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         Explorers General Resources:     more books (49)
  1. Explorers and Exploration: The Best Resources for Grades 5 Through 9 by Ann Welton, 1993-07
  2. Explorers of the Word: Episode 1: The Creation by Edward Burshek, Tonja Burshek, 2007-02-05
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Resource Kit (Pro-Resource Kit)
  4. String Explorer, Book 1: Teacher's Resource Kit by Andrew Dabczynski, Richard Meyer, et all 2002-09
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Resource Kit by Microsoft Corporation, 1999-05-14
  6. Global Explorers: The Next Generation of Leaders by J. Stewart Black, Allen J. Morrison, et all 1999-08
  7. Reading Explorers: Year 5: A Guided Skills-based Journey by John Murray, 2009-04-01
  8. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (Language Arts Explorer) by Cecilia Minden, 2010-01
  9. Protecting Our Natural Resources (Language Arts Explorer) by Rebecca E. Hirsch, 2010-01
  10. Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Writing Programs with Microsoft Visual Basic 6! by Peter G. Aitken, 1998-08-20
  11. Explorers Of The New World by Walter A. Hazen, 1994-10-20
  12. Super Smart Information Strategies: Go Straight to the Source (Information Explorer) by Kristin Fontichiaro, 2010-01
  13. Super Smart Information Strategies: Find the Right Site (Information Explorer) by Ann Truesdell, 2010-01
  14. Microsoft Internet Explorer Resource Kit (Microsoft Professional Editions) by Microsoft Press, Microsoft Corporation, 1998-02-01

1. European Explorers
General Resources Age of European Exploration. Sea in the Age of Sail Over a periodof hundreds of years, seafarers from the age of the early explorers to the
Gander Academy General Resources
Age of European Exploration
  • Introduction to the Age of Exploration
    In the early fifteenth century, the sea-faring nations of Europe were poised to expand their influence in the rest of the world by a program of sustained and systematic exploration. In some cases, exploration was fanned by the quest of knowledge about the world in which Europeans lived, for others, the motive was profit. Still others justified their actions as the logical extension of the Crusades of Christianity against Islam.
  • Life at Sea in the Age of Sail
    Over a period of hundreds of years, seafarers from the age of the early explorers to the time of the Battle of Trafalgar shared many common experiences. Men working at sea had much to endure. Cut off from normal life on shore for months, even years, they had to accept cramped conditions, disease and poor food and pay. Above all they faced the daily dangers of sea and weather.
  • Introduction to the Age of Exploration
    The desire to explore the unknown has been a driving force in human history since the dawn of time. From the earliestdocumented accounts, ancient civilizations have explored the earth by sea. Early adventurers were motivated by religious beliefs, the desire forconquest, the need to establish trade routes, and hunger for gold.
  • Age of Exploration Timeline
    From 3200 B.C. to 1779, checkout the historical record of important dates and events in the world of exploration.
  • 2. European Explorers Theme Page
    This site from Gander Academy is designed for primary and elementary students and teachers. It presents a series of web pages listing theme related resources on the world wide web. European explorers. The Age of Exploration general resources. Baseline Maps For Plotting Voyages
    Elementary Themes
    European Explorers
    The Age of Exploration: General Resources

    Baseline Maps For Plotting Voyages

    European Explorers
    Organized By Country For Which They Explored
    John Cabot

    Sir Humphrey


    James Cook
    ... Henry Hudson France Jacques Cartier Samuel de Champlain Italy Marco Polo Spain Christopher Columbus Ferdinand Magellan Hernando Cortes Others The Vikings Teacher Resources Portugual Vasco da Gama Gaspar Corte Real Henry the Navigator Other Explorers Lists
  • The Explorers of New France (Early Canada)
  • European Explorers in the "New World"
  • Early Explorers
  • Biographies of European Explorations of America Contact Jim Cornish, Grade Five Teacher, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada. This page was last updated on May, 2002. You have made the visit to my Theme Pages!
  • 3. Eighteenth-Century Resources -- History
    Learn about MoldCheck, a test kit that helps allergy and asthma sufferers assess the levels of indoor mold spores, helping them to detect and correct such environments.
    Eighteenth-Century Resources History
    This page, edited by Jack Lynch of Rutgers Newark, is part of the larger collection of Eighteenth-Century Resources on the Net.
    General Resources

    4. NSTW General Resources/Programming
    org/programs/scifri/. The New explorers with Bill Kurtis The New explorersportrays scientists in the field. This exciting science

    5. 4th & 5th Grade Student Research Resources- Explorers
    This site is designed for the busy student who does not have time for a full search of the web United States History resources. Early explorers. Discoverers Web Homepage This is one of the Science / Life Science / Earth Science / Space / general Science. Art and Music / Math

