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         Directories & Lookups Government:     more detail

1. Directories
directories. 411 for government Search Carroll's 500 000 government and Defense Industry page, plus reverse and E-mail lookups, International directories, and Company Finders.
Home Internet Sites by Subject A to Z Index
  • AnyWho Directories
  • Area Code Lookups -'s area code directory. Search for an area code by zip code, city, or city and state.
  • Area Decoder - Search for area codes by city, state, or country, or type in an area code to do a reverse lookup.
  • - Country and city codes for dialing telephone calls around the world.
  • Bigfoot - White and yellow page searching, plus the largest e-mail directory on the Net.
  • - over 12 million listings for Canadian residents and businesses.
  • Canadian Postal Code Lookup - look up Postal Codes of street addresses, rural addresses and PO boxes, or look up address ranges for a given Postal Code.
  • Clubs and Community Organizations - This file contains Duluth-area service, professional, social and governmental organizations and is maintained by Duluth Public Library staff. Clubs, non-profit groups and agencies that provide free services to the community are included.
  • Find People - Access to many of the major directories on one page, plus reverse and E-mail lookups, International Directories, and Company Finders.
  • How Do I Contact?

2. Telephone, Address, And Email Directories Internet Subject Guide - Newark Public
lookups for telephone and email, celebrities, government officials, fax numbers, and business listings. Some international directories
Telephone, address and email directories Multipurpose directories
Telephone numbers

Government offices and officials

Other useful directories

Multipurpose directories:


Extensive email, white pages, and yellow pages directories as well as free email. Infospace - The Ultimate Guide

White pages, email addresses, reverse lookups for telephone and email, celebrities, government officials, fax numbers, and business listings. Some international directories are also available. Internet Address Finder This directory of nearly seven million email addresses is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Reference USA Information about over 12 million U.S. companies plus a residential directory. This commercially produced database is accessible at all Newark Public Library facilities and, to cardholders, from home or from work. Switchboard Search for people, email addresses, businesses and websites. The Ultimates

3. Telephone And E-mail Directories
in broad categories by level of government and also by white pages, yellow pages,and fax number directories. International lookups Provides links to almost 60
This page provides links to selected Internet-searchable telephone, fax, and e-mail directories. It is arranged by major type of directory rather than by Web site for ease of use. Since telephone directory sites on the Web change frequently or disappear altogether, expect that some links may not connect or may operate differently than described.
US White Pages
US Yellow Pages Government Blue Pages 800 Directories ... International
U.S. White Pages
Use the white page directories to find the phone number or location of persons or businesses you know by name. In searching these sites, be aware that each varies in accuracy, comprehensiveness, and currency in ways that are not always apparent. Also, take special care searching business names since many databases shorten long names in unpredictable ways. For example, International Business Machines Corporation can be listed as "International Business Mach" in some locations and as "International Business Machine" in others even within the same database.
    AnyWho Directories

    or GTE Super Pages
    Though mainly a yellow page service (see description under U.S. Yellow Pages), this also searches the 10 million business listings by name of business and can do reverse searching by street or phone number using the "Detailed Search" mode.

4. Telephone Directories
Lycos Network WhoWhere International lookups Click on a country name to Business directoriesAccess online business directories throughout the government Pages.
Telephone Directories and Locators
Be aware that Internet addresses sometimes change and information becomes out of date quickly.
U.S. White Pages
U.S. Yellow Pages International Directories Government Pages ... Investigative Resources U.S. White Pages
  • Switchboard White Pages
    Switchboard white pages cover the U.S. only. Search for a person by city and state. If you don't know the city, you can just type in the state. If you don't have a first name, you can just type in a last name. The person's address and telephone number will be shown, as well as local maps, eateries, government offices, etc. Yahoo! People Search
    Not quite as comprehensive as Switchboard. Covers the U.S. only. Search for a person by city and state. If you don't know the city, you can just type in the state. If you don't have a first name, you can just type in a last name. The person's address and telephone number will be shown, as well as a map of their neighborhood and email address if they have one. Lycos Network Whowhere People Finder
    Covers the U.S. only. Search for a person by just their last name. You can also add more information if you have it such as first name, city, and state.
  • 5. JobWaveBC Links - Directories And Lookups
    directories and lookups. BC government Directory System. Canada 411Find a Business.Canadian Postal Code Look-Up. Telephone directories on the Web. Canada TollFree.
    Quick Link To ... Job Seekers Employers About JobWaveBC Contact Us FAQs Home Links Locations Media Partners Research and Stats Strategic Alliance Program Success Stories
    Directories and Lookups
    BC Government Directory System Canada 411-Find a Business Canadian Postal Code Look-Up Telephone Directories on the Web ... Return to Links Index

