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1. English Usage Archives Page
supplement personal vocabulary acquisition, are used in homeschooling and esl programs. vocabulary, comprehension and composition) and homework help. homework CENTER Grades 4th-7th.
Resources for homework help
  • Footnotes (Education/learning English)
    The main purpose of a footnote is to acknowledge the source of any direct or indirect quotation of any idea, opinion, or factual material, which you have taken (not necessarily in quotation) from another author or authority. Footnotes can also be used to expand, or supplement, statements made in the body of your essay with information, which is peripheral to your main argument but still considered relevant.
    It is most important that you supply sufficient information in your footnotes to enable the reader (or marker in this case) to independently consult the sources used. The information taken from fluid electronic archives, as might be found on the Internet, present a problem here; but you must always include in your reference the date you accessed a particular site or archive.
    Insert a number in your text, at the end of a sentence, for each footnote. Make the numbers run consecutively for each page. This means the first footnote on each page will be numbered one. Place the footnotes in numerical order at the bottom of the page where the reference occurs. If you are using a word processor it is probably best to run the numerical order through the entire essay.
    (extract from the "Free English Essays" site)

Publishers, teacher resources, translators, grammar, vocabulary and games for all levels.Category Arts Education English as a Second Language Directories...... Bibliomania BigChalk's Network Big Dog's Grammar BJ's homework help BlackDog's Word EnglishZoneErvin's esl Net esl Advanced composition esl Blues.
Here are many sites with an abundance of
ESL information for teachers and students.
Today is:
Aardvark's EFL Resources

Activities for ESL Students

AgendaWeb Vocabulary
Yuki's ESL Bulletin Board

Here is an excellent site with ample resources and practice
for the New York State ELA Regents Standards and Assessment.

Manhattan High Schools Bilingual/ESL Network
Click here for another page of great resources and activities! (Do you still need more resources? Look them up here!) TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links Browse: Links for Students Links for Teachers or What's New If you know of any additional sites that would be of value, please let me know and I will add them to the list. - Thanks! Marie Nuzzi We'd love to hear from you. Please take a moment to give us some feedback. Thanks!
var site="sm3mgnuzzi"

3. Homework Help
homework help. Starting Points for Internet Exploration Rhetoric and composition at CMU. The Virtual English Language Center. esl and Bilingual Education
Homework Help
Starting Points for Internet Exploration
The New TENET Web School.Net Teachers' Guide to the U.S. Department of Education ...
Special Interest
International Future Problem Solving Program Odyssey of the Mind Texas Association of Student Councils National (Junior) Honor Society ...
Language Arts
National Council of Teachers of English English Study Resources for Students and Teachers Web Resources for English The English Server Rhetoric and Composition at CMU ...
Social Studies
National Council for Social Studies Social Studies Resources Tenet-Teachers' Bookmarks LESSON PLANS FOR AMERICAN HISTORY ...
AIMS National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Resources on the Internet Learner On-Line ...
Science and Technology
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse National Science Foundation Education and Human Resources National Science Teachers Association ...
Fine Arts
Art Resources ARTnet Internet Art Gallery ArtsEdNet ...
Physical Education
P. E. Central

4. Allexperts School Papers, Essays, Dissertations Q&A
I can answer questions pertaining to composition, grammar, esl questions linguistics and research papers (various Home/Garden. homework help. Industry. Internet/Online. Jobs/Careers

5. Allexperts General Writing And Grammar Help Q&A
20 years of teaching Adult esl both in The United States and to be good at writing and composition. I used to getting Home/Garden. homework help. Industry. Internet/Online

6. Homework Helper - Writing And Composition
The McAllen Memorial Library homework helper A library's vertical file on the Net. Grammar Links for esl Students. http// to fight plagiarism and help bring academic integrity back
McAllen Memorial Library
Homework Helper
Writing and Composition
  • Grammar Style Guides Vocabulary Writing
  • Grammar
    An Elementary Grammar The Elements of Style English Grammar Links for ESL Students Grammar Glamour The Grammar Lady Grammar Safari Grammar and Style Notes Guide to Grammar and Writing Online English Grammar Pop-up Grammar Roget's Thesaurus Search Form Avoiding Plagiarism
    "Know what plagiarism is: ignorance will not excuse a violation."
    - Links and Resources.

