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         Domestic Violence Against Men:     more books (26)
  1. A Call for Injustice: Domestic Violence Against Men by Gene Moore, 2008-03-31
  2. Leading the fight.(Family)(In Ann Kneeland's campaign against domestic violence in Lane County, men have an important role to play): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  3. What Causes Men's Violence Against Women?
  4. Intimate partner violence against aboriginal men in Canada.: An article from: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology by Douglas A. Brownridge, 2010-08-01
  5. Men to men consultation.(FEMNET organizes program for men against gender-based violence): An article from: Femnet News
  6. To be or not to be a man.(educating men to stop violence against women): An article from: Femnet News by Augustine Musopole, 2001-09-01
  7. Women Murdered by the Men They Loved (Haworth Women's Studies) by Ellen Cole, Esther D Rothblum, et all 1992-10-21
  8. Men's Violence Against Women: Theory, Research, and Activism by Christopher Kilmartin, Julie Allison, 2007-03-28
  9. Changing Violent Men (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Rebecca Emerson Dobash, Russell P. Dobash, et all 1999-10-12
  10. Locked in A Violent Embrace: Understanding and Intervening in Domestic Violence (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Dr. Zvi C. Eisikovits, Dr. Eli Buchbinder, 2000-04-15
  11. The economic recession and intimate partner violence: imbalances in the traditional roles of men and women can put women at risk of violence from men, ... from: The Journal of Employee Assistance by Sheetal Ranjan, Chitra Raghavan, 2010-04-01
  12. Domestic Abuse Against Men in Scotland (Central Research Unit Papers) by Central Research Unit Scottish Executive, 2002-07-01
  13. Same-Sex Domestic Violence: Strategies for Change (SAGE Series on Violence against Women)
  14. Batterer Intervention Systems (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Dr. Edward W. Gondolf, 2001-12-15

61. .: Second Chances | Domestic Violence :.
an intimate, compared to 48,983 incidents committed against men. of Justice Statistics, violence against Women A and built new lives after domestic violence.
Domestic Violence Home Company Information Contact Us Privacy ... Second Chances Store
Nearly 2 in 3 female victims of violence were related to or knew their attacker. (Ronet Bachman Ph.D., U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, "Violence Against Women: A National Crime Victimization Survey Report," January 1994, p. iii) Over two-thirds of violent victimizations against women were committed by someone known to them: 31% of female victims reported that the offender was a stranger. Approximately 28% were intimates such as husbands or boyfriends, 35% were acquaintances, and the remaining 5% were other relatives. (In contrast, victimizations by intimates and other relatives accounted for only 5% of all violent victimizations against men. Men were significantly more likely to have been victimized by acquaintances (50%) or strangers (44%) than by intimates or other relatives.) (Ronet Bachman Ph.D., U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, "Violence Against Women: A National Crime Victimization Survey Report," January 1994, p. 1)

How to turn it around. Helpful links for men Child Custody resources. DomesticViolence against men - A Colorado site that provides helpful information.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSED MEN Domestic Abuse - Are you concerned you might be abusing? How to turn it around. Helpful links for men - Child Custody resources. Domestic Violence against Men - A Colorado site that provides helpful information. DV and Child Custody - Links for men involved in child custody disputes. Stopping Domestic Violence - What men can do to help stop DV. Domestic Violence Index - A men's site providing links and stats. Husband Battering - A men focused site involving battered husbands. Abused Men - By teen women. Domestic Violence and Men - Focusing on divorce situations. Domestic Violence General Domestic Violence and Abused Women Domestic Violence and Abused Men ... Domestic Violence Discussion

63. Violence Against Women
violence against Women violence against Women domestic violence. United Nations,1998 violence against women is a power relations between men and women

What Nurses Say

Join Nurse Advocate's international email list about nurse-experienced violence! Share resources, discuss experiences, network! See instructions and information More Topics...
Check out Nurse Advocate's list of recommended books , available from Getting Help and Support: People who want to help! See a complete Index of Nurse Advocate pages. Or, return to the Home Page Email the webmistress.
Violence Against Women [Violence Against Women] [Domestic Violence]
"Women have been trained to speak softly and carry a lipstick. Those days are over." Bella Abzug
Violence Against Women
Violence Against Women
Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations, 1998:
"Violence against women is a manifestation of the historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to domination over and discrimination against women by men and to the prevention of women's full advancement." In Nicole Brown Simpson's Words By Andrea Dworkin, Los Angeles Times, 1995 The Intolerable Status Quo: Violence Against Women and Children By Charlotte Bunch, Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University, published by The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) in The Progress of Nations 1997 MINICAVA Minnesota Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Cooperative agreements: What agencies are doing about violence towards women Violence Against Women: A Week in the Life of America Senate Judiciary Committee

