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         Drama Programs Teach:     more detail
  1. Literacy Play : Over 300 Dramatic Play Activities that Teach Pre-Reading Skills by Amy Cox, Sherrie West, 2004-05-01
  2. Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach : Teaching Shakespeare Made Fun : From Elementary to High School by Cass Foster, Lynn G. Johnson, 1992-03-13
  3. Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits . . . That Teach Serious Stuff: The Sequel by Michael Theisen, 2005-11-15
  4. Cross Views: Story Dramas That Teach the Faith by Dean Nadasdy, 1996-06
  5. Covering the Curriculum With Stories: Six Cross-cultural Projects That Teach Literacy and Thinking Through Dramatic Play by Paul Ginnis, Sharon Ginnis, 2007-05-15
  6. Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits . . . That Teach Serious Stuff by Michael Theisen, 2004-10-01
  7. Acting Cool: Using Reader's Theater to Teach Language Arts and Social Studies in Your Classroom (Linw Orth Learning Ser) by Chris Gustafson, 2003-12-01
  8. Shakespeare, to teach or not to teach: Teaching Shakespeare made fun, from elementary to high school by Cass Foster, 2000

1. MFA In Acting - UCI Drama
of the Arts at UCI, is among the most highly recommended drama programs by the ARCO Allfaculty who teach in the MFA program also teach in our undergraduate BA

Courses Faculty Facilities ...
Home Page
Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) 3 years
The Master of Fine Arts program in Drama offers courses of study in the areas of acting, directing, design and stage management. Each of these emphases is career preparatory, and admission to the program is highly competitive, attracting top applicants from across the country through interview and audition.
MFA in Acting
  • A Brief Orientation Frequently-Asked Questions A Final Word of Advice Santley Showcase ... Program Auditions
  • A Brief Orientation:
    The University of California, Irvine is one of ten campuses of the University of California, one of the great universities of the world. UCI is located approximately fifty miles south of Los Angeles, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Nearby cities are Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Laguna Beach. An hour's drive north brings one into Los Angeles, the heart of the film and television industry, not to mention a theatre scene that is the second largest in the nation. An hour and a half south are two major regional theatres, The Globe Theatre and the La Jolla Playhouse. Ten minutes away from UCI is the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and the Tony Award-winning South Coast Repertory. The Department of Drama, in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UCI, is among the most highly recommended Drama programs by the

    2. Yale School Of Drama -- Dramaturgy
    MFA and DFA programs in which students receive intensive training to prepare for to work in theaters as dramaturgs and in related positions; to work in theater publishing as critics and editors, as well as in other capacities; or to teach theater as practitioners, critics and scholars.

    3. University College Programs
    And if we can, will that teach us something about human intelligence? offered a stimulating alternative to other university drama programs by interweaving a broad range of practical
    University College has moved to If your browser does not automatically redirect you in 5 seconds, click here to go to the new site.

    4. MFA In Acting FAQ - UCI Drama
    Very briefly ACTING Many graduate programs divide their Style usually classicaland nonRealistic modern drama. Knight and Phil Thompson, teach in both
    Programs Courses Faculty Facilities ... Program Auditions
    MFA in Acting
    Frequently-Asked Questions
  • What is the focus of training at UCI?
  • Is UCI a conservatory?
  • Does UCI teach a particular "system" of acting? Or, to put it another way, what is a "UCI Actor" like? ...
  • Acting Faculty
    1. What is the focus of training at UCI?
    2. Is UCI a conservatory?
    3. Does UCI teach a particular "system" of acting? Or, to put it another way, what is a "UCI Actor" like?
    Throughout the years, the comment that we hear again and again from casting directors, agents, and directors goes something like this: "The thing that characterizes UCI actors is that they are all wonderfully trained, but they are also all different from one another. They are themselves." There are many training programs that produce actors who bear the stamp of their training to such a degree that they show the training, not the truth of the actor/character when they appear on stage. UCI has developed a curriculum that is specifically designed to see that the actor maintains his/her individuality. The arc of training in each of the core courses is carefully constructed by the faculty to take each actor through a clearly defined sequence of experiences in each discipline. There is a very definite plan to the training at UCI. But it is not based on a single, narrowly-defined view of the acting process, nor is the graduate actor at the mercy of a single acting teacher's evaluation.
    GRADUATING STUDENT PROFILE In the drama programs, students progress through a broad range of experiences, refining their focus to meet their postuniversity career goals. BFA/SSDR and Joint BFA/BEd drama programs will be able to facilitate teach and evaluate dramatic learning experiences.
    Interdisciplinary Perspectives International Perspectives Experiential Learning Faculty-Student Interaction ... FAQ
    In the Drama programs, students progress through a broad range of experiences, refining their focus to meet their post-university career goals. Each cluster of courses offers the student specific learning opportunities related to drama/theatre performance. Exposure to all aspects of the art form develops integrated practical and academic understandings and skills in the areas of research, creative activity (including interpretation), communication, critical response and the ability to facilitate dramatic experiences and learning with and for others. Due to the collective nature of the dramatic art form, students are offered opportunities to learn as individuals and as members of collaborative teams.
    Graduates of the Drama programs will be able to do research.
    The curriculum, as defined through the course clusters, offers students opportunities to research drama/theatre as a literary and performing art form a variety of viewpoints. Both academic and practical components of the curriculum require students to formulate research questions, pursue them through an appropriate research method and disseminate the findings in a relevant form. Graduates of the Drama programs will be able to create.

