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         Depression School Guidance:     more detail
  1. The Field Guide to Counseling Toward Solutions: The Solution Focused School (Jossey-Bass Teacher) by Linda Metcalf, 2008-03-10
  2. Depression and Suicide (Critical Issues) by Ann Redpath, 1993-07
  3. Children and adolescents who are depressed: an ecological approach.: An article from: Professional School Counseling by Karen Abrams, Susan K. Theberge, et all 2005-02-01

1. Comprehensive School Guidance Programs
The ten topics are school Violence, Student Achievement, Substance Abuse, depression Suicide, Conflict Comprehensive school guidance Programs A New Website.
Paper in PDF format (10 pages - 560kb) Finding Information in the Information Age: ERIC/CASS and the Virtual Libraries Chris Kirkman
Garry Walz
This paper contains corresponding websites.
Please review the following in relation to the paper:
Corresponding websites:
ERIC/CASS Homepage:
ERIC/CASS Virtual Library:
ERIC Database:
The abundance of information now available to us from sources such as newspapers, journals, and the Internet make it impossible for us to keep up. As educators there is little extra time beyond our jobs to read current events, maintain active participation in our professional associations, and find the new research or current topics in our field of either counseling or education (or both). As educators our time is important. As our busy schedules grow longer and our personal time narrows, we have to find time to maintain our professional-knowledge base. Searching the Internet can be long and time consuming so the websites we bookmark are critical to providing us information helping us succeed with everyday and long-term goals. What is ERIC?

2. Memorial High School Guidance Homepage
depression RESOURCES The Women's Forum offers some very helpful Summer school 2003will be held from June 16 brochure, then speak with your guidance counselor
Welcome to the Memorial High School Guidance Department Website!
Madison, Wisconsin
People Who Will Help You:
Important Dates:
Planning Your Future
FOURTH QUARTER PROGRESS REPORTS: will be mailed home in early May.
SENIORS: The Senior Honors Convocation will be held Thursday, May 22, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. All seniors being honored will receive a printed invitation by May 1st, but know that all seniors and their families are welcome!
SENIORS: The senior picnic is Thursday, May 22.
JUNIORS: Junior Conferences : it's time to start planning for the post high school options that will be best for you. Will it be college? Tech school? The military? Work? You will need to put serious time into this. You will be invited to meet with your guidance counselor soon , via a written notice.
JUNIORS AGAIN: ACT Tests and SAT Tests : Don't miss the registration deadlines! Most juniors take the ACT in April or June. Many take the SAT I and/or II in May or June. You'll want the test results before completing college applications in the fall of your senior year. Plan ahead. Talk to your counselor, and see the ACT/SAT EXAMS portion of our guidance website.

3. Glenbrook North High School Guidance Department High School Eating Disorders
High school Groups. Return to guidance Home Page, Eating Issues Achievinga Balance. North Poor self-esteem may lead to depression. This
High School Groups
Return to Guidance Home Page
Eating Issues - Achieving a Balance
North Shore Youth Health Service
1779 Maple Street
Northfield, IL 60093
What are eating issues?
What if you are concerned?
Why might someone have an unhealthy relationship with their body?
What can you do?
Talk to someone.
Three of the more common eating disorders are:
Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa Compulsive Overeating WHAT ARE EATING ISSUES?
Everywhere we look....television, movies, music videos, magazines...we are surrounded by visual images of young, perfectly toned, slender bodies. When an average-sized person compares him/herself to these unrealistic images, it can wreak havoc with self-esteem. While there is more talk recently about the benefits of physical strength and health, the media often features underweight models to illustrate the supposed norm. People may use drastic behaviors to achieve an ideal that may be not only unrealistic, but deadly.

