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         Elephants Endangered & Threatened:     more detail
  1. The African Elephant: A Myreportlinks.Com Book (Endangered and Threatened Animals) by John Albert Torres, 2004-06-21

41. Endangered Mammals--Science: Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
access; copies of the activity sheet entitled The Asian and African elephants;pencil or pen. Directions. Discuss the terminology endangered and threatened.
Endangered Mammals
Science: Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
In this section students will navigate their way around Web sites and find required information; compare different species of the same mammal; gather information about the characteristics, habits, diets, and behaviors of different mammals; and research the ways in which mammals adapt to their environments.
  • computer with Internet access copies of the activity sheet entitled The Asian and African Elephants pencil or pen
Discuss the terminology endangered and threatened. Find some pictures of the different species of elephants to assist children as they summarize the differences and similarities. Have student visit the Web site listed below to complete the activity sheet.
  • TCM 3411Internet Quests: Mammals
40 minutes
Answer Key
The Asian and African Elephants (Page 11) 1. Asian Elephant African Elephant Scientific name Elephas maximus Loxodonta weight length skin gray with coarse hair craggy ears small large feet thick padded soles thick padded soles trunk one "finger" two "fingers" toes 5 front 4 front, 3 hind

42. Conservation In Africa
Wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants andBlack development with particular emphasis on threatened species and
HOME NEWS LETTER CONTACT US LINK TO US ... CHARITIES Conservation in Africa Visit our Charities in Africa Section
African Conservation Trust

The mission of the African Conservation Trust is to provide a means for conservation projects to become self funding through active participation by the public.
African Conservancy

A nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of African wildlife and traditional cultures. We implement education, wildlife protection and socioeconomic programs and provide educational tours to some of the less travelled areas of Africa.
The African Conservation Foundation

trying to pull all flora and fauna Conservation Groups in Africa together to benefit both the conservation groups themselves and those people who, like ourselves, feel there is a really urgent need to protect the world's endangered species.
Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition

advocates for the protection of traditional land rights of the Maasai people, and for conservation, management and sustainable use of the great ecosystems of East Africa.
The Born Free Foundation

Born Free aims to stop cruelty, especially to captive wild animals; to conserve wild animals in their natural habitat and to ensure the long-term survival of species while recognising the needs of people. The Foundation is supported by people from every walk of life including many caring celebrities is active on many projects and in many parts of the world:

43. Endangered Species Unit For Elementary Classrooms
can you find information on endangered and threatened species Featuring the followingendangered species Bengal Tiger, Asian elephants, Northern Spotted
Factsheets and News Releases on Threatened and Endangered Species
Factsheets and news releases from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), SeaWorld/Busch Gardens (SW/BG), and EE-Link. (In parentheses after each entry find the initials of the original source).
National Wildlife Federation - Kids Corner
Where can you find information on endangered and threatened species? Right here, at Kid's Information Central! This site includes a crossword puzzle to solve, an online game to test your knowledge, "Creature Features" (information on various endangered animals), and links to other sites.
Endangered Species Reports from Schoolworld
Read reports from students around the world on endangered mammals, birds, reptiles, and other animals. Reports include photos of the animals and suggestions for helping them.
Webshots Photo Collections
The Webshots Photo Collections is brought to you by the popular search engine, Excite. Look here for wonderful color photographs of many endangered species. You can even set the photos as wallpaper for your computer desktop!
American Museum of Natural History
Take an exhibition tour of the world of endangered species. Find out what it means to be endangered by reading the "The Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog". Featuring the following endangered species: Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephants, Northern Spotted Owl, Karner Blue Butterfly, American Burying Beetle, Goliath Frog, Cheetah, Whooping Cran, American Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, California Condor, Black Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog, Gray Wolf, American Bison, Gila Monster, Queen Conch, Delhi Sands Fly, Woodland Caribou and etc.

