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         Delaware Education Regulations:     more detail
  1. Discovery of a population of Cyclonaias tuberculata (Rafinesque), the Purple Wartyback Mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae), in the Olentangy River, Delaware County, ... An article from: The Ohio Journal of Science by Michael J. Bolton, 2008-06-01
  2. Diamonds in the rough: preparing the special needs student for entry-level employment.: An article from: Techniques by Eileen Tamasovich, 2002-04-01
  3. State testing standards under federal review.: An article from: District Administration by Angela Pascopella, 2006-05-01

61. Delaware State Agencies: Web Guide Includes Government Agencies That Regulate Co
delaware State Data Center provides business, labor and education statistics; community formsand bulletins; statutes and regulations; online complaint
State Agencies: Delaware
Back to State Agencies

Delaware's Official Home Page
This will take you to Delaware's official state home page. It is a good starting point for finding state government resources, including all three branches of government: the governor and state agencies, state courts and the Legislature. "Business" serves as a link to many useful state sites. "eGovernment" contains links to online government services.
Association of Professional Engineers

DAPE is Delaware's licensing council for professional engineers. Explains application procedure. Provides exam information; alphabetical list of organizations with certificates of authorization; numerical list of current temporary corporate permits and current temporary individual permits; full text of Delaware's Professional Engineers' Act and Engineer Code of Ethics; latest issue of "DAPE News"; complaint form and instructions.
Attorney General Opinions

62. DNREC Online
education and Training The Division administers education and training programsto improve awareness, appreciation and conservation of delaware s natural

Director's Welcome

Contact Us

Subscribe to DNREC Direct E-mailing Lists

2002-03 State Land Application
... New Fishing Rules for the Recreational Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Fishery
Wildlife Management Areas

Mail Purchase a Hunting License

Hunter Education

Wildlife Regulations
Other Wildlife Information
Fishing Fishing Guide Fishing Report Mail Purchase a Fishing License Artificial Reef Program ... Other Enforcement Information Mosquito Control DEMA West Nile Virus Brochure Spray Policy West Nile Encephalitis Spraying Notices ... Other Mosquito Control Information Dog Control History Dog License Agents Other Links of Interest Other Conservation Agency Links "The Observer"
Dead Animals on the Road CALL New Castle County Kent County 739-1111 Sussex County 855-1111 Broad Creek Fishing Pier, Laurel, Delaware
Our Mission Statement The mission of the Division of Fish and Wildlife is to conserve and manage the fish and wildlife resources of the state, to provide safe and enjoyable fishing, hunting, and boating opportunities to the citizens of Delaware and its visitors, to manage and make available for public use and enjoyment the lands with which it has been entrusted, and to improve the publics understanding and interest in the state's fish and wildlife resources through information and outreach programs.
Our Agency
The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife is one of five Divisions within the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The Division of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for managing Delaware's fish and wildlife resources, enforcing laws which protect these resources, controlling mosquitoes for public health and comfort, providing boating safety education, hunter education and aquatic resource education programs, and administering a statewide dog control program.

63. State Laws And Regulations
scrambling to reform their education system, the perspective on homeschooling, laws,and regulations.
The HEM staff has been considering pulling these listings. The main reason is that as homeschooling becomes more widely accepted, and as states are scrambling to reform their education system, the situation becomes more complex. This makes overviews, listings and rankings less valid. We have, however, decided to keep these listings in place because they carry, at a minimum, a link to your state government. Additionally we hope reading cited code and at least one homeschooler's interpretation will help start to demystify legislation and encourage you to investigate further. When talking to new homeschoolers we often hear concerns about the law. Is homeschooling legal? Who do I have to notify? What do I have to teach? While the legalities are a concern that should not be ignored, neither should our response be automatic and not thought out carefully.
There is no single source, no one true homeschooling authority. We all own the responsibility to think through laws and regulations on homeschooling. Of course you'll find those who disagree - an entire industry has grown up around the fact that there are differences of opinion on homeschooling's legal matters. What we offer here are overviews of laws and regulations compiled by knowledgeable homeschoolers. These files are not legal advice nor the final word on the subject. They are simply a starting point. To maintain our freedom to homeschool we will each need to go far beyond any convenient compilation or synopsis. We need to continue to do our own learning, lead our own research, and decide on our own actions.