    7. Scribendi Editorial Services -
    English help on english homework edit editing bookstore software writing tools ESLEnglish as a freelance genre historical grammar composition spelling speech
    Put our word warriors to work for you!
    Check out
    our services for:
    Also see our:

    English: Your Second Language
    English is fast becoming the international language of commerce, education, research and computer technology. It can be hard to know if you're using the right words, or if you have the correct meaning for a phrase or expression. Our experts will be able to figure out what you want to say and help you communicate in English We'll also take the time to give you advice for dealing with English language cultures Check out our services below. Questions? See our FAQ . All prices in US $. Business Help Student Help Academic Help Technical, Scientific, Medical ... Translate Your Work Business Proofreading Trying to do business in English? We can check your reports, emails, memoranda, manuals and more. 24 hr. service (Less than 10,000 words) - 1.8 cents/word

    8. TESOL 2000: Computer-Assisted Language Learning IS Program Listing: Wednesday
    starts with an overview of homework help sites on by experts and even get translationhelp from/into instructor in university level esl composition courses to
    All program events listed are for archival purposes only and do not imply that a presentation was actually given at the convention. Some sessions may have been canceled on-site.
    Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section Program Listing
    Wednesday, March 15, 2000
    CALL software vs the internet (#1294, Discussion Group)
    Wednesday, March 15, from 7:30 am to 8:15 am
    Convention Centre, Room 20
    Is it possible to replace ESL software with the Internet? What are the pros and cons of investing CALL resources in ESL software versus high speed Internet access? Participants discuss these questions in the context of today and the future. Presenters: J. Edgar, T. Robb
    Interactive web-based language learning (basic) (#1288, Discussion Group)
    Wednesday, March 15, from 7:30 am to 8:15 am
    Convention Centre, Room 8
    This session discusses the current technologies for creating interactive web pages, interactive language learning pages out on the Web, and pros and cons of the current technologies for interactivity. Resources for further learning about the topic are also shared and discussed. Presenter: V. Stevens
    Getting the most out of CALL sessions (#1285, Discussion Group)

    9. Educational Resource Center-STUDENTS-Homework Help
    Discovery School’s English homework help in English and extras such as DictionaryPlus, Crossword Solver, Anagram Solver composition Links. Dave’s esl Cafe.

    10. Help With English Homework
    acquisition, are used in homeschooling and esl programs. questions (includinggrammar, vocabulary, comprehension and composition) and homework help.
    AND SO MUCH MORE!! THE HOMEWORK DOCTOR Grades K-12. Oh WOW!! This site probably has whatever you could need for homework information!! Surf this site before going anywhere else!! KIDS CHAT AND HOMEWORK HELP! Grades 1st and up. This is another great site high on Link N. Lincolns list! Homework help for every grade from 1st to 12th. WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server Grades 7th and up. ROGET'S THESAURUS Grades 7th and up. Find words that are similar in meaning to each other. BARTLETT'S QUOTATIONS Grades 6th and up. Familiar quotations, passages, phrases and proverbs THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Grades 6th and up. You can find everything you wanted to know about William Shakespeare and more on this site. When they say "Complete Works" they really mean it! THE SEMANTIC RHYMING DICTIONARY Grades 4th and up. Hey here you can find every word you need a rhyme to! Great for poetry assignments and such. GUIDE TO GRAMMAR AND WRITING Grades 7th and up. Sentences, paragraphs, how to construct an essay, etc. You can also "Ask Grammar" and get a response usually within hours posted on their site. ON-LINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR Grades 8th and up. This is an online grammar book with explanations for everything english.

    11. English Homework Help For Kindergarten - High School
    English homework help. Free site answering grammar, composition, research or formattingquestions. Sign up free and play esl games which are also great for Always searching for quality sites! Subscribe to Our Free Monthly Newsletter College Admissions
    Essay Tips

    Test Preparation

    Timeline for College
    Paying for College

    Education Resources
    Special Education

    State Board of Ed

    Home Schooling
    How To Win A School Election
    Family Sites Fun Sites
    Real Families, Real Fun
    Kids Sports Museums ... Planning a Party Homework Help General Resources English Math Music ... Science Parenting General Parenting Baby Your Baby Today Especially for Mom ... Save Time Software for Kids Freeware Shareware Online Games Inexpensive Games Articles Archived Articles Book Reviews Recipe of the Week Home Page HOME Anne of Green Gables Help with Writing SAT II: Writing - 7th Edition NY regents comprehensive English English Homework Help Worldwide Folktales A 16-year collection of folktales from around the world with continuous updates. The collection of myths and legends are listed and updated frequently and there is a free monthly teacher's guide you can retrieve by clicking on "Education Program". Common Errors in English A professor of English has created a site explaining common mistakes using the English language. Click on the word you are interested in and an explanation is given. There is also a list of misspelled words. Easy to use. Great for those writing a paper,etc. The Children's Literature Website This site categorizes internet resources related to books for children and young adults. Good information and easy to get around.