    6. J.M. Drama Programs And Services
    Each threeweek program is designed to teach participants skills Sponsorship FundAdie-Jane Bergauer Scholarship JM drama has several programs and services
    MOVIE NIGHT at the Registry Theatre
    Movie Nights at the Registry theatre are fundraising events for JM Drama. By purchasing a ticket not only do you get a fun evening but you also help support JM Drama and the many programs and events we offer.
    The Nostalgic movie-going experience!
    First off; every movie we show is preceded by a live performance of "Oh Canada"! You're also welcome to bring your own popcorn if you don't feel like buying some of ours ($1 a bag). Do you remember the last time you were allowed to do that?
    Next: every film we show we show will have an intermission! Nothing can spoil a movie more than really having to go to the bathroom half way through it!
    Lastly, each Movie Night will have a host. Not only does the host pick the film but he or she talks a little bit about the film before it starts. Tell us why they think it's so great or why it's so terrible.
    Find out things like:
    * The basketball that Jim Carrey dribbles in "The Cable Guy" is computer generated. Why? Jim doesn't know how to dribble a basketball.
    * Winnipeg Canada was the only city in the world where Brian De Palma's "Phantom of the Paradise" didn't flop.

    7. Stage One | Stage One Education Programs
    Stage One Education programs. Stage One offers a menu of schoolbasedand Summer public programs that teach through and about drama.

    8. Summer Theater / Acting / Drama Programs Details - New York College & University
    of young women who trust, teach, and challenge girls will use theater, drama, andyoga Web Site

    9. Programs, June 4
    Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) 3 years The Master of Fine Arts program in drama offers courses of study in the areas of acting, directing, design and stage management. Arts at UCI, is among the most highly recommended drama programs by the ARCO Performing Arts Major's College Guide and
    The LMDA Guide To Dramaturgy Programs: 2001
    Editor 2001 Edition, Geoff Proehl New Editor, Tom Shafer The LMDA Guide to Dramaturgy Programs is a concise listing of college and university programs in dramaturgy and related fields. Some of the programs included here offer degrees in dramaturgy, some offer a dramaturgy concentration within another degree, and some offer course work in dramaturgy or related areas. We sent detailed questionnaires to theatre programs across the country to determine what they offer to students of dramaturgy. This listing is a distillation of those responses. An * indicates entries updated in this edition. This Guide will be updated regularly, and will, we hope, help to raise awareness of the role dramaturgy is playing in higher education. Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas: 718-437-5462;; LMDA, PO Box #728, Village Station, New York, NY 10014; Overview of Programs Universities and Colleges with Dramaturgy Programs/Offerings in the United States American Repertory Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University Barnard College Baylor University Bowling Green State University ... California State University, Long Beach

    The doctorate in Comparative Literature with a concentration in drama is intended Normally,Ph.D. candidates in the combined programs teach three or six units
    The Ph.D. Program in Comparative Literature with a Concentration in Drama The doctorate in Comparative Literature with a concentration in Drama is intended to prepare candidates for
    careers as teachers and researchers. The program is focused on the study of dramatic literature, theatre
    history, or performance theory in a comparative context involving more than a single literature or examining
    the theatre from a cross-cultural or interdisciplinary perspective involving, for example, anthropology, music
    or the visual arts. This program draws together faculty from several departments and takes advantage of the
    many activities and productions at the Mallinckrodt Center of the Performing Arts at Washington University. Admission to the Program The following are required as part of the admission file for all students:
    • Current GRE scores Three letters of recommendation Transcripts for all academic work since secondary school A writing sample consisting of an essay Evidence of language proficiency in the major language, in English, and in a third language TOEFL scores for students who do not speak English as their native language.