44. Elephant Attacks On Humans Rare, Unexplained, Unpredictable
African elephants are internationally listed as a threatened species by theConvention on International Trade in threatened and endangered Species.
Pittsburgh, PA
April 7, 2003 News Sports Lifestyle Classifieds ... About Us Take me to... Search Local News Nation/World Sports Obituaries Lifestyle Business Opinion Photo Journal Weather Classifieds PG Store PG Delivery Web Extras Contact Us About Us Help Corrections Site Map Health Science Environment
... Science Elephant attacks on humans rare, unexplained, unpredictable Tuesday, November 19, 2002 By Don Hopey, Post-Gazette Staff Writer People sometimes forget that elephants caricatured as slow, friendly, dependable creatures willing to serve as circus props or transportation vehicles are wild animals. Before yesterday's fatal attack at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, five elephant keepers at zoos and four at circuses in the United States had been killed by elephants since 1990. And more than 30 other attacks, nine of them at zoos, have resulted in injuries. The attacks are relatively rare and largely unexplained, except when the animals have a history of aggressive behavior or have been provoked or startled. Why the elephant at the Pittsburgh Zoo killed its keeper yesterday is a question elephant experts say may never be answered.

45. Endangered Animals Resources At Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base
endangered species Bengal Tiger, Asian elephants, Northern Spotted endangered Specieslist of endangered and extinct threatened Animals of the World list of

Animal Behavior

Animal Experiments

Animal Rights

Endangered Animals
Ecologic Index

Environmental News

Author Search

New Book Search
Endangered Animals
Online Resources Texts: Endangered Animals Used Books: Endangered Species Know of a Resource? ...
Harvesting Wild Species : Implications for Biodiversity Conservation
by Curtis H. Freese (Editor). Click here to learn more about this book Click here for more Endangered Species Books Click here for Books on Animal Rights Click here for Ecological Philosophy Books From IGC Site Includes: EcoNet Endangered Species Gopher Endangered Species Information Coral Forest Red List of Threatened Animals ... Mojave Desert Tortoise The Desert Tortoise Council is a private, nonprofit organization made up of hundreds of professionals, and lay-persons from all walks of life, from across the United States , and several continents. We share a common fascination with wild desert tortoises and the environment they depend upon. Site Includes: Archives National Wildlife Federation People and Nature: Our Future is in the balance.

46. The Laws We Live By
governs trade in endangered and threatened species Convention on International Tradein endangered Species of prohibits the removal of Asian elephants and other
Ringling Bros. is subject to comprehensive animal welfare regulations at the federal, state and local levels:
Animal Welfare Act
The Animal Welfare Act provides the framework for the care, handling and well-being of performing animals. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) enforces this law and visits the circus several times a year to make unannounced inspections of our animals and the stable area. In all aspects of animal care and safety, Ringling Bros. exceeds all federal animal welfare standards and has never been found in violation of the Animal Welfare Act in regard to abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of its animals. For more information about the Animal Welfare Act, please visit the USDA's Animal Care page
Endangered Species Act
Administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Endangered Species Act governs trade in endangered and threatened species. Under the ESA, individuals and facilities such as Ringling Bros. that engage in captive breeding of endangered species must obtain a Captive-bred Wildlife Registration and are subject to certain oversight restrictions.

47. State Agency
and Territories to acquire habitat for endangered and threatened species to supportresearch, conservation, management and protection of African elephants.
Natural Resource Assistance Grant Programs for a State Agency from the US Fish and Wildlife Service
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number Title Purpose Maximum Federal Share Sport Fish Restoration
To support restoration and management of sport fish populations to preserve and improve sport fishing Wildlife Restoration
To support restoration and management of wildlife populations and provide public use opportunities; for hunter safety programs National Coastal Wetlands
Conservation Grants To aid in acquiring interests in coastal lands or waters; to enhance, restore or manage coastal wetlands ecosystems
Cooperative Endangered
Species Conservation Fund (Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act)
Provides financial assistance to States and Territories to participate in a wide array of voluntary conservation projects for candidate, proposed and listed species 75% for single State or Territory; 90% for 2 or more States or Territories implementing a joint project Conservation Grants Provides financial assistance to States and Territories to implement conservation projects for listed and non listed species, such as habitat restoration, species status surveys, public education and outreach, captive propagation and reintroduction, nesting surveys, genetic studies and development of management plans.