    12. Teaching Writing With The Internet For TEFL/ESL
    that your students can use for homework help and research Email Activities in theESL Writing Class by Free Online composition Course for non-native speakers
    The Magazine for English Language Teachers How to teach writing using the Internet Computer-based language learning is getting more and more popular. The advantages are obvious: students feel motivated by the game-like language quizzes and exercises, the interactivity and the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Teachers can use computers to prepare new materials both printable and interactive. The Web provides teachers and learners with a wealth of interesting ESL websites featuring innovative lesson plans, WebQuests, grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening. Surfing the Net is great for authentic reading practise and writing is a natural response to Web reading. You can find authentic writing tasks for all levels of English: from filling in simple registration forms or sending holiday greetings to huge projects where the final product is a website created by the students. Engaging in these authentic tasks makes writing meaningful. If you feel you'd like to have a try and create an Internet writing lesson for your students but don't know where to start you will find some useful links in below.

    British/Cambridge Computer esl/EFL esl/EFL Employment English Spanish esl/EFL Sitese Psychology homework help English composition help letter writing
    web hosting provided by Direct i LETTER WRITING HELP Online Letter Writing help sites Good links for letters writing help Different Kinds of Letters - Here you can find various types of letters and easy ways to learn how to write them Letter s On informal letter writing. Good Letter Writing - Writing good letters is really easy. find out how Letter Writing - Get tips on how to write a letter. Letter Writing Project - Find out how to place the important points in a letter which you write. Letter Writing Techniques - Learn the different formats to be followed while writing letters. Letter Writing Tips - Learn about the techniques one must follow while writing a letter. A Writing Wizard -This wizard helps you to write letters. Letters for Kids - Tips one must follow when writing a letter to a young child.

    English Grammar homework help. grammar guide; Rules of Usage; Principles of composition;Words and Cambridge Dictionaries
    web hosting provided by Direct i GRAMMAR and LANGUAGES. English Grammar homework help Grammar Help for Students ( Links ) Grammar Hel p for you - More information on English Grammar for you. English Grammar help - This site shows an easy way to learn English grammar. Grammar made Easy for you English Grammar made easy in simple steps. Ask Miss Grammar A Guide to Grammar and Writing Clear explanations of key grammatical and writing concepts; abundant examples of proper and improper usage, on-line quizzes after every topic, and expert help from "Ask Grammar" make this site an essential resource Big Dog's Guide to Grammar: A Bare Bones Guide to English Grammar Try out the new "Self-Tests." These are short interactive exercise The Blue Book of Grammar : A Grammar guide with printable worksheets; answers are given at the site Elements of Style by William Strunk: A complete grammar guide; Rules of Usage; Principles of Composition; Words and Expressions Commonly Misused; Words Commonly Misspelled

    15. Ask An Expert Services For Language Arts Teachers
    esl help Center Message Index esl/EFL teachers your questions about grammar, usage,composition or editing The Shakespearean homework helper will not give you
    zfp=-1 About Education Secondary School Educators Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Secondary School Educators
    with Melissa Kelly
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects BUYER'S GUIDE Before You Buy
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    Inspirational Movies
    Motivational Books ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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    Ask an Expert Services for Language Arts
    Guide picks
    Ask the Folklore Expert
    Questions on folklore are answered by the UCLA Folklore and Mythology Archive. Ask Grammar Ask grammar questions but first, check extensive resources which include a few audio files. Ask Miss Grammar Ask grammar questions, but first check extensive resources. Editorial services are advertised. ESL Help Center Message Index ESL/EFL teachers post answers to questions about grammar, writing, vocabulary, idioms, and slang. Grammar Now Submit your questions about grammar, usage, composition or editing in an online form and get your answer back within one to twenty-four hours. The Shakespearean Homework Helper will not give you answers, but she will direct you to resources where how can find them.