    11. Teach Children, Digital Media, Strings Of Art, Music, Visual Art, Digital Filmma
    Strings of Art provides classes in Digital Media, Visual Arts, Music, drama, Danceon Client Firms and Schools of Strings of Art Outreach programs Genetech, Inc
    Strings of Art teaches children Digital Media, Music, Visual Arts on-site at firms/schools and at its Burlingame, CA. facility.
    On-Site Programs
    Free Articles New Music Program for Kindergarten Children Guestbook ... Info
    Strings of Art Outreach Program
    Strings of Art provides classes in Digital Media, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance on-site at companies and schools. Please note that listed below are classes based on Age Groups 3-6 years and 6 years-and up.
    Please call 650-342-0202 for a full brochure and more information. Thank you.
    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our new classes Digital Filmmaking and Basic Web Design - provided to students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades and higher grades.
    Some Delighted Client Firms and Schools of Strings of Art Outreach Programs:
    • Genetech, Inc.
    • Meadow Heights Elementary School
    • Discovery School of San Francisco
    • Palo Alto Jewish Community Center
    • United Methodist Church Nursery School
    • Peninsula Jewish Community Center
    • Jewish Day School of Foster Center
    • Peninsula Temple Shalom

    Special Note: 100% retention rate of clients
    Digital Media (7 and up)

    • Digital Filmmaking
    • Adobe Photoshop (graphics for print and Internet)
    • Web Design
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Procreate Painter
    • Macromedia Flash / 2D Animation
    • Adobe Premiere (Digital video editing)
    • Photomedia I
    Music (ages 6 and up)
    • Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet, Drums, Violin, Flute

    12. Drama Therapy At NYU School Of Education
    drama therapy combines techniques of drama with those of psychotherapy to treat those in crisis. Learn about this NYU performing arts program. Cecilia is completing a doctorate at Rutgers and will teach developmental transformations at NYU. many of the most prominent drama therapy programs worldwide. Form a background in

    Drama therapy combines the aims and techniques of drama/theatre with those of psychotherapy to treat individuals in crisis and help those with special needs to expand their quality of life. New York University was the first in the country to develop an academic program leading to a Master of Arts degree in drama therapy. The program attracts theatre professionals and educators, therapists, and those working in the fields of medicine, nursing, and special education. Students come from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds to study and apprentice with the leading professionals in the creative arts therapies. Classes are small and instruction individualized. The drama therapy program has been approved by the National Association for Drama Therapy. (See also Music Therapy in this department and Art Therapy in the Department of Art and Art Professions. The New York metropolitan area offers rich opportunities for clinical internships in hospitals and shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, prisons, and special facilities for the elderly, those with developmental disabilities, and the terminally ill, among others
    Career Opportunities
    Graduates are employed in a variety of therapeutic settings throughout the world, including Veterans Affairs hospitals, public and private mental health clinics, centers for adults with developmental disabilities, nursing homes, and drug rehabilitation centers. Drama therapists work in medical facilities as well as artistic ones, in social services as well as private practice.

    13. Play-Ground Product 1
    What drama programs does PlayGround Theatre offer? Summer drama Preschool Programages 3-6. How do I become licensed and certified to teach Play-Ground Theatre
    Licensed Drama Programs
    Play-Ground Theatre bring to the classroom an extraordinary combination of focus and discipline spontaneity and joy.
    • You can lead a new, innovative, exciting drama program and host free plays that students, parents, families and friend will love. Play-Ground Theatre programs encourage self esteem, team work, focus and creativity in a positive and noncompetitive setting. They incorporate music, singing, improvisation, movement, character exploration, creative thinking and self expression. Preschool Drama Program includes: Teacher-friendly self-study certification, self-study "how-to" video, simple step-by-step lesson plans, all program materials provided, two original scripts, teacher's costumes, summer drama games, original music for class and performances, expert support, program updates, new scripts and revised lesson plans offered yearly.
    Teacher Certification FAQs
    To order, please visit our online store . If you would like more information, contact us!

    This Web site was created at You can easily build a customized Web site for yourself or your business using our simple Web page building tools. We're looking for people to bring our drama programs to young people in their area. with an avid interest in drama can teach our program successfully due to the
    Javascript is either disabled or not supported by this browser. This page may not appear properly. TEACHERS! We 're looking for people to bring our drama programs to young people in their area. Why not
    No theatrical training is necessary everything provided! THE DRAMA CLUB HOMEPAGE MISSION STATEMENT ... HOW TO GET MORE INFO History and Programs
    Founded in the Fall of 1993 by Edmond Dixon, a teacher in Durham Region, the Club started with 30 young people at the local YMCA in Whitby, Ontario. Headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, it presently offers classes in 12 Ontario cities and towns and registers nearly 1000 young people in classes yearly. The club has been successful from its inception, with good profit margin and a strong rate of return from its clientele.
    The club's programming encompasses three age levels:
    Ages 5-8(Junior Drama) - Ages 9-12 (Introductory and Advanced programs) - Ages 13-16 (The Actor's Guild)
    At each of these levels a specific program has been developed which is age-appropriate, has a curriculum with step by step lesson plans (videos will be added soon!), and includes both dramatic training and performance. Classes are presently held in the evenings, with each class meeting once a week for 16-18 weeks, for a total of 25-30 hours. The Club employs only certified elementary and secondary school teachers who bring a level of professionalism to the club's program delivery and are paid well for their skills. (Franchise coordinators do not necessarily have to be teachers). These teachers need not be drama specialists, but they need to be good teachers. Our philosophy is that a good teacher with an avid interest in drama can teach our program successfully due to the strength of our curriculum and support materials. This also provides the teachers with great professional development which will benefit their own classes in the future!