    6. Reverse Lookups, Missouri Public Records, Cyber Detective
    lookups; government; city pages; school directory; international. Switchboard. Find people and businesses. Telephone directories

    reverse lookups reverse phone directories
    Offers reverse lookups and canada people finder, arizona public records, reverse lookups. Not only does the kit provide you with the sources and tools that are useful in gathering information on others but it will also provide you with a guide to what each source can provide and it's location! reverse lookups Use the post office to determine the address behind a PO Box. reverse lookups reverse phone look-up, reverse lookups Public records sources database built into the toolkit. reverse lookups Access everything right from the program. reverse lookups Send anonymous email. Visit illegal drug archives. Track anyone's newsgroup postings. Surf anonymously on the net. reverse lookups, expungement of criminal records Despite the vast amount of information that is available, few states have everything that you might need online. tippecanoe county court records reverse lookups
    reverse lookup phone

    phone number reverse lookup
    reverse lookup canada
    Beware of detective type products (almost always html or text documents) that claim they will show you how do everything using the net - They simply cover their claims by providing you with links to Information Brokers reverse lookups Search And Make Use Of Various Government Resources. Extensive public record sources and Government resources. reverse lookups oklahoma public records reverse lookups One click for friendly web site and email support..

    7. The Possibility Portal - Directories And Lookups
    directories and lookups. BC government Directory System. Canada 411Finda Business. Canadian Postal Code and Postal Outlet Look-Up.
    Directories and Lookups BC Government Directory System Canada 411-Find a Business Canadian Postal Code and Postal Outlet Look-Up Telephone Directories on the Web ... BC Business Finder

    8. Business Works
    directories and lookups; Employability Skills Assessment; Employment Standards;Entrepreneurship/SelfEmployment; government Services Programs; Human Rights;
    Put the Web to Work for You! Check out Business Works’ list of over 200 hot links to the latest and best job sites and career resources.
    These links point to sites and servers that are not under the control of Business Works. Business Works does not endorse any of these sites — this list is provided only as a convenience to our website visitors.

    9. Directories Resources
    directories and lookups. BC government Directory System
    Access to telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and Web pages by area code.

    Directory of 800 numbers.
    Search for individuals and businesses

    Includes maps of street locations for 16 million U.S. businesses.

    Companies Online

    A large white pages directory.
    Four 11

    Can enter the address to get company listings. GTE's Super Pages Interactive Services Names, addresses, phone numbers. Can do reverse lookups. InfoSpace: People Search A very large Internet email address finder; available in a variety of European languages as well. Internet Address Finder Look up business names or business types; city maps for some LA, SF, Silicon Valley; lots more. Pacific Bell White pages; business lookups; government; city pages; school directory; international PeopleFind Find people and businesses. Switchboard Links to phone directories accessible on the Web from Argentina to Yemen. Telephone Directories on the Web Find people (e-mail and phone), business addresses, web pages. WhoWhere See also Business/EconomicsDirectories Main Library Catalog General Information ... Learning Center

    10. University Of Minnesota Libraries > Reference Sources > Phone Books (Directories
    Minnesota State government directories (from North Star Search for people nationwide;also links to maps, driving instructions, reverse lookups (enter telephone
    Phone Books (Directories)



    11. Life Events External Links Page
    Federal Telephone directories, government Information LocatorService, Code Lookup,
    United States
    Office of Personnel Management Search Help Advanced Home What's New ... Contact Us
    External Links of Interest to Federal Employees
    Federal Telephone Directories U.S. Government Blue Pages ...
    First Gov (Your First Click to Digital Government) The Job Page (Access America) ...
    Code of Federal Regulations United States Code ...
    RESOURCES Treasury Financial Management Service (Manuals and information for the Greenbook, ACH, EFT, GOALS, Debt Collection, the Treasury Financial Manual, and more.) ... OTHER RESOURCES FOR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES Government Information Exchange

    12. OCPL Phone & Address Links
    Comprehensive index of online phone directories worldwide InfoSpace Reverse LookupDoes phone reverse lookups. People in US government; Zip Code lookups Provided
    Find a Business
    Find a Person Find an Email Address
    International Directories
    ... Other
    Find a Business
    • AnyWho
      Search by the business name or enter a category keyword to find matching businesses. The business name search requires a state. For the category search, you must specify both the city and state or the zip code. InfoSpace Yellow Pages
      Search by name or type of business. Requires a state. InfoUSA Directory Assistance
      Search by business name or yellow page category. Requires a state. SuperPages
      Yellow Pages from Verizon. Search by category or business name. Requires a state. Switchboard
      Search by type of business or business name. The state is not required for business name searches. Switchboard has an option to search a city plus the surrounding area. The Ultimate Yellow Pages
      Uses one form to search InfoSpace, Switchboard, SuperPages, Smartpages, MyWay, and WorldPages.
    Find a Person
    • AnyWho
      You must specify a state for your search. InfoSpace White Pages
      Allows searches of the U.S., Canada, or one of nine European countries. Requires a state for U.S. searches. There is an option to search a city plus the surrounding area.