4. Childhood Depression, Information For Parents
Recent research at the Child guidance Center has shown that If you are trying to decideif depression is a or sadness _ Change in school performance _
103 West Broad St.
Stamford, CT 06902
Phone: 203-324-6127
Fax: 203-348-9378
Depression in children is quite common. This section will help parents understand, identify, and deal with the problem of depression in their children. What is depression? Depression is an unhappy mood that affects our daily functioning. When depression is too severe or lasts too long it can be considered an illness. Left untreated, depression can take the joy out of life, and even remove the desire to live. Everyone experiences minor upsets, but this does not mean that everyone is depressed. To have a true depression the symptoms must be present for at least two weeks. Please understand that the following material relates to symptoms that have been present for this amount of time. Back to top How common is depression? Depression in children is far more common than most people realize and is equally divided among boys and girls. A study at the Child Guidance Center in 1983 found that one our of three children referred was depressed. A recent University study found that one of ten children without known problems had suicidal thoughts.


6. Matrix
school guidance counselor Thurlin Maynard says, “In my experience, I have not seenthat the percentage of students at AHS suffering from severe depression is

7. DoDEA: McNair School's Guidance Office Web Page
Helping Families Deal With Deployment During this difficult time of deployments and uncertainty, please be assured that your school is supporting you and your children. experiencing sadness, anxiety or depression, please contact your school's guidance counselor. Counseling services are
Guidance Highlights Helping Families Deal With Deployment During this difficult time of deployments and uncertainty, please be assured that your school is supporting you and your children. Activities have been conducted with kindergarten, first grade and fourth grade students to help them deal with separation and deployment. We are currently expecting materials to arrive that will assist our second and third grade students. If your child is experiencing sadness, anxiety or depression, please contact your school's guidance counselor. Counseling services are available in the schools. The school counselor will also assist you with referrals to other agencies if necessary. The following tips may assist you and your family in dealing with separation and deployment: .....View and discuss the situation as temporary .....Stress the positive aspects of the situation: more time with the
parent in the home, visits by friends and relatives .....Gifts from foreign countries .....Provide frequent communication through e-mail and letters .....Promote caring by sending photos, pictures, toilet items and food

8. Dublin Scioto High School Guidance Department
Dublin Scioto High school students may access a new powerful webbased career andcollege guidance solution signs and symptoms of teenage depression and provide
Welcome to the Dublin Scioto High School Guidance and Counseling Department's World Wide Web page. The purpose of this site and the related links is to provide a viable resource to our students, parents, and our educational community at large. Dublin Scioto High School students, and their parents, now have access to a new web based information system, designed to provide information regarding occupations, educational training programs, and financial aid. The Ohio Career Information System OCIS ) is designed to support exploration and lifelong career planning. It promotes career self-reliance through assessment, exploration, goal setting and decision-making. It is an excellent resource for teens through adults. Dublin Scioto High School students may access a new web site called "Do What You Are," which will provide them an opportunity to take a personality inventory. "Do What You Are" is a unique and powerful web-based career and college guidance solution. Secure and easy to use, it will provide students with a wealth of information about themselves that will help them be more effective and more productive.

9. Guidance Department
The guidance program includes academic counseling, standardized testing, career counseling, and abuse awareness and teacher referrals of students. guidance Department Personnel Needs for 20022003 school guidance Counselor (Minimum of a Masters with students that have clinical issues (depression, suicide, and eating disorders).

10. Specializations
depression Research Alliance, Wing of Madness. and Career Counseling (General Resources;Resources for Specific Problems High school guidance and Counseling
Specializations in Counseling
Click on a topic or scroll through the complete list of links. A. Community Counseling CLIENT PROBLEMS Diagnostic Check Lists Addictions and Recovery ... Self Help B. Student Development C. Marriage and Family Counseling
Organizations Marriage and Family Therapy Family Education and Parenting ... Divorce, Separation and Custody D. School and Career Counseling (General Resources; Resources for Specific Problems: High School Guidance and Counseling Centers; Learning Life Skills, Going to College; Exploring Careers and Getting a Job) E. Multi-Cultural Counseling (Multicultural and anti Racism; Aboriginal and Native Culture; African and African American Culture; Asian and Asian American Culture; Hispanic and Latino Culture; Southern Appalachian Culture; Judaic Culture, Gay and Lesbian Culture) F. Psychological/Educational Assessment (General Resources; Diagnostic Check Lists; Tests / Results on the Web Jungian Character Type) A. Community Counseling (Client Problems, Types of Help) CLIENT PROBLEMS (Diagnostic Check Lists; Addictions and Recovery; Depression, Mood Disorders and Suicide; Disabilities and Challenges: HIV/AIDS; Abuse, Trauma and Stress; Other problems)

