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         Embroidery - Hand Canvas Embroidery:     more detail
  1. Hand-Stitched Boxes: Plastic Canvas, Cross Stich, Embroidery, Patchwork by Meg Evans, 1997-03
  2. Hand-Stitched Boxes, Plastic Canvas Cross Stich Embroidery Patchwork - 1997 publication by Mg vans, 1997
  3. Hot Iron Transfer Pattern #855 Hands in Prayer (For Punch Embroidery, Needlepoint Canvas, Textile Painting & Other Crafts)
  4. Busy Hands Make a Happy Heart, Book II, Book 2 (cross Stitch & Canvas embroidery) by Rose Anne Hobbs, 1974-01-01
  5. First Steps in Needlepoint, A Beginners Guide to Canvas Work (5104) by Jean Leinhauser, 1988
  6. A Show of Hands: Needlepoint Designs by Janet McCafery by Janet McCaffery, Nancy Lindemeyer, 1994-10
  7. A Stitch In Time (Sewing Guide) by David Blaze, 2009-02-23
  8. It's a Frame Up! Kount on Kappie for Plastic Treasures (Book 103) by Jane Jones, 1982

1. Berlin Embroidery Designs - Hand Embroidery Kits In Different Techniques And Mer
Shop here for handStitched Boxes Plastic canvas, Cross Stich, embroidery, Patchwork and find more books by Meg Evans. For a limited time, get free shipping on orders over $25!
BERLIN EMBROIDERY DESIGNS Applique Blackwork Books Canvas Work ... Help! - Site map Updated: 2nd April 2003 Merchandise What's New? Welcome to my web site packed full of interesting hand embroidery kits and information on commissions and classes. Kits for each embroidery subject are shown on the corresponding pages. Click the appropriate boxes to access this information or pictures for enlargements of the embroideries. About me EAC Members I now have the Traditional Fabric for Mountmellick Embroidery for sale. Check out my Work In Progress page to see the Burrowing Owl embroidery project that I am working on and my What's New page to see a Reversible embroidery which I am offering as a class at EAC seminar 2004 in Victoria, British Colombia. Kit of the Month Mailing List Contact me!

2. Kate's Kloths - Hand-dyed Embroidery Threads And Fabrics And Embroidery Workshop
Very basic embroidery stitches are used to produce a random circular piece of handembroidery. canvas Work An experimental approach to stitching on canvas.
Workshops and Seminars Creative Embroidery
This is a talk on general techniques involved within creative embroidery. It involves design ideas, background preparation, different colouring techniques; how to choose stitches, fabrics threads etc. I have a lot of examples and many techniques are demonstrated. Clarty Workshop
This covers a wide area of techniques covered in the creative embroidery talk including paper bag printing, using cellophane, tyvek and bubble fabric (melting technique). We also play with bondaweb and wax crayons for interesting colour effects. A fun workshop where many backgrounds are prepared! The following workshops may be given as a talk/demonstration or as a participation workshop. You may also request a combination of these workshops to suit: Making Paper from Pulp and Silk
Paper is frequently incorporated within contemporary embroidery. Learn how to make paper from recycled paper pulp and from silk fibres. A clarty workshop!

