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         Dictionaries And Glossaries English:     more books (100)
  1. Dictionary and Glossary of the Quran (English and Arabic Edition) by John Penrice, 1990-06
  2. The English Pennsylvania Dutch dictionary: A glossary of English words and expressions with their Pennsylvania Dutch equivalents : together with an illustrated ... arts and crafts, folklore and folkways by Howard Snader, 1965
  3. Filtration Dictionary and Glossary: English-French-German-Spanish
  5. The English Pennsylvania Dutch dictionary: A glossary of English words and expressions with their Pennsylvania Dutch equivalents together with an illustrated ... ... including their culture and customs by Howard Snader, 1978
  6. RUSSIAN WORLD WAR II DICTIONARY: A Russian-English Glossary of Special Terms, Expressions, and Soldiers' Slang by Isaak Kobylyanskiy, Stuart Britton, 2011-06
  7. Dictionary and Financial Glossary: Pocket Dictionary of the English Language Compiled from the Quarto and School Dictionaries of Joseph E. Worcester, LL. D. With Foreign Words and Phrases, Abbreviations, Rules for Spelling, and Numerous Tables - Profusely Illustrated - With A Financial Glossary Compiled by Hornblower & Weeks, Boston by Loomis J. and Joseph E. Worcester Campbell, 1919
  8. A Russian-English dictionary-glossary in geomorphology and related sciences by George Smith Mitchell, 1957
  9. Filtration dictionary and glossary: English-French-German-Spanish by Richard J Wakeman, 1985
  10. The English Pennsylvania dutch Dictionary: a Glossary of English Wores and Expressions with Their Pennsylvania Dutch Equivalents by Howard Snader, 1968
  11. The English Pennsylvania Dutch Dictionary: A Glossary of English Words and Expressions with Their Pennsylvania Dutch Equivalents
  12. A Dictionary of Idioms (Egyptian Arabic-English with an English-Egyptian Arabic Glossary) (Arabic-English Dictionary, 1/1)
  13. Joho Tsushin Ei-Wa, Wa-Ei jiten =: InfoCom Research, Inc.'s English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary and visual glossary (Japanese Edition)
  14. Guide to English-Urdu dictionaries and glossaries of technical terms, by A. R Ghani, 1955

1. • Specialty Dictionaries
The world's most comprehensive and authoritative language portal with every resource needed for language study, translation, brandnaming in 300 languages. Here you will find dictionaries and glossaries of specialized words in the english language. In case you cannot find
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Specialty Dictionaries IN ENGLISH
Not even a native speaker knows all the words of his own language Technical vocabulary is used only by specialists and so is not generally known by non-specialists. Here you will find dictionaries and glossaries of specialized words in the English language. In case you cannot find the specialty dictionary you need on line, or need an off-line dictionary for some other reason, yourDictionary now offers the full line of Elsevier-Science specialty dictionaries on CD ROM and in traditional book form. New specialties and dictionaries are constantly being added to's Specialty Dictionary Department. If you do not see what you need today, return soon and you will find it here. If you do not find what you need, drop us a line and we will try to find it for you. The latest categories are marked by a • bullet.
Advertising Agriculture Anthropology ... Universal Currency Converter Accounting
  • UACPA Dictionary of Accounting AICPA Dictionary of Accounting Terms and Abbreviations ABC of Accounting Accounting Acronyms ... New Zealander Accounting Terms

  • Advertising
  • Dictionary of Advertising Dictionary of Advertising and Marketing (ms.)
  • 2. Glossaries And Dictionaries By Encyberpedia
    Encyberpedia The most complete summary of Encyclopedia reference information on the Internet-A 5 Star Site. ! Chinese Cispa Czech Danish Demonh'ka Dutch english Esperanto Estonian Finnish French Gaelic Galician The purpose is to encourage people to use Internet glossaries and dictionaries.
    See The World A presentation of Encyberpedia Dictionaries Encyclopedias Glossaries Languages ... Thesaurus Dictionaries The Alternative Dictionaries An experimental collaborative net project to put together slang dictionaries for several dozen languages. American Sign Language Dictionary Dictionary of Anime Anime is the name given to a particular style of Japanese animation. This defines terms used to describe anime as well as various random terms. Biographical Dictionary Biographical information on over 18,000 people from ancient times to the present. Biotechnology Dictionary Definitions of terms associated mainly with genetics and biochemistry but also with general biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine. Birdwatcher's Dictionary Bookbinding and Book Conservation Dictionary Glossary of Botanical Terms - This glossary currently contains over 1,600 terms relating to botany and horticulture. Cawdrey's Table Alphabetical Dictionary Dictionary of Cell Biology Climbing Dictionary Definitions of American and English climbing terms and translations of those terms to other languages.

