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         Energy Environmental Issues:     more books (100)
  1. Energy and environmental issues: The making and implementation of public policy
  2. The Challenge of Supplying Energy (Environmental Issues Series) by Gail B. Haines, 1991-09
  3. Energy and Environmental Issues for the Practising Architect by Professor Ian Ward, 2004-01-01
  4. Critical Thinking About Environmental Issues - Energy (hardcover edition) by Manuel Nikel-Zueger, 2003-12-10
  5. Resolving environmental issues in energy development: Roles for the Department of Energy and its field offices : prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy ([Report] - Rand Corporation ; R-2335-DOE) by Phyllis L Ellickson, 1979
  6. Drilling raises concerns over environmental and tourism issues.(Energy & Utilities): An article from: Mississippi Business Journal by Lynn Lofton, 2004-05-03
  7. Energy and Environmental Issues; by Michael; Steinman, 1979
  8. Energy and environmental issues in the United Kingdom (Paper - Cornell Energy project) by Peter L Auer, 1973
  9. Energy and environmental issues for the Midwest economy (Assessing the Midwest economy, looking back for the future) by Athanasios D Bournakis, 1996
  10. Energy and Environmental Issues for the Practising Architect: A Guide to Help at the Initial Design Stage. by Ian C. Ward, 2004-01-01
  11. Energy and environmental issues: Options for U.S. policy (FPI policy briefs) by Wilfrid L Kohl, 1991
  12. Energy and Environmental Issues 1991 (Transportation Research Record)
  13. Energy and Environmental Issues for the Practising Architect:A Guide
  14. Navigating Municipal Environmental and Energy Issues: Municipal Law Experts on Meeting New Compliance Standards, Addressing Land Use and Redevelopment ... Environmental Policies (Inside the Minds) by Multiple Authors, 2010-06-01

1. Energy Environmental Issues
Energy and the Environment. Project Contact ECC Executive Director. TheEnergy Council maintains a strong interest in environmental issues.
Energy and the Environment
Project Contact : ECC Executive Director
The Energy Council maintains a strong interest in environmental issues. Currently, there is a particular focus on international aspects, and how they may affect Canadian energy stakeholders. The emphasis is on greenhouse gas emissions, and on moves towards carbon dioxide (CO2) stabilization.
In 1992, the Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed by over 150 countries (including Canada) at the United Nations Conference for Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a first step toward a broad objective of stabilizing harmful "greenhouse gases", particularly CO , the Rio treaty called on industrialized countries to cap emissions at 1990 levels by the year 2000. In December 1997, five years after Rio, the Kyoto Conference of Parties (COP-3) established a new set of greenhouse gas targets for industrialized countries. In particular, for Canada it specified a 6% reduction below 1990 levels, to be achieved by the period 2008-2012. This compares with a 7% reduction target for the US, and an 8% reduction for the European Union countries. A succinct summary of the decisions at Kyoto, as prepared by the Deputy Secretary General of WEC, will be found at the Kyoto 1997 site.

2. NWCC Wind Energy Series No. 2
2. Wind energy environmental issues. Conclusions. The environmental issues raisedby wind power plants in the 1980s caught the wind energy industry by surprise.
January 1997
No. 2
Wind Energy
Environmental Issues
ind power plants offer several important environmental advantages over conventional power plants running on coal, oil, or natural gas; namely, they use no fuel, emit no air pollutants, greenhouse gases, or toxic wastes, and consume no water or other scarce resources. Nevertheless, wind plants can raise environmental and community concerns. For example, they generate noise and can be visually intrusive for residents living near them. They also can disturb wildlife habitats and cause injury or death to birds. Fortunately, despite past mistakes, these and other potential problems need not pose a serious obstacle to wind development in most cases. Through conscientious planning research, and early and frequent consultations with affected communities, wind plant developers can identify and address the most serious issues before substantial investments are made in new wind projects. Utilities, government agencies, environmental organizations, and others need to work with developers to ensure that such effective strategies are implemented.
Issues concerning local communities
Building and operating a wind plant involves many of the same activities as building and operating a conventional power plant, including road construction, land clearing, truck traffic, and the construction of transmission lines. Not surprisingly, activities such as these sometimes arouse significant community concerns. In addition, wind projects raise unique community issues, mostly concerning their visual impacts and noise.