3. The Science Of Canvas Embroidery
The Science of canvas embroidery* or - the "weakest links" of it frees your second hand to lay or control fibers "The Science of canvas embroidery", self-published and available
American Needlepoint Guild
Gateway Chapter - St. Louis, MO The Science of Canvas Embroidery* - or - the "weakest links" of needlepoint September 2001 program Prepared by Denise Beusen with input from the members of the Gateway Chapter of ANG Wash your hands before picking up your work and don't eat while you're stitching. Don't handle or "stroke" fibers once they're stitched. Why?
  • Oils in foods or lotions will oxidize over time and discolor your work.
  • Oils attract dirt, which also discolors your work.
  • Unlike counted cross-stitch, needlepoint isn't washable
Corollary : consider the intended use of your piece. If it's destined to receive heavy use, stay with wool or cotton. Stitch with your canvas on a stretcher bar frame and periodically remove your canvas to retighten the tension on it. Tacks and staples should be no more than 2" apart. Why?
  • your finisher will love you - less blocking; some fibers can't be dampened at all or enough to reverse distortions
  • it frees your second hand to lay or control fibers
  • less wear on your fibers - canvas won't move or wobble while you stitch
  • easier to maintain constant tension
To attach canvas to stretcher bars
  • make sure frame is square
  • align the warp and weft with the frame
  • staple or tack the center of one edge
  • tug the canvas to the opposite side and staple or tack
  • pull one canvas corner taught and secure it; do the opposite corner and then the other two corners
  • 4. Canvas Work / Painted Canvas Embroidery Kits - Hand Embroidery Designs As An Alt
    Painted canvas' are worked in a variety of hand embroidery stitches. hand Paintedcanvas. Click on image for enlargement. Order form. embroidery time 24 Hours.
    CANVAS PAINTED KITS Please find below a range of hand painted canvasses Painted Canvas' are worked in a variety of hand embroidery stitches. Y ou can buy the canvasses on their own or with crewel wools. Mailing costs are not included in the canvas prices, these will be added when filling out the order form. Canvas painted kits are painted with permanent paints onto 14 or 18 count mono canvas. All canvas paintings are made to order and may take several weeks to be dispatched. All painted canvasses are designed and hand painted by myself and can be worked in a variety of hand embroidery stitches. An instruction booklet is included with each painted canvas. Canvas Painted Needle Casses Bumble Bee Clownfish Crab Lady Bird ... Turtles Painted Canvas Commissions Commissions Each painted canvas comes with a Instruction Booklet.

    5. Counted Thread Embroidery, Canvas Work, Pulled Work, Blackwork And Hapsburg Lace
    Berlin embroidery Designs Counted thread embroidery includes canvas work, blackwork, pulledwork, haspurg lace hand embroidery. different counted thread hand embroidery kits. All kits follow and should be counted on the fabric or canvas. canvas. All canvas painted kits are counted hand embroidery kits worked
    COUNTED THREAD KITS Please find below a range of different counted thread hand embroidery kits . All kits follow a chart of embroidery patterns that a re graphed out and should be counted on the fabric or canvas. This page gives you a look at all the counted thread kits that I offer. Blackwork Kits Canvas Painted Kits Hapsburg Lace Pulled Work ... Free On-going Critique and Free Correspondence with all kits! I offer embroidery commissions and classes in all types of embroidery, please Contact me for any requests. BLACKWORK Please find below a range of Blackwork kits. The kits come with detailed instructions and patterns explaining everything you need to know about working the Blackwork kits. Mailing costs are not included in the kit prices, these will be added when filling out the order form.

    6. Kate's Kloths - Hand-dyed Embroidery Threads And Fabrics And Embroidery Workshop
    Experiment with machine embroidery; the fabric is very easy to sew through. HandPainted canvas The canvas is coloured with dye leaving the canvas soft and
    Colour Chart
    To make ordering easier all colours have been categorised into colour schemes. The chart is an indication of the colour ranges available in the hand dyed fabrics and threads; it is by no means an accurate representation of the shade or hue. Please note that different fibres take on the colour in various ways therefore allow for some variation. It is highly recommended when ordering items for a specific item to order enough quantities, as colours are not always repeatable due to the fact that each thread is individually hand dyed. If a colour match is required it is advisable to send a colour sample. Order threads and fabrics using the following colour codes: 01 Lemon Yellow
    02 Yellow/Tangerine
    03 Tangering/Scarlet
    04 Scarlet/Cerise
    05 Cerise/Purple
    06 Pink/Lilac
    07 Lilac/Purple
    08 Purple/Green
    09 Yellow/Lime
    10 Lime/Green 11 Green/Moss 12 Bluegreen/Blue 13 Blue/Turquoise 14 Turquoise/Aqua 15 Blue/Purple 16 Blue/Beige 17 Brown/Orange 18 Turquoise/Purple 19 Moss/Brown 20 Rainbow Pastel 21 Rainbow Bright Thread Skeins All threads are variegated providing a subtle colour change throughout the length of the thread. All threads are ordered with a colour code.