11. Depression Define It. Defeat It.
An article describing how to recognize depression, and ways to help a friend suffering from depression.Category Kids and Teens People and Society Psychology depression...... the seriousness of depression or of thoughts of death or suicide. It is an act oftrue friendship to share your concerns with a school guidance counselor, a
Depression: Define It. Defeat It. WHAT TO DO WHEN A FRIEND IS DEPRESSED
A Guide for Teenagers (posted by Hopkins Technology) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration As a teenager, you know that these school years can be complicated and demanding. Deep down, you are not quite sure of who you are, what you want to be, or whether the choices you make from day to day are the best decisions. Sometimes the many changes and pressures you are facing threaten to overwhelm you. So it isn't surprising that from time to time you or one of your friends feels "down" or discouraged. But what about those times when a friend's activity and outlook on life stay "down" for weeks and begin to affect your relationship? If you know someone like this, your friend might be suffering from depression. As a friend, you can help. 1. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DEPRESSION. Q. What is depression? A. Depression is more than the blues or the blahs; it is more than the normal, everyday ups and downs. When that "down" mood, along with other symptoms, lasts for more than a couple of weeks, the condition may be clinical depression. Clinical depression is a serious health problem that affects the total person. In addition to feelings, it can change behavior, physical health and appearance, academic performance, and the ability to handle everyday decisions and pressures. Q. What causes clinical depression?

12. -- Stress And Depression
Do not try to deal with depression on your own. See a counselor! You can find acounselor by going to your school guidance department or counseling center.
A d o l e s c e n t H e a l t h . c o m
Stress and Depression
Feeling stressed?
School, work, family, friends, relationships-these are important parts of our lives. At times they can also be sources of stress. If you are stressed you may feel really tired, have a headache, have trouble eating, sleeping, or concentrating, and/or feel nervous or irritable, among many other symptoms. It is hard to completely avoid stress, so it is good to learn how to deal with it. Some ways to deal with stress are to eat a healthy diet, consume less caffeine, get regular exercise, and get enough sleep. It is also helpful to avoid using alcohol or other substances. Take a break from whatever it is that makes you feel really stressed. Also, make sure that you do something for yourself everyday-something that you enjoy. Talk to someone you trust-don't keep stress bottled up inside. Try to always have a positive view and don't forget to have a sense of humor! If these things don't seem to help, talk to a counselor or health care provider about the way you are feeling.
What do I do if I'm feeling down?

13. NAGC
Selfconsciousness, self-esteem and depression of gifted school children. Links Counselingand guidance Division-Home Page Counseling and guidance Division
Counseling and Guidance Division - Personality Characteristics Article National Association for Gifted Children
Affective Issues and the Gifted Series
Recent Research on . . .
Personality Characteristics of the Gifted
1. Gifted and talented students actively engaged in challenging programmatic options appear to be reasonably well-adjusted in terms of self-concept and social competence. The influence of a program upon this adjustment is not clear, nor can one ensure that program identification procedures contribute to adjustment. (Are only those who “behave” nominated for such programs?) 2. There are qualitative differences in motivational levels and in social and emotional issues related to school performance among the culturally diverse and economically disadvantaged populations of gifted students. The striving for racial identity may help to explain these differences among the culturally diverse, and the lack of access to choice of programs and materials may explain differences among the economically disadvantaged. 3. Early childhood learning experiences and respectful/authoritative parenting strategies contribute greatly to healthy personality development among gifted individuals.

