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         Economics Global:     more books (100)
  1. The Global New Deal: Economic and Social Human Rights in World Politics (New Millennium Books in International Studies) by William F. Felice, 2010-02-16
  2. Russia After the Global Economic Crisis by Anders Aslund, 2010-05-30
  3. Managerial Economics in a Global Economy by Dominick Salvatore, 2006-10-27
  4. The Oil Card: Global Economic Warfare in the 21st Century by James R. Norman, 2008-07-22
  5. Profiting from the World's Economic Crisis: Finding Investment Opportunities by Tracking Global Market Trends by Bud Conrad, 2010-04-26
  6. Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Economics in a Global Economy, Sixth Edition by Robert F. Brooker, 2007-06-25
  7. Global Political Economy: Understanding the International Economic Order by Robert Gilpin, Jean M. Gilpin, 2001-02-20
  8. Managerial Economics in a Global Economy with Economic Applications Card by Dominick Salvatore, 2003-05-22
  9. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Global Economics by Craig Hovey, Gregory Rehmke, 2008-02-05
  10. Global Transformations: Politics, Economics, and Culture by David Held, Anthony McGrew, et all 1999-04-01
  11. When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change by Mohamed El-Erian, 2008-05-23
  12. The Global Economic Crisis The Great Depression of the XXI Century by Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall, 2010-05-25
  13. Economic Analysis of Land Use in Global Climate Change Policy (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics)
  14. The Economics of Global Turbulence by Robert Brenner, 2006-08-21

1. Workers Online : Economics : 2001 - Issue 108 : Global Regulation
economics global Regulation Public sector unions from around the globe are takingthe first steps to work internationally against the deregulation agenda.
Issue No 108 24 August 2001
Ask Neale Tool of the Week
Global Regulation
Public sector unions from around the globe are taking the first steps to work internationally against the deregulation agenda.
Visit the ASU During July 2001, one of the most significant conferences on Regulation and Reform took place in Sydney, with attendees including Politicians from Australia, Africa, America, West Indies, UK including the House of Lords and Commons, it showed that Parliaments throughout the World are starting to consider the implications of Regulatory Reform for services in our society. Sydney based Australian Services Union, Assistant National Secretary, Greg McLean, through his work on Utility Regulatory Reform represented Trade Unionists from around the World through the Public Services International. Greg reported to Workers Online "that standing on the floor of the NSW Parliament, both Assembly and Legislative Councils, including a stint in the speaker's chair, provided an opportunity to campaign further for Unions to have a voice in the Regulatory Reform Debate and Public Services including electricity and water utilities". .The conference provided a first hand opportunity for access to Politicians and the odd senior bureaucrats to remind them of the need to consult with the Trade Union Movement and Community Groups when introducing regulation over a variety of spheres that in turn reflect the standard of living that society maintains.

2. Workers Online : Economics : 2001 - Issue 115 : Global Alliances
economics global Alliances Ray Marcelo reports from India that the ILOis arguing that globalisation needs a worker and employer alliance.
Issue No 115 12 October 2001
Ask Neale Tool of the Week
Global Alliances
Ray Marcelo reports from India that the ILO is arguing that globalisation needs a worker and employer alliance. Lord Bill Brett, Vice Chairman of the ILO At an employer-sponsored seminar in New Delhi last week, Lord Bill Brett, the Vice Chairman of the International Labour Organisation's governing body tackled the great question, "Capital and Labour in the 21st Century: Enemies or Friends?" His answer borrowed from the strategic language of the moment: "We're not friends, we're not enemies. We're allies." Just like America has the unlikely support of Russia, China and Pakistan in their bombing campaign of Afghanistan, Lord Brett says globalisation has forced labour and employers to become allies. He acknowledged that globalisation as it stands is unfair. It is not spreading the benefits to many, it is something of a blank cheque for multinational companies, and it is diminishing the power of the nation state. But he says workers have been left with little choice; "We can no more reverse globalisation than we can un-invent the cell phone. It is real and it is here to stay."

3. Qango : Social Science: Economics: Global Economy
Home Social Science Economics Global Economy, Suggest a Site. Social Science,etc. Home Social Science Economics Global Economy, Suggest a Site.
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Global Economy

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4. Frontier Economics
Global economic consultancy operating in all areas of business and public policy where organisations and governments call for specialised economics advice.