    7. Indian Embroidery Work, Woven Cloth, Hand Crafted Products, Indian Jewellery & G
    paintings, interior designing, canvas painting gift items. embroidery is the embellishment of cloth chikan , embroidery, enamelling, engraving, EPNS, filigree, hand printing, inlay,
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    - India (Sell)

    Offer for pashmina printed shawls and stoles, banarsi brocade shawls and... Cashmere Fabric Cutting Waste Etc. - China (Sell) Offering cashmere fabric cutting waste, cashmere yarn waste, Chinese cas... Shawls, Plaids, Throws, Scarves, Wrap-arounds And Ponchos - India (Sell) Export offer for shawls, plaids, throws, scarves, wrap-arounds, ponchos ... MORE... Related Auctions Nacklace, Earrings and Bracelatte in beads [2500 Pcs.] Bid: US$2500.00

    8. Merry Hall Embroidery Books
    to canvas work, florentine, crewel work, cross stitch, pulled fabric, smocking,machine embroidery, patchwork, quilting and applique. PB, average second hand
    How to Order Home Secure Orders Email About Us Craft Catalog D.I.Y. Catalog Gardening Catalog Woodwork Catalog Embroidery Books - Second Hand 501.Embroidery In Miniature , the creation of small objects from tiny pieces of material, using the finest stitches and threads, has fascinated embroiderers since the 17th century. The author shows which materials and stitches are best to use and includes a range of attractive projects. ISBN 0713454393. PB, good condition. Jean Brown, Batsford, 1987, 120p. 1985.Creative Canvaswork, An exciting range of full colour patterns that let you create beautifully stitched fashionable extras for your home and wardrobe. Designs include cats, lighter or spectacle case, small gifts, shoulder bag and more. ISBN 0863073166. HB, average second hand condition. Marshall Cavendish, 1985, 58p. 6400.Silk Ribbon Embroidery 2, transform your clothes with a single rose embroidered on a silk shirt or an elaborately worked evening jacket using silk ribbon embroidery to give gorgeous individuality to clothes. PB, average second hand condition. Jenny Bradford, Greenhouse, 1990, 48p. 1253. Stitchery

    9. Merry Hall Embroidery Books
    textured embroidery including bullion stitch, wool embroidery and canvas work. Vol6 No 5, celebrity art bag showcase, freehand embroidery, creative textured
    How to Order Home Secure Orders Email About Us Craft Catalog D.I.Y. Catalog Gardening Catalog Woodwork Catalog the story behind Changi quilts, homely touch of linen and lace, creative ideas for Christmas, fuchsia ribbon embroidery, blushing rose tassel. $4.00 (New Mag) $4.00 (New Mag) , delving into the world of counted threads, celebration quilt decorated with cross-stitched homes, Laugh Kookaburra, a 13th century Persian tile pattern, sampler motifs, Crystal Palace, Chrysanthemum Daisy Basket. $4.00 (New Mag) , decorating with braids, cords, laces and tassels, Mountmellick Magic, tussie mussie, Heather McCallum, Victorian sewing table, girl with open parasol. $4.00 (New Mag) , this popular designer presents a range of beautiful cross stitch designs inspired by homes and buildings from around the world-piers and pergolas, lighthouses and windmills, castles and cottages. HB, Jane Greenoff, Greenhouse, 1989, 119p. $10.95 (New Book)

    10. Needlepoint Books, Cross Stitch Books And Embroidery Books
    Flowers Pamela Watts This stunning book explores flowers by using a wide rangeof popular techniques, including hand embroidery, canvas work, cross stitch
    Embroidery Books - Needlepoint Books Cross stitch Books Crewel Embroidery Books
    All our books are available through Amazon. Click on either the book jacket or the title for more information or to buy the book. Stitch Magic
    Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn
    Using the wide range of fabrics, threads and materials now available, Jan and Jean give embroiders the inspiration to experiment with the basic hand stitches to create infinite stitch interpretations. The first chapter gives practical advice on the choice and planning of stitches, and different stitch techniques. The following sections include blending and integrating stitches, and combining hand and machine stitches. Embroidered Heirlooms to Make and Treasure
    Jill Carter
    16 stunning projects using traditional embroidery techniques, in four categories: weddings, new beginnings, special occasions and Christmas. The projects re accompanied by step-by step instructions, line illustrations and colour photography. A range of techniques is covered: surface embroidery, quilting, canvas work, heirloom sewing, cross-stitch and drawn thread work. Creative Machine Embroidery
    Gail Harker
    This book is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn a portfolio of original, creative machine techniques. Included are steps to finding and developing designs and themes to be used by the reader in creation of their own original ideas. The book then leads to the selection and preparation of appropriate fabric and threads, the application of design to fabric and the working of machine stitches.

