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         Dogon Indigenous Peoples Africa:     more detail
  1. Dogon: Africa's People of the Cliffs by Walter E.A. Vanbeek, 2001-05-01
  2. Dogon by Bedaux, 2004-01
  3. Sacred Symbols of the Dogon: The Key to Advanced Science in the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Laird Scranton, 2007-10-12

1. Home Page
What is the World Council of indigenous peoples? africaIntroduction to the manyindigenous Nations of africa and their art. africa-West africa-dogon People. Fine Arts/inah301.htm
INAH 301 World Council of Indigenous Art FALL 2002: Tuesday/ Thursday 1:00-2:15 RM: CL251 Instructor: Carmen Robertson Office: .1.1.1 Fine Arts, College Ave Bldg. Telephone: Office: 546-8411 E-mail: This course will explore historical and contemporary arts of the Original peoples of now colonized nations. The art of a wide variety of Indigenous cultures will be introduced. We will focus more specifically on just Four Indigenous Nations and their arts—the West Africa, the Aborigines of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand and the Yekuana of South America. Topics for discussion will include, but not be limited to, the place of art within a culture, art styles and media prior to contact, the effects of colonization, decolonization, foreign patrons on art styles and mediums, the continuity of older traditions in contemporary arts, and the adoption and adaptations of foreign art concepts and mediums in world Indigenous arts.
Course Outline
Week I
What is Art History? What is an Aboriginal view of art? How do Indigenous cultures use art? What is colonization and how has it affected Indigenous arts? What is Postcolonial discourse? What is the World Council of Indigenous Peoples?
Week II
Africa-Introduction to the many Indigenous Nations of Africa and their art Video: African Art and Culture Igbo Culture
Week III
Africa-West Africa-Dogon People Video: The Art of the Dogon (24 minutes)
Week IV
Africa-Contemporary Arts South Africa Video-Zimbabwean Women
Week V
Australia Video: Australia’s art of the Dream Time

2. Indigenous Peoples A N D L A N D R I G H T S I N Sub-Saharan Africa
In fact, indigenous peoples in. black africa have land and territorial sky like the dogon in Mali, or are

crafts; documentary coverage; dogon Country (Pays dogon, Mali); dress India (tourism,destinations, accommodations); indigenous/native peoples (africa);
Rosanne Pennella
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4. H-Net Review: Elizabeth Akingbola
not only the better known South african indigenous peoples, but also those smaller groups that are often of Central Pende masquerade. dogon africa's People of the Cliffs, by

deserts (nature); developing nations; dogon Country (Pays dogon, Mali); Dry HooverDam (AZ, NV); indigenous, native peoples (africa); indigenous, native
Russ Schleipman
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6. University Of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program
indigenous Minority peoples' views of language; an homage to the life of languages in the words of the people who speak them. Among peoples as different as the dogon of Nigeria and the following, speakers of indigenous and minority languages express, in
African Studies Program
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7. YDCFA Store - Books About Africa - Arts, Culture & Photography
the better known South african indigenous peoples, but also traveling from Capetown,South africa, to Cairo dogon africa's People of the Cliffs, by Walter EA
RETURN TO STORE Press the covers to get a more full synopsis and order. BOOKS (By author last name) The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe , by Paul F. Berliner. Sensitive, scholarly portrayal of Shona musicians. Provides complete cultural context for the music and an intimate, precise account of the meaning of the instrument and its music. African Theatre, Playwrights and Politics, edited by Martin Banham. Second volume in the annual African Theatre series focuses on the intersection of politics and theatre in Africa today. Topics include a puppet theatre company that was inspired by the infamous execution of Nigerian playwright Ken Saro-Wiwa and the plays of Femi Osofisan, Joe de Graft, and Mohammed Ben-Abdallah The Royal Arts of Africa: The Majesty of Form , Suzanne Preston Blier. Vast range of individual objects as well as archival photographs of art works in use, to reveal the court-art traditions of Africa in all their living splendor. William Kentridge, African Elegance , by Ettagale Blauer. Delves into the ways in which traditional objects are used in contemporary African society. Dynamically explores how native Africans display themselves, exchange messages, and tell stories through craft

