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         Domestic Violence Against Men:     more books (26)
  1. A Call for Injustice: Domestic Violence Against Men by Gene Moore, 2008-03-31
  2. Leading the fight.(Family)(In Ann Kneeland's campaign against domestic violence in Lane County, men have an important role to play): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  3. What Causes Men's Violence Against Women?
  4. Intimate partner violence against aboriginal men in Canada.: An article from: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology by Douglas A. Brownridge, 2010-08-01
  5. Men to men consultation.(FEMNET organizes program for men against gender-based violence): An article from: Femnet News
  6. To be or not to be a man.(educating men to stop violence against women): An article from: Femnet News by Augustine Musopole, 2001-09-01
  7. Women Murdered by the Men They Loved (Haworth Women's Studies) by Ellen Cole, Esther D Rothblum, et all 1992-10-21
  8. Men's Violence Against Women: Theory, Research, and Activism by Christopher Kilmartin, Julie Allison, 2007-03-28
  9. Changing Violent Men (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Rebecca Emerson Dobash, Russell P. Dobash, et all 1999-10-12
  10. Locked in A Violent Embrace: Understanding and Intervening in Domestic Violence (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Dr. Zvi C. Eisikovits, Dr. Eli Buchbinder, 2000-04-15
  11. The economic recession and intimate partner violence: imbalances in the traditional roles of men and women can put women at risk of violence from men, ... from: The Journal of Employee Assistance by Sheetal Ranjan, Chitra Raghavan, 2010-04-01
  12. Domestic Abuse Against Men in Scotland (Central Research Unit Papers) by Central Research Unit Scottish Executive, 2002-07-01
  13. Same-Sex Domestic Violence: Strategies for Change (SAGE Series on Violence against Women)
  14. Batterer Intervention Systems (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Dr. Edward W. Gondolf, 2001-12-15

81. Ending Violence Against Women, Population Reports, Series L, Number 11
an acquaintance often go unchallenged when men direct them most common forms of violenceagainst women are abuse—also known as domestic violence, wifebeating
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  • The World Takes Notice
  • Intimate Partner Abuse
  • Sexual Coercion
  • Impact on Reproductive Health ...
  • Bibliography
    For another book on this topic, see:
    Domestic Violence : Women's Way Out
    Population Reports is published by the Population Information Program, Center for Communication Programs, The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 111 Market Place, Suite 310, Baltimore, Maryland 21202-4012, USA Published in collaboration with:
    6930 Carroll Avenue
    Suite 910
    Takoma Park
    Maryland 20912, USA
    Phone: 301/270-1182
    Fax: 301/270-2052 The Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) is a research and advocacy organization that seeks to integrate concern for gender equity and social justice into international health policy and practice. CHANGE staff can be reached by e-mail at
  • 82. Campaign Against Domestic Violence: CADV
    Abuse can also take place in lesbian and gay relationships and is occasionallyperpetrated by women against men. Some facts about domestic violence.
    Campaign Against Domestic Violence
    Home About CADV Programme for Action About Domestic Violence ... Contact / Join
    What is Domestic Violence?
    Domestic violence is physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse which takes place in a close relationship. Most abuse is by men over women and is rooted in the idea of male dominance and control within the family. Domestic violence affects women regardless of class, race, age, disability or lifestyle. Abuse can also take place in lesbian and gay relationships and is occasionally perpetrated by women against men.
    Some facts about domestic violence
    • One in four women will experience domestic violence at some time in their lives. Two women are killed by their partner or former partner every week. A woman is raped, stabbed or beaten every six seconds. There are more animal sanctuaries in Britain than refuges for women fleeing domestic violence.
    Home About CADV Programme for Action About Domestic Violence ... Contact / Join CADV, PO Box 2371, London, E1 5NQ, United Kingdom email:

    83. Cybergrrl: Views: Healthgrrl: Violence Resources For Women
    SafetyNet - Resources and links, including statistics and a listing of state coalitions against domestic Category Society People Women Issues domestic violence...... men against domestic violence (California) FAQs, statistics, a resource addressbook, hotline numbers, info on Internet agencies, shelters and interstate

    International Websites
    Educational and Professional Resources
    The Sounding Board Counseling Center

    Provides a state-by state-listing of local phone numbers and contact addresses for shelters, crisis centers, related organizations and other useful resources. Toll free numbers are also listed. The USDA State Look Up
    Listing links to information on state domestic violence coalitions, giving address, phone and fax numbers and toll free numbers. Women's Rural Advocacy Program (Minnesota)
    Provides info on safety plans, support groups, legal intervention, where to get aid and victim's rights including restitution. There is also a page of links to the American Bar Association, the Batterers Intervention Services Coalition, the Communities Against Violence Network and other extensive resources. They also offer a quarterly newsletter. Men Against Domestic Violence (California)
    FAQs, statistics, a resource address book, hotline numbers, info on Internet agencies, shelters and inter-state sources of assistance and education. Confidential email consultations with experts are also available at this website. Creative Communications Group Domestic Violence Handbook
    Although the contact info listed is for Michigan, the material on identifying abuse, the cycle of violence, making a safety plan, personal protection orders and counseling will help anyone in this situation.

