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         Engineer Case Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Case Histories of Geophysics Applied to Civil Engineering and Public Policy: Proceedings of Sessions Sponsored by the Geo-Institute of the American Society ... in (Geotechnical Special Publication) by D. C.) ASCE National Convention (1996 : Washington, 1996-06
  2. Case studies in mathematical modelling: A course book for scientists and engineers
  3. Lifeline Seismic Risk Analysis - Case Studies: Proceedings of the Session Sponsored by the Technical Council of Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers in...
  4. Building Failures: Case Studies in Construction and Design by Thomas H. McKaig, 1962-12
  5. Continuous Improvement in Action: Eight Original In-Depth Case Studies
  6. Construction Qa/Qc Systems That Work: Case Studies
  7. Mechanical Engineering Design Education: Issues and Case Studies by John G. Mitchell, Asme Conference Proceedings, 2001-01
  8. Case Studies of Applied Advanced Data Collection and Management by Bob Benn, 1980-07-31
  9. Failures in Civil Engineering: Structural, Foundation, and Geoenvironmental Case Studies by J. David Frost, 1995-12
  10. Seismic Evaluation of Lifeline Systems: Case Studies by Leon R. L. Wang, 1986-10
  11. Forensic Engineering: Environmental Case Histories for Civil Engineers and Geologists by James E. Slosson, Gerard Shuirman, 1992-03-16
  12. Kaizen means ka-ching!(Case study)(CertainTeed Corp.): An article from: Industrial Engineer by Michael Hughes, 2010-02-01
  13. Marine Outfall Construction: Background, Techniques, and Case Studies by Robert A. Grace, 2009-04-14
  14. Mathematical Modelling: Concepts and Case Studies (Mathematical Modelling: Theory and Applications) by J. Caldwell, Y.M. Ram, 1999-06-30

61. IntellectExchange - The Expertise Experts
The following case studies reflect actual client engagements, and illustrate thebreadth biological devices, but required an experienced RF engineer to support


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Case Studies
IntellectExchange has worked with hundreds of clients, delivering expertise in every conceivable area. The following case studies reflect actual client engagements, and illustrate the breadth of our capabilities and our commitment to results.
An early stage biomolecular engineering firm had developed a concept for a hybrid electronic-biological devices, but required an experienced RF engineer to support the company's own engineering staff in designing and developing the product. IntellectExchange helped the client to engage a consultant with more than sixteen years of RF design and electromagnetic compatibility experience, living less than an hour from their offices. The expert designed and developed low frequency microwave (GHz) RF circuit breadboards, microwave antennae, waveguides and transmission lines, and performed device integration from signal generator to integrated RF and optical measurement devices.
Result: The consultant's expertise allowed the company to quickly and efficiently advance their technical product development effort.
An integrated photonics company was interested in adapting their technology for use in an unfamiliar industry. They used an IntellectExchange expert to first determine the compatibility between their technology and that used in the target industry. The expert then accompanied the corporate management team on visits to a trade show and introduced the company to prospective customers in the target industry. Finally, the expert helped the company write a white paper reflecting the new market opportunity.

62. Compaq Customer Reference Program - Case Studies - Telecommunications - British
We did initial testing on large servers in our machine room to get the orderof magnitude, says Graham Puddephatt, senior network test engineer.
United States worldwide customer
case studies egovernment financial services healthcare media and entertainment ... success stories a-z index TELECOMMUNICATIONS
Compaq and Microsoft Answer British Telecom's Call
Video (Windows Media): (71 sec)
If you do not have Windows Media Player, download now. "We have a lot of confidence in the relationship we've built with Microsoft and Compaq." When U.K. residents ring each other up (or, increasingly, use e-mail via the Internet), chances are their telephone carrier is British Telecommunications plc (BT). Once a state-owned telephone company, BT has exploded into a giant in the international telecommunications industry. BT's internal communication network is as sophisticated as its offerings to the outside world. When the 120,000 employees of BT communicate via e-mail, more and more of them access the reliable, scalable messaging solution of Microsoft Exchange Server running on ProLiant TM servers from Compaq Computer Corporation, as deployment of this new mail-and-messaging solution progresses. Connecting a company the size and scope of BT is an enormous undertaking. With 100,000 employees throughout the UK and an additional 20,000 overseas, the logistics are staggering. Yet, keeping information moving through this communications titan is critical because only then is BT able to meet the challenges of a fast-changing and fast-moving international market.

