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         Eritrea Culture Africa:     more detail
  1. Eritrea (Cultures of the World) by Roseline Ngcheong-Lum, 2001-03
  2. Eritrea: Country Handbook [A Field Ready Reference Publication] (Familiarizing Military Personnel with Local Customs and Area Knowledge) by Department of Defense, 2000
  3. Voices from Eritrea, Somalia and Kurdistan (English, Tigrinya, English, Somali, English and Kurdish Edition) by Rachel Warner, 1991-04-04
  4. Voices from Eritrea (English and Tigrinya Edition) by Rachel Warner, 1991-04-04

1. The ACG Eritrea Page
FAQ from Dehai. eritrea FAQ from; CharacteristicsFrom the EIC Page; eritrea at UPenn; eritrea Official Documents
(Eritrea) Page
Net Culture Travel Archives ... Top
Links Into The Virtual Community
News and Info Sites and Services
Info From and On NGO's In Eritrea
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Art and Images

2. Eritrea
An annotated guide to internet resources on eritrea for students, faculty, librarians, teachers, journalists, businesspeople and others. (eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan). The culture and Tradition of Women in Somalia. Womens Work in Peace Lessons from Training Projects in the Horn of africa
Countries : Eritrea Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: Eritrea News
Against All Odds. African Languages and Literatures into the 21st Century, Asmara, Eritrea, January 11-17, 2000 AISI Connect Online Database. Information and Communication Infrastructure in Africa - Eritrea
Good source for facts about information and telecommunications in Eritrea, internet service providers .
In English and Tigrinya. Eritrea history, geography, etc., articles on Eritrea, embassies and visa information, directories of ministries and government bodies, full text of a Feb. 2000 report, " Eritrea, The New Frontier in Northeast Africa " by Glenn M. Gomez, Gary Jones, Aron Kiebreab, Sharon Y. Sharp, Vicky C. Stiles for the University of Phoenix MBA Program, community events (mainly in the U.S.), Radio Asmarino (with audio files), discussion forum, links to related sites, shopping mall (books, music, Tigrinia tutorial on CD). Based in Cerritos, California. [KF]
News on Eritrea, historical profiles, interviews with prominent Eritreans, articles, photos of martyrs of the Eritrean Struggle for independence, announcements. Site administered by Gadi Enterprises, San Jose, CA.

3. Travel In Asmara - Eritrea - Africa - Culture -®-
This category in other languages The africa 2000 Media Group Produces investigative reports for use by the news media and reports for reference purposes on african sociological, demographic, economic, military, and political topics.
Asmara - Culture Asmara, also Asmera, capital and largest city of Eritrea, located near the Red Sea port of Massawa. Industries include tanning, lumber and flour milling, vegetable processing, and the manufacture of perfumes, glass, cement, bricks, and buttons. A hydroelectric plant and gold and copper mines are nearby. A technical and professional school is located in the city. Asmara succeeded Massawa as the capital of Eritrea in 1900, when Eritrea was an Italian colony. Asmara is in Hamasien province, about 7,000 feet above sea level. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Eritrea with Asmara as capital city is one of the newest and most promising nations in Africa - and contains remnants of some of its oldest civilizations. One of the earliest known references to Eritrea is from Aeschylus (Fragment 67) in which he refers to the "Mare Erythreum" (Red Sea) as "the lake that is the jewel of Ethiopia." Eritrea recently fought and won one of the longest wars in the world. After thirty years of bitter strugle, Eritrea achieve total independence and the right to self-determination. The Eritrean people acheived their goals in 1991 in a stunning defeat of the occupying Ethiopian forces which also helped liberate Ethiopia from the Soviet-backed Dergue (Menguistu Hailemariam) regime. That sunset, along Pantai Asmara (Lovers' Beach) a group of people was chatting under the shelter of the tree. The afternoon sun scattered its red glow over the quiet beach scenery. The light that sneaked in between the leaves added to the beauty of this natural beach scenery. Asmara Beach is located about 3 kilometers east of Kupang City. Its location is quite strategic and easily accessible by anyone, without transportation difficulties. To visit the beach, we can use city transportation those heading to Perumnas (housing estate), Walikota (City Hall), Tarus, or Penfui. These four routes will all pass Asmara Beach. Hence, it will be easy for those having no private transportation.

