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         Engineer Case Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Selected Case Studies in the Use of Tolerance and Deviation Information During Design of Representative Industial Products (CRTD) by American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1992-08-15
  2. Composites in Manufacturing: Case Studies
  3. Evaluation and Upgrading of Wood Structures: Case Studies : Proceedings of a Session at Structures Congress '86 by La.) Structures Congress 86 (1986 : New Orleans, 1986-11
  4. The Social Production of Technical Work: The Case of British Engineers (Cambridge Studies in Sociology) by Peter Whalley, 1986-01
  5. Forecasting variation.(Case study): An article from: Industrial Engineer by Susan Chandy, 2006-09-01
  6. A safe journey in time.(Case Study): An article from: Industrial Engineer by David Brandt, 2010-06-01
  7. Journey to optimization.(Case Study): An article from: Industrial Engineer by David Brandt, 2009-08-01
  8. Searching for lean with lean.(Case Study): An article from: Industrial Engineer by David Brandt, 2009-05-01
  9. Successful Trouble Shooting for Process Engineers: A Complete Course in Case Studies by Donald R. Woods, 2006-03-06
  10. Case Studies in Earth Retaining Structures 2007 (Geotechnical Special Publication)
  11. Online voting: A case study. (Governance).(Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers): An article from: Association Management
  12. The Amalgamated Society of Engineers, 1851-1892: A case study in welfare policy by Thomas Hoben Robinson, 1936
  13. The social production of technical work: The case of British engineers (Cambridge studies in sociology) by Peter Whalley, 1986
  14. The re-ordering of national priorities;: Program opportunities and case studies for the aerospace industry and engineer, by Joseph Freitag, 1971

21. National Bank Of Canada | Manage Human Capital
RECRUITSOFT case STUDY National Bank of Canada. had to offer and had no idea thatwe would find something so robust when we set out to reengineer our staffing
section=3; ssection=3.3; var francais="../../../fr/connaissance/clients/NationalBankCanada.html";
Client Case Studies

Video Testimonials

National Bank of Canada
Capitalizing on Technology and Best Practices
to Successfully Manage Human Capital
National Bank of Canada ( ) provides comprehensive financial services to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises globally. The company, with more than 17,000 employees, manages assets of over $75 billion and some 640 branches. As the largest Quebec bank in the area of commercial banking and the sixth largest bank in Canada, National Bank of Canada ensures that its technology and customer service is cutting-edge.
Louise Desjardins
The Decision To Automate
In February 1999, she began researching staffing management systems that would offer a more efficient way of managing the recruiting process. Desjardins and her team were looking for a system that would:
  • re-engineer their paper-based staffing process so candidates were most efficiently pre-screened;
  • track candidate sources and develop a large pool of applicants;

22. Archstone Communities | Hiring Management System
RECRUITSOFT case STUDY Archstone Communities The Dream Hiring Management System. toEisen, the implementation definitely helped to reengineer the hiring
section=3; ssection=3.3; var francais="../../../fr/connaissance/clients/ArchstoneCommunities.html";
Client Case Studies

Video Testimonials

Archstone Communities: The Dream Hiring Management System Business Process: Recruiting
Archstone is a multi-family Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with $6 billion in holdings. The company owns and manages 250 apartment communities across the country in 35 markets. Archstone currently receives several thousand resumes per month, and has an employee turnover rate of more than 50%, in keeping with its industry. One corporate recruiter, regional human resources manager and over 300 hiring managers handle its employee pool across the country The decision to automate was spearheaded by Judy Eisen, director of recruiting and staffing for Archstone. The company was using the Webhire Restrac system when she joined Archstone. With hiring managers at the community level and across the country, some hires were found on the Internet. Recruitment advertisements were primarily posted in local newspapers to attract candidates or came via employee referrals. The company found that none of these approaches yielded the quality of candidates desired nor the right number of candidates to choose from. This approach was a hit and miss operation.
The Decision To Automate
Eisen was convinced that a solution existed that could satisfy Archstoneâs hiring and recruiting needs. She had a very specific idea in mind that involved a resumeless approach. She required a system that when pushed to the hiring managers would be grasped enthusiastically. Her "dream" system included:

23. APL2 - Case Studies - IBM Software
case studies. PJ Bonomo, Aerospace Systems engineer, talks about his use ofAPL2 in systems analysis, design, development, testing and simulation.
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Case studies Click on any of the following links to find out what these users are saying about APL2. Phil Batson of the IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights discusses his use of APL2. P J Bonomo , Aerospace Systems Engineer, talks about his use of APL2 in systems analysis, design, development, testing and simulation. Claude Chachaty , former director of the magnetic resonance laboratory of the Nuclear Research Center of Saclay in France, discusses their use of APL. David B. Dooner, Ph.D. discusses his use of APL2 in the rapid prototyping of high performance and non-traditional gear drives. Don Grice , Distinguished IBM Engineer, writes about the use of APL in the design of IBM's RS6000/SP program, used in IBM's "Deep Blue" chess playing computer. Conrad Hoesle-Kienzlen of CHK IT-Consulting in Germany explains the various ways he uses APL2. Dennis McLeod , a risk consultant for a large Chicago bank, talks about his use of APL2. Walt Niehoff talks about his use of APL2 in creating animation of America's second railroad, the Switchback Gravity Railroad.

24. IBM E-business
ePIM, the procurement system has no knowledge of the changes the engineer made to IBMsolutions and technologies Solution—This case study describes a major e

25. Customer Case Studies
Customer case studies, legacy ISAbased data acquisition system to a National InstrumentsMultifunction DAQ PCI-based system, the software engineer sought out
Search Site Map Support Driver Tools ... Embedded Components Resources Driver Tools Residential Gateways Testimonials Driver Tools ... Residential Gateways Relevant Links Knowledge Base Getting Support Resources
Customer Case Studies
  • High Precision Measurement Robots
    International Metrology Systems Ltd designs and manufactures Co-ordinate Measuring Machines - high precision measuring robots, which are used by manufacturers in the automative and aerospace industries to check the dimensional accuracy of manufactured products. WinDriver has been the driver development tool of choice for IMS from 1998, where WinDriver was used to develop a driver for an ISA-based CMM, followed by a PCI-based version (using Motorola MPC8240). WinDriver is once again being utilized in IMS’ latest project - a video probe interface based on the PLX PCI9052 chip.

  • DSP Data Acquisition Applications for Nuclear Physics Experiments
    Brookhaven National Laboratory's Physics Department and Instrumentation Division carries out programs of research in collider physics and fixed target experiments. Physicists and engineers at the laboratory developed a PCI card based on PLX 9080 controller, used to acquire data at high speed from a farm of DSP's that collect and format data from the PHENIX experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). The project required an extremely efficient high-speed driver, which can receive data from the PCI card at the highest possible speed.

26. Customer Case Studies-BittWare Enhances SDK Using WinDriver
When we tried Jungo's WinDriver, we were immediately pleased with what theyhad to offer, said Dave Hedstrom a Senior Software engineer at BittWare.
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BittWare Enhances SDK Using WinDriver
The toolkit is designed for seamless integration of the boards with Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEMs) products. High performance drivers supporting various operating systems were required for developing the SDK. Disappointed by the limitations of available driver development tools, and reluctant to allocate internal resources to develop a proprietary solution, the BittWare software team sought a driver development toolkit that would allow them to create high performance device drivers, portable between various operating systems, in a relatively short period of time. Using WinDriver, BittWare engineers were able to meet and exceed their goals by quickly delivering a high quality, multi platform driver SDK.
In order to design a complete reference design that would enable host-to-board, and board-to-host communication, (including loading and running of programs, accessing memory and variables and performing board and DSP operations), low-level drivers for the BittWare boards were required. Additionally, the drivers had to support Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and Linux operating systems, with the option to port the drivers to Solaris and VxWorks. Writing a device driver for each of the BittWare boards for each of the different operating systems would have entailed learning the internals of each OS, learning how to write a device driver for each OS, learning the relevant hardware protocol, developing and debugging in kernel mode, writing the kernel mode device driver which carries out the basic hardware input/output and repeating this process for each of the supported OSs.

