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21. TEAMTALK Winter 1999
parents who are members of ptas, ptos, or other To The TEAM BUILDER 2000, $3500 DistrictGrant Winners Priest, Food Service Director, columbia Schools, Jackson
1999 Team Talk—The Michigan Team Nutrition Newsletter
Fall 1999 (Cover Story)
If You Build It They Will Come
Cherokee Elementary School livens up “Family Night” with Build Your Own Pizzas and Got Milk? promotions If you want to get families together (and you want them to be happy) you might want to follow School Health Team Leader Susan Santi’s advice: “Feed them,” she recommends. “And make it pizza!” Last March during National Nutrition month Susan and her creative and dedicated school health team of parents, food service staff, teachers, MSU Extension staff, and other community supporters conducted two nutrition education activities which were funded by a $500 Michigan Team Nutrition TEAM CASH! III grant.
Gimme Five was a 5 A Day promotional activity where students and families were invited to build their own fresh fruit or veggie pizzas. Got Milk? was a milk-drinking promotion where students were invited to learn about the benefits of drinking milk, taste-test different types of milk, and get a family picture taken with their whole family sporting milk mustaches.
“Both activities went really well,” explains Susan, “We wanted to make sure people would come so we scheduled it on a night when families were already planning on coming to the school. We knew our pizzas were definitely a success when people turned down the traditional pizza and pop we were offering in the other room, and opted for our veggie pizzas. We’ve had lots of positive feedback, we’ll definitely do something similar to this event again in March.”

22. The Signal
In light of the space shuttle columbia tragedy on the William S. Hart Union High SchoolDistrict on Wednesday ptas or ptos (parentteacher organizations) are a

23. EMPOWER AMERICA : Parents Or Politics?
to provide scholarships to lowincome students in the district of columbia, andcommittee Local ptas frequently go to bat in budget negotiations to keep$636
ABOUT US Mission


Press Room
Support Us

POLICY ISSUES Education Reform
National Security

Social Security Reform

Tax Reform
Technology Policy

UNITED WE STAND Is our national soul any better a year later? Lesson of 9-11: Never give in to fear and hatred Teaching September 11 A 21st century response to terrorism ... VIEW ALL Parents or politics? The National PTA may soon have to decide whether it will be a parents' group or just another liberal lobby Jennifer Marshall RECENT ARTICLES IN EDUCATION REFORM: Empower America Announces: National Enterprise Zones of Choice Is our national soul any better a year later? Teaching September 11 A Victory for 'Ordered Liberty' ... Statement of Empower America co-director William J. Bennett on the Supreme Court's decision in Pottawatomie County v. Earls It was a mid-Summer showdown at the House Education and the Workforce Committee. Republicans were pushing a bill to provide scholarships to low-income students in the District of Columbia, and committee Democrats knew exactly who to turn to for testimony against parental choice in education: an organization ostensibly for parents, the National PTA. It was the second time this year that a PTA representative had testified against parental choice before the committee. Most Americans know the PTA as a world of bake sales, fun fairs, and teacher-appreciation lunches, and at the local level it is. The national organization, however, has a different agenda. Whether the issue is opposing educational choice or calling for increased federal funding for public-school programs, politicians on the left know they have a friend in the National PTA. But its one-sided politics are out of touch with its members, and political analysts say the National PTA soon may have to decide whether its priority is representing parents or its liberal political agenda.

24. PTA Forum With Charlene Haar Policyrev.htm
collectively in 34 states and the district of columbia. Given the way ptas are governed,it is in her suburban Oklahoma City school district, she opposed the
Cutting Class:
The PTA Plays Hooky
from Educational Reform
Policy Review
Summer 1995, Number 73
by Charlene Haar Since the publication of "A Nation at Risk" in 1983, Americans have become increasingly alarmed about the dismal results and soaring costs of their public schools. No group of citizens has a closer view of these problems or a more immediate stake in addressing them than the parents of the country's 48 million schoolchildren. Here and there, parents have won minor battles to influence curricula or oust mediocre school-board members. But as individuals, parents are no match for the forces that favor the status quo. Parents' most promising forum to agitate for reform and hold their local educators accountable for failure already exists: the venerated National Congress of Parents and Teachers, commonly known as the PTA. Unfortunately, parents cannot count on either their local PTA or its national leadership to advance parental interests or even air diverse viewpoints. As it operates today, the PTA is useless to parents who want to play a meaningful role in educational reform. The mission of the PTA has always been to "work on behalf of the best interests of all children on issues that affect their health, education, and welfare" and "to encourage parent involvement." With almost seven million members, the PTA offers great potential for promoting parental involvement in the educational welfare of children. But in the 1990s, that mission requires of the PTA something it has been unwilling to do: demand accountability for performance and spending at every level of the educational system.