    3. Italian-English Dictionaries And Glossaries
    Resources for Italianenglish translators. Translation and Linguistic Consultancy. -. dictionaries glossaries. +. Monolingual english. +. Monolingual Italian
    Resources for Italian-English translators. In order to access the Italian-English dictionary and glossary page, you need a browser which is able to display frames, such as the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Opera
    Michael Farrell - Linguistic Consultancy - E-mail:
    Member of the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti

    4. MEL:Dictionaries, Thesauri, & Glossaries
    Quick Search more than 50 dictionaries, encyclopedias, quotation books and other reference tools with one click at the xrefer website. dictionaries, Thesauri, glossaries dictionaries and Translation Tools By Specific Language ever compiled in the english language. Search or browse dictionaries, technical dictionaries, specialty and technical dictionaries, thesauri, glossaries, and grammars. Home
    HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Reference Desk About the Reference Collection Back to the Reference Collection Index
    See also the MEL Humanities section Language Resources menu.

    5. Online Dictionaries, Glossaries And Encyclopedias
    dictionaries and other language guides for over 60 languages and alphabets. Also find technical jargon glossaries from several fields. like Finnish english Dictionary or even multilingual dictionaries. Keywords dictionary, dictionaries, vocabulary, vocabularies, glossary, glossaries Suchwörter Wörterbuch,
    Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias - 101
    This is currently under heavy construction. Things may move around but they'll still be here somewhere unless I can no longer find them on the web. My main goal in this version is to remove the artificial distinction I've made between glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias. I'm throwing them all together and distinguishing via subject categories, or at least attempting to do so without bollixing things up too much. An annotated listing of dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias that have some sort of version online or, if you will, a glossary of glossaries. All suggestions for additions are welcome and I really can't think of any reason why I wouldn't add anything new as long as it resembles a glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia, i.e. if I discriminate it'll be on the basis of form and most definitely not on the basis of content. Well, I might be prone to not list many more glossaries etc. of computer terms as we've got those coming out of our wazoo as it is. I've made some attempt at categorization that, as is inevitable with all such attempts, ends up somewhere between completely arbitrary and meticulously exact - hopefully closer to the latter extreme.

    6. OneLook: General Dictionary Sites
    General dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine CambridgeInternational Dictionary of english 66408 words, 4Jul2002, More info;

    7. Glossaries By Language
    dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine Cambridge International Dictionary of english

    Companion Main

    Translation News

    International News

    glossaries by language
    Artificial Languages

    8. Marjorie Chan: Word Lists & Online Glossaries / Dictionaries.
    Chinese, Chinese word lists, Chinese dictionaries, Chinese glossaries, Chinese online dictionaries, Chinese online dictionaries, Chinese language glossaries and dictionaries on other Chinese dialects, see the Chinese Dialectology section of my ChinaLinks. and for links to english

    9. Traductor / Translator
    Translation in english and Spanish. CV, idioms and links to glossaries and dictionaries.
    Bienvenido a mi página personal. En ella podrá conocer mi perfil académico y mi experiencia profesional. Los colegas traductores y otros amantes de la lengua podrán encontrar además muchos enlaces a glosarios y diccionarios de Internet. Asimismo, podrá acceder a más de 900 modismos en lengua inglesa con su equivalente en español. Espero que encuentre la página de utilidad. Welcome to my personal web page! Here you will learn about my academic profile and professional experience. Moreover, colleague translators will find a great number of links to Internet glossaries and dictionaries. You will also have access to a compilation of over 900 idioms with their equivalent in Spanish. I hope you will find this site useful. Traducciones que no lo parecen Translations that don't look like translations Benavente, 1 13260 Bolaños Ciudad Real SPAIN Tel.: (34) 926 870 456 Modem-fax (34) 926 870 456 E-mail: Traductor / Translator Traductor de inglés revisor traductor técnico traductor literario traductor comercial automoción localización de software Freelance translator proofreader technical translator marketing translator literary translator automotive English into Spanish, Spanish-into-English French-into-Spanish français espagnol traducteur CV en español CV in English MODISMOS/ IDIOMS ... LINKS

    10. Planet Translation
    Bilingual online dictionaries and glossaries with emphasis on english, French and Spanish.
    PLANET Translation F rançais Search Contact Us Unilingual Terms English French ... Terminology Databases New! Oceanography Organizations of Languages Professionals Canada Germany ... A Guide to Buying Translations New! Entertainment Word Puzzles Main List Home Page ... Contact Last updated: 2003-02-06

