to ensure that delaware delivers an View Comments(0) Rate this Site; Kansas Special education regulations Special Needs
    KinderStart Alta Vista Ask Jeeves Excite Google HotBot GO LookSmart Lycos Webcrawler Adoption Animal Friends Bringing Home Baby Child Development ... Special Needs Issues : State Laws
    Web Pages

    The following links are in English

    33. Hunting, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
    Recreation Area regulations. Pennsylvania between River Road and the delaware Riverfrom Ranger Station (Dingmans Ferry); Pocono Environmental education Center;
    HUNTING Hunting Regulations Closures PA Closures NJ ... Licenses and Information Hunting is permitted in most parts of the recreation area. All applicable state regulations apply. In addition, there are park-specific regulations: the most important are listed below. Remember that you are in a national park, and other outdoor enthusiasts may be using the same area in which you are hunting. Private property signs must be observed and respected. Put safety first, and wear fluorescent orange in compliance with state regulations. The possession of firearms on federally-owned land within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is strictly prohibited when not being used in a lawful hunting activity as outlined in the Digest of Pennsylvania Hunting Regulations, New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Compendium, and Title 36 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations.)
    Recreation Area Regulations
    • Trapping is prohibited. Artificial and natural bait are prohibited.
    • Tree stands must be freestanding and removable. Attaching a tree stand to a tree with nails, spikes, lag bolts, screws, or similar devices is prohibited. Screw-in foot pegs are prohibited.
    • Target practice is not considered a lawful hunting activity and is prohibited.

    34. Department Of Education
    The resources available include regulations, certification, school construction,special education, and more. delaware Department of education The delaware
    zfp=-1 About Government Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Apply Now
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects Index
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    Stay up-to-date! Subscribe to our newsletter. Advertising Free Credit Report Free Psychics Advertisement Department of Education Guide picks Here's a list of Federal and State Department of Education Office's in the United States. This site provides information about State educational iniatives, regulations, news, and more. Alabama Department of Education Here are links to legislation, news, teaching positions, the board of education in the State of Alabama. Alaska Department of Education and Early Development The home page of the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development contains publications, statistics, forms, information about grants available to districts, news, and more. Arizona Education Department This site contains Arizona regulatory resources, news, certification, school information, school programs, and more.

    35. Delaware School Stack Up
    This is part of delaware's education reform effort, holding schools by the localBoard of education at a regulations regarding how that will all happen are

    DSEA newspaper ad - "Let's unite for our schools"

    President Mary Ann Pry says, "One Nation, with Liberty and Justice and Public Schools for All"

    School Rating News Release

    What ratings mean
    How Delaware's schools rated
    First school accountability "ratings" announced
    F or the first time, schools in Delaware are receiving a rating based on several indicators including student state test score results. This is part of Delaware's education reform effort, holding schools, students and staff accountable for student improvement. The Dept. of Education publishes school profiles (other information about our schools since November of 1997. You can see individual school ratings after November 1 at the Department of Education's Web Site of School and District Information. In brief ...

    36. Delaware State Education Laws
    For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contacta state or local support group. delaware education Code For Homeschooling.
    Home Education Magazine
    State Information File For unschooling support groups, please see the state by state listing at Unschooling Support Groups
    A complete listing of homeschooling support groups, organizations, listservs, websites and helpful individuals can be found at the Home Education Magazine website: Please Note: This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for informational purposes only. For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contact a state or local support group. DELAWARE State of Delaware General Assembly
    Delaware Education Code For Homeschooling Statutes relevant to homeschooling are posted on the Department of Education website: Title 14, Part 1, Chapter 27, 2701-2704. Compulsory attendance - Between 5 and 16 years of age, from August 31. 5 year olds may be granted an exception. Parental Qualifications - None. Summary of Methods - You may (1) affiliate your homeschool through a recognized homeschool association or organization; or you may (2) homeschool under the auspices of the local school district superintendent of the district in which the student resides; or you may (3) report directly to the Delaware Department of Education as a "private school.".