8. Gateway To The Black World.Screen Name Service
to map the cultures of the indigenous peoples of the on the different modes of thought of different peoples. worked in West africa among the dogon people in
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According to indigenous peoples from the Americas to South the elders of these indigenouspeople around the and its dwarf companion by africa's dogon tribe is

10. Terralingua -- Indigenous/Minority Views Of Language
Among peoples as different as the dogon of Nigeria Fredlund, a secondlanguage Zuluspeaker from South africa. Rights 1, 53-57 (Do indigenous peoples have the
an homage to the life of languages
in the words of the people who speak them. The importance of language in human life and in determining the place of humans in the world is stressed in most past and present cultures on earth. In many religious traditions the spoken word is creative power. Ritual, as performed through language, is seen as a way of doing (and making) things right. For the Ancient Greeks, the logos
Help us celebrate the diversity of languages; use this form to submit a story, poem, proverb or other contribution.
Story of Elsie Allen (1899-1990) , Pomo (Native Californian) Basketweaver. Story of Frances Jack (1912-1993) , Pomo (Native Californian) Community Activist. Story of Johannes Marainen Story of Johan Mathis Mikkelsen Gavppi
"Our languages are the cornerstone of who we are as a people".
Mary Richards and Ida Bear, Winnipeg [Canada]. (In Richardson 1993: 240).
"Languages are a part of the Sovereignty Bundle and must be protected and cared for as tribes care for our rivers, land, sacred places, and our inalienable rights to govern ourselves".
Gloria Emerson, Navajo [U.S.A.]. (From the Web site of the Institute for the Preservation of the Original Languages of the Americas).

11. UCSB Department Of Anthropology Links Directory: Africa
anthropology, archaeology, sociology, science, indigenous African studies of maliamong the dogon, fulani and Okavango Delta peoples of Botswana The culture
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12. The Kah-Monno Fund
Mali is sparsely populated and is the poorest country in africa. The dogon people,like so many indigenous peoples, are living in a changing world.
The Kah-Monno Group
Educating Girls in Developing Countries
It is said, the best way to improve the economic status of people in a developing country is to educate their girls and women. During our recent visit to the Dogon Country in southern Mali, we discovered it costs about $35.00 per year to send one girl to school and Sahara could not resist offering to help them. We hope that you too, will find it irresistible to help these girls.
The Dogon people of the plains live in the southern reaches of Mali, West Africa. Mali is sparsely populated and is the poorest country in Africa. The expanding Sahara desert covers the north and a wide swath of the arid Sahel Zone covers the southern region.
The Dogon people, like so many indigenous peoples, are living in a changing world. Traditional life-ways are disappearing with the new economy, roads and globalization. The lives of the elders differ greatly from those who are middle-aged. And the youth face a future radically different from either their grandmothers or their mothers. The door between the world the children came from and the one they are bound to inherit, has "education" written on it in big letters; thus the "Kah-Monno Group" was formed.
On our visit to Mali this past January 2001, Sahara and I stayed in a village I had known on my first visit to Africa in 1987. During my stay, I was given the name, "Yatome," meaning "a cool place" by the Bamadio family. A name not insignificant in a place that is dry and usually well over 100 degrees in the shade. Soon after our arrival and visit with Chief Bamadio, he asked the elders of the village to find a name for my daughter, Sahara. Several days past before the name was picked and the ceremony to name her began.

13. Paper 5: Indigenous Peoples
the dogon respect for Greaves, T (ed)(1994) Intellectual Property Rights for IndigenousPeoples. Solutions San Children and education in Southern africa.
2000: 'Indigenous Peoples' and the Global Environment. A review document of the literature and the debates concerning 'indigenous peoples' in the context of the current global environmental crisis.
Please obtain permission from the author before quoting, as an updated version may be available.

Pauline Bain (nee Herbst)
A review document of the literature and the debates concerning 'indigenous peoples' in the context of the current global environmental crisis.
2 Interpreting the Landscape 6
3 Controlling the Cosmos: the role of the shaman 11
4 Indigenous peoples in the Global Arena
5 IKS and TEK : What does it all mean?
6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 8 Appendix A : 17th UN Working Group for Indigenous Populations - Presentation by Kxao Moses Oma. 9 Appendix B : NRF Research Proposal Chapter 1 - INTRODUCTION The notion of indigenous peoples is not new. Historical ethnography and travelogues based much of their early success on reports of bloodthirsty 'natives', savage 'beasts' and cannibalistic 'primitives' with strange customs. Essentially, the notion of the 'other' was being explored and developed, often with inaccurate interpretation.

