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         Engineer Case Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Case Studies in Optimal Design and Maintenance Planning of Civil Infrastructure Systems
  2. Creativity and Innovation: The Structural Engineer's Contribution to Design by Bill Addis Consulting engineer., 2001-08-20
  3. Procedures for Testing Deterministic Scheduling Models: A Dakota Case Study by Keith H. McCready, 1996
  4. The impact of soil organisms on soil functioning under neotropical pastures: a case study of a tropical anecic earthworm species [An article from: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment] by J.J. Jimenez, T. Decaens, 2004-07-01
  5. Topics in Industrial Mathematics: Case Studies and Related Mathematical Methods by H. Neunzert, Abul Hasan Siddiqi, 2000-10-31
  6. Crist Power Plant case study: Planning for a maintenance outage by Chetan S Sankar, 2000
  7. Generational revitalization.(Case Study)(Garlock Sealing Technologies): An article from: Industrial Engineer by David Brandt, 2009-04-01
  8. Case study: solutions in practice.: An article from: Industrial Engineer by David Brandt, 2009-07-01
  9. Keeping an eye out.(Case Study)(Worthington Industries Inc.): An article from: Industrial Engineer by David Brandt, 2008-12-01
  10. Risk Management in Civil, Mechanical & Structural Engineering: Proceedings of the Conference Organized by the Health & Safety Executive in Co-Operation ... of Civil Engineers, Held London, februar
  11. Overcoming Barriers: Lifeline Seismic Improvement Programs (American Society of Civil Engineers: Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering) by Craig E. Taylor, Elliott Mittler, et all 1999-05
  12. Metrication for Engineers by Ernst Wolff, 1983-12
  13. Engineers at Work: A Casebook by C.H. Vesper, 1977-05
  14. In-Situ Deep Soil Improvement: Proceedings of Sessions Sponsored by the Geotechnical Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers (Geotechnical Special Publication) by Ga.) Asce Naitonal Convention (1994 Atlanta, 1994-10

81. VERITAS Customer Case Studies - GMAC RFC
backup of our 5 30GB Exchange Message Stores in under 2 hours and can restore themif we need to in under 3 hours. Mike Hanscom, Systems engineer, GMAC-RFC


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Success Stories in Financial Services Using VERITAS Software Featuring GMAC-RFC "While the reliability has improved tremendously, it's the speed that's awesome and the reliability over network connections that surprised everyone. We can perform a hot backup of our 5 30GB Exchange Message Stores in under 2 hours and can restore them if we need to in under 3 hours." - Mike Hanscom, Systems Engineer, GMAC-RFC Download PDF Version (336 KB) The Customer GMAC-RFC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GMAC Financial Services, provides capital and investments worldwide through its core businesses in securitization, lending and investment. The company is the leading non-agency issuer of mortgage-backed securities and a leader in warehouse lending and construction lending. Headquartered in Minneapolis, GMAC-RFC has over 3,800 employees worldwide with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Mexico. The Challenge GMAC-RFC had a variety of backup solutions in their UNIX and NT environments. Every system had its own tape device attached and was performing local backups. "At the time, we had 64 servers handling backups in different ways. We also needed to manage our 26 remote sites without night time operators. It became obvious that we couldn't continue to manage our environment with point-to-point tape backups," said Richard Britton, Director of IT Infrastructure with GMAC-RFC. Mike Hanscom, Systems Engineer with GMAC-RFC was responsible for implementing an enterprise-wide backup environment including disk, tape, server hardware & software. "When we tried to modify our existing NT backup product to send data to a single tape library, it took days to complete the backups. It was clear we needed a product that could manage our entire environment."

