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         Engineer Case Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Computing for Scientists & Engineers with Fortran 77 Case Studies 2e IBM SW Programs T/a by D D McCracken, 1990-12-31
  2. Computing for Scientists & Engineers with Fortran 77 Case Studies 2e Sol IBM T/a by D D McCracken, 1992-08-27
  3. Underdevelopment poverty: Political economy of migration : a case study of sugarcane harvesters in Western India by Irfan Engineer, 1997
  4. Native Plant Material Sources for Wetland Establishment: Freshwater Case Studies by U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, 1995
  5. Scientific Computing with Case Studies by Dianne P. O'Leary, 2008-12-19
  6. Structural and Foundation Failures: A Casebook for Architects, Engineers and Lawyers by Barry Lepatner, S. Johnson, 1982-07
  7. Spectral Analysis in Engineering: Concepts and Case Studies by Grant Hearn, Andrew Metcalfe, 1995-08-31
  8. Constrained Dynamics Computations: Models and Case Studies by Bud Fox, Leslie S. Jennings, et all 2000-01-15
  9. Waiting for Macedonia: Identity in a Changing World (Broadview Ethnographies & Case Studies) by llka Thiessen, 2006-10-01
  10. Case Studies in Environmental Statistics (Lecture Notes in Statistics)
  11. Case Studies in Industrial Mathematics (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry)
  12. Industrial Mathematics: Case Studies in the Diffusion of Heat and Matter (Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series) by Glenn R. Fulford, Philip Broadbridge, 2002-01-28
  13. System Identification and Robust Control: A Case Study Approach (Advances in Industrial Control) by Steen Toffner-Clausen, 1996-01-15
  14. Case Studies in Biometry by Nicholas De Lange, Louise Ryan, et all 1994-08-19

41. Telephonetics Case Studies
The following case studies provide examples of Telephonetics previous and Read theBT Cellnet case Study in full, it's there. Neil Baucutt, engineer, BT Cellnet
Homepage Case Studies
Home Products Services Testimonials Press Reviews Case Studies Partners Company Profile Contact Us
Telephonetics Voice Dialler
The following customer case studies highlight the genuine business advantages an organisation experiences with the Telephonetics Voice Dialler
"These days we know that all calls will be answered quickly and professionally. I personally think it's brilliant."
Barrie Cox, IT Technical Director, Hillier Hopkins Chartered Accountants.

"Here at the NCYPE we love it. It's very user friendly, extremely reliable and efficient."
Tina Challis, NCYPE Fundraising Officer, The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy.
Bespoke Development
The following case studies provide examples of Telephonetics previous and ongoing bespoke developments
"It is superbly reliable. So much so that we've almost forgotten it's there."
Neil Baucutt, Engineer, BT Cellnet.

"Telephonetics Provide a Revolutionary Speech Recognition Solution for Odeon Cinemas"
Public Relations, Telephonetics Interactive Voice Systems Ltd.

42. Marconi - Ministry Of Labor And Social Affairs, Bonn, Germany
case studies Government case studies Ministry of Labor and This is not alwaysthe case, as the BMA without constantly needing to reengineer or reconfigure
Home Search Login Site Map ... Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Bonn, Germany
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Bonn, Germany German Ministry of Labor (BMA)Successfully Converts Data Network to ATM When dealing with technology, it may sometimes appear that it is easier to start from scratch rather than to rebuild an existing infrastructure. This is not always the case, as the BMA learned when it implemented its new ATM network. Even old buildings can be adapted to modern technologies.
Business Challenge
With its new network in place, the BMA can now handle evolving business demands without constantly needing to re-engineer or reconfigure its infrastructure.
Head Project Engineer
Technology Solution: Why Marconi
  • Several Marconi LEĀ® 155 ATM workgroup switches
Business Advantage Internet activity at the BMA has also moved forward at breakneck speed. While just two years ago there was very little Internet activity, now over 900 PCs are enjoying super-fast Internet access. And, ministry lawyers are using the Internet to access the database of Juris GmbH to obtain legal information about judgments and background checks. Furthermore, an Internet link was set up to OLISnet, the intranet of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Additional direct access options to external intranets are also planned. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Network Diagram