    11. Victorian Cottage Treasures -- We Offer Embroidery Supplies: Threads, Silk Ribbo
    Thimbles embroidery We carry thimbles designed for both short Caron Collection,Impressions Over Dyed / hand Dyed Silk per 18 or 22 or24 count canvas, or 28
    Let the beauty of Needlepoint and Tapestry add a touch of stylish elegance to your home. We have thousands of gracious Needlepoint kits and supplies to match every décor and budget. You will be amazed with the variety and detail designs available in our kits. We are sure we have the perfect project waiting for you.
    Embroidery Hoops and Stands:

    For the embroidery project that's bigger or smaller than what you have equipment for.
    Metallic Threads - Kreinik # 1/16 Ribbon.:

    Cross stitch (10-11count), needlepoint (18-24 count), machine embroidery (use in bobbin or couch). Use with thread heaven wax to make sure fabric does not fray when being worked.
    Metallic Threads - Kreinik # 1/8 Ribbon:

    Cross stitch (8 count), needlepoint (10-14 count), machine embroidery (couch). Use with thread heaven wax to make sure fabric does not fray when being worked.
    Metallic Threads - Kreinik Fine #8 Braid:

    Cross stitch (11-14count), needlepoint (for fine details on 18-30 count), machine embroidery (use in bobbin or needle). Use with thread heaven wax to make sure fabric does not fray when being worked.
    Metallic Threads - Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid.:

    12. Victorian Cottage Treasures -- We Offer Embroidery Supplies: Threads, Silk Ribbo
    fibers which gives it the strength for hand embroidery and is Dyed French Wool NeedleNecessities 61 hand dyed colors 2 ply for 22 or 24 count canvas, 3 ply
    We are proud to carry an international assortment of threads including popular lines from, YLI, Madeira, Rhode Island, Kreinik, Marlitt, Rajmahal, Anchor, DMC, Needle Necessities, and the Caron Collection. For your specific embroidery needs, we have cotton, metal, rayon, silk, ribbon, and over-dyed threads, as well as hand-dyed, wool, and beading threads. 
    Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Threads Rayon, by Edmar, Boucle:

    Boucle is a uniquely knotted thread, 2 ply with 2 other plies looped in and out. 10.5 yards or 10 meters per skein. Appears difficult to work with is actually quite tame and easy to use.
    Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Threads Rayon, by Edmar, Cire:

    Cire is a heavy 3 ply thread. 10.5 yards or 10 meters per skein. This thread is different from Edmar's other 3 ply thread Lola in that the twist is slightly looser. This allows for a different look to your stitch.
    Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Threads Rayon, by Edmar, Frost:

    Frost is a medium 3 ply thread. 16 yards or 15 meters per skein. The tight twist to this thread gived a more defined look to your stitches.
    Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Threads Rayon, by Edmar, Glory:

    13. Barnyarns On-line Shopping - Everything You Need For Perfect Embroidery
    Opus will securely hold hand canvas frames up to 27 (68cm) width, Symphony24 (61cm) embroidery Hoops and Quilting Hoops up to 18 (45cm).

    14. Arts & Crafts Period Textiles - Pillows
    22 x 22 Flax canvas with hand stencil and hand embroidery. Also available withRusset Flower. 22 x 22 Flax canvas with appliqué and hand embroidery.
    from the workshop of
    Dianne Ayres
    P shown above:
    American Beauty - gold flowers; hand stencilled and hand embroidered
    Roses on stems - light gold flowers; hand stencilled
    American Beauty - red flowers; hand stencilled and hand embroidered
    Poppy - copper flower; hand stencilled
    Checkerberry - russet berries; hand stencilled and hand embroidered Stencilled Pillows are available completed, filled with a down and feather inner pillow.
    click here to see more

    Pillows with embroidery
    are available completely finished, filled with a down and feather inner pillow, or, as a kit. The kit includes the pillow front with the design marked, fabric for the back, embroidery thread, a needle, and instructions for embroidering and completing. Click on the images below or name of pillow for prices and more details. Roycroft Tulip Pillow 22" x 22" Flax Canvas with hand stencil and hand embroidery. Also available with Russet Flower Ginkgo 4-leaf Pillow 22" x 22" Also available on Raw Linen with yellow Leaves.