5. Global Issues Of The Twenty-First Century: United Nations Challenges
Global Issues of the Twenty-First Century
United Nations Challenges
by Christopher Spencer Former Senior Advisor International Organizations,
Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Updated: 01 Mar 2002
(C) MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS AND CHALLENGES ... [Contact Webmaster via: ...]

6. Economics: Global Village
Other databases are limited to particular subject areas Branching Out InternationalEconomics on the Web. Institute for International Economics.
Getting Started
Research on International Economics begins in the Reference Room with background sources like World Development Report (Ref. HC 59.7 W659), International Development Dictionary (Ref. HF1359 .F79 1991), Europa World Yearbook (JN 1.E85 38th ed.) Other sources of background information:
Looking for Books
Find books not in the Reference room by searching the online catalog under such subject headings such as:
  • Developing countriesForeign economic relations
  • Economic assistance
  • Economic developmentInternational cooperation
  • International economic integration
  • International economic relations
  • International finance
  • International trade
For books in libraries outside of Vassar, search the WorldCat. Leave plenty of time if you need to do Interlibrary Loan.
Looking for Articles
You may need to find journal articles on your topic. Expanded Academic Index gives a multidisciplinary perspective while PAIS International focuses on public affairs and policy. Other databases are limited to particular subject areas:
Branching Out: International Economics on the Web

7. Olav Hohmeyer Man-made Climate Change Environmental Economics Global Warming Atm
Olav Hohmeyer Manmade Climate Change Environmental economics globalwarming Atmospheric pollution Meterology. Olav Hohmeyer Man-made
Olav Hohmeyer Man-made Climate Change Environmental economics Global warming Atmospheric pollution Meterology
Subject: Environmental economics Global warming Atmospheric pollution Meterology
Title: Man-made Climate Change
Author: Olav Hohmeyer
Manfred Fath Henry Moore...
James Rizzi James Rizzi...

Stephan Koja Monet...

Eckhard Hollmann Paul Gauguin...
Bartkowski Oliver DVD Guide d...

8. Major Sheets - Social Sciences - Global Economics
Global economics is an exciting interdisciplinary major that allows students to studyeconomics in the context of a particular geographic area, incorporating
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Art History


Theater Arts


Computer Engineering
Computer Science Dual Degree Engineering ... Information Systems Management Humanities American Studies Classical Studies East Asian Studies (individual major) German Studies History Italian Studies Language Studies ... Women's Studies Natural Sciences Astrophysics Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biology Earth Sciences ... Physics Social Sciences Anthropology Business Management Economics Community Studies Economics ... Field and Exchange Programs Global Economics Latin American and Latino Studies Legal Studies Politics Psychology ... Sociology Other Academic Programs Individual Study Prelaw Premedicine Global economics is an exciting interdisciplinary major that allows students to study economics in the context of a particular geo-graphic area, incorporating language training and study abroad into their academic plan. UCSC’s unique global economics major encourages students to put their liberal arts education into a global perspective and relate their understanding of economics to cultural and language differences around the world. Students graduating from UCSC with a major in global economics have a good academic foundation for careers in the following fields, most of which require graduate study or other professional training.

9. CGIRS-Global Economics
Global Economics. Overview The global expansion of economic activityhas become so commonly accepted that it is often mistaken to
Research Areas Global Economics Overview Institutes
    Institutes are organized around multi-disciplinary concentrations, with a "staff" of faculty members, research associates, and graduate students. Institutes are affiliated with CGIRS but are not directly administered by the Center.
Current Affiliated Institutes The Santa Cruz Center for International Economics (SCCIE) Projects
    Projects are organized by small groups of faculty who have proposed a focused research agenda, to be undertaken over the course of a year or two. The Center generally provides a small amount of seed funding for projects, with the understanding that members will seek larger, extramural grants to support their research.
Continuing and Finished Projects:
  • (Menzie Chinn, K.C. Fung, Michael Hutchison, Nirvikar Singh, Economics)
  • Atlas of Globalization (Ben. Crow, Sociology)
research areas
publications conferences home ... calendar of events