    84. Pathways Courses - Substance Abuse And Violence Against Women
    What men Can Do To End Male violence against Women; Summary. Module 5 Alcoholand domestic violence Introduction; Common Characteristics of Alcohol Abuse and
    @import "style_courses_serif.css"; This site looks best when viewed with a 5.0 or higher browser, but will work in any browser. Why should you upgrade? CONTENTS Table of Contents
  • Overview Substance Abuse Violence Against Women ...
    It Won't Happen to Me:
    Substance Abuse and Violence Against Women
    Table of Contents Introduction Module 1: Overview Module 2: Understanding Substance Abuse Module 3: Understanding Violence Against Women Module 4: Understanding and Preventing Male Violence Module 5: Alcohol and Domestic Violence Module 6: Alcohol, Drugs and Sexual Assault
  • 85. Reason
    and Diversity of Survivors of domestic violence, open until Dec for Everyone, whichaddresses violence in samesex relationships and against men by female
    November 12, 2002 Manhandled
    Recognizing men abused by women
    By Cathy Young
    This year in Massachusetts, there was something different about the vigil for victims of domestic homicides held in October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Three of the 15 names on the placards belonged to men slain by their female partners. In previous years, all the victims whose deaths were commemorated were female. The willingness to recognize male victims of violence by women may mark the beginnings of a change in societal perceptions of domestic abuse. In the same month, a conference on male victims of abuse held by the Battered Men's Helpline in Portland, Maine, received positive coverage in the local media. Also in Portland, a photography exhibit by victim advocate Donna Galuzzo, "A Celebration of Surviving: Celebrating the Strength, Success and Diversity of Survivors of Domestic Violence," open until Dec. 6, features photographs of gay men and lesbians who have been abused by their partners, as well as women battered by men (though not of men abused by women). Nationwide, a group called Stop Abuse for Everyone, which addresses violence in same-sex relationships and against men by female partners, has been gaining recognition in the victim advocacy community. It would seem that broadening outreach to a more diverse group of victims should be an unequivocally good thing for those concerned with domestic violence. But that's not the way many advocates see it. Nancy Scannell, legislative director of Jane Doe Inc., a Massachusetts-based domestic violence coalition, has told

    86. Domestic Violence Information Manual Domestic Violence WWW
    run, moderated list dedicated to ending domestic violence and violence against womenthrough survivors, feminists, and profeminist women and men who seek

    87. Casa Myrna Vazquez, Inc. - Informational Resources Links Employers against domestic violence ( men's domestic violence Project (www

    88. UNIFEM In The Press Rural Communities Educated On Violence
    turns to explain in detail that the new domestic violence Bill expanded and take intoconsideration acts of violence committed by women against men.

    89. Links To Other Online Sources On Domestic Violence, (ACADV)
    Rural violence against Women. Safety Net domestic violence Resources. Silent Tears,Inc. White Ribbon Campaign men Working to End men's violence against Women.
    The following links will open in a new browser window. Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Alabama Administrative Office of Courts Alabama Crime Prevention Clearinghouse American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence ... Stories

    90. Human Rights: Violence Against Women
    and equal pay for men and women; hotline to respond to incidents of violence againstwomen government departments and institutions dealing with domestic violence.
    Bahasa Indonesia Nederlands English Español Português Archive Home Current story: Chapters: Violence against women Updated: 21 April 1999 In Central America, violence against women is rampant. It's estimated that one out of every two women suffers physical abuse at some time during her life. This level of violence has been attributed to a variety of factors, most notably machismo. Two countries – Nicaragua and El Salvador – are now taking active steps to stamp out violence against women.
    Listen to a report in Real Audio The cycle of abuse
    In Central America, violence against women doesn't necessarily begin with physical violence. The man tends to start by cutting off his wife's links with the outside world - with her family and friends. He then forces her to quit her job. In effect, he builds a wall around her. He tells her things which destroy her self-esteem. It's only later that the physical violence starts. According to Dori Magnussen, who is involved in a Pan American Health Organization project to combat family

    Trish Wilson critiques the notion that men and women are equally abusive and other myths.Category Society People men Issues violence and Abuse...... primarily by men, whether against male or preventing intimate partner violence shouldfocus Articles* False Allegations * Feminista/domestic violence Article
      Men and Women Are Not Equally Abusive
      Critiques of the Conflict Tactic Scales
      Contrary to claims made by men's/fathers' rights and false allegations of abuse advocates, men and women are not equally abusive. There is not an epidemic of "battered men" in America. Although rare, bona fide abuse of men by women is taken seriously by the domestic violence community. No one deserves to be abused.
      by Richard J. Gelles

