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         Egypt Ancient Civ General:     more detail

1. Ancient Civs
Back to Great ancient civ general Sites. The egyptians. ancient egypt
Great Ancient Civilization Sites Click on your civilization to see more links. Prehistoric and Early Man The Sumerians The Babylonians The Phoenicians ... Search Engines and Encyclopedia Great General Sites about Ancient Civilization The sites below are good for any topic. Come back here after you checked out the sites chosen just for your topic. Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page Exploring Ancient World Cultures Civilizations in History Ancient History Sourcebook ... Back to Great Ancient Civ General Sites Prehistoric and Early Man Flints and Stones - Explore the Life of Prehistoric Man The Life and Times of Early Man Prehistoric Man by History 101 Mrs. Walh's Prehistoric Man Page ... Back to Great Ancient Civ General Sites The Sumerians The Sumerians Sumerian Information Sumerian Religion and Mythology Ancient Mesopotamia ... Back to Great Ancient Civ General Sites

2. ASOR Outreach Links--Ancient Near Eastern Civs
Links list for the civilizations of the ancient Near East including Israel, Jordan, Palestine, egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, including educational resources for teachers K12. Table of Contents. general ancient Near East. egyptian History civ. resource links list for egypt. Reeder's egypt Page The ancient egypt Site. Jacques Kinnear's egyptology site.
Links for Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations

Roman pottery, Caesarea Maritima photo by Scott Ewald (courtesy of Combined Caesarea Expeditions) Table of Contents General Ancient Near East Mesopotamian Civilizations
General Ancient Near East
Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Near East
**Highly recommended Near East page of the excellent site EAWC: The Index of Internet Resources. Go to its home page for the full site.
Ancient Near East: Internet Resources for elementary school students Abzu: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet
***The major index of all things Ancient Near Eastern, from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Searchable database.

Canaanites, Israelites and Other Biblical Peoples
Canaanite calf figurine, Ashkelon
(photo courtesy of Ashkelon Excavations)
Hittite Home Page History on the Internet: Ancient Israel The New Jerusalem Mosaic
Virtual guides take you on tours of the various periods of the history and culture of Jerusalem. Start with old Jerusalem Mosaic as they are somewhat different.

3. Ancient Civilizations
Reference Desk. ancient civilizations. Mesopotamia. egypt. Latin America Check out Guy Clark's ancient Coins and Antiquities. general ancient civ Links

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Ancient Civilizations Rifkind.Com Social Studies
Global I

Ancient Civ's

Classical Civ's

Middle Ages

Ottoman Empire
The Reformation Global II
French Revolution


... Reference Desk Ancient Civilizations Mesopotamia Egypt Latin America Indus River Valley ... Dr. Silvestri's WWW Ancient World History Resource - " Most of what you will read and discover here comes from my course, Ancient World Cultures, which I present to ninth grade students at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California ." Well, that's right from Dr. Silvestri. My students will also find these useful and well organized. Latin America Mayan Hieroglyphics - A nice site with tutorials on reading and writing with Mayan glyphs. Write your name in Mayan glyphs! Ancient Latin America Mystery of the Maya Indus River Valley Civilization Harappa.Com Harappan Civilization Mohenjo daro Indus Civilization ... The Indus Riddle A nice read from India Today. Around the Indus in 90 Slides a clickable photo essay The Indus Valley Civilization a simple page with basic info. Part of a tourism site for India

4. The Costumer's Manifesto Ancient Greece And Environs Costume Links
general Information. History of Fashion and Dress ancient Greece Portland State's Greek civ for Kids Costume Costumes of ancient egypt Greece by Albert Kretchmer
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5. Mr Donn's Pages Site Index
Prelaunch. egypt. Rifkind.Com. Social Studies. Global I. ancient civ's. Classical civ's French Revolution. Imperialism. American. general History. Assessing Sources
Awesome Library Star Rating
Lesson Plans, Activities
Our Units Language Arts Lesson Plans (lots!) History/Social Studies ... FAQs
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AUTHORED BY US We hope you'll find something you can use! Please see our FAQs section

6. Ancient Civ TCESC
ancient CIVILIZATIONS in general. see also ancient China, ancient egypt,ancient Greece, ancient Maya, ancient Rome, ancient Mesopotamia.