    15. Arts & Crafts Period Textiles - Bedspreads
    pictured here Checkerberry Bedspread, queen size, of Natural Flax canvas 100%Linen, the motif is worked in hand stencilling and hand embroidery with hand
    Period Textiles
    from the workshop of
    Dianne Ayres
    central stylized motif,
    pictured here :
    Checkerberry Bedspread, queen size, of Natural Flax Canvas 100% Linen, the motif is worked in hand stencilling and hand embroidery with hand embroidery along the seams. Also shown, Ginkgo 5-leaf pillow and curtains with the Checkerberry motif. The Checkerberry designs are based on a designs offerd by Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops. see size chart W e make bedspreads to order, in your choice of fabric, size, design, and colors. Suggested fabrics for bedspreads are: Monkscloth, Craftsman Linen, Bungalow Cloth and Flax Canvas or any of the mid-weight linens. Monkscloth is sufficiently wide that seams are not required for queen size or smaller. For king size and bedspreads made of other fabrics, seams are required and decorative embroidery along the seamline is optional. We construct throw-style bedspreads, with rounded corners at the foot and a generous pillow tuck.
    Bedspread designs with hand embroidery
    Bedspreads with embroidery are available completed or as a kit.

    16. Ekka Its Show Time - Competition Results

    17. Threadneedle Street, Embroidery, Needlepoint
    Threadneedle Street
    619-A Washington Avenue
    Ocean Springs, MS 39564-4633
    1-888-847-3635 TOLL FREE
    Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
    Choose from our complete line of needlepoint and embroidery supplies:
    FABRICS MAGAZINES ACCESSORIES THREADS ... NEEDLEPOINT FABRICS - Click the links below for information on thread count and colors available. Back to top

    18. Embroidery History
    of the 1880’s, using square meshed canvas with stitch be applied using sewing machinesin addition to hand stitching. Bead embroidery has been around for ages
    Embroidery History
    Return to Sampler Main Page

    I have eliminated the Navigation Bar
    on this page so that you can
    make your own personal copy.
    Just return to the Main Sampler Page
    to move around Beadwrangler's. E mbroidery and most other fiber and needlework arts are believed to originate in the Orient and Middle East. Primitive humankind quickly found that the stitches used to join animal skins together could also be used for embellishment. Chinese bead embroidery in Siberia, 5000 and 6000B.C., include elaborately drilled shells stitched with decorative designs onto animal hides. Mosaics of Byzantium, 500A.D., depict embroidery of clothing with silk thread, precious stones and pearls. It is possible the Chinese thread embroidery from 3500B.C. was the origin of thread embroidery as we know it today. Recorded history, sculptures, paintings and vases depicting inhabitants of various ancient civilizations wearing thread embroidered clothing date back over 3,000 years including those found in Greece 400B.C., and Babylon and Syria, 700A.D. Archeological excavations in Ur, 1544, revealed high standards of thread embroidery from ancient times such as a pure gold thread embroidered and woven shroud in the tomb of Empress Honorius dating 400A.D. The gold threads were melted down and weighed 36 pounds in pure metal. It is a shame such a historical item was destroyed. When techniques for manufacture of smaller beads and drilling bead holes evolved, beads were more commonly used with embroidery along with the invention of fine steel needles. Art movements and social and economical events affected beadwork design including bead embroidery.

    19. Embroidery - Wikipedia
    floss or wool to create a picture in thread on canvas, linen or The art of hand embroideryis a painstaking and laborious process, but today garments are often
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Embroidery is an ancient textile art which uses strands of embroidery floss or wool to create a picture in thread on canvas linen or other cloth. It forms a part of needlework Embroidery uses various stitches and combinations of stitches. Each embroidery stitch has a special name to help identify it, and although they are mostly simple to execute, when you put them together the results can be extremely complex.
    • back stitch
      • for outlining shapes
      blanket stitch
      • as the name implies, an edging stitch to prevent fraying, but also decorative.
      chain stitch cross-stitch (or X-stitch) couching
      • Attaching a thread to a piece of fabric by sewing it on. Specialist couching stitches: Pendant couching

    20. Embroidery Gallery
    on canvas. Puff Paint embroidery. Chunky textured threads. Experimental embroideryKit. Space Dyed Threads. Space Dyed Threads. Space dyed textured wool's. hand

    Jewels Beaded Bargello Cushions
    Bargello Pincushion Hand Dyed Textured Felt by Jenny Scott Examples of Textured Felt by Jenny Scott
    Jewels Beaded Bargello Cushions
    Bargello Pincushion Hand Dyed Textured Felt by Jenny Scott Examples of Textured Felt by Jenny Scott ... WebFX 01729 824641

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