82. IPG Case Studies
a generalpurpose capability for creating and launching parameter studies. Tool AgentFramework case Study. includes a CAD tool, Pro/engineer, aerodynamic tools
IPG Home Contact Us Help Launch Pad Case Studies of IPG Applications About the IPG Using IPG Grid Administration Global Grid Forum
NASA scientists and engineers have used the IPG successfully on a variety of projects. This page illustrates one example, with more examples to follow. Please send us your experiences on the IPG.
AeroDB Case Study
Goals and Objectives
The objective of this work is to build a prototype software system to automate the process of running computational fluid dynamics (CFD) jobs on Grid resources. The goal of this system is to remove the need for user monitoring and intervention of every single CFD job. It should enable the use of many different computers to populate a massive run matrix in the shortest time possible.
One previous effort in this area was the ILab software. ILab provides a general-purpose capability for creating and launching parameter studies. Because of its generality, it does require a significant amount of user input to customize it for the user's particular application. The current effort is an attempt to build a parameter study capability customized to run specific CFD flow solvers, such that the user does not have to provide any information about how to run the flow solver they only have to provide the flow-solver inputs. Additional desired capabilities for the system are persistence and error recovery. For example, if a remote computer crashes while a job is running, knowledge of this job will not disappear, and it will be resubmitted to run elsewhere. Such a software system has been developed, and is known as the ``AeroDB script system''.

83. NEMO: Nonpoint Education For Municipal Officials - Case Studies: Hebron Subdivis
Tom Fenton, Nathan L. Jacobson Assoc., Inc., Chester Ct, Town engineer (860526-9591 CaseStudies Home National Connecticut Regional Watershed
Case Studies > Hebron, CT
Hebron Subdivision
using Grass Swales to manage stormwater
Site Description:
"The Settlement" constructed in 1997 contains 11 residential lots on a cul-de-sac built on 25 acres. It is located on Martin Road in Hebron, CT. All homes are served by private drinking water wells and septic systems. Design Details: The planning and zoning commission revised their road standards for private and public roads to permit a more rural roadway standard that better fit the character of the community and that reduced impacts on the site and surrounding area. The changes included permitting open drainage systems, or swale designs in certain locations where soils, groundwater and drainage area characteristics permit. Other recent regulation changes have required a 100 foot wide conservation easement along Town roads to maintain the area’s rural character, and have required a 20% open space dedication. In The Settlement, a pavement width of 22 feet within a 50 foot ROW drains to vegetated swales (Figure 1). These swales outlet to catch basins (Figure 1, center) that bring any excess runoff through pipes and to a stilling basin or velocity dissipator (Figure 2). The wetlands enforcement officer and public works director report very little runoff ever makes it to the stilling basin from the swales. This is evidenced by the vegetation that is in the basin which would not exist if scouring and high water were present.

84. NEMO: Nonpoint Education For Municipal Officials - Case Studies: Kinston North C
NC State University, Raleigh, NC and Scott Stevens, PE, City engineer, Kinston, NChttp//www5 case studies Home National Connecticut Regional Watershed.
North Carolina Case Study The parking lot at the Alice Hannibal Building in Kinston, NC uses various Permeable Pavers Site Description: The Hannibal Parking Lot constructed in 1999 contains 26 stalls constructed with permeable pavement. It is located in Kinston, NC. Design Detail: The North Carolina legislature passed a set of stormwater standards in 1998 included as part of the Neuse River Rules. It required 10 cities and 5 counties to implement best management practices to treat stormwater runoff. If parking lots could be constructed to infiltrate stormwater, designers would have another tool for developments and burden on communities to install BMPs would be reduced. In the Hannibal Parking Lot, 20 stalls were constructed with a concrete block paver, Turfstone, and the other 6 stalls used a grass paver. Monitoring Details: Cost Information: Had the project not been funded by grants it would have cost approximately 25% more than a standard asphalt parking lot. However, if the lot is successful in infiltrating storm water, a smaller retention pond size and drainage network would be required. The end result will possibly be that the total costs of a permeable lot are at least comparable and may be less than a standard non-permeable lot.

85. 1.4.1. Case Studies Introduction
case studies 9 and 10 show the use of EDA techniques in distributional modelingand it is unknown, and so a primary analysis objective of the engineer is to

Exploratory Data Analysis

EDA Case Studies
Case Studies Introduction Purpose The purpose of the first eight case studies is to show how EDA graphics and quantitative measures and tests are applied to data from scientific processes and to critique those data with regard to the following assumptions that typically underlie a measurement process; namely, that the data behave like:
  • random drawings from a fixed distribution with a fixed location with a fixed standard deviation
Case studies 9 and 10 show the use of EDA techniques in distributional modeling and the analysis of a designed experiment, respectively. Y i = C + E i If the above assumptions are satisfied, the process is said to be statistically "in control" with the core characteristic of having "predictability". That is, probability statements can be made about the process, not only in the past, but also in the future. An appropriate model for an "in control" process is
    Y i C E i
where C is a constant (the "deterministic" or "structural" component), and where E i is the error term (or "random" component).