10. Economics LTSN: Books By Subject: International Economics
comments about this book. International economics global Marketsand International Competition. Author Henry Thompson Publisher
Books in International Economics
Up: Home Textbook Guide
General Textbooks
Balance-of-Payments Theory and the United Kingdom Experience (A.P. Thirlwall, Heather D. Gibson)
Economic Policy, Exchange Rates, and the International System
(W. Max Corden)
International Business Economics
(Judith Piggott, Mark Cook)
International Economics Theory and Policy
(Paul R. Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld)
International Economics and International Economic Policy
(Philip G. King)
International Economics, Study Guide
(Robert M. Dunn, James C. Ingram)
International Economics, Study Guide
(Dominick Salvatore)
International Economics: A Policy Approach : Euro Update
(Mordechai E. Kreinin)
International Economics: Global Markets and International Competition
(Henry Thompson)
International Economics: Study Guide
International Economics: Theories, Themes and Debates
(Kevin Lawler, Hamid Seddighi) International Economics: Trade Theory and Policy (Dennis Appleyard, Alfred Field Jr) International Economics (Peter Lindert, Thomas Pugel) International Economics (Dennis Appleyard, Alfred Field Jr.)

The global Business economics Review (GBER) is an international journal, published semiannually (Fall and Spring) by
Contents Subscription Order Form Cover Image
The Editor
64 Holden Street
Worcester, MA 01605
Tel: (508) 595-0089
E-mail: Manuscripts submitted to the Review must be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. The reviewing is based on the anonymity of the author(s) and the confidentiality of reviewers' and editors' reports. Authorship should be identified only on a removable cover page. Manuscripts should, normally, not exceed 12 single-spaced pages (Font:Times, Size:10) inclusive of graphs, tables, endnotes/footnotes and references. Detailed Format Instructions will be attached to the acceptance for publication letter. ISSN: 1097-4954
Printed in Worcester, Massachusetts, US
EDITOR Demetri Kantarelis, Assumption College, USA ASSOCIATE EDITORS Erne Houghton, University of Sydney, Australia
George Petrochilos, Coventry University, England
Abdol Soofi, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, USA Henry Thompson, Auburn University, USA BOOK EDITOR Simon Mowatt, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

12. ZNet Global Economic Crisis
ZNet offers this global economics Crisis site as a source for understanding global economics and trade issues and
Anti World Economic Forum Protests Argentina Newest Global Quick Hits to Global Economics Insight ... WTOAction ZNet offers this Global Economics Crisis site as a source for understanding global economics and trade issues and particularly in preparation for ongoing demonstrations about economic justice. Check out, also: Today's Quote
"I wanted to see whether or not the great Louis XIV style, which I consider the most beautiful style, could work in a modern building. I didn't want to buy old columns, because they're cracked and broken. I waited to have brand-new minted marble columns... I've used all onyx. Onyx is a precious stone, many times more beautiful. I don't believe there is an apartment like this anywhere in the world. The view, the solid bronze window frames, the fountain all brand new and carved. Did you see the way the window shades go up and down, all remote? And they're bulletproof... I don't care about material needs. I could be happy in a studio apartment with a television and a telephone"
Donald Trump
More Quotes
and Lyrics
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13. Brandeis University Graduate School Of International Economics And Finance
Offers four degree programs focusing on international business, economics and finance MAief in Internati Category Reference Education Massachusetts Brandeis University......MORE HEADLINES, Social security systems are at risk worldwide, accordingto Rosenberg Institute Symposium. More Follow the construction
Social security systems at risk worldwide - Rosenberg Institute Symposium More... Follow the construction work on the new Lemberg Academic Center More... Thinking on Business and the Economy at GSIEF More... Articles in Wall Street Journal, FT, Barron's, Christian Science Monitor and Boston Globe highlight GSIEF professors More... US International Trade Commissioner on his organization's independent role More...