    6. NSTW General Resources/ORGANIZATIONS
    learn by offering advice and suggestions, information and various resources aboutboth The site also features a Young explorers section, ideal for kids who

    7. Additional Resources, Internet Education
    On this page, find book resources we've identified on the general topic of Also available,additional resources on the subjects of Oceans and ocean explorers.
    Our collaborative online projects and Surfing Shorts units provide students hundreds of pre-searched and pre-tested Web links for their research. Our workshop for teachers on using the Internet in the classroom provides over a hundred useful Web sites for teachers. On this page, find book resources we've identified on the general topic of Internet education.
    Helpful Web sites about Internet Education
    Also available, additional resources on the subjects of:
  • Dinosaurs
  • Greek Mythology
  • Antarctica
  • Oceans and ocean explorers ...
  • Reading List for 5th and 6th Graders
    Every resource on this list is available in association with
    If you can, please order from this page, as a portion of the proceeds goes toward supporting OnlineClass.
    Back to the OnlineClass Home Page Recommended Reading for Internet Educators Inquiring Educators Want to Know : Teacherquests for Today's Teachers, (Professional Growth Series) by Kathleen Schrock, Midge Frazel. Linworth Pub Co. (June 2000) Developing Web Pages for School and Classroom Authors : Beginner's Handbook, by Susan Hixson, et al. Teacher Created Materials Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers,
    Compiled for Northwestern School District by The Professional Development Team at TCCSA For suggestions, changes or questions, email Joanne Porr or Mary Barber net/ ethemes/ resources/ index. has a place to create own stories by filling in blanks, other fun stuff. Little explorers Picture Dictionary
    Compiled for Northwestern School District by The Professional Development Team at TCCSA For suggestions, changes or questions, email Joanne Porr or Mary Barber Thematic Units Education Search Engines ... Subject Area Resources
    Themes At this site teachers can find MANY resources for MANY different thematic units This is another site with many resources for many themes Unbelievable source of thematic units, lesson plans and webquests SCORE Cyberguides are wonderful ideas for extending and/or enriching your literature books at each grade level. They are aligned with outcomes and easy to follow-updated constantly.
    INFOhio's state-funded resources free to all Ohio's K-12 students and teachers
    Username and password required for home access; see your school library media specialist. This is an EXCELLENT site with many links covering the various curriculum topics and grade levels

    9. Explorers Of North America
    explorers of North America general resources. Virtual Museum of NewFrance http// This venture
    Explorers of North America General Resources Virtual Museum of New France This venture allows cybernauts free entry into the first virtual universe devoted to New France: a new world. Include profiles of: Champlain, Cartier, Marquette, Jolliet, La Salle, Brule, and other exlorers. Great Explorers of the World and their Expeditions Mariners Museum ... This is a must see site for everyone! Click on "Knowledge & Power" for great ship info. Lots of other great links! Explorers Page Very good for Balboa, Cabral, Columbus, Cortez, deGama, Ponce, Dias, Magellan, Vespucci, Navigation Tools, Maps. Life Aboard a Ship one-page info on health and sickness aboard ships Explorers in General

    10. Tri-Valley Explorers General Links
    Below are general homeschooling and parenting links resources. these pages are notnecessarily those of the webmaster or the members of the TriValley explorers.
    General Links
    Below are general homeschooling and parenting links.
    -see advisory at bottom of page- Homeschooling School at Home Eclectic and Unit Studies Unschooling CA Charter School Information WebSchooling Family Unschoolers Network Curriculum Resources ... Learn in Freedom Resources Homeschooling Organizations Other Links Books and Supplies Homefires ~ The Journal of Homeschooling
    180 El Camino Real, Ste 10
    Millbrae, CA 94030
    1-888-4-HOME-ED Homeschool World Sycamore Tree
    2179 Meyer Place
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627
    California Homeschooling Network
    A to Z Home's Cool (great site!) Timberdoodle
    E1510 Spencer Lake Road
    Shelton, WA 98584
    Homeschool Assn. of California
    Homeschool Central The Home School American Homeschool Assn. ... California Home Educator's Association (CHEA) PO Box 2009 Norwalk California 90651-2009 (800) 564 CHEA Homeschool Fun Online Mag. Christian Liberty Press 502 W Euclid Avenue Arlington Heights, IL 60004

    11. NCSTA - General Resources
    Orbital Laboratory Space explorers, Inc.'s Orbital Laboratory gives you and your AstronomyCurriculum Guide links online resources and lesson plans to the NC
    Resources Professional Development Content Areas