4. Culture
eritrea, culture, Back to Top. eritrea's coastal location has longbeen important in its history and culture—a fact reflected in
Country Info Eritrea Introduction Eritrea General Data Eritrea Maps Eritrea Culture ... Eritrea Time and Date Eritrea Culture Back to Top
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5. Eritrea -- Culture Overview
eritrea culture Overview. eritrea was under the rule of the AksumiteEmpire beginning in the fourth century AD Christianity was
Eritrea - Culture Overview
Eritrea was under the rule of the Aksumite Empire beginning in the fourth century A.D. Christianity was introduced in the highland region of the country at around that time, and the Muslim faith was popularized in the lowlands about 300 years later, sparking conflicts between the two groups over religious differences. Eritrea was the target of a number of invasions by foreign powers as a result of its strategic coastal location along the Red Sea. Over the centuries, Eritrea fell to the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Italy, Ethiopia, and eventually came under British control before gaining independence in 1993.
The inhabitants of Eritrea comprise nine major language groups, including the Tigrinya, who reside in the south central region, the Tigre, who live in the north, and the Afar, who reside in the southeastern part of Eritrea. The remaining ethnic groups are the Saho, in the south central and southeastern region; the Hedareb in the northwest; the Bilien in the central section; the Rashaida, who inhabit the northwest; and the Kunama and Nara, who make their homes in the southwest part of the country. Eritrea has no official language, but Tigrinya and Arabic are used in official government settings. Tigre is also spoken by a large number of inhabitants in the western part of the country. Most Eritreans are adherents of the Christian and Muslim religions, with smaller minorities embracing animism.
The capital city, Asmara, derives its name from "Arbate Asmara," meaning "they (feminine) united the four." According to legend, the people of four neighboring villages were feuding with one another until the women from each of the villages collaborated on a plan to resolve the long-standing conflicts, eventually uniting the four villages as one. The architectural style of Asmara is mostly Italian, reflecting the nation's status as an Italian colony from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Other cities, including Agordet, feature examples of Turkish and Egyptian architectural styles, indicative of Eritrea's dominance by the Ottoman Empire and Egypt in the 16th and 19th centuries, respectively. Traditional handicrafts and art forms practiced by the Eritrean people include woodcarving, pottery-making, weaving baskets and textiles, fashioning leather goods, and making silver and gold jewelry.

6. African Studies: Eritrea
Email africa african Studies Internet Resources home. Departmenthome. eritrea Education, History, Language, and culture.
African Studies
Internet Resources
African Studies Email:
African Studies Internet Resources home WWW Virtual Library ...
Education, History, Language, and Culture

7. African Studies: Eritrea
Email africa african Studies Internet Resourceshome. Department home. eritrea. Education, History, Language, and culture.
African Studies
Internet Resources
African Studies Email:
African Studies Internet Resources home WWW Virtual Library ... Department home

Last update: 01/12/01

8. U.S.-Africa Issues - Eritrean-Americans Celebrate Their Culture At "Festival Eri
eritreanAmericans Celebrate Their culture at "Festival eritrea 2002" Festival is "once-a-year chance" to celebrate By Charles Corey Washington File Staff Writer
IIP Home Africa Issues Friday 9 August 2002
Eritrean-Americans Celebrate Their Culture at "Festival Eritrea 2002"
Festival is "once-a-year chance" to celebrate By Charles Corey
Washington File Staff Writer Washington Many of the more than 30,000 Eritrean-Americans who now live in the United States are gathering in Washington to celebrate their nation's rich cultural heritage at the "Festival Eritrea 2002," which takes place in Washington August 9-11. In an August 8 interview with the Washington File, Vicky Rentmeesters, information officer at the Eritrean Embassy in Washington, said the festival includes soccer, basketball, and volleyball tournaments, cultural shows, and bands from both the United States and Eritrea playing both traditional and reggae music. Art and craft exhibitions will also take place. Rentmeesters called the festival a "once-a-year chance for the Eritrean community here to get together" and celebrate their cultural heritage. Highlights of the festival include "A Taste of Eritrea," featuring Eritrean foods and a wide array of educational seminars and briefings. Special guests include Yemane Gebreab, advisor to President Isaias Afwerki and head of political affairs for the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), who will give participants an assessment of current conditions in Eritrea; Girma Asmerom, Eritrea's ambassador to the United States, and Dorothy Height, president of the National Council of Negro Women.