86. Design Of Experiments: Case Studies & Articles
interactions by doing a semifoldover Via case studies, this paper GoldPlating YieldsUsing DOE (PDF file) case study in Asian Sources Electronics engineer.
Software Training Consulting Publications Order Online Contact Us Search

Case studies and other articles on DOE you can view from your browser.

87. Profiles In Renewable Energy: Case Studies Of Successful Utility-Sector Projects
Profiles in Renewable Energy case studies of Successful UtilitySector Projects The Shape of Renewable Energy Technologies Today
Profiles in Renewable Energy: Case Studies of Successful Utility-Sector Projects

88. Guru | Survival Kit
Articles and Advice case studies The case of the Complex Website. case NAMEThe case of the Complex Website. Client Location Chicago, IL.

Case Studies
The Case of the Complex Website
The Virtual Staff

The Instant Sales Team
... Case Studies > The Case of the Complex Website
CASE NAME: The Case of the Complex Website Client: Location: Chicago, IL Client Profile: offers instruction on all aspects of digital filmmaking. Client Contact: Jason Tugman, Chief Idiot Contractors Hired: Two Web development consultants, Web developers, writers Problem: needed to build a website to provide instructional text and video tutorials for all stages of digital filmmaking a large and complex undertaking. To complete the project, the company needed to find Web developers, programmers, animators, and writers. Because his company is a startup, Chief Idiot Jason Tugman decided to hire contract help while he gradually built his permanent staff. Solution: With a background in theater, Tugman had no experience designing or building websites. He posted four gigs on Guru. "We hired people for each position within 48 hours of the posting," he said. Implementation: After overseeing the initial design of the site, InForward continues to provide consulting services to Digital Idiots. Tugman buys a monthly chunk of hours from them, and InForward sends him weekly reports describing what they've done and how much time it took. "It's a good arrangement," Tugman said. "We don't have to think about it, and if we don't use all our time in a month, they roll it over to the next month."

89. Solution Navigator
Customer Spotlight / case Study. », Conatel Uses Pro/engineer to Integrate SeamlesslyWith Manufacturing And Accelerate Time To Market By More Than 40%.

90. National Engineers Week Case Studies
National Engineers Week case studies We have collected several examples of successfullocal programs from the 1998 National Engineers Week celebration.
Engineering Students K-12 Library/Science Centers ... Home
National Engineers Week Case Studies click here Austin, Texas, K-12 school visits Billboard Campaign Community Service ... Other local programs National Engineers Week Headquarters
1420 King Street Alexandria, VA 22314
tel email

91. Lantronix Case Studies - Northwest Airlines
in minutes. In the past, fixing this problem would have required anengineer to fly to the site and make the change manually. The
Learning Center Networking Tutorials White Papers Case Studies ... Glossary
Northwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines is the world's fourth largest airline, operating more than 2,600 daily flights to nearly 250 destinations worldwide. Throughout the airline's 75-year history, it has been on the cutting edge of aviation technology. However, the airlines ground operations were not always able to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements made in the air. In 2000, Northwest implemented an aggressive Systems Management project to revamp and improve the efficiency and security of the company's 20-year-old baggage tracking system. Using Device Networking solutions from Lantronix, Northwest is connecting its entire baggage claim system to a standard network. The Excess Baggage of Old Systems Northwest's baggage tracking system is comprised of baggage tag printers, bar code scanners and dumb terminals at in-terminal check-in stations. The legacy system was networked using the P1024 protocol an old, proprietary protocol used throughout the airline industry. While the system worked effectively for many years, it began to show signs of age:
  • Hardware began breaking and could not be replaced, requiring field engineers to visit problem terminals.