    12. Lucinda's California History Resources
    California A Changing State has resources and activities find of particular interestare The general links about explorers Web de Anza offers primary source
    General Explorers Missions Mexican California ... Railroads General
    • The California Heritage Project is a digital archive containing photographs, pictures, and manuscripts from the collections of the Bancroft Library. Navigating through the huge collection takes some practice. Jump directly to the "Containers" to skip the documentation that goes with the images. One example of the material available is the collection of 38 pencil California Mission Sketches by Henry Miller in 1856.
    • The American Memory Collection from the Library of Congress has photographs, prints, documents, motion pictures, and sound recordings. No special viewers are needed for most print materials, though a TIFF viewer (available on-line) is needed to see the higher resolution formats provided for some photographs. Additional viewers are available for the sounds and movies. One example of the type of material available is the Letter from S. Shufelt, a gold miner writing to a cousin from Placerville, California, in October 1850.
    • SCORE's California: A Changing State has resources and activities by unit.

    13. Africa Links And General Resources - Academic Info
    Photoscope ; Africa for Kids ; Teacher Tools ; resources. to Africa (Women Travelers,explorers and Missionaries project is to provide the general public with
    Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
    African Studies Links We Need Your Help
    Please take a minute to make a $10 tax-deductible donation. Academic Info is made possible by the generous financial support of users like you.
    Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98037
    The African Studies Links page is sponsored by How would you like to sponsor this page?
    For a $100 tax-deductible donation you, your organization, department, or company are acknowledged here as a sponsor of the African Studies Links page.
    Email us at for details. Start with:
    African Studies Internet Resources

    "Electronic resources from Africa are organized by region and country. All materials are arranged to encourage an awareness of authorship, type of information, and subject. The scope of the collection is research-oriented, but it also provides access to other gopher and web sites with different or broader missions." Includes online library catalogs, maps, electronic news archives, bibliographies, and more.

    14. Australian History Resources - History Of Australia - Academic Info
    to online sources on the explorers involved, and Topics include News, Academic resources,Indexes, Government Technology and Networks, general Information and
    Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
    Australian History
    Australian Studies History
    History Gateway
    Australian History We Need Your Help
    Please take a minute to make a $10 tax-deductible donation. Academic Info is made possible by the generous financial support of users like you.
    Academic Info
    19-143rd ST SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98037
    The Australian History Gateway is sponsored by How would you like to sponsor this page?
    For a $100 tax-deductible donation you, your organization, department, or company are acknowledged here as a sponsor of the Australian History Gateway.
    Email us at for details. Table of Contents
    (below) Reference Desk Digital Library Political History Organizations Start with Australian History on the Internet An annotated collection of resources. Compiled by Helen Wade, Senior Subject Library, National Library of Australia Women's History Month - March 2003 " about women, the present, and the past. Its main aim is to help us appreciate women's contribution to history."

    15. Anthropology Internet Resources
    Index of Internet resources in anthropology and Native American Studies, maintained by the Social Category Science Social Sciences Anthropology Directories...... Museum of Mankind (UK) Anthropological Index Online Texas A M Anthropology inthe News explorers Field Scientists The explorers Club UK general resources.
    Site developed by J. Bannister
    Recognition Awards
    Western Connecticut State University
    Department of Social Sciences
    WCSU List: Anthropology Internet Resources
    Scroll down for complete list, or select by topic:
    Linguistics Physical Anthropology Archaeology ... Other WCSU Lists
    Please report non-working links.
    Cultural Resources
    U. Louisville: What is Anthropology?
    WSU: What is Culture?
    LC: Ethnographic Studies Resources
    USC: Ethnographic Lab
    U. Kent: CSAC's Ethnographics Gallery
    Ann Gardner: Reflections on Fieldwork Among Sinai Bedouin Women
    The Gypsy Lore Society
    The Patrin: Harvard U: Harvard Museum of Natural History Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Three Generations of Women Anthropologists at the Peabody Journals: Cultural Survival Cultural Anthropology Journal of World Anthropology The Web of Culture For resources on world cultural regions, see WCSU List: World Area Studies AAA/ARS: Anthropology of Religion Links CSU Stanislaus: The Nacirema English Server: U. Alabama: Anthropological Theories: A Guide by Students for Students R. Wilk's Course: Theory in Anthropology Implosion: Macro-Hypothesis of Habitat Theory of Culture Smithsonian Web Mag.:

    16. Geography Internet Resources
    general resources. Com The Mining Company, Inc. Geography resources Singapore geography ConsularInformation Globescope The Embassy Web The explorers Club For
    Site developed by J. Bannister
    Recognition Awards
    Western Connecticut State University
    Department of Social Sciences
    WCSU List: Geography Internet Resources
    Scroll down for complete list, or select by topic:
    Centers Environment Misc. ... Other WCSU Lists
    Please report non-working links.
    General Resources
    WWW-VL: Geography
    PopClocks: USA & World Population, "As Of Now"
    U.S. Naval Observatory: Time Service
    A. Krivenyshev's World Time Zone Map: Worldwide Local Time
    HAB Software: World Time
    Atlapedia Online
    ACU: Electronic Resources for Geography Galaxy: List of Internet Geography Resources GEOnet Names Server Nice Geography Servers Geography/Economics for Teachers ... Canadian Council for Geographic Education Oregon: Geographic Education Geography.Com The Mining Company, Inc.: Geography Resources Singapore: Online: National Geographic Society How Far Is It? iTools.Com: Research It! Geographical Search Map Quest (USA: Local Street Maps) The 50 States of the United States GeoConnections: Canada's Geographic Info on the Internet GeoStats USA Newsletter Utrecht U. Library:

    17. Deliver Your Media: General Resources
    general resources. SciFi Cinema Channel monthly video clips of explorers From Earth,a new sci-fi adventure show, plus sci-fi movie reference list, links and
    Choosing a Video Format

    Search This Site The Web Get your own free Search Engine Survey Best video format is:
    Windows Media
    Newsletter Signup Enter your e-mail to receive our free Newsletter! Contact Us
    General Resources
    AFS Student Video Contest : college or high school students looking for a place to showcase their film or video work should check this out. It's time you win the recognition you deserve!
    Film, Video and New Media Festival
    : an opportunity for your work to be viewed and accepted by the powers that be, within the local Canadian and international film community
    Invisible World
    : an Australian multimedia studio offering innovative graphic/Web design and digital music production. Networking artists, writers and musicians on the Web

    18. Social Studies - Computer ABC's
    explorers. The Columbus Navigation HomePage http// landfallof Christopher Columbus. general resources. 50 States and Capitals
    Computer A B C s
    Social Studies Explorers General Resources The U.S. Government, the Presidents, and the White House Home
    The Columbus Navigation HomePage -
    this site, by Keith A. Pickering, examines the history, navigation and landfall of Christopher Columbus
    General Resources
    50 States and Capitals - An extensive collection of information and facts for each state and the U.S. commonwealths and territories. The American Civil War Homepage - links to Civil War information and resources. American Immigration - This is the project of 10th grade students, Jonathan Lee and Robert Siemborski. Become a Historical Detective - - A Learning Page of the Library of Congress - solve a historical riddle or puzzle. Best Practices - Teaching American Studies - CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 4 Kids: Time -

    19. General Resources
    general History resources American British History wow School History Page Referenceresources History of Supreme Court Links Little explorers The Online
    General Resource Links
    The key to getting the information you need, is being able to find it! I am listing the best resources that I have found! I will start with the Resource and Reference URLs that can help you find what you need FAST How to do Research using the Navigation Aids: 1. By clicking on the Hotlinks, you will be taken directly to the exact location where the Topic is located on the page. 2. When you click on a site located under a topic, another browser window will open automatically for you on top of this page. With your mouse, pull that window down below the Topic you are researching. Every time you now click on a site, the material will appear in this window. This will allow you to quickly and easily read the material and go through each site listed without losing this page. Remember to cite the "web sites and their authors" given below for your information "sources" in your paper or presentation for citations/bibliographic purposes. Hotlinks: Table of Contents:

    20. General Exploration & Discovery Resources
    general Exploration resources. Use these general introductory sites to find outmore about Discoverers Web Pages of information on explorers and exploration
    zfp=-1 About History Medieval History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
    Medieval History
    with Melissa Snell
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') This Week's Articles tod('tih'); Today in History Daily Quiz tod('pod'); Picture of the Day Special Subscription Offers Subscribe Now Choose One: Subscribe Customer Service Subjects Reference Tools
    Byzantine Studies


    Great Britain
    ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
    Subscribe to our newsletter.
    Advertising Free Credit Report
    Free Psychics

    General Exploration Resources Use these general introductory sites to find out more about expansion, exploration and discovery throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. Colonialism and Imperialism
    An excellent selection of links dealing with European expansion from the 15th to 19th centuries, collected by About Guide to European History, Robert Wilde. Discoverers Web Pages of information on explorers and exploration throughout history are combined with a massive collection of links, all written and compiled by Andre Engels. A general list covering discovery and exploration throughout history. Web page has archives and subscription information, or send a message to

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