    13. DISCOVERING FAMILY HISTORIES Placenames - USA - Records
    USARecords-government ~ Link - SEARCH government at SearchGov Locations-CITIES ~Link - US City directories Database ~ RootsWeb. USA-Records-lookups;
    Discovering Family Histories - USA - Records
    Government Land Libraries Lookups ...
    on Current Directory
    GoTo: [ Records-Records USA - Newspapers USA Repositories
    • USA-Records ~ Link - DAR Library USA-Records ~ Link - Economic/Commercial Section, Embassy of the United States of America in El Salvador
      ~ Emigrants and RemittancesA Vital Factor in El Salvador's Economy USA-Records ~ Link - GeneaLinks USA-Records ~ Link - HPI Political Info System ~ Colleges, Agencies, Congress, Courts, States, Legislatures, Counties, Cities,
      PK12 Schools, Law Enforcement, Media USA-Records ~ Link International Internet Genealogical Society USA BDM Exchange USA-Records ~ Link - NARA-Deaths of U.S. Citizens in Foreign Countries USA-Records ~ Link - Poorhouse Story, The ~ clearinghouse for information about 19th century American Poorhouses USA-Records ~ Link - (The) Rainwater Collection USA-Records ~ Link - RootsWeb SEARCHable Databases USA-Records ~ Link - Vital Records for the United States of America USA-Records-Counties ~ Link - Government Information Sharing Project Reports based on info from the Census Bureau ~ by Oregon State University USA-Records-Deaths ~ Link - U.S. Federal Mortality Schedules

    14. Links
    calendars, telephone directories, email lookups, etc. Search Engines. Employmentand Job Search. BC Job Postings BC Provincial government job openings.
    Links to the World Wide Web Click on the subject of your choice for related links Homework helpers Government District of Squamish website includes links to PovNet (help for those on welfare) and the Canadian Charter of Rights Online Library Catalogues (OUTLOOK) Public Library InterLINK EBSCO Visit EBSCOhost site To login to from home, click on the EBSCO image above, and enter your library card number Quick Reference (includes dictionaries, calendars, telephone directories, email lookups, etc. Medical sites (includes medical information sites, diseases, treatments, drugs, prescriptions, and more) Search Engines Statististics, Provincial Genealogy Small Business Employment and Job Search BC Job Postings BC Provincial Government job openings Career Mosaic( Job search bank, Canadian, with links to International sites as well Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) Job Bank National Job Bank-Human Resources Centres of Canada Job Futures Access to HRDC publicaton "Job Futures" Monster Board Canada Canadian job search site
    Education, Colleges and Universities

    15. Freeality Email Addresses And Reverse Lookup
    Legal government. medical search engines, Health Medical. Reverse Phonebooks,Email and Other Lookup Tools. Reverse lookups. EMail Lookup. Email directories.
    Search Engines Meta Searches Find People Find Companies ... com
    Reverse Lookup, E-Mail and Resources
    Reverse Phonebooks, Email and Other Lookup Tools
    Reverse Lookups "Reverse Phone Cell Lookup. 100% Guaranteed! NO HIT - NO FEE." Web Detective "Use Your Computer To Investigate Anyone." SMARTpages "Residential Reverse Lookup" Anywho "Reverse Residential Lookup" "Reverse Business" "Reverse Business" Investigator Pro "Reverse Cell Lookup, Over 1000 Databases, Professional Investigation Tools." "Reverse 800" "Reverse Address" "Reverse Address" InfoSpace "Reverse Address" "Locations Lookup" "Reverse Zip" ICQ "Reverse E-mail" InfoSpace "Reverse e-mail" US Search NET Detective "Uncover the TRUTH About ANYONE." Cyber Detective "Find Out Anything About Anybody."

    16. Cyndi's List - City Directories
    are willing to undertake requested lookups in these Database of 19th century tradesdirectories and their Douglas County Business and government Directory 1886
    Cyndi's List currently has no sponsor
    City Directories
    The index links below work best if you allow
    your web browser to load the entire page first.
    Category Index:

    Related Categories:
    National Genealogical Society

    Arlington, Virginia
    Cyndi's List The BOOK!