    16. Academic Support Center • Online Resources
    Advanced composition for NonNative Speakers of English. Meeting Place for esl/EFLStudents and Teachers from Around the World! Algebra homework help.
    Home Mission Tutoring Computer lab ... Hours Resources Students with disabilities To faculty Conduct MWCC Home
    Online resources
    To better assist distance learning students, and all independent learners, the staff of the Academic Support Center has developed online support in the form of self-paced PowerPoint tutorials and links to appropriate Web sites. PowerPoint Presentations Learning to Love the Research Paper... Or at Least Learning to Do It Well Tutoring 101: New Tutor Orientation The following Web sites are appropriate for students enrolled not only in math, writing, and literature courses, but in any course that requires writing an essay or a research paper. We have also included several useful sites for English as a Second Language learners. Purdue University Online Writing Lab Writing Center at the University of Richmond The Elements of Style (complete text) by William Strunk, Jr. The American Heritage Book of English Usage Common Errors in English return to top Writing research papers How to Organize a Research Paper and Document with MLA Citations (click on "MLA Style")

    17. Education Uk ~ Splut ~ Directory Of Education Websites In The UK
    Map; English Grammarian Studies in English grammar, punctuation, and composition. 24hour online English help for esl students. English homework help.
    Find: in This Category All Categories Sub Categories You can be more specific Colleges


    Adult Education

  • Easymaths Popular GCSE maths site with tutorials, specimen exam papers, practice room with loads of exam-style questions (and worked solutions), puzzles, magic tricks and games all related to maths. Map
    eBusiness Training. Solutions and training in ebusiness, ecommerce and the Web. Map
    ecommerce training 4 business is a uk resource for learning about ecommerce software, solutions and strategy through courses and whitepapers Map
    Education and Teaching jobs listings
    Find recruitment agencies and teaching jobs for primary, secondary, middle, and independent schools across the UK and Northern Ireland. Each listing contains a full school description, Ofsted reports, maps, Local Education Authority, school web sites.. Map
    Education Magazines
    Educate Online is for both teachers and parents, with reviews of educational software and items of interest for both home education and schools Map
    Education Resources
    An education resource for science and business. Exam tips and resources
  • 18. Helpful Links For Educators, From USD Online
    Art Detective is an online game about art history and art composition. Dave's eslCafe http// Dave's esl Cafe is one of the homework help resources
    Helpful Links for Educators Examples of Web-based instruction for supplementing traditional instruction: A. Pintura - Art Detective

    A. Pintura: Art Detective is an online game about art history and art composition. In this interactive game, you play a 1940's noir detective with a degree in art history. American Memory from the Library of Congress

    A useful research tool, the American Memory site offers online presentations in the areas of elections, immigration and the presidency. Students have access through the site to numerous collections of scanned documents from hundreds of years ago, such as, copies of George Washington's speeches. Ask Dr. Math

    Ask Dr. Math is a question-and-answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers. The site includes an extensive help guide and a searchable archive of math terms, grouped by grade level and topic. Comenius English Language Center

    19. KGIC - King George International College
    Reading composition. Advantages of our English as a Second Language(esl) Program. beable to receive extended oneon-one help with their homework practice for
    var curPage = 8; var curPgName = "esl"; KGIC ESL Programs Overview ESL - English as Second Language program
    KGIC has a strong selection of six levels of ESL courses for students of various levels and a foundations course for absolute beginners. The programs are designed in a holistic approach to language learning and incorporate a variety of language skills and approaches to ensure that students get a well-rounded exposure to the English language.
    ESL Programs: (Click a program to see more details) Foundations (ESL-FND) GCE General Certificate of English (ESL-GCE) ACE Advanced Certificate of English as a Second Language (ESL-ACE)
    Weekly GCE Schedule:
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Block A
    Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar Break Break Break Break Break Block B
    10:35-Noon Listening Listening Noon-1:00PM Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Block C
    Listening Communications Communications Communications Communications Break Break Break Break (Finishes at 2:30PM on Friday) Block D
    Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Break Break Break Break
    About ESL language training
    Learning a language is about much more than just learning words and grammar.

    20. FAQs
    have an academic focus, and there are tests and homework. you have both 1 and 2, Iwill help you arrange in ELP 73 or in an Advanced esl composition class, the



    FAQs Here are some questions that I hear often. Some of them are about the IELP, and others are about other issues that ESL students have. If you have any other questions, please e-mail me at
    • W hat is the difference between ELP and ESL courses?
    • ELP courses are designed for high-beginning through high-intermediate level ESL students who plan to take college classes. They have an academic focus, and there are tests and homework in these classes. They offer below-college-level credit, which does not count toward a degree.
    There are two kinds of ESL courses at WCC.
    • ESL courses with numbers below 70 are free classes for beginning through high-intermediate level ESL students. These courses are designed for immigrants and refugees who need to improve their English in order to live and work in the US. ESL courses with numbers 90 and above are designed for advanced ESL students who are taking or plan to take college classes. They have an academic focus, and there are tests and homework. Courses numbered above 110 offer unlisted elective credits; 15 of these credits count toward the AAS degree.
    When will I finally be finished with ESL?

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