      University of Rhode Island Family Violence Research Program

        This factoid cites research by Murray Straus, Suzanne Steinmetz, and Richard Gelles, as well as a host of other self-report surveys. Those using this factoid tend to conveniently leave out the fact that Straus and his colleague's surveys as well as data collected from the National Crime Victimization Survey (Bureau of Justice Statistics) consistently find that no matter what the rate of violence or who initiates the violence, women are 7 to 10 times more likely to be injured in acts of intimate violence than are men.


      By Richard J. Gelles

    92. Family Violence Prevention Fund
    A national nonprofit organization that focuses on domestic violence education, prevention, and public Category Society Issues violence and Abuse Family violence...... Father's Day, FVPF will recognize men who have a taken stand to stop violence againstwomen and female artists to benefit families torn by domestic violence.
    April 7 2003
    Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Mar 6, 2003
    Statement of Kiersten Stewart, FVPF Public Policy Director
    Feb 11, 2003
    Leading Violence Against Women Groups Challenge Justice Department Decision To Ignore The Will Of Congress By Downgrading Violence Against Women Office
    Jan 17, 2003
    15 Grammy-Nominated Artists Loan Their Music to Domestic Violence Benefit CD, Available This Month
    Nov 27, 2002
    San Francisco-based Nonprofit Repeats Distinction as One of America's 100 Best Charities
    Nov 1, 2002
    New Resource Shows Health Care Providers How to Help Children Experiencing Family Violence
    Oct 25, 2002
    Sniper Case Demonstrates Tragic Consequences of Failing to Keep Guns Away from Batterers,Domestic Violence Expert Says

    March 2003
    Women Seeking Asylum to Escape Violence may be Denied Attorney General John Ashcroft may issue new regulations that will limit asylum-seekers who are trying to escape domestic violence, honor killings or sexual slavery. Justice Department officials have confirmed that Ashcroft is reconsidering proposed Clinton Administration guidelines that would have made it easier for women seeking to escape gender-based violence to gain asylum in the United States. Read more Contact the Attorney General February 2003 No Justice: Sexual Assaults at the Air Force Academy Following allegations of sexual assault and a climate of indifference and intimidation at the Air Force Academy, the Pentagon has ordered a review the Academy's sexual assault policies. In recent months, at least twelve female current and former cadets at the Academy have charged that they were reprimanded for reporting sexual assaults.

    93. DADS Against Discrimination - National Home Office
    the Justice Department. In the same fouryear period, 2% of violenceagainst men was from domestic situations, the study said. .

    94. Child Custody And Visitation Decisions In Domestic Violence Cases
    to child abuse and exposure to domestic violence may be of the women reported threatsagainst their lives In rare cases, men kill children in retaliation for
    Child Custody and Visitation Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases :
    Legal Trends, Research Findings, and Recommendations
    Daniel G. Saunders, Ph.D.
    University of Michigan, School of Social Work Publication Date: August 1998
    Revision Date: October 1998
    Table of Contents
    It may be hard to believe an abusive partner can ever make good on his threat to take the children away from his victim. After all, he has a history of violent behavior and she almost never does. Unfortunately, a surprising number of battered women lose custody of their children. The actual number is not known and offenders appear to be no more successful in gaining custody than non-offenders ( ). However, violence against one parent by another is often considered in custody-determination proceedings ( Family Violence Project, 1995

    95. Violence Against Women Online Resources: Document Library
    Working with Young men Who Batter Current Strategies and New Directions Welfare andDomestic violence against Women Lessons from Research Author Eleanor Lyon
    Domestic Violence

    96. Domestic Violence Statistics
    Email domestic violence statistics. men's violence againstwomen and children is the most common form of domestic violence in our society.
    Home Women's Experience Men's Experience DVC Services ... Site Map Domestic Violence Centre
    PO Box 106 126
    Auckland 1001
    Aotearoa/New Zealand Crisisline Office Fax E-mail Domestic Violence statistics Men's violence against women and children is the most common form of domestic violence in our society. Domestic violence is a major social problem, estimated to cost our nation between 1.187 billion and 5.302 billion dollars per year. Men assaulting their women partners comprise between 86% and 98% of family violence-related arrests. Recent NZ studies found that 35% of men reported physically assaulting their partners, and 33% of women reported physical or sexual abuse from their male partner. In a NZ Department of Justice study, one in five kiwi men admitted assaulting their partners in the last year.