3. Energy And Environment
Index of energyrelated subjects and links to resources and organizations, including an animated wind farm. UO Web Classes/Resources Related to energy and environmental issues
Links and Resources for Energy and the Environment The world is finally becoming globally aware that exponential resource usage in combination with finite reserves is a recipe that ensures our great grandchildren won't be born. These pages are meant as pointers to other resources that bring this problem to light including some real classes at the University of Oregon.
Be sure to check out the UO Environmental Studies Program
UO Web Classes/Resources Related to Energy and Environmental Issues
Topical Lists (from EREN mostly)
Internet Resources On Energy and Environment
Global Resources and Indices

4. The EnviroLink Network
Government agency furnishes extensive resources in environmentrelated information, including news, legislation, test methods, and data. EPA issues Second Report on Trends environmental contaminants. Bush Administration Launches Climate VISION En Español - The Department of energy,
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News Headlines

Green groups say keep EU constitution nuclear-free
Environmentalists are urging the European Union to drop its special treatment of nuclear energy when ... (posted 04/03/2003 from Reuters )
House GOP revives prospect of oil drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge
House Republicans are reviving President Bush's top energy priority — opening an Alaska wildlife refuge ... (posted 04/03/2003 from Associated Press )
US regulators hike mileage rules for trucks
U S regulators this week raised future fuel economy standards for pickups vans and sport ... (posted 04/03/2003 from Reuters )
Piqued chickens and scouting sea lions make a military menagerie in Iraq war
This materiel not only has bite it's got plenty of bark And beaks and bottle ... (posted 04/03/2003 from Associated Press )
Suing Over Climate Change
The debate over global warming is gaining a new dimension: litigation The vast numbers affected ... (posted 04/03/2003 from BBC )
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5. Environmental Issues Site
Learn about environmental issues and how to make a difference. Access interest groups, magazines, and policy details. About News issues environmental issues. Search Activism. Air Quality. energy. Biotechnology. environmental Jobs. Farming. Globalization
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Environmental Issues
with Lara JillRosenblith
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In The Spotlight Mon, Apr 7, 2003
10 Reasons to Oppose an Attack on Iraq

On March 18, 2003, a coalition of environmentalists opposed to the U.S.-led attack on Iraq, known as The Environmentalists Against War launched a Website to raise awareness of the possible environmental consequences of a second Gulf War.
More: Oil Field Fire Photo - Bergan Oil Field, Kuwait 1991
Animal and Ecological Terrorism Bill
Animal rights and environmental activists are the targets of the so-called "Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act." Similar forms of this bill have been introduced recently in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maine. More: Eco Crimes - Forest ArsonBoise Cascade More: Economics - From tree spikes to shopping malls Yellowstone Bison Sent to Slaughter Since Monday March 2, 231 wild bison have been captured and sent to slaughter from the Stephens Creek buffalo trap, located inside Yellowstone near the park's Northern entrance.

6. International Energy Agency: Environmental Issues
The energy and Environment Division is conducting analyses of Conferences and Workshops File updated 24/12/02 energy and Climate Change. (New Delhi, 29 October 2002). IEA/IETA/EPRI Greenhouse gas emission trading Domestic and international issues OECD environmental Database. Annex 1
The Energy and Environment Division is conducting analyses of: actions to mitigate climate change
non-climate related energy policy
and energy and sustainable development Recent Publications: CO Emissions from Fuel Combustion 2002 Dealing with Climate Change 2002 Beyond Kyoto: Energy Dynamics and Climate Stabilistaion News: COP 8 The Eigth Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC
(New Delhi, India 23 October - 1 November, 2002) The World Summit on Sustainable Development
(Johannesburg 26 August - 4 September 2002) Energy Security and Climate Stability Must Be Made Compatible, IEA tells COP7
(8 November 2001 - Marrakech) The 7th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP7)
(29 October- 9 November - Marrakech) What happened in Bonn?
The Nuts and Bolts of an Historic Agreement

(27 August 2001) Climate Change and the Bonn Agreement.