48. NRDC: Wildlife And Fish Links
a team of researchers as they track and study the elephants in a the US Fish and WildlifeService is doing to protect endangered and threatened species and
Animals and Birds
All For Animals
- A site promoting the ethical treatment of animals.
American Bird Conservancy
- A site dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.
- A partnership between citizens and scientists, designed and managed by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. BirdSource scientists offer the opportunity to "bird with a purpose."
- They've been around at least 240 million years, outlasting the dinosaurs and then some. Get to know the clickable croc, discover its survival strategies and learn the best way to capture a wild one (helpful hint: you will need a large noose).
- This bilingual online environmental magazine features all life forms, from little squirrels in big trees to the relationships between energy and touch therapy.
The Elephants of Cameroon
- African elephants joined the endangered species list in 1988; since then, their numbers are increasing but they must compete with the people of northern Cameroon for habitat and resources. Join a team of researchers as they track and study the elephants in a quest for a long-term sustainable solution.

49. African Savannah: African Elephant
Detailed description complete with photographs, video clips and audio clips. From the Oakland Zoo.Category Kids and Teens School Time Mammals elephants African...... They are listed on Appendix II of CITES (threatened), as endangered by theIUCN and threatened by the USFW. IX. Among the elephants.
African Elephant
ORDER: Proboscidea
FAMILY: Elephantidae
GENUS: Loxodonta
SPECIES: africana
Elephant sounds.
New baby
Baby gets curious
Elephant skin
Elephant trunk
Elephant tusks
Eye to eye. Give me the stick. Elephant walk
The adult male is much larger than the adult female. Head and body length including trunk: 19-24 feet. Shoulder height: 10-13 feet. Weight: 5.5 - 7 tons. Tail: 4 feet. Brownish gray skin has folds and may be one inch thick in places. The African Elephant has a marked dip between its fore and hindquarters giving a concave curvature to its back. Ears are large and fan-like. The trunk has two prehensile protrusions at the tip. Large tusks are present in both sexes. Elephants are digitigrade with pads of fibrous tissue to cushion toe bones.
Natural home range is 500 miles; migratory patterns are taught from one generation to the next. Now they are mostly restricted to parks and preserves. Habitat formerly was area south of the Sahara; agricultural expansion has severely reduced it. Highly adaptable, elephants can survive in forest, bush or savannah.

50. Endangered And Threatened Ecosystems
endangered and threatened Ecosystems. that 1/3 of all endangered species spend animalsinclude wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and elephants. page ~ meg2.htm
Endangered and Threatened Ecosystems By Megan Vilello The purpose of this website is to explore the ecosystems of wetlands, grasslands, forests and deserts. I hope to provide you with some astounding facts about the deterioration of these magnificent habitats. It is a sad reality that so many of us are unaware of, yet it effects each of our lives in significant ways. We all must realize that once these environments are gone, they will never return. All of the species that survive in these ecosystems will also become extinct. If there is one thing to remember it is that... EXTINCTION IS FOREVER! What is an ecosystem? The complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit. An ecosystem is made up of a wide range of biodiversity such as different types of animals, plants, trees, flowers and fruits. Types of Ecosystems: - Wetlands - Grasslands - Forests - Deserts Wetlands Wetland are a shallow body of water or area which the ground is wet long enough to support plants that are specialized to grow under saturated soil conditions. Irreplaceable ecological services are provided by wetlands. They provide food and habitat for a wide variety of species. Wetlands are an extremely important source of biodiversity.

51. Endangered Animal Links
Topics include threatened Species Around the World, Extinctions Facts and importantinformation about endangered animals (elephants, lions, leopards
(From Kid Info Website) American Museum of Natural History : An interesting site that includes an exhibition on endangered animals; a virtual tour of the world of endangered species; a glossary which explains terms often used in relation to endangered animals - SEARCHABLE by keyword Creature World: Click on a continent on the colorful homepage world map, to go to an interactive page introducing animals from the selected habitat. This informative site for young students is part of PBS Kids Endangered Animals: Lots of informational links to sites to facts and information about endangered animals Endangered Animals at the Oakland Zoo : Facts and Information about these endangered animals: American bison chimpanzee african elephant gibbon ocelot sunbear bengal tiger yak Endangered Means There is Still Time: A slide show by the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife Services on Endangered Animals Endangered: Exploring a World at Risk: Facts and information about Endangered Animals, Habitats, Causes of Endangerment, What Can Be Done Endangered Species: Endangered and Extinct Species Lists in the United States and World (Sorted by region, Sorted by group); Extinct Species; Images and Clickable Regional Map; Facts and Fact sheets (