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Network Diagram

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43. Marconi - Panama Canal Commission, Panama
case studies Transportation case studies Panama Canal Commission, Panama PanamaCanal Ronaldo E. Gonzalez U. Telecommunications engineer Panama Canal
Home Search Login Site Map ... Panama Canal Commission, Panama
Panama Canal Commission, Panama Printable version (PDF, 322KB)
Business Challenge Since 1914, the Panama Canal, under the supervision of the Panama Canal Commission (PCC), has been providing safe transport to thousands of world trade ships travelling each year between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Facing increasing canal traffic, requests for expanded services and the constant need to reduce operating costs, the PCC tried to run additional services and applications on its existing network. When the network proved unable to maintain effective performance levels, the PCC turned to Marconi for a solution. Working with Marconi, the PCC has enhanced its network infrastructure with a converged network solution that combines voice, video and data onto a single network. Using ATM or asynchronous transfer mode, the new backbone provides the expandable bandwidth to support new applications without sacrificing network performance, and the increased redundancy and quality of service (QoS) for more robust, reliable networking.
Telecommunications Engineer
Panama Canal Commission Technology Solution: Why Marconi
The network also had to provide excellent reliability and availability, and enable the PCC to provide expanded services without increasing costs. Centralized management capabilities were essential to help reduce overall costs, and scalability and flexibility were key to enabling the network to grow with the PCC.

44. SurfControl - Products - Resources - Case Studies - Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd
We had no way of measuring access before SurfControl. Russell Goodman,Network and Server engineer, Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd. As

Case Studies National Cooperative Bank Operation Magenta ... SurfAdvisory Newsletter
As Internet Based Projects Increase Thomas Cook Holidays LTD Recognizes the Need to Control Bandwidth Usage Background
As traditional bricks and mortar businesses have realised the potential in e-commerce, the number of Internet based projects undertaken by organisations has increased rapidly in a short period of time. This has ultimately meant that greater pressures have been put on company IT networks. "Prior to the installation of SurfControl, all internal employees had access to the Internet without any restrictions. We knew that certain non-work material was being downloaded but we didn't know if the quantity was a problem. We had no way of measuring access before SurfControl."
Russell Goodman,
Network and Server Engineer, Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd As an online tour operator, Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd has inevitably found that the majority of employees need access to the wealth of information available on the Internet. However, whilst allowing access to the Internet has clear business benefits, personal surfing of the Internet in work time, or Virtual Absenteeism, is common. Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd is one of a growing number of organisations realising the benefits of installing Internet Filtering software to manage Internet productivity. The Problem
Many employees of Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd need access to the Web as part of their job but managers realised that bandwidth was being inappropriately used and certain employees were using the Internet to download inappropriate files such as MP3. Whilst it was not a significant problem at the time, Thomas Cook Holidays Ltd was alert to the fact that it had the potential to escalate into a costly and time-consuming problem.

45. Carbon Monoxide Case Studies
As state housing engineer with Iowa State University Extension at Ames, I recommendyearly checks for all heating Six case studies from my investigations follow
Investigations of Carbon Monoxide Cases Reveal Many Problems
Thomas H. Greiner, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Iowa State University Extension Housing Engineer
Carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, becomes a killer when linked to faulty heating equipment. Concern about this lethal killer reaches new highs as increasing numbers report near misses from CO poisoning. This raises the questions, "How can I protect my home and family from the danger?" As state housing engineer with Iowa State University Extension at Ames, I recommend yearly checks for all heating appliances and the installation of alarm sounding carbon monoxide detectors. The detectors indicate when life threatening levels of CO are present. Finding out what causes CO incidents is not always clear cut. Obvious reasons include cracked heat exchangers in the furnace or blocked or disconnected venting systems. But, many causes escape detection without the use of sophisticated equipment now available. This equipment includes a blower door to determine the tightness of the structure, a micromanometer which determines very small pressure differences, flow measuring equipment, carbon monoxide detectors, and combustion analyzers. During the past two winters I used the above mentioned equipment to determine reasons for several unexplained carbon monoxide incidents. Six case studies from my investigations follow.

