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         Digital Libraries:     more books (100)
  1. Understanding Digital Libraries, Second Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Multimedia Information and Systems) by Michael Lesk, 2004-12-16
  2. How to Build a Digital Library, Second Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Multimedia Information and Systems) by Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge, et all 2009-10-21
  3. Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries in the Digital Age (Chandos Information Professional Series) by LiLi Li, 2009-01-31
  4. Evaluation of Digital Libraries: An Insight to Useful Applications and Methods (Chandos Information Professional Series) by Giannis Tsakonas, Christos Papatheodorou, 2009-07-30
  5. Digital Libraries: Technology and Management of Indigenous Knowledge for Global Access: 6th International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, ICADL ... (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  6. How to Build a Digital Library (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Multimedia Information and Systems) by Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge, 2002-07-23
  7. Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation (Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing)
  8. Archives and the Digital Library
  9. Fostering Community through Digital Storytelling: A Guide for Academic Libraries by Anne M. Fields, Karen R. Diaz, 2008-06-30
  10. Semantic Digital Libraries - Improving Usability of Information Discovery with Semantic and Social Services (Semantic Digital Libraries [ ]) by Sebastian Ryszard Kruk, 2010-03-04
  11. Digital Curation: A How-To-Do-It Manual by Ross Harvey, 2010-07-31
  12. Digital Libraries (Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing) by William Y. Arms, 2001-09-01
  13. Using Open Source Systems for Digital Libraries by Art Rhyno, 2003-12-30
  14. Exploring the Digital Library: A Guide for Online Teaching and Learning (Jossey-Bass Guides to Online Teaching and Learning) by Kay Johnson, Elaine Magusin, 2005-07-08

1. Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources
IFLA collection of Internet metadata resources.Category Reference Libraries Cataloguing Metadata...... Smith, Terence R. The MetaInformation Environment of digital libraries. D-LibMagazine, July/August 1996. International Journal on digital libraries.
DIGITAL LIBRARIES: Metadata Resources
IN THIS DOCUMENT: General Indices
Dublin Core

Geospatial Metadata

Metadata Tools

SEE ALSO: Digital Libraries: Projects and Resources Digital Libraries: Cataloguing and Indexing of Electronic Resources Library and Information Science: Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Library and Information Science: Organizations and Companies ... Internet and Networking: Selected Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments (RFCs) SUGGESTIONS TO:
Jan Stohner
Stephen Spencer
Nancy Brodie
Fay Turner Roy Tennant Nathalie Ebacher
Metadata is data about data. The term refers to any data used to aid the identification, description and location of networked electronic resources. Many different metadata formats exist, some quite simple in their description, others quite complex and rich.
AAP Metadata Standards for Ebooks.
Australia. The MetaWeb Project.

2. Digital Libraries Initiative Phase 2
Phase II information from the National Science Foundation.Category Reference Libraries Digital Library Development...... NSFDELOS Working group reports. Report on the Fourth DELOS Workshop Evaluationof digital libraries Testbeds, Measurements, and Metrics (html) (pdf).
Highlights DLI2/Special Projects In the News
Final version of the report of the committee on cyberinfrastructure to support science.
NSF-DELOS Working group reports
Report on the Fourth DELOS Workshop Evaluation of Digital Libraries: Testbeds, Measurements, and Metrics (html) (pdf)
Presentations from the DLI2/IMLS/NSDL Principal Investigators Meeting, Portland, Oregon, July 17-18, 2002
NSF/Mellon Digital Imagery for Works of Art workshop and report
DLI2/JISC All Projects Meeting , Edinburgh, Scotland, June 24-25, 2002.
EC/NSF Digital Library All Projects Meeting , Rome, Italy, March 25-26, 2002.
FY02 Information Technology Research (ITR) Awards announced
DLI2 Mailing List Archives: A Mailing list archival site for the digital libraries research community
Peering Inside Fossils:
Paleontologist Uses High-Tech Scans to Probe Relics of the Past
NPR, March 10, 2003 Private Anatomy Lesson Science, vol 299, 10 January 2003 Online Library Project Plans a Digital and Cultural Trove for Children The New York Times Online, December 5, 2002