92. Working Model: Case Studies
case studies. Anatomy Students use Engineering Software to Study theHuman Body at University of Tennessee (224k PDF) While engineering
Case Studies Anatomy Students use Engineering Software to Study the Human Body at University of Tennessee (224k PDF)
While engineering software is commonly used to analyze and test parts found in cars, airplanes, or other complex mechanical systems, its ability to model continuous motion lends itself to studying motion of the human body's joints as well. At the University of Tennessee at Memphis School of Biomedical Engineering, graduate students in an anatomy course study the human body's muscular and skeletal systems using engineering concepts and a mechanical model based on visualNastran® software. Professor Uses Working Model as New Class Problem-Solving Tool (222k PDF)
Professor Charles Proctor, of the University of Florida in Gainesville, has found a way to give his engineering students a more hands-on appreciation for their work. He now utilizes Working Model, inexpensive desktop mechanical simulation software developed by MSC.Software of San Mateo, California. The product's intuitive interface and advanced simulation engine allows models to be created and analyzed quickly and simply. Working Model® Moves into School Computer Labs (221k PDF)
Dorm rooms, cafeteria food, all-nighters...and Working Model? The engineering student's experience at colleges across the country is taking on a new element. Major universities like Rose-Hulman, Stanford, University of Michigan, and others are busily incorporating Working Model as an integral part of their academic environment.

93. Welcome To SIPLACE Europe
12/11/02. Schrader and Siemens Dematic partner to engineerglobal volumes of tomorrow’s automotive lifesaver.
Newsletter Events Press Room Case Studies ... Contact Deutsch English Go to ....... -News- HS S F Preowned SIPLACE Software -Sales- Sales Offices -Training- Machine Training Process Training Search News Training Sales
Products, Solutions and Services Are you looking for the appropriate placement solution ? Find it here ! Placement Systems Production Optimization What if you could meet all your manufacturing challenges with a single modular placement-system platform?
With SIPLACE you can ! more Introducing the ultraprecise, ultraflexible placement system that ’s fast enough for high-volume production - SIPLACE HF more News
Achieving greater flexibility with an improved conveyor
The new machines of the SIPLACE S and HS families that are to be launched in March next year, take speed, robustness and flexibility to new levels. One of the key reasons for the improvement is the new conveyor that is used in these machines. By clamping the board from below, all the specified components can be processed, regardless of the thickness of the board. The new conveyor makes it possible to switch between single and dual conveyor. Thus, production can also be switched over to wider boards in the field. Either the right or left side can be specified as the fixed side of the conveyor. During line changeover, the specified side is simply switched to suit the other machines.

94. Internap | Testimonials And Case Studies
case studies Baker Taylor (242k pdf file); Flipside (119k pdf file Systems EngineerHighly reliable Internet connectivity with optimal routing is critical in

The Problem Our Solution Testimonials and Case Studies Client List Policies Internap Worldwide
TESTIMONIALS AND CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES TESTIMONIALS Data Broadcasting Corp. Chuck Thompson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director Gomez Advisors John Robb, President The Motley Fool Dwight Gibbs, Chief Techie Geek Last fall [1999], we evaluated three Internet connectivity providers and measured their performance according to our most critical needs. The results clearly pointed to Internap as the Internet connectivity provider of choice that would be most valuable to The Motley Fool. Reality Online (Reuters) Pete Menninger, Vice President of System Architecture Internap represents the tightest connectivity and integration with our end-users while reducing the burden on our internal IT infrastructure. The service level provided by Internap enables us to offer service level agreements to our clients that include performance and reliability deliverables that greatly exceed industry standards.

95. Index
Ann Marie Thomas works for BT Retail as a Customer Service engineer. BeverleySadler works for BTexact Technologies as a Desktop Support engineer.
Career zone home Career Start (apprenticeships) The people Career zone home ... Research fellowships The people
At BT, your opportunities are endless. Click on the silhouettes below to see and hear how people like yourself have helped us to work on our future. Ann Marie Thomas works for BT Retail as a Customer Service Engineer. Beverley Sadler works for BTexact Technologies as a Desktop Support Engineer. Oliver Riches has just completed the apprenticeship scheme and works for BTexact Technologies as a Systems Engineer. Rebecca Peters works for BT Retail as a Customer Service Adviser. Rhiannon Warburton works in BT Wholesale, providing technical support for customers who provide Internet service. Simon Taylor works for BT Retail as a Software Engineer. Zafran Rahman works for BT Retail as a Customer Service Engineer.

