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         Dreams:     more books (101)
  1. Her Daughter's Dream (Marta's Legacy) by Francine Rivers, 2010-09-02
  2. Holding the Dream (Dream Trilogy, Book 2) by Nora Roberts, 1997-01-01
  3. Annes House of Dreams by Lucy Maud Montgomery, 2010-05-07
  4. Finding the Dream: The Dream Trilogy #3 by Nora Roberts, 1997-08-01
  5. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, 1996-05-28
  6. I Still Dream About You: A Novel by Fannie Flagg, 2010-11-09
  7. Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama, 2007-01-09
  8. Field of Dreams/Laser by Kevin Costner, 1990-08-31
  9. Daring to Dream: The Dream Trilogy #1 by Nora Roberts, 1996-08-01
  10. The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, 2003-09-03
  11. The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly, 2007-08-21
  12. Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan, 2005-10-11
  13. Dream Chaser (A Dream-Hunter Novel, Book 3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon, 2008-02-05
  14. Fever Dream by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, 2010-05-11

1. The Association For The Study Of Dreams
A massive site containing essays, research papers, and advocacy material on meaning in dreams. The international association provides recommendations regarding ethical issues, lists graduate dream research programs, operates conferences, and publishes both a journal and a magazine.
Welcome to the 2003 International Conference
in Berkeley, California
June 27 - July 1 See Details Enter the main website Auction Items - open for bidding until April 30, 2003

2. Common Dreams
Breaking progressive news and viewsCategory News Breaking News......Common dreams NewsCenter. Wednesday March 19, 2003. Help Support Common dreamsclick here Ari I White House Briefing Thursday, March 13, 2003.
April 7, 2003
About Us
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Thousands Rally at Anti-War Gathering in Oakland...

Convoy Evacuating Russian Ambassador from Baghdad Comes Under Attack...

Red Cross: Iraq Casualties Too High to Count...

War Provides Cover for a Fresh Israeli Crackdown...
Anti-War Marchers to Confront Bush in Ireland on Monday...

UTNE Reader:
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3. Dreams: The Terry Gilliam Fanzine
Fanzine dedicated to this film director and former Monty Python animator offers news, interviews and links. across the USA for this documentary about Gilliam's Quixote struggle. January 2003 dreams News Update. Brothers Grimm
"Most of it is actually true" - Terry Gilliam
Eric Cantona in
Gilliam's Nike ad
The un-making of Quixote;
feature documentary hits
US screens in Jan 2003
Jabberwocky DVD to be
released in UK 17 Feb 2003
Brothers Grimm
cast takes shape
"Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Jonathan Pryce and Robin Williams attached to Gilliam project."
Gilliam is "definitely on the top of the list of people I wanted to work with" - Heath Ledger. Lost in La Mancha gains BAFTA nomination STOP PRESS: Producer Lucy Darwin nominated for Carl Foreman award; here's a link to the BAFTA website Lost in La Mancha opens in USA Click on this link for the official website, and release dates across the USA for this documentary about Gilliam's Quixote struggle January 2003 Dreams News Update Brothers Grimm ... Gilliam appears in Albert Dupontel film... French magazine launched called Brazil Lost in La Mancha set to open in USA... Gilliam at George Harrison tribute

4. Snickerdoodle Dreams Country Clipart Collections, Primitive Graphics, Web Site A
Original country clipart along with a large variety of free web sets and free Provo craft clipart. Graphic collections are for commercial and personal use. Free monthly graphic giveaway.
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5. The Kosovo Crisis: Drumbeats Of War
Breaking news and views on the Kosovo Crisis from Common dreams.Category Society Issues Specific Conflicts Balkans Kosovo...... Common dreams NewsCenter A nonprofit news service providing breakingnews views for the progressive community. Home Newswire
NewsCenter NewsWire Editors Note: We will return to daily updates on this page if necessary. In the meantime, read our front page for the for the progressive community.
War Crimes Trial
Serbia Accuses NATO of War Crimes
AP [9/18/00]
Why NATO Is Bracing for Another War in Yugoslavia
Business Week [9/18/00]
NATO: U.S. Jets Fired Depleted Uranium Rounds in Kosovo War
AP [3/21/00]
Views... More Views... The Latest AP-Associated Press AFP-Agence France Presse Reuters ITAR-TASS ... Maps News Sources Independent United States/Canada Europe Yugoslavia ... Kosova Albanian Key Players United States/NATO Yugoslavia Russia Kosova Albania Activists/NGO's Anti-Bombing Pro-Bombing Human Rights Humanitarian Aid Extra Rambouillet Accords - Text Paul Watson's Dispatch From Kosovo
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6. American Dreams - TV Tome
Profiles the drama set in the 1960s turmoil. Includes cast and crew, news, viewer comments, episode guide, and bloopers. User contributions welcome.
American Dreams
American Dreams Episode List Episode Guide Goofs Guide Cast Guide ... Viewer Comments Last New Episode:

Next New Episode:
Fear Itself

Find videos, posters, books, collectibles and more in our shops Video Watch video streams of your favorite show. Links
American Dreams Online

All the series info from the people behind Sitcom's Online.
Official American Dreams Site

A nice Official site for the show, with sections for Roxanne and Meg's comments and plenty other stuff.
Almost Human's AD Site

A Great site with everything you need to know about the series. American Dreamers An up and coming new site, with episode guide, pictures, fan fiction and more to come. A Fan Site for Vanessa Lengies Everything you wanna know about Vanny and more. Featuring video clips from the series and a guide to her career. NBC Media Village AD Page NBC's Media page with the latest news directly from the network. More Links Viewer Comments New viewer comments: Main 12 new posts Welcome to the American Dreams Episode Guide presented by TV Tome This evocative drama set against the memorable, upbeat sounds of the 1960s depicts a more innocent America as seen through the youthful Pryor family of Philadelphia as they brace for cultural turbulence ahead that still resonates in this contemporary era.

7. Azure Dreams: Dreams For The Sky
Characters, hints, information, equipment, items list, monsters, frequently asked questions, codes, images, movies, message board, and newsletter.
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8. Freud The Interpretation Of Dreams, Table Of Contents
The Third Edition of Sigmund Freud's seminal work on dream interpretation, as translated by AA Brill.Category Science Social Sciences Psychology dreams Papers...... The Interpretation of dreams (3rd edition) by Sigmund Freud. A. The Relationof dreams to Waking Life; B. The Material of dreams Memory in dreams;

9. 'Hoop Dreams' - Official Home Page
Filmmakers Steve James, Peter Gilbert, Frederick Marx, others. Transcript of Petre Gilbert's online conference. Production notes, cast and crew, biographies.

10. Freud, Sigmund - The Interpretation Of Dreams
Psych Web offers "The Interpretation of dreams" as translated by A.A. Brill. The Interpretation of dreams (3rd edition) by Sigmund Freud

11. Field Of Dreams Movie Site © - Baseball Tourist Attraction
Site of the filming locationCategory Arts Movies Titles F Field of dreams......
Watch the Field on The Travel Channel's "Road Trip" , airing Thursday, April 3rd.
Check local listings for time and channel.

12. WOD Graphics And Design - A Full Design Studio For The Discriminating Client
High quality original linkware and commercial web sets and seamless tiles. Home to the one and only Category Computers Graphics Web Free Page Elements Linkware...... affordable. Search Web of dreams. DESIGN TIP OF THE DAY. Would you liketo link to WOD? month! © 19972002 Web of dreams All rights reserved.
Welcome to WOD Graphics and Design
If your web site design and graphics giving you nightmares, you have come to the right place. I invite you to browse through hundreds of high quality theme sets, backgrounds and miscellaneous items suited to every taste and style.
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13. FauxFilled Dreams -A School Of Decorative Arts Teaching Faux Finish Painting, Ve
Expert instruction in decorative painting, including faux finishing, murals and trompe loeil. Classes Category Arts Visual Arts Painting Frescoes, Murals, FauxFinishes......FauxFilled dreams™ School of Decorative Arts. FauxFilled dreams enliststhe skills of Master Artists to teach the following classes.
FauxFilled Dreams
School of Decorative Arts
[ Home ] Gulf Coast Northern California Samples Products ...
What FauxFilled Dreams Does For You - Click here. FauxFilled Dreams enlists the skills of Master Artists to teach the following classes. Click on any of them to learn more. Faux Finishing Trompe L'oeil
Venetian Plaster
Color Theory ... Business Course Learn the Art of Faux Finishing, Venetian Plaster, and Trompe L'oeil Murals at the Hands of Renowned Artists Faux Finish Painting is experiencing a revival. This age old art is taught by accomplished artists so it can be learned easily by the professional and amateur alike. All it takes is the desire to learn, patience, and practice. In less time than it takes to read a good book, you can realize your dream of becoming a Faux Finish Artist. As a new career or for home improvement , you will soon be creating the depth, textures, movement, beauty, and elegance that is associated with the old world art of Faux Finish Painting. Masters of the profession will guide you through the steps it takes to attain the necessary knowledge of faux painting . You will create finishes such as marble, granite, stone, leather, parchment, old world Tuscany, eggshell crackles, molten metal, and exposed brick. Learn the technical aspects of successfully operating a faux finishing business. Soon you will turn the "infauxmation" learned in these courses from an illusive art into a reality.

