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         Educational Directories:     more books (100)
  1. The Educational directory and yearbook of China by Unknown, 2010-08-20
  2. Cabell's Directory Of Publishing Opportunities In Educational Curriculum And Methods 2005-2006 by David W. E. Cabell, 2005-04
  3. Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Educational Psychology and Administration by David W. E. Cabell, Deborah L. English, 2002-04
  4. The Educational Grants Directory by Alan French, Dave Griffiths, et all 2002-09
  5. The correspondence educational directory and alternative educational opportunities: A directory on higher adult education at lower cost by John Harding Jones, 1984
  6. Guide to American Educational Directories: Includes Databases & Online Directories
  7. Directory of Educational Programmes for the Gifted by Lavonne B. Axford, 1971-04
  8. Patterson S American Educational Directory Vol X College And School Directory by Homer L. Patterson, 2010-05-17
  9. The correspondence educational directory: A directory on higher adult education at lower cost by John Harding Jones, 1976
  10. Directory of Educational Contests for Students K-12 by Kim Long, 1991-08
  11. Directory of educational statistics: A guide to sources by Malcolm Hamilton, 1974
  12. 1983 Computer News Directory of Educational Computing Resources
  13. Educational Grants Directory 2004/05 by Emma Jepson, Chris McGuire, 2004-12-25
  14. The Directory for Exceptional Children: A Listing of Educational and Training Facilities

1. Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc.
educational directories Unlimited, Inc publishes online resources for prospectivestudents seeking programs. educational directories Unlimited, Inc.
Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. is the bridge between students and educators, producing valuable services for educational administrators, advisors, and students. Our flagship products, and , have laid the groundwork for other unique services such as StudentProspector and Educational administrators can use our web sites and recruiting tools to effectively target their market: from college students looking to study abroad to working professionals looking to return to school. In addition, our Web sites serve as useful tools for students and advisors. Each Web site uniquely focuses on a specific area of education, providing a comprehensive directory of programs and information, to help students make informed educational choices. Visit the appropriate area through the links to the right to learn more about our innovative services. News Flash! release: Study Abroad or Party Abroad?
We provide innovative, effective advertising options for educational administrators. Visit our administrators section to learn more about how we can help you find students for your programs.

2. Educational Directories
Educational Stuff Free newsletters, freebies and other resources for teachers. Updated daily.'s Directory of Libraries - Specialized directories

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3. Educational Directories
Educational Directory includes Subject directory, homework help, teacher and parent resources, kidsmart, teensmart and lots of Florida Information. There are many excellent educational directories on the internet, try some of these for more sources of information.
Your Florida Web Guide Advertise Sponsor Be an Editor Attractions ... Local You are here: Home Subjects Research Tools Educational Subject Directories Your name here.
Click here for sponsorship info
Research Tools Educational
Directories Become a FloridaSMART Editor, click here for details
Educational Subject Directories
Using Directories is a good approach to searching the Web when you want to browse a subject rather than looking for a particular topic. Directories are excellent Homework Helpers. Directories have categoried indexes that are sorted by subject. For Example, FloridaSMART is an Educational, Subject and Information Directory for the state of Florida. There are many excellent educational directories on the internet, try some of these for more sources of information.

4. Academic Info - Educational Subject Directory
educational directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU) is the leading producer of online academic program directories that target
Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk Student Center
Academic Info
Your Gateway to Quality Educational Resources
by Subjects Search by Keywords Subject Gateways Reference Desk Architecture
The Arts

Business Administration

Digital Library
Student Center
College Admissions
Distance Education

Placement Center
Scholarships ... Iraq War Coverage SARS - see our SARS Resources September 11, 2001 Terrorism Studies Space Shuttle Disaster Stay Current of New Internet Sites Subscribe to our monthly email update list - see also What's New in April The Academic Info Home Page is sponsored by: Calling Cards "We provide our customers with easy, online access to the cheapest calling cards on the Internet." Gas Scooters "Get There Faster with Fast Gas Scooters!" Electric Scooters "We offer the most popular electric scooters you can find." We Need Your Help This site is for your educational benefit. Please help us maintain and expand Academic Info by making a tax-deductible donation now. Academic Info 19-143rd ST SW Lynnwood, WA 98037

5. Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. - Co-branding
educational directories Unlimited, Inc. publishes Cobranding OpportunitiesCo-brand educational directories Unlimited's content today! If
Look for some of our educational products: Co-branding Opportunities
Co-brand Educational Directories Unlimited's content today!
If you are looking to retain traffic, add content and generate impressions for your web site, consider our co-brand option. Co-branding allows you to frame around generic versions of our sites (no navigation, no graphic advertising). This no-revenue option allows you to display our comprehensive directories without sending traffic from your site. It increases your page counts and opens sponsorship opportunities by putting a web frame, for which you can sell advertising, around our content. You can co-brand either or both sites: ( is a comprehensive online directory of graduate school programs arranged by subject and then by geographical location. ( is an expansive directory of study abroad programs arranged by subject, language, or country. To participate, you must read and agree to the terms of our Co-brand agreement.

6. Copyright And Legal Information is a service of educational directories Unlimited, Inc. Allmaterial © Copyright 19952003 educational directories Unlimited,Inc.
Consumer Information is a service of Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. encourages students to consult with their graduate advisor when planning to further their education. Consumers should contact the individual providers of programs, products and services for further information, and should verify with the provider the terms and descriptions of their services. Students should be aware that some programs listed on this site may not be accredited. Accreditation varies by discipline, region and by country. A summary of American programs is available through the book, Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education . Other information is available through the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The World Wide Web site is a combination of free listings and paid advertising. is intended as a resource for students to learn about graduate and post-graduate educational programs. Listings and advertisements on our service are neither endorsments nor validations of the information provided. We will promptly correct Free Listings at the request of graduate school program providers.

7. Dynamic Directory - Computers - Software - Educational - Directories And Guides
Top ComputersSoftwareeducational directories and Guides (22) Computers Software Directories (128). Home Consumer Information Computers and Internet Software Kids (6)
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Search E-Mail News ... Maps
Dynamic Directory Top Computers Software Educational :Directories and Guides Description See also:

8. Educational Directories And Rankings
InfoSurf Reference Guides Research Guide, educational directories and Rankings. EducationalDirectories. K12 Schools. Boarding Schools Directory.
Research Guide
Educational Directories and Rankings
Educational Directories K-12 Schools Colleges and Universities: U.S. Colleges and Universities: International ... Related Research Guides The following is a list of print and online educational directories and rankings available in the Davidson Library. For further assistance ask a reference librarian at the 1st floor Reference Desk or contact Lorna Lueck , the Education Collection Specialist.
Educational Directories
K-12 Schools
Boarding Schools Directory.
California Private School Directory.
Main Ref, Calif. E 200 D5p
California Public School Directory.
Main Ref, Calif. E 200 D5b
California School Directory.
Handbook of Private Schools.
Main Ref L 901 H23
Patterson's American Education. (Grades 7-12)
Main Ref L 901 P31
Web 66: International School Web Site Registry.
Yahoo! Directory: K-12 Schools.
U.S. and international, as well as other types of K-12 schools (boarding, magnet, Montessori, etc.)

9. Educational Directories
educational directories A Research Guide. Contents Undergraduate Graduate Programs Foreign Institutions Professional Programs
Educational Directories:
A Research Guide
Contents: Undergraduate Graduate Programs Foreign Institutions Professional Programs ... Internet Resources There are many excellent directories to American and international colleges and universities in the Reference Collection. Most of these give such information as location, how accredited, calendars, admission requirements, degree requirements, fees, enrollment, size of library, and administrative officers. A separate research guide lists sources of financial aid. For actual listings of course requirements for a particular program in a college or university, use the library database CollegeSource Online . This database has over 20,000 college catalogs in complete cover-to-cover, original page format. Two-year, four-year, graduate, and professional schools in the United States and abroad are included. Access is only in Morris Library. You may also want to see if a particular college or university has its own Web site. Current course listings are often included and, in some cases, it's even possible to fill out an application form and submit it electronically.
American Council on Education.

10. Educational Directories: Live & Learn - Localeye, Christchurch, Canterbury, New
educational directories Live Learn localeye – your online guide to Christchurchand Canterbury, New Zealand. Home Live Learn educational directories.