64. Scott's Counseling, Health & Wellness Room: Domestic Violence Information And Su
Long Beach. men's Issues WWW Library men domestic violence, a masterindex of online resources focusing on violence against men.
These resources may help you get started if you or someone you know is in a physically or emotionally violent living or working environment. Violence is deeply embedded within our culture, but you need not have to endure it. If your life or health are ever in danger from the potential or outcome of domestic violence, be sure to contact a local family shelter or domestic violence support agency (usually located in the front pages of the published telephone directory).
Abuse Resources

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence
, sponsored by Health Canada
Canadian Women's Internet Association: Violence Against Women Information

CAVNET: Communities Against Violence Network
, providing both information and support.
SafetyNet: Domestic Violence Resources

Violence Against Women: Research on the Web
, a web resource directory from Kristen Ward of Cornell University
Family Violence Prevention Fund
, a national non-profit organization with research and outreach services.
Higher Education Center Against Violence and Abuse (U. of Minn.)

Feminist Internet Gateway: Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence Articles
, a series published in 1995 by the Standard-Times of Massachusetts Against Domestic Violence Webring , containing over 140 individual websites and a source of personal support.

Good basic reading list on domestic violence history, research, selfhelp.Category Society People Women Issues domestic violence...... domestic violence in its entirety the social constructs that facilitate men abusingand women staying, how legal services and social services can work against
    Reading List on
    Domestic Violence NEW: THE COURT ORDER In Re Sharline Nicholson, et al., March 1, 2002 Judge Jack Weinstein details his findings on the outrageous removal of children from, and further abuse of battered women by CPS workers in New York pdf file to download 329kb ON-LINE: STALKING THROUGH THE COURTS The "Father's Right's" Movement How to Legally Stalk, Harass, and Intimidate Victims of Domestic Violence after a Restraining Order has been Issued ON-LINE: WHEN PARADIGMS COLLIDE : Protecting Battered Parents and Their Children in the Family Court System by Clare Dalton ON-LINE: PROTECTION FROM ABUSE ORDERS offer the shelter of the law PFAs are viewed as the first line of defense for someone trying to keep safe from an abusive partner. By Mackenzie Carpenter, Post-Gazette ON-LINE: FAMILY VIOLENCE FIFTY OBSTACLES TO LEAVING , a.k.a., Why Abuse Victims Stay. By Sarah M. Buel, The Colorado Lawyer October 1999 Vol. 28, No. 10. More in this Special Issue at

66. Findings From The National Violence Against Women Survey, July 2000
further evidence that intimate partner violence is perpetrated primarily by men,whether against male or female intimates. domestic violence Underreported to

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Findings from the National Violence against Women Survey, July 2000
Domestic Violence Pervasive
Women Bear the Brunt of the Violence
Women experience more intimate partner violence than do men. The NVAW survey found that women are significantly more likely than men to report being victims of rape, physical assault, or stalking than men. Women also experience more chronic and injurious physical assaults at the hands of intimate partners. The survey found that women who were physically assaulted by an intimate partner averaged 6.9 physical assaults by the same partner, whereas men averaged 4.4 assaults.
Race and Socioeconomic Factors
Rates of intimate partner violence vary significantly among women of diverse racial backgrounds. The survey found that Asian/Pacific Islander women and men tend to report lower rates of intimate partner violence than do women and men from other minority backgrounds, and African-American and American Indian/Alaska Native women and men report higher rates. However, differences among minority groups diminish when other sociodemographic and relationship variables are controlled.