63. AMI - Testimonials & Case Studies
HOME Company Testimonials Testimonials case studies great. .Network engineer high-tech company with about 500 employees.
HOME Products Tech Support Company Quality Assurance News Room Legal Information Quality Assurance Corporate Information ... Company : Testimonials
Digital Cinema Solutions Digital Cinema Solutions, which enables digital cinema for independent theaters, has installed 26 MegaRAC G2 cards in unmanned locations throughout the United States. "What most interested me in the G2 card is the ability to have remote, out of band, BIOS-level access to the system. The ability to look in on a down system without having to send someone was critical. Everything else the card does is great, including its extra-added features like receiving alerts and the fact that no drivers are required," Director of Technology at Digital Cinema Solutions. "And, AMI’s sales and technical support has been nothing but great." Network engineer - high-tech company with about 500 employees The main reason I use MegaRAC G2 is to control our servers remotely. This is a much better solution than products such as pcAnywhere because it is hardware based. I can actually turn a server completely off and then back on, reset it, change settings in the BIOS or anything else I need to do. Also, if a server has crashed and can’t be accessed from the network, I can still remotely control it with the G2. When using the G2, it is almost as if you were physically sitting in front of the server. I also use MegaRAC to monitor internal environmental conditions and alert me if certain thresholds are reached. The MegaRAC G2 is great tool to have; it saves trips to the office after hours and reduces downtime.

and diverse nature of the industry, a series of mining case studies is presented certainto become a standard for every practicing mining engineer and student

65. Case Studies And User Testimonials
case studies. of view, the test reports, particularly the metric reports, are verydescriptive and informative. Jelena Vasiljevic, QA engineer Xign Canada Inc.

66. SolidWorks Case Studies
SolidWorks case studies The Solution Skyjack considered Solid Edge, Mechanical Desktop,Pro/engineer, Helix, and PT Modeler, but chose SolidWorks for several
SolidWorks Case Studies
SkyJack Manufacturing

Emmetsburg, IO, U.S.A. The Challenge
As a manufacturer of aerial lifts and scissors-type platforms, Skyjack is always facing two major challenges: how to reduce weight and how to reduce the time needed to design and manufacture products. To help address these challenges, the company needed a versatile, easy-to-use 3D modeling program that could run on existing PCs. The Solution
Skyjack considered Solid Edge, Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, Helix, and PT Modeler, but chose SolidWorks for several reasons, including its ability to run on existing PCs, seamless integration with Excel, and familiar Windows interface. Equally important, SolidWorks did not require the lengthy commands, pulldowns and menus characteristic of the other solid modeling programs. Thanks to SolidWorks, Skyjack has reduced the time from conception to prototype by 75%, and the project quality (from piece parts to final assemblies) is close to error free. "The overall learning curve of SolidWorks has been quick. The simplicity of the user interface far out-paced PT Modeler and Mechanical Desktop."

67. Case Studies
Below you'll find a collection of case studies that shows exactly how we Andew Bielecki,HewlettPackard field engineer; Jim Oler, Self-employed home inspector;
NEWS Press Releases Media Coverage Awards Case Studies
Below you'll find a collection of case studies that shows exactly how we've helped our clients move cars, trucks, trains, and barges more effeciently over the past 20 years.

The following case studies show how a range of industries have implemented projectsor an engineering consultant, MW Kellogg Co., to reengineer its ammonia
Full Site
Publications Industry The Integrated Approach: Case Studies The following case studies show how a range of industries have implemented projects or overall corporate strategies that profit from the synergies of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, process efficiency, and increased productivity.
Company Technology Demonstrated AAP Saint Mary's Aluminum Recycling Innovation in the Die Steel Forging Industry Anheuser-Busch Companies,Inc. Bio-Energy Recovery Bowater Inc. Mechanical Vapor Recompression Heat Pump Recaptures Steam Chaparrel Steel Company Waste Re-use Colorado State University Industrial Assessment Center Cominco America, Inc. Re-engineered Fertilizer Production Dana Corporation Industrial Heat-Treating Decatur Foundry, Inc. Infrared Drying Ilco Unican Corporation Aqueous Cleaning System Nisshinbo, California, Inc. Variable Speed Drives Quad/Graphics, Inc.

69. Duraswitch Technology Case Studies
case studies. New technology brings tactile feedback to flat panel switches. TomEdwards, Electronics engineer, Hennessy Industries, Inc.