14. Dr. Wanda Filer - Wellness & Prevention
Arthritis More Americans Seeking Treatment for depression school Performance Teachersand school guidance counselors are frequently available for help and can
More Americans Seeking Treatment for Depression
School Performance

Accutane and Birth Defects

German Measles Almost Eradicated in U.S.
Health Risks Associated with Tongue Piercing

Current Articles: School Performance Top Powerful Girls! Powerful Bones! Top German Measles Almost Eradicated in U.S. A study in the January 23rd issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association that was performed by scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, shows that the incidence and characteristics of rubella, more commonly known as German measles, have changed dramatically over the last three decades. In 1969 there were 57,600 rubella cases reported in the United States however by 1999 that number dropped dramatically to 232. Of these cases 4 or fewer states reported the majority of cases. While German measles was traditionally a disease of children 30 years ago, the new German measles cases are seen mainly among "foreign born Hispanic adults who are either unvaccinated or whose vaccination status is unknown". Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) is a condition which used to be a leading cause of mental retardation in newborns and occurred when a pregnant mother became infected with the rubella virus. With the broad use of immunization starting in 1969 the occurrence of CRS cases has dropped dramatically and by the end of the 90s nearly half of the cases were imported from outside the United States. The authors feel that the United States is on the verge of eliminating rubella and Chronic Rubella Syndrome, but that the threat of CRS remains particularly high among women of child bearing age who are born outside the U.S.

15. Dr. Wanda Filer - Women's Health
Symptoms of depression may include early morning awaking, persistent thoughts of Teachersand school guidance counselors are frequently available for help and
More Americans Seeking Treatment for Depression
School Performance

Accutane and Birth Defects

German Measles Almost Eradicated in U.S.
Health Risks Associated with Tongue Piercing

Current Articles: More Americans Seeking Treatment for Depression According to a study in a January issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association Symptoms of depression may include early morning awaking, persistent thoughts of suicide or death, irritability, loss of interest in usual activities, and changes in weight, among others. Top School Performance Top Accutane and Birth Defects Accutane is a product that is manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals of Nutley, New Jersey. This product has been approved for several years by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of severe nodular acne. Since the initial release of this drug, strong cautions have been given to health care providers and female patients to avoid pregnancy due to the extremely high risk of birth defects in the offspring of women who have taken even small amounts of Accutane. In fact, women have been encourage to use very reliable methods of birth control starting one month before and continuing one month after Accutane therapy. Despite this strong program, women have continued to conceive while taking Accutane, in some cases leading to horrific birth defects. In fact, with the initial launch of this drug in the past, it was recommended that a woman who conceived while taking Accutane should automatically seek an elective abortion.

16. Resume Of Noel Light
Cut Bank High school, Cut Bank High school, guidance Counselor,Duties coordination,testing, records maintenance, career education, depression, low achievement
Up One Level New Message Reply Previous in Thread ... About this Form Message Thursday, February 13, 2003 12:04 PM -0700 From: Subject: Resume of Noel Light To: Resumes Noel “Butch” Light
M.Ed., L.A.C.
Box 741
Boulder, MT 59632
Home phone 406-227-1184
Work phone 406-225-3317
Cell phone 406-465-0016
To work with young people so that they will be prepared in the areas of emotional, academics, social, vocational realms and in all facets of life to a high a degree of readiness possible for the world of work that awaits them.
Education: 1998 Montana State University – Northern, Havre, MT, Masters of Education – Counseling and Development, 1987 Montana State University-Eastern Billing, MT, Guidance Counselor Certification, Vocational Rehabilitation Coursework 1979 Valley City State University, Valley City, ND, Bachelor of Science-Industrial Arts Present: Institute of Reality Therapy, Cincinnati, OH, Certified Reality Therapist. 1974 Anamoose High School, Anamoose, ND, High School Diploma Summary of Qualifications: My diverse professional and personal background is foundational to how I apply my counseling practice. Foremost is my genuine desire to assist people in making appropriate life choices to enhance their holistic well being. Through many years culturally diversified experiences in counseling, leadership and resource management, I gained the skills necessary to successfully coordinate and implement individual and team interventions.