3. Digital Libraries Resources And Projects
IFLA collection of resources dealing with digital libraries
DIGITAL LIBRARIES: Resources and Projects


Projects: Europe
SEE ALSO: DIGLIB Mailing List Digital Libraries: Cataloging and Indexing Electronic Resources Digital Libraries: Electronic Journal and Text Archives Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources ... Library and Information Science: General Resources
Charles Templeton collected a wide range of music memorabilia. Included among his treasures is a collection of some 22,000 pieces of sheet music from late nineteenth and early twentieth century America.
The sheet music illustrates a broad spectra of music genres, from the ragtime of Scott Joplin to the dixieland of W. C. Handy to the smooth ballads of Irving Berlin to the stirring patriotic anthems of John Phillips Sousa and George M. Cohan to the early roots of big band sounds.
Anderson, Elizabeth, et. al. Digitizing Legacy Documents: A Knowledge-Based Preservation Project.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, September 1998.

4. D-Lib Magazine
Monthly publication about research and innovation in digital libraries.Category Reference Libraries Journals...... Examples of Practical digital libraries Collections Built InternationallyUsing Greenstone by Ian H. Witten, University of Waikato, New Zealand.
About D-Lib Magazine
Current Issue
Table of Contents

Featured Collection

In Brief

Back Issues

Author Index

Title Index

Contact D-Lib
DOI 10.1045/dlib.magazine ISSN Full-length Features March 2003 Vol. 9 No. 3 Table of Contents EDITORIALS Education and Digital Library Research by Bonita Wilson, CNRI LETTERS To the Editor ARTICLES The SCIELO Brazilian Scientific Journal Gateway and Open Archives: A Report on the Development of the SciELO - Open Archives Data Provider Server by Carlos Henrique Marcondes, Federal Fluminense Univeristy, Brazil Nuclear Energy National Commission, Brazil Usability of Hypermedia Educational e-Books Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain Building upon the MyLibrary Concept to Better Meet the Information Needs of College Students by Susan Gibbons, University of Rochester Open Archives and UK Institutions: An Overview by Stephen Pinfield, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom The Utah Digital Newspapers Project by Kenning Arlitsch and Karen Edge, University of Utah , and L. Yapp

5. SpringerLink: International Journal On Digital Libraries
Quarterly print journal emphasizing digital information and libraries. Register for email notification Category Reference Libraries Journals...... Editorin-Chief NR Adam · Y. Yesha. Would you like to automatically receiveevery new table of contents of International Journal on digital libraries?
Would you like to automatically receive every new table of contents of International Journal on Digital Libraries ? Then register with our free-of-charge mail service SpringerLink Alert by checking the appropriate box(es) and enter your email address here: Online First Articles only
Printed issues only You will receive confirmation via email.
ISSN: 1432-5012 (printed edition)
ISSN: 1432-1300 (electronic edition)

To promote, coordinate and facilitates the development of collections and services. Contains information about policies, members, activities and links; also available in French.

7. Center For The Study Of Digital Libraries Home Page
Established in 1995 at Texas A M University and builds upon research developed in the Hypermedia Research Laboratory established in 1987. Includes research, publications, events and course information.
  • PEOPLE ...
    Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
    College Station, Texas, USA 77843-3112
    Telephone: 01-979-845-0298
    Fax: 01-979-847-8578

    The Center for the Study of Digital Libraries gratefully acknowledges the corporate support of the Hewlett-Packard Company; Informix Software, Inc.; and Knowledge Systems, Inc.
  • 8. Digital Libraries - Digital Collections - Academic Info
    A directory of digital collections, electronic virtual libraries online collections or very large specialized digital libraries. Building Digital Collections Technical Information and
    Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
    Digital Library We Need Your Help

    Please take a minute to make a $10 tax-deductible donation. Academic Info is made possible by the generous financial support of users like you.
    Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98037
    The Digital Library is sponsored by:
    Calling Cards
    "We provide our customers with easy, online access to the cheapest calling cards on the Internet." Gas Scooters
    "Get There Faster with Fast Gas Scooters!" Electric Scooters
    "We offer the most popular electric scooters you can find." How would you like to also sponsor this page? For a $250 tax-deductible donation you, your organization, department, or company will be acknowledged here as a sponsor of the Digital Library. Email us at for details. Table of Contents See Also Government Documents Internet Studies Subject Specific Digital Libraries:

    9. Russian Digital Libraries Journal
    Electronic journal containing information on research and use of digital libraries.
    ISSN 1562-5419 Russian pages
    Institute of the Information Society - Russia
    Russian Digital Libraries Journal
    Scientific Electronic Journal
    Dear Reader! Russian Digital Libraries Journal (RDLJ) is the first Russian electronic journal to present up-to-date reflection of research on and use of digital libraries - distributed information systems for creation, storage, analysis, distribution, search and retrieval in various collections of digital documents (text, image, audio, video etc.) via the global networks. Please address all comments, proposals and suggestions to Editorial Board ( Downloads of specific portions of articles in the Russian Digital Libraries Journal are permitted for personal use only, not for commercial use, or resale or distribution to others. Institute of the Information Society - Russia

    10. National Synchronization
    Supporting research and projects furthering the development of digital libraries. Includes links to Category Reference Libraries Digital Library Development...... digital libraries basically store materials in electronic format and manipulate largecollections of those materials effectively. NSF digital libraries Contact.
    University of California at Berkeley
    Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems
    University of California at Santa Barbara

    The Alexandria Project:
    Spatially-referenced Map Information
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Informedia Digital Video Library
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Federating Repositories of Scientific Literature
    University of Michigan

    Intelligent Agents for Information Location Stanford University Interoperation Mechanisms Among Heterogeneous Services DLI Project Contacts DLI Workshop Series DLI Publications The Initiative's focus is to dramatically advance the means to collect, store, and organize information in digital forms, and make it available for searching, retrieval, and processing via communication networks all in user-friendly ways. Digital Libraries basically store materials in electronic format and manipulate large collections of those materials effectively. Research into digital libraries is research into network information systems, concentrating on how to develop the necessary infrastructure to effectively mass-manipulate the information on the Net.. The key technological issues are how to search and display desired selections from and across large collections. Summaries of the six DLI projects from the May 1996, Special Issue on Digital Libraries in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Computer Magazine.

    11. Dli2 International Projects
    DLI2 International digital libraries Projects University of California,Berkeley/ University of Liverpool NSFJISC (US-UK) Project
    DLI2 International Digital Libraries Projects University of California, Berkeley University of Liverpool NSF- JISC (US-UK)
    Project Web Site: Cross-Domain Resource Discovery: Integrated Discovery and use of Textual, Numeric and Spatial Data
    Project Start Date: October 1, 1999
    Project End Date:September 30, 2002
    Expected Total Amt. $488,058 (Estimated)
    NSF Award Abstract
    Ray Larson , Principal Investigator
    University of California, Berkeley Paul Watry Co-Principal Investigator
    Special Collections and Archives University of Liverpool Library University of Liverpool Project proposal in pdf ... DST : NSF- JISC (US-UK-Australia)
    Project Web Site: HARMONY: Metadata for resource discovery of multimedia digital objects
    Project Start Date: October 1, 1999
    Project End Date:September 30, 2002 Expected Total Amt. $240,000 (Estimated) NSF Award Abstract Mr. Carl Lagoze , Principal Investigator
    Department of Computer Science Cornell University Mr. Dan Brickley

    12. User-Centered Iterative Design For Digital Libraries: The Cypress Experience
    UserCentered Iterative Design for digital libraries. The Cypress Experience.Nancy A Evaluation Of digital libraries. digital libraries
    User-Centered Iterative Design for Digital Libraries
    The Cypress Experience
    Nancy A. Van House
    Mark H. Butler
    Virginia Ogle
    Lisa Schiff
    School of Information Management and Systems
    University of California
    Berkeley, CA 94720-4600
    [vanhouse, markhb, lschiff]
    D-Lib Magazine , February 1996 ISSN 1082-9873
    This paper illustrates the application of user needs assessment and evaluation in iterative, user-centered design of a component of the University of California, Berkeley Digital Libraries project named Cypress . This report, while specific to Cypress and the UC Berkeley Digital Library project, is illustrative of the application of user-centered iterative design to digital libraries (DLs) generally. It demonstrates how a relatively straightforward, moderate level of effort involving users, not just for feedback on an interface, but for an understanding of how they do their work, resulted in a significant improvement in the design of a component of the UC Berkeley project; and it reports some of the principles that came out of our investigations and how they applied to this particular DL. We deliberately call our part of the project "user needs assessment and evaluation," not simply "evaluation," to emphasize that this process takes place before, during, and after design, with the emphasis on before and during