8 April 2003 - Real Estate Forum - Bradford Klatt (I), Partner, Roseland Property Company More... 8 April 2003 - Research Seminar - TBA More... 11 April 2003 - Real Estate Forum - Bradford Klatt (II), Partner, Roseland Property Company More... 15 April 2003 - More... 25 April 2003 - Research Seminar - US Special Import Restraints More...
Gail Snowden, President of Fleet Bank’s Community Investment Group, spoke to GSIEF’s new Corporate Responsibility Forum on the benefits of a “balanced scorecard” approach to business. VIEW IN ENGLISH

14. Global Knowledge Economics Council (GKEC) - KM Standards
The global Knowledge economics Council (GKEC) is a notfor-profit* organization formed to discuss and select macro-,
Membership Membership on the Council currently consists of representatives from various governments, academic institutions, and many of the Fortune 500 industrial firms. For more information on membership, visit the membership page. Subscribe to the Free Global Knowledge Economics Council newsletter Current Events Call for Standards Chairpersons Order Fritz Machlup's "Knowledge Production and Distribution in the US" Knowledge Economics See Body of Knowledge References Related Links Knowledge-based Standards Welcome to the Global Knowledge Economics Council Accredited by the American National Standards Institute
Join the Council

Contact Information

Knowledge Economics Program African Knowledge Renaissance Program
GKEC is dedicated to developing knowledge economic policies, programs, and funds to help third world countries close the knowledge divide. Partnering with the South Africa government, GKEC is determined to help fight AIDS, poverty, and loss knowledge as well as help preserve indigenous knowledge. Richard Gerber, Chairperson of GKEC, is the African Representative.

15. The World Game Of Economics
Educational economics software for students and educators that simulates the economic performance and policies of countries in the global economy. The site also has articles on recent global events and sponsors a scholarship contest for students.

16. Global Economic NewsThe World EconomyGoogle's No
copyright © 2003. global Economic News. PostAutistic economics Network.
Global Economic News
The World Economy
no. 1 for global economic news Post-Autistic Economics Network

Today in the: The Guardian Prudent Bear Washington Post New York Times ... Financial Times Project Syndicate Monthly Columns
Economics and Justice

I Dissent: Unconventional Economic Wisdom

A Transatlantic Perspective

Anatomy of the Global Economy
... William Keegan Financial Times Columnists Gerard Baker Samuel Brittan John Kay Lucy Kellaway ... Nicholas Timmins and David Bowen
Daniel Bögler

Louise Kehoe

Martin Lukes
... Paul Taylor and Asia file James Blitz Alan Cane Peter Chapman ... free subscribers in over 120 countries
Latest market data updated every minute Global markets Today’s News Articles IPS Global News Prudent Bear International Development General Economic News ... Business News (Moreover) Business News (Google) Environment International Relations Technology Media ... BBC Economics Section Financial Times International economy Europe Americas Asia-Pacific ... (Editors
Feature Articles IPS Global Affairs Narco News Network Latin American Finance Features Business Features International Relations Features Technology Features ... Observer power 300 post-autistic economics review Subscribe now for free ... issue no. 18

17. EDC - Economics - Global Export Forecast Downloads
global Export Forecast Fall 2002. Export Forecast Update (PDF Format). FullReport. global Export Forecast (PDF Format - 1.01 MB). Individual Sections.

18. The Biodiversity Economics Library
Explores the economic dimensions of the global biodiversity agenda as reflected in the work of IUCN and the various biodiversity conventions, notably the Convention on Biological Diversity.
sponsors about subscribe new additions ... contents map business news
Produced by Earthwatch Institute (Europe), IUCN, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, provides information on the business case for biodiversity, an overview of hot issues, and guidance on biodiversity management strategies.
Download Handbook
(875 kb)
Search the Library by keyword:
Or visit the following Collections:
Business Finance Incentives Trade ...
© 1995-2003 IUCN - The World Conservation Union

19. Export Development Canada (EDC) EDC Economics Global Export
global Export Forecast Spring 2002. We've made both options available. FullReport. global Export Forecast (PDF Format - 980 KB). Individual Sections.

20. Wsbe1
The Whittemore School mission is to be a distinguished professional school in which the liberal arts are the basic foundation, and the management of change in a global economic community is the major emphasis. Located in Durham, New Hampshire.

Computer Specifications

Whittemore School Alumni Spring Gathering in New York City
General Information Admission Information
Computer Specifications

Whittemore School Alumni Spring Gathering in New York City
General Information Admission Information ... Calendar

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