7. Iran
April 2000 article by the United States energy Information Administration and the Department of the Category Regional Middle East Iran Science and Environment...... In addition to deforestation and desertification issues across much a more longtermapproach towards environmental protection in than oil for its energy needs
May 2002
Iran: Environmental Issues
Iran is faced with a litany of environmental problems, many of which the country is only beginning to tackle as the problems reach a crisis point. Although Iran established a Department of Environment in 1971, long-term environmental concerns often have been subjugated to shorter-term industrial production and political goals. Iranian environmental protection efforts in the 1970s focused on conservation, with the establishment of a number of national parks, national monuments, and wildlife refuges throughout the country.
Iran maintained this focus after the Islamic Revolution, enshrining environmental protection in the Constitution. Article 50 of the Constitution reads: "In the Islamic Republic of Iran protection of the environment, in which present and future generations should enjoy a transcendent social life, is regarded as a public duty. Therefore, economic and any other activity, which results in pollution or irremediable destruction of the environment is prohibited." However, 8 years of war with Iraq, international political isolation, and economic sanctions kept environmental goals on the back-burner in Iran, and conservation measures predominated in Iran's environmental policies.
Iran's failure to move beyond conservation policies towards a more sustainable development has manifested itself in a range of problems today. In addition to deforestation and desertification issues across much of Iran's arid territory, overfishing in lakes and rivers has caused a drop in fishing levels; industrial and urban waste water runoff has contaminated a number of rivers and coastal waters and threatened drinking water supplies; wetlands and reservoirs are increasingly being destroyed under the pretext of creating industrial and agricultural lands; and oil and chemical spills in the Persian Gulf and

8. Institute For Energy And Environmental Research Homepage
Concerned with nuclear weapons proliferation, energy and waste issues.
Institute for Energy and
Environmental Research
Where Science and Democracy Meet Subject Index

What's New
About IEER
... Consider donating to IEER! The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) is dedicated to increasing public involvement in and control over environmental problems through the democratization of science. FEATURES Science for Democratic Action
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Designed specifically for non-technoweenies! Publications Books, factsheets, and technical reports galore. Readable science on a range of issues. Errata : Corrections to IEER's printed materials The Fabulous Factsheet File Is uranium hazardous? What is plutonium? Find out here. IEER Op-Eds Commentary on plutonium disposition, energy policy, treaties, and more. Useful Links Links to nuclear, energy, and environmental sites. Support IEER Contribute on-line through a secure server.

9. Consumer's Environmental Issues
energy and environmental issues Useless to Appease Greenpeace Bully Letter to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal, May 1998; by Fran Smith
Energy and Environmental Issues

10. EERE: Hydropower Energy - Environmental Issues And Mitigation
A variety of mitigation techniques are now being used to address these environmentalissues, and environmentally friendly turbines are US Department of energy.

Site Map A-Z Index Ask an Energy Expert Search
Environmental Issues and Mitigation
Current hydropower technology, while essentially emission-free, can have undesirable environmental effects , such as fish injury and mortality from passage through turbines, as well as detrimental effects on the quality of downstream water. A variety of mitigation techniques are now being used to address these environmental issues, and environmentally friendly turbines are under development. Fish Passage
Fish populations can be impacted if fish cannot migrate upstream past impoundment dams to spawning grounds or if they cannot migrate downstream to the ocean. Upstream fish passage can be aided using fish ladders or elevators , or by trapping and hauling the fish upstream by truck. Downstream fish passage is aided by diverting fish from turbine intakes using screens or racks or even underwater lights and sounds , and by maintaining a minimum spill flow past the turbine. Water Quality and Flow
Hydropower plants can cause low dissolved oxygen levels in the water, a problem that is harmful to riparian habitats and is addressed using various aeration techniques. Maintaining

11. Almanac Of Policy Issues: Environment
Links and background information on U.S. and global environmental issues, including issues such as air quality, water quality, global warming, wildlife, and energy conservation.
Almanac of Policy Issues
Search Archive
In many ways, America's environment has improved dramatically since the first Earth Day in 1970. The quality of the nation's air has improved substantially with respect to many pollutants, particularly lead after it was phased out as a gasoline additive several years ago. Water pollution from "point sources" like industrial facilities and wastewater treatment plants has seen similar improvement, though pollution from "nonpoint" sources principally urban, suburban and agriculture runoff has proved an intractable problem of ongoing concern. While these and other domestic environmental issues draw continued attention, however, many environmentalists are now placing international issues at the top of their list of priorities. Issues like global warming, population growth, deforestation, and the continued loss of many species of plants and animals have reached increasing prominence on the environmental agenda. These issues are not without controversy. While few people consider themselves anti-environment, many environmental policies draw considerable opposition from those who are adversely affected economically. Domestically, industries complain of a heavy regulatory burden and question the benefits of new environmental proposals. Property owners complain that their rights are being infringed. There is also significant conflict in the international arena, where poor, developing nations argue that they can not afford new environmental restrictions and that rich, industrialized nations, who have until recently been the world's primary polluters, should shoulder most of the burden.