in general see also Ancient China Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Ancient Maya ... Lesson Plans WWW Links
Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fail? Mr. Donn's Ancient History Award winning site of Ancient History teacher Mr. Donn. Exploring Ancient World Cultures Valley Of The Ancients History for Kids GlobalWeb 9 ... Cleopatra: A Multi-media guide to the ancient world Webquests
A Civilization in the Making The Ancient Civilization Challenge Ancient Civilizations In Modern Culture Ancient Civilizations Lesson Plans
Culture Hearths of Asia Recording The Changing Seasons In Ancient Times Ancient Architecture Printables Home ... Contact Us
Overview Departments Teachers Parents Directories ... Current Events
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7. ASOR Outreach Links--Archaeology--general
ancient Civilizations. general. The Bible The Cat of Bubastes A Tale of ancient egypt. (ISBN 1887159-18-5)
Links for Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations General Archaeology and Anthropology Links Site of Qasr al-Qarqur, Jordan
(Photo courtesy of Tafila-Buseyra Archaeological Survey) Menu General Archaeology Nautical Archaeology Unconventional Archaeology Archaeology in Fiction Anthropology ... Outreach Main Page General Archaeology Photo Archives Archaeology Education Resources General Education Resources Teachers K-12 ... Kids Other Archaeology Resources Museums with Archaeology Collections Archaeology Magazines and Publications Archaeological Societies
General Search Engines, Indexes and Links
***The major scholarly search engine for just about anything on the Ancient Near East maintained by Chuck Jones, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.
***Outstanding website maintained by Kris Hirst.(Formerly Articles, discussion forums and chat groups, web links, archaeological sites worldwide, specialties, even clip art. Searchable. Highly recommended. See especially Netlinks, an excellent list organized by topic, region, and special subjects.
Search Argos Archeology
Super-site from Dallas.

8. Ancient Civilizations
ancient civilization Links. general ancient History Sites. Prehistory. Mesopotamia. Israelites. egypt. Greece for kids. SCORE ancient civ. ancient civilization sites from Schools
Washington School Bookmarks ...
Social Studies
(click on an underlined link to go to that section)
Ancient Civilization Map Links
(Maps may also be found within sites listed for each civilization) World Cultures Atlases
maps of Greece, Hebrews-Judea-Israel, India, Rome
Maps of the Ancient World (Kelsey)
topographic maps of the ancient world: the eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Italy and Germany
Map of Four River Valley Cultures Map: Mesopotamia (region)
regional map with Tigris-Euphrates valley outlined, colored
Map: Mesopotamia (detail)
detail map of Mesopotamia with cities, rivers and mountains marked, black and white
Map: Egypt
map of Ancient Egypt with close up views of Upper, Central and Lower Egypt, and the Sinai Peninsula; includes maps of the pyramids at Giza and ancient Thebes
Perseus Atlas (Ancient Greece)
interactive atlas of ancient Greece and neighboring areas; requires Java and Java Script enabled

Peter's Projection Information on the Peter's Projection map and general cartography. ancientcivILIZATIONS. Oz's ancient civ's links. Oz's egypt Links.
MR. LANDRETH'S WORLD HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY LINKS Reference Sites Geography Ancient Civilizations Greece ... Fun Links REFERENCE SITES Oz's Links - This site has one of the most extensive set of links for history students on the Internet. There's something on every subject you could need. Geography World An excellent all purpose Geography site with links to every subject. History/Social Studies web site for K-12 Teachers (and Students) - One of the best all purpose links sites for all areas of history. NM's Links to all things historic - another excellent links page covering many topics CIA World Factbook - Comprehensive statistical information and maps on every country in the world. Lonely Planet Online - One of the best travel guides on the market. The information here is informal and gives you a good feel for the location. Encyclopedia - The best encyclopedia on the Internet - Good for quick ,simple information Homework Central - Extensive information on any subject Virtual reference desk- Many good links but poorly organized Mr. Dowling's Internet Classroom

10. Social Studies Links
World History. general World Fact Book 2001 Research information about acountry. Early Man/ancient civ No Current Links Suggest One. egypt
Jump To A Subject Or Topic US History General Presidents Colonization ... E-Mail to suggest a link or update a broken link US History General + Miscellaneous: High School Hub US Links Links to US history, government, culture, politics, and maps History Channel Website of TV's The History Channel. Lots of information Time’s 100 Leaders Explore Time Magazine's 100 leaders of the 20th Century The Smithsonian Search the museum archives for info on specific topics General History Sources Many links for various US topics The History Place Timelines and photos from various eras in US history College Board AP US The Official AP US History Site National Archives Search the archives for historical documents and photos University of Oklahoma Law Search for many US Historical Documents America’s Library Explore states, presidents, influential Americans and more US History at Search the PBS website for sites on US history (good) The Avalon Project More historical documents Presidents: P.O.T.U.S