11. EDIUSA.COM - About Educational Directories Inc.
educational directories Inc. Established in 1904 by Homer Patterson, EducationalDirectories Inc (EDI) is located in Schaumburg, Illinois.
100 Years of Excellence
Established in 1904 by Homer Patterson, Educational Directories Inc (EDI) is located in Schaumburg, Illinois. EDI specializes in the field of education and is the publisher of Patterson’s AMERICAN EDUCATION, Patterson’s ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Patterson’s SCHOOLS CLASSIFIED, and Patterson’s AMERICAN EDUCATION/CD. EDI educational data can be provided in the form of:
  • School Directories Mailing Lists Database Marketing Services

Phone: 847-891-1250 Toll Free: 800-357-6183 Fax: 847-891-0945 E-Mail:

12. EDIUSA.COM - Welcome To Educational Directories Inc. - The Education Specialists
educational directories Inc. publishes resources to provide Copyright2003 educational directories Inc. PO Box 68097 Schaumburg
Phone: 847-891-1250 Toll Free: 800-357-6183 Fax: 847-891-0945 E-Mail:

13. Educational Directories And Calendars
educational directories CALENDARS. University College Directories.Canadian Universities. -Canadian Colleges. -American Universities.
Canadian Universities Canadian Colleges American Universities Theological Schools of North America ... About Private Vocational Schools Search Engines Peterson's College Search Engine - U.S. programs World-Wide Graduate School Directory - grad schools in the U.S. Search engine for identifying Canadian Schools - as well as links to on-line provincial application centres Rankings Maclean's Rankings of Canadian Universities - 7th Annual Ranking U.S. News and World Report - 2001 America's Best Colleges Distance Education Alberta Learning Information Services - database of distance education programmes in Western Canada Association of Atlantic Universities - university distance education courses - distance education directory for B.C. Contact South - Ontario community colleges with online courses The Open University's International Centre for Distance Learning Distance Education Database Human Resources Development Canada Office of Learning Technologies Open Learning Agency - information on accrediation, distance education and more Scholarships, Exchanges and Programs

14. On-Line Educational Directories (or Portals About Training, Education And Develo
OnLine educational directories (or portals about training, education and development)First-Timers Library Catalog Library Home Page Contact Us
On-Line Educational Directories
(or portals about training, education and development)
First-Timers Library Catalog Library Home Page Contact Us ... MAP Home Page (This page is referenced from Training Basics (Also see What's an On-Line Directory?
On-line directories are usually very large repositories of information in regard to one overall topic. Readers can search the directories for specific subtopics or various ways to get the subtopic (for example, via on-line newsletter, Web site, etc.). On-line directories are sometimes referred to as learning or knowledge portals (although these terms are still being defined somewhat.) (Also see Learning Portals The following directories were generously suggested by John Simkin of Spartacus Educational on January 20, 2000. Comments from John:
"I have had a large number of requests concerning Google and good directory websites for education. I would suggest that you all [people providing on-line educational resources] register your website with Google (at

15. Overview Of Training And Development (for New Instructors, Learners, Supervisors
OnLine educational directories, Learning Portals, etc. About started.On-Line educational directories, Learning Portals, etc., T D).
Overview of Training and Development
(for new instructors, learners, supervisors, etc.)
Written by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD
Library Catalog Library Home Page ... MAP Home Page (Some of the information in this topic was adapted from the guidebook, Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Leadership and Supervision Categories of Information Include:
Getting the Most from Training and Development
Reasons and Benefits for Training and Development
Basics to Know About Adult Learning

Basic Requirements of Learners in Training and Development

Basic Requirements of Supervisors With Employees in Training and Development
Suggestions to Enrich Any Training and Development Plan
Ways to View Training and Development
Basic Terms in Training and Development Informal/Formal (including Formal Systematic) and Self-/Other-Directed Methods Strong Value of Self-Directed Learning in the Workplace Formal (Not Necessarily Systematic) Training and Development Formal (Not Necessarily Systematic) Training and Development Overviews of a Variety of Formal (Not Necessarily Systematic) Training Processes Employee Training Programs Employee ... Corporate Training Universities Formal, Systematic Approaches to Training and Development Systematic, Formal Approaches

16. Ready Reference: Educational Directories
Ready Reference educational directories. TITLE American Universities.DESCRIPTION Contains home pages of American Universities

A Portal Designed for Librarians to Locate Internet Resources Related to Their Profession.
A Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians Since 1994.
About Add or recommend a site Report broken link ... Advertising
and catalog and internet (both terms); catalog or internet (either term); "catalog internet" (exact phrase)