14. Dreams - Dream Central
Encounter a dream dictionary, tools for analyzing dreams, dream discussion groups and related links.
Dream Central
Your Source on the internet for dream information
You must choose to enter

preferred, more organized.
NO Frames
Standard "normal" pages

15. Field Of Dreams (1989)
Credits and information from the Internet Movie Database.

16. Animals Have Complex Dreams, MIT Researcher Proves
Covers dreaminterpretation for all age groups, and dispenses advice on night terrors, sleepwalking and sleep apnea.

News Releases
Search MIT News Office Comments ... MIT
Animals have complex dreams,
MIT researcher proves
Study may advance understanding
of human learning and memory
JANUARY 24, 2001
Contact information
Photo illustration by Kenway Louie, MIT CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Animals have complex dreams and are able to retain and recall long sequences of events while they are asleep, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers report for the first time in the Jan. 25 issue of the journal Neuron. While any pet owner knows that animals seem to dream, and studies show that animals' brains follow the same series of sleeping states as ours do, this is the first time that researchers know what animals are dreaming about. "No one knew for certain that animals dreamed the way we do, which can involve replaying events or at least components of events that occurred while we were awake," said Matthew Wilson of MIT's Center for Learning and Memory . "We looked at the firing patterns of a collection of individual cells to determine the content of rats' dreams. We know that they are in fact dreaming and their dreams are connected to actual experiences." Wilson says that this new ability to eavesdrop on the sleeping brain provides a basis for analyzing the content of dream states. It could be a valuable tool in treating memory disorders such as amnesia or Alzheimer's disease, or it may help devise ways for people to learn and memorize more effectively.

17. In Dreams: Cinephiles Movie Review
Synopsis and review.
Neil Jordan (1999)
In his most recent film, In Dreams, director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) toys with the notion of the rationality and the irrationality of dreams. Claire Cooper (Annette Bening) has a long history of suffering from nightmares, yet she had learned to discard these irrational images against the reality of her normal family life. Soon, however, these nightmares become premonitions of murders and missing children. While her husband Paul (Aidan Quinn), the police and her psychiatrist, Dr. Silverman (Stephen Rea) attribute the disturbances to a mental decadence, Claire is convinced that she is sane and is communicating with a mad murderer, whose messages could provide enough evidence to save future victims and to disprove her insanity. The plot thickens when the same horrifying images leave her dreams only to invade her home and to unfold before her eyes as palpable truths. By means of the exteriorization of the characters' internal or mental states (i.e., their dreams) Jordan creates a world (an "aesthetic" one composed of the "painted", abstract images from specific dreams), and he populates it with characters whose functions are determined by and depend on the motions of a world turned inside-out. Although the viewer may find an interest in these representations, he is less likely to find

18. : Splash Page
An online community made by and for women owned businesses. Over 3000 networking and mentoring women Category Society People Business Organizations Business Owners......Click here to visit our sponsor FREE registration for BuyCard salespartners.Translate this page automatically. Enter our website.

19. BIKER DREAMS - Review
Review from
Biker Dreams
Adam Berman Cast: Martin Tobias, Alex Landes, "Liddo" Jim
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single kickstart. The opening of Biker Dreams The documentary On Any Sunday took a look at the many different kinds of motocycling sports. Biker Dreams is another documentary that concerns motorcycles, but its focus instead is on the people who ride them. You might think that showing a number of different people talking about why they love motobikes would quickly become boring, but it isn't. The people we listen to, who are from all walks of life, have a number of insights and stories that are fascinating and informative. Also, they talk in a manner that make you able to relate to even the huge and mean-looking motorcyclists. Even viewers who dislike motorcycling will, after watching this documentary, have at least a more likable view of these motorcyclists. Besides focusing on one aspect of motorcycling, Biker Dreams focuses on the people attending one particular motorcyling event. This is the 1996 biker run at Sturgis, South Dakota, where every year, thousands of motorcyclists from all over the continent drive to. It's considered the Mecca for motorcyclists, though I couldn't help but wonder why they picked a place like Sturgis (anyone know?) We do get to see some footage of the thousands of bikes on the city streets, and also an interesting sequence showing a makeshift church under a giant tent, with rock singers singing behind the preacher. However, that's about it for showing what actually happens at Sturgis; it almost seems that bikers come to Sturgis just to park their bikes on the side of the street, stand around, and drink beer. Of course, that stuff must really happen, and I know that the focus of the documentary is on the bikers themselves. Still, I would have really liked the documentary to have taken a few minutes to clearly show what the bikers do there at this annual festival.

20. Dreams MUD
dreams MUD
Dreams MUD
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April 06, 2003 You are visitor number

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