27. Case Studies > JVC - FUJITSU United States
case studies JVC, of the hybrid system, along with a oneyear deadline. We weren'tsimply improving an existing product, says the chief engineer in JVC's
Worldwide Site Map skip the main navigation Home ... Case Studies
Fujitsu's System LSI Solutions
The Challenge
VHS videocassette recorders changed the way the world watches TV. They let us watch what we want, when we want. But, as with any new technology, users eventually take the new capabilities for granted and want more. One of the drawbacks of videotape is that it cannot be watched while it is being recorded. In other words, if you arrive home after recording has begun, you cannot watch from the beginning until the recording is done. If you are interrupted while watching a show that is being recorded, you cannot immediately pick up where you left off. This is where audio/visual giant JVC saw an opportunity. Developers recognized that, by combining recordable hard disk and tape cassette capability in a single hybrid machine, they could provide simultaneous recording and playback. The disk would provide true random access playback, even while recording. Transfer to tape within the same machine would provide an inexpensive archival function. JVC had done extensive consumer surveys and were convinced of the market potential. That was four years ago. The problem at that time was limitations within the existing technology. High volume disks and the MPEG encoder systems required for image compression were simply too large and expensive for a home machine.

28. PowerQuest: Customer Success Profiles
us an excellent disaster recovery solution,” said Maik John Systems engineer withSiemens Meet Our Partners Become A Partner SUCCESSES case studies Awards
Success Stories
SUCCESS STORIES* Enterasys Fiducia IBM Medical Clinic ... University of Utah * = PDF Document
PowerQuest helps save money on deployment
click here
(PDF - 528KB) PowerQuest enables FIDUCIA to automate its PC installation
September 2002
click here
(PDF - 63KB) PowerQuest Provides an Effective Deployment Solution for IBM Manufacturing
April 2002 -
Advisory Software Engineer at IBM. To learn how IBM used PowerQuest technology to improve its processes, click here (PDF - 141KB)
PowerQuest Creates Server Images for Disaster Recovery at Siemens
April 2002 - click here (PDF 140KB)
PowerQuest Streamlines Maintenance Process at the University of Utah April 2002 - click here (PDF 141KB) PowerQuest Helps Medical Center Diagnose Network Storage Resources February 2002 - Business success often depends on an organization's skills and ability at leveraging and managing its vital information assets. However, the growth of the Internet has ignited an information explosion that has forced companies to reevaluate how they deal with and manage the access and storage of their business information. Businesses now face a new breed of information storage problems and challenges, leading them to implement Storage Resource Management (SRM) strategies as an essential part of the management of their overall IT infrastructures. For more information

29. Conatel Uses Pro/ENGINEER To Integrate Seamlessly With
case studies. White Papers. Press Releases. Conatel Uses Pro/engineer to IntegrateSeamlessly With Manufacturing And Accelerate Time To Market By More Than 40%.

30. Case Studies
120 days, the Program partners advertised and then interviewed54 qualified candidates and presented 24 to the engineer company for

Free Journals Global Experts Global Recruitment ... HCI Group News
How can the Program help your company?
Here are 5 examples of how we have assisted automotive suppliers compete in the global market place.
Automotive supplier # 1. - USA and EUROPE
Top 50 USA-based global automotive supplier needed to find a Quality Manager for their largest manufacturing plant in France. In addion to the usual technical background and educational requirements, this person also needed to speak English, French, German and Spanish.
Within a 30 day period, the Program partners provided 4 quality candidates to the company. The supplier stated that 3 of the 4 candidates could have been offered the job. One was offered the position and accepted.
From start to finish, the entire process lasted 40 days.
Thus a happy client.