25. 'P' Is For Politics, Not Parents
and the district of columbia reported no Unionized school district employees, includingteachers, sometimes even Fairfax County Council of ptas, retorted Our
'P' Is For Politics, Not Parents:
National PTA Looks to Expand Federal Lobbying Efforts
by Charlene K. Haar, EPI President Related Stories:
Break Away From the PTA

Alternatives to the PTA
National PTA leaders are urging delegates to its Chicago convention next month to approve a 100 percent dues increase. The change is only from $1 to $2. But if it is approved, National PTA revenues will increase by more than $6 million. Why a dues increase? Lobbying. "With this increase, PTA can be everywhere you would like to be," promise PTA's leaders, "whether it's mentoring in the classroom, keeping neighborhoods safe, influencing legislative decisions or helping to bring needed resources into our schools." Already, four of National PTA's 68 full-time staff members work at its government relations office in Washington, D.C. lobbying for and against federal legislation on public schools. PTA sponsors a legislative conference at which state and local officers and members develop lobbying skills and then return home to train other members to lobby. Through its web site, National PTA provides members with sample messages and directions on how teachers, parents, students and others should lobby on issues of concern to the organization's leaders. According to its treasurer's report, National PTA had revenues of $8.4 million in fiscal year 1998. That's insufficient, say PTA's leaders.

26. Councils Website Results :: Linkspider UK
Capital district PTA New York Serving the local PTA units of Albany, columbia, Greene,Schoharie, and Anne Arundel County Council of ptas - Annapolis, Maryland
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South Carolina PTA Resources for South Carolina ptas including leadership training,legislation updates, program information district of columbia PTA - The
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28. Introduction
Our Mission Richland School district Two, in partnership with the columbia Northeast community, guarantees each student a quality education by providing appropriate and challenging learning experiences to equip each individual for lifelong
Our Mission
Richland School District Two, in partnership with the Columbia Northeast community, guarantees each student a quality education by providing appropriate and challenging learning experiences to equip each individual for life-long learning, responsible citizenship, and productivity in an ever-changing world. X Richland Two is a nationally recognized school district located in suburban Columbia, S.C., in the northeast section of Richland County. We are projected by the S.C. Department of Education to be the second fastest growing district in South Carolina over the next five years, with a current student population of about 18,000. We have 18 schools, a districtwide child development program, an alternative secondary school, and several magnet programs at all grade levels. In addition, the district has a tremendous tradition of excellence with 13 schools having won the U.S. Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Award award. Six of those schools are two-time winners. The district has also been recognized in several national publications, including Money (January 1996) and Redbook (April 1996) magazines

29. New Business : April/May 2002 | PTO Today
PTOtoday is dedicated to helping school parent groups (like ptos and ptas) help their schools with information on fundraising, playgrounds, parent involvement and more.
PTO news you can use from around the region and the country.
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Illinois District Won’t OK New PTA
Voting unanimously, the Cass (Illinois) School District 63 board jumped squarely in the middle of a parent-school controversy in February by refusing to recognize a new PTA for the district’s two schools. Not surprisingly, local PTA officials are not happy. “I take this as a personal affront to the PTA,” exclaims DuPage County PTA Council President Joan Weeks. “The school board somehow has to be stopped. They are control freaks.” District officials contend that the new PTA organization has been unresponsive and has refused to follow district rules.
$1.9 Billion Last Year in Product Sales Profits, Says AFRDS
Fundraising programs involving product sales raised an estimated $1.9 billion net profit last year for schools, school groups, and other nonprofit organizations, according to a new survey conducted for the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS). Schools and school groups accounted for 80 percent ($1.52 billion) of those profits, the survey found.

30. Making Tech Happen Chapter 9
One district school, Fairview Elementary School, now has several business partnersthat include extraordinary efforts by civic organizations and ptas taking up
Chapter 9 - Resources Finding the resources to finance, maintain, and upgrade equipment, and to provide teacher training and technical support is universally one of the biggest hurdles that schools face when it comes to technology implementation. For many, the funds are simply unavailable via the conventional means of local tax-based school financing. Despite this fact, we found schools and districts in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the nation that have somehow managed to establish exemplary technology programs. How did they do it? As an additional component of this chapter, we provide some information on the use of various information resources available through the Federal government. Not only is money essential for acquiring technology but so is good information about the availability of Federal programs and information sources. Questionnaire Data: Awareness, Use and Helpfulness of Resources
General Approaches to Resource Acquisition
In this area, we identified a list of nine very general approaches to expanding the resource base available to schools involved in implementing technology. It included various sources of resources (e.g., private versus public), various types of resources (e.g., money versus in-kind), and different types of relationships with the resource providers.
In the questionnaire, we asked schools to indicate whether they were using a particular technical support approach and to rate how much the approach helped on a four-point scale. These questionnaire data are summarized in Table 9.1.

31. Fundraising Idea For School, PTA, PTO, Team, Troup, And More
State Alabama.

32. Fundraising Idea For School, PTA, PTO, Team, Troup, And More
State Alabama

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