64. 3300 Board Of Veterinary Medicine Transit
according to federal and state law and regulations. to practice in the State of Delawareshall meet the following continuing education requirements to the
3300 Board of Veterinary Medicine 10.0 VOLUNTARY TREATMENT OPTION
1.1 Direct Supervision refers to the oversight of any person performing support activities (support personnel) by a licensed Delaware veterinarian. Oversight includes control over the work schedule of the person performing support activities and any remuneration the person receives for performing such activities. Oversight does not include remuneration paid directly to support personnel by the public. The constant physical presence of the licensed veterinarian on the premises is not required, however, if the licensed veterinarian is accessible to support personnel by electronic means or has arranged for another supervising licensed veterinarian to be accessible by electronic means. All acts by support personnel not prohibited by Rule 1.2 which constitute the practice of veterinary medicine under 24 Del. C. 1.1.1 The initial examination of the animal by the veterinarian prior to the delegation of work to be performed by support personnel. The veterinarian may, however, authorize support personnel to administer emergency measures prior to the initial examination. 1.1.2 The development of a treatment plan by the veterinarian that shall be referenced by support personnel.

65. DSU Teacher Education Program Regulations
General Admission regulations. All certification only students must meet with theDelaware State University Department of education chair submit
Delaware State University
Department of Education
1200 North DuPont Hwy.
Dover, DE 19901 Education and Humanities Building Room 245
Fax: 302-857-6722 Teacher Education Program Regulations Policies and Procedures: Admission to Student Teaching Other Requirements for Teacher Education Majors Council for Professional Education (CPE) Admission to Teacher Education Program
(Effective Fall 1997) General Admission Regulations
1. All students who wish to enter the Teacher Education Program (TEP) must file an application with the Council for Professional Education (C.P.E.). Application forms and other related information are available in the Education Department, located in the Education and Humanities Building.
2. During the sophomore year, students must file a TEP application by October 1st or March 1st. All applicants must have a cumulative average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
3. Students are expected to take the PRAXIS I by the end of their freshman year and pass the PRAXIS I by the end of their sophomore year. Satisfactory performance on the PRAXIS is a prerequisite for admission to the Teacher Education Program.

66. Wait
and Activities Undergraduate Programs Undergraduate Admissions Opportunities toEnrich your Undergraduate education Academic regulations for Undergraduates
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67. University Of Delaware :: Official Student Handbook :: Residence Hall Regulation
Code of Conduct, Residence Hall regulations or violating Examples of Community EducationActivities include, but are Copyright © 2002 University of delaware.
Office of Residence Life
5 Courtney St.
Newark, DE 19716
Fax: 831-3674
Web Site:

Problem Solver:
Residence Life

The Residence Hall Regulation System exists to ensure that the residence halls provide living environments that are safe, academically supportive and respectful. Residence Hall Regulations relate to community standards and contractual relationships as well as some fire, health, safety and maintenance codes. Students who violate Residence Hall Regulations or Code of Conduct Policies are subject to sanctions as defined here and in the University Judicial System. The Residence Hall Regulations are outlined and described below. Alcohol Containers, Empty
Possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers is prohibited and may be viewed as evidence of possession or consumption of alcohol and result in a referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs. Candles/Incense
Possession of unlit candles and/or incense is prohibited. The burning of candles and/or incense is considered a Code of Conduct policy violation and will be referred to the judicial system for adjudication.

68. The Center For Education Reform: New Jersey's Charter Law
Term of Initial Charter. 4 years. Operations. Automatic Waiver fromMost State and District education Laws, regulations, and Policies.
Making Schools Work Better for All Children
Charter School Legislation:
Profile of New Jersey's Charter School Law
Note : The following ranking and analysis reflects the state's law as of 2001. For the most recent state law profile, please contact the Center for Education Reform or order Charter School Laws Across the States: Ranking Score Card and Legislative Profiles from our Publications page New Jersey (1996; amended in 2000) The 17 th strongest of the nation's 38 charter laws General Statistics Number of Schools Allowed Unlimited Number of Charters Operating (As of Fall 2001) Approval Process Eligible Chartering Authorities State commissioner of education Eligible Applicants Teachers and/or parents in district; college/university or private entity in conjunction with teachers/parents Types of Charter Schools Converted public, new starts (but not home-based schools) Appeals Process Applications denied may be appealed to the state board of education Formal Evidence of Local Support Required 51% of teachers and 51% of parents must support for conversions Recipient of Charter Charter school governing body Term of Initial Charter 4 years Operations Automatic Waiver from Most State and District Education Laws, Regulations, and Policies