31. Customer Case Studies In 3D Data Translation & Rendering
The majority of the case studies on this page are from customers who are movingdata from the Pro/engineer solid modeling package (by PTC) into other 3d
If you would like to download and view/print a nicely re-formatted version of these case studies in MICROSOFT WORD format then click here The majority of the case studies on this page are from customers who are moving data from the Pro/Engineer solid modeling package (by PTC ) into other 3d animation packages via Okino's PolyTrans software, or into Okino's NuGraf software for texturing and rendering. ProE customers dominate these case studies because they were culled from a list of user submitted data for a ProE magazine article written by Robert Lansdale of Okino. In reality, Okino's customers use many more CAD packages than just ProE, with popular source data packages being CATIA, UniGraphics, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, SDRC, Microstation, CADKEY, Rhino-3D and many others; all of these are supported by such file formats as IGES, ACIS SAT, SLP, DXF and more. While this page contains longer, more detailed case studies, you may find shorter customer "usage scenarios" and testimonials on this separate Okino WEB page . There are many examples provided.

32. SMF Case Studies
SMF case studies. case Study 1 Chirag Shah Chirag Shah’s MBA opened his eyesto the world of opportunities open to an engineer with a sound knowledge of
SMF Case Studies Case Study 1: Chirag Shah
As a sixth former opting for a career in engineering, Chirag Shah could not have envisaged that little more than a decade later he would be MD of a company operating in an online environment. more Case Study 3: Deborah Baker
Deborah Baker is living her dream of running a manufacturing firm. Her Harvard MBA has helped inspire her success.
When Deborah Baker returned from a class reunion at Harvard Business School in Spring 2001, the words of the Dean stayed at the forefront of her mind. more Case Study 2: Chris Martin
Chris Martin is a highly qualified chemical engineer. His MBA demystified the workings of corporate finance and enabled him to pursue his ambitions for commercialising technology.
more Case Study 4: Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson is riding high after his MBA from INSEAD helped to equip him for the demands of running a marine electronics business with his brother.

33. UIT Cambridge - Case Studies
oncall support engineer access from home install and configure VPN client softwareon engineer's laptop PC. (See also our Internet and intrAnet case studies.).

34. IBM Global Industries: Automotive: Case Studies: Ford Launches The EPIM Initiati
IBM Solutions and Technologies Solution This case study describes a major e For example,if a manufacturing engineer wants to review the latest visualization
var IBM = new Browser(true); Home My account Select a country Automotive ... Case studies
Ford launches the ePIM initiative for production information management Ford launched the Product Information Management initiative, to create an enterprise infrastructure for rapidly integrating information from existing business systems. Ford estimates that it now realizes a ten-fold ROI in process improvements.
Executive Summary

Like other large corporations, Ford Motor Company has many individual business systems. Over the years, engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, and marketing organizations have created mission-critical environments that provide information for managing their functional operations. Beginning in 1999, Ford came to realize that it would substantially improve its internal operations by organizing access to enterprise information according to inter-departmental business processes.
Ford launched the enterprise Product Information Management (ePIM) initiative in 1999. This initiative seeks to create an enterprise-wide infrastructure for rapidly integrating information from existing business systems. Based on an enterprise application integration (EAI) architecture, ePIM combines a business object rules-based engine with an extensible set of connectors. IBM's WebSphere Application Server and MQSeries messaging bus enable the integration of disparate enterprise applications.
Organizing information access around business processes yields substantial benefits. Rather than querying multiple systems to complete specific tasks, Ford employees in product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and purchasing functions can rapidly find the information they need through Web-centric inter-departmental information portals. Ford estimates that, for an investment in the millions of dollars, it now realizes tens of millions of dollars of process improvements.