    37. A Monthly Account Of
    Approved reimbursing the delaware County Housing Approved an application to ask fora waiver from Pennsylvania Department of education regulations that would
    A monthly account of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit’s Board of Directors Meeting. CONNECTION
    Board of Directors
    Walter M. Senkow President
    Stanley L. Johnson
    Vice President Thomas C. Brown Treasurer, Nonmember Theresa M. Hammond Secretary, Nonmember Jennifer Cheung Aaron F. Cubbage Nancy Galbraith Michael J. Hanlon Philip R. Hopkins Wanda Mann John C. McMeekin William D. Montgomery Barry Much Eugene F. Nestor John F. X. Reilly Barbara Rohrbach Harry J. Jamison, Ph.D. Executive Director Michael F. X. Coll Solicitor Nancy K. Quinn Editor Media PA The Delaware County Intermediate Unit Board of Directors met on December 3, 2002 . The following are highlights from the meeting: Approved a lease for the former PECO building on Yale Avenue in Morton to house DCIU’s Administrative Offices, Instructional Technology Resource Center , Head Start Administrative Offices, Amosland Learning Center and Staff Development Program. The approved lease allows DCIU the option to purchase after 14 months. The new building provides DCIU with an additional 33,000 square feet of much-needed office and meeting space. The new lease will not result in any additional costs to the 15 county school districts.

    38. Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES Final Audit Report (BOC-0499-9) HTML
    to their care are used in accordance with all laws, regulations, policies and sound delawareChenango-Madison-OtsegoBOCES. NEW YORK STATE education DEPARTMENT. reports/BOCESReports/Reports/DCMO final (BOC-
    Audit Report Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego Board of Cooperative Educational Services For the Period July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998 BOC-0499-9 January 11, 2001 The University of the State of New York THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Office of Audit Services Albany, New York 12234 Mr. Timothy Thomas Board President Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES 6678 County Road 32 Norwich, New York 13815 Dear Mr. Pole: The following is our final audit report (BOC-0499-9) on the Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES for the period, July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998. The audit was conducted pursuant to Sections 305 and 1950 of the Education Law in pursuit of Goal #5 of the Board of Regents/State Education Department Strategic Plan: "Resources under our care will be used or maintained in the public interest." It is the policy of the State Education Department to consider for review matters of significant disagreement which result from the issuance of final audit report. Appendix C describes the process to be followed in the event of such disagreement. Ninety days from the issuance of this report, BOCES officials will be asked to submit a report on actions taken as a result of this audit.

    39. Governance Legislation And Regulations - Council On Law In Higher Education Law
    State Commissions of Higher education Alabama; Alaska; Arizona; Arkansas;California; Colorado; Connecticut; delaware; District of Columbia;
    Landmark Cases Related Organizations Regional Accrediting Organizations Specialized Accrediting Organizations National Accrediting Organizations

    40. Daily Report Card News Service 2002: [neweekly] National Educat
    Learning Plans 2. THANKS FOR SHARING delaware Models of TO LOCAL CONTROL OF SCHOOLS?ESEA regulations Overwhelm State education Officials RESEARCH
    [neweekly] National Education Weekly December 13, 2002
    Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 14:51:58 PST 2. THANKS FOR SHARING: Teachers talking to teachers - and others - about their secrets for successfully improving student achievement is the highlight of a forum held as part of Delaware Lt. Governor John C. Carney Jr.'s Models of Excellence in Education program. Educators from six Delaware programs will present their school models at a Delaware State University forum. One of Carney's goals is to use the forum to foster more cooperation among the state's 19 school districts. "We'd like to get teachers to talk more to one another, sharing experiences and sharing things that work," he said. STATES 3. KINDERGARTEN COP: A Maryland alliance of state and local government leaders has joined forces with education advocacy and service organizations to guarantee that all children up to age 5 have access to quality early childhood care and education programs. The Leadership in Action Program also wants to ensure that personnel working in these programs are adequately trained and that parents of young children are successful in being their child's first teacher. The goal is that by the 2006-2007 school year, 75 percent of all kindergartners will have developed the learning and social skills to be fully ready for school. The plan will be submitted to the General Assembly in February for approval and funding. (Baltimore Sun, 12/9)

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