67. Global Activism - Men And Women Fighting Sex Crimes
men against domestic violence An internetbased coalition of men and women workingto address the issue of domestic violence who educate and advocate against
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The following on-line links and addresses to groups and organizations have been created and are maintained by men and women dedicated to combating, by oath or action, the fight against rape and sexual assault.
If you are a group or organization who would like to be listed, please feel free to send us an e-mail Links to Online Sites
"*" Indicates participants in the Men Against Violence Webring. To enter the ring, click on any of the sites marked with the asterisk. Brother Peace Twin Cities Harvard Anti-Sexist Men (HASM) was founded in 1991 to encourage men to take responsibility for sexism and male violence against women, and to challenge traditional concepts of masculinity. Men Against Domestic Violence An internet-based coalition of men and women working to address the issue of domestic violence who educate and advocate against physical, mental, emotional and sexual violence of all kinds including men and rape. They offer advocacy and information, but not clinical advice. Men Against Pornography , Brooklyn, NY Men For Change* Men For Change is a group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada dedicated towards ending violence and promoting gender equality by encouraging men to take responsibility for the power and pain in our lives and to celebrate the constructive, positive and nurturing aspects of masculinity.

68. Domestic Violence Resources On The Web
men Women against domestic violence men and Women against domestic violence isan internetbased coalition of men and women working to address the issue of
Domestic Violence Resources on the Web Domestic Violence Help Links Recovery Bill of Rights Sexual Assault Help Links Other links Search
Tri-County Council here in Central Wisconsin has really helped me with everything I went through and they are also very helpful place to turn if you have been a victim of domestic violence. Remember violence can be stopped and Tri-County Council is leading north Central Wisconsin's fight against it.
Abuse victim and survivor, Pat Frye, tells her own experience. A book that can help everyone better understand this enigma, and help counsel men and women who are currently in abusive relationships by identifying with her story. SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources
Here's a comprehensive page with tons of links to information, organizations and places on the net to learn more about domestic violence. If you are being abused it's a guide to help you figure out if you are being abused and what you can do about it. NOW and Violence Against Women
Here's the National Organization for Women's page on domestic Violence. It has resources and also shows what they are doing to help stop the violence.

69. Domestic And Family Violence Resources
The Tribal Court Clearinghouse Links and Information on domestic and Family violence fortribal court Category Society People Issues domestic violence Legal Issues...... of all annual violence against men is perpetrated Crime Victimization Survey, violenceagainst Women (NCJ domestic violence is statistically consistent across
Pick a Topic or Category Native American Nations Native American Justice Systems Indian Law Reviews Federal Laws Pending Federal Legislation Federal Agencies Supreme Court Decisions Tribal Court Decisions State Laws Codes and Constitutions Alcohol and Substance Abuse Child Abuse and Neglect Domestic Violence Indian Housing Probate in Indian Country Indian Gaming Environmental Law Native Education Newsbriefs from Indian Country Humor Traditional Law Resources Tribal Drug Court Resources Tribal Court CASA Resources Tribal Court Funding Resources The following documents and hyperlinks should be of assistance to tribal court personnel, tribal law enforcement personnel, domestic violence victim service agency personnel, social services personnel, and others in handling domestic violence cases and issues. Moreover, it should be of assistance in enforcing the Violence Against Women Act. Domestic Violence and Tribal Protection of Indigenous Women in the United States , by Gloria Valencia-Weber and Christine P. Zuni
The essential Navajo value is that while men and women are distinct, they relate as complementary equals. That kind of relationship creates, or should create, an environment that views violence toward women as deviant behavior. Under Navajo common law, violence toward women, or mistreatment of them in any way, is illegal ...

70. UNDP Men's Group Publications & Resources
html feminism; US. men against domestic violence http// against women; US. meninist is
Men, Masculinities and Development: Broadening Our Work Towards Gender Equality Download word file (106k)
Download pdf file (1106 k) Adolescent Sexuality, Gender and the HIV Epidemic
Men and the HIV Epidemic, 1998
Dying of Sadness: Gender, Sexual Violence and the HIV Epidemic, 1999

UNAIDS Boys, Men and HIV/AIDS - 2000 World AIDS Campaign
(word file)
UNICEF Role of Men in the Lives of Children: A study of How Improving Knowledge About Men in Families Helps Strengthen Programming for Children and Women, 1997
"Needed: a New Model of Masculinity to Stop Violence Against Girls and Women" by Ruth Finney Hayward. Download word document UNFPA A New Role For Men - Partners for Women's Empowerment

71. Our Lifetime Commitment - Stop Violence Against Women
in this room at the Stop violence against Women event, men working on Bolton Singerand CoChair of the National Coalition against domestic violence Board of
Home Community OLC Stop Violence Against Women ... Boards
Lifetime Goes to Washington Celebrities, politicians, grassroots advocates, corporate CEOs, and survivors of rape and domestic abuse all came together on Capitol Hill Lifetime's second annual Stop Violence Week in Washington, DC, which took place from March 3 to 7, 2003, was a historic occasion to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and to push for new legislation to protect women and children. Singer Michael Bolton performed for all the activists who came together and also testified before Congress in support of this cause. Read what he and other passionate advocates of this important issue had to say: 1. Carole Black
President and CEO, Lifetime Entertainment Services
"Together we can make a huge difference. The men in this room [at the Stop Violence Against Women event], men working on this issue for years…we’re delighted to be partners together. We can and will make a difference together." 2. Michael Bolton

72. Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Fact Sheet Definition - NCIPC
domestic abuse, spouse abuse, domestic violence, courtship violence According to theNational violence against Women Survey Alaska Native women and men were most
Intimate Partner Violence Overview Occurrence Consequences Groups at Risk ...
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Intimate Partner Violence Fact Sheet
Intimate partner violence—or IPV—is actual or threatened physical or sexual violence or psychological and emotional abuse directed toward a spouse, ex-spouse, current or former boyfriend or girlfriend, or current or former dating partner. Intimate partners may be heterosexual or of the same sex. Some of the common terms used to describe intimate partner violence are domestic abuse, spouse abuse, domestic violence, courtship violence, battering, marital rape, and date rape (Saltzman, et al. 1999). CDC uses the term intimate partner violence because it describes violence that occurs within all intimate relationships. Some of the other terms are overlapping and may be used to mean other forms of violence including abuse of elders, children, and siblings. Back to Top
  • Approximately 1.5 million women and 834,700 men are raped and/or physically

73. TX Men Against DV/SA
men are in a position to help in the fight against domestic violence.We are fathers, brothers, friends, role models; we are most
Women decided long ago that they wanted men's violence against them to stop. Men, as a gender, have not made that decision. When we do decide and act on that decision, violence against women will end.
This page aims to serve as a collection of resources for men, primarily in Texas, who are working to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our families and communities. It grew out of discussions during and subsequent to the 3rd Forum on Men's Work to End Violence Against Women organized by the Texas Council on Family Violence March 20-22, 2002 in Austin, Texas. At present it contains links to external resources, and a featured article or poem of the month. Submissions to both are welcome and may be sent to
Communities Texas Elsewhere Academic Resources Asian-American


XY: men, masculinities and gender politics

Featured Article: November 2002
[For past featured articles, scroll to the bottom of this page.]

74. Amnesty International - Campaigns - Human Rights In The Russian Federation
50 versions of a national law to address domestic violence have failed to can actas an official incitement to violence against lesbians and gay men in the
HOME CAMPAIGNS RUSSIA CAMPAIGN Home ... Recommendations Violence against women A leaflet by the non-governmental organization ANNA, which is dedicated to the elimination of domestic violence in Russia.
In February 2002 the helpline of Syostri (Sisters), a crisis centre for women, received a frantic call from neighbours of a woman living in Moscow. The neighbours had called the police to try to stop a fight between the woman and her violent husband, but the police had reportedly refused to come. Syostri contacted the police, but they still refused to intervene, saying it was a family matter and that no law was being broken.
Men who beat or rape their wives or commit other acts of domestic violence are unlikely to face prosecution in the Russian Federation. One reason for this is that the law does not recognize domestic violence as a distinct crime, and does not even allow officials to give perpetrators a warning through an administrative sentence or a fine.
The failure of the state to take measures to protect women from sexual abuse and violence in the home and to prosecute the perpetrators is particularly serious given the widespread reports of increasing domestic violence in Russia in recent years.

75. Feminist Studies Collections: Violence Against Women
National Coalition against domestic violence (Denver, CO); domestic violence InformationManual Ribbon Campaign men Working to End men's violence against Women
Kathy Kerns, Reference Librarian/Feminist Studies;;
Internet Resources: Violence Against Women
General Domestic Violence
Local Groups

76. Domestic Violence: Resources, Articles, Statistics, Interact, Get Help
domestic violence Statistics related to hospitalization or murder. domestic violenceStatistics related to violent crimes against women vs. those against men.
zfp=-1 About Women's Issues Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Women's Issues
with Nikki Katz
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS A - Z SITE INDEX DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PHOTO/IMAGE GALLERY ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Domestic Violence Statistics General domestic violence statistics, those related to children and teens, statistics involving hospitilization and murder and more. More of this Feature Domestic Violence Home
Domestic Violence - Emotional Abuse