69. American Society Of Landscape Architects, Pennsylvania And Delaware Chapter
Urban planners use zoning techniques and regulations, master plans, conceptual plans,landuse studies and other methods to set the layout and organization of
Excerpted from the American Society of Landscape Architects Site A Profession In Demand
From city councilrooms to corporate boardrooms, there is increasing demand today for the professional services of landscape architects. This trend reflects the public's desire for better housing, recreational and commercial facilities, and its expanded concern for environmental protection. Residential and commercial real estate developers, federal and state agencies, city planning commissions, and individual property owners are all among the thousands of people and organizations in America and Canada that will retain the services of a landscape architect this year. More than any of the other major environmental design professions, landscape architecture is a profession on the move. It is comprehensive by definition-no less than the art and science of analysis, planning design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land. In providing well-managed design and development plans, landscape architects offer an essential array of services and expertise that reduces costs and adds long-term value to a project.

70. American Society Of Landscape Architects, Pennsylvania And Delaware Chapter
Coordination and Strategy; (2) Economics and Marketing; (3) education, Trainingand Fill regulations Resurface Over the past several years, the Department of
March 2002 Register for ASLA PA/DE email updates - submit your email address
EPA Administrator Visits Pennsylvania to Discuss Brownfields
EPA Administrator Christie Whitman was in Wexford, Allegheny County, February 22, discussing the administration's commitment to revitalizing brownfields. At the Infrastructure Opportunity Forum sponsored by Congresswoman Melissa Hart, Whitman discussed legislation signed by President Bush and his plans to double brownfields funding in the upcoming fiscal year. "Thanks to the law the President signed, significant new resources are being made available for brownfields restoration. In the President's budget proposal announced earlier this month, we asked Congress to more than double-to $200 million-available funding for brownfields projects in the next fiscal year," Administrator Whitman said. "That's our down payment on a five-year commitment to make $1 billion available for brownfields reclamation. "But, money alone won't solve the problems facing America's remaining brownfields. That's why the law the President signed last month is so important. It removes one of the most difficult impediments that has stood in the way-potential liability to new owners and redevelopers of brownfields."

71. GLARRC National State Policy Database Page
IDEA regulations 1999 Department of Defense Special education regulationsLink to all state education agency websites. There have

Site Map About GLARRC Hot Topics ... Contact Us
National State Policy Database (NSPD)
A collaborative project of the National Association of State Directors of Special Education and the . This work is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) The NSPD currently holds state department of education rules and regulations for Special Education. Use the following Searches:
Command Based Query
Menu Based Query Plain English Query Displays a text entry box in which you enter the words or phrases that you wish to locate combined with search operators Searches are entered by typing in words or phrases and choosing options from a menu Type in exactly what you need to know in plain English Help State and National Regulations Available for Search (use queries above) or for Download (click on individual states below) In most cases, state regulations have been translated to PDF by GLARRC. These files, available below for download, are NOT the official legal files. For the official copy of each state's regulations, please contact the state education agency. Alabama


Link to all state education agency websites
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72. The Heartland Institute
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Register setting forth the rules and regulationsfor implementing read more) delaware education Scholarship Program

73. - Destinations - Delaware
delaware Governmental Homepage. delaware Department of Fish Wildlife.Hunter education Information. Artificial Reef Program. Boating Safety.
Delaware's Antlered Deer Records. Click to read more New Deer Seasons. click to read more Delaware River Outfitters Fishing Hunting ... Firearms Enter a City or US Zip: Delaware - Governmental Homepage Hunter Education Information Artificial Reef Program Boating Safety No articles pertaining to Delaware present. Return To Destinations Map

74. PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 01-405
The Commission's regulations provide a mailin procedure program for Boating SafetyEducation Certificates by that the Superintendent of the delaware Water Gap
[58 PA. CODE CHS. 91 AND 111]
Boating Safety Education Certificates; Special Regulations Counties
[31 Pa.B. 1375]
The Fish and Boat Commission (Commission) proposes to amend Chapters 91 and 111 (relating to general provisions; and special regulations counties). The Commission is publishing these amendments as a notice of proposed rulemaking under the authority of 30 Pa.C.S. (relating to the Fish and Boat Code) (code). The proposed amendments relate to boating. A. Effective Date The proposed amendments, if approved on final rulemaking, will go into effect upon publication of an order adopting the amendments in the Pennsylvania Bulletin B. Contact Person For further information on the proposed amendments, contact Laurie E. Shepler, Assistant Counsel, (717) 705-7815, P. O. Box 67000, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000. This proposal is available electronically through the Commission's website ( C. Statutory Authority D. Purpose and Background The proposed amendments are designed to update, modify and improve the Commission's regulations pertaining to boating. The specific purpose of the proposed amendments is described in more detail under the summary of proposal. The Commission's Boating Advisory Board has considered the proposals and has recommended that the Commission publish a notice of proposed rulemaking containing the amendments. E.