9. Travel In Massawa - Eritrea - Africa - Culture -®-
Massawa culture. damaged by the Ethiopian bombing and shelling from its liberationby the EPLF in February 1990 until the liberation of all of eritrea in May
Massawa Culture T he road from Asmara to Massawa in Semhar province offers many scenic panoramas along its twists and turns. You can see Debre Bizen, the famous Orthodox monastery, from the road. You will pass through the town of Ghinda and a major citrus fruit production area. Massawa became an urban center in ancient times. It is the largest natural deep water port on the Red Sea. If Asmara is an "Italian" city, Massawa is a Turk-Egyptian one. The city is divided into three parts: Batsa, Twalet, and the mainland or Idaga. The old town and port are on the island of Batsa. This is joined to Twalet by a causeway. Another causeway connects Twalet to the mainland. Twalet Island is to a greater extent a mixture of Turk-Egyptian and Italian architecture. The Ghibi or palace is near the causeway to Batsa. The foundations are from the 1500's but the building has been restored numerous times since then. It was badly damaged during the independence struggle and is in need of restoration again. The Port Club is open to the general public. The complex includes a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating, a small library and museum, and some sports facilities. The airport and the main market are on the mainland directly across the Twalet causeway. Beyond the airport at Hitumlo is the tomb of Hashim el Mirgani. North of the causeway is an industrial area. The salt flats and the cement factory are located here. Gergussum beach to the north of Massawa on the mainland offers lots of white sand and warm water for sunbathing and swimming. At nearby Emberemi are the tombs of Sheikh el Amin and Muhammad ibn Ali, both major pilgrimage sites. At Emkulu there is a monument under construction for the EPLF fighters who died on the Salina salt flats in the 1977-78 battle for Massawa.

10. Global Direct Africa Eritrea Asmara Culture
Global Direct, detailed information about culture in Asmara eritrea Asmara. africa · eritrea · Asmara · culture. Choose, click and get served!



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... Asmara
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11. Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Conflict Information
Edition Quarterly Magazine. eritrea News by Tedros Tecle; eritreaFAQ from; eritrea at UPenn; eritrea Official
Eritrea Ethiopia Human Rights News/Commentary ... Links This site is has been moved to a new location! Please visit: Links to Ethio-Eritrea Information

12. Foreign Governments/Africa
about the government of eritrea; Economic, business Includes culture, politics, travel,human rights; Searchable Nations Economic Commission for africa News of
Sub-Saharan Africa
Frames Index No-Frames Version Angola Benin ...
Related Regional Web Sites

Last updated on February 8, 2001

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          • Annotated links to Cameroon's politics, economy, culture, environment, tourism, and news

13. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Eritrea | Culture
eritrea culture. The nearly 4,000,000 people of eritrea, a third ofwhich are nomadic or seminomadic, are ethnically divided into
home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
The nearly 4,000,000 people of Eritrea, a third of which are nomadic or semi-nomadic, are ethnically divided into nine groups: Tigrinya (the largest group), Afar, Bilen, Hedareb, Kunama, Nara, Rashaida, Saho and Tigre. Only 20% of the population reside in urban areas and, most depressingly in terms of statistics, a paltry 3% have access to sanitation and waste disposal. Though much has been done domestically to recognise women's rights, the country still has a rigid conservative core which has yet to fully acknowledge the full equality of both genders. Tigrinya is spoken mainly in the highlands, while Arabic has entrenched itself along the coast and the Sudanese border, and English is primarily the language of the urbane. In other areas, the dominant language depends on the dominant ethnic group, each of which have their own native tongue. Amharic, which Ethiopia tried to institute as the language of non-choice in the 1950s, is still widely spoken around the country. Both Christianity and Islam vie for religious supremacy in Eritrea, with neither one a clear winner. The Christians are primarily Orthodox, with small numbers of Roman Catholics and Protestants; the Muslims are primarily Sunnis, with a small Sufi minority. Eritreans like to dance, particularly when confronted with a new birth or marriage and during cultural and religious festivals. They also like to play traditional instruments such as the stringed