70. MSC.visualNastran 4D: Case Studies
engineer, Professor, Student, Reseller, Publisher, International. HomePurchase Overview Product Success Storiest, case studies. Motion Simulation
Case Studies Motion Simulation with Working Model 2D and MSC.visualNastran 4D
Shih-Liang (Sid) Wang
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Using Multimedia in Teaching Dynamics

Wilson Liang
Purdue University
Fort Wayne, Indiana
(If you are having trouble viewing the documents, you may need to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

71. Live Simple: Contents Of This Ebook--all Case Studies, Tactics, And Notes
Look for tactics in this ebook. Look for the case studies in this ebook. caseSTUDY Kyle works at a major aerospace company as an engineer. simple / Live Simple: Contents of this ebookall Case studies, Tactics, and Notes Live Simple Rule Stuff Optimize Place Hone Routine ... Live simple Contents of this ebookall section headers, case studies, tactics, tips, and notes PREFACE This ebook is my Walden NOTE This ebook is biased NOTE This ebook is not professional advice SEARCH Search this ebook
You can simplify your life
Is your life too complex?
CASE STUDY : Kyle is a single father raising his 4-year-old daughter, Nicole. CASE STUDY : Maggie's employer forced her to retire early. CASE STUDY : Kevin gets up on Saturday, reads the newspaper and has coffee. CASE STUDY : Denielle is a graduate student at a State University.
Use this ebook to simplify your life
This ebook is for anyone who wants a simpler life
Look for tactics in this ebook
Look for the case studies in this ebook
Look for tips in this ebook
Get started
Rule your stuff
Don't keep what you don't need
Purge your stuff
TACTIC : Reduce the amount of stuff you have by examining each item you own and asking yourself if you really need it.

72. CAD Case Studies, CAD User Stories
make the product more desirable, approachable, and intuitive. Bressler and his teammoved from concept to modeling the device using Pro/engineer CAD software.

User Story
Pro/E : Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

Metrologic Instruments, Inc. (Blackwood, NJ) is a leading manufacturer of bar code scanning equipment incorporating laser and holographic technology. The company's scanners are sold in more than 95 countries worldwide to retail, commercial, and industrial applications. Orbit, one of Metrologic's most recent product introductions, is an omni-directional barcode scanner that helped the company to record sales. In May of 1999, Metrologic president C. Harry Knowles says, "I am particularly pleased that Metrologic's record sales were primarily the result of shipments of the Orbit scanner."
In addition to record sales, the Orbit won an IDEA Award from Business Week and the Industrial Designers Society of America. The device also won an Appliance Manufacturer Excellence in Design Award and Europe's top honors including the Industrial Design Hannover Fair Award.
Mark Schmidt is Metrologic's Vice President of Marketing. "Orbit's introduction and wide appeal in the marketplace is testimony to the innovative product design team relationship established between Metrologic and Bresslergroup," notes Schmidt. "Developing our products requires input from multiple design and engineering disciplines including software, electronics, mechanical, optics, and quality engineering. In addition, mechanical tolerances must be exact and consistent. Ultimately, product east of use and aesthetics are of critical importance to the design of today's point of sale products."

73. World Mining Equipment -
Clients Cameron McKenzie 1230 pm case studies/Results from 100 pm LUNCHEON 200pm case Study Luck program Bryan Smith, Chief Mining engineer Raymond Clark

advertise archives conferences ... home FINAL PROGRAM PROGRAM AS OF APRIL 4, 2003 Registration General Information More on San Antonio SUNDAY APRIL 13, 2003
7:00 am Golfers meet in hotel lobby
Bus departs for Canyon Springs Golf Club
Golf transportation, lunch, and prizes sponsored by Bucyrus
10:00 am Exhibitors set up
11:00 am Registration Opens
Bags sponsored by Bucyrus
Negotiation Workshop

In this five-hour, instructor-led workshop attendees will
learn how to negotiate with suppliers to get better top-and bottom-line results with an emphasis on understanding the suppliers' techniques of sales persuasion. Exercises will reinforce outcome-oriented skills and strategies one can put to work on Monday morning. Dan Norris of HoltCAT is an expert in behavioral profiling and situational influence.

74. Building Science Corporation - Building America Case Studies
The case studies from across the country are as remarkable for their commercializedventilation innovation developed by Armin Rudd, Principal engineer at BSC.