14. > Ethnographic Film Festivals
1986), aux Inuit (1989), aux dogon (2000), vingt of Washington Program on africa tobring Indigene Völker (Film Forum indigenous peoples) presents indigenous
Ethnographic Film Festivals Update: Mar 3, 2003 website
Bilan du Film Ethnographique List of Films Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
October 3-7, 2003 website Download Call For Entries The Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF) is a biannual festival. TIEFF, held in Taipei, is organized by the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography. This is a non-profit organization, which aims to promote ethnographic knowledge. TIEFF will offer a venue for the screening of films and videos, and also a forum for confrontation and discussion. There is no competition category in the festival and the most important criterion for participating films is a respect for other cultures. The 2nd TIEFF will be held October 3-7, 2003. Deadline for entry is June 10, 2003.
In addition to the main program, TIEFF will also contain a retrospective of famous ethnographic films. The theme of TIEFF 2003 is Migration Story which aims to focus on various experiences of migration . Films may be entered specifically for this thematic element. A further section of the festival will be devoted to films made during the last two years.

15. Air Jamaica Skywrittings / Curacao Kura
Ogotemelli, the deity of the dogon people africa's role in the slave trade is illustratedin 19th the important contributions of the indigenous peoples of South
Soaring to new heights about us destinations frequent flyer flight schedules ... home Daily Non-Stop Champagne Flights Complimentary champagne, Red Stripe beer and wine, and the world's only flying chef! award winning service Air Jamaica
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HISTORY: Jill Yesko Among the objects displayed are examples of ancient Sumerian cuneiform writing, once the international language of diplomacy and the precursor of the modern alphabet and lagash, conical clay objects used to hide secret messages in temple walls. Other rooms contain swords, oil lamps and figurines from the time of Alexander the Great that illustrate the Greek influence in the Middle East. With a kingdom that stretched from England to Azerbaijan in Central Asia, the conquests of Alexander the Great contributed to the Diaspora of Middle Eastern peoples into Egypt, Asia and Africa. "We need to understand our history to know where we're going."

16. Center For Archaeoastronomy: A&E News Archive
For among nonliterate peoples knowledge is passed from a TV documentary Cosmic africa on indigenous knowledge. Creation Secrets of the dogon Shaman, the Star
Center for Archaeoastronomy Main Page NEWS Find Out More What is Archaeoastronomy? More About the Center for Archaeoastronomy More About ISAAC Publications of the Center ... Lost Codex Used Book Sale Outside Links Archaeoastronomy Archaeology Astronomy History of Science ... Museums

Number 32 June Solstice 1999 ESSAY NEWS NOTES PUBLICATIONS AND WEB SITES Sub-Saharan Africa: Cultural Astronomy's Heart of Darkness
by Keith Snedegar, Political Science and History Dept., Utah Valley State College There is no more deeply primeval experience than to gaze overhead at the Milky Way arching from horizon to horizon on a pitch-dark African night. And with good reason: our species originated in Africa; it was from there that our ancestors first looked up and pondered the mysteries of the cosmos. It should strike everyone as odd, then, that cultural astronomers have paid relatively little attention to Africa. The eve of a new millennium is an appropriate time to revisit, or for many of us to contemplate for the first time, the astronomical heritage of humanity's home continent before it is too late. Another well-known megalithic site, Namoratunga II, near Lake Turkana in Kenya may well have aided calendrical observations around 300 B.C. (Lynch and Robbins 1978). Unfortunately, in recent years no other Sub-Saharan monuments have been surveyed for their archaeoastronomical potential. Numerous sites merit such investigation: the Senegambian stone circles, the Central African Republic's Bouar megaliths, and ruins in the Great Zimbabwe tradition. With the prospect of discovery we should no doubt expect many negative results. I am personally skeptical that any alignments could be found in the irregular architecture of the Zimbabwe sites. At all events, someone should look for them. If only there were more copy cats of Lynch, Robbins and Malville than of high-school shootists!