11. Dr. Vess's World Civilization Virtual Library: Women's Studies
Return to the World civ Virtual Library Home Page. general Resources. egypt. Womenin ancient egypt Women in egypt (ancient) Women and Gender in ancient egypt an
World Civilization
to 1550 C.E.
World Civilization
1550 to the present
State University
Resources for the Study of Women and their Historic Roles
General Resources
Advancing Women
Democracy Now- Women's Issues
Institute for Women's Policy Research
Women in Decision Making ...
Northern Ireland Women's Coalition
Women's Isssues by Geographical Region
European Women's Lobby
Women of Northern Ireland Unite
The Middle East
Reflections on Sinai Bedouin Women
Middle East Review of International Affairs
Muslim Women
Women in the Middle East
"Women Hold Up Half the Sky:" Women's Issues in Modern China
an account of Dr. Deborah Vess's visit to China in the summer of 1998, with virtual tours of a cloisonne factory, peasant's village, and discussions of women's traditional roles and modern activism for women in China.
Women's Rights, Beijing Conference

12. World Civilization
general World civ Resources World civilization to 1500 The ancient World Web Linksto many relevant in Time - mostly Mesopotamia and egypt; Creative Impulse
Forward to "What is Civilization?" The Magical History Tour
History 1301 ... Search El Centro Sites
World Civilization through 1750

Topics Introduction
Defining Civilization and Use of Primary Resources Prehistory and the Rise of Agriculture
Paleolithic and Neolithic Times Early River Valley Civilizations:
Tigris and Euphrates - Mesopotamia

The Nile - Egypt

Indus Valley - India
The Classical Period: 100 BCE - 500 CE

Nomadic Challenges Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World ... Rome and Its Empire The Post-Classical Period: 500-1450 CE Under Construction The Rise of Islam The Pacific Civilization in Eastern Europe Byzantium and Orthodox Europe Western Europe The Americas The Peoples and Civilizations of the Americas The Olmec ... The West and the Changing World Balance The Transformation of the West, 1450-1750 The West and the World General World Civ Resources

13. Ancient Civilizations
Transformation of English Letters to Hieroglyphic A translatorfrom egypt's Tourism Net. To Top. ancient Greece. general History.
Ancient Civilizations A List of Curriculum Resources on the Web
Anthropology and Archaeology
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Mesopotamia

Origins of Writing
Ancient Rome
Anthropology and Archaeology Overview of Anthropology and Archaeology - basic information from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology Ask an Expert - a great site that connects people with anthropologists and archaeologists at the University of Pennsylvania To Top Ancient Egypt
History and Daily Life
Ancient Egypt
- A thorough, well-designed site from the British Museum in London with interactive exhibits about Egyptian life, geography, gods and goddesses, mummification, pharaoh, pyramids, temples, time, trades, and writing Life in Ancient Egypt - A good cultural overview from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Explore Ancient Egypt - An excellent online exhibit from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Splendors of Ancient Egypt - Some useful information from the St. Petersburg Times in Florida (See "Extra Credit") Exploring Ancient Egypt - Lots of information including a timeline, images, and a translation of "The Book of the Dead"

14. USN Lower School Webliographer/Search
site has some quizes, maps and general information. the Cheops Pyramid, and the Climatein egypt. Lower School: Ancie

15. Ancient Civ
general Ptolemy regimed until the rome takes ober and the ruler is Macedonian. SYNCRETISM mixture of two different cultures. ancient bull is sacred in egypt
The earliest civilization was on the island of Crete from 2900-1400 BC. King Minos ruled, and the legend is that he lived there, created a labyrinth. his wife had a bull headed man called a Minotaur put into the maze. Bulls were sacred but the bullheaded man ate children. The truth is that the labyrinth was really the remains of the royal palace. We don’t know what language they spoke, but we do know that Homeric people have a culture from the Minoans. Minoan society was as such, women were strong, so perhaps it was even a matriarchal society. Their language was not Greek. Their navy ruled the Mediterrianian. Their cities were not fortified. Their art and archetecture was beautiful. Their capital was Knossos. They had two forms of writing, picture writing, aka hieroglyphics, and linear A, which is syllabary. Their prominent religious symbol was a double bladed axe called the labrys.Knossos was probably called the labyrinth. They still had wild cows, called aurochs, which could be ferocious. They were sacrificed on an alter, we have pictures of this on their frescos, by woman priestesses. One of their dieties was a snake goddess, who probably became the more well known Athena. In 1700 BC there was an earthquake, in 1570 BA a volcano. Lots of damage occured from both. After 2000 BC ancestors of Greece came into Greece, and they had learned how to domesticate the horse. The Greek word for sea is folassa. (Posedon story) They had leanred how to build ships like the minoans. In 1450 the greeks take over the island of Crete. And they worked out their own version of Linear A script which we call Linear B. There are no distinctions between the letters R and L. In the 1950s it was translated, but all we could find was inventory information, as that’s all they seemed to write down. In 1400 BC Cretian civilization was destroyed permanently. Some buildings were burned, looted. but no remains of bodies were found. Were they turned into slaves? We don’t know.