75. NEWS January 2003 Commission Meeting Wrap-up
rules to bring the existing regulations related to adopted state law mandating boatingeducation for certain blueback herring) in the delaware River, delaware

76. Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania
6. education and Publications (Commissioner Concilla 9. A. Amendments to Issuing AgentRegulations (58 Pa. 111.52(j) (relating to Pike County, delaware River) and
Table of Contents
Call to Order Roll Call Review and Approval of Minutes from the October 2000 Meeting Awards and Presentations ... Adjournment Minutes of February 20 Special Meeting…………………………………………………………………………34
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
The 45 th Meeting of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission was held on Friday and Saturday, January 12 and 13, 2001, at the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission headquarters, Harrisburg PA Commission committees met on Friday, January 12, beginning at 8:00 a.m. , and Saturday, January 13, at 8:00 a.m. The public session for review of this agenda began at or about 1:15 p.m. , on January 13.
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Commission President Ted R. Keir and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Roll Call
Members Present Ted R. Keir, President Leon H. Reed, Vice-President Donald K. Anderson Samuel M. Concilla Ross J. Huhn Donald N. Lacy Paul J. Mahon Howard E. Pflugfelder, Jr. William J. Sabatose
Review and Approval of Minutes from the October 2000 Meeting
A motion was made by Commissioner Lacy and seconded by Commissioner Sabatose to approve the minutes as written.

77. Databases
delaware, evidence cases; delaware, real estate cases; Department of Defense TravelRegulations Table of Contents; Department of education FAR Supplement; 48

78. DSEA News
current teachers, new, very stringent regulations which require The State Board ofEducation sent it evaluation as well as delaware's Educator Accountability
HOME ABOUT DSEA TEACHING TIPS TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ... Delaware Professional Standards Board The Educator Professional Standards Board 2001-2003
posted February 4, 2003 What does the Professional Standards Board do?
According to the Educator Accountability Law of 2000 (SB260), the Professional Standards Board's mission is to
Has this Board accomplished any of this? The News Journal accuses the Standards Board of doing nothing in two years regarding teacher accountability. Is that the case?
In two years the Professional Standards Board, guided by the Educators Accountability Law, has debated, developed, and passed on to the State Board of Education, many new regulations including
§ A new "Skills and Knowledge" salary supplement for teachers who qualify which will end the practice of allowing salary increases for professional development not directly tied to a teacher's current responsibilities. It allows teachers to participate in clusters of courses around a topic directly related to classroom work in order to receive a small, limited-time salary increment. The News Journal says that the Professional Standards Board has only recently made a recommendation to the State Board regarding how teachers should be evaluated under the new accountability law. Is that true?

79. Delaware -- Sources [ ALSO! -- U.S. Law ]
LandlordTenant Code (Del. Landlord-Tenant Code); Register of regulations (Del.Reg.). Top of Page delaware Local Law Sources

80. Delaware Park Horse Racing And Slots - Employment Opportunities
Comply with state, local and OSHA regulations. REPORTS TO Director of Publicity EDUCATIONHigh School Diploma Copyright © 2003 LLC delaware Park Contact Us.
1-800-41-SLOTS Media Guide About Us Email Restaurants ... Facilities Racing Apply Finance Security Contact Us ... Jobs Racing Track Superintendent
JOB TITLE Track Superintendent, Facilities, Facilities
Supervises: Trackside Operations Supervisor, Track Specialist, Horse Ambulance Specialist and all Trackside staff.
Reports To: Facilities Manager, Executive Director of Facilities
EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalent required.
EXPERIENCE: Five (5) years experience with Dirt and Turf Tracks. Minimum three (3) years Track Superintendent experience or equivalent required. Strong organizational skills required. Strong verbal and written communication skills required. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel a plus. Valid driver's license required. Able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly, stand/walk/kneel for extended periods of time. Able to work in extremes of weather. Able to remain flexible in an environment of constant change.
Interviews, supervises, schedules, evaluates and trains all track staff. Documents and issues disciplinary actions. Performs maintenance on racetrack and turf courses as needed. Responsible to be knowledgeable with all machinery and equipment necessary to perform track and turf maintenance. Responsible to develop and work within constraints of approved budget. Performs all other duties as assigned. Promotes outstanding customer relations.

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