    13. ACM - Digital Libraries Archive
    Annual conference sponsored by the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society. Site includes links to proceedings Category Reference Libraries Digital Library Development......Joint Conference on digital libraries. ICADL 2003 6 th International Conferenceon Asian digital libraries will be held in Malaysia from December 912, 2002.
    Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
    JCDL 2003 (Houston, TX, May 27-31, 2003).
  • Home
  • About JCDL
  • News Archives
  • Upcoming Events and Conferences ...
  • Related Events and Conferences
    This site is an archive of Digital Library conferences and resources. It is still under construction (specially the Related SIGs and Related Events and Conferences). We welcome your comments and suggestions for developing and enriching this site.
    JCDL 2003 News
    • Submissions closed on February 20th, 2003.
    JCDL 2004
    JCDL 2005 Conference Proposals
    The JCDL steering committee solicits proposals from groups interested in organizing the JCDL 2005 conference. Interested parties should contact the steering committee chair at for further details. Proposals will be due on April 1, 2003.
    Related Events and Conferences
    • ECDL 2003 th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries will be held in Trondheim, Norway from August 17-22, 2003.(submissions closed on March 10, 2003).
      RCDL 2003
      th All-Russian Scientific Conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia from October 29-31, 2003. (due date for submissions: Workshops - March 31
  • 14. SpringerLink: International Journal On Digital Libraries - Contents
    Translate this page Springer LINK, Forum Springer Int J Digit Lib. Forum What's New SearchOrders Helpdesk Up. Online First 2002 3/4, 2000 3/3 3/2 3/1 2
    Last update: 17 May 2002
    SpringerLink Helpdesk

    15. Canadian Digital Libraries Symposium 2001
    Brings together digital library professionals, academic researchers, and information developers, and information product developers to share their innovations and developments in digital libraries.

    Sponsors Program Seminars ... Links Over 120 people attended the event from across Canada!
    Information on the conference video will be posted here in the next few weeks. About this Symposium
    The Canadian Digital Libraries Symposium will bring together digital library professionals, academic researchers, and information developers, and information product developers to share their innovations and developments in digital libraries. The symposium program Toronto , Canada, one of the world's safest and most cosmopolitan cities. (See Hotel and Travel info). Registration is available online. Individuals that would like to be a presenter or sponsor can contact the symposium organizer, Dr. Yuri Quintana Who Should Attend:
    Digital librarians, academic researchers, and digital library product developers, web developers, information managers, knowledge management professionals, content developers, digital rights managers, communications officers, information policy managers. Symposium Venue
    The symposium will be held November 28, 2001 at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto. See a

    16. The Stanford Digital Libraries Project
    Documents and information on the design and implementation of the infrastructure and services needed Category Reference Libraries Digital Library Development...... National Science Foundation NSF digital libraries Initiative. All three projectstogether yield a synergistic and comprehensive digital libraries project.
    S TANFORD D IGITAL L IBRARY T ECHNOLOGIES P ROJECTS D OCUMENTS ... Corporate Affiliates The Stanford Digital Library Technologies Project was initiated in July as part of the Federally funded Digital Library Initiative Phase 2. The goal of this Project is to design and implement the infrastructure and services needed for collaboratively creating, disseminating, sharing and managing information in a digital library context. The Stanford Digital Library Technologies Project is one participant in the , Digital Library Initiative Phase II, started in 1999 and supported by the National Science Foundation NSF Digital Libraries Initiative Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA Information Technology Office National Library of Medicine NLM Extramural Programs Library of Congress LOC Digital Library Initiatives National Endowment for the Humanities NEH Digital Library Initiative National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI The Stanford Digital Library Technologies Project was funded from three coordinated proposals, from The University of California at Berkeley UCB,