    2nd Edition
    2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
    In association with Ancestry Magazine GPC and Clearfield Company Genealogy Warehouse Submit a New Link Report a Broken Link Update a Link
      General Resource Sites
      • From the Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skill Building - May 1996.
      • Listing of microfilmed city directories organized by state. These directories are intended to be finding aids for using the 1930 census.
      • From " Along Those Lines... " by George Morgan.
      • For those who desire lookups in city directories such as the old directories found in many local and state public libraries, and for volunteers who are willing to undertake requested lookups in these directories.
      • From Shaking Your Family Tree , by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, C.G.

    17. International Calling Codes - Other Resources
    Study WEB directories and lookups a comprehensive Simply enter a city,the area code is found Addresses of the US government Email addresses
    * Winner of the 1994 Connecticut Governor's Award for International Trade * About ACR Guest Book Computer Specials Import / Export Library ...
    Yahoo! White Pages.
    Searchable by name, city, state. Find the email, address and/or phone number of anyone! Study WEB Directories and Lookups
    a comprehensive resource page of phones, internet addresses, 800 numbers, etc.
    Simply enter a city, the area code is found Addresses of the US Government
    E-mail addresses, telephone numbers, mail addresses, and home page URLs of the President, Vice-President, Senators, and the House of Representatives. American Universities
    Home pages for American Universities granting bachelor or advanced degrees. AmeriCom Area Decoder
    Finds both: area code to city, city to area code Area Code Listing, by Number
    The cities named are where the switches for the area code is located. See also the listing by state/country Area Codes
    Browse a list of all North American area codes, or search by typing in the name of a city. AmeriCom Long Distance's Area Decoder: An Area/City/Country Code Lookup Service
    Even tells you how much your call will cost per minute!

    18. Tools/Directories
    Reverse lookups InfoUSA Reverse By phone number Other Tools/directories County Finderfrom MIT Enter and Genealogy Master Index) government Sources Federal



    The Ultimates
    Search multiple directories at once.
    Reverse Lookups
    InfoUSA Reverse
    By phone number
    Infospace Reverse Lookup
    By phone number
    Anywho Reverse
    By phone number
    By business phone number Search Engines Alta Vista and Alta Vista Advanced Google and Google Advanced Northern Light Fast Search and Fast Search Advanced Web search information. Search Engine Watch How to use search engines. Search Engine Review for Development Researchers Cecilia Hogan's survey of Internet search engines. Hypermart Index of prospect research websites Area Codes/Zip Codes Jay Computer Services Zip and area code databases (includes area code split details). Area Code Change Details Provided by CE Service. U.S. Zipcode Database From Datagon Software. Zipcode Look-Up and City/State/Zipcode Association Provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

    19. Portico
    Reverse lookups Search Engines Area Codes/Zip Codes Calculators Colleges/UniversitiesDistance Finders Maps Reference Tools Other Tools/directories government
    Portico is a collection of web sites, containing publicly available information, compiled for the use of the advancement community. Although we make every effort to ensure that the included sites are useful and up-to-date, we are not responsible for the content of each link.
    In order to keep Portico current, we welcome feedback from site users. For additions or suggestions contact our webmaster Tools/Directories

    Reverse Lookups
    Electronic Libraries, etc.

    Last updated: December 13, 2002

    20. Directory Assistance
    HKT directories Offers residential and yellow pages 800 Directory - Comprehensivetoll free number lookups. business, toll free, government and government
    DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE ON THE WEB Avoid all of the charges associated with calling directory assistance. There are many resources available on the web to look up a telephone number, both in the States and abroad: 411 Locate - Offers residential, business, yellow pages, and government lookups. AOL White Pages - Offers residential lookups. AOL Yellow Pages - Offers yellow pages lookups. - Offers residential, business, toll free, and reverse number lookup. Bigfoot - Offers residential and yellow pages lookup. Bell South Real White Pages - Offers residential and reverse lookup. British Telecom PhoneNetUK - Offers residential lookup for the United Kingdom. CBS Switchboard - Offers residential, business, and yellow pages lookup. HKT Directories - Offers residential and yellow pages for Hong Kong. Internet 800 Directory - Comprehensive toll free number lookups. Mobile Digits - Online Mobile Phone and Pager Directory Services National Toll-Free Yellow Pages - National toll free directory North American Numbering Plan Administration - The most comprehensive database of area codes and exchanges available.

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