46. :: Solutions From Configuresoft: Case Studies ::
initiative. Mike Kirschner, Senior Systems engineer, Qwest ITOperationalIntegrity. Alerts are Good, Prevention is Better, update. case studies,
Visitor registration Customer login Contact info Business benefits ... qwest story QWEST STORY
read the story in PDF format
The Qwest for Knowledge Figuring out exactly what is in your own enterprise and how it is all configured is a daunting task. However, throw mergers, acquisitions, and a constantly changing business environment into the fray and your IT department might be ready to surrender. In 2000, Qwest took a big step up in size and reach with the acquisition of U S WEST, the 120-year old telecom giant that served 14 states throughout the West. This merger created a company with a unique set of assets. U S WEST provided local telephone service to most of the western United States and Qwest was already an acknowledged leader in network technology, as well as applications and services. Qwest's advanced fiber optic networks link directly to nearly 30 million customers. The company also has a rapidly growing presence in Europe, where its network connects 68 cities in 18 countries. It has a foothold in Asia through a new Asia-Pacific office and interests in the US-Japan Cable project. Qwest's IT staff had a sound vision of what a standard configuration should look like, but how could they be expected to reasonably harvest and monitor the configurations of every single server and workstation in a now super-sized enterprise? In addition, how could they possibly be expected to secure such a bewildering assortment of assets?

47. Case Studies - Microsoft Hardware Division
In fact, the engineer has complete freedom using a variety of tools to inspect Visitthe case studies main page to find out how we've helped other clients
Personalize about EDS services products ... download the PDF version Microsoft Hardware was losing design intent and valuable time in bringing its innovative products to market. It needed a better process for capturing hand-sculpted product models.
The Business Issue
  • Need constant innovation across its product line Improve handling of unforeseen design changes Capture design intent in CAD models
Our Approach
  • Incorporate a new design process called digital sculpting Utilize point cloud data to capture design intent Leverage rapid prototyping
How It Worked
  • Reduced design change cycle from two-to-eight weeks to five days Captured and transferred true design intent into CAD system Successfully implemented digital sculpting
The Technology
Imageware TM , a Unigraphics product, provides modular, application-driven solutions. The Imageware Point Processing module contains tools for evaluating and manipulating collected or measured point data. Imageware accepts data from most optical (camera) scanners, coordinate measuring (CMM) systems, laser scanners, X-Ray scanners and finite element analysis (FEA) results without placing limits on point count or file size. The manipulation of point data is typically the first task for reverse engineering or inspection, so it is important for users to have complete freedom to choose from a number of tools to inspect, modify and clean up the measured data.

48. Case Studies - Samsonite
To speed this process, Samsonite decided to engineer the entire product (caseand molds) in Unigraphics, with suppliers using this software as well.
Personalize about EDS services products ... PLM global sites
Download the Samsonite
case study.
Unigraphics Teamcenter Solid Edge ... Imageware TECHNOLOGY
Teamcenter Engineering INDUSTRY
Samsonite is the leading global supplier of luggage, from mass market to luxury products sold under the Samsonite, American Tourister, and other brand names. LOCATION
Oudenaarde, Belgium
process. By minimizing errors and permitting time for design optimization, EDS tools gave us the perfection required
- Rik Hillaert
Development Engineering Samsonite Europe NV Why iterations went so quickly Previously, when Samsonite engineers needed to modify a moldmaker's design, they struggled with an imported file or prepared a PowerPoint presentation showing the necessary changes. There was a lot of explanation and checking of others' work. With everyone using Unigraphics on the Hardlite project, Samsonite engineers could quickly modify suppliers' files themselves.

49. REID CROWTHER - Info Centre - Case Studies
for the eastern portion of the project, assisted in the preparation of the prequalifyingand proposal documents, and provided Owner's engineer and Project

50. Pro/E: The Magazine, The Pro/ENGINEER Software Magazine - Editorial
DO suggest case studies that can demonstrate how a problem was overcome,a challenge met, with Pro/engineer and a compatible product.
T H E I N D E P E N D E N T M A G A Z I N E F O R T H E P r o / E N G I N E E R U S E R

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News New Releases ... Links Editorial Get Published Salary Survey 2nd Annual 3rd Annual 4th Annual 5th Annual ... Contact Us E D I T O R I A L Pro/E: The Magazine is known for its unbiased, focused editorial coverage of the latest news and products for the Pro/ENGINEER community. Pro/E: The Magazine contains popular columns such as: New Products, Quick Tips, Pro CLues, Ask the Expert and Industry Watch. Article submissions, conference announcements and news releases are welcome. Please contact with your submissions. Pro/E: The Benchmark For the past 9 years, Pro/E: The Magazine has conducted benchmarks on a variety of workstations from a selection of vendors. Pro/E: The Benchmark 2002 has become the industry standard for hardware comparison shopping and an invaluable tool for vendors to test their machines and hardware against the competitionĀ’s. For information on obtaining a copy of past benchmarks, participating in future benchmarks or purchasing trailfiles, please contact