35. IBM Global Industries: Retail: Case Studies: Lillian Vernon Transitions To New E
Download PDF of this case study (148 KB) Lillian Verson needed to reengineer itsWeb site in order to meet customer demand and mazimize the potential of the on
var IBM = new Browser(true); Home My account Select a country Global Retail ... Contacts
Related links:
Consumer Packaged Goods Point-of-sale systems and kiosks Industry Associations
... Case studies
Lillian Vernon transitions to new e-commerce model with help from IBM
Download PDF
of this case study (148 KB)
Lillian Verson needed to re-engineer its Web site in order to meet customer demand and mazimize the potential of the on-line market. With the help of IBM, they re-engineered the Web site and seamlessly integrated it with backend order-entry/inventory and fulfillment systems. The result: rapid payback of their technology investment,30% increase in Christmas sales and a 40% acceleration of their fulfillment cycle.
Challenge: Increase offerings to customers using online channel to retain market leadership, lower costs and boost revenues Resolution:
Re-engineer business-to-consumer (B2C) Web site and seamlessly integrate it with backend order-entry/inventory and fulfillment systems to maximize efficiencies Cataloging pioneer Lillian Vernon Corporation (Lillian Vernon) discovered 51 years ago that customers enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. With the emergence of the Internet four decades later, the company embraced the new channel and its potential for transforming retailing. In 1995 it launched its first Web site featuring unique gift, houseware, gardening and children's products.

36. National Engineers Week Case Studies
case studies Science/Technology Fair. Organizing robotics. Each teamhas a sponsoring teacher and a local volunteer engineer-mentor.
Engineering Students K-12 Library/Science Centers ... Home
Case Studies - Science/Technology Fair Organizing Group:
Engineering societies, industries and universities in the Rochester (NY) area. Brief description of the program
The "E (Engineering, Exploration, and Experimentation) Fair" is an extension of National Engineers Week but takes place in April to allow students to complete the projects they might have been making for school anyway. (Also to allow us to hold the Fair in the RIT Ice Rink; without the ice.) The fair is a day-long event with separate daytime and evening programs. During the day, middle school students display individual engineering projects for judging, and/or participate in a team competitions including robotics. Each team has a sponsoring teacher and a local volunteer engineer-mentor. Typically, 650 students representing 28 middle schools, participate. Encircling these exhibits, 20-30 technical engineering societies, industries, trade and educational groups display hands-on engineering and science activities for all ages. High school students also attend to gain exposure to engineering career opportunities. Total attendance runs to 4000. Budget:
Between $7000 and $8000 is raised annually, through donations from the various engineering societies and local companies. It costs $3000 for the facility (rental, custodian, utilities, supplies for booths), $1500 for mailing, stationery, publicity, $1000 for gifts for all participants, $2000 for awards.

37. Zend Store / Zend Accelerator - Case Studies
case studies. Zend Performance Suite. and Zend improved performance dramatically! Christian Rabe, Software Developer and Database engineer

Zend Home
Mein Account Warenkorb Pickup-Depot ... Kontakt
Case Studies
Zend Performance Suite
Wallstreet:Online experiences 3.5 speed-up factor
Portugal's Terravista portal saves resources

Fast: All the Web, All the time

Neowiz: runs 3.4 times faster
German finance portal experiences 3.5 speed-up factor with Zend Performance Suite
With 1.5 million page views per day "'s a very dynamic site, with database actions in every call ... and Zend improved performance dramatically!"
Christian Rabe, Software Developer and Database Engineer For Wallstreet:Online Germany, providing comprehensive, independent financial market information in German for business and private customers makes good business sense. The word is certainly getting around - the site has:
  • 265,000 registered users 459,000 threads or special interest forums 1.5 million page impressions per day (average) 140,000 visitors per day
Wallstreet:online posts 100 new news stories every day, and maintains an active news archive of over 220,000 items. Registered users contribute about 10,000 new posts per day to a searchable archive of about 4.4 million postings. Due to the tremendous pressure on this dynamic site, added speed was essential. So when developers turned to the Zend Cache, the results were striking. "With Zend, our development system ran on average 3.5 times faster than before we began using the program. In fact we experienced a maximum speed-up factor of 5, and a minimum of 2, representing tremendous performance gains for the site overall, noted Christian Rabe, the company's software developer and database engineer. “We didn't need to change anything in our scripts!" he said. "We find Zend Technologies to be a very competent company, with fast support. Keep up the good work!"