16. Introductory Level And General Survey Courses
202H. 202H. World civ Since 1500 (Honors). 238. ancient Near East to 330 BC. ancientculture of the Near East (egypt, Mesopotamia, SyroPalestine, Anatolia
Introductory Level and General Survey Courses
New No. Old No. Course Title Catalog Description Academic Internship On-the-job experience for students working on internships, work- study programs, and other appropriate, historically oriented activities (max of 6 hours toward major). Historian’s Craft History within the broader framework of liberal education; nature of history; questions historians ask; skills and resources needed to study, understand, and write history. Required of all history majors. World Civ to 1500 World Civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance; explores fundamental questions in the human experience, examines formative events in history, and seeks to teach value of important texts. World Civ to 1500 (Honors) (Honors) World Civilization from Greek antiquity to Renaissance; explores fundamental questions in the human experience, examines formative events in history, and seeks to teach value of important texts. World Civ Since 1500 World Civilization from Renaissance to present; explores fundamental questions in the human experience, examines formative events in history, and seeks to teach value of important texts.

17. Montvale Public Library
general REFERENCE. REF 932 OXF Oxford Encyclopedia of ancient egypt. REF938 civ civilization of the ancient MediterraneanGreece and Rome.
Montvale Public Library
Homework Helper


Believe it or not, teachers tend to assign the same projects every year. We know this, because every year we get the same questions…. "Anything on Ancient Egypt?" "Anything on the Renaissance?
The following links are provided to help you answer the "Most Frequently Asked Questions" by Montvale students. You will also find the call numbers for the appropriate reference books that can be used in the library


Historical Atlases
Hammond Atlas of the World Dictionaries
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

- search over 400 dictionaries at once! REF DESK Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary REF DESK Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary Encyclopedias Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th edition J REF 031 WOR The World Book Encyclopedia Farmer's Almanac Information Please Almanac Mega Converter - measurements, calculators, etc. REF 317.3 WOR World Almanac and Book of Facts Study Guides Sparknotes - helpful guides on every topic!

18. Orthodox Church
art rough, almost scaly, and peculiarly unsightly, until the ancient egypt time linemuchloved fat has been obtained, and the general appearance of civ.
Join Now About Us Supranationalism Manifest and Mission Time to change names Money for the war Peace Maker Global revision of History Preface View of Garry Kasparov Investigation of the Historical Dating Egyptian Horoscopes Resources "Book of Civilisation" "Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs" "Investigation of English history" Online Discussions Take Action Join Now Bequests Open Branch Write Us Tourism Why Tourism Short Scheme Real Egypt Real Jesus ... Register Ancient Events LOADING IMAGES.... PLEASE WAIT buddhist temple hinduism religion canyon hills community church religious holiday ... ancient egypt religion The manner of anointing by the ancients is exhibited by the Arabs world wide web history
at the present day, who, as I have already described, make use of

19. Canadian History
the the aztec calendar muchloved fat has been obtained, and the general appearanceof civ. or by the want of water, even so must the ancient egypt flocks of
Join Now About Us Supranationalism Manifest and Mission Time to change names Money for the war Peace Maker Global revision of History Preface View of Garry Kasparov Investigation of the Historical Dating Egyptian Horoscopes Resources "Book of Civilisation" "Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs" "Investigation of English history" Online Discussions Take Action Join Now Bequests Open Branch Write Us Tourism Why Tourism Short Scheme Real Egypt Real Jesus ... Register Ancient Events LOADING IMAGES.... PLEASE WAIT map of russia texas history black history fact adventure tour ... today in history In all hot climates, oil or other fat is necessary to the skin as history of ancient india
a protection from the sun, where the body is either naked or very

20. General Education Internation Studies Courses
CLA3151, POMPEII ARCHAEOL LAB, 3, HI, Classics. CLA3160, ancient egypt, 3, HI, CLA3793,ancient CITY ROMAN, 3, 6, HI, CLA3930, SPEC TOP CLASSICL civ, 3, HI, Classics.

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