Building America Case Studies
These six case studies have been developed and written to represent the builder's perspective on what it means to build high performance homes under the Building America program. The case studies are meant to inform and motivate other builders (and buyers) in constructing (and buying) high performance homes. The case studies are linked to the climate-specific Houses that Work distillations of construction details, methods, and building science from the Building Science Corporation's Builder Guides by Joseph Lstiburek. Reviewing all of the Houses that Work is a great start in understanding what aspects of construction change from one hygrothermal zone to the next, and why. They are also linked to other BSC technical information resources for those of you who want to delve into the building science in even greater detail. The case studies from across the country are as remarkable for their similarities as their differences. In addition to meeting the specific performance targets of Building America, all of the builders:
  • Employ advanced framing and do it for the systems benefits-better thermal performance, fewer drywall problems

75. Case Studies & Testimonials
case studies. are a critical component of our Wise Zone hotspots, it is essentialthat the entire process be smooth. Chris Mencer, Senior Network engineer.
Tell a Friend Bookmark This Page About Our Services ... Contact Us Sections Residential Services Business Services ISP Services Special Offers ... Full T-1 - $589 Month - Free Installation
- Free Equipment Business DSL - $69 Full DS-3 - $3000 + Free Installation* [More Specials]
Case Studies Lincoln Property Company: Multiple Locations, Multiple Service Providers The Company: Wise Technologies - Wireless Internet Service Provider
Wise Technologies, based in Landover, MD, is the largest wireless hot spot provider on the east coast. Their solutions are currently being used in a wide variety of locations including cafes, restaurants, airports, train stations, and offices.
The Solution: The Advantage

76. Customer Profiles - Case Studies - EGain
Transco Download/View case Study, Not only did eGain Knowledge help us improve incall handling time and an eight percent reduction in field engineer visits. .

77. Case Studies
Read what a real Ecological engineer has to say. If you've finished looking at oursite then please fill in the second questionnaire. Can you save the planet?
Please take part in our research by filling in the after questionnaire before you leave, thanks.
Read what a real Ecological Engineer has to say.
If you've finished looking at our site then please fill in the second questionnaire.
Can you save the planet? Have a go with our Oil Spill Simulator
This page was produced by Stephen Scott for the Database for Use in Schools project. All views expressed in this page and all others for this project are the views of the author and not necessarily that of Southampton University. Last update 19/1/97

78. Intranet Case Studies - Case Study 1 - Complete Intranet Resource
Intranet case studies View Page 1. finding the way How do you designand engineer an intranet site for maximum navigability ? By
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79. Workshop #3 Summary--Conformity Case Studies
Technical Limitations, Data Storage, and EvaluationsThe two case studies for thetechnical He is also a Professional engineer (PE) registered with the State
Integrating Transportation and Air Quality Planning
Workshop #3 SummaryConformity Case Studies
National Association of Regional Councils
Washington Policy Conference
Saturday March 23, 2002, 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sunday March 24, 2002, 8:00 a.m. - 12 noon
Saturday March 23, 2002
The third of a four-part series of conformity workshops was held at NARC's Washington Policy Conference, March 23-24, 2002. The workshop was designed to address some of the difficulties that regional councils and MPOs are struggling with while attaining conformity. The workshop highlighted six categories: problem definition; consultation/institutional partnerships; legislative and regulatory barriers; land use/sustainable development; technical limitations and data shortage; and evaluations. The targeted case studies showcased successes or lessons learned in the following categories:
  • Problem definition: Have regional councils or MPOs been better able to establish goals and attain desired results through careful problem definition? For example, has any TCM or other transportation strategy been designed to address a specific defined problem, resulting in more effective control strategies for dealing with a region's air quality? Or, have strategies been identified to help alleviate a specific air pollutant? We are also looking for examples of using modeling to indicate what control strategies are potentially most successful.
  • Consultation/institutional partnerships: How do institutional organizations coordinate an effective cooperative planning process? How are roles and responsibilities between the region and the state, MPO, and environmental agencies distributed; and what effect does this have on the desired outcomes? Are there any regional councils or MPOs that have formalized their internal or external institutional relationships? We are looking for alternative models that have led to successful working relationships.
  • 80. Waldo Smeets Weblog - Macromedia MX Sales Engineer Benelux
    Contact Waldo Smeets Sales engineer Macromedia Benelux Patterns;Finetuning Dreamweaver MX for ColdFusion MX development; case studies;
    Waldo's Weblog
    I am Sales Engineer at Macromedia Benelux . At this blog I will post newsitems regarding our vision, products and the presentations that I do around Europe. Feel free to contact me
    Blog Front page
    Seminar Source Files Source files for some of the demos that do:
    RIA Event March 2003
    From Static to Dynamic Interfaces Trio Navigation Menu Component Pet Market Rich Internet Application ... Group Management Rich User Interface
    Blogging Macromedians
    John Dowdell

    All MX related
    Mike Chambers
    Flash Community Manager
    ... All MX related blogs Contact Waldo Smeets
    Sales Engineer
    Macromedia Benelux Zonnebaan 45 3542 EB Utrecht The Netherlands Tel: +31 30 750 4084 Fax: +31 30 242 6158 Mobile: +31 6 3164 5114 Credits RSS Feed Powered by RSSify at

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