52. TOLEDO ZOO: Elephant Conservation
elephants born in captivity will remain in captivity to help get The effort to savethe African elephant and other threatened or endangered species requires
Can the African Elephant Survive?
The African elephant is considered a threatened species. In 1970, biologists estimated that there were 1.5 million African elephants in the wild. By the 1990's, that number had dropped by 67%, leaving a wild population of only 500,000 elephants. The elephant's natural range has also diminished markedly. Whereas elephants once ranged throughout much of Africa, they are now mostly confined to parks and preserves south of the Sahara Desert. Only about 20% of their range is under some form of protection. Even within protected areas, elephants often fall victim to poachers and other pressures from man. Elephant population and range vary naturally with fluctuation of the food and water supply, but the influence of the modern world is accelerating the elephant's disappearance. What's causing the dramatic decline in the African elephant population and range? The Ivory Trade In spite of the 1989 CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) ban on ivory collection, illegal hunting of elephants for their tusks has continued unabated in parts of Africa. The resumption of trade in elephant ivory by several countries, including South Africa, Japan and China, has increased the threat to elephants.

53. GreenLeap
portion of its range, and threatened means a species is considered in dangerof becoming endangered. elephants are protected under the Convention on

54. Trophy Hunting
protected under the endangered Species Act (ESA), such as leopards and African elephants.The ESA allows importation of endangered and threatened species only
About Us Field Projects How You Can Help Publications ... Trophy Hunting Trophy Hunting
Every year tens of thousands of wild animals, representing hundreds of different species, are killed by American trophy hunters in foreign countries. The heads, hides, tusks, and other body parts of most of these animals are legally imported to the United States by the hunters. Many animals imported as trophies are members of species protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), such as leopards and African elephants. The ESA allows importation of endangered and threatened species only for scientific research, enhancement of propagation, or survival of the species. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), which implements the ESA, has broadly interpreted the term "enhancement" to include trophy hunting of threatened species. While the FWS has rarely allowed the importation of endangered species as trophies, this has not stopped hunters' trophies from making their way across the U.S. border in the guise of scientific research. In 1997, just months after the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History accepted a $20 million donation from big-game hunter Kenneth Behring, the Institution sought a FWS permit to import the trophy remains of two endangered wild sheep that Behring shot in Central Asia. One of the sheep, a Kara-Tau argali, is extremely rare in the wild where only 100 exist today. After a storm of ugly publicity, the Smithsonian abandoned the permit application. This was not, however, an isolated case. The Smithsonian has been involved in facilitating the import of endangered species killed by trophy hunters in the past. Other museums have done the same.

55. WWF-UK Research Centre: Elephant Facts And Issues
elephant endangered. (2002 IUCN Red List of threatened Species). African elephantpopulations stood at 1,300,000 in 1979 (WWF Conserving Africa's elephants,
No organisation has had a deeper long-term commitment to elephant conservation than WWF. We have been working to save elephants for more than 30 years and support 30 elephant-related conservation projects. Areas of interest WWF-UK home Just for kids - go wild! Just for teachers Just for researchers Who cares? campaign Just for shoppers Programmes Focal regions Key audiences Search WWF-UK WWF-UK Research Programme themes Rare species Rare species
Elephant Elephant facts and issues Reports Policy News ... Research home Elephant facts and issues Facts Key issues
  • IUCN status category:
    • African elephant : endangered. ( 2002 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
      Asian elephant : endangered. ( 2002 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

    African elephant populations stood at 1,300,000 in 1979 ( WWF Conserving Africa's Elephants, 1997 ) but the African Elephant Database (1998) recorded a population of 301,773.
    Asian elephant populations stood at 100,000 in 1900, but were estimated to be between 34,594 and 50,998 in 2000. ( Asian Elephants in the Wild:2000 - a WWF Species Status Report Elephants live for up to 70 years in clan units of six to 70 members, led by a female.