    97. Life On Brian's Beat -- Gay-on-gay Violence
    Resources for gay men and lesbians who are in violent relationships. Description of kinds of abuse Category Society Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual domestic violence...... Samesex domestic violence References (Minneapolis Short of the Minnesota CenterAgainst violence and Abuse. David Island and Patrick Letellier's men Who Beat
    One very important reason why it is so hard to find out how many gay men are
    battered by their mates is that the gay community would rather not know.
    Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them: Battered

    Gay Men and Domestic Violence
    Violence is a state of mind, a way of being,
    but most of all, violence is a sickness!
    Gerald G. Jampolsky and Diane V. Cirincione's
    Love is the Answer: Creating Positive Relationships
    Holy relationships are based on the laws of love rather than the laws of the ego. They are relationships where two minds are joined as one, with the shared intention for living by the principles of giving, joining and forgiving, and where both will become one with God.
    In holy relationships, both people see the light of love in themselves, each other, and in other people equally. Their lives are based on the belief that our natural state is one of love, and there can never be any scarcity of love.
    In holy relationships, there is a willingness to live without attemtping to control, manipulate, dominate, demand, or possess any other person. It is a relationship where trust and equality replace selfishness, jealousy, competition, attack and defense. It is a relationship where each person's growth, individuality, and independence are fully supported, and where both people are filled with the fire of compassion for this planet, this universe, and for all that life is.
    It is a relationship where there is only unconditional love, where two souls come together as one, bringing light and healing to the world around them. It is a relationship where interest in the other person's welfare is equal to interest in oneself. It is a relationship based on unconditional love and forgiveness, excluding no one from that love.

    98. Feminist Majority Foundation
    Family violence Prevention Fund This site contains valuable information on men anddomestic violence anduseful tips on mobilizing a campaign against violence.
    Feminist Internet Gateway Violence Against Women General Information Emotional Abuse Research Organizations ... Self-Defense
    General Information
    Communities Against Violence Network
    CAVNET is a comprehensive, searchable database for information about violence against women. They have articles on everything from welfare reform and domestic violence to violence against immigrant women to Rohypnol, the "date rape drug" to legal information and statistics. Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community
    This Institute's mission is to provide an interdisciplinary vehicle and forum by which scholars, practitioners, and observers of family violence in the African American community will have the continual opportunity to articulate their perspective on family violence through research findings, the examination of service delivery and intervention mechanisms, and the identification of appropriate and effective responses to prevent/reduce family violence in the African American community. Essential Information on Abuse Assault Rape and Domestic Violence
    This site gives a list of websites focused on issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault and prevention/self-defense. The site also gives a list of hotline numbers for abuse and/or assault.

    99. AMA (CSA) Report 9 Of The Council On Scientific Affairs (I-94) Full Text
    1982. 35. McLeod M. Women against men An examination of domestic violencebased on an analysis of official data and national victimization data.
    Privacy Statement Web Guidelines
    Renew ...
    more articles
    Report 9 of the Council on Scientific Affairs (I-94) Full Text Violence Toward Men: Fact or Fiction? E-Mail Story Print Story FULL TEXT NOTE: This report represents the medical/scientific literature on this subject as of December 1994. Depending on one's point of view and interpretation of the available evidence, male victims of spousal violence, or so-called "battered men," are either the missing persons of the family violence research literature and clinical caseloads or are an over-stated issue concocted to distract attention from battered women. Perhaps no issue in the field of family violence has generated so much controversy and debate as the question of whether there are a significant number of male victims of spousal violence. Those who use a feminist perspective to examine violence in intimate relations constitute one side of the controversy and argue that it is clear that women are overwhelmingly the victims of intimate violence. The divisions between the two points of view are deep, emotional, and, in the words of one scholar, probably irreconcilable.

    100. Coaching Boys Into Men: Union Men Taking Action Against Domestic Violence
    COACHING BOYS INTO men Union men Taking Action against domestic ViolenceSometimes the only messages boys get are the wrong ones.
    American Federation of State,
    County and Municipal Employees
    1625 L Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036-5687 COACHING BOYS INTO MEN
    Union Men Taking Action
    Against Domestic Violence
    Sometimes the only messages boys get are the wrong ones. Many young men need advice and direction on how to behave towards women and they want to talk to you about it. Share your experiences and let them know what you've learned. Here's how: Teach Early. Bring It Up. A kid will rarely approach you and ask for guidance on how to treat women. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need or want it. Try watching TV with him or listening to his music. If you see or hear things that depict violence against women, tell him what you think about it. And your job isn't done once you get the first talk out of the way. Help him work through problems in relationships as they arise. Let him know he can come back and talk to you again anytime. Listen. Hear what he has to say. Listen to how he and his friends talk about girls. Ask him if he's ever seen abusive behavior in his friends. Is he worried about any of his friends who are being hurt in their relationships? Are any of his friends hurting anyone else? Tell Him How.

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