51. XcelleNet, Inc. - Case Studies Airtours
case studies Airtours. We thought we'd found a miracle. That's how Mark Hallam,systems engineer at Airtours, described how he and his colleagues felt when

52. CSC: Financial Services: Case Studies
Find out about our RISKMASTER case studies. scale of the problem and confirmed thebusiness case for the solution but could help it reengineer its processes

Contact Us
Careers Site Site Map Financial Services
Financial Services Case Studies
Case Studies For more than 30 years, CSC has specialized in solving business problems for the world's largest financial services companies. These case studies highlight the wide range of solutions developed by CSC to meet our clients' unique business needs.
Find out about our RISKMASTER Case Studies
AXA Germany cuts significantly time to market after implemeting CSC's VP/MS

Increasing competition, product diversity and deregulation in Germany were forcing insurance companies such as AXA Germany to reduce the cost and time required to develop new products.
Finaref selects CSC's GraphTalk A.I.A. administration system to support its insurance business growth strategy

Facing the need for a replacement system within 15 months, Finaref wanted a service provider with high-performance software and in-depth insurance expertise.
AXA Launches New Annuity Products with CSC Support

AXA Financial, one of the world's premier financial services organizations, relied on CSC's outsourcing services in 1995 for a rapid launche of the VANTAGE-ONE Annuity system. Leading Bank Selects CAMS II for Advanced Processing Capabilities BPO Helps QualSure Launch Virtual Insurance Company In 2000, QualSure Insurance seized an opportunity to enter the Florida homeowners market. The startup company needed a business partner with both the resources to efficiently administer homeowners policies and the insurance expertise to handle the day-to-day operations.

53. ThruPoint Site Map
case studies for Media. case studies. OptiPoint. ISEs for MultiService Technology.Internetwork Solutions engineer (ISE) Team Lead. Internetwork Project Director.
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About ThruPoint ... Financial Services
OptiPoint Packaged Solutions for Financial Services Component Solutions for Financial Services Case Studies for Financial Services Service Provider OptiPoint Packaged Solutions for Service Provider Component Solutions for Service Provider Case Studies for Service Provider Life Sciences OptiPoint Packaged Solutions for Life Sciences Component Solutions for Life Sciences Case Studies for Life Sciences Media OptiPoint Packaged Solutions for Media Component Solutions for Media Case Studies for Media Case Studies Solutions Practice Areas Network Transport ... IP+ATM Content Caching * under development Network Audit Network Infrastructure Optical Infrastructure Penetration Testing QoS Infrastructure * under development SAN Infrastructure * under development Security Audit Sonet/SDH Infrastructure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Virtual Private Network (VPN) ... Chairman, CEO

54. Untitled
GE Live. Click here to speak LIVE to an engineer. case studies . The ultimatevalue of your materials lies not just in their performance and cost.

case studies HIGHLAND VALLEY COPPER MINE. The average content of copper and molybdenumin the ore is low, according to engineer Colin Murray, but the mine

REQUEST MORE INFORMATION BACK CASE STUDIES: HIGHLAND VALLEY COPPER MINE Highland Valley Copper Mine has realized efficiencies in all aspects of its operations
Linsday Carlson
As published in Business in Vancouver, March 28, 2000 Software helps one of the biggest copper mines in the world survive tough times for the resource industry. North of Merritt, B.C., Highland Valley Copper Mine exposes some 135,000 metric tonnes of ore a day. The average content of copper and molybdenum in the ore is low, according to engineer Colin Murray, but the mine remains competitive because of efficiencies realized through technology. The crucial part of the operation is knowing where the ore body is. That's done by drilling holes into the rock and extracting core samples. Highland Valley used to drill holes in the summer and then engineers would plot them out leisurely during the long winter months. In today's mine, the computer does the plotting and the pace is faster. Almost every aspect of the Highland Valley mine is computerized, allowing mining engineers to keep a careful eye on the planning. "We feel the need to be technologically competitive. Especially when you consider that one small change in the mine plan could mean a few million dollars," said Frank Amon, the mine's manager of operations.