Ready Reference:
Educational Directories
TITLE: American Universities DESCRIPTION: Contains home pages of American Universities granting bachelor or advanced degrees. E-MAIL: Mike Conlon, KEYWORDS: university directories
TITLE: Canadian Universities/Universites Canadiennes DESCRIPTION: "This list includes all institutions that are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, as well as a few other degree-granting institutions that may be of special importance. The names of institutions with no known home page or main menu are also listed."-Title screen. E-MAIL: Chris Redmond

17. INTERNET LIBRARY FOR LIBRARIANS  A Portal Designed For Librarians To Locate Int
"A comprehensive Web database designed to provide a one-stop shopping center for librarians to Category Reference Libraries Directories...... Introduction, Business directories, Email address sites, educational directories,Government directories, Internet domain names, Legal directories, Librarians

A Portal Designed for Librarians to Locate Internet Resources Related to Their Profession.
A Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians Since 1994.
About Add or recommend a site Report broken link ... Advertising
and catalog and internet (both terms); catalog or internet (either term); "catalog internet" (exact phrase) Ready Reference
Almanacs/Fact Book
Introduction Almanacs/Fact books Statistics ... Miscellaneous resources Librarianship
Ace General Sites

Acquisitions/Serials/Collection Development
Introduction General resources ... Support Staff Accessories
Internet Tools for Library Staff
Introduction Citation guides for Internet resources Internet search tools ... Systems and databases vendors Send your comments to Please read Warranties and Liabilities
InfoWorks Technology Company

18. Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU)
educational directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU) is the leading and services.educational directories Unlimited, Inc. maintains and
Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU) is the leading producer of online academic program directories that target prospective students. The firm's product line centers on its two flagship web directories, and EDU's online directories provide in-depth and current information on college level academic programs. The sites are available to prospective students at no charge and are supported by academic advertising as schools pay annual fees for web links. The sites are modeled as online yellow pages of higher educational programs. Free listings are offered for all academic programs, giving a brief overview of the program's offering and basic contact information. As an option, schools can advertise on the sites by purchasing links to their web page so that the prospective student can further explore the school's offering. Web links are not a part of the free listings. The EDU systems design provides a unique utility for prospective students, advisors, and educational administrators. The wealth of information and the ease of use of the EDU web sites has resulted in a significant market share of the educational shoppers market. The EDU sites are advantageously poised to serve as the leader of computer based collegiate recruiting, especially as online electronic commerce continues to evolve. EDU recognizes that there is a profound shift in advertising and marketing strategies, particularly in the college market, with the advent of the Internet. The two main sites have gained widespread recognition and support in the academic community. The and the brand are well established and it is the intention of the company to leverage this brand to introduce new products and services. Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. maintains and develops its academic web sites from its headquarters in suburban Philadelphia. The firm is privately held.

19. SLA Philadelphia Chapter - SiteSense: Educational Directories Unlimited
Back to archive list. educational directories Unlimited What it is Directoriesof graduate schools, adult education and study abroad.
Home About us What's Happening The Bulletin ... Educational Directories Unlimited What it is
Directories of graduate schools, adult education and study abroad. Pros
Subject and geographic searches. Cons
Few links to institutions' websites. Philly Connection
Located in Chester, PA. What you can learn from it
Where to find what the Scarecrow got. 2002 Philadelphia Chapter of Special Libraries Association . Updated October 25, 2002.

20. The Study Abroad Information Source
Listings and links for programs in more than 100 countries.Category Reference Education International Study Abroad...... Information. ©Copyright 19952003 educational directories Unlimited,Inc. Privacy Statement Contact
Study Abroad Site Map Lite Graphics Menu Link to Us Study Abroad Feedback ...
Study Abroad Programs by Country

Navigate Search by Country Academic Year/Semester Summer Language Subject Intern Abroad/Volunteer High School Full Undergraduate Degrees Intersession ESL TEFL Certificate Summer Law Business Adult Programs Teaching Programs Enter the Photo Contest! is the #1 online resource for study abroad information. Search study abroad programs by: Academic Year/Semester Summer Language Subject ... Adult Programs , and Teaching Programs or use our Country Home Pages to find country-specific information such as currency, maps, weather, and much more. Spring/Summer Programs Still Available

A Directory of Study Abroad Programs in the Arts
Home ... Discount Airfare Sign up to receive EXPRESS! A free weekly newsletter, Express! will deliver only the best study abroad program information,
special offers, financial aid information, travel announcements and study abroad deals!

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