38. Case Studies: Viking Line Ltd.
Home Products Services Software case studies Suntm ONE Studio case studies thanon downtime issues. Jonny Boman Software engineer Viking Line Ltd How To Buy My Sun Worldwide Sites ... Case Studies
Sun ONE Studio Case Studies "Before selecting Sun ONE Studio, we used another IDE that crashed all the time, which was extremely frustrating. We needed a robust development environment and within one week of using the Sun ONE Studio 4 IDE, we knew we'd found the right product. Sun ONE Studio 4 software is highly reliable, allowing us to concentrate on our work rather than on down-time issues."
Jonny Boman
Software Engineer
Viking Line Ltd.
Viking Line Cruises Full-Speed Ahead into Web-Based Ticketing with the Sun ONE Studio 4 IDE
Case Study Summary Company: Viking Line Ltd. Industry: Travel/cruise line Application:
  • Online booking system Check-in system (planned)
  • Sun ONE Studio 4, Community Edition (formerly Forte for Java Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 Macromedia JRun 3.1 Sun Java Web Start Windows NT, Windows 2000 Microsoft SQL Server 7
Key Business Results:
  • Fifteen percent of Viking Line's more than one million annual bookings are currently made via its new Web-based booking system, built with the Sun ONE Studio 4 IDE. With its new Sun ONE Studio 4 IDE- and Java platform-based booking system, Viking Line processes some 100-200 new reservations per hour. However the total load is significantly higher because most visitors to Viking Line's Web site do not make reservations; they prefer to use the online service for checking availability and prices.

39. Zend Store / Zend Accelerator - Case Studies,
Zend Performance Suite™ case Study version 3.1.0. and Zend improved performancedramatically! Christian Rabe, Software Developer and Database engineer.
Starting at
Pricing Options
What's new Seminar On-demand Performance Benchmark ... System Requirements
version 3.1.1
is a software-development company. Our main product Sevenval-FIT is a technical framework that handles all aspects of online-cooperations. Beside delivering and integrating interactive content it also provides single-sign-on features, process-automation features and much more ...
Our software is devided into two parts. A PHP-based part and a C++ based part. The first release had the problem that the PHP-part did not show the performance we/our customers expected.
The solution was very easy - in setup and usage ! The Zend Performance Suite boosted our PHP-part to a performance-level even we ourselfes had not expected. Of course we tried different types of PHP-accelerators - but only Zend's accelerator was able to handle our code without modifications!
In fact we would need a much more expensive hardware to get the same results.

40. Resource Management Case Studies
Our computational resource management case studies cover Optimus took over 27 hours,thus locking up one desktop machine and preventing the engineer at that
Engineering design productivity
Proposition Case studies
Computational resource management for engineering design productivity - case studies
Our computational resource management case studies cover
Refinement Advanced Techniques Group, Land Rover
Land Rover was recently evaluating the use of LMS's Optimus design optimisation product in assessing the effect of engine mountings on in-car noise. Although it is intuitive that there will be some relationship, the precise nature depends critically on the design of the vehicle. The problem at Land Rover was to determine which mountings would have most effect on the in-vehicle noise for a given design. Once this was known, the designers could focus their efforts on the critical mountings. Land Rover already used Platform Computing's LSF queuing system to manage their central computing resource. However, they lacked a way to fully exploit resources at the desktop. Because of this, a Design Of Experiment run using Optimus took over 27 hours, thus locking up one desktop machine and preventing the engineer at that machine from working. This effectively prohibited the Group at Land Rover from performing the experiment. When coupled with INTREPID, the same run took only 6 hours, enabling the engineer to set up the experiment in the day, run it overnight and collect the results in the morning.

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