17. Musées Afrique
indigenous Knowledge in South africa Aquarelles de JoyAdamson peoples of Kenya du Mali (Bamana, Bobo, dogon, Senufo ); textiles
MUSEES Afrique Afrique du Sud Angola Botswana Burkina Faso ... Zimbabwe
ou plusieurs oeuvres majeures.
Afrique du Sud
Cape Town
South African National Gallery Government Avenue ma-di 10-17 Arts de la perle / Expositions temporaires Cape Town - Gardens South African Museum 25 Queen Victoria Street lu-di 10-17 terres cuites de Lydenburg San (peintures rupestres), Zimb abwe Tsonga , Khoikhoi, Sotho, Nguni, Shona, Lovedu... Exposition " Ulwazi Lwemvelo - Indigenous Knowledge in South Africa Cape Town - Rosebank University of Cape Town Irma Stern Museum Cecil Road ma-sa 10-17 Arts de Zanzibar et du Congo: Lega, Luba Durban Art Gallery City Hall lu-sa 8.30-16; di 11-16 Durban Local History Museum Aliwal Street East London East London Museum lu-ve 9.30-17; sa 9.30-12 Grahamstown Albany Museum. Natural Sciences and History Museums Somerset Street lu-ve 9-13 / 14-17; sa-di 14-17 Johannesburg MuseuMAfricA Newtown Cultural Precinct
Bree Street
ma-di 9-17 Histoire culturelle de l'Afrique australe. Peintures rupestres (Museum of South African Rock Art)

18. Arts & Humanities
jewelry boxes, ashtrays, wallets, dogon doors, djembe africa peoples Cultures RESOURCES IMAGES Resources 15 Colonial administration and indigenous groups 3


Adire African Textiles -

Adire African Textiles has been established to share our love of the creative works of African textile artists, weavers, dyers, and embroiderers, and to make high quality African textiles accessible worldwide.History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles. Adire African textiles Nigeria women's weaving introducti...

The capital of the ancient Yoruba speaking kingdom of Ijebu, its women weavers produce a distinctive style of highly ornate cloth known as aso olona, cloth with decorations or art. Bands of. Africart Online
We sell african art, including African masks, African statues and other African articles from Mali and other African countries.. african art for sale, african art, african craftsman's articles, masks, african masks, african statues, african articles, Mali, Africa, wali, Dogon country, Bambaras, Senoufos, Sarakoles, Peuhls, Touaregs, ebony wood, teak wood, cauris, dog, antelope, gazelle, Tyiwara, monkeys, elephants, hippopotamuses, thinkers, woman busts, rhinoceroses, Macoumba, jewelry boxes, ashtrays, wallets, Dogon doors, djembe, drum, crocodile skin, alligator skin, letter openers. African Art Online
Search from hundreds of Afro Centric Art Prints. Afrocentric is centered or focused on Africa or African peoples, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence. Artists, African masks, Frames, Photos, People, African statues and other African articles.

19. Africa Direct-Ethnographic Art, Trade Beads, Masks, Carvings, Artifacts, Textile
Ancestor worship formed the core of the Kota peoples' religiou. Old indigenous repair dogoniron Dugo necklaceOLD, superb $165.00 dogon men and women wear iron

20. Africa South Of The Sahara - Culture And Society
An annotated guide to internet resources on african culture and society.Category Regional africa Society and Culture...... the Ashanti, Bamana, Baule, Bwa, dogon, Fang, Hemba twostory architecture, Islamand indigenous african cultures web site for her course peoples and Cultures of
Topics Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: Countries
Adire African Textiles - Duncan Clarke
History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles. The symbolism of images is often provided. One can purchase textiles as well. Clarke's Ph.D. dissertation (School of Oriental and African Studies) is on Yoruba men's weaving. Based in London.
Africa e Mediterraneo (Roma : Istituto sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo)
In Italian. A quarterly magazine about African culture and society. Has the table of contents. Topics covered: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography), cinema, immigration. Owned by Lai-momo, a non-profit co-operative. Contact: [KF]
Africa: One Continent. Many Worlds
Extensive site for the traveling art exhibit from the Field Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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