96. Guru | Survival Kit
How to hire a Software engineer/Programmer. Generally speaking, a software engineeror programmer develops, optimizes, and otherwise improves computer software.

Case Studies
The Case of the Complex Website
The Virtual Staff

The Instant Sales Team
... How to Hire a... > Software Engineer How to hire a Software Engineer/Programmer DEFINITION Over the years, the term "software engineer" has become synonymous with "computer programmer." Many tech contractors don't recognize any difference between the two, so don't ignore job candidates who call themselves programmers if you're looking for a software engineer. Generally speaking, a software engineer or programmer develops, optimizes, and otherwise improves computer software. SKILLS Advanced software engineers do not necessarily have more skills than someone who's entry-level. Rather, they may simply have a lot more experience. An advanced software engineer might do only a few things but do them very well, whereas an entry-level software engineer might conceivably do more things but have less experience in each. Here are some general areas of technical expertise to look out for: OOA
Visual Basic Visual C++ EJB JDK CORBA BEA Web Logic ATG Dynamo Smalltalk Servlets SQL Perl/CGI Oracle Don't forget to find out what kind of operating system your candidates utilize NT, UNIX, or Linux. You'll want someone who's familiar with the OS you're using.

97. TestQuest, Inc. Automated Testing, Internet Time
It extends the time available for testing through time that manual testerswouldn't be available. HsinI Huang, Staff Quality engineer.
Events News Releases Media Kit Case Studies ... Downloadable Images Learn what our clients are saying about TestQuest and our test automation solutions. Sun "The solution from TestQuest met all our expectations. We now have our Tier 1 OS's supported on our TestQuest JCK solution and we are tracking an annual ROI of over $440,000. Manual test cycle time was reduced from 7 hours to 45 minutes per platform. We are able to find bugs earlier in the test cycle, test more platforms per week, and meet the testing demands required by our new product efforts without adding headcount." Dale Ferrario, Director of J2SE Quality at Sun Microsystems Handspring, Inc.
"We are looking to TestQuest to help us complete our product testing with as little time required from our own electrical and software engineers so that we can remain focused on what we do best...developing great handheld computers."
Larry Lang, Director of Product Quality

98. Intel® Software Products - Customer Comments
IA32 and the Itanium architecture. Berni Schiefer Distinguished engineer and Manager CaseStudies, News Items and Product Reviews regarding Compiler Products
United States Home Select a Location Site Map Contact Us ... About Intel Home Computing Business Computing Developer Reseller / Solutions Advanced Search Products Compilers Performance Analyzers Performance Libraries Threading Tools ... Summary of all Products Browse by Itanium® Processor Family Training Intel® Software College Buy Now Free Evaluation Software Support Technical Support Download Premier Support Services Threading Services Early Access Program Intel® Developer Services Community User Community Trade Shows In the News Product Reviews ... Software Development Products
Programmer's Paradise, Inc.: : "We've witnessed a rapid increase in demand for development tools for Linux. It's no surprise that the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux is our Riding the Crest award winner. Intel is at the forefront of publishers providing quality software for cross platform development and performance enhancement. They currently have the fastest growing line of compilers at Programmer's Paradise."
List of awards:
Jeff Largiader
Vice President of Marketing
Programmer's Paradise, Inc.

99. Electrical Contractor, Engineer And Electrician Cardiff, Caerphilly, Newport Wal
Electrical Contractor with engineer All Electrical Services Electrical Contractor,engineer and Electrician Electrician s for Commercial, Industrial
Registration No: 016555
Establish 1982 A ll E lectrical ... Links
Electrician s for Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Domestic Installations, based in Cardiff, South Wales also covering the areas of Caerphilly, Newport, Bridgend in South Wales. Please click on the following links for further information on: Existing Customers
Case Studies

Domestic Works

Spas and Things
Electrical Contractor
Established 1983 Need to call out an Electrician - Not a problem Home Existing Customers Case Studies Domestic Works ...
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