    15. Drama Graduate Programs At The UM Graduate School
    Graduate students are given opportunities to teach in labs, shops, studios and inthe classroom All programs in the Department of drama/Dance are
    Drama Department website Campus Location Performing Arts/Radio-TV Center, Room 196 Federal Express Delivery - Street Address
    32 Campus Drive #8136
    Missoula, MT 59812-8136
    Fax: (406) 243-5726
    Graduate Program Coordinators
    Randy Bolton, Co-chair
    Christine Milodragovich, Co-chair
    Program Description
    The Department of Drama/Dance provides a lively theatre production environment and academic program that is positive, supportive and rigorous in its expectations of graduate students. The goal of the professional training at an advanced level is to prepare the student artist for a career in the professional theatre or theatre education. Graduate students are given opportunities to teach in labs, shops, studios and in the classroom because we recognize that teaching one's art has become an integral, beneficial and often necessary part of the professional artist's career. Teaching also further develops the students' understanding of their own craft and theory.

    16. The Williston Northampton School - Summer Drama & Music Programs 2003
    drama programs Pioneer Valley Summer Theatre programs Two 3 This fun and fastpacedexperience will teach students the aspects of creating a new play as

    17. About Ingham What's New Student Programs Instructional Services
    writing skills can be honed through drama and playwriting. no later than 730 pmLocation All Gotta teach! programs are held at the Library of Michigan, 717 W

    18. Bronx Funded Projects & Programs - The Center For Arts Education
    Artists from the Bronx Dance Theatre coteach with classroom teachers, provide the TheBronx Arts Ensemble provides music and drama programs for students and
    The Center for Arts Education Partnership Programs
    The following school summaries were updated by the schools in October 1999. Please be aware that cultural partners, school populations, and grade levels may vary from year to year. School: PS 7
    Kingsbridge, Bronx
    School Population:
    940 (grades K - 1, 3 - 5)
    Phone: School Profile featured in the NEW Promising Practices book PS 7 serves a community of both new immigrants and longtime, low- and middle-income residents. The school has had a relationship with the College of Mount Saint Vincent since before 1985 and has worked with the other partners in the past.
    • The Hudson River Arts and Design Center of the College of Mount Saint Vincent Doing Art Together provides arts instruction in 12-week cycles in PS 7 classrooms. The Judaica Heritage Museum exhibits research projects by fourth-grade students. The PS 7 librarian, who is integral to the program, coordinates books and other resources for students and teachers.
    School: PS/MS 37
    Kingsbridge, Bronx

    19. Playwrights Project Teaching Programs
    Classroom programs. communication skills for grades K4. RADAR-(Recognizing And dramatizingAlternative Registers)-drama-based activities teach why, how
    Classroom Programs


    Professional Development for Teachers
    Touring Performances
    bring quality theatre to your school.
    Our References


    Who We Are

    Playwrights Project
    Main Office 450 B Street, Ste. 1020 San Diego, CA 92101 Ph: 619-239-8222 Los Angeles Office 1612 Garden Street Glendale, CA 91201 Ph: 818-242-3984

    20. Classifieds
    The successful applicant will focus primarily on teaching in the BA, BA(Honours),and MA drama programs, and will be expected to teach courses which integrate
    Send us your listing today!
    Submissions cannot be verified as to accuracy, reliability or truthfulness. Therefore Alliance Information Group and The Call Board shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any information offered through The Call BoardÂ’s services, whether on-line or via e-mail. Any listings/information shall not imply or constitute any endorsement or recommendation. And we urge all to check these notices out and should any be deemed inappropriate or false, to notify us and we will have the information removed from our site. SEEKING: 2 bookers They will work on commission basis, with a draw on commission.
    Potential to earn up to $60,000 per year. If interested please send resume to:
    Classic Models
    P.O. Box 468
    Bernardsville, NJ 07924
    The original participatory mystery events company, and creators of Mystery Dinner Theater, have perpetrated play-fair whodunits since 1981, featuring professional actors and well-known mystery authors. Our interactive mystery events are perfect for special events, corporate entertainment, team building, new product launches, private parties for all ages, scavenger hunts, fund raisers, weekends, cruises, and incentives. Karen Palmer
    Bogie's Mystery Tours®

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