    11. • Home Page
    Dictionary directory provides links to 1 500 dictionaries in more than 200 languages. Type in a word and access definitions and synonyms. The dictionaries Language. Multilingual. 'Nyms such CounterTerrorism glossaries. Quick Lookup Database The American Heritage® Dictionary of the english Language, Fourth
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    Go directly to... English Chinese French German Hindi Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish 280 more Courses Go directly to... English Chinese French German Hindi Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Spanish 100 more Glossaries Go directly to... Business Computing Cooking Crafts Finance Genealogy Humor Law Medicine Sports 50 more . . . Go directly to... Abbreviations Grammar Guides Lang Guessers Thesaurus Rhyming Multilingual Other Indices Speech Synth Word Lists Writing More . . . SPREAD THE WORD! Share us with a friend. YOURDICTIONARY ON YOUR DESKTOP. ELR
    • The Endangered Language Repository
    ... Advertisng and other business opportunities at yourDictionary

    Now you can have our dictionary on your computer!
    About our New Dictionary and Thesaurus The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language 4th Ed. Translate Foreign Languages:
    Powered by Ultralingua Word of the Day Today's Word:

    The story behind the story about today's word including pronunciation, definition, usage and etymology.
    Send me the Word of the Day every day!

    12. Old English Glossaries Creating A Vernacular
    Scholarly introduction to Old english glossaries. Covers the origin and purpose of OE glossaries, describes the different types of glossaries, and explains their relationship to later english dictionaries.

    13. Terminology Collection: Term Online
    Norwegian english Skogbrukets ordliste ok 29.8.2000 mm. Bibliographies ofprinted glossaries. International Bibliography of dictionaries, glossaries and

    Terminology Collection - Word Online

    english Dictionary Vietnamese. Vietnamese Computer Glossary Other Lists of dictionaries.Index of Online dictionaries List of Online dictionaries and glossaries
    For multilingual resources explicitly dealing with the Internet and computer technology, please go to Internet Guides From here you can access the following resources:
    Dictionary of Qur'anic Arabic
    English-Chinese (Big-5)
    English-Estonian Dictionary
    French-English and English-French Dictionaries
    French-English Dictionary
    Englisch-Deutsch und Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch
    CabWeb English-German and German-English Dictionary
    Langenscheidt's German-English Dictonary
    Langenscheidt's English-German Dictonary
    LexiGraf Lexicography Project
    Hebrew-English Dictionary
    English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English Dictionary
    Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary
    Eurodicautom Experimental European Languages Translator with 8 languages.
    Multilingual Glossary of Finance Terminology
    Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terms
    Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages
    Norwegian Dictionaries
    English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionaries.

    15. Technical Dictionaries And Glossaries - English
    Diccionarios y glosarios técnicos INGLÉS Technical english dictionariesand glossaries ENGLISCHE Fachwörterbücher und Glossare.
    Diccionarios y glosarios técnicos INGLÉS
    Technical ENGLISH dictionaries and glossaries
    ENGLISCHE Fachwörterbücher und Glossare
    Unless otherwise stated, all glossaries definitions are in English. Acronyms and Abbreviations, Thesauri
  • Acronym Database Acronym Dictionary Acronym Finder A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military. Acronyms for Health Information Resources BABEL A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms Canadian Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology Merriam Webster Thesaurus Roget's Thesaurus Online Agriculture: Glossary of terms, programs and laws ... Glossary of Recycling Terms By Global Recycling Network. Terminology for grazing lands and grazing animals Aircraft Aeronautics terms. ALA Technical Dictionary Astronomy Glossary By John F. Hawley. Dictionary of technical terms for aerospace use By Daniel R. Glover, Jr. Glossary of Satellite Terms NASA thesaurus Physics and Astronomy Glossary By
  • 16. Diccionarios Y Glosarios. Dictionaries & Glossaries. Wörterbücher U. Glossare
    Glosario multilingüe de términos y abreviaturas.Category Kids and Teens International Referencia Diccionarios...... english, english, or english language. CASTELLANO// ESPAÑOL - SPANISH.
    Diccionarios y glosarios de términos y abreviaturas
    Dictionaries and glossaries
    Wörterbücher und Glossare
    Glossaries: Directory of over 1000 specialised glossaries LOGOS Homepage
    Multidiccionario: checo, danés, holandés, francés, alemán, italiano, portugués y español Michaelis Dicionários
    Português/ English/Français/Deutsch/Español - Português The Alternative Dictionaries
  • Modismos de los idiomas del mundo traducidos al inglés // Slang terms of the world translated into English.
  • Travlang's Translating Dictionaries
    Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, Français, Deutsch, Português, Español.
  • Técnicos - Technical
  • Aeroplanes Dictionary English Italiano Française ... Banking Terms Español, English, Français Bryological Glossary Diccionario técnico textil
    Español, English, Français, Deutsch.
    ED. HOEPLI - Oscar Galeazzi (1998) Eurodicautom
    Diccionario multilingüe del Consejo Europeo y del Parlamento Europeo (alemán, danés, español, finlandés, holandés, inglés, italiano, portugués y sueco) EUR-Lex
    European Union law in 11 languages.
  • 17. Monolingual English Dictionaries And Glossaries
    Translate this page Monolingual english dictionaries, glossaries and reference works forItalian-english translators. Return to Index Monolingual english
    Monolingual English dictionaries, glossaries and reference works for Italian-English translators. In order to access the dictionary and glossary page, you need a browser which is able to display frames, such as the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Opera
    Michael Farrell - Linguistic Consultancy - E-mail:
    Member of the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti

    18. Glossaries
    Collection of more than 2000 links to glossaries and dictionaries.Category Reference dictionaries......ATAAccredited Translator (english-German) 1407 Charolais Drive, Austin, TX 78758Tel. Here are hundreds of the glossaries and dictionaries I have found
    Frank Dietz, Ph.D.
    ATA-Accredited Translator (English-German)

    1407 Charolais Drive, Austin, TX 78758
    Tel. 512-491-6069 / Fax. 512-491-6086
    Over 2,200 Glossary Links
    The WWW is a wonderful place. Here are hundreds of the glossaries and dictionaries I have found during my web wanderings. Send me an e-mail if one of the links should no longer be working, or if you have found an interesting glossary you would like to share. Latest additions to this page: September 9, 2002.
    I have marked glossaries in Adobe Acrobat format with "(PDF)". You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to access these glossaries. It is available here
    Monolingual English Resources
    German and Multilingual Resources General Translation-Related Sites
    Monolingual English Resources:
    Click to jump to topics Acronyms Advertising and Marketing Agriculture Architecture and Construction Trades ... Transportation and Travel
    Acronym Finder Acronyms and Abbreviations Postal Service Abbreviations Abbreviations and Acronyms ... Return to beginning of Monolingual English Resources
    Advertising and Marketing
    Outdoor Advertising Management and Marketing Advertising glossary Advertising Terminology ... Return to beginning of Monolingual English Resources
    Dairy Science Dairy terms Grazing Lands Terminology Viticulture ... Return to beginning of Monolingual English Resources
    Architecture and Construction Trades
    Architectural terms Plumbing glossary Home Building Terms Kitchen, Bath and Plumbing Terms

    19. English * Italiano
    working with english and Italian therefore it concentrates on Italian and englishlanguage resources, especially dictionaries and glossaries, but there are
    English Italiano
    a collection of useful links and resources for translators Last updated: 16 September 2000 VERY
    NOTICE !! If it's not on these pages, I don't know it
    . There's no point in writing me e-mails to ask for a specific resource: if I knew it, I would have listed it here. Please don't be offended if I don't answer requests of this kind. I get a lot of e-mail. Links marked with were not found when I checked on the date listed in italics after the icon. I normally leave them on the pages for a while in case they reappear; if they're still dead on a later check, I remove them. and indicate new and updated links respectively. Move your mouse over the icon to see the date when the entry was added or updated.

    20. Specialized: Miscellaneous Dictionaries And Glossaries
    Specialized Miscellaneous dictionaries and glossaries. Last updated 16 September2000. Food and drink. Pearl's Food Lover's Glossary Definitions in english of
    Specialized: Miscellaneous dictionaries and glossaries
    Last updated: 16 September 2000
    Food and drink
    • Pearl's Food Lover's Glossary
      Definitions in English of culinary terms in many languages (mostly English, French, Italian, Spanish) in HTML format - Very good! Yogurt - Piccolo glossario
      Un piccolo glossario di una pagina con termini e definizioni in italiano. Da "Yogurt forever - L'Enciclopedia dello yogurt" , un sito in cui potete trovare tutto quello che avete sempre voluto sapere sullo yogurt! Wine tasting terminology
      A one-page table of wine tasting terms in French (alphabetical order), Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and English. Breve dizionario enologico dall'archivio storico del Sacro Ordo Vadorum, presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Università di Pisa. [7 Feb 99]
      Un piccolo dizionario di una pagina con termini e definizioni in italiano.
    • Dan's Poker Dictionary by Dan Kimberg
      One very long HTML page, with links between terms. Quite comprehensive. Backgammon Glossary by Tom Keith (English)
      One long HTML page with links between terms. Quite comprehensive.

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