12. Consumer Guide: Environmental And Social Issues To Consider With Small Wind Turb
Social and environmental issues in Wind energy Provides a brief overview of someof the common issues, including aesthetics, noise, television interference
Main topics in making your own clean electricity When is making your own electricity appropriate? Analyzing your
electricity load
Connecting your ... Other Issues
Other Small Wind Issues to Consider:
Environmental and Social Issues
There are a number of social and environmental issues that have, in the past, been a problem for turbine owners. However, better wind turbine designs and siting plans have succeeded in minimizing the impact of wind projects. Turbines are now much quieter, and they don't interfere with television reception. In addition, careful siting can decrease interference with birds and other wildlife. And wind turbines have always been a source of pollution-free electricity that doesn't contribute to global warming. The links below provide more information on some of these social and environmental issues to help you determine if a wind turbine is right for you, and to help you answer any questions you might get regarding these issues:

13. WISE, World Information Service On Energy Index Page
Provide international news and resources focusing on environmental and safety issues in the nuclear industry.
Welcome to the World Information Service on Energy
WISE is an information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear energy, radioactive waste, radiation, and related issues. We publish the WISE/NIRS Nuclear Monitor 20 times a year. This website requires frames to make navigation more easy, but as your browser doesn't support them, we offer you some possibilities to navigate these pages without using frames. In the meantime you can go to , which will explain why you should upgrade your browser. In the meantime, we recommend Opera, a small tiny browser. The fastest browser on earth. Or just search our site here, using this sitemap: who is wise
who is nirs

wise uranium

about this site

14. Governmental Strategies Incorporated
Governmental affairs consulting firm specializing in energy and environmental issues.
See More House Energy Committee Reports Energy Bill (April 03, 2003) The House Energy and Commerce Committee reported a comprehensive energy bill. Link to External Information. Bush Nominates Diaz to be NRC Chairman (March 31, 2003) President Bush nominated Nils Diaz to be Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Link to External Information. FERC Takes Action on Western Power Markets (March 26, 2003) The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission found there was clear evidence of market manipulation in western markets but that it was made possible by an underlying supply shortage, flawed market design and inconsistent rules. It also announced action against Enron, Reliant and several other firms. Link to External Information. See More
April 07 Details April 08 Senate Markup of Comprehensive Energy Legislation( Details April 08 Senate EPW Hearing on Clean Air( Details April 08 Senate Hearing on Enron Compensation Issues( Details April 09 Senate Markup of Price-Anderson( Details Home Calendar News ... About GSI
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15. Renewable Energy: Economic And Environmental Issues
Renewable energy Economic and environmental issues. by David Pimentel, G. Rodrigues, T. Wane, R. Abrams, K. Goldberg,
Renewable Energy:
Economic and Environmental Issues
by David Pimentel, G. Rodrigues, T. Wane, R. Abrams, K. Goldberg, H. Staecker, E. Ma, L. Brueckner, L. Trovato, C. Chow, U. Govindarajulu, and S. Boerke
(Originally published in BioScience Vol. 44, No. 8, September 1994)
Solar energy technologies, paired with energy conservation, have the potential to meet a large portion of future US energy needs
The United States faces serious energy shortages in the near future. High energy consumption and the ever-increasing US population will force residents to confront the critical problem of dwindling domestic fossil energy supplies. With only 4.7% of the world's population, the United States consumes approximately 25% of the total fossil fuel used each year throughout the world. The United States now imports about one half of its oil (25% of total fossil fuel) at an annual cost of approximately $65 billion (USBC 1992a). Current US dependence on foreign oil has important economic costs (Gibbons and Blair 1991) and portends future negative effects on national security and the economy. Domestic fossil fuel reserves are being rapidly depleted, and it would be a major drain on the economy to import 100% of US oil. Within a decade or two US residents will be forced to turn to renewable energy for some of their energy needs. Proven US oil reserves are projected to be exhausted in 10 to 15 years depending on consumption patterns (DOE 1991a, Matare 1989, Pimentel et al. 1994, Worldwatch Institute 1992), and natural gas reserves are expected to last slightly longer. In contrast, coal reserves have been projected to last approximately 100 years, based on current use and available extraction processes (Matare 1989).