17. Counselling Service Staff
one year leave of absense from her job as a middle school guidance counsellor in completinga Ph.D. in psychology and writing a these on adolescent depression.
Staff List 2002 - 2003 Shawna Benson (B.A.) is a clinical psychology intern working to complete her Psy.D. (clinical doctorate degree) from Minnesota School of Professional Psychology in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shawna has worked with students on a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, relationships issues, eating difficulties/body image distress, grief/loss, and gender or sexuality concerns. She also enjoys working with couples and, if appropriate and desired, incorporating spiritual and/or religious elements into counselling. Elizabeth Boyle (B. Comm. Hons.) is the Career Resource Centre Coordinator responsible for activities in the CRC and provides assistance to students. Gaylene A. Chodak (B.A. Psych, B.Ed. (After-Dregree), P.B.C.E.) graduated from University of Manitoba four years ago. She taught math for 2 years in Calgary followed by two years working as a guidance counsellor in Chilliwack. Gaylene is presently on a one year leave of absense from her job as a middle school guidance counsellor in Chilliwack, BC to finish her masters. Gaylene enjoys both individual and group counselling. She approaches much of her counselling from a "choice theory" perspective (Glosser). Her future goals include completing a Ph.D. in psychology and writing a these on adolescent depression. Gavriela Geller (M.A.)

18. Current Trends In Treating Adolescent Depression
stomachaches. A high school guidance counselor . Fortunately for Nancy, hercounselor was trained to recognize signs of adolescent depression, ask the
Depression in adolescents, difficulties in diagnosing teen depression, treatment options, and hope for parents of depressed teenagers A Fact Sheet for Physicians Trends in Treating Adolescent Depression Adolescent Depression Statistics Depression, Alcohol, and Drugs ... Home
Did You Know? Two percent of preteens and 5% of adolescents suffer from depression. Current Trends in Treating Adolescent Depression

By Judy Shepps Battle "The first thing I noticed about Nancy was the sadness in her eyes and how distant she seemed. Even though she smiled when she spoke and wore the latest designer clothes, I could feel how close her tears were to the surface. Yet, when asked, all she would say was how irritable she was feeling and how often she gets stomachaches." A high school guidance counselor

19. School Psychological Services
or other signs that could be indicators of teenage depression. Parents are encouragedto contact the school psychologist or guidance counselor if
October, 2000 About the Author:
Doreen "Dobie" M. Rath is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and has been a practicing School Psychologist with Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland since 1976. Prior to that she worked as a Pediatric Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She currently serves two elementary schools and a comprehensive high school and is actively involved in implementing programs on depression awareness and suicide prevention. Mrs. Rath is married and has three grown children.
A school psychologist is a trained professional with a graduate degree, at least two years of additional study in an accredited school psychology program, and an internship in the schools for the purpose of gaining direct experience. School psychologists' primary goal is to improve students' educational opportunities and help create an environment where every student can learn. They provide a variety of services including: Consultation . School psychologists talk with parents, teachers, and school personnel about:
  • helping students learn and grow

20. Depression
the seriousness of depression or of thoughts of death or suicide. It is an actof rue friendship to share your concerns with a school guidance counselor, a
depression create
the Center for Research in Educational and Adaptive Technology-assisted Environment
text only pages

psych issues home suicide a friend is depressed bi-polar disorder autism-asperger's post-traumatic stress
If this is an Emergency
Check your phone directory for the listing of your local crisis center.
24-hour Suicide Line Muskegon
24-hour Ottawa County Crisis Line
United Way First Call for Help - Grand Rapids 616-459-2255
Kent County Suicide Prevention Help Line 616-458-4357
Community Mental Health - Kent County 1-800-749-7720 833 Lake Drive SE Community Mental Health - Muskegon Crisis Line 231-722-4357 Day Time Line 231-724-3699 125 E. Southern Avenue Community Mental Health - Ottawa County - Grand Haven 616-842-5350 17234 Robbins Road Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services - 616-455-5000 Caution! Inpatient Facility! 308 68th Street, Grand Rapids Hackley Hospital - Muskegon - Northwood Center - 231-728-4911 Caution! Inpatient Facility! 1700 Clinton Street Psychology Information Online [opens new browser window] Depression @ Psychology Information Online [opens new browser window]

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