    17. David - Resources
    News about metadata and digital libraries.
    Text only Web design -Resources -Accessibility Resources Technical stuff About: -this site -Me Photos You are here:: Home Resources
    My "Weblog": a selection of resources relating to my professional interests. These cover topics such as: Web design, metadata and resource discovery, electronic library developments etc. The last five most recent entries in my weblog are available as an RSS file. This can be found at:

    Resources relating to Web design and other Internet subjects
    Resources relating to XML and metadata issues.
    Library stuff

    Resources relating to library-related subjects. Archive Jun-Dec 2002
    May 2002

    April 2002

    March 2002
    ... November 2001 Recent entries 04 March 2003 Bath Profile: International Z39.50 Profile for Library Applications Outline and specification of the Bath Profile (Release 1.1). See Similar 28 February 2003 A spammer in the works Article from Guardian Online (27 Feb 03) about how best to avoid spam. Includes links to anti-spam software sites. See Similar 12 February 2003 Preservation management of digital materials Online version of The preservation of digital materials: a handbook, by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones. Part of the Digital Preservation Coalition Website.

    18. JCDL 2002
    Portland, Oregon, USA, 14-18 July 2002.Category Business Management Conferences Past 2002...... CONFERENCE HOTEL. PHOTO ALBUM. ABOUT PORTLAND. ACM JCDL HOMEPAGE. Joint Conferenceon digital libraries 2002 Portland, Oregon, USA July 1418, 2002.

    19. IITA DL Workshop Report
    Interoperability, Scaling, and the digital libraries Research AgendaA Definitions and Roles of digital libraries. Considerable
    Interoperability, Scaling, and the Digital Libraries Research Agenda:
    A Report on the May 18-19, 1995
    IITA Digital Libraries Workshop
    August 22, 1995
    Clifford Lynch (
    Hector Garcia-Molina (
    Converted to HTML using GradStudentWare 2.2
    Contact Christian Mogensen with bug reports.
    Definitions and Roles of Digital Libraries
    Defining Interoperability in the Digital Library Environment
    Infrastructure Requirements for Digital Library Research ...
    3-5 - The Multimedia Perspective
    This report summarizes the results of a workshop on Digital Libraries held under the auspices of the U.S. Government's Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) Working Group in Reston, Virginia on May 18-19, 1995. The objective of the workshop was to refine the research agenda for digital libraries with specific emphasis on issues of scaling and interoperability, and to identify the infrastructure developments needed to make progress on these issues. The workshop was organized by Hector Garcia-Molina of Stanford University and Clifford Lynch of the University of California Office of the President. The IITA working group, which sponsored the meeting, reports to the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) through the High Performance Computing, Communications, and Information Technology subcommittee of the Committee on Information and Communication. The workshop was attended by some 60 leading digital library researchers and developers and by representatives from a wide range of federal government organizations concerned with research and development and policy formulation related to digital libraries (see

    20. Biblio Tech Review
    Electronic journal covering library automation, software, library computerisation, text retrieval, electronic publishing and digital libraries reviews.
    Library automation, software, business and reviews from
    Biblio Tech Contact
    Welcome to Biblio Tech Review - the key resource for information industry news and technologies.
    Sections Monthly News and Reviews magazine. Latest issue:
    March 2003
    ALA MidWinter 2003 report
    Technology Briefings Objective information on key technologies affecting the Information Industry Supplier Directory Search for suppliers by product type or name Exhibition List Major industry exhibitions from around the world Archives Issues from and key reviews from previous years.
    Services Supplier Directory: Direct Update service - Choose Standard, Silver or Gold service Make sure your directory entry is up-to-date. First check you’re in , then make sure you have a password to maintain your own entry. Web Masters: Add a custom built directory feature - for free ! All software and systems Archive systems Barcode printing software Cataloguing clients CD-ROM systems Collection development software Community information software Data conversion software Digital library systems Distance learning software Document management e-book software Equipment control systems GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Hearing impaired, software for

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