16. Environmental Protection Agency
Committed to protecting the natural environment.Category Science Environment Conservation Regions United States...... Bush Administration issues First Certification of a less dependent on foreign sourcesof energy. Budget Request Strengthens Base environmental Programs and
Protecting human health, safeguarding the natural environment
Recent Additions
Contact Us Print Version Search: Advanced Search EPA Newsroom Browse EPA Topics Where You Live ... Jobs Current Issues Top Stories Largest Civil Penalty Paid to EPA: $34 Million - In a joint announcement with the Department of Justice, EPA settled with Colonial Pipeline Company. Under the agreement, Colonial will upgrade environmental protection on the pipeline at an estimated cost of at least $30 million, and pay $34 million, the largest civil penalty a company has paid in EPA history.
EPA Honors Clean Water Partners for the 21st Century

Whitman Announces Partnership to Help Prevent Skin Cancer and Promote Sun Safety in Arizona
- EPA, along with SHADE Foundation founder Shonda Schilling and her husband, Arizona Diamondback pitcher Curt Schilling, announced a new sun safety partnership with the Arizona Department of Health Services to educate children about skin cancer and other health risks from overexposure to the sun. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. One in five children in the U.S. will develop skin cancer during his or her lifetime.

17. Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection In Pakistan
This monthly magazine is dedicated to energy Conservation and environmental Protection issues in Pakistan.
window.defaultStatus="e-Digest Pakistan's Web Site..." The e-digest is Pakistan's First monthly magazine dedicated to Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection issues. Articles, Reports, Suggestions and other Technical information contributed by readers are given priority and published for the benefits of the others. Share Knowledge - Share Problems - Share Solutions Home e-club Sponsors Contacts ... Mail Us

18. George S Hall Limited - Partners In Facilities Maintenance
International facilities maintenance company with specialized fields in health and safety, environmental issues and energy efficiency. Offices in the United States and Europe.
George S Hall are an international facilities maintenance company with offices throughout Europe and the USA. Established in 1895 they now employ more than 900 people in the UK and their portfolio of clients boast some of the countries most prestigious blue chip companies. Wherever a client is based and whatever their maintenance requirements George S Hall prides itself on being able to deliver a service that is second to none. This site is best viewed with a frame enabled browser using Macromedia Shockwave Flash: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above from Microsoft Corporation or Macromedia Shockwave Flash from Macromedia

19. Subjects-Environmental Issues
include Activism, Air Quality/Pollution, Biotechnology, Globalization and TradeIssues, energy, Factory Farming, Health, environmental Jobs, environmental
zfp=-1 About Environmental Issues Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Environmental Issues
with Lara JillRosenblith
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Take part in protecting the environment! Find out more about peaceful activism, protests, and other issues related to enviro-activism. Air Quality and Air Pollution
Air pollution is quickly becoming a severe environmental problem. Greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere are contributing to global warming and ambient pollution is a leading cause of environmentally related illness. Alternative Energy
Information about alternative and renewable energy sources and current initiatives, and how they can be used to efficiently replace modern energy sources. Biotechnology
Can biotechnology save the world's population from hunger? Currently, many of the foods we eat contain genetically modified organisms. What are the risks and possible benefits of genetic modification of our food supply. Environmental Jobs Job listings and career advice for those interested in a career in the public, private, or non-profit environmental fields.

20. Energy Industry Environmental Issues
. energy Industry environmental issues tracks all stories on environmental issuespollution, spills,......
NewsEdge Editor's Pick TM Description Energy Industry Environmental Issues tracks all stories on environmental issuespollution, spills, cleanups, regulationrelating to the energy industry. Coverage includes oil and coal production, transport, refining and burning, as well as electric power generation from these and nuclear fuels. However, coverage does not include hazardous waste from the production or other uses of petrochemicals. Story Average Recent Headlines 1. Water utilities need $1.6 billion for improving security systems

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