56. Appendix B-Interviews And Case Studies-Value Of Information And Information Serv
some States are reinstituting costbenefit studies of R D be done on a case-by-casebasis, since the Wisconsin Planning Office, an engineer requested his
V alue
of Information
and Information Services Appendix B
Interviews and Case Studies
In the course of preparing this report, the Volpe Center contacted a total of 50 experts from State DOTs, the private sector, associations, and universities. Their comments are summarized below. Views from the States CALIFORNIA DOT

Recently, Illinois DOT saved approximately $300,000 through access to research at Louisiana State University (LSU) on heat-strengthening of steel bridges. LSU's work, considered the only scientifically validated work in this area, saved the State unnecessary and expensive duplication. In 1996, Illinois contracted with a professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to search the literature on an obscure topic: corrosion fatigue of aluminum. The search yielded a valuable reference from the technical literature dating back to the early 1950s. This reference was extremely useful in a breakaway coupling study. The State DOT values the search results at about $50,000. LOUISIANA DOT
One way in which Louisiana DOT demonstrates how it values information is through the numerous training courses that it offers. Dedra Jones, program manager for construction/materials training, receives requests monthly from other States to borrow Louisiana's training materials. Although Jones cannot quantify the costs of course development, she indicates that they are significant. She feels that Louisiana's training program has been so effective because it anticipates future training needs. For example, knowing that FHWA will require metrification or quality assurance inspectors allows the State DOT to prepare its staff prior to implementation.

57. Studies
molds in the past. Written by Kevin Yaeger, Antech Sales, Inc.. contact us. - locate your sales engineer. -archived case studies.
We'll Be There For All Of Your Past, Present, and Future Solution Needs. It's one thing to claim to know the business - the proof is in successful implementations. Antech makes success stories the rule and not the exception. Here are several examples: Case Study # Improved Coating on Screening ProcessPayback in less than 2 Weeks Case Study #4 Case Study # Urethane Molding Line CASE HISTORY Improved Coating on Screening Process Opportunity: Customer assembles screens for sorting processes using a plastisol coating on a fine mesh screen. Problem: Customer places large grid coated in plastisol inside of press consisting of 2 large heated presses to manufacture screens of varying mesh classes. Due to lack of uniformity along heated platen the plastisol flows more freely in some areas than others and mesh screen does not bond evenly to grid. This causes the screen to fail quickly in the field and results in a large scrap rate. Solution: Antech adds additional zones of heating and limit control to the existing system. Three (3) zones of heat only control is increased to ten (10) zones of heat and overtemp control, per platen. Antech replaces mercury displacement relays with advanced SCRs to improve response time to temperature changes in platen. Thermocouples were placed strategically so that the best profiling of platen could be accomplished with the minimum amount of machining.

58. PMC: Careers At PMC
Interior engineer (SC21806-E), Thermal Analysis engineer (J02L2/1). Workshops/Seminars Publications Careers at PMC ASPROVA case studies Contacts.
PMC employs analytically oriented, high caliber, technical personnel. We are always looking for qualified individuals to join our highly focused teams in the areas of engineering, marketing and sales, and software development. We are currently looking for individuals with strong analytical and computer skills for multiple positions in engineering, software development, and implementation.
No resumes accepted from staffing companies, please.
Lab Engineer (J03B6/10)
DBA Technician (J03B6/12) Technical Group Leader - Web (J03B6/13) DataBase Administrator (J03B6/15) ... Contacts
Production Modeling Corporation, Three Parklane Blvd, Suite 1006 West, Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone: 313.441.4460 Fax: 313.441.6098 e-mail:

59. Case Studies
Problem Ryniak's consultants are in many different locations and just recentlythere was a discrepancy between the engineer's foundation plan and the

60. ITT Industries Case Studies
the USACE's capabilities to predict local and total LST rates and to evaluate errorsin these predictions, the US Army Corps of engineer Waterways Experiment
Select a Country USA Afghanistan Angola Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus Belize Bolivia Bosnia Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burundi Cambodia Canada Cape Verdi Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Gambia Gaza/West Bank Georgia Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea-Bissau Guyana Honduras Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Ireland Italy Japan Jordan Kazachstan Kenya Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Korea Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Lithuania Macau Macedonia Malaysia Malawi Maldives Mauritius Mexico Moldavia Mongolia Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nepal The Nethelands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Rumania Russia Rwanda Saudi Arabia Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Somalia South Africa Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan U.A.E. Uganda Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Viet Nam Yemen Yugoslavia Zaire Zambia Zimbabwe Select a Language English Dutch French German Italian Spanish Swedish Japanese
ITT Industries Home
Fact Sheet Annual Report At a Glance ... ITT Industries Logo Merchandise
Our Products In Action
Making Waves at the World's Largest Indoor Beach Not every day will be warm and if you can't get to the beach.....bring the beach inside.

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