56. Endangered Species
SSP (species survival program) eg elephants Eg a male Definition of extinction termsExtinct Extirpated endangered threatened Vulnerable Extinction
Endangered Species
Biodiversity: its importance:
Role of each species in the survival of others
Resource especially for traditional lifestyles
Economic gain (fish, forestry)
Hunting licenses, wildlife watching, T.V. and books.
Tourism (plus spin-off funds from equipment, travel, etc.)
Causes of Extinction Today
Alteration of habitat: removal of biotic and abiotic aspects of a landscape.
E.g. tropical rain forests.
Introduction of Alien Species: accidentally or intentionally 1859 introduced 24 rabbits 1950s there were so many introduced a virus to kill rabbits but 1% of rabbits were resistant to virus. Pest and Predator Control impact of pesticides on animals, E.g. DDT on birds, controlling predatory animals causes a change in prey populations Extinction-Prone Species low reproduction rate (E.g. California Condor) specialised feeding habits (E.g. Giant Pandas - Bamboo) feed at higher trophic levels large size (E.g. Bison) preys on livestock or people (some crocodiles) Value of Species half of medicines used have active ingredients from wild species testing (E.g. armadillo for leprosy) brings in concerns for ethical issues

57. (12/13/2000) Asian Elephants Threatened By Ivory Poachers
Asian elephants threatened by Ivory Poachers and Loss of Habitat Due to The informationin this article has been moved to endangered Species elephants.
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Documenting the Collapse of a Dying Planet Asian Elephants Threatened by Ivory Poachers and Loss of Habitat Due to Logging and Land Clearing for Farms. Oops!! The information in this article has been moved to Endangered Species: Elephants Please click HERE to go to the new page. Back Top Earth Spirit Earth Spirit Home Pyramid Scheme Final Empire Myth of Progress ... Articles More at ECES ECES Home Search Forum Guestbook ... E-mail

58. ECES Environmental News Article Archive
Five endangered Bromeliad (Airplant) Species in Florida threatened by Non Land MinesWorldwide Killing Wildlife, Including elephants, endangered Snow Leopards
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Other Sites @ ECES David Stock:
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Earth Crash
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Article Archive
(Note: Earth Crash contains 1,000s of articles on a wide range of environmental issues and the archive pages change frequently as new articles are added. If you've come from a search engine and don't find an article you were expecting to be listed here, you can use the search utility to locate it.) March 1, 2001 - March 12, 2001 (3/12/2001) Water Fluoridation Linked to Increased Lead Absorption in Children, Delayed Salmon Migration, Damage to Ponderosa Pines, Fruit Trees, and Livestock. [ Abstract ] (3/12/2001) Worldwide Epidemic of Invasive Non-native Species Spread by Trade, Tourism Seen as Most Important Threat to Biodiversity After Habitat Destruction.

59. - Endangered Species
You Save $9.67 (36%). Keepers of the Ark An elephants' View of Captivity. Ryan,RJ. A Guide to endangered and threatened Species in Virginia.

60. Endangered Species Links
threatened species including African elephants, rhinoceros, tigers information onAustralia endangered species and threatened ecological communities.
Endangered Species links
Resources for Y12 Biology essay
Please let Mr Day know if you find other useful sites that we could add to this list. Endangered Species Habitat Loss Conservation Issues (including Organisations) ENDANGERED SPECIES African Elephant Database Distribution and protected areas of the African elephant are given, as well as population estimates, human elephant conflict plus other issues concerning the conservation of the African elephant. African Wildlife Foundation AWF sponsors research on endangered species as well as ways for humans and wildlife to live peaceably together. These projects include The International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP) The Rhino Conservation Project, protecting endangered rhino in a special reserve in Kenya The Predators Project, studying how people can better coexist with lions, cheetah, wild dog, and other carnivores The Cheetah Project in Namibia The Tarangire Elephant Project, mapping the movements of elephants in relation to people and water

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