Domestic Violence Quiz

Domestic Violence Statistics
Domestic Violence Types
Join the Discussion "In my parents case, the one time the cops were called for domestic violence, my dad was not arrested, although he was the one hitting my mom. The reason was that he had scratches on his neck from her defending herself. He was asked to leave the house, but then again, my parents aren't married and the house is in her name." Datura Related Resources Violence Against Women From Other Guides Abuse/Incest Support : Domestic Violence Net Links Abuse/Incest Support : Domestic Violence Awareness 2001 Current Events: Law : Domestic Violence Issues

77. Domestic Violence Data Sheet
Of all adult domestic violence cases reported to the as many incidents of violenceby an compared to approximately 157,330 incidents committed against men.
Domestic Violence Data Sheet PDF format
Criminal Justice

  • Of all adult domestic violence cases reported to the National Crime Victimization Survey, in 1998, approximately 85% were victimizations of women by their current or former partners. Compared to males, females experienced 5 times as many incidents of violence by an intimate. Women were the victims in about 876,340 of the violent crimes committed by an intimate, compared to approximately 157,330 incidents committed against men. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Intimate Partner Violence, May 2000, NCJ 178247.
    Fifty-two percent of all violent crimes committed by a relative involve spouses and ex-spouses. One in four spousal attacks involve persons who are divorced. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1995, May 2000, NCJ 171129.
    In 1995, almost one in five reported violent crimes where the victim knew the offender involved the use of a weapon. Bureau of Justice Statistics, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1995.
  • Of 57 domestic homicides occurring in NYS between 1990 and 1997, 75% of the victims had ended the relationship or stated an intention to end it at the time of their death. NYS Commission on Domestic Violence Fatalities, Report to the Governor, (Albany, NY: 1997), 8.

78. 07-10-01 Fact Sheet On Domestic Violence
Basic Facts violence against women consists primarily of domestic violence. victimizedby intimate partners, compared to 16.2 percent of men who had
You are currently visiting the ACLU online archives. These pages are not updated. For the latest information from the ACLU, go to
Fact Sheet on Domestic Violence
Basic Facts:
  • Violence against women consists primarily of domestic violence. A recent survey found that 64 percent of women who reported being raped, stalked, or physically assaulted since age 18 had been victimized by intimate partners, compared to 16.2 percent of men who had been raped, stalked, or physically assaulted since age 18. In a recent survey, 25 percent of women, compared to 8 percent of men, said they had been raped and/or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date. Women are two to three times more likely than men to report that an intimate partner threw something that could hurt them, or pushed, grabbed, or shoved them. Women are seven to 14 times more likely than men to report that an intimate partner beat them up, choked or tried to drown them, or threatened them with a gun or knife.
Lower-income Women:
  • While domestic violence occurs across class lines, low-income women are at a higher risk of being physically assaulted by an intimate partner than are their counterparts with higher socio-economic statuses.

domestic violence is not a private matter. Boycott magazines, videos or music thatpromote violence against women to and Teach boys and young men about healthy
Men for HAWC

(Help for Abused Women and their Children)
Danvers, Massachusetts Police Department
A Dozen Things Men Can Do To Stop Men's Violence Against Women
  • Recognize that domestic violence is every man's responsibility. Speak up. Don't be a silent bystander. Challenge men who use sexist language and make degrading jokes about women. Ask a woman how the threat of violence impacts her life. Listen to and learn from women. Think about how our own attitudes and languages contribute to the problem of men's abuse of women. Call 911. Domestic violence is not a private matter. It's a crime. Recognize that degrading images of women in the media are linked to violence against women. Boycott magazines, videos or music that promote violence against women. Talk to and Teach boys and young men about healthy relationships. Walk the talk by being a good role model. Seek help if you have a problem with being emotionally or physically abusive.
    Call Doug Gaudette at the Batterer's Intervention Program at
    (978) 687-0156 ext. 4233.

80. The White Ribbon Campaign - Related Sites
The Finnish WRC. Freedom from Fear Campaign against domestic violence. Mainelymen against violence and Sexism. men against Sexual Assault (MASA).
This list will continue to grow. Assaulted Women's Helpline Canada's Treatment Programs for Men Who Abuse Their Partners Canadian Women's Foundation CANTERA - Popular Education and Communication Center ... XY: men, masculinities and gender politics
View previous public comments sent to The White Ribbon Campaign
Contacting The White Ribbon Campaign

Address: 365 Bloor St. East, Suite 203, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3L4
Phone: Toll Free: Fax:
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