14. Society And Culture
Category Regional africa eritrea Society and culture http//, Daniel's WWW page.
Amharic Discussion of this family of languages and of its history.
Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea > Society and Culture
Daniel's WWW page
Includes images of the country, links and AIFF files of Tigrigna songs.
Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea > Society and Culture
Eritrea, Ethiopia, war and famine
A history of the country's move to independence.
Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea > Society and Culture Eritrean CyberXchange Includes discussion forum, chat facility and music links. Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea > Society and Culture Ethnologue: Eritrea A summary of the languages spoken in each area of the country. Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea > Society and Culture Hafash Eritrean politics: news and documents. Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea > Society and Culture

15. Eritrea
Including map and overview of history, culture, economy and currency. Category Regional africa eritrea http//
BBC Country Profile: Eritrea Includes an overview of the country and sections on its politics and media.
Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea
CIA Factbook - Eritrea
Features map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.
Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea : Eritrea Including map and overview of history, culture, economy and currency. Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea Our Story of Eritrea Provides history plus information on politics, languages, cuisine, people, climate, religions and economy. Category: Regional > Africa > Eritrea AD.COM Web Directory is based on ODP - Open Directory Project data. No proprietary software was used in the development of this web site. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.

16. ALMISBAH: Regions, Nations And Peoples: Particular Regions: Horn Of Africa: The
Keywords, Horn of africa; Djibouti; eritrea; Ethiopia; Somalia; Somaliland; software;ethiopic language; links; culture; art; business; ethiopian languages,
Regions, Nations and Peoples: Particular Regions: Horn of Africa: The Region: General Resources (WWW)
1. The Abyssinia Cyberspace Gateway Source Type Virtual Libraries, Internet Directories and Link Lists URL Keywords Horn of Africa; Djibouti; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Somalia; Somaliland; software; ethiopic language; links; culture; art; business; ethiopian languages DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 2. African Imprint Library Services Source Type Booksellers URL Keywords booksellers; african studies; library service; South Portland DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 3. African Studies Quarterly : The Online Journal for African Studies Source Type Journals with Full Articles Available URL Keywords journal; Africa; online magazine; ASQ DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 4. Association of African Universities Source Type Organizations and Societies URL Keywords Africa; universities; NGOs; organizations DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 5. Contemporary Africa Database

17. Jane Kurtz: Links - Africa
and fostering a sustainable economic growth in africa. water resources; health; historyand culture; marine resources Map of eritrea map of the Ethiopian region
Books Multicultural Americas Africa Jewish Additional References Web Rings ...
- The Other Side of Africa, Ethiopia, Timbuktu (Mali), Rwanda, diamonds and South Africa. Includes lessons plans. Country Conditions Africa : click on map for information about individual countries from the World Refugee Survey reports on conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons in 120 countries. Multicultural Bibliography Africa Resources: Folktales, Biography, Poety, Nonfiction Internet School Library Media Center (ISLMC) Multicultural Page Play Mancala On-Line by Brian Casey. Sudan Page : includes the latest news and weather conditions as well as information about geography, people, the government, and history. Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce Web Site : offers publications, news, articles, and statistical information about Ethiopia. The Addis Tribune Home Page : sections include: Headlines; Economics; Interviews; Sports; Arts and Culture. Cyber Ethiopia : collection of links categorized by the following headings: art and literature; business and investment; computers and technology; culture and religion; economy and finance; education and careers; food and restaurants; geography and maps; government; and much more. Ethiopia: A Country Study : series of short articles on vast array of subjects including: geography; society;

18. Browsing Regional Africa Eritrea Society And Culture Category
Browse Regional africa eritrea Society and culture,

19. WebGuest - Open Directory : Regional : Africa : Eritrea : Society And Culture
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20. TradeXport - Africa - Eritrea - Culture
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Country Map
Business Guide Africa Eritrea : Culture

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